Dancing with Jessica. She is a very good dancer and we dance close. Our closeness was noticed but who would think we were capable of what we did.
We laughed alot during our two dances together. People who know us know we are close. I thanked Jess and went for my second drink. Busy tonight. Between keeping tabs on the reception and socializing. I've had many dances thus far and most of the ladies I have been intimate with have danced with me. Of course they do not know the magnitude or details of my wicked ways. I still have hopes of getting one of the married women I want tonight. I am waiting for my buddy Wille to call me with info which will lead me to get one of them.
Janet is out as tonight as she is very busy. Plus I have already figured out how I will get her. That leaves two imminent targets. Sally and Doreen are also off the list .. they are indifferent too me. However, it is only just after Ten and the booze is still got plenty of time to change the course of my night.
The Casino is hoping tonight and some of the guests have gone that way. We've had nearly Two Hundred walk-in's ........... and only two have be thrown out.
The next hour goes by uneventfully. Some people have left the party. Several have taken to the rooms we have secured for our guests. Jessica and her husband Gino are still with us but I suspect they will be leaving soon. That leaves poor old Uncle Bob loose in society, chasing cunt. The things you can get away with when you have money.
I call Willie to see if there are any prospects.
" Not yet amigo." ..........
Not what I wanted to hear. Perhaps i will go for a tour of the Hotel via the stair well and see if I can nab me some pussy. I head out into the Lobby and get a pass card for the stairs .... I walk into the stair well and listen for any indication of potential prey. NOPE ! ......... All's Quiet.
I return the pass card and head out of the building toward the Motel we are using for extra rooms this occassion. I nice night for a walk. The Motel is near. Security is evident. I'm just casually strolling along seeing what is what. Suddenly I am stopped in my tracks ... I see Doreens husband in a room with some guy sucking him off. I am stunned ........... I manage to shake myself loose from the shock and walk out of view. That explains allot I tell myself.
I walk back to their room, which is somewhat isolated from view because of the layout of the Motel. I notice the window is open with a screen to keep the bugs out.
" Shut the dam window, people can see you." ..I say loadly into the room via the screen. I hear a scramble of feet and there in my face is Doreens husband looking out at me through the window. He is surprized to see me of coarse, .......... calmly he say's. ... " Oh, hi Bob." .........
" Keep your actions private, how would you expect Doreen to explain this to her friends.
" Right!, ..... Ok ..... thanks Bob." ............. he say's, and pulls the curtains shut.
The guy acts like he just got caught sneaking a cookie. Who am I to judge. Well, that is good news for me. I walk off thinking that I just received a gift. I continue my stroll when I see a lady sitting alone in front of a Motel unit. Walking toward her, she watches me approach.
" Hello, beautiful night isn't it?" ...
" Yes." ..she replies. .. "Too Both." ....................
I smile ......".yes to both." ...............[ chuckle ]
" I'm Bob, the brides Uncle."
" I'm Nora, friend of Jessica' Aunt Doreen."
" Please to meet you Nora." ........... " Did you enjoy the wedding tonight?"
" Yes, I did." .. answered Nora.
" early night for you i see." ...
" My husband had to much to drink so we took one of the rooms. It's to bad, I was having such a good time too." ..
" Would you like me to escort you back to the reception Nora ?" .......
" That would be nice if Doreen is still there."
" I'll check." .................... I pick up my cell and call Willie to see if Doreen is still at the reception.
" Do you and Doreen belong to the same Church ?" I ask Nora.
" Yes I do." ............
My Cell plays a merry tone ............. I answer and it is Willie.
" Doreen is still there and will wait for your return. Shall we go ? "
"OK!... I'll get my sweater and see how hubby is." ............
Nora returns in a few minutes. All is well so we head back to the Hotel. It takes about fifteen too twenty minutes to walk from the Motel to the reception. Along the way we pass several people one or the other of us knows. Stopping to engage in the usual small talk. We arrive at the Hotel and seek out Doreen.
I approach Doreen from behind and kiss her on the head.
She looks at me and smiles.
" Hello Bobbie." ...............Hello Nora, was he any trouble for you.?" ...
" NO ! .........he was a perfect gentlemen."
I pass up any repartee.
" Can I order you ladies any of your favourite Wine." ... ............
"Yes Please." .. a chorus of replies.
" Will that be one case or two." ............ my grin re-appears.
" Be careful ladies, my brother in law loves drunken women." ...... "Literally." .....Doreen say's.
" In that case I'll order three cases for you forlorn ladies." ......
Laughter abounds as I move off to order their wine. And yes, I sent them three cases of three different wines. Jesus turned water into wine, I shall take this Holy Spirit and see if I can turn one of these lovely ladies into a whore for the night. Hopefully a married one.
I linger at the bar for a while to see how the party is going. There is about three hundred people left and they are going strong. Security is about as they should be. I have not seen or heard from Willie so I assume there are no problems, and no married ladies in need of my attention. Perhaps, like the WEHRMACHT, my string of victories is coming to an end. OH, I so did want to get my cannon wet tonight.
I sat me ass down in a nice soft chair and sipped on my drink. Occasionally chatting with a passer-by. I see Doreen coming toward me with a bottle of wine tucked under her arm. She walks up to me and whispers in my ear.
" Thanks for the wine Brother. We all drank alot and had a great time. We're taking a bottle home each. I figure you would be alright with that." ...
" Yes, no problem." ....... I reply as I stand to say good night to my very favourite sister in law.
" May I kiss you good night Doreen?" .......I ask.
"NO ! " .......... I am not that drunk, Yet." ...she says and smiles ...... " But you can give me a good night hug." ...
" Where are you staying." .. I ask, .... "Just in case you get that drunk." ..
" Upstaris, room Six Twenty One." Doreen's answer.
" See how confindent I am the the Lord will WATCH OVER ME." ....... she continues
I give my sister-in-law a big hug. She feels very good. She does not back away. HUM! .
I whisper in Doreens ear. ... " Be careful love, the Devil comes in many disguises.." as I hug her.
" Yes,and I fear tonight he looks just like YOU." ................. we both laugh. Doreen leaves and gives me her customery little wiggle. I smile back at her,while on the inside I am howling, I want her so bad. Perhaps I should change my schedule for conquest. I decide to go to Doreens room later tonight and see her. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I head for the lobby and on my way I see Nora heading to her Motal Unit.
" Would you like an escort to you unit Nora.?" ..I ask
" Yes please." .........
"Here, take my arm. An escort should look after his lady, don't you think Nora.?"
" Yes." ......... was her reply. I could see the wine had it's influence on her.
We walk to her Motel Unit in a casual way, gabbing about nothing in particular. We arrive at her Unit, She thanks me and opens her door, I wait to see she gets in safely. She enters and closes the door. I turn and walk away.
" Bob, could I get a room for myself.?" .... I hear Nora say.
She comes out of her room and appraoches me. " My husband Ben, is passed out and has the entire bed cover in volmit, or so it seems." ......................... " and is stinks. YUK! " ..
"Of course, I'll get you a key from the Motel Office." ............
We walk to the Motel front desk, I arrange a key for herself for her own Unit.
The clerk tells me that there is a problem in one of the Units and securtiy is off on another problem and could I see what I can do. I tell him I will as soon as I see Nora back to her Unit. I walk Nora back to her Unit.
Nora say's... " Bob, after you've finsih with the problem would you come over for a night cap. I would like a drink before I sleep. And a litle conversation.
" OK !" .......... I'll be about half and hour," ...........
" See you then." ........... Nora say's.
I tend to the problem. Nothing really. Then I head back to Nora's, not expecting anything from a Church lady. Instead, thinking how well this will sit with Doreen.
I knock on the door and wait, Nora opens the door and I step in. She serves up some wine and we sit and talk a bit. I can see she is getting pretty sloshed. She goes to the bathroom a couple of times during our conversation and each time she seems a bit more tipsy. Time to go and see Doreen I say to myself.
" I should go Nora, it is late." .......
" OH ! " .......... Ok,thank you for the company Bob." .....
Nora stands to see me out. I put my hand on the door knob to leave.
" Could I have a hug Bob.?" ........ Nora asks me.
" Of course you can." ...... I answer. I turn and approach her thinking nothing of it. I put my arms around Nora. Holding her close to me I feel how hard she is. She is fit. Small breasted, and fit.
Nora holds onto me and lets her head rest on my shoulder. I hold her thinking she is lonely. Her husband has left her alone tonight. HUM! ....
"You Ok.?" ..I whisper in her ear.
" I need to be held, do you mind.?" .........
" No, not at all." ............ I answer.
I smell her perfume. " You have on a nice fragrance." ..
" Thank you." ........... Nora holds on to me. I smell her and decide to act.
I feel Nora sagging. I move quickly to pick her up. She does not protest. I lay her on the bed.
" Don't leave yet please.?" ..Nora say's to me.
" I wasn't planning too." .........
" Am I in peril." ..she asks.
" YES." ....... I say.
" Oh, good, I have not been in peril for along time."..
I get up and check the door,bolting it. I make sure the windows are closed and the curtains drawn tight. Taking off my jacket, tie, shoes and watch. I push buttons on the cell phone that tells security were I am and Do Not Disturb. As I place the phone down I see a smilie appears on the cell phone screen, smiling and giving a wink.
I go to Nora, lifting her legs I pull back the bed covers. I sit beside her and place a hand on her cheek. I lean foreward and kiss Nora. She kisses me. I move back. Nora lifts her hips and removes her skirt and underware. She sits up and removes her top and bra. I stand and remove the remainder of my clothing.
Nora is, HOT! ... She has small breasts, a slender body, very fit. Her hands, arms, legs and feet are nicely proportioned. Nora' skin is blemish free. Good living I suspect. Her pussy is covered with a light colored hair. Nora is a prize. NO DOUBT.
I reseat myself on the bed beside her, taking her hand I kiss it, moving my lips over her hand ... darting my tongue out touching her between her fingers. Tickling her. Nora laughs. I like Nora's laugh. I continue kissing her hand. One by one I suck her fingers.Nora looks at me as I continue to kiss her hand. Moving up her arm I continue with the same lip - tongue kissing and licking. Reaching her shoulder I kiss her there, nuzzling her until I reach her neck.
Inhaling Nora's fragrance, she is so clean smelling. Moving about her neck, nuzzling her, licking her hollow places. I growl in her ear, softly blow into her ear.. Nora shrugs and giggles as this tickles her. Too the other shoulder, down her chest to her left breast. Her nipples are hard, pursing my lips I take it into my possession, sucking gently, touching her with my tongue. I hear a gasp and look to her face. Nora smiles.
" A little one, you don't get off that easy." .....
" Oh! ... I thought this was a Union job." .... I said with a wink while moving to her other breast.
Taking Nora's right nipple into my mouth, a gentle sucking, lickng her nipple in circles with cross flicks ...... then opening my mouth, sucking on her entire breast and raking it with my teeth. I feel Nora's hands on the back of my head. I keep up with the raking and licking and sucking. She pulls my mouth tight to her chest. I hear two distinct gasps. Moving toward her face I kiss her lips.
" Overtime" .......... followed with another kiss. Nora just looks at me with those sexy eyes.
I kiss Nora's body ....moving slowly down her stomach, tasting each inch of her. Nuzzling her, taking little nips at her body, teasing with my tongue. Stopping at every dip. Kissing her ribs, her side, sniffing her all the time. Biting her hip bone gently. dragging my teeth along her skin. Mouthing her tummy, gnawing at her.
And then I reached her hair. She has soft hair. So nice to put my face into. I rub my face in her hair. Inhaling her smell. Moving toward her PlayPlace. Nora opens her legs. I move in between her legs. Nora's lips are swollen, like two sails. Sliding my tongue over her clit and down between her lips. A load moan ..... Nora brings her legs together squeezing my head ... she bucks sllightly ..... another ' O '. Her hands in my hair, pulling it slightly.
Smelling her I continue to kiss her ... nuzzling her inner thighs .. stabbing her with my tongue ... pressing.. ... rubbing ... burying my face in her pussy. Sticking my tongue out ... sliding it up her crack toward her clit. Reaching her ... she moans ... her hips move up ..pressing against my face ... touching her with my tongue ...flicking ... Nora groans .... I lick and press and mouth her clit ...pursing my lips I suck on her clit ...gently .... Nora groans loadly. Her hips push upward ... she holds my head ....I suck on her little clit. So hard it is. Her lips are firm .... gasps escape Nora' mouth ... her wetness is on my chin ... she closes her legs again ..squeezing my head once more .. .. so sensitive ... I move above Nora .. pressing myself against her soft entrance .. Slowly I enter her ...she is tight ... Nora flinchs in pain ..then I am in. Nora reachs for me and pulls me to her ... I move in her slowly ... letting her use me ... sliding in and out of her tight pussy ... Nora is heating up quickly ... I keep myself in close ...staying deep ...letting Nora fuck me.
Her gasps are hoarse, she is moaning, thrusting against me. Frantic to cum, she fucks. Her pace is quickening, gasping, moaning,
Pressing in tight,
" Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh .. Uhhhhhhh ! ".....she holds me close and tight. Thrashing about, twisting and clinching me. I feel one hand in my hair ...pulling .. her gasps slow ....Nora finishes her 'O'.
I roll to my side hugging Nora ............. a gentle lover is Nora. I tell her I want her again ......... at least twice a year. She mumbles a yes. Sleep comes to Nora.
I will stay with her awhile before I leave .................

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