A vacationing man bumps into black teen cutie, and they make fast friends.
In the parking lot of a convenience store on Front St, the main drag in the Carolina coastal town where he was vacationing, Les slid the first, then the second case of beer onto the tailgate of his pickup next to his bike. After just three days of body surfing, biking, and tanning on the beach eating ice cream, he’d already gone through his first case, and needed serious back up. He and his girlfriend had rented a little cottage several blocks back from the beach where it was cheaper, reserving it six months ago, but now that he was here it wasn’t quite as fun as he’d expected.

Just three weeks ago his now ex girlfriend left him, and didn’t really even say why. Things hadn’t been great between them, but they hadn’t been that bad, either. But if she thought he was going to give back her half of the rent they had to put down on this place, she was crazy. So he’d packed up his stuff, threw it in the truck, and drove the ten hours it took to get here by himself. But a vacation by oneself, even in a cool beach town like this, is still a little boring. More beer always helped that.

He hopped in the cab, turned up the radio, and hit reverse, only to here a little shriek and a tiny thump from behind the truck. “Shit,” he thought, “Just what I need to make the week that much better, run over someone in a parking lot!” He jumped out and ran back to see what had happened.

At the back of the truck was a young Afro-American girl, probably in high school, lifting a small scooter up off the pavement. She didn’t seem to be harmed, although there was nasty scratch on her elbow, and both the mirrors of the scooter were in pieces on the ground.

“Holly crap, are you alright?” he began apologizing, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t even see you back there. Let me help you.”

“I’m ok, don’t worry,” the girl said nervously, looking around apparently more embarrassed than hurt. “It was kinda my fault, I really wasn’t watching. Shit! This thing is trashed! Fuck!” She was checking out the scooter, seeing how bad it was. Besides the mirrors, it didn’t seem to be harmed, since she hadn’t been going very fast as she pulled in to park it. Still, she’d get into a ton of trouble with her parents if they knew she crashed.

“Is it just the mirrors?” Les asked, unable to see any other damage either. “And your elbow?” She looked at her arm for the first time and winced.

“Yeah I think so, I guess I should clean this up, huh.” Les was already pulling a First Aid kit from under the front seat, and had an antiseptic wipe in hand almost instantaneously. “Wow, aren’t you Mr. Prepared!” He dabbed the abrasion lightly, flicking bits of dirt loose as she winced some more, over his continued apologies. “It’s alright, really. Thanks. I’m just pissed about the mirrors. I can’t ride it like this, and plus my folks will never let me ride it again if they find out. I’m kinda screwed.”

Les looked at the scooter, then her, noticing for that first time that she was pretty cute for a girl her age, tall and athletic with straight black hair held back in barrettes and smooth mocha skin. Then he realized he recognized her from the Frosty Creem where he’d been going every day, but didn’t say anything about it. Instead he offered a solution to her problem.

“Isn’t the place that sells these just down the road here? We can go get new mirrors. I’ll pay for’em, it’s the least I can do.”

Her face brightened, “Really? Seriously, you’d do that? Awesome, thanks!”

They loaded the scooter on its side into the truck, then climbed in to drive over to the place. Still concerned about the insurance risk of what just happened and that he’d still have to contact her parents he asked on the way, “How old are you?”

“Seventeen,” she lied, she was fifteen. “How old are you?”

“How old do I look?” Somewhat surprised by her response.

“Twenty-six, twenty-seven?”

“That’s about right?” He was thirty-one.

“What do you mean, that’s about right?? Which is it?”

“Twenty- seven.” She looked at him with squinted eyes, doubtful but saying nothing. He continued, “I’m probably going to have to tell your parents anyway, you know, it’s kinda the law.”

“Oh, no, no, no! No way! They find out and I never ride a scooter again. Eff that. If the mirrors get fixed then I’m all set, I can explain my elbow and the scratches, but they’d freak out if they knew I got hit by a truck, even though I hit you first. Please don’t make me tell them.”

He thought about it for a second as they pulled in. No real harm done, and she did in fact hit him. “Alright, deal. Let’s go get’em fixed.”

A guy from the shop wheeled the machine inside while they say on the tailgate and chatted, starting with introductions. “I’m Sheila, by the way,” she said, extending her hand.

“Les,” shaking it.

“Two cases of beer, huh. Having a party?”

“Something like that.” He explained his sad story about renting a cottage in The Pines about four blocks back from the beach with his ex, then coming alone to hang out , play disc golf, bike, maybe sail. All the stuff he would’ve done with his girlfriend.

“Like make out?”

He gave her a surprised look. “Uh, no, probably not that anymore.”

“Aw, poor baby,” she said half mockingly. “So you’ve been here by yourself just screwing around for three days?”

“Yep, drinking beer and eating ice cream cones, I recognize you from the Frosty Creem.”

“Ah, I thought I’d seen you. Yeah awesome job, right?” She told him she lived here year round but that she couldn’t wait to get out and go to college, not mentioning how many years that would still be. Then she told him she played disc golf a lot with her friends, and invited him to play. Once they both start bragging on themselves they decide to settle it with a bet.

“18-holes, winner gets a free ice cream cone?” he proposed.

“They watch for that stuff, so no, but I can snag a Creemy Bar since they have to rotate them and they let us have what we have to throw out.”

“Meh, not the best, but I’ll take it,” he agreed, and they shook hands again to seal the bet. When the scooter was repaired they set a time to meet at the course the next day, then parted ways. He watched her pull out, admiring her nice young figure as she sped off. “Dude,” he told himself, “do not even think it. She’s only seventeen and that’s nothing but trouble.”

That night, Sheila decided to go snooping around The Pines after work to find out where he lived. She rode her scooter to the entrance of the cottage park, then parked and went in on foot. Only a block in she found his truck in front of a cottage with the lights on. She crept up slowly to see if she could see in. The windows were all closed and the AC was humming, so she couldn’t hear inside, but that was probably good since he couldn’t hear her sneaking around in the dark either.

She went around to a side window and found him, sitting on the sofa with his back to the window watching TV. She could tell he didn’t have a shirt on, then figured out why. From her window she could see over his shoulder to the TV. He was watching porn. Then she figured from the motion of his body that he was jerking himself off to it. She felt herself begin to melt in her shorts. On the screen there was a couple fucking away, but she wasn’t so much interested in that as she was in seeing what he had in his hands.

She crept around to the back of the house and another window that looked in right across the room he was in. Not thinking anyone would see him from the enclosed back yard, he hadn’t bothered to shut the blinds. From here she could see that he was completely naked, and had a really hot body as well, but more importantly, he had a really nice cock in his hands, thick and long and slick, stroking himself slowly.

Her hand immediately found its way into her shorts, her fingers massaging her clit while she kept her eyes glued to his cock, enthralled by how long it was. He had both hands wrapped around it, one atop the other, and with one hand at the base, the head was still visible momentarily before he stroked upwards again. Her mouth was nearly watering looking at it, and she knew she had to have it inside her as her fingers began to penetrate her lips in anticipation of it. She watched as his steady rhythm gradually increased until finally he raised is hips a little off the couch, then shot his thick white load onto his stomach and over his hands. When he did this she herself started to cum, and grabbed onto the window ledge for support as her knees buckled beneath her.

When he got up to clean himself up, she backed away from the window a bit to avoid being seen, but watched his cute muscular butt and broad shoulders as he walked out of the room. She didn’t really want to wait until the next day to get a piece of him, but figured it would be a little strange if she suddenly appeared at his door now. There was no way she could know he had been hoping for just that as he’d been fantasizing about her just moments earlier. So missing the opportunity, she crept back to the road and out of the park.

The met the next day a little past one at the disc course in a park by the beach. He was wearing board shorts and tank, she in a bikini top and short cut off jeans that just barely revealed the firm curves of her light chocolate ass.

“Hey,” she greeted him, eyeing him from behind her sunglasses. “Sorry, but we gotta kinda hurry. I got called in early to work, so I only have an hour or so. Plenty of time to beat you though.”

“Ha! Right,” he laughed, checking her out surreptitiously as well. “Tonight I feast on Creemy Bars!”

They played most of the game uneventfully, chatting about life at the beach and what it was like to live there year round while Les built up a commanding lead. The park was in a somewhat forested area just behind the beach, and on the last hole he tossed a horrible shot that sent his disc disappearing through the trees. They went looking for it together and found themselves out it in the grassy dunes. Coming up over a rise they heard noises that made them both stop, then look down to see a young couple, completely naked, having sex about fifteen feet away. He was taking the girl from behind, and luckily they had their backs to them. Sheila and Les both froze in their tracks unobserved, watching the forceful pounding he was giving her. She had the corner of her beach towel in her mouth, obviously trying to stifle her moans, albeit unsuccessfully, since it was her noises that got their attention.

Les felt himself getting an erection, and Sheila felt her nipples stiffen as they both forgot about the other, enjoying the view. Then, somewhat embarrassed, they looked at each other and blushed, sneaking back behind the rise. Without saying a word until they were well out of earshot, they went back into the trees, finding his errant disc on the way. When they got back to the course, Sheila finally broke the awkward silence.

“Wow, that was interesting! Don’t get to see that every day. Whoo!”

“Yeah, no, sure don’t.” He was having a hard time thinking of anything to say, being completely flustered and turned on, but still trying to stave off and conceal both his partial erection and the lust he now had for her.

She took a peak at his shorts, knowing full well what was in there and how visible it would be if he was getting hard. “Got a little hotter all the sudden, didn’t it,” she said, making sure he saw where she was looking, causing him to blush. “Good thing the game’s over or we might start fire in here.” Now that she had his attention, and could guess what he was thinking about, she made sure she’d be able to get what she wanted later on as they walked out to the parking lot.

“So you win, fair and square. I’d invite you to share your Creemy Bar with me, but they won’t let us do that at work. Eat with friends, that is.” She smiled at her innuendo. “I get off at ten, and you could come by and get your winnings at the Frosty, but that might look weird. Like, why’s this old guy coming by for free ice cream after work, right? I could bring it to your cottage in a Freezy Bag instead.” She climbed on her scooter and started it up, waiting for his response.

“Uh, yeah sure, that’d work.” He was totally thrown by the direction things had taken, and was kicking himself for sounding like such a dolt. He was about to continue when she interrupted.

“Okay great, I’ll see you later,” and she revved up and started pulling away. Over her shoulder she smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I already know where you live!”

Wondering how the hell she knew that, Les walked over to the beach for a calming swim before heading back home for a much-needed cold one, banishing any thought of resisting her if she kept coming on to him. After a nice afternoon nap and some dinner, he went for a long bike ride to work out the anxiousness of waiting for her to get off work, and deliberately avoided his usual evening cone. By the time he’d gotten home and showered, the sun had gone down and it would only be a short while until she arrived. So he sat out on the front porch to enjoy a little of the hot, quiet night, with only the light from inside as illumination.

It was only a few minutes before he heard the buzz of her scooter approaching. She showed up in the same outfit she’d been wearing earlier, bikini top and cutoffs, carrying a plastic bag of hard-earned ice cream bars. She walked up to where he was sitting in the half-light, and placed the bag on the little table across from him. “Time for your Creemy Bar, Les, “ she said, and made a show of bending over needlessly in front of him to retrieve his prize from the bag, her skimpy shorts exposing her bikini bottoms underneath.

She spun around and held out the two bars she’d brought and said “It wouldn’t be fair if you were the only one eating, but you get to pick. Chocolate or vanilla?”

“Oh, I think I’ll have chocolate tonight,” he said, making her smile.

She handed him his choice and slowly unwrapped the remainder, setting to the treat with her tongue, salaciously licking at it before taking a bite. He opened his and began eating it with less seductive fanfare, enjoying her little demonstration. She took a step closer to him as her bar began to melt in the hot Carolina air. She held the bar close to her, so that when a drop of ice cream dripped onto her it landed on her chest, the vanilla white standing out starkly against her skin, running slowly down between her warm brown peaches. She ignored it.

“You got a little, um, on your...” he said, nodding to her chest.

“Oops,” she said, leaning over him. “Help.”

It was all the invite he needed, and he threw his ice cream off the porch and placed his hands on her breasts, pressing his mouth to her skin to lick up her creamy dribble. She let him enjoy her skin for a moment, then pulled his head back with her free hand and put the ice cream bar directly onto the skin between her bikini-clad breasts. “Oopsy, I did it again,” she smiled. “Still hungry?”

He reached up and untied her top, letting it fall and dangle beneath her breasts before licking up the offending mess, then placed his mouth over one, then the other of her dark areolas. Her nipples stiffened nicely on his tongue, and she moaned softly, feeling herself begin to soak between her legs. “Do you like my nice dark titties, Les?” she said softly, “because they sure like you.” She leaned into him a bit, reaching down to his crotch for the large bulge that was beginning to swell in his shorts. “Did you think about them while you were playing with this last night?”

He pulled his mouth away and looked up at her, dumbly. She met his look and said teasingly, “You didn’t think anyone was looking, did you? I knew how to get here tonight because I was here last night watching you jerk this big cock of yours through the window. And now I wanna see it in person.”

She dropped to her knees, still holding onto her ice cream, and undid his pants with her free hand, allowing his long dick to bounce free as he pushed his shorts the rest of the way off. “Oh, baby, that is a tasty looking dick.” She wrapped her hand around the base and tugged at his skin. “Here,” she said, brushing her nearly melted bar against the head, making him gasp, “let’s add some icing to the cake.” She covered his dick in melted cream and threw the rest of it off the porch as he had done, then slowly slide her tongue the length his shaft, licking her big thick lips after each pass. Using both hands to hold his enormous, hard cock, she placed her mouth over the end and sucked him in, gradually working it into her throat, until she could get it a little more than three-fourths in before resisting.

He was looking around at the other cottages, trying to see if anyone was watching them, since they were only half concealed in shadow. “Maybe we better go inside.”

“What’s the matter?” she said as she stroked his length hand over hand, “afraid to let the neighbors see you getting head from a young black girl?” She had her mouth full of him again, making him moan instead of being able to respond. When se came up for air she said to him, “Baby, with a dick this big, you should let me suck you off on the porch all day long. But I bet you wanna fuck me, too, don’t you? And I know I’m not gonna be able to keep my mouth shut for that, so yeah, maybe we should go inside.”

She stood up and undid the rest of her top, letting it fall, then walked inside without waiting for him to lead. He quickly got up, removed his shirt, and followed her in, shutting the door, only to find her bending straight forward from the hips, pushing her cutoffs down to her ankles, and holding her position there. “Almost finished, Les,” she cooed, “can you help with my suit?”

She had an amazingly toned, strong body, and her butt was two perfect spheres of solid teenage muscle. Her bikini bottoms had wedged between her tight cheeks, and it was all he could do to get them off her before he got to his knees and pressed his face into her, tongue first. He was pleasantly surprised to find her cleanly shaven.

‘Oh, yeah, you like that nice black ass, don’t you, mister big-meat. Suck that sweet pink pussy for me and maybe I’ll let you in.” His tongue had parted her dark cleft and was lapping up her already wet cunt, his hands on her firm thighs, pulling her toward him as he pressed his tongue forward to her clit. She responded by leaning back into him, grinding her hips to get his tongue where she wanted it.

After a few minutes of this he’d nearly brought her to orgasm, but she couldn’t wait to get his dick in her, so she took his hands from her legs and walked over to the couch, then sat down with her ass on the edge and her legs spread wide. “Get over here and fuck me now, please. I have to have that in me.”

Not needing to be told twice, and just as eager to for her young, tight, brown body as she was for his dick, he walked over and again got to his knees, this time in front of her. He placed the head of his dick at her opening and slid it up and down, testing her willingness. She just looked at him, raising hips to coax him in. ‘Get it in there, big boy. Kitty needs all of that long cock up in her. OH!!”

He called her bluff and pressed himself in firmly, abandoning any pretense of caution or consideration. It seemed to work, because her commanding words turned to moans and half coherencies, and her sexual confidence had been replaced by squeals and shrieks of surprise as he worked himself fully into her.

“Oh, fuck,” they were both saying to the other, “You’re so fucking tight.” “You’re so fucking big.” They ran their eyes over each other, two sexy muscular bodies, one tanned and masculine, one mocha brown and bursting with feminine youth. She watched his abs and biceps flexing has he held her waist to pull her onto him, while he watched her firm breasts bouncing across her chest as he forced her body back into the couch. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me so hard!” She shut her eyes and let him give it to her.

He hadn’t been laid in close to three months, and was letting loose all of his pent up frustration into her, impatient to empty his balls. She looked so exotic and physically perfect that he would have had a hard time sustaining anyway. He tightened his grip and his moans increased, fucking her like a ramrod while she writhed on his enormous cock until his orgasm was imminent.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum. Oh yeah,” he said, panting, “Where do you want it?”

“Don’t cum in me, whatever you do. Pull out and cum on top of me...”

“Oh shit, fuck yeah!” he cried out. Just hearing her say the word “cum” was enough to make his semen start to flow, and he just barely got it out of her before he shot jet after jet into her waiting hand and onto her dark, flat stomach. It was an incredible release for him, and there was plenty of it, puddling on her skin and spilling down both sides of her. With her free hand she smoothed it over her like lotion while she milked the last of if out of him.

“Oh my god, baby, there’s so much!” she said, genuinely impressed with the size of his load. “Guess you needed that pretty bad, huh. I hope you got more for me, though, cause I ain’t done with you yet.”

He was holding himself over her, pressing his thighs onto hers for support as he caught his breath. “Mmm, sorry about that. It had kinda been a while,” he reassured, “but don’t worry, I’m good for more if you can stay for a bit.”

She smiled up at him and licked her lips. “Baby, I don’t ever want to leave this big dick.”

He leaned forward and kissed her for the first time. Her big lips were surprisingly soft and as enveloping on his as they had been earlier on his cock, and he pressed his tongue playfully onto hers. When they broke the kiss, he smiled at her. Happy in the moment and with nothing else to say he said, “Hi.”

“Hi,” she replied softly. “How about you put that tongue to use while we wait for Mr. Big to recover.”

“Ooo, yum! Good idea,” he said enthusiastically. He kissed his way slowly down her neck to her breasts, pausing briefly to entertain her nipples again before skipping over the mess of cum on her tummy. Faced with her completely shaven and well-opened pussy he said, “I just love that you girls like to keep these things smooth these days. So much more tasty that way.”

She was saltier and muskier than his first taste of her from their fuck, and a little gooey as well, but he soon had her dripping wet again from their mingled juices. He felt her hand on the back of his head as he worked her clit briskly, eager to get her to cum for him, and she was soon fucking his face hard, forcing his head onto her bucking hips, as she came loud and long on his tongue.

Once he’d gotten the first orgasm out of her, he continued to suck her sweet pink pussy for several minutes, keeping her excited and bringing her to another orgasm, and then one more while she lay open and willing on his couch. Her sweet moans, rising and falling with the waves of pleasure, were wonderful feminine music to his ears, and he realized how much he missed having a woman, or girl in this case, to please. Somewhere after the first ten minutes he felt himself growing hard again listening to her, but his legs were getting sore from kneeling on the sandy floor.

“I think I’m almost ready for you again,” he said to her as she looked up at him with happy, cum tired eyes. “But I think we should move to the bedroom were it’s more comfortable and we have more room.” He stood up and extended his hands, assisting her up with no small effort since her body was like a rag doll from riding his face for so long.

“Baby, you are so good,” she sighed as he led her by the hand, “I don’t know if I can keep up anymore. But I am so willing to try.”

Nothing boosts a mans confidence like a grateful and well-fucked young woman, and he said to her as she crawled up onto the bed, “I tell you what, then. You lie down on your stomach and let me get you one more time from behind so I can look at that insane ass of yours.”

She smiled and wiggled her butt appreciatively for him from her position face down on the sheets. “I’m so glad you like it,” she said, almost giggling at the attention. “It gets a lot of compliments from the boys, but tonight it’s all yours for the fucking.”

He climbed up next to her and let his eyes consume her athletic young body. Everything about it was a testament of fitness and vitality, and now it spoke of continued sexual promise as well. He ran his hands across her back, and arms, and legs, wanting to touch every part of her perfect form.

“Mmm,” she breathed, “That feels sooo good!” None of her previous young lovers ever took the time to caress her like this, so the experience was totally new to her. In fact, the past hour was already the longest she’d ever spent at one time having sex, and there was still more to come.

His hands finally came to rest on her behind. It truly was an insane piece– tight and round with perfect separation. He gave it a little smack just to watch its taught jiggle, and he couldn’t resist bending down to put his mouth on it. He kissed and licked both cheeks lovingly all over, pressing his face to her skin and deeply inhaling her fragrance. Eventually he pulled her open with his hands and slipped his tongue down her crack, starting at the small of her back and working down to her anus, where he pressed his tongue in, feeling it grip and resist.

“Oo! Wow, bad boy, Les!” she said, startled at yet another first. “What are you doing back there?”

“Worshipping,” was all he said before pushing back in to taste the hot, sweet, soft ness of the flesh inside. Her resistance gradually eased and she began to moan and rock her hips a little beneath him.

“Oh, yeah, baby. God that feels good, I had no idea.” She was really starting to enjoy it, and reached back to pull her cheeks wider for him, arching her back at the same time. He tongue fucked her just a little bit longer as his cock grew fully erect again from the pleasure of it, until he could no longer wait, and had to get into her once more and up against her sweet ass.

He climbed up behind her, spreading her legs while she continued to arch her back for him. Positioning himself once again at her opening, he actually did take the time to ease himself into her more gently, as much to savor the moment of entry as for her to get used to it. The initial penetration was again accompanied by much vocal expression of pleasure and disbelief, and their moans and exclamations soon filled the room amid the din of the bed springs.

“Oh Jesus Christ, that is so fucking unbelievably good.” His words mirrored her thoughts as her snug pussy enveloped and swallowed up his wonderful long cock down to his balls. The sensation was so good she was unable to speak, only moaning loudly, eyes shut tight, having to convince herself to keep breathing.

He gripped her ass firmly in both hands as he pushed into her, squeezing hard as his pure lust for her began to take over him, making him rock his hips faster. Soon he was absolutely nailing her from behind, his thighs slapping hard up against hers as he lifted her up onto all fours for better penetration.

She was moaning nonstop as her orgasm drew near, and she felt her pussy begin to flex around his pole. When it finally hit, she just held onto the sheets and screamed as the pleasure moved through her. He was still far from cumming, and pounded her mercilessly on the cheap, squeaky bed while she continued to cum. He fucked her like this for a good solid ten minutes, easing off then building her up again. By the time she’s cum the third time she could do nothing but lay flat on the bed while he pounded her ass.

Finally, he withdrew and hopped up off the bed abruptly, rummaging through his suitcase until he found the condoms he was searching for, then hopped back up on top of her limp body. He slipped one on, then grabbed her waist to position her on her side. Straddling one thigh and lifting the other straight up between his legs, he slipped back into her in a scissor-like embrace. It allowed his cock to get all the way into her now, so that the base of it was pressed right up against the lips of her pussy as he hugged her thigh close to his body.

This new position, which enabled him to get even farther into her, made her quickly ascend to yet another orgasm. It also afforded him a view of both her ass and her pretty face, and he was able fuck her deeply and forcefully while staring into her dark eyes. After only a few short minutes of it he was ready to cum, feeling it build deep within his wet balls, then come rushing forward into her as he began to shout.

He clung tightly to her leg as his hips pumped into her, filling the condom he hoped hadn’t burst. Each new pulse sent a new spurt into it, and he came much harder and longer than previously when he’d pulled out. She was just awash in pleasure and aching pussy, letting him satisfy himself completely with her body as she held on for the ride. Finally spent after what seemed like another full minute, he slowed and then gradually ceased moving, but kept himself deep within her while the sensations echoed through them both.

Carefully, he moved her leg around his and extracted himself from their tangle before laying down beside her, face to face, kissing her once more. He wrapped an arm around her and drew her in close, entwining their legs. They stared into each others eyes and said nothing, just letting their bodies share the moment. He figured it would have to end, that she’d need to be on her way. Eventually, she spoke. “I told my parents I was staying over with some of my friends,” she said from within the comfort of his arms. “We sleep over all the time in the summer, so they won’t even know the difference.”

He smiled, and kissed her again for several minutes, then they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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