As she surfaced, she became dimly aware that the ropes were biting into her
As she surfaced, she became dimly aware that the ropes were biting into her wrists - that was the first sensation anyway; she smelt a mixture of body odor, sweat and musk – maleness, sports clubs and gym changing rooms. something was wrong so she kept her eyes closed –easy to do as sleep still beckoned her. There was pressure above her, pressing her body down onto something cold, clammy and slightly yielding. Lastly came the knowledge that she was filled- completely filled to stretching. Her drug-befuddled brain whirled frantically- where was she how had she gotten here? What was happening? …and it started to come back… she recalled the night at the club- befriending the guys at the bar and the rounds of drinks…but she didn’t remember leaving the bar, getting a cab or arriving home. Instead the whole evening just seemed to fade into a foggy haze, followed by this. There was a pressure – pushing her deeper into what seemed to be a mattress, a loud grunt and a butterfly trapped inside her was trying to free its wings. A groan, the weight shifted and suddenly she was empty, the feeling saddened her slightly as a warm wetness oozed from inside her to pool between her thighs. Some preservation mechanism from the dawn of time took over- instincts ruled- they told her “stay asleep- find out more…” She kept her eyes tight-shut and picked up scattered words snatched from mumbled conversations around her; “Still asleep?, Soooo fuckin tight! Fucking marvelous man!” and lastly, ominously, “My turn” There was some grumbled dissent and then she felt hands on her breasts- strange-she hadn’t realized that they were exposed until now- she now realized that she must be naked, completely exposed and open to them. The hands moved to her left side and pushed- shifting her body to the right slightly- repositioning her in the centre of the bed. On the left side her wrist and ankle moved a little and then stopped. As her ankle hit its restraint she realized that she was tied, but the continued movement to the right meant that her legs were forced to open slightly. There was a brush of air on her private parts, the wetness there turning this into a sensation of coldness. She heard a gasp of approval as the hand moved down to cup her sex- newly shaved for her night out, and then to probe deeper, parting her lips and opening her. She smelt her own sex in the air, her scent wafted by the movement to mix with those of the sweat, musk and sperm. The man clambered clumsily onto her- the pressure of his body pushed her down into the mattress again. A tingle of fear shivered through her. Loud from the man on top of her “Are you sure this bitch is asleep?”, a more distant mumbled “yeah-she had the whole shot- she’ll be out for hours”... a third voice “It’s already been hours man…”
Reassured the man lying on her repositioned himself. She felt him slide his cock between her thighs- if felt huge- bigger than her boyfriends- she thought of him and wondered where he was- how had he let this happen to her? Then all thoughts were driven from her head and the cock nuzzled upwards, she felt the swollen glans start to separate her outer lips, it was rubbed up and down in the exterior moisture until it was coated. Then it wothdrew slightly, a hand eased it downwards before it slid forwards again, past her outer lis to lodge at the entrance to her body.Her inner lips were no barrier- she felt them parting before it, simply opening her up to admit this invader! The cockhead slipped in, the rim of the glans latching behind her treacherous inner lips. A gasp from above her “Christ she’s tight!” the cock was withdrawn, only to be popped back through her latch gate almost immediately- again and again and again “God this is fucking LOVELY” gasped the voice. After a few moments of shallow entry, popping in and out of her body enjoying the sensations of entering her repeatedly, she felt the weight shift. Despite her attempts to stay “asleep” she tensed herself for what must surely now be coming- and yes there it was; the cock started its relentless slide deeper into her silently protesting body. It was fat- very fat and she imagined the bloated organ pushing into her tunnel, opening her vaginal tube before it, stealing pleasure from her moist rippled walls, pleasure that was not rightfully his to take but hers to give! She knew he was gorging himself on her fruit, harvesting the sensations afforded by her ripe body. The thoughts were erotic, and her vagina acted of its own accord- demanding more from this unequal bargain, she felt herself tighten around the shaft as it eased into her depths- groans of pleasured approval followed from on top and a wave of sexual tension swept through her. The prick was all the way in now- quickly slipping back and forth- never moving more than a few centimeters. She became accustomed to the pistoning rhythmic motion, anticipating each thrust, accepting the withdrawal because it was only to be followed by return and a fresh wave of sensation. But then suddenly it was gone. Despite herself she gasped at the shock of being so suddenly empty. The prick returned, filling her to the brim. The delicious contrast with the emptiness of a moment ago forced another gasp from her. Silent shock spread around the room-“She’s waking up- be quick man”… She could feel a panicky sensation around her, the prick started to move again- no longer savoring her but now simply using her, stealing her warmth and tightness, taking it all, gobbling greedily as it sought selfishly and single mindedly to satisfy itself at her expense. She felt the bloated organ ramming into her thrusting her whole body up the mattress like a rag doll, pulling her back down again as it withdrew- again, again, again... more and more. The man on top of her was sweating, drops fell onto her skin and she heard his breath coming in gasps as he struggled with the effort. A voice from the side- “Quickly man finish or go”. The man in her gasped again and strained against her- the cock moved within her to its deepest yet. She felt the bloated prick suddenly swell even more; she imagined the eye in its head opening to blurt out thickly its semen contents. The man’s body quivered with the release, she felt his legs tighten and his feet curl as he thrust once or twice more, then a third and a fourth time as he pumped through his orgasm, satisfying the demands of a million years of evolution that ensured he spent all of his seed into her. She had felt the butterfly tembling and knew that he had ejaculated, filling her again. He pulled out quickly, and again she felt the wet trickling that followed immediately. That was odd- usually it took a few moments for sperm to drip from her pussy as she was quite deep- and she realized then that she must be very full- Christ!- How many had there been before him? There was frantic activity in the room as still she feigned sleep. She tried to count voices, three, four, no five? More? She felt hands grasp her wrists and fumble at her ankles; ropes were untied- “Quickly lets get outta here!”… The last rope was released and then, to her surprise, a blanket was tossed over her- one final gesture that showed some semblance of concern for the body whose delights they had ruthlessly plundered for their own pleasure. Then a door slammed, they were gone, and all was quiet. She waited a while to make sure and then, cautiously she opened her eyes…


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I LOVE the way you write!! Bravo

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It's not literature, it's porn. And it needs paragraphs.

That said - it's damn hot.

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Loved it , keep writing, please can we have paragraphs.


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Once again, I love the story! LTS is the best storyteller on this site and my personal favorite.


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fuck yall

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