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Chapter 2

I was in the cupboard about ten minutes when the door bell rang and Teresa welcomed Mum in. My heart started thumping with nervousness and excitement as I sat waiting in the cupboard. They came in to the living room and Teresa invited Mum to sit on the sofa opposite the cupboard affording me an excellent view. Teresa went to get some coffee and returned with two mugs. Teresa sat next to Mum and conveyed her appreciation of how Mum looked. She was wearing a summer dress that stopped at her knees with her usual stockings and slightly high heeled shoes. The dress was cut at the shoulder with a low neckline that just revealed some of her pale cleavage.
“How would you like a little something in the coffee Jean?”
“What do you suggest Teresa?”
“Some brandy? It is your afternoon off after all and you seem like you need to relax and that would help.”
Mum agreed and Teresa took a bottle from the drinks shelf and poured a generous amount. Mum smiled as she took a first sip and returned her smile back to Teresa thanking her. They settled in to a relaxing chat about Mum and work, Mum and home, Mum and me, Mum and Dad. Only then did Mum lose her smile and pause. Teresa asked what that was about. Mum stalled not wanting to go into her private thoughts and feelings but she revealed them anyway by her sudden changed mood.
“What is it Jean, you seem upset? You can be open with me.” Mum paused again then suddenly said that Alec was still very loving and warm and seemed happy but,
“He is not very keen in bed these days Teresa. He doesn’t seem to want to do it at all no matter how much I try to coax him or whatever I wear to trying to encourage him. It’s like there is someone else, though I don’t think there is really someone. He just seems so exhausted all the time. Even on holiday he was like a zombie. I don’t know what to do at all.”
“You’re not over the hill Jean. You're in your prime and look so wonderful I could eat you.” Mum visibly blushed at that as Teresa put her arm round her shoulder and gave her a comforting cuddle that could have been interpreted as an opportunity by Teresa but Mum chose to ignore it even though she liked the attention and warmth she was really missing. She did not try to remove her arm from around her shoulders.
Suddenly Teresa kissed Mum on her cheek. Mum did not respond. Nor did she move away. Teresa swiftly followed the first kiss with another on Mum’s lips. My trousers started to fill as I watched Mum not responding again but not moving either.
Teresa backed off. “I would love to kiss you Jean. You know that I’m inclined to women as well as men. I would love to make love with you and take care of that obvious need you have.”
“I can’t go there Teresa. I know you mean well and I think you are very beautiful but it is just not me.”
“How else can I help you Jean? Do you want a lover?”
“Oh no, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Taking another gulp of her brandy-coffee she unwound to say, “I just love what Alec has to offer when he does.”
“When did you last do it with him Jean?
“Eight months ago at Christmas for God’s sake.”
“You’re angry with him aren’t you?”
“Yes I fucking am Teresa.”
“Who else is there then Jean?”
“No one.”
“I know someone who is very taken with you Jean.”
Mum looked directly at Teresa looking for her to answer. “Someone very close to you.”
She looked puzzled. “Who for fuck sake?”
Suddenly Mum got it. “You must be joking.”
“I’m not.”
“How would you know even if he was?”
“I have seen him look at you Jean. He is totally taken with you. Haven’t you noticed?”
“I’m shocked that you would think that and shocked also that he might even think about me in that way.
“Ok if I am wrong just be a little bit more observant when he is around you and alone with you.”
“I don’t think I want to take this any further Teresa – you’ve said enough already.”
“I’m sorry Jean if I offended you. It’s quite natural you know at his age and he hasn’t any girl friends as far as we know has he?”
“No he hasn’t but what’s that got to do with it?”
“It means he isn’t distracted by others. It could also just be he likes older women. Some men do you know.”
“Teresa I’ve already tried to change the subject so let’s just leave it there ok?”
I had been very quiet on the chair in the cupboard. But I stood up as I was getting hard just being a voyeur on all of this. Opening my flies I retrieved my prick and stroked it. I had been taken by teresa’s comments as well as the view up Mum’s skirt revealing her stocking tops and suspenders. Her white flesh was so succulent looking, I just wanted to get out there and leapto her thighs. I had to go easy on myself so as not to cum too quickly.
They moved on and Mum looked visibly relieved as they passed to safer topics. Soon Mum intimated she had to go and went to stand up. As she did Teresa put her arms round her and gave her a tight cuddle pressing their breasts together. Mum softened and returned the cuddle. Teresa took another risk and kissed her squarely on her lips. Mum returned it this time and they embraced passionately, Teresa taking her face in her hands and pushing her tongue into mum’s mouth. They swapped tongues eagerly and Teresa moved her hand down to Mum’s cleavage starting to edge toward her fullness. This behaviour was so out of keeping with her uptight stance I could hardly recognise her. Realising how far she had gone Mum, without offending Teresa s, lowly withdrew and announced,
“You are lovely Teresa and so good to me. But I don’t think I am ready to go there. Perhaps one day. I would need a few more brandies too. Very naughty of you to give me the brandy in my coffee Teresa. Thank you again for being so kind and warm with me. You're a real friend.
“Take care Jean and remember what else I said.”
Mum did not go there and left immediately with another warm cuddle for Teresa. Just as she was leaving Teresa gave her a large envelope from the hall cupboard.
I stepped out of the cupboard with an obvious erection. Teresa smiled but chose to leave my erection alone except to say, “That obviously got you going Ian. What do you think?”
“I don’t think Mum even contemplated my having such thoughts about her. Little does she know Teresa.”
“I’m not so sure Ian. It may well have been the first time she’s even thought about it. So let it settle. She will have you under close observation Ian so be a little discreet and let her know gradually that you have sexual feelings toward her. She might be secretly excited about it.”
She stroked my erection over my clothes and said, “why don’t you take this little beauty home and let it do it good work on your Mum?”
I got up to go, torn by also wanting Teresa to have me but understood what she wanted me to do.
Getting home I walked round the long way to try to get my erection to go down as well as remembering the afternoon and how I was equally excited by Teresa’s attempts to seduce Mum.
Mum was making supper when I got home and I called hello and went to my room to get ready for when Dad would arrive. We ate supper and after went into watch TV together. I decided I could not take any chances with looking at Mum even though she would have no idea of my proximity to her this afternoon. I had looked at her stockinged legs in the kitchen whilst she got the supper out but ensured she couldn’t see me getting off on her seamed calves that got me growing under the table.
I gave my usual goodnights and went to my bedroom. I just had to wank myself to sleep and I played over the wonderful afternoon. I woke next morning with my usual erection heightened by memories of yesterday.
Our flat was well carpeted so that when I went to the bathroom to wash I passed Mum in her bedroom smoothing her stockings up her thighs. She gave no recognition that she heard me and I was able to take in the sight of her full calves and thighs up to the top of her raised skirt. I just had a glimpse of her pants. Trying the discrete stuff I continued to the bathroom and shut the door so that she would have heard and therefore know I had passed her. I needed another wank but decided to stay high with the lovely sights I had experienced.
I emerged from the bathroom just as Mum was going off to work. She leant forward to kiss my cheek as she opened the door and I was given, consciously or not I wasn’t sure, a glance down her dress at the opening and the definite swelling of her breasts.
Was that intentional or not. I decided it wasn’t just my good luck. I had the day to myself as it was the school holidays. I then remembered Teresa giving Mum an envelope on her leaving yesterday. I went on my usual careful foray and found the new envelope under her lingerie. Opening it I was struck by the book’s title: “A Son’s Dream, A Mother’s Need.”
Wow what a woman is Teresa and I recognised she must have a real store of porn. I skimmed it and decided to read it whilst wanking into a pair of Mum’s panties that I had found in the laundry basket. The book appealed to my horniness about Mum as well as the notion of incest.
I was into it at the 2nd chapter when I involuntarily came into the gusset of her panties. They were really soaked. The book really met my dirty thoughts about having sex with Mum and I was only on page 30. I decided that unlike the book I would prefer her to initiate any sex we might have. I couldn’t do what the book was leading on – the son pushing the incestual relations on his needy Mother and almost forcing her. That was just not me and I would only want what Mum wanted. I put the pants down under other clothes in the basket just below the lid. The imp in me wanted her to leave them on top but that would be too obvious. I did have a whiff of the pants before putting them in and smelt the combined odours of us both. It had the effect of getting me going again. But I had spent enough time wanking and Mum had asked me to go to the shops to get the evening’s supper as well as something for my lunch.
When I got home I got some of the food ready (having been well trained by Mum to cook) and went out to see some friends. Getting home later Mum asked me if I knew that dad had to go away that morning early because of work and would not be back for a few days. I hadn’t known but noted that Mum was visibly relaxed and happy.
She had changed on coming home into a floppy T-shirt, but still had her skirt and stockings on. She had changed her outdoor shoes for her slightly heeled indoor sandals. I wasn’t sure about the combination but had no grounds for regret as she was looking rather provocative in the heels, then I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her T-shirt clung nicely to her hugging her breasts that were slightly lower unbound by a bra. Though the T-shirt was not thin it did reveal the slight pressure of her nipples against the material. I was deeply aroused by her display and felt even better when she gave me a hug and said it was good to be able to spend some time just between ourselves, feeling the gentle pressure of her soft breasts against my chest.
We tucked in to our supper and she made a point of thanking me for preparing much of it. At one point she leaned back in her chair to take a sip of her glass of red wine she had poured herself earlier. Relaxed in our company I remarked how well she looked today particularly in her comfortable outfit. She smiled at me.
“Do you like me dressed like this Ian?”
I blushed red but managed to murmur, “I think you look very pretty Mum.”
It was her turn to blush but she then added, “What do you find pretty Ian?”
I struggled then because what I found pretty was actually what I found very sexual. I like your T-shirt mum.”
“I like the way it clings to you.”
She looked down. I noticed her nipples harden against the cloth and a tingling in my balls and prick as I responded to the sight of them. She got up to take the dishes to the sink and walked back and forward with the empty plates and cutlery. Her nipples were still stiff and even more pronounced as she moved back and forth as if the cloth was teasing them. I tried to look elsewhere. She recaptured her good mood and asked me if I found anything else pretty about her.
“I like your sandals and stockings as they have the effect of enhancing your height and legs nicely.” She strutted a calf out to emphasise the shape against the seam of her stocking. By now I was completely hard under the table and could not have got up if I had been told to. She came and sat down again, this time nearer me at the end of the table and crossed her legs revealing her knees and the beginnings of her stocking tops.
“Thanks Ian I haven’t had compliments like that in years. I’m glad I asked you. I didn’t know you thought me pretty at all.
“I think you're lovely all over and have a lovely beautiful face and shape.” I was mixing beauty with sexual desire more clearly and rather confusingly each. I was acutely embarrassed yet still very excited. We had never had a conversation like this before. I wondered about her conversation with Teresa and my peeping at her then. “Let’s go and watch television shall we?”
I followed her into our living room and she moved her arm to get me to sit with her rather than in our armchairs. She raised her legs up on the sofa and folded them to her thighs revealing tantalising glimpse of thigh which I tried not to stare at.
“You look tired Ian come and rest your head on my lap.” I stretched out and rested my head on her upper thigh and was able to feel her suspender under my head and her stockings tight on her legs before me. She stroked my hair as we watched a rather boring film. I tried to hide it but my erection was growing again. It was impossible to hide it as I had one hand on my side and the other in mums grip. There was nothing I could do. She could see it if she looked and I knew she must be looking. In fact she let out a physical jerk when she first saw it I’m sure. But I did not react. We continued like this for most of the film. She was getting a little cramped from being in one position and shifted so that she could put her legs out straight over the sofa to the floor whilst keeping my head more comfortably in her lap. The effect was to reveal rather more of her stocking tops for my unabashed view. I was delighted but did not know what to do. The effect of her heels was to raise her thighs a little higher so that I was even more ensconced in her folds resting the back of my head on her tummy.
“Are you comfortable Ian?”
“Lovely thank you mum.” I also had a T-shirt on and she moved her hand to my arm and stroked me up and down softly. The film got intense and I glanced up to see her looking at my erection just covered by my boxers. Just then the film ended. She suddenly hugged me and said, “Ian I’m off to bed. I’ll see you in the morning love.” With that she moved herself from my head and placed a cushion there instead. I didn’t move apart from saying good night.
After my erection disappeared I went to my bedroom, undressed and slipped beneath the single sheet as it was so warm. I lay on my back and slowly masturbated to the thoughts of the wonderful evening. I pushed the sheet back and continued playing with myself. Suddenly I saw the door knob being turned as I left the light on. Quickly I pulled the sheet over my prick but still held it as Mum walked into the room and came to my bedside still standing she remarked, “Ian I just wanted to come and give you a proper hug for such a wonderful evening.” She was wearing the same T-shirt but had taken off her skirt so that it came down to just the tops of her stockings and she had removed her sandals. “You have been such good company I feel really nurtured by you.” She leaned over and put her arms around me and pulled me tight against her lifting me off the mattress. I pulled my hand away from my prick and with both hands put them round her to also give her a tight hug. Her breasts were pressed tight into my chest. Because of her position and proximity to me, her hip was cleaving close to my hardon with only her T-shirt between us. I could do nothing about it. We must have both realised what was happening but she did not relent on her hold of me. I was alive with sheer desire. We shifted our heads slightly so that our mouths were almost touching. She moved first and ran a soft touch of her lips across mine. It was so slight, so gentle. She ran them back again over mine. She was taken with what she was doing. I didn’t press advantage in any way but let her drive the sheer sensuality of the lightest of touches across my lips. I was ecstatic. Suddenly the cleaving against my hardon had its effect. I suddenly without any warning came against her hip and released a load of spunk onto her T-shirt.
Mum suddenly realised what happened and withdrew aghast. I couldn’t understand her reaction as she retreated from my bedroom. I felt bereft and very guilty at her departure. I lay in bed for about half an hour and had to get up to pee. Creeping out into the hallway I quietly went to the bathroom. My prick was still wet from the residue of spunk. I sat down to pee without making a noise and directed it to the bowl. Finished I didn’t flush and started back to my bedroom. As I passed Mum’s room I found the door ajar and heard heavy breathing. Glancing in Mum was on top of the sheets with her legs straddled wide open. She had not shut the curtains. Although the bed lights were off there was sufficient light from the street to see her. She was slowly rubbing between her legs without her stockings and T-shirt. Naked as I had never seen her before, I was completely taken by the sight of her. It had not really occurred to me that she would be masturbating after her apparent trauma over me, but she was. I went rigid again as my prick responded to the scene. She looked totally engrossed in herself. I began to wank in rhythm with her. Yet I could not summon the courage to go in. I might spoil if for her or she might be angry with me. It did not occur to me that she would not mind my joining her. I was still shamed but excited. Erring on caution I remained still apart from my silent stroking.
Mum had one hand flitting across her nipples squeezing each in turn while her other hand was alternating high on her cunt and dipping into her hole. I noticed something else too. Her bum was slightly raised. Between her luscious thighs and buttocks I could see something dark. Slowly I saw she had something pressing between her buttocks. Astonished I could make out that something was sticking in her bum. She lifted herself slightly and then pressed down on the thing. It was the first time I ever say something being stuck in someone’s bum. Here she was doing it herself and able to be hands free as well whilst she concentrated on her cunt and nipples. That did it for me I shot my spunk again I was so excited. I had the nous to keep it quiet whilst I came but it did flow over the carpet. Just then she let rip with a huge gasp as she orgasmed along with fingering herself madly and leaping up and down on the rubber thing up her arse.
Retreating back to my room, closing the door behind me I inadvertently let it shut itself. Mistake. She must have heard the door. I slid into bed, crawling under the sheet trying to hide from the possible repercussion of Mum being mad at me and coming to rage at me for disturbing her. More important she must know I had witnessed her rubbing herself to cum.

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