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My Fantasy (part 1)

Here she was lying in front of me on the bed. Naked as the day she was
born. She was on her stomach with her legs spread slightly exposing her pussy
and ass for me to see. She was 5'7' tall, 125 pounds of beautiful womanhood. Her
black hair and tan complexion were flawless.
I sitting here slowly stroking my large cock while she is fingering her
clit. She is covered with sweat from our latest romp but she is still horny.
The only strange thing is that she is my boss. Her name is Linda. We have
been doing this for a few months ever since we returned from Sacramento.
The first time was in Sacramento at a meeting to get more funds for the
school. I had just returned from the pool and was taking a shower when she
knocked. Our rooms were next to each other so I guess she heard the shower and
came over. I had been able to hear her in the shower and wondered what it would
be like to fuck her. I knew I wanted her bad ever since our first interview. She
told me later after our first fuck that she had wanted me from the beginning and
that during our interview she felt her panties getting wet. And when she hugged
me the first time she knew she had to figure a way to get me to fuck her.
She asked if she could come in. I told her, "Ok, but I have to finish my
shower. Just have a seat."
I went back to the shower and to finish bathing but I had a hard-on that
was unbelieveable. So I started stroking it. Then the door opened and there was
Linda naked and climbing into the shower with me.
"I don't like to shower alone." she said, "So I thought I'd join you, you
don't mind, do you?"
"No, not at all."
She reached down and grabbed my hard-on and said, "I have always wondered
what you were carrying in your pants but never knew you were this well built!"
"I have wanted you since we first met, now I glad I brought you on this trip."
I reached up and placed my hands on her breasts. They weren't very big but
they filled my hands. The nipples were dark brown because of her Mexican back-
ground and her bush was just as black as the hair on her head. But the most
beautiful thing was her clit. It was large like a little penis and very
sensitive as I found out when I touched it. While I fingered her clit she just
moaned and moaned. Then she grabbed my cock and hugged my neck as her legs fell
from under her as she had her first orgasm.
I soaped her body, paying close attention to her ass and pussy. She, in
turn, soaped me, paying close attention to my cock. I then rinsed her off and
myself. I said, "Now for the taste test!" And I started licking her from head to
toe. "All clean and soap free." I stated. She said, "I want to do the taste test
on you." She started licking me from head to toe stopping at only my mouth for
a kiss and then at my cock. I thought I cum right there but she stopped just in
time. She said, "I get back to that later."
We got out of the shower and dried each other off. I kneeled down and took
her clit into my mouth. I felt her tremble and my tongue ran over her clit and
down to her pussy hole. Her knees buckled so I layed her down on the bathroom
floor and spread her thighs to finished my attack on her pussy. I told that she
would enjoy this more if I could shave away all the hair. She said, "I don't
know! How will I explain it to Frank?" I told her to tell him that she did it to
keep cool and not sweat as much between her legs amd that it wouldn't smell like
She said, "OK, shave it bald for me, I don't want to do it myself for I
might miss and cut something."
I got out my shaving cream, razor with a new blade and a wet washcloth. I
wet her pubic hair then covered her patch with shaving cream. I then proceeded
to shave her pussy bald. As each stroke of the razor removed more hair, the
harder my dick got. I thought she would have a plump mound but she had a tiny
mound, the kind I have alway wanted to fuck and suck. When I was finished I had
her jump into the shower to rinse. She stated, "It feels as smooth as a baby
I lead her to my bed and laId her down on her back. I got over her and
started kissing her neck and face. This woman was hungry. She kissed me so hard
I thought she was going to eat me alive. I moved to her tits and sucked each
nipple into my mouth. I sucked on them until they were hard as pebbles. Then I
moved to her stomach. As I reached her stomach she moaned and raised her hips.
Her hands grabbed my head and she was trying to push me down to her cunt. I
resisted and continued to lick and tongue her belly. I moved to her pussy but
never touched it as I kissed and licked her thighs. I finally moved to her cunt
lips and sucked them into my mouth. Her hips bucked higher and she wailed, "Oh,
yes. Lick my pussy! Stick you tongue in me! Suck my clit! Ahhhhhhhh."
I continued to suck on her pussy lips and every once in a while I flick my
tongue across her clit. She moaned louder. I then moved to her clit and sucked
it into my mouth. She screamed, OOOOHHHHHHH, YES, right there! Suck me hard!"
It was like suck a small cock. Her clit was a hard as a rock. I felt her pussy
juices on my chin. I tasted something strange but I had tasted it before on
other women, I knew she had peed a little. Her climax was so hard that her
muscles clamped down on her bladder and caused her to pee. I fingered her newly
shaven cunt with two fingers and felt her orgasm again covering my fingers and
hand with her love juices.
When she was done cumming I released my hold on her clit and raised up next
to her to kiss her hot pink mouth. "Thank you." She smiled "No one has ever made
me cum like that before! I never knew it would feel so good!"
After resting few awhile Linda started kissing me on the lips. She then
moved to my neck and then my chest stopping to suck on my nipples. She sucked
them like a baby trying to get milk from them. While she was sucking my nipples,
she had moved her hand to my cock and was stroking it up and down. She moved her
head to my stomach and licked it before moving down to my cock.
When she reached my cock she started licking up the shaft, teasing the head
when she got near it then licking back down to the base. She then lick my balls
on at a time taking each one into her warm mouth and rolling it around like a
jawbreaker. Her hand continued to stroke me as she was licking and sucking. Then
on her last lick up the shaft she put her mouth around the head of my dick and
sucked for all she was worth. She then proceeded to shallow my cock into her
mouth all the way to the base. I didn't know or supect that Linda knew how to
deep-throat a man but I was wrong. She deep-throated my dick like a pro. Down to
the base her mouth went then back to the tip of my prick. She was very talented
in sucking and deep-throating a cock. I almost came. But she felt me swell and
clamped off the base of my cock to keep me from cumming.
"Not yet." she said, "I want to feel this in my pussy before I shallow
your sweet sperm, OK?"
I told her that was fine by me because I wanted to fuck her in the worst
way and I now was going to get my chance, maybe even butt fuck her.
She laid down and spread her legs. I was gazing upon the prettiest cunt
I had seen in years. All pink and freshly shaven with juices running down to
her ass. Her lips were all puffy and swollen. I wanted to just ram my cock into
her without worrying about how she felt but I wanted our first time to be the
best so I slowly got between her legs and nestled my cock against her hole. I
rubbed my dick up and down her pussy lips and around her hole. She raised her
hips trying to get impaled upon my prick but I wanted to tease her some more and
make the feelings last.
Finally, I lunged forward and buried my cock in her in one stroke. She
screamed but only in pleasure as my cock head reached her cervix. She wrapped
her legs around my butt and pulled me in tight to her helping to keep my cock
buried deep within her. Her orgasm continued while we didn't move. I began to
move my dick in and out of her pussy letting her feel every vein and bump. She
just kept moaning and screaming, "Fuck me! Don't stop! Don't take it out! Fuck
me hard and deep! Yes, fuck my pussy! Fuck me deep! Pound your cock into me!
AAAAHHHHHHHH, OOOOHhhhhhhh, God, don't stop! I'm cummmming!"
I didn't know she could be so wild. She bucked and clamped her legs and
screamed like a wild bronco. I had never seen this side of Linda before but I
liked what I saw now. A wanton woman needing to be fucked long and hard and
often. This was the wildest fuck I have ever had and I wanted more.
I continued to pound into her cunt like a madman. Then I felt the old
rumbling in my balls and knew I was going to fill her with my sperm. She also
felt me swell and said, "Fuck me hard amd deep! Fill me with your sperm! Give
me all you got! AAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhh! I need your cock rammed deep in my cunt!
Oh, Fuck! I cuummmin again! I think I am in love with you! OH, FUCK!!"
I rammed my cock deep into her pussy and up against her womb. I felt her
womb give way to my dick as I entered into it and sprayed her womb full of my
life-giving sperm.
As her orgasm subsided she released her legs from around me and fell back
exhausted on the bed as I laid on top of her. "Thank you, thank you so very
much! I needed that! It has been so long since I had orgasms like those."
I said, "You are welcome."
I rolled off of her to one side and laid there resting. Linda sat up and
looked at my cock. Then she lowered her mouth to it saying, "He needs to be
cleaned up so I think that's what I'll do." She started licking the shaft and
cleaning off all of her love juices and my sperm not missing a drop.
We got up in about an hour, dressed and went down to the resturant for a
bite to eat and get something to drink. While there we talked about what had
just happened and about the future of things to come. She also told about the
other women that had met me and who wanted to fuck me. I was surprised to hear
that Mary wanted some new meat between her legs and she had mentioned to Linda
that she had the hots for me. I asked Linda what she thought about me fucking
Mary. She said, "I hope you won't because I want you all to myself. I don't want
to share you with anyone."
I said, "Well, I have to share you with your husband."
"I know. But Frank and I don't have sex that often."
"How about if you, me and Mary have a threesome?" I asked.
"I don't know. Let me think about it, OK." Linda replied. "Let's not talk
about it anymore just about us."
"That's fine with me." I stated.
We finished eating and returned to my room where Linda stripped and jumped
into bed. She crooked her finger at me and said, "Come here, I want you! You big
hunk of man!"
As we started our second round of sex for the evening I thought I have to
find a way to get her to let me fuck her ass. I let her suck on my dick all that
she wanted. She acted like a kid with a new toy. She didn't want to stop sucking
and playing with my cock. She rubbed it on her face, on her breasts, on her
pussy, she even rubbed it on her ass. "God," She said, "I want this cock in me,
I want it in every hole I have. I have never wanted a cock as much as I want
yours. Please, Fuck me again? Fuck my mouth, Fuck my pussy, Fuck my ass!"
That was all I needed to hear. I rolled her on her back again and rammed
my cock into her cunt for the second time. As I was fucking her ever so slowly I
asked her, "Do you really want me to fuck you in the butt?"
"Yes," she said, "Frank has tried it a couple of times but he is so rough
and doesn't get me wet enough. When I rubbed your cock against my asshole it
made me tingle, so I want to try it with you. But, Please be gentle with me."
I said, "No problem. When I am done fucking your butt you'll want to do it
again and again."
I continued to stroke my cock in and out of her with my slow strokes. I
felt her pussy clamped down on my dick as her orgasm took over her body. Her
head flipped from side to side as she screamed though clinched teeth. Her hands
were pounding and digging into my back. Her legs were locked around my waist
like a vise. The bed had a puddle of her love juices under her as she kept
cumming and cumming. The noises our bodies made as they came together were so
loud I thought the people in the next room would hear us.
As Linda settled down from her orgasm, she looked up at me and said, "Will
you fuck me in the butt?"
I said, "OK, I need you to get on your hands and knees for me." She
rolled over and hoisted herself to her knees. She put her head on the bed with
her hands under it. She looked so beautiful with her ass in the air. Her shaved
pussy peeking out from between her closed thighs. Her asshole opened and exposed
to my eyes. Both her pussy and ass were hairless as I had shaved them both. I
bent over and licked her pussy lips. She squirmed as I did this. I moved my
tongue from her pussy up to her exposed butt hole and started licking it with
long slow laps. She squealed in delight as my tongue touched her hole. She
moaned, "Please, don't stop. That feels so good. I wish someone had done this to
me sooner." Ahhhhh! Your making me cum again! OOHHHHHH! I love it!"
I continued my licking of her asshole. As she continued to cum I inserted
two fingers into hot juicy cunt and caught a handful of her juices which I
smeared on her tiny rectum hole. I then pushed on finger into her tight ass. She
couldn't stand the pleasure amd screamed, "Don't stop, it feel so wonderful! Put
another finger in my butt!" I did and another orgasm took over her body.
As I put in a second finger into her, she moaned and her asshole clamped
down onto my fingers. I continued pushing and reaming her tight butt until I
felt her rectum relax then I inserted a third finger. She came again.
After a few minutes of playing with her butt I decided it was time to fuck
her. I knew she was ready when her ass relaxed again and she guit moaning so
loud. She looked over her shoulder, smiled and said, "Please fuck me, NOW! Put
your cock in my ass!!"
I slipped my cock into her cunt to get it nice and wet with her juices. I
then pulled out and moved it up to her tiny peckered hole. I pushed forward a
little to get the head lodged in her. But she screamed, "Don't waste time, ram
it in me! Bury your cock in my ass!" She then rammed her ass back towards me as
I was pushing forward and the head slipped past her tight rectum. She screamed,
"AAAAHHHHHHH! Oh, my God, Your cock feels great!! Ram more into me, Now!!" I
waited about two seconds then I rammed my whole cock into her ass in one stroke.
When my pubic bone hit her asscheeks I knew she had taken all of my dick
deep into her. I held still while she and her ass got use to being so well
packed with my cock. Meanwhile, she was moaning and groaning with her mouth open
and she was drulling onto the bed. She looked back to see that I was buried to
the hilt in her and she said, "I can't believe I took the whole thing! I can't
believe how good it feels! I feel like I have a tree trunk up my ass!! I feel so
pack! More packed then I ever have been! Please, FUCK my ass!"
I pulled out till just the head was in her then I rammed back into her as
she rammed her ass back at me. I continued to ram her ass full of my cock. I
slowed down to let her feel every ridge and vein of my dick. I let her feel the
head as it neared her anal opening then pushed slowly back into her bowels.
All she could do was moan, groan and scream from all the orgasms she was
having. Her ass clamped and unclamped like a vise as wave after wave of orgasms
shook her frame. Her pussy was cumming so much, her legs and the bed were sloppy
wet with her cum juices.
I then felt the old stirring in my balls as my cock swelled and my sperm
raced from me towards her bowels. I rammed my dick deep into her as far as it
would go just as the first spurts of my cum splashed deep into ass. She yelled,
"I cumming! I can feel your hot sperm shooting into my ass! Fill me with your
love spunk! FUCK me harder, deeper!! Fuck my asshole! Let me taste your sperm!"
When I finished shooting my spunk into her ass, I pulled my already
softing cock from her butt. I look down to see her asshole was still stretched
open and some of my sperm was trickling out. I laid down on the bed next to her
as she stay on her knees.
She said, "I want to stay like this until my ass closes up because I don't
want to lose one drop of your wonderful sperm."
While she was in this position she moved over and started kissing me with
a passion I never knew she had. She said, "Thank you for being so good to me. I
love the way you make love to me and how gentle you were when you were fucking
my butt. I think I am in love with you. I don't know why. I just know that I
could always be treated good by you. I would do anything you wanted."
I told her that she had been the best fuck I had ever had and I would love
to make love to her anytime I could.
She finally laid down on the bed and I got in the chair just to stare at
her and watch her playing with herself.
And tomorrow will be another day of fun and hot sex for there was no
meetings to attend.
Linda spent the night with me but we didn't sleep much. All she wanted to
do was fuck and suck. The woman was insatible. She just couldn't get enough of
my cock. Even when I dozed off she continued sucking my dick like a pacifer. I
wondered if my poor balls would hold up to the task ahead. Once while she was
deep-throating me I felt my balls churning. As she buried my cock in her throat
I could feel her tonsils. That's when my sperm rushed out into her tiny mouth.
She swallowed every drop of my warm googy spunk. When she was finished she took
her mouth off of my deflating dick and looked up and smiled, "You taste very
sweet and warm. But I'll have to watch myself or I'll be wanting to suck you off
at work. God, I never thought I'd want to suck a cock as bad as I want to suck
We went and had breakfast. When we returned I told her that I was going to
take a shower and asked her if she wanted to join me.
"You bet I would! She stated.
While we were in the shower Linda wanted to fuck again. She kneeled down
and took my cock into her mouth up to my pubic hair. Damn, this woman loved to
suck! I sometimes think I made a monster. After she got me hard she turned
around grabbing the faucet handles, arching her back and said, "Stick your dick
in my pussy all the way up to my womb!" I squatted a little then rammed into her
cunt as requested. She screamed and graabed the handles so hard her knuckles
turned white. She almost collasped when her orgasm hit. She was pushing back on
to my cock as fast as I was shoving it to her.
When she finished cumming she asked, "Please fuck me in the butt again."
I took my dick out of her pussy and pushed it into her ass. It slipped
right in with no resistance. She groaned as she pushed her hips back. I felt my
pubic hair touch her asscheeks again and knew I was buried deep in her. She
started fucking back onto my cock like a wild woman. She ram her ass back as I
rammed towards her. She yelled, "FUCK ME DEEP!! Fuck me harder! Ram that cock
into my ass!! Ram that big beautiful cock into me! Make me cum again!"
I started stroking my dick into with faster stokes. I was fucking her so
hard and fast that my cock was a blur.
I continued this way until I felt my cock swell and I knew I was going to
cum. She felt my cock swell also and said, "That's it! Keep going! Don't stop!
I'm cummming again!! Fill me with your hot sperm!! Fill my ass with your love
That's when I rammed my cock into her ass as far as I could and came. I
felt my balls turned inside out as the sperm pumped in her well abused tiny ass.
I felt her asshole muscles and colon clamp down on my cock. I couldn't believe
it I was stuck. Her body had clamped so hard we were stuck like a couple of dogs
in the middle of fucking. She just kept screaming from her one long continous
orgasm. She was out of her mind with pleasure.
As I stood there locked in her ass I had to hold her up for her knees had
collasped. I turned off the shower and walked as best as I could to the bed. I
laid us both down still stuck together. I rolled to my side and was caressing
her shoulders and tits so that she would relax enough so that we could be
unhooked. She was breathing very hard but she was also smiling. Then I felt her
asshole starting to loosen a little which meant she was coming down from her
orgasm. My cock had went limp by now and as she relaxed I was able to pull it
She rolled over and looked at me though glazed eyes. She reached up and
pulled my lips to hers and started tongue-fucking my mouth. This woman knew how
to french kiss. She leaned back and said, "That fantastic! I have never a hard
orgasm like that! I know now that I do love you! And I'll prove it." She bent
over and started cleaning my cock with her tongue and she didn't miss a spot.
We returned to work the next Monday. I was teaching my class when Linda
came in and asked me to come up to her office. As I followed her up the stairs
I stared at her cute wiggling butt. I really believe she was wiggling it more
than she normally would just for hers and my benefit. When we reached her office
she turned and locked the door then called down to Sandy and told her to take
messages that she was in a meeting and did not want to be bothered. I said to
myself, "Oh, shit here we go again."
When she hung up the phone she dived straight to my zipper. Pulling it
down while telling me she couldn't stand it. She needed lunch and my cock was
on the menu. She engulfed the whole thing in one stroke. My cock bounced off of
her throat as she started sucking like a vacuum cleaner. I was hard in about two
seconds. While she sucked my cock I pulled up her dress and found that she had
no panties or pantyhose on. I started rubbing her firm round cheeks. I moved my
fingers down her crack across her asshole which made her squirm then to her
pussy that was already wet.
I slipped three fingers into her wet cunt and began to finger her for all
I was worth. She began deep-throating me as I fingered her. I could feel her
cunt muscles clamping down on my fingers as her orgasm neared.
My cock swelled from marvolous sucking and I felt my sperm racing out of
my balls and into her throat. She started cumming when the first splash of my
cum hit her throat. But she couldn't yell because she had my cock buried in her
mouth. But she did moan. When I had finish cumming she removed my cock from her
mouth and smiled up at me saying, "I know I shouldn't be doing this but I was
horny and still am. Please fuck me, right now."
I pick her up and laid her on her Cherry wood confrence table. I lifted up
her legs to my shoulders, pulled her dress up exposing her beautifully shaved
cunt to my view and my blood engroged cock. I placed the head of my dick to her
pussy hole and pushed into her in one stroke. She moaned though her clinched
teeth to keep from yelling and letting everyone in the building know what we
were doing. My cock bounced off of her cervix as she raised her hips to meet my
thrusts. She was turning into that wild woman again so I slow down to half
strokes. I knew she was going to climax any second for her pussy was clamping
and unclamping around my dick. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD! FILL ME WITH
YOUR HOT SPERM!! AAAAHHHHH!!" she said as her orgasm shook her lithe body.
I rammed my cock in to the hilt as my balls unloaded their load. I felt
her cervix open as my sperm hit its opening with the first spray. I must have
pumped a gallon of my spunk into her cunt. It was sqirting out the sides of her
pussy, down pass her ass and onto the table. Her favorite table at that.
When I finish cumming I pulled my limp dick out of her, at her protest,
and a big glob of sperm came out of her cunt and splash onto the table. She
jumped and started licking all of the spunk that was on the table then turned
and licked and sucked my cock clean. She even caught the sperm running down her
thighs and lick her hands and fingers clean. This woman did love to eat my
Then she reached up and hugged me and gave me a great big soul searching
lip lock. I could taste her juices and my own.
When she released me I told her I had to get back to my class and I hoped
this would hold her over till later. She said, "Probably not. I'll want more of
him later and you too!" as she turned to go to her private bathroom to finish
cleaning her pussy and to reapply her lipstick. It went like this for months.
Just about every day was the same. Now I'm not complaining but I think my balls
have gotten smaller from all of the sperm they had to produce for the walking
vacuum cleaner.
One day Linda sent Sandy to find me and have me come to her office. I said
to myself," here we go again". When I reached her office I noticed that Mary was
there also. Linda said that we all were going to lunch. So off we went in Mary's
car to a small place for burgers.
We were just sitting there talking when Linda stated that after lunch we
all were going to this motel where she had reserved a room. I looked at her kind
of shocked. I asked her when Mary went to the bathroom, "I thought you wanted to
keep me for yourself."
She said, "At first I did and still do but Mary's husband hasn't touched
her in four months and I feel she could use some of your sweet loving one time.
Besides I'll be right in the middle of it all getting mine too.
I said, "OK, if that's want you want I'll do it.
She stated that it would also be this one time and no more for Mary.
When Mary returned I asked her, "Are you sure you want to do this?"
Mary replied, "Very much so. Not only do I need it, I've wanted you for a
long time."
We left the burger shop and headed to the motel. When we arrived we all
started to get undressed. Mary turned out to have bigger tits than Linda and she
was a natural blonde. Her pubic hair was cut close and it was so blonde it
looked like she had none at all. She looked at Linda's shaved mon and said, "I
think I'd like my pussy shaved too." Linda told her to have me do it to her
Then Mary looked over at me and her eyes got as big as dinner plates when
she glanced at my cock that had swollen to 3/4's of it size because of Linda's
hands stroking it. Mary moaned and started playing with her clit. "I've got to
feel that thing inside of me." she stated.
"You will." Linda said as she took my cock into her mouth and started
deep-throating me. Mary looked on in Ahh as she watched Linda working on my cock.
Mary moved to the bed as she continued to watch Linda's cock sucking. She laid
down and spread her legs wide open while fingering her clit. I could see her
juices starting to flow from her pink pussy lips down the crack of her ass to
the bed. She then inserted two fingers into her sloppy wet hole and started
moaning as she finger fucked herself.
Linda looked up at me and winked as she continued sucking. She moved one
hand to her pussy and started fingering herself too.
Mary screamed as her first orgasm took over her body. When she finished,
she sat up. "When are we going to get down to some real fucking?" she asked.
Linda let go of my cock from her mouth and said, "Go show Mary what a real
man can do to a woman."
I moved over to the bed and laid Mary on her back. I started kissing her
on the lips, then I moved down to her neck. From there I moved to her big tits
which were already excited from her orgasm. I took one already hard nipple into
my mouth and sucked on it like a baby. Mary moaned. I then took the nipple
between my teeth and bit down on it. Mary screamed as I did this and I knew that
she loved having her nipple bitten.
Linda had moved over to the bed and laid down next to Mary with her head
at Mary's feet. Linda then engulfed my cock again in her mouth.
Mary then did something that neither Linda or I ever thought she would do.
She reached over and started fingering Linda's cunt. It turned out that Mary was
bisexual. After finding that Linda didn't mind the fingering Mary twisted her
head to get her tongue onto Linda's clit. Linda jumped as Mary's tongue touched
her sensitive clit but didn't move away. As Mary continued to lap her clit,
Linda was started to grind her cunt into Mary face.
I watched as Mary sucked on Linda's clit and pussy. I decided to give
Mary some of what she was giving Linda. I moved to her blonde pussy and sucked
her clit into my mouth. She jumped as my tongue touched her clit. I sucked
harder to get Mary tiny clit to come out of its sheath. The little nub wasn't as
big as Linda's but it was just as sensitive. We had all moved into a three way
sort of daisy chain. Mary sucked Linda. Linda sucked me and I sucked Mary.
I felt Mary's cunt juices running down my chin as I ate her. I stuck my
tongue deep into her cunt to lap up her sweet tasting cum juices. Linda had my
cock buried deep in her throat, sucking like there was no tomorrow. I could hear
Mary's moans as she continued to eat Linda cunt. I could hear how sloppy Linda
was from the noise of Mary's sucking.
Then that old rumbling started in my balls and I knew Linda's mouth and
throat were about to get what she wanted. I felt my sperm rush up and out of my
cock and into Linda throat. As she was shallowing my sperm, she had her first
orgasm. When Linda started cumming into Mary's mouth that started Mary's second
orgasm. All three of us were cumming at the same time.
Linda removed her mouth from my cock as I removed my face from Mary's
cunt. She had a small trickle of sperm running down her chin which she flicked
up with her snake like tongue. She said, "God, I love to suck your cock! I love
to shallow your love juices!"
By now Mary had recovered from her orgasm and lifted her head from Linda's
crotch. Her face was covered with Linda's sweet juices which Mary continued to
lick up with her tongue.
Mary blushed a little as she told us of her longing to eat Linda's pussy
and of her desire to have me fuck her.
Linda said, "I didn't even know that you were bi. I never had a other
woman lick me before but I liked it and want to do it again sometime!"
We laid on the bed resting and talking for awhile as Mary continued to
tell us about the other things that her and Phil had done in the past. Of how
they went to swinger parties. Of how she has had five guys at once, one in every
hole and one in each hand. Linda listened in ahh as Mary continued to tell of
her past. I could tell Linda was getting hot as she was hearing of the things
her operations manager was telling us.
Mary then asked Linda if it was alright for her to suck my cock. Linda
said, "Its alright with me that what we are here for."
Mary bent over and took my cock head into her mouth. While she was doing
this Linda reached behind Mary and started to finger Mary cunt stating, "I need
to find out if she likes this as much as I do." Mary wiggled her ass back toward
Linda's probing fingers. After a few minutes she stopped and moved up to where
Mary was sucking me. Linda bent over and started tonguing my balls as Mary
engulfed about most all of my big dick. "MMMMmmmmmm," Mary moaned as her tongue
flicked around the head of my prick. Removing her mouth she said, "Damn, this is
the sweetest tasting cock I have ever suck. I can't wait to feel it inside of
Linda looked at me and said. "I think its about time that you show Mary
how well you can fuck. I want you to do everything to her that you do to me."
I laid Mary down on her back, spread her legs abd buried my face into her
crotch. As I was licking and probing her pussy she started bouncing around like
a wild cat. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it real hard. She wailed
as I nibbled on her clit. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me hard into her
cunt like she was trying to pull me inside of her. She screamed as her next
orgasm wracked her soul. Linda was just sitting there smiling and flicking her
own clit.
I finished lapping up Mary's cunt juices and moved over top of her putting
my cock head at her pink hole. As I nudged my cock head into her Mary raised her
hips trying to get more of me in her. I pulled back a little then rammed forward
into her burying my cock to the hilt in her cunt. I only stopped my forward
thrust when I hit her cervix. She yelled, "OOOOhhhhh, Aaaaahhhh, My God, Its so
big! I feel like I'm impaled on a tree trunk! I can feel it at my womb!" She
wrapped her legs around my waist as I slowly pulled my cock out of her to the
head. I then rammed it back into her. "Ughhhhhhhh, deeper, harder, faster,
PLEASE!! Make me cummm! she squealed as I fucked her. I continued to go slow as
I wanted her to feel every ridge and inch of me.
Linda now had three fingers in her cunt and was fingering herself rapidly.
I look at her and told her to get the dildo out of the bag I had brought. She
found the bag and pulled out the dildo. She said, "This is awful big I don't
think it will fit into me." I told her to go slow and it would fit. She laid
back down on the bed and put the head of the dildo to her cunt hole. She rubbed
it around to get it wet with her juices. She the pushed the head into her wet
sloppy hole. "Aaaahhhhh, Its so big! I don't know if I can do it." I reached
over and grabbed the dildo from her hand. "I'll show you how to do it." I
turned on the vibarator. She said, "Ohhhh, I like that!" I pushed the dildo into
her slowly as her pussy gave way to the monsterous head. As the dildo
disappeared into her cunt Linda moaned, "I can feel it stretching me. It feels
wonderful. More, please." I pushed the dildo till it hit her cervix then I put
her hands on it and told her to fuck herself with it.
I went back to my fucking of Mary who had finally calmed down somewhat.
As she started to relax I started to fuck her again but with rapid long strokes.
I buried my cock to the hilt hitting her cervix. I pulled back and rammed it to
her again. This time when I hit her cervix I felt it open. I pushed harder to
get the head of my dick into her womb. She screamed as the head of my prick
entered her womb, "God, you're in my womb. I can feel your cockhead stretching
me open. Fuck me there! Fuck me hard! Pound your cock into me. Fuck me deeper!
Fill my womb with your sperm!! AAAhhhhhhhh!
Mary screamed as my cock swelled in her womb."I can feel your cock growing
inside of me!" Again my balls started their rumbling as my sperm raced up and
out of my cock and into Mary's cunt and womb. I felt Mary's cunt gripping on my
dick like a hand. I must have pumped a gallon of spunk into her. She was wailing
amd moaning as I filled her womb. She was clawing my back with her nails as her
legs clamped around my butt trying to pull me inside of her.
Linda was still working the dildo in and out of her cunt. She had buried
every inch of it inside her twat. I didn't think she could take it all but she
had managed somehow. She was fucking herself so fast the dildo was a blur. Her
pussy and thighs were wet with her juices that were flowing like a river. Her
jaw was slack and her face contorted in estacy as her orgasms were coming one
after the other.
Mary in the meantime was coming down from her orgasm. She looked over at
Linda to see how Linda was enjoying the dildo. As I pulled my cock from Mary's
cunt Mary leaned over and started sucking one of Linda tits. This sent Linda
into another orgasm stronger than the last.
I sat on the bed with my dick shinking to its flacid size and just watched
the woman together. With Mary bent over I could see her pussy and asshole. I
knew before we were done today I would be fucking Mary's round ass.
When Linda finished her orgasm she removed the dildo from her cunt. Mary
grabbed the dildo and started licking Linda's juices off of it. Linda's eyes
got as big as saucers as she watched Mary licking and sucking the dildo. I guess
Linda had never seen such things in her life or even knew people did these type
of things, so she seemed shocked.
Linda moved over next to me, hugged me and kissed me saying, "I need your
cock in me. Please, fuck me when your ready." I stated I needed to rest for a
few minutes.
Mary had moved the dildo to her cunt and was fucking herself at a blinding
speed. She had buried it to the hilt and was screaming, "This feels so good! Its
so big! I feel so well packed! Ahhhhhh, ughhhhhhh, I cummming again!" As she
continued fucking her cunt Linda put her mouth on my cock and swallowed it to
its base. Her nose was in my pubic hair and I could feel her hot breath from her
I laid down while Linda continued sucking, when I was hard again I took
my dick from her mouth and picked her up and positioned her cunt above my fuck
stick. I lowered her down onto my cock. Her face contorted in estacy as she felt
every inch of me enter her. When she hit bottom I could feel her cervix give
way and my cock entered her womb. I lifted her up and then pulled her down
letting her felt every ridge and bump. She wailed when I entered her womb, "Give
me more of that beautiful cock of yours! Fill me to the limit! FUCK MY CUNT!
FUCK MY WOMB! Fill me with your sperm!!"
Mary had finished with the dildo so I took it from her. I rubbed it on my
cock and Linda's pussy getting it wet with our juices. Then I moved up to
Linda's asshole and started probing her tiny butt hole with it. She stopped
moving and said, "I don't think it will fit. It might rip or tear me." I told
her I'd be gentle and slow.
The dildo was a little bigger than my cock but I knew that once Linda had
it in her ass along with my dick in her pussy she wouldn't worry. With her back
to me and sitting on my big cock Linda was in heaven. I pushed on her back so
that she would lean forward with her head near my feet. This exposed her ass
to me and the dildo. She has such a cute puckered asshole. I removed the dildo
and inserted my fingers into her cunt with my dick. When my fingers were wet
with her juices I put two of them into her tiny rectum hole. I could feel my
cock in the tunnel next door.
Linda screamed as my fingers entered her ass. Since she had been butt
fucked by me before so she was very sensitive to the wonderful sensations I
could give her. "Oh, yes! Thats it! Keep doing that! I love it when you finger
my ass! I love the feel of you!"
I twisted and probed my fingers in her butt to loosen her up for the dildo.
When she relaxed I removed my fingers and replaced them with the head of the
dildo. I pushed on the toy and watched the head slip into her tight tiny rectum.
She moaned as the entered her butt, "Oh Yes! That feels great! I feel every
ridge! I can feel my butt stretching to the limit! God, I love it!"
As I continued to bury more of the dildo in Linda's firm round butt. Mary
had stuck three of her fingers of one hand into her sloppy wet gash. The other
hand was at her butt with two fingers in her own ass watching as I double
fucked her boss.
Deeper and deeper went the dildo until Linda had every inch in her. I
could feel the vibrating toy though the thin skin that seperated the two holes.
I knew that neither I nor Linda would be able to hold out long against
the vibrator. I started to fuck her with my cock and the dildo. I fucked her
with rapid deep strokes. I felt her body stiffen as her orgasm took over to
rack her with pleasure. I decided that when Linda had finished cumming I would
pull out of her so that I could fuck Mary's round ass before I was wore out and
unable to get it up again. Even with these two beautiful bodies, wonderful
sucking mouths, tight juicy pussies and asses I knew my limits.
Suddenly I hear Mary scream she had brought herself to an orgasm by her
own hands. Linda and I looked over at her, she had her hand buried in her cunt
to the wrist and four fingers of her other hand buried in her ass. She was
screaming, "Ooohhhhhh, AAAAhhhh, Ughhhhhh," Her jaw was slack, spitle was
running down her neck, sweat covered her body. Linda looked at me and said, "I
want you to fist fuck me sometime, please. It looks like something I would
enjoy." "No problem.: I said.
When Mary had finished I asked Linda to get up. She protested but did it
anyway. I moved over to Mary and rolled her onto her stomach. I placed the head
of my dick to her abused asshole and thrust forward burying my cock in one
stroke. Mary yelled as my pubic bone hit her ass, "Oh, God! Yes, FUCK MY ASS!
Fill me with your big cock! Pound me deep! Ram your cock to my tonsils!!"
I pounded into Mary with fast, deep strokes not worrying if she got torn
or if it hurt. I just knew that I was fucking her ass and would probably not
ever do it again so I wanted to make the most of it.
Linda got between my legs and was licking my balls and ass. This spurred
me on to fuck Mary even faster and deeper. Mary was twisting and moaning as my
cock pistoned in and out of her ass. "More, faster, deeper! Fill me with your
cock! FUCK MY BUTT! Fill me with your sperm! Rip me a new ass! Pound my fucking
ass!" That was all it took I started cumming. I rammed my cock to the hilt and
let go of the second biggest load I have ever shot. I filled her ass with my
dick and then filled it with my spunk.
When I finished cumming I removed my spent cock from Mary's well fucked
ass. Her asshole didn't close up when my cock was out. I could see my sperm
coming out and running down acrossed her cunt and onto the bed. After Mary
recovered from her ordeal she clamped her ass muscles to keep from losing any
of the sperm. "I haven't been that well butt fucked in I don't know how long. I
needed that. I want to clean your cock, OK?" I nodded and she dove straight to
my dick and proceed to lick and suck it clean.
Linda who was beside herself leaned and whispered, "I hope she enjoyed
that because it was the one and only time she will get to do it. I want you only
for myself. I don't want to share you again." I knew she meant it by the look in
her eyes.
We returned to the school at about 2:30. It had been a long lunch. Mary
asked to go home because she was worn out and still shaking. Linda said that
she could and that she wanted to see me in her office.
When we got to her office she locked the door. She grabbed me in a bear
hug and said, "I'm jealous of what happen today. I don't ever want to do it
again. I want you just for me. I will not let any woman talk me into sharing you
again." She reached down and grabbed my crotch and stated, "This cock belongs to
me now. I want it only to feel and fuck my opening, no other womans." I told her
that was fine with me, but I knew that my next conquest was going to be her
exec. asst. Victoria, who was at this moment downstairs.
Victoria was your typical liberated female. She didn't like to be called
a girl. She stated, "I am a woman not a girl." But I knew I had to have her
tight skinny ass and cunt. If Linda found out she would probably fire Victoria.
The rest of the day was uneventful. Things were kind of quiet for the next
couple of weeks. Linda would call me to her office for a quickie or just a blow
job. I was thankful for the rest such as it was.
One day Linda and Mary went to a meeting. Victoria asked me to come to her
office to talk about some trainees record. When I arrived she closed the door
and locked it saying, "I don't want us to be interrupted."
I thought this is kind of strange for Victoria but let it slide.
She started by saying, "I know what is going on between you and Linda. And
I wanted to talk to you about something I need."
"Ok, whats your point."
"I have always wanted a baby but I don't want to get married. I want to
have it myself and raise it by myself."
"I see nothing wrong with that." I replied.
"Well, I know a bunch of different guys but none of them meet my standards
or will just do it and walk away."
"So let me get this straight. You want to have me fuck you and give a baby
to have of your own." I stated.
"Yes, thats about it. I know you could say no and I would understand and
wouldn't say anything about you or Linda to anyone. I'm not that rotten or mean
as everyone thinks."
"Well, I think we could come to some kind of agreement of sorts."
"What would you want?" she asked.
"Let's see. First I want to fuck you at least twice before we try to get
you pregnant, Then I want to fuck you at least once after the baby is born. Last
I want $500.00 dollars. Also I want your promise that you will raise the baby
with kindness and lots of love. Can you agree to this?"
She thought for a few minutes then said, "Yes, I agree." I said, "Put it
in writing."
She asked, "When do you want to do the first fucking?"
I told her to call in sick next Tuesday and I'd do the same. Then we'd
meet a motel downtown so Linda wouldn't find us.
She said, "Ok, Do you want me to bring anything?"
I told her to bring a tube of KY jelly just in case her nerves would't
allow her to get wet. Also to bring shaving cream and a razor.
She agreed.
On Tuesday, I called in sick after making everyone on Monday think I was
coming down with something. I had fucked Linda in her office that morning so
she was taken care of. I went to the motel Victoria and I agreed upon. When I
got there Victoria was there waiting. I rented the room and we proceed to it. I
told her she looked nice today. She said, "I wanted to look nice for you."
Once in the room I suggested that we take a shower. She agreed. I watched
her as we removed our clothes. She did have a nice firm body. She did workout
alot and did some running. I felt my dick getting hard at the sight of her tight
firm body.
We entered the shower together. As I adjusted the water she looked down at
my hardening cock. "I never thought you'd be so well hung. I think I'm going to
enjoy this." She reached down and grabbed me by my cock. "I've got to taste this
wonderful hunk of meat. She slipped me into her mouth and I thought I'd cum
right then and there. She buried her nose into my pubic patch as I felt my cock
enter her throat. This girl knew how to deep-throat a man. I got rock hard in
less than a second. I felt my balls churning and ready to explode their juices.
I pushed her off of my cock and pulled her up to my waiting lips. As I kissed
her I could feel her tongue probing for mine. This girl also knew how to kiss.
My cock was tight against her belly as she rubbed her crotch against my leg.
We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Her body felt wonderful
as I dried her. Her tits were small but firm. Her stomach was flat and tight.
Her butt was full, round and just as firm as her stomach. Her thighs were well
toned. But the most beautiful part of her body was her pussy. It had light brown
hair neatly shaved into a heart. Her labia protuded from her hips. They were
pink and very swollen. I told her to get the razor and the shaving cream. She
asked, "Why?" I told her I want to shave her pussy bald so that I could see her
beautiful labia. She went and got the need items. I laid her down on the floor
on some towels. I lifted her legs so that I had better access to her crotch.
I covered her mound with the shaving cream. After every stroke of the
razor as her labia became hairless I would feel how smooth she was becoming.
Everytime I touched her pussy she would squirm a little. I could see her
cunt getting wet. I saw her juices flow from her hole down onto the towel. She
was becoming excited just from the shaving.
When I finished I looked upon my work. She had the smallest pussy I had
ever seen except on a baby girl. Her small tits, flat stomach and naked pussy
made her look like a teenage girl of thirteen. I knew I going to enjoy this
woman to the fullest. I even shaved the hair from around her tiny brown anal
After cleaning off all of the shaving cream I bent down and kissed her
naked labia. Her clit popped out as I was kissing her. I moved up and grabbed it
with my lips and sucked it into my mouth. It was the sweetest tasting clit I had
sucked in a long time. It was hard but very soft. I don't think Victoria has had
much sex. Her pussy looked like a virgins. As I sucked Victoria thrust hips up
toward my mouth acting like she want more. I took my mouth and sucked her whole
tiny pussy. I felt her sweet tasting juice enter my mouth and I shallowed every
drop. She was gushing juices like a faucet. I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt
to lap out more of her juices. She stiffened as she had her first orgasm. She
yelled, "Ohhhh, yes. Thats it. God, I love it. More! Lick me! Suck me! Fuck my
pussy with your tongue!"
I quit sucking on her pussy, picked her up and carried her to the bed. I
laid her down gently.
Starting at Victoria's sweet lips I proceed to kiss and lick her whole
body. Tasting every square inch of her slender tight frame. I kissed her neck,
then her small perky tits with their pebble-sized nipples, taking each one into
my mouth and gently biting them. Victoria was becoming a wild thrashing woman.
I then moved to her stomach, moving to her thighs then her calves onto her feet
sucking each toe as I went. I turned her over onto stomach and started my trip
up her backside. Stopping at her beautiful butt to tongue her asschecks. I
licked and kissed her buns for a few minutes all the while driving wilder and
wilder. She pushed her butt into the as if trying to fuck my tongue. I moved my
tongue from the top of her asscrack down towards her her peckered butthole. As
my tongue touched her tiny rose-colored anal opening she screamed, "Aaahhhhh,
that feels wonderful! Don't stop, Please, Don't stop!"
I continued to tease her anal passage with my tongue. Probing into its
opening trying to insert my long tongue pass her rectum and into her. She
started thrusting against my tongue as if trying to help get it in to her bottom.
I moved from her bottom down to her pussy hole. As I stuck my tongue in her she
lifted her hips. I then moved up her back to the back of her neck.
I rolled her and examined her sweat covered breasts. Her breathing was
rapid and short. She said, "PLEASE, FUCK ME! Put your cock into me! Let me feel
you deep in me! Make me cum!"
My cock had soften a little so I put it to her lips and she shallowed the
whole deep into her throat. It sprang to life immediately back to former
I took my dick from her mouth and moved to the opening of her hot tight
cunt. I didn't know how tight she was but I soon would. I nugged the head to her
labia, pushing it to the opening. Her raised her hips trying to impale herself
on me. I thrust forward but met with resistance. This girl was tight. I knew she
wasn't a virgin. She yelled, "Ram it in me! Fuck me! Put that cock deep into me.
Let me feel you inside of me!" I pulled back and rammed forward into her. She
screamed as my dick tore into her, "YES, God, That feels good!" I pushed until
my cock hit her cervix. Damn, she was tight. All that excercise must really
make a woman tight.
I pulled out till the head was just inside her pussy then I shoved it
back in to the hilt. She thrust her hips up to recieve more of my prick. Her
thrust became faster and faster as she neared her orgasm. I could feel her cunt
sucking on me. It felt like I was attached to a vacuum cleaner. I swear that it
felt like she was trying to suck me inside of her cunt. As I rammed into pussy I
felt the head of my pounding on her cervix and then felt it give way and allow
the head to enter her womb. She clawed my back with her nails, pounding on me,
her legs clamped around my waist pulling me deeper into her. Her head thrashed
from side to side, her voice rasped from screaming, "Damn, pound me with your
cock! Ram it into my womb! Fill me with your wonderful cum! Oh, God, I'm cumming
again!" She tightened her grip on me, on my cock, on my waist. I felt her pussy
clamp down on my dick. I was stuck. I couldn't move in or out. We were locked
together like two dogs in heat. Then I felt my balls let go of their load. My
cock swelled as I started cumming but that only made us locked tighter. Victoria
COCK AND SPERM!" Then she passed out.
By the time Victoria awoke I had been able to take my cock out of her. She
looked up at me and said, "I have never been fucked to good before. I may want
to fuck you even after the baby is born. I don't think anyone else will be able
to satify me in that way." She reached up and gave me a long deep kiss.
She looked at her pussy that was all swollen and pinkish-purple. "I like
the look of my shaved pussy, I think I'll keep it that way."
We rested and talked about little things of no importantance. I held in my
arms as she laid her head on my chest. Her hand was playing with my balls and
cock. My cock as usual was rising to the call. I was rubbing the cheeks of her
ass. I moved my finger down her crack until I found her tiny puckered anal
opening. I massaged the tiny opening with my index finger moving it to her wet
pussy opening then back to her rectum. With my finger wet from her cunt juices
and my sperm I inched my finger into ass to the first knuckle.
She looked up at me and said, "I've never been fucked in the ass! Part of
me wants to try it. Part of me doesn't because it might hurt." I told her relax
and we'd take it as it comes. My finger went into ass deeper as she relaxed her
anal muscle. I told her to let know when she thought she was ready we'd try it
but would stop if it hurt.
I continued to insert my finger deeper. As she relaxed more I inserted a
second finger. She moved her ass up toward my face as she lowered her head to
my hard cock. Then she engulfed the whole dick into throat again and started
sucking on it.
After a few minutes of sucking my cock Victoria removed her mouth and said,
"I like to try being fucked in the ass." I told her to get the KY that she had
brought. "Now I know why you wanted this! You knew that you were going to butt
fuck me!" I told her I hoped I would be able to but only if she wanted it. She
giggled like a school girl which was something noone had ever seen her do. I
thought there may be hope for this girl.
I positioned her on the bed with ass in the air. As I looked at her butt
and pussy I felt my cock swell. I thought this is going to be one experience
that I'm will remember for a long time. And so would she.
Victoria looked over her shoulder as I applied the KY to her anal opening
and to my dick. I got behind and put the head of my dick to her rectum hole. It
disappeared as my cock head covered it. I pushed forward slowly feeling her hole
resist my probing. I removed my cock and replaced it with two fingers that I
buried into her tight rectum hole. She was tight but the KY helped ease my
fingers in. Victoria moaned as I probed deep in her bowels. I twisted and reamed
her asshole till I felt it relax, then I took my fingers out and replace them
with my cock. I pushed forward again this time feeling the tight hole give way
and open to allow the head to enter. After the head went in I stopped so she
could get use to the stretching of her hole. "Damn, you're big! I hope I didn't
tear! But it feels good! Please, put some more in me!" She stated.
Her tits swayed as she pushed her ass back to get more dick in her. She
moaned as my cock started its jourany into her depths. I watched her hole
stretch as the girth of my penis slid in. She yelled, "Damn, I can feel every
bump and ridge of your cock. I can feel the head stretching my butt and colon.
God, I feel packed. Your cock feels like a tree trunk. More, Fuck me deeper!
Bury it to the hilt! Let me feel it all!"
I continued pushing until the hairs of my pubes tickled her asscheeks. I
told her, "Its all the way in. You've got it all. How does it feel."
"It feels wonderful. I didn't think it would. I didn't think I could
handle it my butt, but I did. NOW, FUCK ME! FUCK ME DEEP! Ram your cock deep
into my ass! FUCK ME HARD!"
I started stroking my cock in and out of her ass. I pulled out till just
the head was in her then I rammed forward burying it to the bottom. Victoria
pushed her ass back towards me impaling herself on my shaft. She moaned and
groaned as I fucked her with my big dick. She rammed her ass back harder than I
was ramming forward. This woman was getting into this hot and heavy.
My balls started to rumble as they pushed my sperm to the head of my dick.
My cock swelled as it rushed up my cock. Victoria screamed, "I can feel your
cock swelling. FUCK ME! Give me your sperm! Fill my ass with your hot spunk!
Give me all you have. More cock! All your love juice. Fill me! Ahhhhhhh, Ughhh!"
I buried my cock as far as it would go and held it there. My spunk
splashed into bowels. I could feel the pressure of her hole tightening as my
sperm filled her insides. Victoria reached down to finger her clit but touched
her belly instead, "I can feel my belly swelling from your cum going into me. I
feel three months pregnant. Damn, it feels wonderful. Fill me with more of your
cum! she moaned.
When I finished cumming, my cock started to deflate. I pulled it from her
ass. As the head popped out, her ass did what no other woman I knew did. It
closed up instantly not letting one drop of sperm out. Victoria collasped onto
her stomach on the bed.
"I wish I had asked you sooner for this. It is as good as being fucked in
my pussy. I wish I had asked you to fuck me before Linda did. I could keep you
around forever. I think I could even fall in love with you."
Here I was, fucking this tight little body and now she felt like she was
falling in love with me. Just like Linda. This could turn out to be a problem.
Before we left the motel we discussed when we were going to get together
for the next session.
The next day Linda called me up to her office and asked how I was feeling.
I told I was tired but I think I'd live. She got out of her chair, came over to
me and kissed me deeply. "I wanted to come to your house yesterday and nurse you
back to health." I looked at her and said, "I know you and how you would nurse
me. HA HA!" She smiled her wicked little grin, "You're right. I would have
probably raped you."
She kneeled in front of me, unzipped my pants, took out my cock and
inhaled it into her mouth.
When Linda had finished her sucking and draining my balls into her stomach
I zipped up and we talked about the next trip she was going on. Yes, she wanted
me to go. I knew what she had in mind. Some trip it was going to be. end (part 1)

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