Road Trip day 1

We went on a road trip to the midwest , my wife Chrissy (40) ,her Friend Pam (45),& My mother in law Anna (60's) and me (40) . We were going to visit friends & family .

Pam is a BBW and never married .She's a natural blond about 5'6" kind of plain looking , she's chubby but it's all in the right places , Nice Full Tits & a round ass. She always wore things that were tight and short , she liked to show her curves . She kinda reminds me of Anna Nichole Smith when she was Fat .She's originally from Iowa and has a country accent .

My motherinlaw Anna is a Big & Tall woman , over 6 foot 200lbs easy . She was like a truck driver , but she was funny as hell . She didn't dress sexy at all , she wore cut offs and a T-shirt . Thick long shapely legs . Someone you whould see in a Robert Crumb cartoon. She was in NAM and reminds us often .They were both friends from my wifes job . They always talked about going somewere together , Pam wanted to go to the midwest but didn't want to go alone , so we all went together on a road trip .

My wife is a BBW too . She kinda reminds me of Christy Canyon if she was 30 lbs heavier . She's 5'2" - 38 DD Tits - gorgous legs and ass .

It was a Hot humid August morning and we started on our 22 hour journey . I drove the whole way because I get car sick if I don't drive . Pam sat in the front seat (for the same reason) in her Orange terry cloth shorts and halter top . While she slept on her side I could see both ass cheeks hanging out the back . I got hard as a rock . Then I started rubbing my self while I was driving 70 mph down rt. 80 threw my shorts . I just wanted to burry my head in that ass so bad . I see a little blond fur coming out of that camel toe in her shorts .
I shot my load threw my pants . My wife and Anna had no idiea what I was doing it happened so fast .We stopped for gas and lunch in a Penn. service area were they have gas , resturants , gift shops and bathrooms . When we went into the BK I noticed all the truck drivers looking at Pams ass hanging out of her shorts , she liked the attention as she walked into the womens room with my wife and Anna . Some guys we standing at this gameroom section for her to come out again and she had her shorts pulled even higher when she came out to give them more of a show . One guy yelled out "Nice Ass" and they laughed . I was waiting at the BK and I stood behind the girls when they ordered so I could get a good look at that ass . My wife noticed when she asked me what I wanted . She looked at were my eyes were and then said "On the menu" So I ordered and we got our food . Then on our way to our table Pam dropped a ketchup packet and she bent over and gave us all a view of those sweet cheeks and legs . One of the guys said "Oh my GOD" . We ate our food and Anna said "Wow your sure getting alot of atention" Pam just smiled . Then we got gas and were back on the road .

When we got to the motel halfway threw the trip I asked if we were getting 2 rooms and Anna said why pay for 2 when they got 2 double
beds in each room that whould be a waste of money . Well all I could think about in the resturaunt was I was going to be in a motel room with 3 BBW , I just sat there and fantisied about sleeping in the same room with 3 women one being my wife . When we got to the room we all took turns taking a shower . First my wife she came out in just her long t-shirt and panties . She crawled into my bed and watched TV . Then Anna went in and She came out in a old thin t-shirt .You could see right threw it . Her Tits were huge and you could see her nipples were sticking out . I had no ideia her ass was so huge . I thought my wifes ass was big . She looked so Hot , I don't think she dried off completely because her shirt just stuck to her body .I couldn't help but stare as she plopped on her bed , as Pam got up and pulled her shorts out of her ass and made her way to to shower , I just kept looking at My mother in law laying on her belly watching TV with her bare feet waving in the air . I was in my bed next to my wife with a huge boner and I had to get up to take a shower . Before I knew it Pam got out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel that barely covered her and she just jumped under the covers and said I hope you don't mind I can't sleep in cloths . I said "No big deal" and I got up and just walked to the bathroom in my shorts with a pup tent . So I got into the shower ran the water and started to jerk off again and somebody walked in and started to pee at first I thought it was my wife then I heard her voice. She said don't mind me just keep going .
I said "I'm just taking a shower and then she opened the curtain and said then why do you have a hard on . I was speachless . She said dose it turn you on to hear me pee ? I still said nothing . Then she said Cat got your tounge ? Then she grabbed my cock and said well I got your dick . The water was still going
and she said I haven't had dick in 2 years . Boy you got a thick one no wonder Chrissy is always smiling . I said ,Well my wife isn't
much for sex we do it mabey twice a month if I'm lucky . She said let me talk to my daughter and you finish your shower . So I did . I didn't know what to expect when I got out ,I was really nervous , but I did and acted like nothing happened .
So I went to the bed and my wife wasn't watching TV anymore but had a mad look on her face . She said your not happy with our sex life ? I said NO I love it I just wish it happened more often. She said "You know I Love you and just want you to be happy " I said Yea ? Then she said I don't want you to ever cheat on me
I said " I never did and never will" She said "good" "Just so you know It's OK if you have sex with my Mom and Pam because I know you will not leave me for them it will just be SEX nothing else " So I said COOL , Can we do it now ? She said go ahead just make it quick because we got a long trip tommorrow . Before I got the words
out of my mouth Anna pulled my shorts off and grabbed my cock like it was going to run away . She said this is nice , your going to fuck me good she was talking to my cock like it was going to talk back . she jumped on my cock and it slid right in she was
dripping wet . She road me hard and then before I know it my wife sat on my face and said I don't know about you but this is turning me on . So she fucked my face while Anna fucked my cock . She said don't cum inside me I want to see it . So I said here it comes and she pulled me out and jerked me off all over her tits . The whole time Pam was looking at us playing with her self . When Anna got back into bed she said when is it my turn.
I said I shot my first load today in the car while looking at your ass while you slept . My wife said "This is the second time you came today ? I nodded my head yes . Then my wife said "Come her Pam Lets see If we can get 3 out of him " So I fucked my wife and licked Pams pussy while she stood on the edge of the bed . Then we flipped over and I was on the bottom and my wife road me while Pam sat on my face looking at my wife . I looked up and my wife was playing with her tits and licking them , I couldn't belive it . She was going wild . She said "Oh I never came so much" I can't take it anymore . Then Pam got on my dick with her ass facing me . Then I started fucking her doggy style and she said I want you to cum on my back . Before she got the words out of her mouth I pulled out and stoked my dick inbetween those big ass cheeks and shot my load all up her back . She looked and me and said "This is going to be a great vacation

This is the second day of our road trip to Iowa . After that great night in the motel we all got back in the car and started our 10 hour drive . It's still Humid so everyone dressed to keep cool in a car with no AC . My wifes friend Pam wore another Short and halter combo this time it was blue . It too was 2 sizes to small riding up her ass and showing lots of cleavage . My wife and my mother in law Anna just wore Shorts & a t-shirt with no bra . Well the whole time in the car the talk seemed to go to sex . My wife at first had a weird look on her face everytime my mother in law would talk about sex . She had a mouth like a truck driver and didn't leave out any details .She has most of her experenced in NAM back with a bunch of different Army men she was stationed with when she was there . Pam was a country girl who lived on the farm most of her live her biggest thrill was when she had to milk the studs to sell thier sperm . She said it would turn her on when she saw that huge horse cock grow and she had to jerk them off to collect the sperm to sell .
My wife didn't talk about much she seemed embarased , until they asked us why we didn't have sex much . THen she talked about how wonderful sex was when we did have it , but she just didn't feel like doing it all the time . It wasn't the most important thing in her life . Work , School and house work took up most of her day . So she felt she was too tired to have sex with me . She said it takes too long for me to cum so she dosen't bother getting me started . So my mother in law said what was the most memorable sexual experence we had and she said when we made love in the ocean in Asbury park . It looked like we we just hugging but I had my cock inside her and then I pulled out and she jerked me off .
Well we all settled down and I just drove . Pam was in the front seat again and this time she was acting like she was trying to get comfortable and giving me lots of ass shots and she kept looking at me and moving her shorts over so I could peek at her Blond hairy pussy . Needless to say I got really hot and hard and she knew it . She then stared fingering herself with one leg out the window with her bare foot in the breeze . So I said fuck it I unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out and she licked her lips and then grabbed it with her free hand . So one hand was on her pussy and one on my cock . My wife saw what was happening and she was more concerend about us getting in a accedent then Pam jerking me off . So she said just get over in the right lane and pay attention to the road and don't look down . Now she was sucking my cock and in no time I shot my load down her throat . Then she looked at my wife and said now that didn't take long . My wife said it takes him alot longer with me . Pam said do you swallow ? She said "No I dosen't like the taste and it makes her gag . She said do you like to suck his cock ? She said , I do because I know it makes him happy , but I'd rather make love . She said well we got alot to teach you over this summer vacation .
Well by 6:00 we got to Iowa . We stayed in Pam's childhood friend April double wide trailer with her husband Randy . It was like something out of My name is Earl . They had the trailer at the end of a long dirt road surrounded by Corn . I unpacked the car and asked April were to put the suitcases . She said "Well we only have 2 bedrooms and a pull out couch . So we figured you and your wife can sleep on the pull out couch , Pam and Anna can sleep in the Boys old bed room (they were both in thier 20's and moved out). OK so for the rest of the night we just watched TV and went to bed .This is just the calm before the storm

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