everytime she bent over to get something out of the basket her suit would ride up her ass
Road trip with mother in law day 3

The next morning I woke up at 10:00 to a empty trailer , so I thought . While I was eating my Wheaties and having coffee in comes April ,She was feeding the dogs and cleaning up a bit . She was wearing a 2 piece swim suit because she informed me that
after she hangs the laundry she cools off in the Jucuzzi . She said they leave the heater off so its like a mini swimming pool with jets . She said get your suit on and cool off (with her southern accent)So I got another cup off coffee and got my suit on and jumped in . It did feel good I didn't even turn the jets on I just relaxed . By now April came out with a big basket of laundry and the cloths line was on the deck next to the jucuzzi and everytime she bent over to get something out of the basket her suit would ride up her ass . I didn't really look at her body until now and it wasn't bad for a 55 year old . But , I tend to find good in any woman . She must have been a red head because she was covered with freakles and had pale white skin . Her legs were long and pretty thick . Her tits were nice but saggy . But in my mind I said "I'd fuck her" So I kept looking and was getting hard . Then she put the last item on the line and she jumped right in . She said why don't you have the jets on ? She then put them all on and she said this one is my favorite and she put her ass
on the jet and you can see her eyes roll back like she was in heaven . Then she said now you try . So I did and I didn't feel anything except my suit blew up like a ballon and she said your suits too big you can't feel nothing take it off and try . So I did and sure enough it felt good on my ass I never felt anything like it . Then she said you like it ? I said yea and she said dose he like it and she grabbed my cock and she said
oh he likes it and she said sit right up here and let me see that thing . So I sat bare ass on the edge of the juccuzzi and she said oh yea that is a nice one . Pam told me about you . Your a little pervert .She said "I heard the whole story " When Randy went to work at 7:00 us girls talked all about your trip out here . Your a real Man whore . I said "Man whore" She said don't worry your wife said its OK if she pimps you out to me . I said
I didn't look at it like that , she said "Oh I'm just messing with you Bitch" I said "Bitch" I ain't nobody's Bitch . She said as long as we are in control of giving you sex and you take it , your my bitch " So I said "You can call it anything you want as long as I'm getting sex . This is a whole lot better than getting it once a month . She said now look what you done all this talk made you soft , I could fix that . Then she started sucking on my soft cock and it got hard in seconds right in her mouth . She said there we go now shut up and Fuck the shit out of me . So she laid across the
edge of the juccuzzi and took her suit off and she had a bald beaver . I almost shot my load right there . I stuck it in hard and fast and she was so tight . I grabbed her and fucked her hard . She was talking all kinds of shit , she wanted me to slap her ass and then she told me to fuck her ass .
I only did that once with my wife and it was a slow prossess , but April took it like I was just fucking her pussy and she was bucking like a wild bronco and I came right in her ass and colapsed right on top of her . She said , OK your done but I'm not . Get in the tub and let me see how you eat pussy So she sat on the edge of the tub and I licked that bald beaver like there was no tommarrow and she was going crazy she must have ripped all the hair out
of the back of my head and I could feel all the pussy juice dripping down my beard . Then she said now I'm done and she sat across from me in the tub and she
turned off the jets . Then she looked at me and said you ever do a 3 way , I said "Yea before I got married with a big Black girl and a co worker . She said 'Oh boy are we going to have fun "Do you and your wife swing ? I said 'No" She said Randy and I do ever since the kids moved out , He loves to see guy's fuck me and then join in. So we relaxed in the tub for another half hour then we had lunch then Randy came home from work . She said hurry up and take a shower were having a 3 way . He was like a kid in the candy store and said really . She said yea us 3 . She said everyone is getting back at 4:00 so we got one hour . So I went to the master bedroom and got on the King size water bed . Now here comes April already naked and she jumps on the bed and said you ready bitch . I said , I'm not into any gay shit and she
said no problem neather is Randy he's as straight as a arrow he just gets off on watching me fuck other guys . So in comes Randy and he's as fat as me . I'm about
6 ft and 200 pounds and as Hairy as Ron Jeramy is now . Randy was a straight haired beer bellied Redneck and really acted the part . He was also Hung like a horse and was ready for plowing . April gave all the orders she said You lay on you back , then she put her ass right in my face and faced my cock and she said
Randy you get over here so I can suck that big cock of yours .Then she started sucking both our cocks . I could feel his big cock rubbing on mine when she tried to put both of them in her mouth . I liked it she was rubbing them together . Randy did too because he shot his load all over my cock it was so hot, she rubbed our dick head together with his hot cum. I couldn't see because I was too busy eating her bald pussy and licking her butt hole that I had my dick in this morning . I just knew it because I could hear Randy moan and then I felt it drip on me . But she just licked it all up like it was Ice cream . She said you better have another one because were not done yet . He said "I'm OK as he rolled over and laid on the bed so she got off of me and started rubbing on Randy and he was hard again and she slipped him in her wet pussy . She said now you get up and fuck my ass . So I did
as she ordered , I could feel Randy's cock on the other side of the wall ever time he moved . I was so turned on I pulled out to try not to cum but I came all up her back . So I watched her bouncing up and down on Randy's cock and then he came inside her . Then he
said "Boy that was fun" I said yes it was while I wiped the sweat from my fore head . So then before we know it we were dressed and The girls brought home dinner
and we ate . Watched TV and I fell asleep in the Lazyboy .

I woke up about 3 am in the Lazy boy , I must have fell asleep while watching TV . The TV was still on but the sound
was low . I felt like going to bed but I didn't feel like getting up . Then I noticed Pam sleeping on the sofa bed.
Then my dirty mind started kicking in , "Look at that round ass under that sheet" . What's wrong with me I tought am I
nuts . I just had crazy sex twice in one day . Then I said to my self " Is she naked under that sheet . Then I said to myself "Oh I don't want to wake her up" It was like I had a good Angel on one sholder and a horny Angel on the other sholder . The Horny Angel won . So I went over and her feet were sticking out and I have a
serious foot fedish so I smelled them then I slowly lifted up the sheet and what a pair of thick legs connected to a hot bare
ass . Then she rolled over and was on her side with her tits hanging out because the sheet slipped behind her when I was holding it up .Now when I saw those tits I lost it . I didn't care if I woke her up I started sucking on them and sure enough she said "I'm trying to sleep" I said "I'm sorry but you got me so hot when you rolled over and I saw those beauitiful tits . Then she woke up some more and said " you don't think there saggy" . I said no they're perfect . Then I started rubbing them and playing with both nipples . She loved it , Then I started sucking them again and worked my way down to her blonde fur pie . I ate her until she couldn't take it no more . Then she rolled me over on the couch and started sucking my cock and licking my nut sack . Then she got up and guided my cock into her love nest , oh was it wet and hot . It felt so good , she rode me nice and slow rounding her hips to feel every part of my cock . Then she sat me up and she had her ass face me and she slid my cock in again and road me facing the other way . I felt like I was going to cum but nothing was cumming out . Then she started bucking harder and harder and I knew she was cumming and she said , I'm done I came like 5 times I can't take anymore . I said I want to cum but I can't . Then she got on her knees and sucked my cock like a champ then out of no were she stuck her finger in my ass and hit a spot that made me cum right in her mouth . She said "There we go , not as much as usual , did you
cum today ? I said yea twice . Then I told her what happened yesterday and she just said WOW . So now it was past 4:00 AM so I crawled into bed and we went to sleep .
Then at 10:00 I woke up to the smell of Bacon . I
got up and Randy already went to work but the girls were all around the kitchen table talking and having coffee . I went to the stove and put the rest of the bacon and eggs on my plate and sat down next to my wife . She said "You having a good vacation " I said Oh yea . They told me all about your Sexcapadeds . I said well you said its OK ,she said I didn't realize you were such a pervert . I said I can't help it I just have a high labido or something . She said or mabey your just a Pervert . I said , You can call it what you want , I'm having a good time . She said that's
cool , just as long as I'm number one . You'll always be my number one girl .
Then we visited some of her cousins and stuff and then when we got
back to the trailer at night, I said you want to go in the jaccuzzi . My wife said sure I heard about that special Jet April likes so much . So we both got naked and jumped in the tub . Then I guided her ass and pussy to the jet and she found the spot and let out a squeel , then I started sucking her tits . Then I sat on it while she road my cock . Then she said "put it in the other hole" I did and she didn't fight it this time it just slid right in . Oh did it feel good I came in like 5 minuites . She said "Oh you came too fast " I said you use to complain I came too slow . She said mabey I wasn't
doing it right I said no I just wanted it to last as long as possible because I didn't know how long I was going to have to wait . Then she said lets go to bed and you can finish me off . So we walked in and everone was on our couch watching TV so we went into Anna & Pams room . My mother in law day was already asleep on her bed . So my wife said "Let me see if you can make me cum hard enough to wake mommy up . So I started to eat her pussy and noticed it was bald . She said "you like my suprise" I said oh yea and she told me April told her how much a bare pussy turned you on I let her shave me this morning . That turned me on even more , just thinking of April shaving my wives pussy .Then I hit the spot and brought her over the edge and when I looked over and my mother in law day was doing the slow clap . She said Bravo Bravo .
Then she said "now can I get some sleep ?" I said "OK Good Night" , but I couldn't wait to find out if April ate my wifes snatch after the shave ?

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Good story. Some work on gramer and spelling would make it much more readable.

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