I got my wife in front and Anna in back and we made a perfect love sandwich
Road trip with mother in law day 5

I woke up at 8:00 and needed a shower bad , my wife was still asleep . So I slipped into the bathroom and started taking a shower .Then I hear someone walk in . Then I hear my mother in law's voice . "Good morning mind if I join ya" I said sure there's plenty of room . So in she comes and we soap each other then she squated down and gave special attention to my cock by sucking it nice and slow licking the shaft and my balls as I watched the
water go down her long hair and down her back over her big beautiful ass , Then she got up turned around and I slid my cock between her ass cheeks while I soaped her huge saggy tits ,then I hear the door again and my wife said "Boy you can't get enough , can I get some of my man's meat" and Anna said sure . So now I got my wife in front and Anna in back and we made a perfect love sandwich . I couldn't tell who was stroking my cock or
who's pussy I was fingering Then my wife put her hands on the wall facing the shower head and I started fucking her with my mother in law's hands all over us . I fucked her so hard I almost lifted her off the ground .Then my mother in law said my turn and she faced the other way and I stuck it to her ass end , then I said I'm ready to cum and wife turned the water off .
Then she said wait and she sucked me fast and swallowed my seed not missing a drop . Then she said that wasn't so bad . Then we got out and ate breakfast like nothing happened . It was Saturday so everybody was in the kitchen . April was first to say good morning . Then she said whats up for today . My wife said oh we have to visit this one and that one then go out to eat . Then April looked at me and said you like the shave I gave her ? I said Oh yea .
She said see I told you , Then my wife said it felt so good when he gave me oral pleasure last night . April said "Oral Pleasure" Did you cum . Then my mother in law said yea she came she woke me up she screamed so loud . Then I asked "did you give her oral pleasure after you shaved her" and she said "I sure did" . I just said WOW.
So we went to see everybody we had too and we got back to the trailer about 8:00 and we all got in the jaccuzzi . At first we had suits on but that didn't last .
Six people was kind of tight I don't know who's foot was rubbing my dick . This was the seating arangement : Randy was next to April and my wife next to him , me next to her then Anna and Pam was on the other side of April . Of corse the conversation went to sex and April introduced them to the Jet . Thats when the suits came off , April said " I got something to show you girls " . Then April told Randy ,Get up here slapping the edge of the tub and he was hard as a Rock , his cock was bouncing up and down . She looked at everone and said did you ever see such a big cock . Then my wife told me to sit up there so she can show off my member . Look at his it's big too . I can't even deep throat him . So April said let measure them like a base ball bat . My wife said my hubby's is thick look I can't even get my whole hand around it . So she went hand over hand
Mine was almost 3 hands and Randy's was almost 4 hands . Then April said let me see if I can deep throat you two and she tried but couldn't get us all the way down . She had us side by side in both hands , meanwile Pam and Anna were getting off on the jets . My wife got out of the tub and laid me down while April
was still going to town on our dicks and she started to ride my face fucking my tounge and I was licking her from her clit to her asshole . It was great she was cumming and dripping all over my beard . Then we got into the tub and April got on Randy and they started fucking then my wife did the same with me .
Then Anna sat next to Randy and was rubbing them up and down talking dirty like "Give it to her , fuck her hard" Then Pam sat on the edge of the tub and I ate and fingered her pussy while my wife faced the other way then my wife eased my cock into her ass and started talking shit like cum in my ass , I want to feel
your hot jiss coat my ass . Then I shot my load right up her ass and she didn't stop bucking . She was going nuts . Then she sat on the jet and I finished Pam off eating her out until her thick legs almost crushed my head . Then Randy had Pam ride him while he fingered Anna and eating her out . Then my mother in law Road him . My wife and April were on each side of me in the jaccuzzi just watching the show getting all hot and bothered . Then April said "You want to fuck my husband don't you ? She nodded her head Yes . So we all dried off and we went to the master bed room the 4 of us . my mother in law & Pam stayed in the jaccuzzi . My wife looked at me and said is it OK I said sure . So we all got on the bed and we were kissing our wives then we switched off . Then I was eating Aprils pussy and my wife got right on Randy's big cock .It got me really hot and bothered so I said to her , relax I'm going to fuck you too . Then I lubed up my cock with KY and then slid it in her ass nice and slow . My wife was going nuts , she said I never felt anything like this before , two guys at the same time . April was rubbing all of us the whole time . Then Randy said were do you want me to cum , my wife said I want you both to cum all over my titty's so we got on each side and April sucked Randy and my wife sucked me . Then I came all over my wifes big tits and then Randy did . Then April spead it all around . What a night , but all good things have to come to a end Sunday morning we headed home . We did have more fun on the way home >>>More to cum>>>
Road Trip with my mother in law day 6

It was Sunday morning and we had to head back home to
New York to be back to work Tuesday morning . I never
we were going to have so much fun in Iowa , I didn't
want to leave . To think I didn't even want to go in
the first
place , but I was worried about my wife driving so far
.I never thought my wife whould be so sexual . Our sex
life got so much better since this trip . We will be
20 years . This story took place 10 years ago .
So we got up early and ate a big country breakfast
that April prepared for us . She just wearing a
oversize T-shirt
that barely covered her ass . I could see her ass
cheeks every time she reached for something . All I
could think of
is how I'm going to miss that ass when we leave . Then
Anna came in looking very tired , Pam came in looking
she wore the Orange terry clothed shorts & halter top
set that she had on when we left . It made her ass
look so good . Randy came in just in his boxers , he said "I'm
so glad I'm off today , what a night" He went over and
gave April a long hug & kiss , both his hands cupping her
ass . Then my wife came in she looked radiant . She
had on my my favorite sun dress . She sat next to me and gave me a long kiss good morning . So we ate breakfast , I
packed the
car and by 8:00 we were on our way home .
Pam sat in the front with me again , she was reading a
book with her pretty bare feet on the dashboard . Then
I heard
my mother in law say to my wife "I think you forgot something" I said "What"(I thought we had to go back) She said
"don't worry what she forgot is just going to make you horny again"Then I thought to myself " Ok what are they up to "
Then I heard her say "She just forgot to put panties on , Oh April did a nice job on your love nest you look like a
little girl again" Was my wife showing my mother in law her bare pussy ? Then my mother in law said let me feel how smooth it is , my wife said go ahead It's like a baby's bottom . my mother in law said"Oh that is nice" You know
I never shaved down there , I wonder how I whould look
, then I said "I'll be glad to shave you when we get to the motel .She said " that whould be great , did you get horney
when April shaved you . My wife said Yea , she kept rubbing my
clit with her thumb then when she was all done she
licked me down there . my mother in law said "When I was in the service we had some girls that liked to eat pussy and they showed me how to doit , I haven't done it in years do you mind if I have a go at it . My wife said "Sure" So my wife was getting head right in the back seat .
I was looking at her face threw the rear view mirror ,
she was enjoying every minute . She was biting her lip .
They I heard her cumming . The whole time Pam was just
reading her book . Then my mother in law said "My turn" My wife said I never did that before . She said "You know what you like
right ? just do that . So my mother in law pulled off her shorts and my wife went to town . my mother in law guided her and then she hit the spot mother in law was screaming with joy . Needless to say , It got me very excited .
Before we knew it it was time to get gas and Lunch . So we stopped at a Gas station and then a Diner . All I could think of was my wife had nothing on under that Sun dress . She sat next to me in the booth and my mother in law & Pam sat across from us . We ordered our food and my wife was rubbing my thigh and she put my hand between her legs and she was so wet , she whispered in my ear , I want you so bad . I said "Were we going to go ?" She looked at me with a devilish grin and just said "Bathroom" So we went to this small ladies room that locked from the inside and just had a toilet and a sink . She attacked me kissing me hard and I had my hands all over her then I put her up on the sink and I pulled my pants down and let my cock free . I plunged it right into her wet pussy she straddled me and I fucked her like I was a teenager again . she was clawing my back and going nuts . Then I shot my load deep into her wet pussy . Then I pulled my pants up and we both went back to our booth and our food was waiting for us . Pam said "You have fun " With sweat dripping from our heads we both said "Yea" Then we were on the road again and I watched my wife get out of the booth her big ass was shaking back and forth and I could see my cum dripping down her leg . We got in the car and My wife and my mother in law both fell asleep in the back seat , then Pam started giving me a show again .
Putting her ass in the air and shaking her tits back and forth . It was like that whitesnake video , she was rubbing her feet in my face and on my cock and I was fingering her pussy while we're driving down Rt 80 .I was pumping her pussy with my hand and playing with her clit with my thumb . I know she had to cum because my hand was soaked . Before we knew it we were in Ohio were we found a motel right off the highway . We checked in and went to the Buffet resturant next door . The girls looked so sexy going up for thier food . The place had mostly senior citizens eating . Those old men had a show today . Pams ass was amazing , she did another bend over when she dropped her napkin and her ass was in full view of this one guy who almost had a heart attack . My wifes hips were swaying back and forth . Her body looked great in that sun dress . When she sat down I noticed a guy old enough to be my dad looking up my wifes skirt . He must have noticed she didn't have anything on under it . I saw his hand rubbing himself threw his shorts . I told my wife ."Daddy-O is pleasuring himself to your hot body you want to give him a show ?"She gave me that devilish grin again and she opened her legs in his direction while she ate , then she dropped her napkin on purpose and looked up to him . Her tits almost popped out of that low cut dress . Now his hand was down his shorts because he knew we knew and didn't care . I could see the head sticking out the bottom . Then she put her foot in Pams crotch almost sticking her big toe in her pussy . That's when the guy lost it . He came all down his leg and then quickly cleaned it up with his napkin then he got up and left .
After we finished eating we stopped off at the drug store and got shavers and a hair clipper set . The girls kept teasing me , esspecially my wife she kept flashing me . When we got back to the room , I put towels on the bed and Pam and Anna lay on each of them and I used the clippers first and my wife got the tub ready . I finished my mother in law first then I folowed her to the bathroom her ass was bouncing all over the place . She got into the tub and I shaved her Legs , ass and Pussy . Then I let the water out and gave her a nice shower , the both of us . Then I did Pam , I shaved her just like I did my mother in law and then we took a shower together and she said now let me shave you . So I got on the towel and all 3 girls shaved me . my mother in law held my Hard cock steady while my wife went with the clippers . They shaved my whole body . I was a hairy guy , not anymore then we hit the shower and my mother in law couldn't keep her hands off me . Then we hit the bed and I started fucking my mother in law first while my wife sucked on her tits and Pam was licking my nuts and ass . Then I got on Pam and fucked her doggy style , my mother in law was under her licking her pussy and me at the same time it was so HOt . My wife was next , she road me while I ate Pams pussy and she licked her nipples . my mother in law mouth was every where . Then I said I'm going to cum and they all got under me and I came all over there faces and they all licked each other clean . Then we all went to sleep .

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