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For perhaps the sixth time that morning, Jackie Esposito
reread the bulletin board classified on her computer screen. As
she had the previous five times, she slowly shook her head. What
had ever possessed her to write such an ad? Silently, she read it

"Married White Female - 20. Brooklyn, NY Bi-curious.
Looking for an understanding lesbian or bi-woman to help me
explore the world of female sexuality. Not looking for a
relationship as of yet, just a little fun."

When she had posted that add on the BBS last week, she
really didn't expect to get any serious answers. In fact, most if
the hundred or so answers had been from men. The latest one, still
in her in box, was typical of the lot.

"Yo sexy lady. You don't need all that dyke crap. If you
need a little entertainment, I've got 8" of pure delight."

But none of the crude responses bothered her as much as
the response she had received yesterday morning. With a
trembling hand, Jackie punched it up again and began to slowly
take in the words once again.

"Dearest Jackie,
I saw your Ad, and while I normally don't respond to such
things, something told me I should take a chance and answer yours.
My name is Colleen and I'm a 34 year old Lesbian. If you would like
to get together and talk, perhaps have lunch, please give me a call.
If anything develops, fine. If not, well then that's also fine. If
nothing else, it may just give you the chance to get a few things
off your chest. My office number is 555-1782. I make no secret
of my sexuality, so you don't have to worry about calling my office.
I hope to hear from you.

Taking a deep breath, the bathrobe clad woman reached
over and switched off the computer. Walking back to the bedroom,
Jackie reviewed the events that had led her to this morning.

Had it really only been two weeks ago that she'd been to
brunch with her friends at Kelly Michaels house. It was a get
together they had twice a month, dating back to their high school
days. Each member of their little circle took a turn at hosting it.
How could she have known that afternoon would cause long buried
desires to erupt to new life.

It was your typical brunch, a few snacks, tea and coffee -
and of course gossip. That was the real reason they all got
together. Nothing was as much fun as getting together with your
girlfriends and hearing all the latest dirt - at least that was what
Jackie had believed up to that point.

The usual people were there. Kelly Michaels, the oldest of
the group at 21. Tall, blonde and blue eyed, she had been Prom
Queen at graduation.
Still single out of choice, she was already a rising star at the firm
she had joined right out of high school. Of course it didn't hurt
that daddy owned the firm.

Next came Janet Innis. Almost as tall as Kelly, she had a
short curly hair as black as her skin. Already a junior at State,
she was the brightest of the group. At the rate she was going,
she'd have her degree six months before anyone else in her class.

Rhonda Jo Chambers was next. The second blonde of the
bunch, she gave truth to the stereotype of the dumb, beautiful
blonde. If it wasn't for the help of the others, she'd have still
been in high school. The flip side was that the bombshell had
married Carl Chambers, the son of Jimmy Chambers.
Jimmy Chambers had opened his first hardware store in 1979.
Last week he had opened his tenth.

The baby of the group was Karen Scott. Still 19, the
redhead was a student at City University and engaged to be
married next year. She also worked nights as a waitress.

The last of the group present was Maria Santiago. The
shortest of the group, only 5'2", Maria never the less possessed
the best body of any of them. A fact that was never lost on the
long string of boyfriends she'd had over the last few years.

Three girls were missing from their original clique. Donna
Sullivan, who had moved to California to attend UCLA. Beverly
Clark, who was nine months pregnant and not really in the mood for
brunch. And the third missing sister was Mary Catherine Murphy.
The reason for her absence was the main topic of discussion.

"Can you believe that Mary Catherine left Roger?" Karen
said as she sipped her tea. "Who would've guessed that they'd
wind up in divorce court?"

"They've been together since freshman year of high school."
Kelly commented, twirling her long red locks - a habit she'd had
since high school.

"I heard that Roger was bedding one of the women in his
office." Maria interjected, a secret smile on her face. It was her
secret vice - seducing married men. "And that Mary Catherine
walked in on them."

"Oh God!" Rhonda Jo Chambers gasped. "If that happened
to me, I'd be reaching for my daddy's shotgun.

"You'd shoot yourself?" Jackie asked unbelievingly.

"No, silly." Rhonda Jo laughed. "Them!"

All the other girl laughed as well.

"Isn't that just like a man." Kelly said. "Here he has a
beautiful and loving woman at home and he feels the need to go
looking for someone else."

"How true." chorused a few of the girls as their laughter
rose in volume and went on for the longest time.

"Actually, that's not true." Janet said in a quiet tone.

"What's not true, Jan?" Kelly asked. "That men aren't like

"No." the tall black woman said. "That Mary Catherine
walked in on Roger and a honey."

The last remnants of laughter faded right away as all eyes
turned to Janet. A wide smile filed her face. That kind of all
knowing look that said..."I know a secret that you don't"

"Actually, it was Roger who walked in on Mary Catherine."
Janet said, every woman there hanging on her every word.

"You mean Mary Catherine was getting it from someone
else?" Susan asked. "I can't believe that."

"She never seemed the type." Kelly said. "I mean I never
even saw her look at another guy."

"That's right." Rhonda Jo agreed. "Remember how we used
to joke that if she didn't marry Roger, she'd become a nun. She
even had the perfect name already."

Jackie hadn't said a word, she was too busy looking at Janet.
She still had that same knowing smile, there had to be more to the

"Are you sure about this?" Karen asked. "My husband heard
the story from Roger himself."

"Well, I think that maybe Roger would rather people think
he'd got caught screwing around than let them know about Mary
Catherine's affair." Janet responded, her grin now spread from
ear to ear.

Varied looks of confusion filled the faces of the four women.
This was the best gossip Janet had heard all year, and she wanted
to really enjoy telling it. She let a few more moments pass before
letting out her secret.

"I never said that it was a guy that Roger found her in bed
with." she said.

"Omigod." was the collective response.

From that afternoon on, Jackie couldn't get the image of
Mary Catherine in bed with another woman out of her mind. Mary
Catherine had been one of her best friends since high school. Back
then she'd been Mary Catherine Lewis. She and Roger used to
double date with Jack and her. It fact it was Mary Catherine
she'd turned to that night when she'd discovered that she was
pregnant during the last month of senior year.

Now to discover she was into women. While the other
women in their little social circle were very loud in their
expressions of disgust, Jackie felt herself filled with a very
different emotion - that of envy.

It'd been quite of few years since Jackie had entertained
the idea of sex with another woman. All through high school, she
had found herself with the desire to touch another girl - and to
have them touch her. Many a night she had laid in bed,
remembering what the other girls had looked like in the shower
-and had masturbated to those images.

What she lacked in those days was the courage to act on
those feelings. So Jackie had buried her feeling and followed the
role everyone thought she should be. Honor student, cheerleader,
girlfriend of a football star. She remembered all too well the
scorn and isolation heaped on poor Dotty Myers who all the other
girls assumed was a dyke. Dotty was somewhat plain and highly
athletic, a real tomboy. Since she also wasn't what you would call
socially active - the other girls had automatically hung the
"lesbian" label on her.

Dotty proved them all wrong when she married Clarence
Oswald. Clarence was a male version of Dotty - the stereotype
nerd. He was also the founder of Startech - now one of the
fastest growing software companies in the southeast. The last
Jackie had heard, they already had three kids, a girl and twin sons.

Jackie's marriage to Billy Espositio on the other hand had
been far from ideal. Married at 18 in a race with the stork to the
altar, it had degenerated into two strangers sharing an apartment.
Jackie had suffered a miscarriage a month after the wedding. She
had never forgotten the look of relief that had appeared on Bill's
face when the doctor told them that she'd lost the baby. Or the
way he'd so casually accepted the later verdict that she probably
wouldn't have kids at all. Despite that, they had been married and
she tried so hard to make it work.

But it took two to make a marriage work and for the longest
time, Jackie knew she was in this fight alone. They still lived in
the basement apartment of his parent's Bensonhurst house. Billy
still spent his days at his family's lumber yard and his nights at
the local bar. Or the bowling alley, or the pool hall. Those few
nights he did spend at home, were spent glued to the front of the

In fact, the only time she really felt that he even
acknowledged her existence, was those nights that he suddenly
felt the need for sex. That was another thing that hadn't gotten
any better since high school.

The response to her ad had brought it all to a head in the
last twenty-four hours. Deep in her heart she knew it was now or
never. As late as last night, she'd tried to have a serious talk with
Billy about their problems.

"Billy, we need to talk." Jackie said to her husband who as
usual was in front of the television watching Sportschannel.

When no response came, she repeated her statement.

"You say something, baby?" Billy replied, his eyes never
leaving the screen which was showing the finals of Woman's
Volleyball from California.

"I said that....." she began for the third time before getting
cut off by a shout from Billy.

"What a shot!" He yelled as one of the big breasted blondes
on screen scored a point.

With a sigh, Jackie knew she was wasting her time.

"I said that the paperboy is here." She lied. "Do you have
five dollars to pay him or should I just blow him as usual?"

"What's that, honey?"

"The paperboy......" she repeated.

"Oh, take care of that for me, will ya." he replied as the
game resumed.

"Sure, no problem." she concluded in a defeated tone.
"Maybe he'd at least have appreciated it."

So here she sat, staring at the phone. Since she only worked
part time, she had the whole day free.

"I'm going to do it." Jackie said out loud to then empty room.

As soon as the words left her lips, she felt greatly relieved.
Of course an hour from now she could loose her nerve again.
Before she did, she started dialing the phone.

"Doctor O'Connor's office." said the voice that answered on
the other end of telephone.

"Is this Colleen?" Jackie asked.

"No, this is Martha." the voice replied. "Colleen's in with a
patient right now. Who may I say is calling?"

"She's a doctor." Jackie said to herself. Somehow, that
made her feel better.

"Could you tell her that Jackie called." she answered,
wondering if fate was giving her a chance to quickly back and that
maybe she should take it.

A few seconds passed. Seconds during which, Jackie would
later learn, Martha was checking a short list of names in her desk
draw. Jackie had come in on the doctor's private line. A line that
bounced back to the front desk if she was in with a patient. The
receptionist stopped with she came to the name Jackie penciled in
at the bottom. Since she knew Dr. O'Conner gave the private
number to women she met, rather that use her home number,
finding only a first names wasn't unusual.

"If you can just wait a moment, I'll see if the doctor can
pick you up." Martha said.

Martha was totally heterosexual, but there were times,
after nearly thirty years of marriage, she was really curious about
the concept of lesbian sex. That and the women the doctor dated.
She had never actually met any of them, they were just voices on
the phone.

When Colleen had hired her, she had told her right off the
bat that she was a lesbian and asked if she had a problem with
that. If it had made her uncomfortable, as it did to the last three
woman who'd applied for the job, Colleen would understand.

Martha had replied that what the doctor did in her own bed
was her own business - no one else's. Truth be known, some of the
games the 48 year old and her husband played between themselves
would seem strange to many people as well.

"Sure, I'll wait." Jackie said without thinking about it. Now
it would be rude to just hang up.

"Hello, Jackie?" said a soft melodious voice a minute later.

"Hello Colleen."

"I'm so glad you called." Colleen said. "But I'm afraid you've
caught me in the busiest part of the day."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Jackie answered. "I guess I could call back
another time."

"No, there's no need for that." said Colleen." "I can spare a
few minutes."

The two woman traded pleasantries for a few minutes.
Jackie never realized how hard it would be to talk to someone she
didn't even know over the phone. It was so hard to read the
person on the other end of the receiver.

The sound of a buzzer in the background interrupted
Colleen. She excused herself for a moment and then came back on
the line.

"I'm afraid I've already backed up the appointments."
Colleen said, indicating that she would have to cut it short.

"I understand." Jackie said. "I really have enjoyed talking
to you."

"Tell you what," Colleen said. "I really meant what I said
about getting together for lunch. My last appointment is for noon.
Would today be good for you?"

"Today?" Jackie repeated.

"Yes, unless you already have plans."

Jackie looked at the clock. It was nine thirty. There was
absolutely no reason she couldn't say yes. No reason but her own

"Jackie?" Colleen inquired. "Are you still there?"

"Yes, I was just thinking." came the reply.

"Of course, I understand if you'd rather....."


"Excuse me?" Colleen said.

"I said yes, I'd love to meet you for lunch."

"Wonderful!" Colleen beamed. "I'm in Brooklyn Heights, is
that ok with you?"

Only a half hour away by subway but a world away as far as
any of her friends were concerned. To Jackie, it was perfect and
she quickly said so. The two then exchanged a few more details on
where exactly to meet and how they would recognize each other.
Then Colleen said good-bye and that she was looking forward to
meeting Jackie. For her own part, Jackie echoed the sentiment.

Jackie found herself staring at the phone for at least five
minutes after she had replaced the receiver on the cradle. She
had actually done it. In less than three hours, she had a date with
another woman.

"Oh god, what do I wear?" was her first thought.

It'd been a very long time since Jackie had dressed to
impress someone. As far as Billy was concerned, she could just go
naked. At least that was the only time he seemed to pay attention
to her.

Already Jackie had pulled out and then rejected a half
dozen outfits. Should she wear something sexy, or would that be
too trashy. Or would Colleen expect her to dress conservatively.
After all, she was a doctor. It would be a good assumption that if
she was coming from the office she would be wearing something
traditional. Or were the rules different for lesbian doctors?

After all, to her knowledge, Jackie had never actually met a
lesbian before. Unless you counted Mary Catherine that is, and she
really didn't think that she was a good model to chose from. In
fact, aside from the famous lesbians you always heard about -
sports stars and models and such, she had only one other image to
follow. A few months back, she'd seen a tape on cable of the gay
pride parade in Manhattan. It was filled with lesbians, some of
them who acted more masculine then men and paraded topless.
That had been a little hard for her to take. What if Colleen was
like that?

"Only one way to find out." Jackie said as she finally settled
on a yellow and blue sundress. "If worse comes to worse, I'll just
make up a story about having to cut lunch short and get the hell
out of there."

Having laid out her clothes, Jackie stepped into the
bathroom and turned on the shower. It would've been nice to run a
bath instead but she wouldn't have the time. Placing her robe on
the door hook, the brunette took a moment to admire her naked
form in the mirror. Her breasts were a firm 36C and she worked
out to keep her waist the same as it had been in high school. As a
result of many afternoons sunning topless in the privacy of their
backyard, her normally pink nipples were a dark brown and the rest
of her a nice golden hue.

Running her fingers down across her breasts and stomach,
Jackie stopped at the large dark bush of hair between her legs.
She wondered if she should shave it. Billy had suggested it a few
times after he had seen it in a porno movie. After the second time
he brought it up, she had offered to shave it if that meant that he
would go down on her more often. An activity that even after two
years of marriage occurred once in a blue moon. Billy then stopped

"Maybe another time." Jackie mused as she dismissed the

Stepping under the warm rain of the overhead shower,
Jackie closed her eyes and allowed the bright droplets to splash
against her skin. The gentle touch was like a warm massage,
causing her mind to drift. Unbidden, the dream of long ago days, a
dream that had again worked it's way from deep within her
memory, flowed through her mind.

Her eyes still closed, Jackie could tell that the light blue
tiles of her shower had turned to a bright white and the shower
itself was now more than four times as large. Shutting off the
valves for the showerhead, now only one of a dozen that lined the
walls, Jackie could hear voices from the adjacent room. She
looked for a towel to wrap herself in, but all the hooks on the far
wall were empty. With a shrug of her shoulders, she walked into
the other room - still dripping wet and naked.

Stepping into the brightly lit room, Jackie immediately
recognized it. She’d seen it so many times before. It was the
locker room of Bishop O'Mallory High School. The exhibition
playing itself out before her eyes however was not something she
was used to. Spread out across the room were her closest friends.
All were as naked as she was - and all were deep in the arms of

In the center of the room stood Kelly, her left leg propped
up on one of the locker benches, both exposing the thick red patch
between her legs and giving full access to it to the girl kneeling
beneath it. It took Jackie a moment to realize that the girl on the
floor was Donna Sullivan. The dark haired girl had her tongue
stretched up and inside Kelly's pussy, working it up and down

Standing alongside Kelly was Rhonda Jo, trading deep kisses
with the redhead and playfully caressing Kelly's bouncy breasts.
Donna also had two of her fingers deep inside Rhonda's cunt,
duplicating the action of her tongue on Kelly's.

To their right was Maria and Beverly Clark, locking in a tight
embrace, each girl's mouth glued to the sex of the other. Both
seemed oblivious to the action around them, enjoying the favors of
the other.

The biggest surprise was the spectacle on the left. There
was Karen Scott, spread out on the floor on all fours, her perky
little breasts bouncing back and forth. Kneeling behind her, with a
firm grip on her hips was Janet, pounding away at the young girl
like a man. Strapped around her crotch was a long and thick dildo,
as black as her own skin. With increasing speed, it disappeared and
then reappeared as it penetrated Karen again and again. Much to
the pale skinned girl's delight.

"Omigod!'' Jackie gasped as she covered her mouth with her
hand. She feared making a single sound would cause it all to
disappear before her.

The warm feeling from between her legs spread like wildfire
as she watched her wildest fantasies played out before her. She
wondered if she dared join in.

"I hope you're not planning to just stand there and watch."
said a sudden, soft voice from behind Jackie.

Before she could turn and see where the voice had come
from, Jackie felt soft hands place themselves on her breasts. The
one of them slid down to between her legs, sending a powerful jolt
through her shaking body as it brushed against her clit.

Jackie opened her mouth to say something, but the press of
warm lips against her own cut off her words. She eagerly accepted
the tongue that pressed it's way into her mouth. The first kiss
was followed by a second, then a third. It wasn't until the fourth
that Jackie shifted her attention enough to identify her.

"Mary Catherine!" she exclaimed as the bright brown eyes
of her friend beamed back at her.

"You were always my first love." Mary Catherine said as she
kissed Jackie again, this time on her cheek. "We should've done
this years ago." she added as she slid two fingers up inside Jackie.

She continued to caress Jackie's still wet skin as one hand
played with her breasts while the other brought an even deeper
wetness to her mound.

"Ooooo" Jackie moaned as she let Mary Catherine play her
like a musical instrument.

Content to let her continue her ministrations without
further comment, Jackie instead shifted her attention back to the
spectacle around her.

Maria and Beverly were the first to climax. From Jackie's
view, it was hard to tell who had been first. But it was obvious that
whoever had been second, she was less than a minute behind. Both
girls seemed to stiffen, then quake. Finally they collapsed upon
each other on a hot and sweaty embrace.

Next was the trio of Kelly, Donna and Rhonda Jo. They had
switched positions so that both Donna and Rhonda Jo shared the
rich delight of Kelly's cunt. Kelly in turn hand her fingers in each
of the other saturated holes. This time it was obvious that Kelly
exploded first, her eruptions sending a thick sticky film across
both girls faces. As soon as she recovered from the ripping waves
that had gripped her body, Kelly brought both of her lovers off.
First Donna, then Rhonda Jo.

Finally it was the turn of Karen and Janet. Both girls were
humping away like they were possessed. Indeed they were and the
name of the demon was lust.

"Deeper, deeper!" Karen yelled as she slammed her backside
against Janet's rubber cock.

Janet was only too happy to respond, putting all of her
passion into a series of powerful thrusts which also lifted Janet
off the floor. Her dark breasts flailed in the air as the fires
within her reached a peak.

A last lustful lunge sent Karen over the edge as she
exploded with a scream that rebounded off the walls. That was
enough to pull Janet along with her.

It turned out to be enough to bring Jackie along as well.
Her legs felt weak beneath her as the gentle action of Mary
Catherine's fingers caused a climax of memorable proportions.
The quivering of her clit reverberated until it exploded into a
pyrotechnic bodyquake. Bright lights flashed before Jackie's eyes
as her heart seemed to stop. In that brief moment, she felt total

When the lights faded from her eyes, Jackie realized that
the fingers within her were her own. The fantasy had seemed so
real, right down to the touch of Mary Catherine's hand.

The chimes of the clock in the living room proved an even
greater reminder of reality. It was already ten o'clock.

Twenty minutes later, Jackie was on her way out the
apartment door. She paused at the hall mirror to check her hair
and makeup one last time. She hadn't been this nervous over a
blind date since she was sixteen.

As she opened the outside door that provided common
access to both her apartment and the house above, Jackie was
confronted by an unexpected surprise.

"Why good morning, Jacqueline." Mrs. Esposito said in a
bright and cheery voice. "Where are you off to in such a hurry
this morning."

Jackie really hated it when Billy's mother called her
Jacqueline. It made her feel like a little girl. Other than that, she
really had no problem with the older woman. No, that wasn't really
true. Like many mothers, Judith Espositio thought her son walked
on water.

"I....I have a doctor's appointment downtown." the younger
woman said with a smile, enjoying the irony in her answer.

"Nothing serious, I hope?" Judith asked.

"No, I just want to see her about an old itch."

"Very well, dear." her mother-in-law replied, already loosing
interest. "You will be sure to be back by the time Billy comes
home. He does hate to have to wait for his dinner."

Jackie resisted the urge to say that it wouldn't kill her son
to make dinner once in a while but it would be wasted. Instead she
just said she would make every attempt to do so.

"This really feels awkward." Jackie thought to herself as
she banished the brief encounter with Judith from her mind and
left any other remaining thought of being Mrs. Billy Esposito
behind. "I don't even know how to describe it."

Then, as she walked down the block toward the elevated
station where she could pick up the N train, it suddenly came to
her. The perfect word to describe how she felt. Quietly, she
repeated the word out loud, smiling broadly at how nice it sounded.

"Virginal." she said a second time.

Forty minutes later, Jackie exited the train station at Court
and Montague Streets. Colleen's instructions were to follow
Montague down to the bottom where it led into the Brooklyn
Heights Promenade. That was where Colleen said she would meet

Jackie had never been to this part of Brooklyn, even though
it was really not that far from her house. Her first impression of
the neighborhood was that it looked a lot like Soho or Greenwich
Village in Manhattan. The street was lined with first and second
floor storefronts with apartments above. A great many of the
stores were restaurants, and most seemed to be doing a brisk
business. Then there was the odd bookstore, little boutique and
specialty store. It was quite different from the main commercial
streets in her own area.

Reaching Montague Terrace, Jackie could see the large
fenced in flagpole that Colleen said she would be waiting by.
Taking a deep breath, the determined young woman strolled past
the short rows of park benches, all full with residents and workers
enjoying the afternoon sun. She knew it was only her imagination,
but it felt like everyone of them was staring at her - and that they
knew why she was here.

Truth was, the only attention she drew was that which any
young attractive woman would. Still, that little diversion gave her
the chance to put off the real question she was reluctant to ask.
What would Colleen be like?

Stepping out onto the Promenade, Jackie was disappointed
to not see anyone who matched the deion Colleen had given
her over the telephone. True, it was rather sketchy - long blonde
hair, 5'5", fair complexion, dressed in blue, but it would be enough
for her to recognize her.

"Guess I'm a little early." she said to herself as she
checked her watch. Sure enough she was.

Stepping out onto the long walkway, Jackie took a moment to
take in the vast panoramic view of lower Manhattan across the
river. She had to admit, it was pretty spectacular. To her left she
could see the Statue of Liberty and Governor's Island. She
followed the path of the Staten Island Ferry as it slowly moved to
the docks at Whitehall Street. Continuing her gaze to the right
and upriver, she could see the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.
Once, during to a high school trip to the Brooklyn Academy of
Music, she and a few of her girlfriends had cut out on the group
and hiked over the Brooklyn Bridge to have lunch at the South
Street Seaport. It had been a grand adventure to the group of
seniors. Suddenly, it seemed so long ago.

A beep of her watch told her that now she was right on time
but still no Colleen. Well a doctor has a rather busy schedule, she
told herself. She probably just a little delayed.

Another ten minutes went by, and still she waited patiently.
After all, it wasn't like she was going to get this far and just take
off because she had to wait a little. If she did, she'd never
forgive herself.

Ten minutes became a half hour and she finally began to
become worried. She considered the idea of calling Colleen's
office - perhaps she had been delayed by an emergency of some
sort. Then she remember that the phone she had passed at the
entrance to the Promenade had a large yellow "out of order" tape
across it. The next closest phone was over a block away. If
Colleen arrived while she was gone, would she think that maybe she
had never even showed up. Or that Jackie didn't think her worth
the wait. No, better to just wait a little longer. Fifteen more
minutes and she'd set out for that phone.

Ten of those minutes later, enthralled by the display being
put on by a pair of young roller bladers, Jackie almost didn't see
the woman in blue who strolled past her.

"Oh God, it's her." she exclaimed to herself.

The woman in blue wasn't exactly what she expected, but
that was a pretty strange thought seeing that she really didn't
know what it was that she did expect. Somewhat on the heavy
side, she had short curly blonde hair and enormous breasts. She
was dressed in jeans and T-shirt. It was the large lettered slogan
across the shirt that caused Jackie some slight pause. "Lesbian
and Proud." Colleen had said that she was open about her
sexuality, but Jackie didn't think this open. Despite the size of
her bust, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"At least she's wearing a shirt." Jackie thought,
remembering the images from that cable TV video. "Well, he goes
nothing." she added.

"Colleen...?" Jackie said as she stepped up behind the

"Excuse me." the woman said as she turned around, her eyes
brightening as she saw Jackie.

"Colleen?" Jackie repeated.

"Sorry, love." she replied, a slight disappointment in her
tone. "The names, Judy. But I can change it if you like." she added
with a little more enthusiasm, rolling her tongue across her upper

"I...guess I made a mistake." Jackie quickly said as she
turned and walked away. "Thank God!" she added to herself.

"Too bad." she heard Judy said as she watched Jackie step

Jackie didn't stop until she was all the way on the other side
of the flagpole, well out of sight of Judy. It was time to find
that phone. With long strides, Jackie exited the Promenade and
was just about to head up to the pay phone she'd seen by the Key
Food when a soft voice called out her name.


She quickly turned to the sound of the voice, almost afraid
what she would find. Coming to an abrupt halt as she faced the
woman who had practically ran to catch up to her, Jackie almost
couldn't get the words out of her mouth.

"Colleen?" she stammered.

"Yes." came the reply. "I'm so glad I caught you. I was
afraid that you'd have left by now."

Jackie wasn't even aware of the words she was hearing. She
was too lost in the gaze of the deep blue eyes in front of her.

"She's beautiful." Jackie thought.

No sooner had she thought it, she knew that it was the
wrong word to use. Beautiful was a deion you use for models
or movie stars, someone who kept their face in a jar by the door,
as the old song went. Colleen was "the girl next store", yes that
was it.

Blonde hair cut just above the shoulder framed an almost
flawless face. Despite being almost fifteen years older than
Jackie, Colleen wore almost no make-up. Her natural looks couldn't
be much improved upon. Soft pink lips exposed a perfect smile, one
which Jackie was sure was also natural - not the result of a
dentist's art.

Her outfit was simple but flattering. A blue jacket with
matching skirt over a light yellow blouse. Around her neck she
wore a small string of pearls. Tiny flawless orbs which were
duplicated in each ear.

It was funny but the comment that suddenly came to mind
was one made by her husband when he walked in on her watching
that parade video. As she changed the channel, he remarked that
the real reason those woman were all dykes was because they were
all too ugly to get a real man. Jackie was sure that given the
chance, Billy would be down on his knees, begging Colleen to sleep
with him.

"I was all set to leave when they brought in this little girl
who....oh never mind, it doesn't matter now." Colleen continued.
"The important thing is that we found each other. Are you


"Good, there's a really great restaurant about two blocks up.
You're going to love it."

It was such a beautiful September afternoon that they
decided to sit outside on one of the exterior tables. Lunch talk was
at first innocuous. Comments about the food, the decor of the
restaurant, shops in the area. As she sat and listened, Jackie
became aware that she was staring at Colleen. First it had been
the deep blue of her eyes. Then the richness of her smile. It
wasn't until she found herself fixed on the swell of Colleen's
breasts beneath her yellow blouse that Jackie quickly shifted her
attention. She knew she was blushing, hoping that perhaps it
wasn't too noticeable with her rich tan. If Colleen did note it, she
didn't mention it.

Jackie wasn't sure when exactly the conversation had
shifted, but Colleen was now talking about what it was like growing
up as a teenage lesbian. Jackie was very uncomfortable talking
about personal subjects in public places like restaurants, but she
was so fascinated by the young doctor's tale.

"By the time I was 16, I knew that I was different than
most of my girlfriends." Colleen said. "All they wanted to talk
about was boys while my dreams began to be filled with images of
them. I don't know what I would've done if it wasn't for Madeline."

"Madeline?" Jackie asked.

"My best friend. We grew up together." Colleen replied.
"One night we pulling an all night study session. We were taking a
break and the conversation turned to boys. I was giving the usual
line about the guys in our classes. The last thing I wanted to be
was singled out as someone weird."

Jackie was spellbound, Colleen could've been talking about
her own life.

"Then out of the blue, Madeline broke down and said that
she wasn't interested in boys. That she was some sort of freak
because all she had dreams about were all the other girls - me
included." she continued. "Then she began to cry like a baby over
her admission. Nothing I could say could stop her crying. I felt so
bad, at least she had found the courage to finally say it."

Colleen took another sip of her drink.

"Then, for the lack of any other ideas, I kissed her. I kissed
her as passionately as any guy kissed a girl, putting years of desire
into that one moment. Needless to say, we never got back to the
books that night."

Her mind raced with possibilities as Jackie compared
Colleen's teen years with her own. She listened as Colleen
explained how she and Madeline spent first hours, then days
exploring their deepest feelings - finally becoming secret lovers. A
relationship that had lasted until they went away to different

Jackie couldn't help but wonder how her life might've been
different if she and Mary Catherine had underwent such a
catharsis. Would she be happier today?

"Did you come out in high school? That's what you call it,
right, coming out? " Jackie asked.

"No, although I did have a few relationships in both college
and med school, I still pretty much kept my sexuality low key. It
wasn't hard, people really didn't expect you to date a lot of guys
when you were a med student."

"What made you finally come out, if you don't mind me
asking?" said Jackie, hoping that she wasn't asking too many

"Well, it was an incident during my first year of residency."
she began, obviously more than happy to relate the episode. "I'd
been scheduled to have a gynecological exam by one of the senior
residents, a Doctor Owen Ryan. He was completing my medical
history and was just asking a few personal questions.

"Are you sexually active, Ms. O'Conner?" the 52 year old

"Yes, I am." the intern replied.

"And what form of birth control do you usually use?"

"Well, actually..." she began after a moments hesitation. "I
don't use any form of birth control."

"Excuse me." Dr. Ryan said, looking up from the folder he
was writing in.

"I said, I don't use any form of birth control." Colleen

Dr. Ryan's voice suddenly rose a few octaves and his next
words had an undertone of anger in them.

"Young lady...." he began.

Colleen cringed. It'd been her experience that no statement
that had ever began with the words "young lady" was ever a good

".... I realize that many people your age consider yourself
indestructible. That things always happen to someone else, never
to them. Too many times I've seen even highly educated people
like yourself put themselves into situations that should never have
happened. It's totally irresponsible that a woman such as yourself
would take such a cavalier attitude toward her own body. Do you
realize what an unexpected pregnancy at this point in your life
would do to your career here at Riverside Memorial?"

"Doctor, I don't think I really have to worry about that
happening." Colleen said, now sorry that she just didn't lie and say
she was on the pill or something.

"And why might that be?" he asked, his tone reflecting

"Because I'm a lesbian." she answered, her voice strong and

"That was the first time I'd ever said that to anyone other
than a lover." Colleen said to Jackie, concluding the anecdote.
"And it signaled a change in how I looked at myself. From that day
on, I never made any attempt to hide what I was. I didn't march
down the hospital quad with a sign saying "dyke" or take out an ad
in the Times or anything like that. But if anyone asked, I simply
said, yes I am."

At that point, the waitress with the check interrupted
them. Jackie reached for her pocketbook but Colleen raised her

"I invited you, remember."

Jackie answered with a smile.

"Why don't we head over to my apartment, its only a few
blocks over on Willow." Colleen suggested as she left a hefty tip
for the waitress. "We can continue our conversation there, if you

"I'd like that." Jackie nodded.

As they walked the few blocks, Jackie related the story of
her own life. How she wished she'd had a "Madeline" to confide in.
She told of how her closest friend had left her husband for
another woman, and how she secretly wished she'd been that
woman. She even told her about that dream she kept having, the
one with all of her girlfriends in a lesbian orgy.

"I've never been into group scenes myself." Colleen
remarked as they turned the corner onto Pierpont. "But I have a
friend who is always asking me to join a threesome. She and her
lover are really into having a third woman join them."

Walking and chatting, Jackie was amazed at how natural this
now felt. The nervousness she had felt when confronted by Judy a
short hour and a half was now totally gone. In fact, if that
encounter with Judy happened tomorrow instead of today, Jackie
was sure her response would be different as well.

A few blocks later, the two women found themselves
standing in front of a three story building. A wide stoop led to an
open porch on the first floor And huge double doors rested at the
top of the stairs. It was typical of the others on the street, large
windows to let in the sunlight and wooden shutters in the bottom
half of them to preserve privacy.

"You live here?" Jackie asked, thinking it was so much
larger that the basement apartment she and Billy occupied.

"Yes, I do." Colleen said as she began to walked up the
stoop. "Top floor."

"It must be expensive." the younger woman said, keeping in
mind some of the rents she had seen when she was browsing on
Montague St. Several of the real estate offices had pictures and
prices posted in the windows.

"Actually, I own the building." Colleen said. "It seemed so
much more practical than renting."

"Really?" Jackie asked. She could only imagine what a
building like this would cost. With what Billy and her made
together, they couldn't even come up with a down payment on a

Before Colleen could reach for the door, it swung open as
two other women stepped out. The first woman was tall, about
5'9". Jackie could've guessed she was about 45 or so. Short curly
red hair was pinned back by a headband. She as wearing a blue
blouse and tennis shorts.

"Afternoon, Colleen." she said.

"Hi, Pamela." came the smiling reply.

"Could I speak to you a moment?" Pam asked.

"Sure." the doctor said. "Excuse me a minute, ok?" she said
to Jackie.

"Of course." Jackie replied.

The two older women moved to the far end of the porch and
engaged in quiet conversation for a few minutes. While this was
going on, Jackie suddenly became away that the second woman was
staring at her. She hadn't said a word since coming out of the
house and Jackie wasn't sure if she should start up a conversation.
So instead she just smiled.

The girl was oriental, about 5'4" and very slim. The two
tennis rackets she carried seemed big in her hands. A round
pleasant face hid her age. She had straight black hair cut so short
that it reminded Jackie of the crew cuts her father had forced on
her brothers every summer while growing up. In fact, if not for
the small swell of tiny breasts beneath the simple white T-shirt
she wore, Jackie would've taken the androgynous woman for a
teenage boy. She couldn't see her eyes behind the small round
dark green sunglasses she wore but Jackie could feel then on her.
It took a moment for her to associate the feeling, then it hit her.
It was the same one she got when one of Billy's friends was
undressing her with his eyes. Jackie was unsure if she should be
embarrassed or flattered.

".......just stop by my office tomorrow and I'll take a look at
it." Jackie heard Colleen say as the two women rejoined them.

Jackie watched as Pam and her friend went down the steps
and started up the block. Colleen had to call her attention to the
fact that she was waiting at the open door.

"Something wrong?" Colleen asked.

"Nothing really." Jackie replied as she turned around.

She took a few steps to catch up to Colleen then paused and

"Are those two....I mean are they like....Oh this is a stupid
thing to ask."

"Are they lesbians like me?" Colleen laughed.

"Well yes." Jackie said sheeplessly.

"Actually they are. Pam and Soo-Ja have been together for
about three years now. Why do you ask?"

"Well, this is really silly." said the younger woman. "But I
couldn't help feeling like Soo-Ja was checking me out."

"No!" Colleen said in mock horror.

"I guess it was kind of a silly idea." Jackie grinned.

"Still...." Colleen said with a broad smile. "You are most
definitely worth checking out."

This time, Jackie's blush showed through her tan.

"Does that embarrass you?" Colleen inquired.

"It shouldn't, but I've never really been checked out by a
woman before."

"Just take it as the compliment it was intended as." said the


Passing the second floor landing, Colleen said hi to a much
older woman who was coming out of her own apartment. She was
somewhat heavy, Jackie would've put her weight about 165 lbs, the
same as her Aunt Rose. Like her Aunt Rose, she had very large
38dd breasts.

"That was Dona." Colleen said as they started up the third
level as Dona disappeared on her way to the ground level. "She
lives here with her lover Gwen. They've been together for about
twenty years."

"Is everyone is this building a lesbian?" Jackie asked. The
idea of older woman spending their lives together had never even
occurred to her.

"No, of course not." Colleen laughed as she reached her
floor. "There's a darling heterosexual couple, Mark and Amy who
live in 2rear and I have a young man who lives in the basement
apartment who is most definitely straight. In fact, he even asked
me out before I explained to him that I wasn't really interested."

"I hope that question didn't sound too strange?"

"No, I understand. To you it seems a little unusual. To me,
it seems perfectly natural. After all, outside of Greenwich Village,
Brooklyn Heights probably had the largest concentrations of gays
and lesbians in the city. It's not like we're having orgies in our
apartments or anything like that."

Colleen paused for a second and then corrected herself.
"Well, maybe not all of us. Remember I mentioned my friends who
are always looking for a third?"

Jackie nodded her remembrance.

"Well, you just met them." she laughed. "And if Soo-Ja
really liked you, maybe I can get you an invite to their next party."

"I don't think I'm ready for that." Jackie laughed as well.

"I was only kidding."

With a flourish, Colleen swung open the door to her
apartment. She stepped back and motioned for Jackie to precede

"Home sweet home." she said as her guest stepped past her.

Jackie couldn't help but be impressed. The apartment
covered the entire top floor of the small apartment building,
taking up the space of any two below it. Just the living room alone
was bigger than her entire apartment.

"It's beautiful." Jackie said as she moved further inside.

"I would hope so." Colleen said as she closed the door behind
them. "For all the money and time I've put into it. Let me take
you on a quick tour."

Originally, Colleen's apartment had been two separate
apartment. After buying the building, she'd had a large access
way, two thirds the length of the room, cut into the common wall.
Room by room, she guided Jackie. The spacious living room with its
oversized L shaped sofa and 52" television. The double sized
kitchen which like the living room had be carved from the two
smaller apartments. An exercise room filled with various
equipment and a library filled with both medical texts and a
collection of science fiction, history and assorted fiction. There
was also a large bookcase filled with various videos, both regular
and erotic.

The last room on the tour was the bedroom, and it quit
literally took Jackie's breath away. The room was filled with
sunlight from a skylight that measured over six feet across.
Instead of a bed, a sunken pit occupied the center of the room,
filled with a water mattress and pillows. The sheets were shiny
red satin.

"God, you must be rich!" Jackie exclaimed. "To have all this."

"Not rich, just rather successful." Colleen said as she
concluded the tour. "And a good part of this all still belongs to the

She led Jackie back to the living room and said.

"I'm going to change, I've been in these clothes since this
morning. Why don't you get us some ice teas or something from the
fridge and I'll meet you out on the deck." she added, her hand
indicating the double doors on the far end of the room.

"Sure." Jackie said as the doctor disappeared back into the
bed room.

"So this is how the over half lives." Jackie thought to
herself as she carried two tall ice teas out through the double

The deck, turned out to be a rather large terrace. It was
lined with actual trees set in oversized barrels, giving the deck a
small measure of privacy. You could still see down into it from the
upper levels of the huge apartment building down the block, but
from the street it was invisible.

"Hope I didn't keep you waiting." Colleen said as she
stepped out into the open air.

"No, not at all." Jackie said as she handed her an ice tea.

"I couldn't wait to get out of that suit." the doctor said as
she sat down in one of the lawn chairs. "Most days I just throw a
lab coat over a T-shirt and shorts when I go to the office, but I
had to attend a meeting at the hospital this morning."

And it was a T-shirt and white shorts that she had changed
into. The shirt was jet black with a map of the milky way on it. It
had large white lettering and an arrow pointing to where earth
would be. It read, "You are here."

"I really have to say I've enjoyed myself today." Jackie said
as she drained the last of her tea.

"I'm glad." Colleen replied. "I just wanted to give you a
chance to let some things off your chest. Just to let loose a little
with no pressure or anything. Whatever you decide to do about any
feeling you may or may not have, if will be up to you."

"I appreciate that." Jackie said. "You know, I never asked
if you had a ...I mean if you lived here alone."

"If I had a lover, you mean. I noticed you have a little
difficulty using that word in polite conversation. Many people seem
to. Boyfriend or girlfriend seems so much safer. It denotes
friendship without being overly sexual. Lover on the other hand is
pretty specific. But to answer your question, no I don't. I did live
with someone for a few years. In fact she was the one who helped
decorate most of the apartment. I was never really any good at
things like that. Susan loved being the stay at home type."

"What happened to her." asked Jackie.

A sudden pallor fell across Colleen’s normally cheerful face.
Jackie knew at once she’d asked the wrong question.

"I won't impress you with the medical terminology, but it
fell under the catch all phrase of brain tumor." Colleen said, her
voice abruptly reflecting a deep sadness. "That was the one time
in my life I really hated being a doctor. I cried every night
because I knew that there was absolutely nothing any of us could
do for her. I couldn't even fool myself with the delusion of false
hope that some doctors try to give the families of terminal
patients. It's been 14 months now."

"I'm sorry." Jackie said, hoping that Colleen understood how
much she really meant it.

"It's ok, if I've learned nothing else as a doctor it's that
you should make the most out of the time you have. You only get
one chance at it all."

Time. The word suddenly struck Jackie like a sledgehammer.
Looking up at the clock, she gasped as she realized that it was
already five thirty. She'd been with Colleen all afternoon.

"Omigod, I didn't realize it was so late." she exclaimed as
she quickly rose from her chair. "I've got to get home."

"Well then lets get you there as fast as we can." Colleen
replied. "Would it help if I drove you, my car is in the garage
around the corner. It might be faster than the train."

Jackie thought about it for a moment. The way traffic
backed up on the Gowanus Expressway and 3rd and 4th Ave at this
time of day, a car wouldn't be faster at all. Besides, if anyone saw
Colleen dropping her off, she'd have to explain who she was.
Identifying her as the doctor she'd gone to see wouldn't really
hold water. Nothing traveled faster in her neighborhood than

"Thank you, but I think the train will be quicker this time of
day." Jackie said as she gathered up her purse.

"You're probably right."

Jackie abruptly halted in mid-motion. What was she doing?
She'd felt so free this afternoon, able to enjoy herself for the
first time in months. Now she was suddenly engulfed by the world
she was trying to escape from. Running back to Billy in fear that
he'd be upset that his dinner wasn't on the table. Was this what
she wanted?

"Are you all right?" Colleen asked as she saw her stiffen.

"Yes, I'm ok." Jackie said, her sense of clarity quickly

"You seemed a little perplexed for a moment."

"I was, but I'm ok now." Jackie said.

"Good, I was worried for a second." Colleen said. "I'll walk
you to the subway station."

"That's not necessary." Jackie said as she stepped closer.
"But, would it be ok, if I kissed you good-bye?"

"Of course." Colleen said with a wide smile.

At first, the kiss Jackie planted on Colleen's soft lips was
like that she would give her sister. A light peck denoting
tenderness and affection. Unable to resist the temptation, she
kissed her again - this time with passion. Colleen felt the press of
her tongue against her lips and opened to receive it. Sparks seemed
to erupt across her tongue as Jackie felt it touch that of another
woman's for the very first time.

Almost without thinking about it, Jackie reached up with her
hand and cupped Colleen's naked breast beneath her shirt. It felt
so nice, bringing another surge of emotion through her. Then the
reality of what she was doing hit her and she pulled her hand away.

Jackie's hand had only gotten a few inches away when she
felt Colleen's hand against her it. With a soft direction, she guided
her hand back to the doctor's mound.

"It's ok." she whispered in Jackie's ear.

"I...I don't want to leave." Jackie said quietly as the fullness
of the other woman's breasts filled her hand.

"Then don't." Colleen whispered back.

Colleen and Jackie spent the next twenty minutes sitting on
a bench out on the patio, necking like a couple of high schoolers.
Every time she felt Colleen's tongue slip through her lips, Jackie's
heart skipped a beat. She hadn't been this excited since the first
time she'd made out with Bobby Marshall on his parent's couch.
That had been back when they were 15. Unlike Bobby, Colleen's
lips were soft and sweet, the taste of strawberry evident each
time they pressed against her.

Another thing vastly different was the scent of perfume
that filled her as she pressed against Colleen. So unlike the smell
of a man, it was soft and gentle. It was also highly intoxicating.

"Why don't we get you a little more comfortable?" Colleen
asked as she kissed Jackie one more time.

With that, she pulled the zipper of Jackie's dress all the
way down, exposing the lacy strap of a blue bra. With no objection
from Jackie, she pulled the flowery print down across her
shoulders and then began to pull it further down toward her waist.

For a moment, Jackie felt very exposed. True, she regularly
sunbathed topless in her backyard, much to the delight of both old
Mr. Caruso in the next house and his teenage grandson Jeff. But
she had never made love to anyone out in the open, much less
another woman. She glanced up and around, noticing a few open
windows in the tall building a few doors down. If someone where to
just glance out the window, they would have a clear view of the two
of them. Then, just as quickly as the thought occurred to her, she
decided she didn't care.

Colleen began to kiss her way down Jackie's neck. Her eyes
opened in appreciation as the doctor fully exposed the firm tanned
mounds cradled in a sheer blue lace bra.

"That's a beautiful bra." Colleen said as she traced the
outline of Jackie's breasts with her extended finger. "Did you
wear it especially for me?" she asked with a smile.

Jackie answered with a smile as well. She had brought the
sheer bra at Victoria's Secrets for Valentine's Day last year but
had never gotten to wear it. Billy had gotten tickets for the
Ranger's game at the last minute. Dinner with the wife ran a poor
second to 3rd row seats. Switching it for her normal plain white
platex had been a sudden last minute inspiration, to make up for
the simple dress she'd worn over it.

"You're breasts are so beautiful." the blonde purred as she
planted a soft kiss on the top of each of Jackie's enclosed globes.

A gentle tug on the thin material exposed the dark nipple
beneath it. The erect tip was only visible a brief moment before it
vanished between the warm vise of Colleen's lips.

A loud sign erupted from Jackie as she felt the wetness
engulf her wide aureole. After years of having Billy paw and maw
her breasts for a few moments before moving on to his real
interest, it was a genuine pleasure to lay back and let someone who
really enjoyed it play with them.

With only one nipple exposed, it was obvious that Colleen was
going to take her time. Her tongue darted to and fro, tracing wide
circles around the bronzed nipple. Then she would tickle it directly
before taking it whole into her mouth again.

Like a babe seeking nourishment, the older woman nurtured
at the source. Each movement of her tongue, each nip of her
teeth, send previously unimaginable sensations though Jackie's
reclining form.

"Oh, this feels so good." Jackie moaned as she laid back
with her eyes closed and just enjoyed the feel of Colleen's

A few minutes later, Colleen exposed the other tanned
breast and repeated her performance. Sending Jackie further
into a blissful state.

Finally satisfied. Colleen turned her attention away from her
new playthings and kissed Jackie again. This time the kiss was
brief, just enough to signal a temporary end to their play.

"I want to try that on you." Jackie said, wondering what it
would finally be like to have another woman's breasts to taste.

"Oh you will soon enough, my new love." Colleen said as she
planted another kiss, this time on the cheek. "But I think we
should be practical for a moment."

Jackie looked at Colleen for a moment. A puzzled look on
her face.

"This is already going far beyond what I had planned." the
doctor said. "Not that I want to complain, mind you. But if you do
plan to stay for a while, I think it might be a good idea if you called
home and told them."

"Called home and tell them what?"

"Well, how bout just that you were having dinner with a
friend." Colleen suggested. "I'd feel better if they at least heard
from you. That way they wouldn't worry."

"Well, aside from the fact that there's no dinner on the
table, I don't think that Billy would even notice I was gone."
Jackie said as she fixed up her bra and then pulled her dress back
up. "But if it would make you feel better, sure."

With that, she followed Colleen back into the apartment.
Sitting down beside one of the end tables, she picked up the phone.
The phone rang five times and she wondered where Billy might be.
He normally should've been home a half hour ago. If nothing else,
she'd leave a message on the answering machine.

"Hello?" said the voice in the receiver, catching Jackie off

"Bill?" she said.

"Jackie!" he said, surprise in his voice. "Where the hell are
you?" he asked, surprise being replaced by anger.

"What do you mean where the hell are you?" she said,
immediately feeling defensive.

"I come home from work and you're not here. There's no
dinner on the table and Mom says you went to see some kind of

"First of all," Jackie said, trying hard to keep her own anger
in check. "I had an appointment. I mentioned it to you last night
but you weren't paying attention." she lied, knowing full well that
he wouldn't remember even if she had.

"What the fuck for?" he shouted.

"A small woman's problem...." she began, confident that she
wouldn't have to go any further.

True to form, Bill quickly changed the subject. Like so many
of his friends, he never wanted to hear about 'woman’s problems'.

"As far as dinner goes, it wouldn't kill you to make something
for a change." she said, angry at herself that she let him bring her
down to his level so easily.

"I didn't have to." Billy replied, "When you weren't home,
Momma made me something."

Jackie resisted the impulse to say something to the effect
that she should've know.

"What time are you going to be home?" Billy asked.

"That’s why I'm calling." she began. "I ran into a friend and
we had lunch. Now she'd like to have me for dinner."

A wicking grin formed on Jackie's face at the irony of what
she'd just said. Of course Billy would never get the joke.

"Shit, you can't do that." Billy thundered. "It's Friday

"Friday?" Jackie repeated, trying to recall the significance
of the day.

"Tonight’s my night to host the poker game." Billy went on.
"I was depending on you to make sandwiches and snacks for the

"Damn, I'd forgotten all about that." Jackie thought to
herself. "That’s the last thing I need right now."

Billy usually lost big time in those games and then got drunk.
Then by the time he finally crawled into bed he want to fuck, just
to prove what a man he was. Of course after all the alcohol he'd
downed, he couldn't get it up. Something which made him even
more disagreeable.

"Order pizza or something." she suggested. "I'm going to
be home pretty late."

Over the receiver, she could just picture his building rage.
Something that he'd be waiting up to express.

"In fact," she went on as she looked at Colleen. "I think I'll
just spend the night over here, that way I don't have to worry
about coming home in the dark."

A nod of the blonde woman's head told Jackie that she had
no problem with her inviting herself to stay. If she had, Jackie
would just gone to one of her girlfriends house for the night. It
wouldn't have been the first time, especially after a really
boisterous argument.

Billy started to say something but Jackie cut him off. She
had to go, she told him. His loud voice was still clearly heard
across the room as Jackie replaced the receiver.

"Well, that could've gone better." She grinned.

"I could hear him all the way over here." Colleen said as she
drew closer. "Maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all."

"No, you were right. It was better to let him know that I
wasn't in the morgue or something." she said, trying to make light
of the argument. "Not that he'd have gone looking for me until
after the game. I hope I wasn't out of line in inviting myself to

"No, of course not." Colleen replied as she reached up and
rubbed Jackie's shoulders.

"Oh, that feels good." Jackie said in a low tone as the older
woman’s strong fingers rubbed against her collar.

"I could feel the tension all the way across the room."
Colleen noted as she applied a little more pressure. "You're wound
as tight as can be."

Colleen shifted one hand and took her pulse at the base of
her neck. It was racing.

"You could use a good massage." Colleen said. "Work out all
of that anxiety."

"That would be wonderful." Jackie purred, loosing herself in
Colleen's talented hands.

Colleen worked her magic on Jackie's tired muscles for
another minute or so, then she took her by the hand and led her
across the living room to the small exercise room. Unlike the
carpeted living room, the room had a hard wood floor and two of
it's four walls were mirrored, much like a dance studio. A varied
collection of exercise equipment lined the walls, including a
treadmill and an exercise bike. It was obvious that Colleen took
her workouts seriously.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable." the doctor said
as she pulled a large eight foot mat from the closet and spread it
out on the floor.

A little self consciously, Jackie began to again remove her
clothing. Colleen might have had almost 15 years on her, but Jackie
hadn't look as fit as her even back in high school when she was a
cheerleader. Still, the older woman seemed almost oblivious to her
nudity as she finished with the padded mat.

"It's a lot easier giving a massage on the floor than on my
bed." Colleen quipped as she motioned for the now naked Jackie to
lay down. "Wouldn't want you getting seasick now, would we?"

Jackie forced a little laugh, trying to hide her nervousness.
She wished she had kept up her daily exercises.

"Something wrong?" Colleen asked, picking up on Jackie's
awkward motions.

"I was just thinking that I should work out more." she

"Nonsense, you look beautiful." Colleen said with a smile.
"Good enough to eat." she grinned.

Now Jackie's laugh was genuine. The older woman's
comment had put aside her momentary worry. She had been so
worried that she'd be found wanting. .

"I wasn't sure you'd find me attractive." Jackie said as she
headed for the mat. "I was even wondering if I should shave my

"Oh, I'm so glad you didn't." Colleen said as she took a good
look at the thick dark bush between Jackie's tanned legs.
"Personally, I like a hairy bush."

Laying down on her stomach, Jackie turned her head so she
could see Colleen's reflection in the wall length mirror. She so
wanted to watch her undress but didn't want to be too obvious
about it. She could feel her heart again racing, this time for a
different reason. She couldn’t even begin to guess how many women
she'd seen nude in her life, but this was the first time she'd
looked at one in a "real" sexual situation. It was like the first time
she'd seen a guy naked.

Try as she did to hide it, it was obvious to Colleen what
Jackie was trying to do. The thought pleased her immensely. She
always enjoyed showing off the body she worked so hard to

Positioning herself where Jackie would have a good view of
her reflection, Colleen took a grip on the bottoms of her black
T-shirt and pulled it up over her head. Caught by the material, her
rounded globes were pulled upward and bounced in the air as they
were released. There was no doubt in Jackie's mind that those
were the most perfect breasts she had ever seen.

Unlike Jackie, it was obvious that Colleen preferred to
sunbathe wearing a top. Her tan was slight but contrasted greatly
with the light skin of her breasts. In the center of the pale skin
were two large pink circles, radiating around thick stubby nipples.

A wide smile filled Colleen's face as she took her now freed
mounds and rubbed them. Conscious of Jackie's intense gaze, she
played with her nipples, bringing them to an even greater
erectness. Her tongue glided across her lips and not for the first
time she wished she could lick her own nipples.
Next came her shorts, followed moments later by a pair of
plain white panties. Jackie noted with interest that Colleen's own
blonde bush was as wild and busy as her own.

Jackie could feel the wetness building between her legs as
she enjoyed the sights before her. The growing smile on her face
brought one to Colleen's own.
Short gentle steps brought her to the edge of the floor
mat. Colleen dropped to her knees and placed her hands on
Jackie's back. A soft sign escaped the tanned woman's lips as she
again felt the forceful caress on her shoulders.

"Oh, that feels so good." Jackie sighed.

"It gets better." Colleen replied as she reached under
Jackie's prone form and stroked the sides of her breasts.

The soft sighs grew in intensity until they became moans.
The physician's fingers glided down the sides of the younger
woman until they came to her buttocks. There, she took a firm
grip and pulled them up and apart, exposing the wet mound beneath

"Like I said," She purred. "Good enough to eat."

Colleen bent down and kissed Jackie's left buttock, then her
right. Each succeeding kiss brought her closer to the moist
center. Finally, her kisses hit home and a slight shiver shook
Jackie's body. Pulling harder, Colleen gave herself greater access
and kissed her again, this time pushing her searching tongue up
into the exposed cavity.

"Mmmmm" she said as the tangy taste of her new love filled
her mouth.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, she began to work her
tongue in and out of the opening. Faster and faster it moved,
sending tiny sparks of delight up into Jackie.

"Oh yes," she said as she enjoyed the sensation. "More,

Colleen was more than willing to reply to the request. Even
as her talented tongue wove a wet path up and down Jackie's slit,
Colleen's hands began to again roam across her body. Again sliding
up and under, she cupped Jackie's firm breasts and played with
her nipples, bringing even louder moans from the younger woman.

"Turn over." She said, guiding Jackie with a gentle touch.

Jackie was quick to respond, quickly flipping over onto her
back and giving Colleen full and unrestricted access.

Colleen lowered herself to a position directly over Jackie.
Then she shifted position just a little, raising herself so that her
breasts were hanging directly over Jackie’s mouth. There was no
mistaking her intention and Jackie was eager to reply. She
reached up with her tongue and caressed the nipple of Colleen’s
left breast. The doctor had the biggest, thickest nipples Jackie
had ever seen. As she took it into her mouth, she couldn’t help
imagining that it was a baby’s bottle. She had to suppress a laugh
when she realized a moment later that was what it actually was.

“Mmmm.” Colleen moaned as she felt the warm embrace of
Jackie’s mouth. You do that well, are you sure you haven’t done
this before?”

Jackie was greatly pleased with the blondes reaction as she
again ran her probing tongue around the wide aureole before once
more engulfing it whole. A thousand times she had imagined what
it would be like tasting another woman’s breasts. None of those
fantasies could compare with the real thing.

After a few more minutes, Colleen shifted breasts and gave
Jackie a chance to work her neophyte urges on her other mound.
As she worked her way across this new morsel, Jackie was again
overwhelmed by the combination of Colleen’s natural scent and the
perfume she wore. It was strongest in the deep valley between
her breasts, a place Jackie would’ve never thought of wearing it.

Finally Colleen shifted again, bringing herself downward so
that she could kiss Jackie anew. As their lips met, she pressed her
breasts hard against the woman beneath her, rubbing their nipples
against each other.

“I want to taste you.” Jackie whispered in Colleen’s ear. “I
want to bring you the same joy that you brought me.”

“Of course you do, my dear.” Colleen replied in the same
quiet tone.

After a final kiss, she lifted herself off Jackie and rose to
her feet. She straddled the younger woman and spread open her
tunnel of delight above her. Jackie sat up quickly and stuck her
eager face between the outstretched legs. A smile crossed her lips
when she realized that this was just about exactly the position she
had imagined Kelly and Donna using in her fantasy.

And like Donna, Jackie wasted no time in reaching up with
her tongue and probing the inner reaches of Colleen’s womanhood.
A sudden rush filled Jackie as the first taste of female juices hit
her tongue. True, out of curiosity, she had tasted herself several
times, but this was different. This was another woman.

Determined to excel in her new activity, she slid her tongue
around and around. Her left hand played with Colleen’s clit as she
tried to reach out with her tongue, hitting all the places that she
knew were the most sensitive in her own body.

Colleen helped with her efforts with both a gentle hand on
the back of her head, guiding her, as well as a steady stream of
soft moans. The closer Jackie got the right spots, the louder the
moans became.

Minutes quickly stretched to over a quarter hour and what
had begun as soft gentle surges in Colleen’s body had progressed
until they became rapid torrids. She was now trashing her
saturated pussy against Jackie’s open and ever enthusiastic mouth,
almost unable to believe that this novice was going to bring her to
climax. Another powerful bodyquake gripped her body, causing her
to stiffen momentarily. From past experiences, she knew the next
time would be the one to send her over the abyss.

If Colleen was amazed, Jackie was totally astonished at the
result of her efforts. As infrequent as her own orgasms had been,
she still recognized the impending explosion building in Colleen.
The though that she was the cause of that eruption drove her even

“Oh God!” Colleen screamed as a tidal wave of passion ripped
across her shaking body.

Copying a move she had once seen in an adult movie, Jackie
grabbed Colleen’s ass and pressed her face as hard against her
cunt as she could. An action that drove her tongue in as deep as
was possible. For this, she was rewarded with what seemed to be
endless eruptions of girlcum. Waves which quickly overflowed from
her mouth and spread out across her face. A flood that brought
no end to the secret delight she felt in knowing she had caused it.

“That was incredible.” Colleen said as she dropped to the
floor and sat down beside Jackie. “I can’t remember the last time
I came like that.”

Then with a smile she leaned over and kissed Jackie one
more time.

“Think you’re ready for round two?” She asked as she broke
the kiss.

Jackie’s answer was a deeper, even longer kiss.

Ten minutes later, the two woman found themselves in the
large spacious shower in Colleen’s custom designed bathroom. A
warm drizzle of water splashed across their bodies, washing away
the sweat and sticky residue of their exertions.

A thick and rich layer of soapy lather quickly replaced the
waste products of lust. Slippery hands explored naked flesh,
alternating with long lingering kisses. Jackie couldn’t remember the
last time she’d had this much fun. In all the time Bill and her had
been together, they’d never taken a shower together.

Jackie took one of Colleen round orbs into her mouth and
suckled like a babe in her mother’s arms. She closed her eyes and
just lost herself in the taste and sensation of woman-flesh. Her
only regret was that she hadn’t sampled it years before.

“As a doctor I feel I should warn you.” Colleen said as she
eased her breast from Jackie’s mouth. “This could easily become
habit forming.” she laughed.

“I’ll take my chances.” Jackie quipped as she quickly closed
on her other breast.

So engrossed in the special delight found in Colleen’s
beautiful mounds, Jackie didn’t feel the soft moment of the
doctor’s hands as they slid down across her back. She only became
aware of it when she felt a moist soapy finger slip inside her.

As the finger was soon joined by a second, then a third,
Colleen slid her hand in and out at an ever increasing pace. With
each thrust of her hand, a new wave of rapture flowed through
Jackie’s body until she finally had to reluctantly release her hold
on Colleen’s nipple.

“Fuck me,” she panted as she leaned against the tiled wall.
“Fuck me, I need it so bad.”

In response, Colleen pressed hard against Jackie’s tan body,
rubbing her wet flesh against hers. Their lips met again and again.
Jackie opened her mouth to say something was cut off by the
entry of Colleen’s forceful tongue.

Continuing to frig the dark framed pussy, Colleen slid an
equally slick finger into her tight anus. Lubricated by the soap and
water, it slid in easily and it wasn’t long before she was
finger-fucking both Jackie’s erotic holes in equal fury.

Jackie’s eyes popped open in surprise, no one had touched
her there in years. In an attempt to show Bill how nice it could
feel, she once tried to slide her own finger up his ass. His reaction
was slightly less than if she’d touched him with a hot iron. That
was something that only faggots did, he protested.

“Well I guess I’m officially a faggot now.” she said out loud,
not realizing she had said it.

If Colleen heard her, she gave it no mind. Instead she
continued her rapid hand motions until she looked into Jackie’s
face and saw a look that she could only describe as craving.

From her experiences with other women, Colleen recognized
her need. It wasn’t one she shared, but one she was more than
willing to indulge.

“Let’s move to the bedroom.” she said. “I have something I
think you’re going to like.”

Still dripping wet, the two naked woman slid into the sunken
pit containing the waterbed. It was like bouncing on a mound of
jello as they pushed aside the silk sheets and landed in each
other’s arms.

Colleen planted a fiery kiss on Jackie’s lips and she pulled
the young married woman tight against her. Jackie responded in
turn, her own body aflame in the passion of the moment.

“You said something about a surprise.” She panted as they
finally broke the kiss.

A broad grin filled Colleen’s face as she separated herself
from Jackie and reached over her shoulder to open one of the
small shelves cut into the walls of the bed pit. From within she
removed two objects. Jackie tried to see what they were but
Colleen was blocking them from view.

“Your choice.” The doctor said as she turned around and
held up her two hands. In each was one of the objects from the
cubby hole.

In Colleen’s left hand was a white vibrator, much like the one
she’s seen one night at Maria Santiago’s house back in senior year.
The other girls had all expressed some degree of shock that Maria
had even had such a thing. Of course that shock hadn’t prevented
any of them from taking a turn in the bathroom with Maria’s little
toy - Jackie included.

In Colleen’s right hand was something that Jackie had never
seen outside of an adult movie or a sexual aids catalogue. It was a
rubber replica of a man’s cock and balls. Longer and thicker than
Billy’s real cock, it was fitted at the base with a series of straps,
allowing it to be worn like the real thing. It immediately brought to
mind the image from her fantasy of Janet using one much like it
on Karen.

“That one!” Jackie gushed as she pointed in the direction of
Colleen’s right hand.

Dropping the vibrator back into the small opening, Colleen
stood up and began to strap on the artificial cock. She wasn’t
surprised that Jackie had chosen this particular toy. Like many of
her bisexual friends, Jackie still associated sex with her being
penetrated. It was because of them that she even had toys like

“Ready?” Colleen asked as she tightened the last strap.

“Oh yes!” Jackie answered, the excitement in her voice
clearly evident.

Her heart racing, Jackie quickly turned over and positioned
herself on all fours. She pushed her ass up in the air, inviting
Colleen to take her.

Normally, she hated it when Billy wanted to fuck in this
position, associating it with submission. Yet right now she viewed
it differently. She wasn’t submitting to Colleen, she was giving her
body as a gift.

Colleen was also finding herself somewhat surprised by her
reaction to the situation. Normally, she would use a dildo on a lover
with the same enthusiasm that most men had when they performed
cunnilingus. They weren’t crazy about it, but it made their lover
happy so they did it for that reason. Yet this time, she found
herself looking forward to it.

Moving closer, Colleen reached up between Jackie’s widely
spread legs and rubbed her fingers across the length of Jackie’s
cunt. Then she slipped two fingers inside of her and pumped them
a few times. She continued for a few minutes until she was
satisfied that Jackie was as lubricated as she was going to be.

“Oh yes...” Jackie moaned, her face buried against the soft
resilient surface of the waterbed.

Removing her now wet fingers, Colleen took the cocktoy in
hand and pressed it against the opening of Jackie’s womanhood.
She rubbed it up and down a few times, covering the head with a
shiny coating of natural lubricant.

Then Colleen pressed forward and a loud gasp escaped the
younger woman’s lips as she felt the hard head of the artificial
manhood enter her.

“Ooooo.” Jackie moaned.

Colleen pulled back slightly, then pressed forward again.
This time the dildo penetrated twice as far and she could feel the
walls of Jackie’s pussy closing around it. She repeated the action,
driving the fake organ to half its full length.

“More, more!” Jackie repeated.

Colleen’s third thrust sent her “manhood” deep into the
woman beneath her, until the rubber balls slapped against the soft
flesh of her ass.

Jackie felt a burning within her, a sudden pain that she
found strangely exciting. The thought that it was another woman
within her instead of a man proved much more exciting that the
temporary discomfort.

“Fuck me!” She cried out. “Fuck me as hard as you can!”
Jackie added, surprised at her own words.

Colleen took a hard grip on Jackie’s tanned hips and began to
fuck her in earnest. Each lunging motion came harder than the
last, causing Jackie to buck up and down, her now raised head
thrashing from side to side.

Jackie had quickly been caught up in the rhythm of Colleen’s
movements, now slamming herself back to meet each forward
thrust. Her long brown hair flew every which way as a hot sweat
covered her body.

Colleen too found herself becoming lost in the firestorm
that was consuming her lover. She could feel the heat of her
passion through the conduit that made them one. Her own breaths
were now coming in short spurts as she too felt the effects of a
racing pulse.

The loud grunts of delight from the thrashing woman
beneath her filled her ears like a symphony. And like a good
conductor, she quickened the pace even more.

“Oh yes!” Jackie screamed as Colleen entered her again and
again. “Harder, harder!”

The older woman abruptly withdrew her now saturated dildo
from the sex crazed woman. Before Jackie could react, Colleen
pulled hard on her bronze legs and they suddenly gave way beneath
her. Her legs hardly hit the warm surface beneath them when the
older woman grabbed the side of Jackie’s waist and flipped her

Continuing the motions, she pulled the woman’s legs apart as
soon as she was on her back. Without any preliminaries, she
plunged her phallic toy deep within Jackie. The new missionary
position allowed an even greater penetration and caught Jackie by
surprise. Colleen went on like a woman possessed, keeping up a
steady pumping motion that was driving Jackie wild.

Jackie wrapped her long legs around Colleen’s back, pulling
their bodies tight against each other. This caused Colleen’s
thrusts to be restricted to shorter strokes, but they now came at
double the frequency. The shiny surface of the bed beneath them
was becoming increasingly wet with the mix of sweat and sex
dripping off each of their bodies.

With Jackie’s dark breasts now readily available, Colleen
went to work on them as well. A frenzy of tongue and mouth sent
ripples of delight across Jackie’s writhing form. Sensations that
only added to the fire radiating from between her legs.

“I’m.... going... to.... cum!” Jackie spit out between gasps.

“Not yet!” Colleen called out in response.

In that same instant, she again pulled out of Jackie’s tight
pussy and in one quick fluid motion, replaced the toy with her

Her eager tongue raced across Jackie’s clit, providing the
final spark to set off a conflagration of unbridled lust. Jackie
exploded as never before, with a force she could never have
imagined. Her body quaked with such force that for a moment she
feared she was going to black out.

While she herself hadn’t climaxed, the fruits of her efforts
that now covered her face were rewards enough for Colleen. It
had been quite some time since she’d enjoyed herself this much. It
had been far too long she told herself.

Long silent minutes passed as the two women lay entwined.
It took that long for both of their bodies to calm down to
something resembling normal. Finally it was Colleen who broke the
silence in a drained voice.

“Are you all right?” She asked as she shifted position and
crawled up alongside Jackie.

“All right?” Jackie repeated in a similarly tired tone. “No,
I’m not all right. I’ve never felt so exhausted in my entire life.....”

She paused for a few seconds, catching her breath.

“But then again...” she continued. “I’ve never felt so
incredibly satisfied in my life either.”

The response brought both a smile and a equal feeling of
satisfaction to Colleen. She leaned over and kissed Jackie softly.
One kiss led to another, and it was a long time before they

It was with great reluctance that Jackie showered alone the
next morning before she got dressed again. But she agreed with
Colleen that if she joined her, they only start all over again.

By the time she dressed, Colleen had also showered and was
already ready for her day.

“That was fast.” Jackie said as she walked out onto the
patio to find Colleen fully dressed and pouring a cup of coffee.

“A holdover from my years as an intern.” Colleen said as she
replaced the small glass coffeepot on the table. “You learned how
to wash and dress in a hurry.”

“I’m not really sure how to say this,” Jackie said as she sat
down at the table and took a sip of the hot coffee. “But yesterday
was the most incredible day of my life. I would never have
believed before that you could be that comfortable with another

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Colleen replied as she took a small
bite out of her pastry. “And I have to admit, I really enjoyed it
too. A lot more than I expected to.”

“So where do we go from here?” Jackie asked, a little
fearful of the response.

“I guess that’s up to you.” said Colleen. “Like I said in my
email, there were no strings attached in our meeting yesterday. I
didn’t plan what happened, and I’d understand if you wanted to just
let it become a memory. A pleasant memory, but a memory never
the less.”

“Just ships passing in the night?” Jackie asked.

“Not exactly how I’d put it, but something like that.”

“And if I wanted it to be more than that?” Jackie asked,
taking another sip of her coffee.

“Then again, it’s up to you.” came Colleen’s reply as she
stopped nibbling and gave the woman across the table her full and
undivided attention.

“To be perfectly honest, I would like to see you again.” she
began. “Not just because the sex was great, and believe me, it
was. From just the short time we’ve spent together I’ve developed
enough of an impression of you that I think that we could be
friends...close friends and perhaps much more. But at the same
time, I want you to be attracted to me because I can give you
something you need, and not because you’re just running away from
something or someone.”

“In other words, work out my problems with Billy first.”
Jackie said.


“I suppose I could just tell him where I was last night, that
would sure put a end to our problems.” Jackie quipped. “I’d only
have to worry about how far I’d bounce when he threw me out.”

Colleen laughed at the image.

“But you’re right, I should be sure of what I’m doing and

“In the meantime, if you need to talk, I’m always willing to
listen.” said Colleen.

“And have lunch or something...” Jackie added.

“Perhaps, but lets just take it slow, agreed?”

“Agreed.” Jackie smiled.

Breakfast was quickly finished and Colleen walked Jackie
out. They were standing on the porch saying their good-byes when
Jackie noticed a familiar face down on the street. Standing in
front of the house next store, looking right up at Colleen and her,
was Judy from the Promenade.

A sudden impulse filled Jackie. If nothing else, it showed
how far she had come in the last twenty four hours. Catching
Colleen totally by surprise, she leaned over and kissed her on the
lips. Committing such an act in public was more a declaration of
her independence that anything they’d done in private.

“Thank you.” she said as she turned and walked down the

Reaching the bottom, she turned and waved good-bye to
Colleen one last time before she disappeared back into the house.
As she passed Judy, she made sure she said hello.

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” she said.

To which Judy readily agreed.

As she walked down the street, she could feel Judy’s eyes on
her, watching the sway of her ass. The feeling that filled her
could definitely no longer be called virginal.


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