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part 3 of 4
My Fantasy

It's been a year, Victoria and I are still together. I still work for the
school. Linda and Frank seems to be happy. Mary and Phil got a divorce for some
reason. Maybe it was meant to be. Mary still goes to Frank and Linda's for
threesomes. So does Phil.
Victoria had the second baby and decided to have her tubes tied. She is
still loving sex, sometimes I think she is getting wilder. She still only wants
me but will go to Linda's and take on Frank, while I poke Linda. She says that
he isn't as good as me but likes to have another man every once in awhile. Her
body is still firm. Her breasts are also firm since she does her excercises
daily. And that butt, I just want to hug it and kiss it all the time.
We were able to get the new asst. to Linda to join us. It turns out she is
bi like Mary. We were at party at Linda's. It wasn't suppose to be sexual. But,
Rita and Mary disappeared. Linda was trying to drag me off to the bedroom. When
we opened the door of the spare room there was Rita, between Mary's legs sucking
her cunt like there was no tomorrow.
"Well, hello," Linda said, "I see we may have amother person for our
little get togethers." Rita jumped up, blushing the whole time, "I'm sorry. I
didn't want anyone to know I was bi."
Linda told her it was alright because she liked to lick a pussy every now
and then and Mary and her have done it numberous times. She went on to explain
how we all get together a couple of times a month for just this reason. Linda
turned and unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, which made Rita's eyes pop
out of her head, then buried her nose into my pubic hair while my cock slid down
her throat.
"Look at the size of that thing." Rita panted.
Mary said, "Yeah, I know. But you ought to feel it inside of you. I have."
"Do you think I'll get chance to fuck him?" She asked Mary.
"Maybe, All you have to do is ask."
"Damn, I'm getting hot for him just watching Linda suck it." Rita stated
as she moved her hand to her cunt.
Mary said, "Here let me help you." as she lowered Rita to the bed and
clamped her mouth onto Rita engorged clit.
"Oh, yes. Right there! Suck my clit! Tongue my pussy." Rita moaned as Mary
started her attack on the center of Rita's pleasure.
While Rita was getting eaten by Mary she turned so she could watch Linda
shallowing my cock. Little did she know that in a few seconds she would be
watching Linda shallowing my cum.
My cock swelled as the sperm raced up its shaft and into Linda throat.
Linda started shallowing every squirt as it hit her throat. I thought she might
gag but Linda had become a pro at sucking dicks and never missed a drop.
After Linda had finished draining my balls she stood up and stated, "I
think I should sent every home that doesn't swing."
And she did.
I took Victoria home because she didn't want to be fucked by Frank or
Phil. She told me I could stay and enjoy myself, but all she wanted was her bed.
I returned to Linda's as the last people were leaving. Frank and Phil were
busy giving Mary a double fucking. Rita was sitting on the floor watching Mary
getting a dick up her pussy, and one up the ass. Rita's hand was a blur as she
fingered her own cunt. I undressed, moved over to Rita and place my cock at her
"God, another vacuum cleaner." I said as Rita inhaled my cock into her
mouth. She had about 3/4 of it in her mouth when she started to gag.
Linda walked in about that time and told Rita, "Go slowly, get use to the
size. He is very gentle. Relax your throat muscles."
Rita listen to Linda and began to go slower. As she did she was able to
get all of me in her mouth and down her throat. Then she really started sucking.
Linda saw that there was no place for her with Frank and Phil so she laid
on the floor under Rita. She placed her tongue on Rita's clit and started to
suck the little nub into her mouth. This drove Rita nuts. Rita pulled off of my
dick then slammed it back into her throat. The pleasure was unbelieveable. I
couldn't hold back and dump my load into Rita's throat. I felt like I'd never
stop cumming. I think it was the biggest load I have ever unloaded into a woman.
Rita gagged a little from so much cum being pumped in her mouth. She
pulled back to where just the head was in her mouth. She tried to keep up with
the flow but couldn't. It drulled out of her mouth, down her chest right into
Linda's eyes. Linda never missed a chance to eat my sperm. She stopped licking
Rita's clit and moved up Rita's tits licking up the sperm as she went. When she
got to Rita's mouth I thought we might have a fight as they jockeyed for
position to see who could get the most of my spunk. Linda won. Linda also kissed
Rita so she could dig out of Rita's mouth any sperm that didn't get shallowed.
All of a sudden Mary screamed as she had her orgasm, "FUCK ME! FUCK my ass
and cunt! Fill my butt with your sperm! Fill my cunt with your spunk! AAAAAHHHh!
OOOOOHHHHhhhh! Damn, I feel so good! I love two cocks in me at the same time! Oh,
Rita looked over towards Mary. She watched carefully as Frank and Phil
plowed Mary's holes. "God, thats making me hot. I have to try that." She moaned
as her fingers went deeper into her pussy.
Rita wasn't a bad looking woman. Her tits were bigger than Linda's. Her ass
was round but not real firm. Her pussy was covered with flaming red hair that
was cropped close. She was 5'4" tall kind of cute with short hair that was brown
instead red. She must color it. And we had already found that she was bi.
Since I had never fucked a red-head and I knew I wanted to fuck her in the
worst way.
I grabbed her under her armpits and lifted up. I carried her to the spare
room while the others were busy. I laid her on the bed gently and moved my mouth
to her red-haired pussy. She was covered with her own juices from fingering
herself. I spread her pink labia lips and proceed to tongue her clit. She put
her hands on my head to pull me into her crotch. She moaned when my tongue
touched her clit, "Oh, yes right there. Lick me! Tongue my clit! Tongue my cunt!
Ooohhhhhh, YYYYeeesssssss! I love it!"
While I was tongue fucking Rita, Mary arrived. She dove straight to my cock
and sucked it in.
I guess Linda had traded places with Mary for I could hear her screaming.
I stuck a finger into Rita's pussy while my tongue continued to flick her
clit. Her juices were flowing like a river. Down my chin, to my hand then down
the crack of her ass to the bed. When I stuck a second finger into her I put my
thumb to her asshole and pushed in. Rita jumped as my thumb entered her ass but
I felt her butt clamp onto the thumb and Rita moaned louder.
After tonguing her for awhile I raised up, removing my cock from Mary's
mouth. Mary had done a good job of getting me hard. I kneeled between Rita's
legs for a few second so that she could get a good look at my cock. Her eyes
grew larger when saw it close up like this. "I don't know if you'll fit in me
without tearing me." She wailed. Mary crawled up next to her and said, "Don't
worry. It will fit. And he real gentle the first time he puts it to a woman."
Rita relaxed a little. I placed the cock head against her opening. I nugged
forward a little so the head would slip in.
"Ohhhhhh, that feels good but I so tight." Rita whispered.
"Don't worry. When he done with you, you won't be tight!" Mary consoled.
I pushed forward some more and the head popped in to her pussy. "AAAAHHHH!
OOOOhhhhhhh! God, he's so big! But I want more! Fill my pussy with your cock!
Ram it to me!"
I pulled back a little then rammed every inch into Rita's tight juicy cunt.
She screamed as my cock invaded her cunt. She thrust her hips up to meet my
down thrust. I stopped only when my pubic bone hit hers. I could feel her cervix
with my dick head. "Oh, damn. I'm so full. I've never had a cock this large in
my cunt! I can feel it at my womb! I could learn to love this cock!"
Rita looked at Mary and said, "You were right. It does fit. But it sure is
I proceed to pull my cock out of her pussy till just the head was in her. I
could feel her pussy collasped around my cock by the vacuum it created when it
displaced all of the air in her. I slammed my dick back into her. She moaned as
I hit bottom again. I continued to pull out then ram it back in. But I did it
with very slow strokes. I wanted Rita to feel every vein, every ridge, every
bumps of my dick.
She thrashed her head from side to side as I fucked her. "God, he's driving
me crazy with his dick. I can't stand it. Fuck me harder, deeper, faster!" She
yelled. But I kept the pace the same.
Mary was kissing her tits and telling to enjoy what she was getting. The
best was to come later.
I could feel my cock swelling as it got ready to dump it load of cum into
Rita's pussy. My balls churned as the sperm raced towards the end of my dick.
Rita was ramming her hips up at me trying to get as much of my cock into
her as she could. She screamed, "I can feel you deep inside me. I can feel your
cock swelling. I feel the head pounding on my womb. FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! Dump
your sperm deep in me. FILL MY WOMB! RAM that monster cock of yours harder,
faster, deeper. Oh, shit."
I started to cum. But with Rita's tight cunt, my sperm had no place to go.
I could feel it sqirting out the sides of her pussy. When I rammed my cock
deep into her it forced itself part way into her womb. My cum started filling
her womb. I could feel it suck my sperm into it.
When I finished cumming I pulled my now softing dick from her pussy. The
cum started running out of Rita's cunt. Mary dove down to her pussy and began
lapping up my sperm. Rita asked me to bring my cock up to her mouth so that she
could clean off the remaining spunk. As she cleaned, my cock responded to her
mouth. It grew back to its hard state. I knew what I was going to do next.
I knew I had to try Rita's tight butt before anyone else did. I want to be
the first of our group.
I let Rita continued to suck on my shaft while Mary finished cleaning her
pussy. I knew Mary would do more than just lick up the sperm. She'd tongue
Rita's hole and probably bring her to other climax.
I was right. Mary was sticking her tongue into Rita's pussy trying to get
as much of the sperm as possible. I rolled Rita over onto her hands and knees.
I asked Mary to go get the KY jelly Linda kept in her bathroom. As Mary left I
moved behind Rita and started tongueing her cunt lips. I probed her hole to find
Mary had removed every drop of spunk. Rita was enjoying the tongue lashing I was
giving her. She thrust her ass back at me every time my tongue touched her clit.
I moved my tongue up to her peckered anal opening. You would have thought
the world had exploded. Rita came unglued as my tongue teased her rectum. "Oh,
Don't stop. I love it. Noones ever tongued my butt before. It feels so good."
I stiffened my tongue and pushed at her hole. The hole was resisting until
I stuck a finger into Rita's pussy. I pushed again and my tongue entered her ass
about an inch. Rita exploded into a gut retching orgasm. Her juices started
flowing like a faucet.
I did this to Victoria a couple of times and got the same response. I
never did it to Linda. Probably because Linda would not wait. She just wanted
meat. And to do it to Mary would be a problem for Mary can't control her bowels
to well.
I pulled my tongue out when Mary returned with the KY. I covered my dick
with it then I proceed to smear it on Rita's asshole. I stuck a finger into her
hole. Rita asked, "What are you doing to me?" I told her, "I'm loosing you up
so that I can butt fuck you."
"Nobody has ever fuck my ass. I don't know if I can do it. You are so big.
You'll tear my asshole! I'm afraid." Rita said.
By then Linda, Frank and Phil had finished their session. Linda heard Rita
talking about being butt fucked. "Don't worry." She said, "He is good at butt
fucking and when he breaks in a new girl, he's very gentle. Besides we'll be
here with you. You'll love it once he burys the whole thing. I didn't think I
would be able to handle his monster cock but I did and now I look forward to him
fucking my ass."
Frank chirped in, "After your first time you'll enjoy it so much and then
be able to be triple teamed you like we do Mary, Linda and Victoria."
Rita relaxed after hearing what everyone was saying.
I stuck a second and third finger into her ass and she clamped then
relaxed then clamped again. Each time she clamped it feel looser and looser. I
knew she would be ready in a few minutes.
I took my fingers out of Rita's butt. I told what she may need is to see
somebody being butt fucked up close. I had Linda get on the bed and I had Rita
come back beside me. This way she could see everything that was going to happen.
Linda reached back and spread her asscheeks fully exposing her opening. I
placed my cock against her anal opening and pushed my dick into her ass. Linda
wailed, "God, I love it when you fuck my ass. You stretch me so far open I feel
like a tree trunk is being pushed up me. FUCK MY ASS, NOW!"
I began fucking LInda with slow deep strokes. I wasn't going to cum in her
ass, I wanted to cum in Rita's virgin butt hole. I stroke Linda's well abused
butt for about 5 minutes while Rita's eyes stared at my cock going in and out of
Linda butt.
She asked Linda, "Does it really feel that good. Can you feel him deep
inside you." "YES," Linda screamed as her orgasm hit. Linda pussy was pumping
her cum juices down her legs and onto the bed.
Rita looked at me, "OK, I want to try it. But go slow so I can get use to
I pulled my dick out of Linda under her protest, "I want your cum in me."
"Maybe later, right now we have to break in Rita." I replied.
"Yeah, Maybe we can make you women air-tight, later." Phil popped in.
Rita assumed the position I had her in eariler, I got behind her. Linda
crawled between my legs and started lapping on Rita's clit. Mary sat in front of
her with her legs spread so Rita would have access to Mary's cunt. Phil plowed
his cock into Linda's pussy and Frank offered Mary a cock to suck. Rita bent
down and began to lick Mary's pussy. I put my cock head up to her asshole.
As I started pushing forward I could feel Rita's rectun resisting. I
continued a steady pressure. I felt the tip of my cock spread her hole a little
as Rita moaned. I twisted my cock and pushed harder. The KY did its job. The
head slipped in. Rita wailed, "Oh, it hurts. Its to big!"
Linda removed her mouth from Rita's clit, "Try to relax. It only hurts
when you tighten up your butt. He'll wait while your butt gets use to the head.
It the biggest part. The rest will be easy." Then Linda went back to eating
Rita's pussy.
Linda's calming voice helped, I felt Rita's hole relax a little. I waited
for it to relax more before starting my attack again.
Rita moaned, "Put some more of your cock in me. I want to feel every inch
of your cock."
I pushed a couple more inches into her. Damn, she was tight. I had only
felt one butt tighter than Rita's and that was Victoria's. I could feel her
colon stretching as my cock eased it way in. Rita was moaning but it was hard
to hear because she had her mouth buried in Mary's pussy.
Linda moaned as Phil removed his dick from her pussy, "Please, put your
cock back in me. I need it." Phil said, "I think I'll fuck your butt, too."
With that he put his cock to Linda's asshole and shoved it in right to the hilt
in one stroke. Since Phil wasn't very big it was easy for Linda to take him.
"Oh, shit. Thats feels good. Ram it to my ass!" She wailed.
As Rita's ass relaxed again I inserted more of my cock. She now had 1/2 of
it buried in her ass. "Damn, you're big. I can feel you stretching my poor butt.
Linda was right. It feels like a tree trunk being forced into me. But it does
feel wonderful."
I pulled my cock out a little and regreased it. Then when I felt Rita's
ass relax again I rammed in every inch of my dick. "Oh my God, You're tearing
my asshole! I can feel your whole cock. It feels bigger in my ass than in my
cunt! I hope I didn't tear to badly."
I looked down and saw that there was no blood, "Nope, you didn't tear." I
told her.
"Damn, Your cock is so big. I know my ass will never close again. I'm
stretched open forever. I'll never be able to hold my bowels again. But it does
feel good."
Linda removed her mouth from Rita's clit again. "Don't worry. You'll
close up again. You won't stay stretched. But you will want him to do you again.
I know I did and still do."
I pulled my dick back to where just the head was in her, "Please, Don't
take it out."
"I don't plan to." I told her as I rammed it back into her bowels.
"Holy shit, AAAAHHHHHHHH! OH,SHIT! I love it. Pack my ass! Fill me with
your cock. Ram it to me again! Let me feel the head in my throat! YYYYEEEESSSS."
Rita yelled as my cock slammed into her. The head stretched her colon as it
forced its way deep into her butt.
I continued to abuse Rita's rectum. This was the second best butt I had
ever fuck. My cock started swelling as it got ready pour its load into Rita's
"Ohhhh, no. I feel you swelling up in my butt. Its getting to big. I know
i'm going to tear. God, but it feels so good. FUCK ME! Ram your wonderful cock
into my ass. Fuck me with that monster dick. Fill my ass with your sperm." Rita
I did what she asked. I rammed every inch of my cock into her ass. My
pubic bone hit her tail bone. I held my dick deep in her as my sperm gushed into
her bowels. I felt like I had a faucet for a dick as I kept cumming and cumming.
"I feel your hot cum dumping into my ass. I can feel it trying to fill
my stomach. AAAAHHHHHHhhh! Damn, I love your cock. OOOHHHHhhhhh! I love your
sperm. I want more of both. I need more of both. UUUGGGHHHhhhh! I want to be
fucked in the ass again." Rita yelled as she had her fourth and hardest orgasm.
When I finished filling her ass with cum, I slowly removed my deflating
dick from her. Her asshole stay open and sperm dripped out. Mary rushed in and
started licking up the spunk.
Frank stood there with a hard-on. I looked at him and said, "Why don't you
try some of her ass. Frank jumped on the bed, got behind Rita and buried his
cock in her ass in one stroke. Seeing this Phil got under Rita and buried his
dick in her pussy. Mary climbed behind Frank and licked their cocks as they went
in and out of Rita's pussy.
Linda came over, kneeled and sucked my cock into her throat. I was tired
and wanted to go home. I knew I wouldn't be able to cum but let Linda suck my
dick anyway.
After a few minutes I took my cock from Linda's mouth. I told everyone
that I was going home. Linda pouted, "I want to fuck you tonight. Please, don't
I told I need to and that I would see her at school tomorrow. She looked
at me and said, "Good, I'll see you in my office at 10 o'clock. Be ready to
fuck me, you big hunk of man." She kissed me deeply at the front door while the
others were still in the bedroom.
When I got home I took a shower and climbed into bed with Victoria. She
woke up and asked, "Tell me what happened. Did you get to fuck Rita?"
"Yes, I fucked Rita. I also fucked her ass. The party went the way it
usually does. Linda got double fucked from Phil and Frank. Mary got to eat a new
pussy. Linda want me to fuck her but I was to tired after Rita. So she wants me
to fuck her at school tomorrow." I told her.
"I wish I was feeling better. I would have like to watch you get Rita."
She replied. "Honey, if you're not to tired, would you make love to me?"
"I'm never to tired to make love to you, little one." I said.
She rolled over with her back to me. I got behind her and rubbed my cock
against her pussy. When I was hard I slipped it into her.
"Oh, you feel so good and so hard. I love you." She moaned..
Victoria's pussy was very tight. "God, I love you. You always feel so
good in me. I can feel your cock on my womb." She wailed. "Please, fill me with
your sperm."
She told me, "Please, fuck me harder and deeper. I want to feel you deep
in me."
I felt my sperm rushing from my balls and into her pussy. She wailed as
the sperm splashed against her womb, "Yes, that it. Fill me with your love juice.
Fill my womb."
When I finished Victoria rolled over towards me and hugged my neck. While
kissing me she said, "I love you. I am so happy I'm with you. My life is
complete with you." And I love you. I am thankful that I have you. You are the
best thing ever to enter my life." I said as I kissed her deeply.
Victoria sat up, turned on the light saying, "I have a surprise for you."
"And what would that be, Vic." I asked. I was the only person she ever
allowed to call her Vic or Vicky.
"Well, you always said to you wanted to fuck a virgin. I met a girl at
work who is one. Her name is Vanessa. She is nineteen years old. With blonde
hair and big breasts. She was talking to me the other day. She told me that she
didn't want to be a virgin any longer but was afraid to do it with just any guy.
She doesn't have a boyfriend. And she doesn't know how to act around men. She
said that when she goes out she just sits there like a bump on a log. I told her
that I would ask you if you wanted to take her cherry and that it was alright
with me."
"Sure, I like that. When does she want to do it." I asked.
"When ever you are ready. I told her that it would be here at our house
and that I would be here also, is that ok with you?" she asked.
"Of course, I wouldn't want to do it if you were not here. I like to
see your smile as I do it to another female because you know what shes feeling
and that you will go home with me. I know it makes you feel proud to know that I
love only you and that the other women are just a phyical thing. I would never
leave you for one of them."
"Ok, its settled. I'll invite Vanessa over for dinner Thursday night.
You pick up some KY at the store." She stated.
I hugged her again, kissed her and laid her down to sleep. I starred at
her as she fell asleep. I was so happy with this woman. And I knew that she must
love me very much to have found a virgin for me.
I fucked Linda Monday morning then went to class thinking about Vanessa
for the rest of the day.
When Thursday came I couldn't wait to get home. Linda wanted me to stay
and fuck her but I told her that Vicky needed me home. I sure wasn't going to
tell her about Vanessa. She'd get pissed or want to come over. Vicky and I
didn't want her there.
I arrived at home to find Vanessa and Victoria already there. Vicky
introduce us and we made small talk while Vicky finished dinner. Over dinner we
talked about the events to take place later. Vanessa said that she was a little
afraid but was tired of being a virgin. She also needed to learn how to act
around men without seeming slutish. I told her that Victoria could help her on
the man part and learn how to date. I could only help her learn to enjoy sex and
what to do to and for a man.
"He can sure do that." Victoria chirped in. "I never thought I'd ever
want a man as much as I want him. He showed me how loving he was and has always
been there for me. And his big cock is one of his better points. You'll love it
when he's done."
"But what if I fall in love with him?" Vanessa asked.
"Other women have in the past but it doesn't do them any good. He loves
only me and the women are just phyical release. I don't have to worry about him.
He's mine. And I like to share him once in a while with others. But he always
comes home to me.
"You two have such a beautiful relationship. I hope I can find someone
who thinks like you two do." Vanessa replied.
"You will, if you go about it in the right way." I told her.
After dinner, we went our bedroom where Vicky had everything laid out
for the evening. We removed our clothes. What Victoria had told me was an
understatement. Vanessa had a beautiful body. Her breasts were large but firm.
Her ass was round and very firm. Her stomach was nice and flat just like Vicky.
Vanessa's pussy was tiny like Vicky's. Her pubes were blonde and very sparse. I
thought how nice it would be to shave her bald.
Vanessa was staring at Victoria's body. Victoria's saw this and asked, "I
keep my pubes shaved for my hubby, he likes me to have no hair on my crotch."
"Doesn't it itch?" Vanessa asked.
"Only if I let it go for to long." Vicky replied. "Sometimes I do just so
my husband will shave it. I like the way he does it. I like the way his hands
feel. You should let him do you."
"I'd like to try it. Would you shave me now?" She asked.
"Ok," I said. "Let's all go to the bathroom."
I spread a towel on the floor and Vicky got a pillow for her head so she
could watch her pubes being removed. I got out the razor and shaving cream. I
covered her pubic patch with the cream. Vanessa's eyes got large as I removed
her hair one stroke at a time. When I finished I had her shower off the soap.
She ran her finger over her newly shaven mound. "It feels as smooth as a baby's
bottom. I like it." She giggled.
We went back to the bedroom and climbed on the bed. I laid Vanessa down
on her back. Victoria sat beside her.
"Relax and enjoy what he does to you. You'll love it so much." Vicky told
"I can't wait." was Vanessa's reply.
I started kissing her. She resisted at first but as I continued she began
relaxing. I moved to her neck then to her breasts. I took each nipple into my
mouth and gently nibbed it. They got hard almost instantly. Vanessa started
moaning as I sucked her tits. She was holding Vicky hand while I continued down
her stomach to her freshly shaven pussy.
"Oh, that tickles." Vanessa said as my tongue touched her clit.
I sucked her clit into my mouth between my teeth. I felt her jump. "Oh,
that feels good. Noone had ever sucked my pussy." she cried as her hips thrust
up towards my mouth. I could feel her juices on my chin as she started getting
excited. I inched a finger into her pussy hole. It stopped when it hit her
maidenhead. This girl was really a virgin, this made my cock hard.
Vicky leaned down as I continued sucking Vanessa's clit. Vicky took my
hard cock into her mouth and started sucking me. I love the way Vicky's warm
mouth felt, she could make me cum in a heartbeat and she knew it.
After a few minutes I removed my cock from Vicky's mouth, knowing that if
I let her continue I'd cum. I wanted to empty my balls in Vanessa's pussy after
I broke her cherry. I moved my cock to Vanessa's mouth. She looked at it and
said, "Its so big. It won't fit in my mouth."
"Yes, it will." Vicky said. "Just start with the head then as you get use
to it, take more into your mouth. I'll show you." Vicky again sucked my cock
into her mouth to show Vanessa how to do it.
"I don't know cocks got that big." Vanessa stated. "I thought they stayed
small like boys cocks."
"Some are small." Vicky told her as she took her mouth off my dick. "But
my man's cock is pretty big. His is the biggest I ever had in me. But he is
gentle and knows how to use it. He even fucks me in the ass with it."
"Doesn't that hurt?" She asked.
"It did a little a first, but after he had it buried all the way in me. It
felt good. Now, I like him to butt fuck me about once a week or more." Vicky
"You really like it that much. I wonder if I would like it. Maybe I'll try
it someday!" Vanessa answered.
She started licking the head as a little drop of pre-cum came out. "Is
that sperm?" she asked.
"Yes, it called pre-cum." Vicky told her. "How does it taste?"
"It taste sweet and warm." She replied.
"You'll have a chance to drink a lot more of it later after he takes your
cherry, if you want to." Vicky stated.
"I want to try everything. I want to be fucked, sucked, swallow his sperm,
and even try to have him butt fuck me!" Vanessa said.
Vanessa went back to licking my dick. She licked up one side of the shaft
and down the other. Then she put the head into her mouth. Her lips stretched
tight as she forced the head in. When she had the head in I could feel her
tongue licking around it. She pushed more of my cock into her mouth until she
had 1/2 of it. She continued to lick for a few minutes then took it out.
"Damn, I didn't think would get any of it in my mouth. It was hard but I
knew I wanted to try."
"After you have sucked it a few times it will get easier." Vicky rplied.
"Now lay back," I told her. "We are going to give you some cock for the
first time."
"Are you sure it will fit? Will it hurt? Won't I be ripped open?" She
"Yes, It will hurt but only temporarily when the hymen is broken then it
will feel wonderful." Vicky told her. "I didn't have him to take my cherry. I
wished I would have. Maybe it would have been a better experience for me. As it
was, it turned me against all men. I thought they were all assholes and wanted
nothing to do with them. Till I met my husband."
I sat up and greased my cock with KY jelly.
"Why is he doing that?" she asked.
"It will help his cock go in easier since you might not be very wet. Your
nerivousness might not let you get wet." Vicky explained.
I got between Vanessa thighs and raised her legs onto my shoulders. I put
the head of my dick against her virgin hole. I moved it around to get some KY on
her lips. I nudged the head into her a little.
"It hurts." She yelled. "But I want it."
I pulled back and looked at Victoria, "What do you think I should do?"
"I think you should keep a constant pressure until you feel her hymen."
Vicky replied. "Then you should ram it in. I know it will hurt but it is the
quickest and best way to do it. If you do it slow it will cause a lot of undue
"Yes, do it fast. Then it will be over quicker." Vanessa stated.
I continued to push into her and stretch her pussy until I reached her
hymen. "How does that feel, Vanessa?" I asked.
"It feel like a tree trunk in me. You are so big. I want it but I don't
want to be torn. I need to feel a real cock in me." She said. "Just ram it to
I pulled back a little then thrust my hips down. My cock ripped though her
hymen in one stroke. Vanessa screaned as her hymen broke and my cock rushed to
meet her womb. Her legs fell from my shoulders and clamped around my waist. She
squeezed Vicky hand as the pain coursed though her brain and pussy. When I hit
bottom. I was at her womb. I held my dick deep in her as she got use to the size
of it. As her pain started to subside, she looked up at me and said. "You did
it. It sure did hurt but now it feels good. I feel so packed. I never knew that
some thing that big would ever fit into me. Please, fuck me."
I had finally done it. My life dream. To take a virgin's cherry. I felt my
cock swell as it got harder just from the thought of what I had done.
I pulled my prick out of her to where just the head was in her. I rammed
it back in slowly letting her feel every vein and bump. I let her feel the head
stretching her virgin track. I let her feel the head hitting her cervix.
"Ohhhhhhh, YYYYYEEEESSSS, I feel your hard cock in me. I can feel every
ridge of it. I can feel it hitting my womb. YES, FUCK ME. Fuck me deep. Let me
feel all of you. Fill my pussy with your monster cock. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. God, I
love it." She wailed as I pushed in and out.
"I think I'm going to cum. I know I goimg to cum. Fill me. Fuck me." She
My balls started their churning as they wanted to release their load. My
dick swelled to what felt like twice its size. "I cumming!" I yelled.
Vanessa felt the swelling of my cock in her, "I feel your cock swelling.
Its stretching me bigger. I want it all. Pound me with your dick."
I pulled out then I started pounding my cock into her with all my might. I
didn't care if it hurt her. I didn't care about anything at that moment. I just
wanted to pound her cunt as she had asked. In and out. in and out. At a speed
that made my cock a blur. I rammed the last time into her and held my cock deep
in her as it spurted out its load of sperm.
I felt like I'd never stop cumming. My dick kept pumping sperm into her. I
am glad I didn't fuck Linda today as she had asked. I was in heaven. My first
orgasm in a virgin.
Vanessa was thrusting her hips up to meet my cock so she could get it all
in her. Her legs were like a vise on my waist. Her face turned red from her
orgasm. I thought she might pass out. Then she relaxed. Her orgasm subsided.
"Damn, that was wonderful. I feel like a new woman. I have finally been
fucked. I have finally lost my cherry." She kissed me. "Thank you. Thank you both so
very much. I needed that. I can feel your sperm in me moving around trying to
get into my womb. Its so warm. Will you fuck me again?" She asked.
I pulled my now softing dick from her now non-virgin pussy. My dick was
covered with sperm and her blood. When Vanessa saw this, she asked, "Am I going
to bleed long?"
Vicky told her, "No, dear. You have already stopped." "How did you like
your first fuck?"
Vanessa said, "It was so wonderful I can't put it into words. I never
thought I'd ever feel so wonderful. I never thought I'd ever lose my cherry. I
can't thank you enough. Thank you for letting your husband do this for me." With
that she hugged Victoria.
I said, "What about me. I did all the work."
"To you most of all. Thank you for being gentle and making me feel like a
woman. I love you both." She stated. "After we rest I'd like to try taking you
in my butt, OK."
"If thats what you'd like, we can try." I told her.
We went to kitchen to grab a snack. Vanessa kept going on about good she
felt. We were all naked. Me with my dick hanging down. Vanessa with her clean
shaven pussy. Victoria with her shaven pussy and cute ass.
"Damn, you sure have a cute ass, Honey!" I said.
"Oh, go away. You are such a flirt. But I love you anyway." Vicky said.
"I think you are pretty, too." Vanessa chirped in.
"Vicky stated. "By the way. Are you on birth control pills?"
"Yes, I am. But after what happen to me tonight, I wish I wasn't. I would
like to have your husband's baby." Vanessa said.
"We'll see. Maybe I can convince him to give you one like he did me when
I first asked him." Victoria replied. "But I fell in love with him then I asked
him to marry me. I had just wanted a baby to raise by myself. I just meeded a
stud to impregnate me. He even was going to charge me $500.00 dollars."
"But you never paid it." I said.
"I know. I paid it with my body." Vicky laughed.
"And a damn good one at that." I retorted. "Thats why I love you."
Vanessa reached down and cupped Victoria's womanhood, "It feels soft just
like mine. But your clit is bigger."
"Your clit might grow someday. Maybe if it gets sucked alot." Victoria
We went back to the bedroom to continue our evenimg of fun. Vanessa asked,
"I'd like you to fuck my butt."
"Only if you want to." I said.
"I really would like to try it." She said.
"First I think I should let you see what a cock looks like going in and
out of a butt." I suggested. "Vicky, honey. Would you like to show Vanessa want
its like to be butt fucked."
"You bet I would. It has been a long time since you have done me that
way." She stated.
Victoria got on her hands and knees. Her tits rested on the bed. I got
behind her and had Vanessa get next to me. I greased my fingers and cock. I
inserted a finger into Vicky tight butt and twisted it around to loosen her up.
Vanessa watched in AHh as I worked on Vicky butt hole. I inserted another finger
in her, telling Vanessa that this was how I would be getting her ready to accept
my cock.
Meanwhile Vicky was moaning and wiggling her ass as her orgasm approached.
Vanessa asked, "Can I stick my finger in her to see how it feels."
"Ok," I said. Now Victoria is not into women like Linda and Mary but she
was allowing Vanessa certain things because she remembered her wonder when she
first had sex.
"That feels different. I have put my finger in my pussy but never my ass.
But it feels like a pussy." She stated.
She took her finger out of Vicky ass. I moved my cock up to Vicky asshole,
placed it in position then I pushed it in to her slowly. Since Vicky has been
fucked in the ass before, my cock slipped in easy all the to the base.
Victoria climax as my cock entered her. Vanessa's eyes got as big as
saucers as she watched my cock disappeared into my wife.
"Doesn't that hurt?" She asked Vicky.
"The first time it did a little, but now it just feeeels great. AAAHHHH!
Oh, YES. Fuck my butt. You feels so good. Pound that dick of yours into me. God,
I love it."
Vanessa watched me pound my cock into Vicky's ass. Her breathing was
getting faster. Her hand moved to her clit. "I know I'm going to like this. I
can feel it."
After ten minutes of fucking Vicky, I told Vanessa to get in the same
position. I removed my cock from Victoria's ass. I told Vicky I would finish her
"That fine with me. I want to watch you take Vanessa's virgin butt. I
never got to watch mine being taken." She replied.
"That,s because you were on the recieving end. But the next time I fuck
your butt we can alway set up the video camera. OK?" I said.
"Sounds good to me." She replied again.
I greased Vanessa asshole and my fingers. I started pushing on finger into
her virgin butt. It was tight. I think it was because she'd never been fucked
there and she had tightened up from being scared. As I forced my finger in, she
moaned, "I never felt anything going into my ass. It feels strange."
I twisted my finger and pushed more into her.
"It feels good." she groaned.
I put a second finger into her.
"I feel like your going to tear me. But it also feels good." She cried.
I continued to twist and rotating my fingers. I felt her ass starting to
relax as it got use to my probing. I inserted a third finger. Vanessa wailed as
she had her first orgasm.
"I cumming!! It feels wonderful! Push more of your fingers into me." She
I continued to finger fuck her ass. After a few minutes I removed my
I placed my cock head up to her peckered virgin hole. Vicky kneeled beside
me to watch.
I asked Vanessa, "Are you ready?"
"Yes, Please, fuck my butt! Let me feel your cock deep in my ass!" She
As I rubbed my cock around her butt to get more KY on it. She started to
wiggle her ass back towards me. "Hurry, put it in. I want to feel it." She
Placing the head back at her hole I pushed forward. I met a lot of
resistance. Grabbing her hips with one hand and holding my cock with the other
I again pushed forward. This time the head entered her butt.
"OH, SHIT, It feels like it going to tear me apart. Your cock is SOOO
big. I don't know if I can do this. It hurts." She screamed.
"Relax," Vicky told her. "It only hurts until your ass gets use to it. The
head is the biggest part. Just like it was in your pussy."
"I know but I never have felt anything like this before. I know I asked
for it but I didn't realize it would hurt so much."
As I rubbed Vanessa ass, Victoria reached down and started playing with
Vanessa's clit. "Oh, that feels good. Don't stop." She said though clenched
teeth. Her hands had grabbed the sheets and her knuckles were white.
I felt her ass start to relax so I nudged a little more of my cock into
her ass. then I pulled back.
Vanessa said, "Its starting to feel better. Push a little more into me."
I pushed forward. I sild about two inches into her. "God, I feel the head
stretching my colon. Will I ever get to feel all of it? It hurts but it also
feels good. I think I'm going to cum again." As she screamed from her orgasm,
she pushed her ass back towards me. My cock slid deeper into her. She had about
3/4 of it when she screamed again. "I'm cumming again. AAAAHHHHHHH! UUUGGGHHHHH!
It feels wonderful! I can't stop cumming. I'm going to cum again! Push the rest
of your cock into my ass. Fuck me deeper! Pound me with that beautiful piece of
man meat. Stretch my butt."
As she continued to cum I pushed my whole cock into her to the hilt. Her
asscheeks bounced onto my pubic hair.
"I feel so packed. I feel like I have a log up my ass. I can feel your
pubic hair tickling my cheeks. OH, Shit, I'm cummmming! OOOOHHHHHH! FUCK ME!"
She wailed.
I pulled my dick back to where just the head was in her. Then I pushed
it back in slowly till she had it all again. I continued this way.
"I'm cumming! Don't stop! Pound my ass! Fill me with cock! God, I love to
be fucked in the ass. Ram it to me. Fill my ass with your sperm! OOOOOHHHH, Yes.
That it! I'm cummming." She yelled.
I continued to thrust my dick in and out of Vanessa's ass. Victoria looked
at me, smiled and said, "Damn, that looks neat. Is that how my ass looks when
you are fucking me." I told her between strokes that it was. "I want you to
video tape us the next time. I even want to see your cock going into my pussy."
She stated.
As I pounded Vanessa's tight ass I could feel that old rumbling starting
in my balls. I knew I be cumming any minute. Vanessa's ass was clamping down on
my dick. She was so tight. I thought that if she clamped any harder we would get
locked together. Damn, I loved a tight ass!
When I felt my cum racing towards the end of my cock I started slamming
into Vanessa's ass with fast, deep strokes. "Oh, God! Oh, shit! Ram me deeper!
Bury that bone in my ass! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I'm cummmming! I don't think I can
stand it! Oh, shit. FUCK ME!! I can feel your cock swelling deep in me! I need
it. I want it. Fuck Me, you big cocked bastard! Tear up my ass! Pound my ASS!
I'm cummming again. I can't stop cumming!" Vanessa screamed.
On my last stroke I rammed in to the hilt and held my cock deep in her
ass as my sperm shot into her bowels. I felt like I'd never stop cumming.
"Oh, YES. I can feel your hot sperm shooting in my ass! It feels great!
Keep cumming in me. Fill me with your love juice. Fill my ass! Your cock sooo
big. Oh, I love your cock in my ass!" Vanessa wailed as her head swung from
side to side, her hands gripping the bedsheets.
When I pulled my now softing dick from her butt. Her asshole stayed open
for a few minutes as Vanessa continued to moan and jerked from her orgasm. A
stray string of sperm came out of her abused hole and ran down her pussy.
Victoria asked, "Is that how I look when you take your cock out of me?"
I told that sometimes she does and sometimes she didn't. Then Vicky did some
thing I have never saw her do. She reached over and stick two fingers into
Vaneesa's asshole. "I have always wondered what the inside of a butt felt like
with a load of sperm just dumped in it. It feels similar to a pussy. How cool."
I laid down on the bed, exhausted from all the fucking I had done. Vicky
laid next to my right side. Vanessa, so finally was starting to relax laid on
my left.
"Vanessa said, "Thank you both for letting me enjoy this night. I know
now that I shouldn't have waited for long before doing this. Victoria, Thank you
for letting your husband teach me how to have sex. Do you think I could have a
few more lessons with him?"
"Sure, but only here at our house and only when I here.
Victoria looked at me and asked, "Do you think we could rent the spare
room to Vanessa and she could help me with the kids when she is not a work?"
"I don't see why not. If thats what she'd like." I said. "Does that mean
I can have you both whenever I want or the both of you together at the same
"Since I like Vanessa very much I wouldn't mind sharing you with her or
with the two of us together." Victoria stated. "What do you think, Vanessa?"
"I'd like that very much. I'd love to stay here with you both and enjoy
some more of the same as I felt tonight." Vanessa bubbled.
"Then its settled. You'll move in as soon as you can." Vicky said.
"I can start tomorrow if it is alright with you. Can I spent the night
tonight?" Vanessa asked.
"Sure, but you'll have to sleep in this king-size bed with us." Vicky
told her. "You get one side of him and I get the other. But if you decided to
fuck again tonight be sure to wake me so I can watch or join." Victoria stated.
With that, we dozed off to sleep. About 3 o'clock in the morning I felt
something warm on my cock. I woke up, looked down and Vanessa and Vicky were
licking my cock. You're right, we did it all over again.
The next night we were all back in bed together again. I fucked Vanessa
pussy again. Then I fuck Vicky. I also tried something new on Vicky I laid her
down and fist-fucked her pussy. She said that it felt real good and wanted it
again. I even fisted Vanessa. She was tight and it took some time to get my
whole hand in her. But with the KY and her yelling for more I was able to do it.
I have never seen a female thrash around as much as she did. Victoria even
sucked Vanessa tits, something she only did once with Linda.
Vanessa is still living with us. She is in our bed about every night. I
sometimes have trouble keeping up with them but I manage. Vanessa still wants to
have my baby and Vicky is thinking about it. In the meantime, they have gotten
closer. They even have began to to lick and suck each other which Victoria had
at one time thought was nasty. I guess it was because it was Linda or Mary. I
enjoy watching them together and I can always find a open hole to bury my cock
in. But a lot of the time they tell me which hole and which woman to abuse.
Linda still gets her one a week fucking at work. She has even gone as far
as to have me butt fuck her on her desk. We go to Linda's house one in a while
so Victoria can get all of her holes filled at once. She enjoys being air-tight
as we call it. She will let Frank, Bob, that Rita's boyfriend, fuck her ass or
pussy, but will only suck my dick. She says that she only likes the taste of my
sperm. So while they are squirting their cum into her ass and pussy. I am
filling her stomach.
We had Rita and Bob join us one night. That was one wild night. Here was
three women eating each other in a daisy chain. Victoria was licking Rita, Rita
was licking Vanessa, Vanessa was licking Victoria. Bob and I watch them stroking
our hard cocks. Bob and I decided to fuck all three of them in the ass while
they continued to eat each other. Bob started fucking Rita's ass first, then he
moved Vanessa. While he fucked Vanessa I filled Rita's ass with my cock. Then
Bob moved to Victoria's ass while I moved to Vanessa's. Then Bob moved to Rita's
ass again and I moved to Vicky's ass. Around and around we went for about a hour
when finally we came.
The girls had cum about a dozen times each from the licking they were
getting and having cocks shoved up their asses.
I laid all three women on the bed. I told Bob to watch what I was going
to do and then following me like we did in the daisy chain.
I started to fist fuck Victoria then I moved to Vanessa then to Rita. I
let Rita for last because she had never been fisted. Bob was so excited by this
that he almost came on Victoria's feet. After he had his hand in my wife's cunt,
she had another orgasm. She clamped so hard on Bob's hand he thought he'd never
be able to get his hand out of her pussy. But he did. Then he moved to Vanessa.
He said, "I hope she doesn't clamp down on me like Victoria." But she did. I had
just finished getting my whole hand inside of Rita's red-hair pussy. Rita was
screaming about how good it felt. She was thrashing all over the bed. Bob took
his hand out of Vanessa and moved over to Rita. He offered her his cock to suck
and she shallowed him all the way down her throat. I continued to fist-fuck Rita
while Bob fucked her throat. When Rita had her orgasm, Bob came. She shallowed
almost every drop of his sperm. She clamped down on my hand and held it in her.
When we had finished Rita told Bob, "I want you to fist-fuck me from now
on. That felt so wonderful." Then she turned to Victoria and Vanessa. The three
of them talked about all the sex, orgasms and cocks they had gotten tonight.
One night we all went to Linda's house. Everyone was there. LInda, Frank,
Mary, Rita, Bob, Victoria, and me. We even took Vanessa along. Tonight was
going to be the night when all of the women were going to be air-tight.
Bob, Frank, and I discussed how and who was first then second and
so on.
We decided that we would do them in order of age starting with the oldest
to the youngest. That meant that Vanessa would be last. We told the women of our
plans. They all wanted me to be in their asses except Victoria, who wanted me in
her mouth and Bob in her ass. She had never had Bob butt fuck her so she wanted
to try him. Also he was close to the same size of me.
We started with Linda, the oldest. Frank laid on the bed. Linda eased his
cock into her cunt. I got behind her, greased my dick and slipped it into her
ass. Bob moved over Frank so Linda could swallow his prick. Vanessa and Vicky
watched Linda getting plowed. They did play with each other a little. Mary got
into her usual position. Behind me licking the cocks as they came out. We fucked
Linda for about twenty minutes then we all came at the same time. When we pulled
our dicks out of her, she collasped.
Mary was next. Bob laid on the bed. Mary mounted him. Frank pushed into
her mouth and I filled her ass.
After Mary came Victoria. Frank laid on the bed. I put my cock into her
mouth and Bob pushed his dick into her ass. As soon as Bob had his cock buried
to the hilt, Victoria started cumming and kept cumming till we all had our
orgasms. She collasped into the chair.
Now was Vanessa's turn, she had never been air-tight but was looking
forward to it. Bob laid on the bed. Vanessa lowered herself onto his cock very
slowly because he was about as big as me. After she had him buried all the way
in her pussy, Frank offered his cock for her to suck. I got behind her, greased
my dick and started pushing it into her ass. She moaned as I slid in, "My, God,
my pussy and ass feel so stretched. Its like their both in the same hole! I love
being air-tight!" As she went back to sucking Frank's prick. Vanessa had four
orgasms before we finally were able to cum. I felt Bob cumming in her pussy. I
thought he'd never stop cumming. I thought I'd never stop cumming. We pulled our
limp cocks from Vanessa's opening and she collasped onto the bed.
Mary was right there as she always does. Licking up any and all sperm
that escaped from Vanessa's holes. This time Linda jumped in to get her fair
share. Vanessa just moaned and groaned as the two women lapped up the sperm.
Their tongues hitting her clit. Mary even tongue-fucked her asshole to get my
sperm from Vanessa's ass. Mary is a strange lady. Linda was content just to
lap on Vanessa's pussy.
After we got home, Vanessa was telling us how much she liked being air
tight. She said, "I never knew that I would enjoy so many cocks at once. I would
like to do it again, sometime."
"If you have the right men doing you, you can always enjoy having all
your hole filled. Let's take a shower and clean off our pussies. I can feel
sperm running down my legs. I can also feel it running out my ass." Vicky said.
"I know just what you mean. I can feel it also." Vanessa stated.
"Come on, Honey," Victoria said. "We need a man to wash us and give us
the taste test to make sure we are clean. We might even suck you off or maybe
let you fuck us."
I was undressed and was in the shower before they were. I washed both
pussies and asses. I tasted both of them and found them to be clean. Then I took
them to the bedroom. But they wouldn't let me fuck them. They wanted fuck me
while I just laid there and enjoy what they did to me. I could do this again.

end (part 3)

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