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Chapter 3

I slept like the dead waking well after Mum had gone to work. I was so relieved I didn’t have to face her. Being the school holidays I had the place to myself. The phone rang. Teresa was phoning me not mum.
“How are you Ian?”
“Well Teresa?”
“Well?” I knew what she was about and felt just a little shy.
“Ian come round and see me I have something for you.”
I hesitated but my groin was already reacting to Teresa. “Give me half an hour Teresa.”
I rushed breakfast and cycled round to her house.
She was still in her dressing gown that had deep cleavage on show I am sure, for my benefit. Shutting the door she immediately hugged me to her chest pressing her breasts hard against me. “Come and tell me everything Ian I want to know how it’s going with your Mum. She came back from the kitchen armed with a soda water and sat me opposite her with her gown exposed showing me bare thighs halfway up toward her cunt but I couldn’t see that far.
“Ian I can see you have fully recovered from your night time fun. I like what I see.” She stroked my hardon over my trousers just to confirm my interest, I thought.
I relayed to her all that had happened the previous evening to her. She was totally engrossed by my story and took hold of me as I got into it, stroking me slowly so I wouldn’t go over the top. “Oh I remember, wait a minute Ian.”
She returned with a plastic tube of lubricant, opened the top and poured some over my prick, smoothing it all over.
“Teresa that’s wonderful.”
“Ian it's for you. You are going to need it I assure you.”
She was particularly taken by my cuming over Mum’s T-shirt, but surprised by her reaction and rushing off like that. I finished by telling her about my bedroom door that must have been heard by Mum.
“Ian she is probably feeling very guilty and ashamed about what’s happened. So give her time to come round. I’m sure she will. Meanwhile if you need this anytime, just give me a call and I’ll happily fit you in. Do you wish to cum now Ian?”
“Oh yes Teresa please.”
“I want to keep my secret promise to your Mum Ian to let her have you first.”
Sighing ever so slightly, “I suppose so Teresa”
She did however get down on her knees and increased the pressure of her hand round my prick. The effect of the lubricant was fantastic to my young hardon. She was able to go much faster as it stood near her smiling face. “Cum for me Ian, cum, cum!
That did it. She did, however, open her mouth and tongued me as I shot my first spurt into her mouth. Then I shot right over her eyes and nose and open mouth as she wanked the remaining spunk from me. I collapsed in coming down from my cum and thanked her profusely for her willingness to do me in my heightened state. I saw a small drop at the top of her breast. She noticed and took her finger to it and her mouth and swallowed it just like the rest she had wiped from her face that wasn’t already in her mouth.
She cuddled me for awhile until I recovered and I knew then she was preparing to pack me off. Before I left I remarked how wonderful it was to have her tongue on the edge of me as I made my first spurt.
“Well you should also first experience your Mother’s mouth I think. Remember Ian, tread carefully she will be feeling very fragile. I did not entirely understand but went along with her idea, at least in my head.
Returning to an empty home, I got some food and went to bed, but not before going to my latest hunting ground, the laundry basket but was thwarted as Mum had done a wash, so there were no delights.
Mum came home looking a bit subdued but said nothing of our encounter the previous evening.
We ate and spent the evening watching TV in separate places with no interesting sights for me to discretely get a hard on. I gave her kiss on her cheek and said I was going to bed. Going into my bedroom I left the door slightly ajar in the hope she would come and see me. Doldrums as I heard her do the same. I fell asleep.
About midnight I woke. There was no sound, but there was a light on outside my door. Getting up quietly I opened my door a little to see the light was coming from Mum’s bedroom. I just wondered. Creeping out I was able to view her through the crack in her door.
Sitting up in bed she was reading. Covered by a very light nightie Mum had one hand under the high hem between her legs. She was reading, ‘A Son’s Dream, A Mother’s Need,’ the book I had started to devour that Teresa had leant her. She was about halfway through it.
Things were looking up, including my prick through my pyjama bottoms. Taking care to be quiet had paid off.
Watching her wanking over the book was beautiful and very horny. I decided I mustn’t cum as I couldn’t ensure complete silence. So I just watched.
She lifted her free hand out of her crotch and slipped across her breasts giving short twists to each nipple in turn. The effect was stiffening against her nightie. Momentarily she closed her eyes to relish her obvious sensations, then went back to her very concentrated reading.
I slowly became aware of the exposed place I was in. Reluctantly I returned to bed, being careful to leave my door still ajar.
Retrieving my new lubricant from under the mattress, pouring a little over my prick I silently listened and wanked over what Mum was doing in her bed. I couldn’t hear anything. Feeling very frustrated I lay wanking and wondering whether to go back to watch.
Impetuous lust overcame me. I returned to the door jamb to watch her again.
By now she had removed the straps from her shoulders so she could play more easily with her responsive nipples. She was very hard on them, squeezing them between thumb and forefinger. I was amazed at her getting so much pleasure from them. Occasionally she shifted to her cunt, rubbing her clit and drawing moisture to her clit and then another dip and up to her nipples to moisten them, in turn, with another squeeze.
The lubricant on my bare prick made wanking easier to control. This was an incredible turn-on.
I must have been watching when I saw mum put the book aside with a bookmark. A flash crossed my mind but it was overlain by her pulling up the hem further to free her hands to combine breasts and cunt together.
I watched as she slowly rose to her heightened tension with her eyes closed tightly.
Gratefully she had not put the light out but continued her self love with utter concentration. It was an awesome sight.
She now concentrated on her cunt with one hand in her vagina and the other fingers flipping her clit with venom.
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, ohhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhh. She tensed stiff all over as her orgasm took her to bliss. I was wanking slowly being careful not to cum myself whilst naked behind her door.
Collapsing onto the mattress, she slowly came to and pulled her straps back over her shoulders.
I crept back to bed, closed my door, and quickly wanked myself to oblivion, visualising the beautiful scene I had experienced and wondering where it would go from here.
In the morning I got up after Mum had gone to work and looked at the point where she had left the bookmark. I had not got that far, but crucially it was the point where the mother finally relents to the pursuit of her son. That must have been what took her to her orgasm.
I took the book to my bedroom and poured some lubricant over my prick. I was just getting into the book again when I realised I had dropped the bookmark at her place the previous day. That was the flash I had in the night. She must know that I am devouring it too. Will she mention it or will it go into the store of knowledge Mum has about my preoccupations?
Just then the phone rang. It was Teresa phoning to catch up on the latest. She didn’t invite me over but she did say that Jean had phoned her to tell her I had been in her draws and finding the book and what should she do about it?
Teresa had said do nothing. I was relieved. Mum did tell Teresa that she was enjoying the book. Teresa had asked her if it had any effect on her outlook toward sex with me. Apparently she responded that it just made her more ashamed than ever particularly since the mishap the previous evening. Teresa did get me to tell her about last night. I still had the lube around my prick and I wanked as I regaled her with the story. I could tell she was playing with herself too. So we were both doing it and I got her to admit it. I came as she too went over the top.
What should I do, I asked Teresa. Her response was to wait, but let her know I am still preoccupied with her. Oh and misplace the bookmark again!
We parted with a calmer mood on both sides.
Unfortunately my Father returned the following night. I was left more to my own devices to satisfy my fixation. However I was able to hear them in their bedroom. I thought I heard her sucking him to try to get him interested. I heard him let her bring him to a climax fairly quickly. Then nothing. He must have turned over and gone to sleep despite her shaking him. The last I heard was her mouthing the word bastard a few times and, “What about me?” in between the expletives.
The next day, Sunday they were both off work and I had breakfast with Mum as Dad had slept in. She looked doubly pissed off but tried to hide it from me. She was wearing a sweater with no bra and a skirt with no stockings. She looked the worse for wear but her nipples still seemed to pierce her sweater. She saw my eyes but chose to ignore my stare rather than confront it.
I continued to stare at them. She grew more uncomfortable and went upstairs, shouted at Dad to wake up. I heard him grumble. She came down again to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of milk from the fridge, turned and I stared again.
Taken aback, she had put on a bra, hiding the glorious nipple view I had indulged in, with an added smirk in her face as if to say, “At least that's stopped you in your tracks.”
I sulked and made my excuses and went out for the day with friends. Returning for supper, Dad had gone. I asked what had happened. She hesitated then announced that he had gone to stay with his mother. Seeing she was clearly upset, I held her to me. She let out a wail and her breathing was heavy as she released all the tension on my shoulders. We both clung to each other. I was upset too for I did get on well with him. But I was also torn by my preoccupations with Mum.
I led her into the living room and we sat together on the sofa, still holding each other. I was careful not to be sexual in anyway, even though I was tempted. Slowly she unfolded her row with him, telling him she was furious with him for neglecting her for so long and why had he not confided in her anything about how he felt. She then told me how he had not felt like being intimate with her because he was worried about losing his job. She had said that was no excuse and accused him of getting it elsewhere. He went mad, lost his temper, briefly packed and said he was going to stay with his Mother.
Mum remained distraught for sometime whilst I held her close. She seemed to get calmer with my closeness to her. She announced we should eat. After supper, I suggested we watch TV. She agreed and said she would join me after changing into something more comfortable.
She came downstairs. I was quietly astonished by what I saw but tried to view her discretely. She didn’t look me in the eye but joined me on the sofa. What astonished me was she had on the same sweater but had removed her bra as earlier in the morning. However she had also put on stockings with her low heeled sandals giving her calves a slight lift. She wore the same skirt too.
My head was confused by the change in behaviour. Was she warming to me? Was she giving me a clue? Should I hope it was a clue to a change toward me?
She switched on the TV and we found a film we both thought would be ok to watch. She poured herself a whisky and placed it near the armrest on a small table. Just as we were settling in she said,
“Come close Ian I need a cuddle.”
She put her arm around my shoulders and I found myself tucked in against her very close to her breast, so close it was squashed against her other breast. She made no move to put space between us. Taking a draught of the whisky she sighed and relaxed beside me. I was in heaven ensconced in her glowing warmth, hoping my erection did not show, for that was the effect she had on me.
Mum could not see my eyes as they scanned the nipple I was taking in pressed as it was against the smooth sweater she wore. It looked very stiff against it. I had only recently read that nipples swell and stiffen when excited. Looking further down I noticed her skirt above her knees. The combination of nipple and early thighs took my attention from the film as I struggled not to touch her soft body. I was in near turmoil.
We held the closeness for quite awhile until she pleaded she was getting uncomfortable.
“Put your head on my lap Ian. My arm is getting cramp, much as I like you there we will be more comfortable with your head on my lap.” I tucked up my head against her tummy with my cheek resting on her thighs. She took another swig of whisky, then put her arm along my side resting her hand on my thigh. Sheer bliss.
We continued watching TV. I didn’t know where to put my hands, except on her lap. Dilemma. To place a hand on her skirt or on her exposed stockinged knee? I chose her knee as it would look logical yet not intrusive. I placed my left hand on her nearest knee. She seemed to accept it. I kept it still but loved the feel of her tight nylon covering. She took another swig conveying to me, I thought, her complicity.
“Your hand’s lovely and warm Ian,” she announced. I took that as a little more than complicity and gave her a squeeze with my hand, conveying my recognition. Slowly I began to slowly stroke the front of her leg below her knee. I heard her murmur her pleasure at my initiative. I just kept the strokes slow and within a small area. My desire was to stroke above her knee and beyond her skirt hem. I began to circle my movements around her upper calf, feeling more soft flesh under her stocking. Not being rebuffed, I widened my circular movement, conscious of my erection once again growing stiff and rather exposed, pressing against my clothing just below where Mum had rested her hand.
Drawing my hand round the side of her knee I moved my hand up to just above her knee and stroked my hand against her hem. I heard a very slight intake of breath with that movement and started my downward movement again. Circling once more upwards I retraced my hand toward the top part of her hem and slipped up just an inch or so further and stopped, leaving my hand to rest there. My prick was my now totally stiff. I couldn’t see her eyes, but I wondered if I had been discovered.
Circling round her lower thigh and revelling in sheer ecstasy of being so far up her and she hadn’t protested. Widening my movements I began to press against her hem and reached the change in the stocking texture that suggested her stocking top was near. I had a moment where the feel of softer fuller flesh was very apparent to my eye. Again resting there until I started moving again in wider movements. I felt a sudden hardness in my palm. I had stroked my hand to her suspender attached to the stocking. She suddenly became aware of how intimate we had become and may have noticed my hardon too.
“Ian it’s time for my bed. I’ll come and kiss you goodnight before I get into bed, but I’m bushed.”
I lifted my head but not before giving her final squeeze at the point on her thigh that I had reached.
“You naughty young man Ian. Good job I’m not shocked.”
I let her know that I was going to bed too and watched her, still in her heels as she grabbed the bathroom first. I relished the sight of her skirt slightly high above her knees as it remained puckered from my head and her seating position. I had been stroking those exquisite thighs just a moment ago and wondered what she had meant by coming to kiss me goodnight.
I retreated to my bedroom until I heard her going into her bedroom and closing the door. In the bathroom I did a piss where she had just been and noticed she hadn’t flushed the toilet. I could smell a whiff of her pee and tried to get rid of my erection so that I could pee too. I stood there stroking myself at the thought of her sitting there peeing herself. Stop it Ian you need a piss! Eventually I softened and a strong pee joined hers in the bowl. I decided not to flush either.
As I turned I noticed the dirty laundry on the floor ready for the wash. On top were her panties. How long had they been there? Picking them up, I felt her warmth and quickly took a sniff to regale myself with her smell. My prick hardened immediately as I smelt her. To my astonishment they were also wet at the front. Drawing it to my mouth I tasted her wetness and realised that she had recently got wet, not from peeing but from her pussy. I had read about that but had yet to experience it. Examining her pale cotton panties further I noticed a very slight skid mark at the rear of them inside. I gave that a whiff too.
Should I have a wank there and then given the excitement of the evening and her indulgent panties? No I would wait and have a cum in bed later. I dropped them with some regret back onto the pile of laundry.
In bed I left my bed light on and waited for Mum to come to say goodnight. I had a wank whilst waiting but resisted cuming.
A quiet knock and she came in.
She was wearing the same sweater as this evening without her bra. She had removed her skirt. The sweater came down to just the dark part of her stockings which she still wore. I could just make out her suspenders attached, the point I had reached just recently. And she still had her heels on. What a sight. Was it for my benefit? My erection became more intense as I smiled at her coming toward my bed.
Sitting beside me I had a view that I didn’t want to make to obvious, of her porcelain flesh just above her stockings as well as the suspenders. So I tried to look at her eyes whilst she clearly wanted to talk about a rather eventful day for her (let alone me).
She started by complaining about Dad and why he trounced off like he did too embarrassed to confront her challenge about another woman, and how she missed the cuddles and warmth and other intimacies she used to have with him. I noted her vagueness about intimacies. I responded by trying to calm her with assurances about him staying with Grandma but then regretted saying that given where my hopes lay. I then wondered about him and Grandma! Needless to say I kept this to myself.
Mum had got quite heated about him and completely forgot physical self and how delicious she looked. She now had inadvertently let her sweater creep further up her thighs. I naturally didn’t draw her attention to her heightened exposure but it sent me into a wonderful reverie. Her nipples were leaping about inside her sweater as she gesticulated her anger about him.
“If he is wandering Mum, what do you think you could do given that you are still a very attractive woman?
“Ian, it is lovely of you to say so but I just couldn’t. It would bust us up and we would lose the family. But do you really think I am attractive Ian? It could be you're just being kind to me to stop me feeling so hurt.
I tried to reassure her and said I noticed how she attracted other men when she was out and about.
“Oh you’ve noticed that have you? I must admit I have too.”
“Well nothing Ian. I’m not going that way yet.”
“Ian it’s not that bad. I have no proof he is onto other women. Anyway I came to give you a goodnight kiss not to moan about him. So how about it?”
She put the light out which surprised me and moved nearer to hug me like she had the other night. I quickly adjusted to the light from the street between the curtains and put my arms around her as she did me.
“Hold me tight Ian, I feel so lonely these days and you're such a comfort, you don’t just realise how much. Here let me hug you.”
She did so. I immediately felt her breasts inside her sweater pressing hard against my chest. I was in a state of ecstasy at this but then she pushed me back onto my pillow so that I was horizontal. She moved over me and the sheet covering my waist just fell (or did she move it?) so that my hard prick was rubbing her sweater against her hard groin. Mum rubbed against me forward and back. She must surely know what she is doing.
“Oh Ian my dear love, I feel so close to you. I need you.”
Just then she moved her mouth toward mine from kissing my cheek and neck. She ran her lips with mine very lightly, from side to side. Intoxicated by this contact I opened my mouth very slightly.
Not knowing what this would conjure I was overcome as we rubbed against each other below. Then her tongue slipped into my mouth. I responded with mine and that was it – I shot my spunk into her sweater over her hard groin and pussy. As that was happening she stiffened and froze as she held me in her vice-like grip and spasmed. I didn’t realise what was happening to her then.
Slowly she came back to reality and sobbed in my arms.
“Oh Ian what have I done, how dreadful, I’m so sorry. Forgive me. Ian sleep, forget this happened. I’m so ashamed.”
I tried to hold on to her to say it was wonderful, not awful. She would not hear me and withdrew to her bedroom.

To be continued. . . . . . . . . .


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