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the last part
My Fantasy
As time goes on, so does our lives. Victoria and I are still together.
Vanessa has married and has two kids. Her husband and her come over for visits
and usually ends up having sex. Vicky really likes Vanessa's husband, Ken. She
likes the size of his cock. It is the same size as mine. That one of the reasons
Vanessa married him.
We don't go to Linda's to much anymore, about once every two months or so.
I'm still at the school but my meetings with Linda are very few, maybe twice a
month. Sometimes less. Rita is still there. Her and I take lunch together alot.
Usually at a motel with me giving her a good ride. Victoria likes Rita and Bob.
So we usually invite them over for a nights fun.
Vicky has allowed me to fuck only the three women we know. She has found
a couple of others that she brings home for me. Sometimes for herself.
Vanessa and Ken have these to big Great Dane males dogs. Vanessa has told
Vicky about how she lets them lick her and sometimes fuck her. Victoria at first
thought it was gross but after a while and hearing Vanessa's stories, she has
started to get excited at them. She has even said, "Maybe, one day I'd like to
try having sex with them."
Ken and Vanessa have still pictures and video of Vanessa and her dogs,
which she has shown to Vicky, me, Bob and Rita.
Ken has enjoyed his romps with Victoria as much as she has enjoyed him.
She says it is just like fucking me because of his cock size. She especially
likes it when we both fuck her at the same time. Ken in her cunt and me in her
ass. Or vice versa.
When the six of us get together it usually means the women are going to
be air-tight. With Ken and I having the same size cocks and Bob a close second.
The women have the benefit of having three large dicks to service. So if they
get fuck by anyone of us guys they know they will be happy with the cock. Vicky
will suck anyone of us at moments notice. She'll even swallow Ken and Bob's
sperm, something she'd never do for Frank or Phil.
Victoria looks forward to our fuck session with our friends. But she will
protest going to Linda's.
One weekend, we invited everyone over. Ken and Vanessa, Rita and Bob. We
also asked Vanessa to bring her dogs. Victoria said, "I'm like to watch Vanessa
do her thing with them in person. Vanessa and Ken agreed.
The dogs were put in the back yard. Our kids went to Victoria's sisters.
So there was enough room for everyone to stay the entire weekend. Vanessa and
Ken also brought their videos for us to watch.
We had a wonderful dinner, prepared by the girls. All three are good cooks.
Then we all retired to the living room to talk and watch the videos.
I could tell by the way all of the girls were squirming around that the
videos were making them hot. Bob and Ken noticed it, too.
As the girls continued to squirm, Bob, Ken and I removed their pants and
underwear. In a flash all three girls had their hands at their pussies. Bob got
between Rita's legs and started eating her cunt. I got between Victoria's legs
and did the same thing. Ken followed our lead and dove into Vanessa crotch. Then
we switched women. After a few minutes, we switched again. Then we bent all
three over the coffee table and started fucking them as they continued to watch
the videos. We switched every few minutes so each girl would get fuck by a new
Each women came each time she got another cock. We got up and left them
laying acrossed the table fingering their juicy cunts. It was some sight.
Ken went out and got the dogs. When they entered the house, you could see
them sniffing the air. They caught the familar smell and went straight to the
living room. They got behind the girls and started licking the girl's pussies.
King was licking Rita's cunt and Bull was licking Victoria's cunt. This drove
the two of them wild. Every time Bull's tongue would dip into Vicky's pussy, she
screamed out, "Oh, shit! That feels wonderful! I can feel the tongue on my womb
opening. AAAAHHHHHH, UUUUGGGHHHHNNNN! Don't let him quit!!"
Rita was going just as crazy as Victoria. "AAAAAAHHHHHH! UUUUUGGGGHHH! I
love it." She wailed as King continued on her pussy.
Vanessa laid back on the sofa and flicked her clit while watching her
friends being eaten by her dogs. She knew what they were going though. She
enjoyed them often at home.
Ken, Bob and I stripped off our clothes in a flash. We all had the biggest
hard-ons we'd ever had. Just watching the dogs licking the girls almost made us
cum without touching or stroking our cocks.
Vanessa climbed off the sofa and crawled under King. She pulled his cock
sheath back exposing his pink pointed dick. It was big. Not as big as Ken and I,
but a for a dog it was huge. She took the cock into her mouth and started to
suck it. Vanessa had come a long way since I took her cherry. Bull moved from
Victoria to his mistress. A pussy he knew well. As she sucked one dog the other
licked her pussy.
"Look at the size of his cock!" Victoria yelled. "I never seen a dog's
cock that big. I want him to fuck me. I want to feel him deep in me. I want to
feel him shoot his dog sperm into my cunt." She was hot. She never talked like
that unless she so hot or very horny.
Vanessa took her mouth off of the dog cock and said, "Victoria, why don't
you suck on it for awhile."
"I want to but doesn't it taste awful?" She replied.
"No, it feels softer than a man's cock. The only thing that is different
is its shape. Try it." Vanessa said.
"Ok, I hope he doesn't cum." She stated.
"He won't" Vanessa assured her.
Vicky bent down, looked at the cock up close then she grabbed it and
stroked it. The she stuck her tongue to the tip. Suddenly she engulfed the whole
dog penis into her mouth. She sucked the cock like she sucked us. I think she
even took it down her throat.
Rita looked up and saw Victoria sucking King's dick. "Oh, my goodness!
That looks like something I want to try." She stated. With that she turned
around and took Bull's cock into her mouth.
That did it. The three of us guys came all over the backs of the women
without even touching our cocks.
Here was my wife sucking a dog dick like it was the last cock she'd ever
get and Rita doing the same thing. Vanessa had positioned herself so both dogs
were licking her pussy at the same time.
Ken looked at me, I looked at Bob, Bob looked at Ken. We all sat down on
the sofa and just watched the show being put on before us.
Vanessa got up and layed over the table. King pulled his dick from Vicky's
mouth then he got behind Vanessa, put his paws on the table beside her. She
reached back and guided King's cock to her sloppy wet cunt. King needed no help.
He found the hole and started ramming his cock deep into his mistress. Vanessa
was pushing back onto the dick trying to get more into her cunt. The dog was
humping so fast his dick was almost a blur.
Victoria bent over to get a close up view of the dick going in and out.
She said, "I want to be fucked by one of these dogs." So she bent over the table
like Vanessa. Bull pulled his cock from Rita mouth, got behind Vicky, planted
his paws beside her and pushed his dick towards my wife's waiting pussy. Vicky had
no chance to guide him to her. He found her cunt hole by himself. He slammed
every inch of his meat into her in one stroke.
"Oh, my God, It feels great. I love it. AAAAHHHHHH! I can feel the tip at
my womb! I can feel the head entering my womb. OOOOOHHHHHH! I love this dog!"
She wailed as Bull began to fuck her faster.
Vanessa looked up and said, "I think I found something Vicky likes."
Vicky looked at her, "Like, hell, I love it. I want more! I want to do it
Rita sat up pouting, "When do I get to try it?"
"Right now," said Vanessa as she got King to guit fucking her. "Take my
place and he'll show you the time of your life. Rita took Vanessa place and
KIng mounted her before she even got settled in. King buried his cock in Rita in
one stroke.
"You were right! It does feel wonderful! I love it, too!" Rita wailed as
King began to fuck her deep and fast.
Vanessa told us, "See, I found something they both like!"
We watched as the dogs as they fucked Vicky and Rita. They were moaned
and groaning loudly. We could see their pussy juice running down their legs. As
the dogs continued Victoria had her first of several orgasms. "I cummmmming!"
She yelled. Rita followed, "I'm cummmming, too!"
The dogs never broke a stroke. They kept fucking and fucking.
Vanessa said, "They'll keep fucking them for about an hour. They have alot
of stamina. Vicky and Rita will get a good workout. In the meantime, would you
boys mind filling my holes with your cocks. I'd like Bob in my mouth, Ken in my
ass and you in my cunt. OK!"
We jumped at the chance to bury our dicks which hard again. We all got in
the position that Vanessa wanted and buried our bones to the hilt in her.
As we fucked Vanessa, we heard Vicky and Rita having other orgasm. By the
time we all came in Vanessa, the other two girls had cum four more times.
Suddenly Victoria screamed, "I can feel his cock swelling! I feel his dog
sperm splashing into my cunt! OH, he's pushed his cock head into my womb! I can
feel his hot dog spunk filling my womb! OOOOOHHHHHHHH! It feels wonderful! Damn,
I love this! AAAAAHHHHHHH!"
Bull was still fucking Rita when King pulled his limp dog dick out of my
wife. Vicky collasped onto the floor. "Just let me lay here and catch my breath.
I am so worn out. I have never been fucked for that long. I thought he'd never
cum but when he did, WOW!"
Then Rita let loose with a loud howl, "He's cumming! I can feel it! He's
deep in me! OH, I can feel his cock head entering my womb! I can feel his sperm
gushing into me! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, UUUUUUGGGHHHHHH! FUCK, I love it! I love to be
fucked by a dog. My womb is filling up! OH, The pressure of it. I don't know if
I can hold it all!"
Then Bull pulled from Rita and joined King in the corner cleaning off the
pussy juice from their dicks.
Rita stayed laying across the table unable to move either. She laid there
panting as she came down from her last orgasm.
"Well, they'll be out of service for awhile. So I have a show for all of
you." Vanessa said.
She called the dogs over to her. She bent over so Bull could mount her.
She grabbed King's dick and proceed to suck him. She continued to suck King
until we saw her throat move. Vanessa was shallowing a load of dog sperm. She
kept sucking for what seemed like 5 minutes before she removed her mouth for his
dick. She pushed her tongue out for us to see that she had a mouthful of spunk.
Then she shallowed it down. Suddenly she pulled off of Bull's dick and he came
all over her butt and back.
She looked and smiled, "I wanted Vicky and Rita to see what was deposited
into them. I also wanted them to taste it to see what dog spunk taste like."
Vicky and Rita got up and crawled over to Vanessa. They look at the sperm
on her back and butt. They touched with their fingers.
"I don't know about tasting it." Victoria said.
"It taste good. A little salty but it no different than a man's cum."
Vanessa said.
Victoria and Rita put some sperm on their finger and gingerly brought the
finger to their mouths. Victoria was the first to lick a little of the sperm on
to her tongue. "It doesn't taste bad at all. As a matter of fact it taste pretty
With that she sucked her finger into her mouth. Seeing this, Rita tried
it, then she sucked her fingers into her mouth. Then they both started to lick
Vanessa back and ass to get all of the sperm off of her.
"I knew they'd like it once they tried it. I know I do!" Vanessa said as
she kneeled there while the girls licked her clean.
As the night wore on, we all watched as the dogs fucked the women again.
Vanessa even showed them how the dogs could fuck their butt.
Victoria jumped in that first saying, "I want to feel a dog's cock up my
ass. I want to feel him shoot his sperm deep into my bowels."
She bent over the table again. Vanessa put some KY on her asshole and
fingered Vicky for a few minutes.
"I always have King fuck my butt because he is the biggest. And he does it
better than Bull." Vanessa stated. "There is only one thing I should warn you
about. They shove their dicks in in one stroke. So it might hurt."
"Hurry up! Help him put it to me." Victoria said. "I don't care if it
hurts. I just want it."
Vanessa guided King behind Vicky. She pulled King's cock from its sheath.
She then pointed his cock at Victoria's peckered anal opening. As soon as King
felt his dick touch Vicky's hole he humped forward burying his whole cock into
her ass in one stroke.
"OH, shit! It hurts!" Vicky yelled. But by that time she had every inch
of his dick in her bottom.
King started fucking her butt. Vicky wailed, "Now it feels better! I think
I could get use to this. It feels almost as big as my husband's cock. Oh, FUCK!
I can feel him deep in me.!"
I looked closer to see King's cock stretching my wife's pretty asshole.
His pink dick was sliding in and out of her at a blinding speed. I could never
fuck her that fast.
"Go, King! Go, King! Fuck her asshole! Fuck her deep!" Everybody started
Victoria was thrashing her head from side to side. Her jaw was slack. She
was drulling as she was cumming. Her eyes were glazed over. She was not even
aware of us watching her. She was in her own little world.
"Oh, fuck! I'm cumming again. I feel so abused! I love to be butt fucked.
I want to be abused some more. I need this. I want this. I want to feel his
sperm in my ass." Vicky was yelling.
King continued to pound his dick into my wife's rectum. Rita climbed over
to the table and asked Vanessa to help her with Bull. "Please put his cock in
my ass! I want to feel it like Vicky." Vanessa guided Bull's penis into Rita and
Rita was off into her own little world.
Here was two women being butt fucked by two monster dicked dogs and they
were obivous to anyone around them.
Then Victoria screamed, "I can feel his cock swelling. I can feel his knot
entering my ass. Its stretching bigger. He's going to cum in my ass! YESSSSSS!
Here it comes. OH, shit. Its so hot! He's filling my butt with his dog sperm!
More, I want more! I can feel it squirting deep in me! I'm cummminnng again.
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Oh, Yes. I love his hot sperm! UUUGGGHHHH! I feel so full."
She moaned as King finished cumming but he couldn't pull his dick from
her butt. They were locked because of the knot. She jerked and moaned as her
orgasm subsided.
Finally King's knot relaxed and he pulled his cum covered cock from her
ass. Her asshole was stretched open bigger than with me. I guess it was from the
knot that was in her.
Rita had her orgasm as Bull dumped his load of sperm into her ass, "Oh,
Yessss! I'm cumming! I feel his knot, too. He's cumming! I can feel his sperm
shooting deep into my butt! I want it all! I need it all! OH, SHIIIIT. He's
filling me to overflowing! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
Bull and Rita were locked together like Vicky was. Bull kept trying to
pull out but Rita's ass had also clamped down on him. She wailed at how good it
After a few minutes Bull was able to pull his deflating cock from Rita's
ass. Rita laid on the floor next to Vicky. She jerked and moaned also as her
orgasm subsided.
We got our chances to fuck. We fucked all three of the women at once.
Another air-tight night for the girls. We guys each fucked each girl's ass,
pussy and mouth. We even fucked them while they were sucking the dogs off again.
It was a long weekend.
At work on Monday I found that Linda hired a new placement person. She
was 4'10'. Blonde hair, small tits but she liked to wear mini-skirts. Her name
was Kim. She was divorced. Had one child. She could make your tongue hard.
She was always coming to the maintenance instructors for help moving
this or that, setting up her phones, etc. She always managed to bend over and
give us a crotch shot.
Linda was having the annual party for the school. Kim arrived without a
escort. She made friends quickly with Victoria. Vicky told me later that she
told Vicky that she needed a good fucking but couldn't find a man she could do
it with, without the guy wanting to stay with her.
I told Victoria of how she acted at school. I said maybe we can arrange
something for later in the week and to bring it up to her to see what she'll
That night after we got home and into bed, Vicky said, "Kim wants to come
to one of our swing nights. I told her that Bob and Rita, Ken and Vanessa, and
you and I would be there. I told her all of the men could be trusted, were clean
and all had big cocks. I also told her not to mention what went on with anyone
at the school. She agreed."
The next day Linda called me to her office. After I entered, she locked
both doors. "I need a good fucking." She lifted her dress over her head. She
removed her panties and bra. Her body still looked good. I noticed that she
still kept her cunt shaved.
She laid down on her desk with her legs spread. I dropped my pants and
moved between her legs. She had bite marks all over her tits and thighs. "I see
you've been having some fun by the looks of those love bites." I said.
"Yes, but I haven't had a good fucking from you in a long time. My cunt
needs to feel you stretching it open. I need to feel your hot sperm deep in me."
She moaned. "Please, FUCK ME, now!"
I rammed my hard cock into her pussy in one stroke. She moaned as the
head of my cock hit her cervix. "Oh, Yes, That what I need. I love the feel of
your big prick."
I started a slow teasing fuck of her body. Each time my cock head hit her
womb she wailed. I pushed so deep in her that her womb gave way and allowed the
head to enter it.
"OH, YES, Fill my womb with your monster dick! Tear me up! I don't care.
Just fill me with that cock! FUCK ME DEEP, FUCK ME HARD!" She yelled. I glad we
had her office sound proofed.
As I continued to fuck her, her head thrashed from side to side. She came
so many times she flooded her desk with her juices. Just before I came I pulled
out of her pussy.
"Why did you take it out?" She questioned.
I rolled her over and pushed her tits down into her love jucies on the
desk. I got behind and pushed my dick back into her cunt. After I got it wet I
pulled it out and moved it to her peckered anal opening. Her asshole wasn't as
closed tight as it use to be. Probably from all the ass fucking she was getting
from their friends.
I nudded my cock against her hole. She said, "Oh Yes please fuck my ass.
Its been so long since I have felt you there."
I rammed my cock into her ass in one stroke. "OH, SHIT! FUCK! God, that
hurts and feels good at the same time. Ram it in deep. Let me feel all of you!
FUCK MY ASS! I NEED IT. Bury it all!" She screamed.
I continued to ram my cock into her ass. I think I trying to rip it open
so that I wouldn't have to fuck her for awhile. But she took it all and begged
for more. When I came I thought I dumped a gallon of sperm into her. Again she
begged for more.
I took my cock out of her ass and watched my sperm run down her legs. Her
asshole stay open for a few minutes before closing. She sat down in her chair
naked as the day she was born. "Thanks, I needed that. Frank and those guys are
so small. I need bigger meat to satify my itch. But you are so busy lately that
I can't get you as often as I like." She stated as she fingered her clit. She
leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.
After Linda had finished cleaning my cock with her mouth. I put him away
in my pants. I sat down and talked with her as she got dressed.
"Why don't you try to find a big cocked man to come to your house to help
relive the boredom." I asked.
"I have looked but nobody can compare to you. The only thing left is a
dog or a horse. And I don't know about that." She said.
"I have a friend in Santee that has a horse and I have a friend that has
two great danes. I could ask them if you wanted me to." I told her.
"Let me think about it. It sounds fun but it scares me at the same time."
She replied.
When I went home that night I told Vicky about what happen at school. She
said, "I wish she would get somebody else to fuck her. I don't like you having
to service her when she wants. See if, Marty can let her take on the horse."
"Ok, I'll talk to him tomorrow." I said. "How about you? Would you like
to try on the horse.?"
"It something I have think about. Maybe Vanessa, Rita and I will try it
someday. I'm almost postive that Vanessa will. If sounds exciting." Vicky
Ken and I took Vanessa and Vicky to Marty's on Saturday. They giggled in
back seat as we drove there. When we got to Marty's, he met us at the driveway.
I noticed how he looked at Vicky and Vanessa. He said, "Welcome to my home. I
can tell that you are nervous. So let's have a drink and we can talk."
We sat in the patio overlooking the animals. Marty told us of how many
people he knows that want to try animal sex. We told him that the girls have
done it with Vanessa's great Danes.
"So you might be ready to try something bigger?" He asked.
The girls nodded, "We would at least like to look first then maybe."
Vicky said.
"OK, let's go to the barn." Marty replied.
Off we went to the barn. As we entered, we could tell Marty kept the
place clean. In one stall was a pony named Donny. Next to him was a bigger horse
called Stud. You could see why. As the girls got near him, he let his cock drop.
It was as big as my forarm and at least 15" long. And it had a big head on it.
Next to him was a donkey named Pedro. Next to him was a female pony named Beth.
Next to her was a larger female horse named Queen.
Marty told us that the males get more action then the females. Probably
because more women want the big cocks. But he did have a female pig and goat
that have had a few cocks put to them.
"Victoria slapped me and said, "There you go, you can fuck the goat.
"Maybe I will." I replied.
Vanessa was staring at the cock on Stud. Victoria said, "I know which one
Vanessa wants."
"You, Damned right. I want to try on Stud. I want to see if I can get it
all in me." She stated. "Is that alright with you? Ken."
"You may get 10", maybe 11" but I don't think you'll get all 15" in you.
But if you want to fuck him, be my guest." Ken said.
"Thank you. I love you!" Vanessa replied.
"What about you, Vicky? Do you want to try on Stud for size." I asked.
"I don't know. I may try the donkey or the pony first then I might want to
take on Stud." She said as she looked at Stud's big cock.
"Well, when do you girls want to start?" Marty asked.
Vanessa popped in, "I'd like to start right now, if that is OK with you?"
"I don't mind." Marty replied. "Let me get my video camera."
Victoria asked, "Are you sure you want to do it now, Vanessa?"
"You bet. Feel my crotch. Its soaking wet." Vanessa answered.
We all put our hands in her panties. She was very wet. She started to
strip off her clothes. When she was naked, she went to Stud's stall, opened the
door and went in.
Marty returned with the camera. "She sure is excited about this, isn't
she?" Marty said.
Vicky said, "You can't stop her once she's made up her mind."
Vanessa was holding the big horse cock in her hand. "God, it nice and
warm. It feels good. I wonder if I can get the head in my mouth." With that she
bent over and put her lips to the head. She opened her mouth and took part of
the head into it.
She removed her mouth from the cock, "It so clean and sweet tasting. You
should taste it, Vicky."
Victoria walked in the stall and put her mouth to the horse cock. She
removed her mouth after a few minutes and said, "Yes, it does taste good."
Marty chirped in, "Thats because I wash all of them every day. You never
know when some lady is going to want to be serviced."
Vanessa went back to her sucking. We watch as she strained to get the head
into her mouth. Finally she was able to do it. Her mouth was stretched to the
limit but we could see her tongue moving.
She took her mouth off the cock again and said, "I want to try to get this
in my pussy."
Vicky chirped, "Are you sure?"
"You bet I am. I so wet. Look at my thighs." She said.
"I'll get the bench we made for Stud." Marty said as he went to get the
bench. When he returned he placed it under Stud. The horse just stood there.
Marty helped Vanessa get placed right on the bench.
"Will you help me? Vicky." She asked.
Victoria went over to her. She grabbed the cock in both hands. She could
barely get both her tiny hands around it.
"Put it up to my hole. I think I'm wet enough." She panted.
Marty handed Vicky a tube of KY from his back pocket, "You should really
use some of this. He is awful big."
Vicky took the tube and applied a big gob of the jelly to the cock and to
Vanessa shaven cunt. Then she placed the cock back at Vanessa pussy hole. The
horse humped forward trying get his dick in her. Vicky rubbed the horse dick
around getting everything covered with KY. Then she pushed the head of the dick
at Vanessa hole.
"OH, SHIT! Its really big. Go ahead and help him get the head in. Let me
know if I tear." Vanessa wailed.
When the horse humped again, Vicky made sure it was directly on Vanessa
hole. In it went. Vanessa screamed, "Oh my God, Its hurts! But I love it. I
want more! Just let me get use to the head! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"
We noticed that she was bleeding a little. The head had ripped her cunt.
"I hope your happy." Vicky stated. "It ripped your pussy a little."
"Oh, Yes, It feels wonderful. Give me a minutes then let him put more in
me." She moaned.
After a few minutes, Vicky let the horse start fucking her friend. We
watched as more of the horse cock slipped into Vanessa pussy. Then it stopped.
"He's hit my womb. How much is in me." She asked.
"A little over half of it." Vicky proclaimed. "Do you think you should
try for more."
"Just a little more. I want to feel it enter my womb. I want to feel his
horse sperm shoot into me." Vanessa groaned.
The horse continued his attack on Vanessa pussy. He'd pull back then ram
forward. Each time she would slide on the bench a little as the cock pounded her
womb. She was moaning, groaning, screaming and thrashing about. We could see her
juices running down the crack of her ass.
"Oh, shit. I'm cumming again. I can't quit cummming!" Vanessa yelled. "I
feel the cock going into my womb. OH, YES, There it goes."
We watched another two or three inches disappear into her pussy.
"Damn, DAMN, Its stretching me. Its swelling! I'm sooo packed with cock! I
was hoping this would be good! It doesn't hurt! It feels fantastic!" Vanessa wailed.
"OH, GOD, He's swelling more! I think he's going to cum. YESSSSSS! He's cumming!
I feel his hot spunk filling my womb! My womb is full. He's still pumping cum
When will he stop!"
Victoria saw her belly raise as the sperm filled Vanessa womb. She looked
pregnant. Then Vicky pulled the horse cock from her friends pussy. It was still
shooting its spunk out of the head. Vicky aimed the cock at Vanessa stomach and
let the finish cumming on her tits and stomach. The continued to cum for a few
minutes longer. Then it stopped and only dribbled out.
Vanessa was moaning as the horse finished cumming. She reached her hand to
her pussy and felt the sperm running out. She moved her hand to her belly. She
took some horse sperm in her hand and moved her hand to her mouth. She licked
her fingers covered in spunk.
"Tastes a little gamey but it is OK." She said. "Try some, Vicky."
Victoria placed a couple of fingers into the gooy spunk then she brought
her finger to her mouth. "Doesn't taste to bad. I wouldn't want a steady diet
of it, though. In my pussy, yes. My mouth, No." She leaned down and licked both
of Vanessa tits clean. Vanessa scooped up a couple of handfuls and shallowed it
When Vanessa was able to stand, she stood and pressed her protuding belly.
Out flow all of the horse sperm onto the stall floor. "Look how much spunk he
pumped into me. Must be at least a quart of the stuff."
"It is more like 2 1/2 quarts to be exact. We caught it all once. Look at
his balls. You'll never see a bigger pair." Marty said.
While Vanessa recovered from her ordeal with the horse. We all joked about
who was going to be next. Victoria wanted to wait till next time we came. Ken
and I flipped a coin to see which of us would fuck the pig or the goat. Ken won.
"Which will it be, Ken." I asked.
"I think I'll do the pig. That leaves you the goat. Buddy." He stated.
Vicky chirped in, "Well, I get to get you guys hard. Who's first?"
"Me." Ken replied.
Victoria kneeded in front of him and engulfed his whole cock into her
"Wow, you got some women there. If she can swallow that monster. She can
probably almost swallow Donny. Where did you find her?" Marty said.
"She use to work at the school where I work." I told him. "You will get to
see what she does to mine." As I removed my pants.
"If the size of that thing soft is any where near its size when hard I
think my goat is in for a rough time." Marty commented.
Vicky finished getting Ken hard. Ken greased his dick with KY at Marty's
request. He kneeled behind the pig whose head was in blocks so she couldn't
move. Marty lifted her tail. Ken put his cock up to the pig's cunt. Then he
started pushing it in. The pig squealed as Ken large cock forced its way into
the pig. He continued to push until every inch of him was buried to the hilt.
"Fuck this is one tight pig pussy. I've never fuck a pig before but this
is tight." He said.
"Remember in school when they called you a pig fucker? Now it true." I
said while laughing.
Victoria had moved to my cock and was sucking it with her usual deep
throating talent.
As my cock grew under Vicky expert sucking, Marty said, "I don't know if I
should let you put that thing in my goat. Maybe I should have you fuck the mare
in back. She might be able to handle you."
"Bring her on!" I told him.
Vicky finished getting me hard. She removed her mouth and said, "Go show
Marty's mare how you use that thing. And when we get home you can abuse me with
it. I'm gettin very horny. I may take on the donkey or Stud."
"Go ahead but wait till I'm done. I want to watch you or help you." I said.
"I'll wait but I need to finger myself to take the edge off." She replied.
Marty brought the mare. She wasn't very big. But I still needed a stool to
get to the right height. Marty pulled the tail to one side and exposed the horse
pussy. It was any bigger than Vickys or Vanessa's pussy. Marty held the horse's
"She hasn't done this to often. She's a little jumpy. Just go slow." He
I put my cock up to the horse cunt. I rubbed the head around getting it
wet with horse juice. Then I pushed the head of my dick into the horse. She
jumped as the head entered her but Marty calmed her down. I held my cock still
while the mare got use to it. A few minutes later I began to push more of my
dick in. This mare was tight or I was just big. Suddenly the horse reared back
and engulfed my whole cock. She sprayed me with horse cum. I didn't know if it
was having an orgasm or what.
Marty said, "She likes you. She just had a horse orgasm. Thats why she
sprayed you."
I started fuck this mare with all the strength I could muster. I thrust my
deeper into her. I began pounding as hard as I could. While I was fucking the
mare, Vicky came up behind me and started tonguing my ass. She knew this would
drive me crazy and make me cum faster. She reached around me and also grabbed
my balls. It had the desired results. I came. I pumped my sperm deep into the
mare pussy. As I tried to pull out I could feel the mare's pussy sucking me back
in. I didn't know that horse pussy could suck but this one did. I was stuck. I
felt my balls being sucked dry even after I stopped cumming.
Meanwhile, Ken was slamming his dick to the pig. I watched him thrust into
the pig pussy then pull back and slam in again. The pig was squealing like crazy.
Vanessa taken Marty's cock out of his pants and swallowed every inch. His eyes
rolled back in his head. He was in estascy. He was fucking Vanessa mouth as fast
as he could.
Then he yelled, "I cumming! Damn, this woman can suck cock." Vanessa
swallowed every drop not missing one. When she finally released Marty's dick, he
collasped onto the floor. By then I had pulled out of the mare.
Vicky asked, "How's my favorite toy?" As she licked it clean and checked
every inch of it.
Vanessa had moved over to Ken and the pig. She began to lick his butt like
Vicky did mine. Ken could not hold out any longer. He yelled, "I cumming." as he
slammed his cock deep into the pig pussy.
When Ken finished cumming, he pulled his dick out. Vanessa got behind the
pig and started licking the pig's pussy. She was lapping up all of Ken's sperm.
Victoria said, "I think we should bring Linda with us the next time we
come here."
"I'll talk her into it." I replied.
We all went to our house and took showers then we all fucked each other.
The following week Linda called me to her office. As I was pumping my cock
into her ass, I told her I had talked to Marty and he said it was OK for her to
come up to his place.
"Will you be there?" She asked.
"Sure, Vicky and I will take you." As I spermed her butt.
"I don't want to take Frank along." She stated. "He'd probably freak-out."
"No problem." I said as I pulled my dick from her peckered hole.
The following Saturday, Linda came to our house. As we drove to Marty's,
Linda was asking Vicky all sorts of questions.
When we arrived we went to the patio again where Marty had set out some
"So, this is the lady that might want to try out my stud farm. Have you
ever had sex with an animal?" He asked.
"No, but I have given it some thought in the last couple of weeks. I need
to find someone or something bigger with longer staying power. She replied. "I
have abused him, pointing to me, for 3 years. I want to try new things."
"Well, this will be new for you!" Marty said. "You may like it so much
that a normal man will not be able to satify you again."
"He has been the only one to satify me lately. But I don't get to fuck him
every day as I would like. If I could find a cock that could give it to me when
I want it which is about three or four times a day. That doesn't included
fucking my ass. But he has to be hung well."
"I think I have just the cock for you. Vicky can tell you about Stud"
Marty stated.
"You bet. He got the largest cock I've ever seen. I was going to try him
on today. Last time Vanessa did and she still talking about it." Victoria said.
"Let's go to the barn." Marty said.
When we got there, Marty showed Linda all the animals. Her eyes almost
popped out of her head when she saw Stud's cock.
"Its beauitful and so large. I want to try him after the pony stretches
me open." Linda panted. With that she stripped off her clothes.
Vicky had also stripped off her clothes. Marty's eyes almost pooped out of
his head as he looked at Vicky's firm little body.
Vicky noticed Marty looking at her, "Would you like to try some of me
before I do Stud?"
"May I?" He asked.
I said, "Sure, if she lets you. You are more than welcome to fuck her all
you want."
Marty stripped out of his clothes and produced a hard-on that wasn't that
bad. He climbed between Vicky's legs and buried his dick in her in one stroke.
He pounded her pussy hard and deep. It didn't take him long to cum. When he
finished he pulled out of Vicky. "I'm sorry. I came to fast. But it has been a
long since I had a woman that looks as good as you." He said helping her to her
"Thats OK! Maybe next time you can hold out longer. But you have gotten me
wet for Donny." She stated.
We went to Donny's stall. In went Vicky. She grabbed his pony dick in her
hands. It was a little bigger than me. I knew he would stretch her open.
Victoria sucked his cock into her mouth. His dick is long, about 13" but
not as big around as Stud's. Down it went into her throat. She could deep-throat
just about anything. Vicky loved to suck cock. She kept sucking the into her
mouth. We watched the whole dick disappear till her nose touched the pony's
sheath. She pulled it out of her mouth saying, "That was delious. I want more."
With that she took whole back down her throat.
In the meantime, Linda was fingering her cunt with four fingers and
sucking on Marty's cock. She had every inch of him in her mouth.
We heard Vicky moaned. We looked and saw her throat swallowing. The pony
had started cumming. Since Vicky had all of the cock in her throat she wouldn't
be losing a drop. When the pony quit cumming, Vicky removed the dick from her
mouth, "I thought he'd never stop cumming! I feel like I've had a seven course
dinner, I'm so full."
"He only dumps about a one quart of sperm. Not like the huge amount that
Stud does." Marty stated as fill Linda's mouth with his second load of sperm.
"Well, I'll be primed to take on Stud in a few minutes. After I slide this
into my pussy." Victoria said with a handful of cock.
She bent over and grabbed the pony front legs. She reached back, took the
pony dick and nudded it to her sloppy wet pussy hole. The pony humped forward
and buried over half of it in her pussy.
"OH, SHIT! He's banging on my womb. It feels wonderful. I can't wait till
I get Stud buried in me." SHe yelled.
Linda had went over to the donkey and was sucking down its dick. It wasn't
as big as the pony was. She kept sucking on it as it disappeared into her throat.
She was trying to follow Vicky lead and swallow it all. I knew she would keep
going till she did.
Meanwhile Vicky was taking almost 3/4 of the pony dick in her pussy. The
pony would pull out then slam back into her. She groaned each time the dick hit
her womb, "Damn that feels good! I want to feel it in my womb."
When the pony pulled out and slammed back into her, she rammed her ass
back towards the thrusting cock, "Oh, shit. He's entered my womb. He's
stretching it to the limit but, God, it feels wonderful! AAAHHHHH! I want more.
I want to feel his sperm in my womb."
The pony continued to fuck Vicky with a fever only he could find. Suddenly
his balls slapped her naked clit. "Holy shit. I can feel him deep in my womb. I
have all of his cock in me." She screamed. "His cock is swelling. He's going to
As the pony humped forward again, we could see his balls contract as they
pumped his sperm into my wife's womb. "God, he's filling my womb with sperm. He
has so much. I think I'm going to explode! AAAAAAAAAAA! UUUUGGGGGHHHHH! Is he
ever going to stop cumming! My womb is so full." She screamed as her head
thrashed from side to side.
When the pony quit cumming, he pulled his cock from Vicky with a loud
plop. The pony sperm was running down her weak legs. She collasped onto the
floor of the stall with sperm oozing from her gapping pussy hole.
Linda was just finishing up with the donkey. She was trying to swallow all
of its sperm. Some of it dripped down her chin as she continued swallowing. When
she stopped sucking, she released the dick from her mouth and sat down on the
hay. "Damn, that tasted wonderful! I know I'll want more of that." She said.
While the women rested, Marty and I talked about the events we had just
"You got you some woman there. Old buddy. She's what we call a "Keeper".
Who the other one?" He asked.
"She's my boss. I have been fucking her for 3 years before Vicky and I got
married. She's turned into a sex maninac. Vicky wants me to quit fucking her.
Thats why we brought her up here. Hopefully, she'll want to fuck the horses more
than me. Maybe you can get some of that, too. If you want." I told him.
"You know me I'll fuck just about anything and sometimes do." He replied.
"Be careful, She'll does everything. She'll probably even lick the mare's
cunt." I said. "She'll do groups, take it up the ass, suck the chrome off the
trailer ball, she'll fuck at the drop of a hat, now she wants to try horses."
"She'll be out of commission for awhile after Stud gets through with her.
So will your little lady." Marty replied. "How's Vanessa doing after the last
"She just started to fuck again. She was out for the first week and a half,
but Ken said she getting back to her old self." I told him.
Victoria came over to us. "Well, what are you two up to?" She asked.
"Marty was telling he thinks you are very hot. And that I should keep you.
But after your are though with Stud, you won't be able to fuck for about a week.
Are you sure you want to do it?" I asked.
"Yes, I want to try." She replied.
Linda came over after she finished sucking off the donkey and asked, "Is
it ok if I fuck the pony?"
Marty said, "Sure, let's go."
He got up and the two of them went to Donny's stall.
"Come on." Victoria said. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
We went to Stud's stall. His cock had dropped from all the sex going on
around him. He was about half hard. His cock twitched as we entered. He could
smell Vicky's love juices. He was ready. I got the bench and placed it under
him. Vicky laid down on it getting herself in the right position.
"Ok, Honey, Put his dick up to me." She said. I picked it up with both
hands. It was hot, hard and heavy. I positioned it to her pussy hole and rubbed
it around. It had some pre-cum on the tip. That helped get Victoria wetter.
"Ok, I'm ready. Let him fuck me." She stated.
Stud needed no help. He humped forward and buried almost half of his
monster cock into my wife's pussy.
"OH, SHIT, Its huge! I think he tore me a little! But it does feel good. I
thought I'd be able to handle a cock this big. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! But I feel
like a stuffed turkey." She screamed.
I looked down at her sweet pussy and saw that she had indeed been torn a
little. Stud continued to ram his cock into her. She grabbed my dick for some
thing to hold onto. Her jaw was slack. Her head thrashed from side to side. She
moaned every time Stud shoved his cock in, "He's hitting my womb. He's so deep!
He's soooo big! Damn, I love it! I want of his cock in me. I want to feel his
balls slapping my asshole."
I knew she couldn't take it all but in her state of mind with the orgasms
racking her body. Racking her brain. She thought she could. I looked back at her
pussy hole. It was stretched to the limit. It had a small tear where they had
cut her when she had the baby. I wondered if she'd ever be able to get back her
tight pussy or would she be this big forever.
"OH, SHIT! OH, Damn! It sooooo big! I love it! I can feel the head pulsing.
I can feel the head at my womb opening! He's trying to stick his dick into my
womb. OH, Yes. It stretching my womb hole. He's entering my womb! UUUGGGHHHHH!
He's sooo deep in my womb! His cock is so hot!" She wailed as the cock slid
deeper into her.
Stud was fucking her with hard, fast strokes. Vicky could do nothing but
cum. And cum she did. Her orgasm was one long continous orgasm. Never ending.
Just moving from one to the other with no break in between.
She yelled and screamed, "He's fucking my womb. He swelling up! He's going
to cum! OH, YESSSS! Here it comes. I can feel his hot sperm. Its filling my womb.
He pumping sooo much into me! I don't think I can hold it all."
She didn't. It came squirting out the sides of her cunt. It ran down her
asscheeks. Down the crack of her butt. Acrossed her asshole.
As the horse filled her with his sperm she continued to kick his sides
with her feet. She tried to wrap her legs around his stomach but just couldn't
make it. She kept trying to get more cock in her pussy.
"I'm sooo full of sperm! I can feel it on my ass. Is he ever going to quit
cumming? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" She yelled.
When Stud finally quit cumming he pulled his shinking cock from my wife's
abused hole. The sperm flooded out of her, onto the bench and down to the floor.
Marty walked up and looked at Victoria laying on the bench and said, "He
hasn't cum since Vanessa drained him. So I think he had more sperm in him than
I've ever seen." He looked closer at Vicky pussy, "She took him but he tore her
in the process. Even as abused as her pussy is. It still a very pretty one!"
Between breaths Vicky said, "Why, thank you. You're very sweet. I like to
give you a good ride when I'm healed if my husband doesn't mind."
"That would be fine with me." I said.
Marty left and returned with some teat balm. He began to rub it on Vicky's
pussy lips. "This should help you heal faster. We use it on the cow's teats and
the other animals after they give birth. It has some kind of healing onitment in
it. How does that feel?"
"It feels great. But if you keep rubbing my clit I will want to fuck
again." She replied. "Where is Linda?"
"She is over there getting fucked by Donny." Marty stated.
Just then we heard her scream, "God, Its soooo big."
Marty and I left Vicky laying on the bench to regain her composure. We
found Linda bent over with Donny's cock up her ass. Marty looked at me, "When
you said she'd do anything you weren't kidding."
We watched as Donny continued to shove his dick deeper into Linda's butt.
"I knew I'd like this! It feels soooo good! I want more! AAAAHHHHHH!!, she
Linda pushed her ass back as Donny rammed more cock to her. She screamed
as his balls slapped her shaved pussy, "I can feel him deep in my ass! I can
feel his balls hitting my cunt! I love being butt fucked! OHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSS!
I can feel him swelling! He's going to fill my ass with his sperm! YES, I want
it! I need it!"
Donny continued his attack on Linda's butt. His balls contracted and we
knew he was cummimg. So did Linda, "OH, SHIT!! I feel his hot sperm shooting in
my ass! He soooo deep!! He's pumping me full of spunk!! I feel my bowels
stretching!! I don't know if I can hold it all!!"
Donny pulled his cock from Linda ass and continued to sqirt cum all over
her asscheeks and pussy. Finally he stopped.
As Linda stood up the sperm sqirted from her asshole. It ran down her legs.
She grabbed her ass and stuck a finger into her rectum to keep all the spunk
from running out.
"I don't want to lose anymore of it. I need it to stay in my butt. I love
the feel of sperm churning around inside of me. I want to take it home and show
Frank. He'll freak." She stated.
We all walked back to Vicky who was now sitting up. She said, "That was
wonderful but I don't think I'd do it more than once a year. I am really
stretched open."
She stood up then squatted down. As she did, we could see the sperm
spurting out. She put her hands to her stomach and pushed like she was having a
baby and the rest of the sperm came out of her. She caught some in her hand and
rubbed it on her tits and asscheeks. "They say sperm is like a hand lotion. It
is suppose to keep your skin smooth and soft." She stated.
As Victoria was getting dressed Linda scooped up some of Stud's sperm and
put to her tongue. "It tastes good. When can I fuck Stud?" She asked.
"Anytime you want. He hard already." Marty said.
"Good. I want him now!" Linda replied.
Linda went over to the bench that Vicky had just got up from. She laid
down on the bench right onto the puddle of sperm left by Vicky. "Its feels so
good laying in warm sperm. It feels good on my back and butt." She commented.
She reached between her legs and scooped up a large gob of Stud's sperm
from the bench. She rubbed it all over her pussy and clit.
"OK, I'm ready. Let me have him! Stick his monster horse cock in me!" She
Marty went over and guided Stud's dick to Linda's hole. Stud, being the
animal he was, pushed forwaed as Marty touched his cock to the hole.
screamed as the cock entered her cunt. As we watched the cock disappearing, she
continued to yell, "FUCK ME!! OOOOHHH! FILL MY CUNT!! I have never had anything
so big in my pussy. I never want anything than this horse cock in me again!! I
love the way its stretching me. DEEPER!! HARDER!! FASTER!!"
Stud seemed to sense that Linda want to be fuck harder and faster so he
fucked her faster. Linda kept humping up as Stud humped forward. If she kept
going like this she'd get all 15" in her.
The deeper Stud went the more Linda screamed, "OOOOHHH, YESSSSSS! I can
feel him entering my womb!! I want more!! I need more!! OOOHHH, YYEESSSS! FUCK
Linda was out of her mind with pleasure. You couldn't have stop her if you
tried. She was going crazy as the cock pounded into her. She was a wild woman.
"He's swelling! He's going to cum in my womb!! OOOHHHH, YES! FILL MY WOMB.
FUCK MY WOMB!!" She screamed.
As Stud was cumming in her womb, Linda must have gained some of her senses
back. She slid off the spurting cock, rolled over and ram the cock up her ass.
She pushed back so hard the whole dick went all the way to the hilt. Right up to
Stud's balls.
Linda screamed as the cock tore into her, "YESSSSSS! I NEED IT IN MY ASS!
She passed out while Stud continued to bury his cock. She laid while he
finished pumping his sperm into her asshole. He pulled out when he stopped his
cumming. His cock was covered with shit and blood from Linda torn asshole. Her
asshole was stretched so big I could have fist fisted her and she would have
never even felt.
As Linda laid there passed out, Marty took the teat balm over and began
to rub it on her abused asshole and cunt. He applied it to her asscheeks and put
some in her rectum with the sperm flowing out. He put some on her pussy hole and
inside of it. He then rubbed Stud's sperm on her back. Then rolled her over and
rubbed some on her tits.
About a half an hour later, Linda woke up. "I feel wonderful. Can I do it
again?" She asked.
"Better not." Marty stated. "You are pretty well torn up. You pussy is
split. Your asshole is bleeding. You'd better wait a couple of weeks to heal."
"I have never been fucked so well in my life." She said looking at me. "No
offense meant. That horse is even better than you and he bigger. I need bigger.
I want bigger."
"That fine with me." I said. "Are you about ready to go home?"
"As soon as I find something like a kotex to keep all this sperm in me."
She said. "I love the warm feeling it gives me."
"I'll get some from the house. Ladies always leave a few behind just for
this reason." He said as he left to the house.
When Marty returned with the kotex he helped Linda put them on her pussy.
"You're so sweet to help me and let me fuck your animals." She said.
"Thank you. I wish I could have met you before Frank, my husband. I could very
easily fall in love with you."
"Any time you want you can come up and fuck them. Even by yourself." He
Victoria knew right then that I wouldn't be fucking Linda anymore. She
looked at me, smiled and said, "I love you."
"I know." I replied.
We took Linda home and helped her into her bed. On Monday Linda called
me into her office, locked the doors and sat down.
"I had a wonderful time at Marty's. I going back as soon as I can. I
showed Frank my asshole and pussy when he got home. He asked me where all the
sperm came from so I told him what I had done. He was mad. I think he wants a
divorce. I'll give it to him. I found something better to fuck. He's always
wanted Mary anyway so she can have him.
"What ever is best for you." I said.
"I'd like to ask Marty to let me and little Frankie move in with him so
that I could get fucked every night by one of the horses. Do you think he'd
approve?" She asked.
"Maybe, you won't know till you ask. Remember he said you could come up
anytime you wanted." I replied.
"I was going up tonight. Not to fuck. I'm to sore. But to talk to him."
She said. "But I would like to give you one last blow-job as friends and for
everything you taught me. I know that no man can ever satify me again. I think I
found station in life. I need bigger and better things. Mainly, bigger cocks. I
have enjoyed your cock ever since the first time. Maybe we can get together once
in awhile for old-time sake. And you can butt-fuck me if Vicky will let you."
I stood and walked around to her behind her desk. I unzipped my pants amd
released my cock. Down her throat it went in one gulp. She sucked me deep into
throat. While her finger went into panties and flicked her clit. The only part
on her hips that wasn't sore.
"I'm cumming!" I said as I shot my sperm down her throat.
"MMMMMMmmmmmmm!" was all she could say as she swallowed my sperm.
When she finished shallowing she removed her mouth from my dick, "Still
the best tasting sperm I ever shallowed. I will probably miss that the most."
Victoria and I still get together with Ken, Vanessa and their dogs. Bob
and Rita got married and still come over for parties. Linda and Frank got
divorced, she moved in with Marty. We see her when we all go there for a weekend
session. Marty tells me every night when Linda gets home from the work, she
heads straight to the barn for her nightly fucking from one of the horses,
mostly Stud.
Once while we were at Marty's Vicky let me fuck Linda. Linda had begged
her. I stuck my cock in her but she was so loose that I couldn't feel the sides
of her pussy. I tried her ass but it was the same. So I fist fucked her. That
she liked. I will probably never get asked again.
Six months after that time, Vanessa, Vicky, Ken and I went over there. I
asked Marty where Linda was.
He said, "Where do you think? In the barn!"
Ken, Marty and I went to the barn. The girls stayed on the patio. When we
entered the barn, there was Linda with her ass in the air. And Stud behind her
plowing her rectum with his big cock. She was moaning as the cock got buried to
the hilt. Stud's balls slapping on Linda's cunt.
"She's got him in one of her holes every night. I never seen a woman so
cock crazy in my life. She gives me a blow-job every night. Her pussy and ass
are so stretched you can't feel the sides of them as you go in. If you fist fuck
her she can feel that but barely." Marty said.
"I know I did it once but never again." I told him.
"I'd like to fist-fuck her ass once." Ken chirped in.
"She'll probably let you do that." Marty said.
We went back to the girls.
"So what happening?" Vicky asked.
"Linda is in the barn getting butt fucked by Stud again." I told her.
"I'd like to see that." Vicky said as her and Vanessa took off.
They came back, "I wouldn't have believed it until I saw it. She is taking
every inch up her ass and just moaning. I"d be screaming and trying to get it
out of me." Vanessa stated.
They went back to the barn to get serviced by Donny and Pedro. They were
gone about a hour. They returned with wobblly legs.
"Did you girls enjoy yourselves?" We asked in unison. "What's Linda doing?"
"Yes, we did. I fucked Doony and Vanessa fucked Pedro. Linda was still
getting her ass pounded by Stud. She lost whatever morals she ever had. She's
kneeling moaning as that monster cock slides in and out. There's a puddle of her
cum juice under her. I think Stud came twice while we were there." Vicky stated.
"Well, its her body and her life. If thats what makes her happy, so be
it." I replied.
About that time Linda staggered out of the barn. She was butt naked. The
cum was running down her legs.
"I didn't know you were here." She said as she sat down. "How long have
you been here?"
"About two and a half hours." Vanessa said. "We watched you with Stud for
a while then Vicky and I serviced Donny and Pedro. You were oblivous to us. You
were in your own little world."
"I know." Linda replied. "When I'm being fucked by Stud I don't remember
or see or hear anything around me. But I need him to fuck me everyday, sometimes
twice like today. Maybe even a third time later."
We all shrugged our shoulders and continued with small talk. I finally
quit the school and went into another field.
Marty calls me every once in awhile. LInda is still with him. He brought a
new horse named King same as Vanessa dog. He got a bigger cock than Stud. Linda
had him in her before the horse knew what happened. Now she's out there every
night with him. He's already buried his whole cock in her pussy. She been
working on getting it up her ass. She had the head in the other night but took
it out because it hurt to much. She said she is going to keep trying till she
does it.
He said he'd call me when she does so we can come and see it.
We went up there after Marty called to tell us that Linda had been able
to take King up her ass.
We all went to the barn and watched Linda do her thing. The cock was huge.
It was twice the size of Stud's. Linda took the whole thing up her pussy and ass
and then some. She now has to wear adult diapers because her asshole stays open
all the time.
While Victoria and Vanessa were being serviced by Donny and Stud, I went
over to Linda who had just finished with King. When she stood up all the sperm
flowed to the ground. She bent over and showed me her holes. They both were wide
open. They won't close back up.
I asked Linda why she did this to herself.
She replied, "I don't care what happens to my holes as long as I can get
fucked by King. I love the feel of his large cock in me and I will always want
more of it."
"But you can't ever be fucked by a man anymore." I said.
"I don't care. I have all I need right her. She replied as she went to the
Vicky and Vanessa played with King once but never tried to get it in them.
They got naked together and jacked him off till he covered them with his spunk.
Marty said that King dumps one full gallon and about a half of a pint when he
unloads his balls. Vicky and Vanessa giggled and rubbed the sperm all over their
bodies like two school girls. They even put King's cock head to their holes so
he could fill their pussy with his sperm. Once Vanessa put King's cock to her
asshole so he could fill her ass with his sperm. Vanessa continues to fuck Stud
but Victoria never did again. She only uses Donny or Pedro but mostly Vanessa's
Great Danes. And of course, me.
I don't know what happened to Linda but she's really went off the deepend.
Maybe some day she'll get back to normal. Maybe not. THE END

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2015-06-11 14:50:03
I would love being licked by a dog as my Master spanked me hard. Most Masters don't hit hard enough. Just because we say it hurt doesn't mean softer. I wish he'd get his belt and fucking whip my ass hard. I dream of being make to lay across the bed as he spanks me with stop except to stick his fingers in my wet pussy. Turn me over and spank my pussy with a belt. Spank my titties with it to. Yes I want a dog licking my pussy and my Master to beat me for loving it. I want to feel his pain.


2014-12-13 17:20:10
i love it

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2011-06-06 00:42:59
My wife had her first dog see when she was about 23 & we had been married 6 years. She loved it hard. The first time our dog fucked her, she came so much and so hard I thought she would pass out. I about came in my pants the 1st time she sucked that dog off.


2010-07-28 21:24:00
Awesome i've read alot of your work ... it's all good you do have a clue what bestiality is it just took you a while to tell us all about great job.. any more like this in the works


2010-05-28 09:20:57
That was a weird and wonderful ending great work. Linda is really just crazy for a big dicks.

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