A Local Women's Club That Love To Pleasure Themselves, As Well As Others
The meeting of Ladies Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Mary Ian called for order,

"Alright ladies, let’s quiet down and get ready for business."

Twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Mary to start the meeting.

"It looks like were all here," she began while surveying the crowd,

"I guess everybody has that familiar itch between their thighs this evening.... right?"

A nervous laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Mary quickly asked for order and continued on,

"As usual, we have a young man from the local college to entertain us, and I’m sure that you’ll all be more than pleased with his performance, but we also have a special treat tonight."

Everyone’s interest was piqued when Mary mentioned a "special treat", and an excited murmur quickly passed among the women.

"As you probably all know," Mary continued,

"Emma has missed quite a few sessions due to her pregnancy, but I’m happy to announce that even though she’s seven months along, she’s with us tonight and will be actively participating with the rest of the group."

While Mary asked Emma to stand up and take a bow, everyone broke into a round of applause and cheered Emma's return to the group. Several of the women gathered around Emma, shaking her hand and kissing her on the cheek with congratulations, but it didn’t take long until one forty year old housewife took one of Emma's hard nipples into her mouth and began nursing like baby.

"Mmmmm, Emma moaned,

"That feels so nice, my nipples have become so sensitive lately, that I just love having them sucked."

The women helped Emma to the couch where her other nipple was gobbled up by another club member. It was a very sensual sight to be sure, with the young pregnant woman contentedly nursing two older females who were of course masturbating at the same time. Emma heard some say,

"Hi Emma, it's me...Jennifer."

"I was wondering if you would mind if I...well if I pleasured your pussy orally?"

"It's so wet, I just can't resist the urge to kiss it, and savor those beautiful full lips of yours...if you don't mind that is."

In a very soft voice Katie gasped,

"Oh Jennifer, yes please by all means, my pussy is even more sensitive than my nipples lately."

Jennifer quickly took her place between Emma’s open thighs, resting her mouth against Emma's dripping wet pussy. The moment her tongue touched Emma's wet lips, Emma gasped and moaned moaned loudly, begging Jennifer to suck her clit too. Jennifer was soon ravaging Emma's pussy, licking and sucking her swollen lips, tongue fucking her as the two other women continued sucking Emma's nipples and fingering themselves into a sexual frenzy. Emma was moaning and cooing as Jennifer slid two fingers into her pussy, as her lips moved to Emma's clit, sucking it as Emma closed her eyes, moaning from all the sexual attentions.

Emma's loud groans filled the room with erotic excitement, while the rest of the women not involved in the action sat quietly rolling and tugging their nipples, and fingering their hot, wet pussies. Soon it wasn’t only Emma’s moans that were filling the room, as a chorus of sighs and grunts reverberated off the walls when an orgasm would overtake the women as they masturbated. One fifty year old woman furiously fingered herself while staring intently at the two women sucking Emma’s fat nipples and moaned

"Damn, that looks so fucking good,"

she groaned, as her finger flew over her hard clit.

"Emma your breasts are so full and heavy, it's just unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable!"

The woman sitting next to her, who was also nearing her own shattering orgasm, said through gritted teeth,

"Mmmm yes, Emma is so fucking hot, look at how much she loves getting her pussy sucked."

The two women gave each other a quick look, when their pussies started convulsing with powerful orgasms, the juice spewing from their quivering pussies. Emma was now caught in a vortex of sexual tension, with her nipples being sucked, and her pussy was being devoured by Jennifer. With Emma's head spinning, one of the women sitting close to her, began asking very arousing intimate questions about her sex life.

"Emma," the woman asked softly,

"Do you remember the day you got pregnant?"

"Yes," she stammered,

"I remember it, why do you ask?"

"Oh I just wondered if you had a hard orgasm when your husband fucked you," the woman asked calmly.

Emma smiled, "Very hard."

"I came so hard as Jim fucked me from the back."

"Did you suck his cock?" the woman asked.

"Oh yes, I love sucking his cock."

"Does Jim have a large cock?"

"Yes, he has a really nice thick cock, and it's long as well."

"Really, how often does he fuck you Emma?"

"Almost every day!" Emma gasped,

"He has a very high sex drive, he’s hard all of the time, and he want to fuck constantly."

"Since you’ve been pregnant, does he like sucking on your nipples."

"Yes, he loves sucking on my nipples, he can’t wait until I can give him some real milk."

"Emma," the woman asked,

"Are you ready to have an orgasm, you seem to be having trouble concentrating on my questions?"

"Oh fuck yes, I'm so close, Oh ya....I...I'm gonna fucking cum in Jennifer's mouth!"

Oh yes, suck my pussy Jennifer...that's it...I'm gonna fucking CUM!"

The woman watched as Emma raised her hips off the couch, moaning and grinding her pussy into Jennifer's face. Finally spent, Emma lowered her hips, letting out a sigh of relief as she basked in the glow of her orgasm. Emma wasn’t the only one having an orgasm. All around the room fingers were flying over distended clits and pussies, seven or eight women cumming at the same time was one of the most erotic things any of them had ever experienced, and just hearing the moaning of other females, induced others into having orgasms of their own. It was quite a scene, twelve women, totally drained, and collapsing like so many limp dish rags all around the room. After everyone had seemed to have recovered from the shock of such a hard climax, Mary hopped to her feet and announced,

"Don’t get too comfortable girls, because the main event is still to come, so allow me to introduce our feature attraction, Billy."

After having just had their pussies devastated by such hard orgasms, most of the women were still numb and not yet quite ready for action, this however, was short lived when they saw the handsome young man, prance naked into their midst with a huge erection. You could almost hear twelve pussies beginning to drip like a leaky faucet. Working his way through the crowd, Billy gave each woman a chance to feel his hard cock, and if they chose to do so, give it a quick suck.

Usually what happened, after everyone had gotten a chance to sample the wares so to speak, one of the women would take it upon herself to orally satisfy the young man while everyone else sat and masturbated while watching the show, much as they had done with Emma. There was usually some verbal give and take between the young man and the women, and tonight was no exception as one of the older women named Hillary asked,

"So, how big is your cock Billy?"

"Big enough to fill your pussy," Billy joked as the woman laughed.

"I'd like that, my Harry can't get it up more than once a week if he's lucky."

"Bring that thing over here, and let's see how it fits."

Billy walked over to Hillary, and stood in front of her, wagging his cock in her face. She took his cock in her hand, pulling Billy closer to her, and swirling her tongue over the thick head of his cock. In the meantime, two other women sat down next to Hillary, and began sucking her nipples as Hillary started to take as much of Billy's cock down her throat as she could. Hillary moved her hand down, and began fingering her pussy, while the other women sucked her nipples and fingered themselves.

After a few minutes Hillary took Billy's cock from her mouth saying,

"Stick that thing in my pussy, I really need a good fucking."

Mary spoke up saying,

"Now Hillary, this is supposed to be a masturbation club...remember?"

"Oh fuck off Mary, I need this young mans cock, and I'm going to get it."

Before Mary had a chance to respond, Hillary leaned back, spreading her legs saying,

"Come on Billy....fill my pussy with that beautiful cock of yours."

Billy smiled and maneuvered around and slid his cock into Hillary's wet pussy.


The other women gathered round, straining to see Billy cock as he slid all eight inches of it into Hillary's pussy. The women gasped as Billy slid his cock into Hillary, spreading her pussy as wide as it could go. Some women began caressing one another, others tweaking one anothers nipples, and still others fingering their pussies as they watched as Billy started slamming his cock in and out of Hillary's pussy. Hillary's had a woman on either side, holding her legs and running their hands up and down her thighs, as Hillary moaned loudly.

Soon Hillary called out as her body stared shuddering, as the orgasm coursed through her body. Next Tracy, a sexy young blonde took Billy's cock from Hillary's pussy and knelt down, taking Billy's cock down her throat, and began sucking Hillary's juices from his cock. Once she was finished, she took Billy by his cock, leading him over to a large oak table where she laid down, her legs spread and her feet on the table. Billy aimed his cock at her pussy, sliding it in easily. As he began pummeling her pussy, Emma and Mary, (who had now given into the lust) began sucking Tracy's nipples as Billy fucked her.

As they had before, the other women started masturbating, and caressing one another, while they watched. Billy was fucking Tracy's pussy, his balls slapping against her ass, while the woman looked on. Two women came over to the table and began sucking Tracy's nipples, causing her to start moaning. Tracy was soon cumming, arching her back off the table. She looked up at Billy telling him,

"Cum on my tits Billy, cover them with your load."

Billy pulled his cock from Tracy's pussy, while she turned so that her head was on the edge of the table, Billy's ball hovering over her mouth. As Billy stroked his cock, Tracy started licking his balls, as the woman urged Billy on. Tracy felt a pair of lips on her well fucked pussy, then a tongue slid inside her. Tracy started cumming again. Then Billy grunted, and sprayed his cum over her tits, as the women squealed in delight, applauding as the last drops of cum landed on Tracy's breasts. The women took turns licking the cum from Tracy's nipples, and breasts, then shared cum filled kisses. Once things had calmed down, Mary announced,
"Well ladies, it's been a very interesting, and I must say, FUN evening."

"That's it for this month, we'll get together next month while I try and think of a way to have a meeting as interesting and fun as this one."

"Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated....good evening ladies!"

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i came home early from school my mother was kissing and feeling the woman next door

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