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The Truth About Nikki - pt13 – The Swinger Life

Note: Again, I have changed the names of the men that I dated from the time that I moved to Seattle and thereafter. These diary posts are intended to tell my story, not to embarrass the men whom I have spent time with over the years.

After returning from my vacation with Kevin, I dove back into my life with a new more vigorous attitude towards life in general. I was happy and anxious all at the same time. Kevin and I talked regularly and I always hung up the phone feeling a combination of guilt for not having included him and pure hornyness for his touch. The first indication that my plan was successful was when my cycle didn't arrive at its normal time, although not a positive marker, it defiantly was a positive sign. I made the decision not to run out and buy a testing kit, but rather to wait another full month before celebrating. It was a month of pure torture because I wanted to know for sure.

During that next month Bill called to invite me to the club meeting and when I told him that I wasn't going to be attending for a month or two he asked if we could go out to dinner at least. I told him that it would be great to get out and we set a date and place to meet. He had offered to pick me up but I was always cautious about giving anyone my home address, lest things turn out badly. I had also turned down numerous calls for "dates" during this month of celibacy. I wasn’t sure how it would affect my little side business but at this point, but I really didn’t care either.

Bill and I had a wonderful first date, he was involved in the computer business yet didn't seem like the typical computer geek at all. He has a quick humor and had many interests other than software and microchips. He said that he had just fallen into this business because for some reason he just naturally understood computers and code. He had actually been and engineering major in college when one of his professors had picked up on his talent and talked him into changing over to computer programming. He said that from the very first day everything just seemed to click and he breezed through everything that they threw at him. He was hired right out of Stanford and had been here ever since.

Over the next few weeks, Bill and I went out on several more dates. During one of these he finally asked why I had stopped going to the group parties, was it because it had been a one-time thing for me, or that I didn’t enjoy it. I decided that rather than telling him some story I would reveal the truth to him. I told him that I had really enjoyed the party but that I might be pregnant and had decided to forgo any further meeting until I found out for sure and had seen a doctor. He sat there for a moment before saying that he understood, but had really been missing me at the Friday night mixers. Bill and I had developed a friendship, we liked each other, and I had enjoyed the hot sex we had at that first party and I did crave sex with him again, yet I think that both of us had realized that we had no deeper feeling for each other beyond being friends and lovers.

When my second cycle failed to appear on time, I knew that it was time for a test strip, which confirmed my hopes with its little plus sign. I was elated beyond words. Now all I had to worry about was Kevin's reaction when he finally found out.

After being checked out buy my new doctor and declared to be in perfect health, I asked her if there were any risks to the baby during sex and she assured me that it was perfectly ok to enjoy myself sexually even into my ninth month unless some problem cropped up. She set me up on a regular schedule of visits and I went home to break the news to my son. He couldn’t understand how I could have a baby inside me, but seemed happy about being a big brother.

In my excitement I had completely forgotten about this being a Friday evening so when Bill called about the party, I really didn’t know what to say initially. After some easy banter with him I realized just how horny I was and told him that I was going to attend tonight. He asked if he could pick me up and I told him where and when we could meet.

As the afternoon wore on and I prepped my son for his overnight stay with our next-door neighbor and her son, I felt the anticipation slowly building within me. By the time I finally pulled out of the driveway and headed down town to meet Bill I could feel my freshly shaven pussy leaking into my panties.

Bill picked me up right on time and we headed out of town. We had been chatting about a number of things when he asked me for a favor. I told him that it depended on what it was and he asked if he could be my number one guy tonight. I giggled and told him that it would be wonderful to have him first, maybe second and third if he had it in him. He smiled and asked if he could tell me something without me getting pissed and I told him sure. Bill kind of blurted out that he thought is was so hot that I was pregnant and that ever since I had told him he had wanted to fuck me so bad that his balls hurt. I didn’t know what to say, so I just asked him why it made him so horny and he replied that he really didn’t know, but it did. It intrigued me as to why it would arouse him so much and I began to ask him to really think about it and try and give me some answer. We went back and forth the rest of the way to the party and as we locked his car the basic conclusion of our discussion was that he had never been with a pregnant woman and maybe had the fantasy of making a baby. I decided to see if he responded to the same nasty talk as Kevin always had when we fucked. This would confirm in my mind if he shared Kevin's fantasy of breeding women.

We had arrived a bit late so we quickly stripped and joined the group just as some couples were pairing up in different corners of the room. Just walking into the room, filled with at least 15 black men in different stages of arousal and at another 6 to 8 ladies, made my pussy begin to send little electric shudders up my spine. Bill's cock had been hard as a rock when he had pulled his pants off and now that I had seen the action around us I desperately needed him as much as he did me. I gripped his cock in my right hand and led him to an open mat on the floor. All he had said when I had grabbed him was "lead on, my lady". As I released him and began to kneel before him he asked me to lie down and let him drive now. He followed me down and almost before my back was against the mat his mouth was on my wet pussy and his tongue darted inside. Within three to four well placed licks of Bill's tongue, my pent up desire exploded and I found myself bucking and gripping his head to my pussy. As I recovered he lifted his face from my crotch and said that he thought he had found the right spot. I chuckled and pulled him up onto my belly, I needed to feel his manhood fill me. I guided his drooling cock to the mouth of my womb and he pressed himself into me, we both moaned as his cock stretched me around his girth. With each slow thrust he forced more and more of his wonderful cock into my depths, my pussy was quaking and I told him that I was going to cum again soon. He smiled down at me and we kissed as he seated the last of his 9-inch tool within me. My legs had automatically wrapped around him and he began fucking me with a slow steady stroke. The feeling of his cock grinding into me made me shudder and moan in delight, I loved this feeling, my entire body was trembling with the electric energy that flowed from a mans cock as it worked its magic within me. I came in another blinding orgasm, Bills breath against my cheek as I shuddered in his grasp. This time as I recovered my breath I asked him softly how he liked fucking my pregnant pussy. He groaned that he loved it and his fucking became more urgent, I could feel his need to cum, his entire body was almost rigid as he fucked me a bit faster and harder. My pussy was doing flip-flops again and that special tingling was building with each wet smack of his cock into my hole. I whispered to bill to fill me with his seed, putting the emphasis on the word seed. That was what he needed and he instantly groaned and drove his big cock into my depths and exploded, the feeling of his cock thumping within me pushed me over the limit and I too came, gripping his body to mine as his sperm filled my pussy. I slid my legs down his back and entwined them with his legs as we lay there enjoying our post fuck bliss. I kissed him on the cheek and said "thank you", hearing him chuckle into my neck, "no Nikki, thank you". As he finally began to stir, I told him to roll over because I wanted to suck his beautiful cock. I twisted around and lowered my mouth to his limp and leaking tool, it tasted delicious and I swallowed as much as I could hold making him exclaim how good it felt. I began sucking him with full strokes of my mouth, lingering each time to swirl his cock head with my tongue before engulfing his cock again.

I had completely forgotten that we were in a room filled with other people who were fucking and sucking too, until I heard a voice behind me ask if I was up for another cock in my white pussy. I instantly decided to concede this decision to bill and told him that I was his for the night; he could share or hoard me as he wished. As I went back to sucking his cock he told the gentleman that "I" would be pleased to serve his cock with my hot white ass. Bill had never talked that dominate before and both stunned me and pleased me, especially when he put his hand on my head and gave it a little push telling me to suck him deeper. I felt movement between my legs and heard this new voice tell Bill how fucking nice and tight my pussy looked as I felt his cock slid into my juicy hole. He wasted no time driving his cock into me until his balls slapped against my wetness. I moaned and squirmed as this new man gripped my ass and began pounding his cock into my pussy. He told Bill that if I had been his bitch that he wouldn’t have shared my cunt with anybody and thanked him for the ride. Bills cock was rock hard and he was forcing me down it to my very limit, telling me to suck it, suck it hard, suck it deep. I knew that he had a perfect view of this unknown man pounding his cock into my aching hole and that was the reason he was being so much more dominate now that he had ever been. I suddenly exploded in orgasm bringing moans from my lover. He asked me if I was enjoying my black cock injection, but with my mouth full of Bill's thumping cock and could only moan my response. Bill's grip tightened on my head and he told me to swallow his fucking seed as his cock began to spew thick globs of sticky semen down my throat. I gulped his saltiness down and relished every last spurt of it until he finally pushed me away. The gent behind me was pounding his cock into me and I felt another orgasm ripping up my spine, I gripped Bill's leg as it washed over me, bucking under this new lovers grip. He made a loud groan a pulled my ass tightly to him and held me there as I felt his cock thump inside me, mixing his sperm with Bills. He didn’t linger in my womb, as soon as he had finished depositing his semen within my folds he withdrew, kissed me on the cheek, said thank you, and left.

I turned to lie beside Bill and he told me to stay on my knees, that he wanted to fuck my sweet little hole again before another brother dropped in to bust a nut. His cock slid right into my cream filled pussy and he began fucking me with powerful strokes instantly. He asked if I was serious about being his bitch for the night and I looked back and said that yes, for tonight I was his to use as he wished. He said that was the hottest thing any woman had ever done for him, to give herself to him 100%. His big cock was driving me crazy again within minutes and I had just enough warning to tell him that I was going to cum before my orgasm slammed into me making me quiver and quake while his cock speared into me like a black harpoon. He was slapping himself into me wildly and I knew he was at that magic point so I begged him to pump his black baby seed into me, again my words worked perfectly and he slammed his cock into me groaning as he emptied his hot fertile sperm into me.

Now I heard several voices around us and lifted up to see several men and a couple of the ladies gathered around us. Some of the guys were telling Bill how hot our fuck had been while others were asking if I wanted some more black meat. Bill pulled from my pussy and waved one of the ladies over who wordlessly engulfed his cock and began sucking him with gusto. He patted me on the ass and announced to everyone that I wanted to celebrate tonight because I had just found out that I was pregnant. He went on to say that I hadn’t soiled myself with white seed, that I had bred a fine black baby. As he continued to pat my ass and rub the thick cum between my legs he told the guys that I would service as many of them that wanted me.

My mind exploded with one thought and one thought only, OH FUCK, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Several guys moved in beside me and began fondling my breasts and fingering my cream covered pussy. I thought about reneging on the deal, but the touch of four hands fondling and fingering me had already begun to wake up my pussy again. Deciding to give it a go, I relaxed as Bill moved away and joined the others to watch. A third man appeared in front of me and slid his fat cock into my mouth. He pressed himself into me until his eight-inch cock was buried between my cheeks, and my nose rubbed his belly. As he began to slow fuck my mouth he told everyone that I was a fine little cock-sucker. One of the guys beside me moved around and I felt him rub his cock up and down my slit, congratulated me on being pregnant and drove his nice big cock into my juicy pussy and began to fuck me hard and fast. As he pounded my pussy he was giving a play by play to the audience about how good I fucked, how much nut he was going to pump into me and the like. The guy at my front pulled out and moved aside saying that he was going to save his seed for my pussy, and that he wanted to make that baby grow big with his fertilizer. I glanced around and found that everybody was intently watching me getting fucked, to include Bill who was smiling at me while throat fucking the lady servicing his cock. I exploded in a huge orgasm and a small applause came from the crowd as I wiggled and squirmed on this new cock. He was grunting loudly behind me, pounding his cock into me so hard that my whole body shook when he slammed into me. I knew that he was close so I whimpered and begged him to fill my pussy with his seed and he did. With four or five mighty thrusts he dumped his cream inside me, forcing the cum already there out, around his cock and to drip onto the mat below me. Someone mentioned something about the cum puddle forming below me and one of the ladies rolled to her back and slid under me and began licking the sperm from the guys balls. As he pulled out to make room for the next man she pressed her face into my filled box and lapped at me until the next gent told her to move. This guy had a larger cock, like Bills, maybe even a bit larger. He moved behind me, slid his cock several inches into me then asked if I wanted some more big nigga cock in my white gash. His cock felt so nice and thick that I just shoved my hips back against him, taking most of his wonderful cock into my pussy. He said that I had answered his question perfectly and slammed the remainder of his black meat into me. Someone in the crowd remarked that I sure could take a big cock and one lady said that she sure wished that she could take Gordon's cock to the balls like that. It was like a party atmosphere around me, people laughing, making comments, drinking, and watching us, as man after man would fuck my used pussy. The gal below me kept kissing and licking me wherever she could get her tongue as Gordon pounded me with his big cock. The combination of her licking and Gordon's cock stretching my hole wide open threw me into another bone shattering climax, bringing another applause from the crowd. As I caught my breath, I felt a finger on my clit, but before I could tell her to stop, the lady below me had made me cum again. This time, the second that I could talk, I told her not to fiddle, bringing chuckles from the crowd. Gordon Announced to everyone that he was going to pump his baby seed in my sweet white pussy then eased his cock all the way in and came. His thick cock felt like it expanded in size each time he shot his load inside me. I mewed to the crowd how good it felt to have his cock cum in me and several of the other ladies responded in kind, saying it was wonderful. The lady below was already at work, licking the cum up as it dripped from Gordon's balls. He held his cock inside me until it had gone completely flaccid before slipping it from me and rubbing it over my ass. Bill asked if I wanted a break and I said "hell yea", again bringing laughter from the crowd. The gal below me, gripped my hips and pulled me to her mouth, sucking and slurping the thick white mixture of pure man seed from my womb, it felt wonderful but I finally asked her to stop, I needed a break, not another orgasm. We got up and headed for the bar together to get a drink. I introduced myself and she said that her name was Lisa. Bill gave me an orange soda and mixed something for Lisa while we chatted. She said that she loved watching me get fucked like that; that it was so surreal to be right there and watch those big cocks fuck my pussy. I told her that I wasn’t used to having ladies go down on me like that, and she said that she loved doing it, and that I could sit on her face anytime. I explained that I wouldn’t feel right about doing that because I really didn’t have any lust for women that way. Lisa told me that she was cool with that, she loved cock and cunt, both were good for certain things and that I had a nice cunt and she loved my clit. I smiled and asked her to avoid my clit in the future if a guy was fucking me already. She giggled and said that I came like a racehorse and I reiterated to her that my clitty was super sensitive. Lisa moved off and I sat down on a bar stool and surveyed the crowd. Over in the corner was Gordon and the little gal from the audience that said she couldn’t take his whole cock. As I watched, he positioned her hips on a pillow and moved between her legs. I could hear her moan and squeal a bit as he drove his big fucking cock into her. I walked over to them and sat on a chair almost directly behind them, looking straight up between their legs as his thick cock stretched her pussy wide. The sight of her pussy being stretched so tightly around his thick black shaft made my pussy quiver. As he drove into her, her pussy lips would roll into her hole and when he pulled out they stretched several inches out of her. At each inward thrust she would mew and squeal with delight as Gordon fucked her a bit deeper. I was just leaning back, watching the show and sipping my soda when Bill came over and sat on the arm of the chair. He leaned over and said that Mandy probably had the smallest pussy he had ever fucked and I remarked that she looked super tight but seemed to love Gordon's cock. Bill went on to say that Mandy could only take about a seven-inch cock, but loved to fuck as I could plainly see. I asked if she was with someone or was single like me, and bill said that she was married and came here for black cock therapy every Friday night. Looking around I asked Bill to point out her hubby and he laughed and said that he never met the guy and that she always came alone. I sipped my soda and went back to watching Mandy and Gordon fuck, his cocksmanship was outstanding and I felt my pussy twitch just watching him work. His hips were constantly working his tool inside her, now I knew why I had cum so hard on his dick. Mandy squealed and squirmed her way through three orgasms before Gordon groaned and I got to watch as his sperm pumped from her pussy and down her ass crack.

Bill leaned over and asked me if I had ever tried anal sex before and I told him that I enjoyed it on occasion. He chuckled and asked if this was one of those occasions because when he had watched me fuck earlier, the sight of my fluttering asshole had almost driven him crazy. I reached over and began stroking his cock back to life and told him that after watching Mandy and Gordon, I was ready. Bill's cock inflated in mere moments and he stood and offered his hand to me, instead, I pulled him towards me and slipped his cock into my mouth. I had just taken a sip of my orange soda and the coolness of it made him moan and shudder as it coated his tool. I relished the taste as his cock, fresh precum, and the soda blended in my mouth. The scent of fuck was so powerful and erotic that I felt my pussy juices begin to flow immediately. I worked my mouth over his cock, making it jump each time that I flicked my tongue over his hole. Bill finally pushed me from his cock and said that he needed to fuck, or he was going to nut in my mouth.

I slipped from the soft cushions of the chair and knelt on the floor placing my elbows back on the seat cushion. Bill's hands were instantly on my hips and I felt his perfect cock enter my sopping pussy. It felt so good that I lowered my head to the cushion and just enjoyed the wonderful little electric tingles that zipped up my spine every time Bill shoved the cock into my slit. He told me that my twat felt incredible but he just had to feel my tight fucking asshole milk his cock, with that he slipped from me and placed his 9 inch cock against my back door. Leaning in to me, I felt his cock fold my bung in until that magic moment that it popped over his cock head and slid down his fat cock shaft, making me moan. Bill told me that it was just as tight as he thought it would be as he worked more and more of it up my ass with gentle pressure, forcing more of his meat into me with each thrust. Gordon piped up from behind us and said that my ass looked like a rubber band stretched around a wine bottle and Bill told him it felt more like he had his cock in a boa constrictor. All I knew was that it felt simply wonderful, it is such a different kind of feeling when a man is in your ass, the rippling waves of electric tingles that happen when a mans cock fucks my pussy are replaced with this smooth, almost continuous wave of pleasure.

Bill took his time and fucked me with slow, full strokes. His hands on my hips told me what his level of enjoyment was. He would grip me tighter and tighter until a point then slow way down to recover, as his grip would lessen he would begin forcing himself into me faster and faster until again he would be gripping my hips like a vise. He gave me two of those wonderful mellow orgasms, which I love and I just laid there at let the pleasure flow through me each time. On his third or fourth time at brink, Bill never slowed his pace and exploded. His first few shots went straight into my bung but then he withdrew and shot the remainder up my back and onto my shoulders. Leaving his withering cock between my ass cheeks he massaged his sperm into my back and shoulders as if it was lotion before backing away from me.

When I felt another pair of hands on my ass I initially thought that Gordon had moved in for another round but then I heard Gordon's voice to my side. I twisted around and found another, entirely different guy moving between my legs. He smiled down at me and said that he hadn’t made my acquaintance yet, that his name was Ed. His cock head had already slipped into my dripping pussy and with one thrust of his hips he drove his balls tight against my mound. Ed didn’t have a big cock but he really knew how to use what he had, as he pumped my pussy fast and hard he twisted around making his cock rake across a different spot with each stroke. This had me moaning and quivering in no time, that electric buzz between my legs soon became an electric tornado and I came hard on his cock as he kept my pussy impaled on his cock with his strong hands. Ed didn’t even alter his fucking as I shuddered beneath him because almost before I had even caught my breath I felt another orgasm rising within me. I whimpered to him that I was going to cum again and he said it was good that I was enjoying his cock. My next orgasm shook me to my bones and Ed did slow down this time to allow me to recover. Once I had quit gasping for breath, Ed asked someone for a cushion, which he placed by my side then he pulled his cock from me, rolled me onto my side, lifted my left leg up and slammed his cock back into me with a wet splat. From the second he began fucking me like this I could feel my pussy going nuts again. His wet balls sliding back and forth on my right leg as his cock worked my pussy from this different angle felt so incredibly different. With Ed clutching my left leg to his chest I came so hard that I almost passed out from the intensity. Things came back slowly and I realized that Ed was no longer pounding my pussy, he was buried fully inside me, still gripping my leg and smiling down into my eyes with that post fuck grin on his face. As he slipped from my pussy, releasing a gush of sperm from my filled womb he said that it was a beautiful thing to watch me cum, and that he had enjoyed our fuck very much.

I was tired, hot, and sweaty and in need of a ladies room so I escaped before Bill could offer me up to another man. While cleaning up, I was stunned to see that it was almost 2am already and thought to myself that time really did fly when you were having fun. I realized that I truly was having a good time; this was such a different atmosphere than my normal outings (if you could call them normal). It was a very low key and fun atmosphere, people came here to enjoy each other's company and have some pretty great sex along the way. I gave myself a quick inspection in the mirror and headed back to the party, ready to do Bill's bidding.

I found Bill on a couch watching another couple and flopped down beside him, planting a kiss on his cheek as I did. He patted my leg and asked if I was ready to go home or if I wanted to hang around for a while longer. I leaned over and reminded him that I was his tonight and was fine with whatever decision he made. He chuckled and said that I was a very kewl lady, and then went on to say that he would love to hang around a while longer. Then he motioned to another gentleman by the bar, who grabbed his drink and walked our way. He was about 6', medium build, maybe early 40's, and had what looked like about an 8" uncut cock swinging back and forth as he approached. Bill introduced me to Raymond, and then asked if he was interested in servicing me. Raymond looked at me, said that he would love to play if I was up for it. I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was already beginning to harden at the thought of fucking with me. That realization made my pussy begin to tingle for him too. So in answer to his question, I reached out for his hand, pulled him closer and slipped his semi hard cock into my mouth. Raymond's hand instantly cupped the back of my head and he stepped even closer to me. Bill chuckled beside me and said that I certainly knew how to make friends.

It only took a minute or two before Raymond was hard as rock in my mouth and moaning. I let him slip from my mouth and led him just a few steps to an unoccupied mat. I grabbed a nearby pillow and laid down with the pillow under my hips while Raymond eased between my legs and slipped his cock into my pussy. It felt wonderful as he ground his cock into me and I told him so, he replied that he loved the way my slick pussy felt too. Raymond drove his cock into me with firm slow strokes making sure that he ground against my mound each time and it was driving me crazy. Within just a few minutes I whimpered to him that I was cumming, then exploded in a wonderful orgasm. He groaned into my ear how much he loved the way my pussy felt when I came on his cock. He continued to grind his groin against my pussy and I felt another climax building within me even as I recovered from the first one. He had found that special spot to hit with each stroke and wasn't going to leave it alone, all I could do was enjoy the wonderful fuck that he was giving me. I came again, even harder that the first one and zoned out for a few seconds as I bucked beneath him. As I began to recover I heard other voices around us and knew that we had drawn a crowd of onlookers. Raymond moaned that he was going to cum but wanted to make me cum too. He didn’t have long to wait as another orgasm hit me from nowhere and I zoned out again while it shot electric bolts through my brain. As I became aware of my surrounding again, Raymond was pounding his cock into me hard and fast, moaning "fuck, fuck, fuck" into my ear until he suddenly stiffened and froze on top of me, filling my pussy with his fresh semen. As his cock thumped within me a soft moan escaped his lips and he gave me a deep lasting kiss before pulling from my sopping pussy and lifting himself from me, allowing the cool air-conditioned air to make me shudder. I was a bit shocked when another man moved in between my legs and shoved a large cock into me, gripped my hips and began pounding it into me with fast, hard, thrusts. The sudden change of size and fucking style threw my pussy into overdrive almost instantly. This guy wasn't lying upon me, he knelt between my open legs, slamming himself into my womb, making a loud smacking sound with each stroke as his balls slapped against my cum coated pussy hole. I gripped his hands on my hips and came so hard that I blanked out for long moments only to return to find this new man still fucking me like a man possessed. My vision was spotty, my breath was ragged, and I could hear whimpers escaping my lips, but I had no control of my body as yet another orgasm slammed into my skull. I must have looked like a rag doll shaking beneath his hard fucking because of the amount of cheers and laughter coming from the audience when I recovered. I was still moaning with the last waves of my climax when this new man groaned loudly and exploded in my pussy. I felt the first two or three hard pulses of his cock within me as his sperm flooded my box, then he pulled himself from me and I watched as his fat black cock shot stream after stream of thick white cum up my belly, almost to my breasts. The onlookers almost broke out in a mass cheer as I was being hosed down with sperm. He knelt above me and wrung out his beautiful thick cock on my belly, forming a pool of semen around my navel. He knee walked up my body, rubbing his cock back and forth on my belly and breasts as he did, giving me my first good view of his thick cock. He placed his sweet tool on my lips and pressed it into my mouth. His super slick cock tasted wonderful and I swallowed as much as I could before slipping my mouth back to lick the tip of his pointy cock head. He moaned and told me to suck his cock head just like that and his hands gripped each side of my head. He pumped his cock over my tongue with short fast strokes and with each stroke I gave his cock head a flick or two with my tongue. His cock quickly hardened and his grip tightened even more as he moaned and humped my mouth. Someone pushed my legs apart and I felt the wonderful sensation of a smooth tongue drive into my dripping pussy, sending ripples of pleasure up my spine with each slurp. The cock in my mouth suddenly erupted, shooting its thick streams of warm salty seed against the back of my throat. I clamped my lips tight and gulped down load after load of his fertile sperm, until only its final spurt remained on my tongue. I gripped his slick cock at the base and gently wrung out the final dribbles of semen before letting his cock slip from my mouth. It was perfect timing because the tongue between my legs made me explode in another huge bucking orgasm just as his cock slid down my cheek. I bucked against the face mashed into my used pussy until it began to subside and I twisted away and sat up on the mat.

I was spent, I had enjoyed every minute of this evening but I was exhausted and trembling as I stood and headed for the bar to get something to drink. Bill read my mind and said that as soon as I was ready, he would take me home. We sat at the bar as I drank a Pepsi and chatted about the evening. I remarked that I hadn't noticed him with anyone else except the gal who had sucked his cock earlier. He just remarked that he had been with all the ladies before but had just wanted to be around me tonight. It was a flattering remark from him, wanting to be with me when there were so many pretty women here and I think it made me blush a bit. I finished my drink, cleaned up and Bill took me back to my car.

As I drove home, I went back over the events of the evening and realized just how much real fun it had been. There had been absolutely no pressure to perform; all I had to be was myself. I hadn't really thought about my life as a lady for hire too much, it was even less stressful than working for Kevin, but there was always that push to please the customer at the expense of my own wants and desires. As a member of this group, I could do what I wished, when I wished to do it.

I slid in between the sheets that night and instantly fell into a deep peaceful slumber, already looking forward to next Friday.

My next diary posting will be entitled " The Truth About Nikki - pt14 - Work and Play"

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2009-08-12 12:32:09
if this a true story,no one would believe that one could fuck so many men in one evening,let alone have as many orgasms as was said she had.i understand that some women have multiple orgasms but i guess i never met a woman as hot as her.i am looking for a desigated lover myself, i guess im just a lousy fuck.story was great but too long& repetive,well writen i give you an 8.please let me know about my coment, dick 37 @web great story.


2009-08-09 21:49:15
Nice story: more please.

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