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Jim had been friends with Rupert for maybe six or seven years, since they were in junior high school together. They had shared many things together, had practically grown up together. Had double dated a little in high school, had told each other basically everything about their lives. They had first started jacking off together when high school was almost finished, and Rupert was the first to suck cock.

He sucked Jim's cock for the first time when both had turned eighteen. Soon Jim had returned the favor, and they had been good suck buddies ever since. Jim wasn't sure how he felt about this, and he had never sucked anyone else. He thought it might have something to do with his difficulty in getting and keeping girlfriends, but he liked doing it and wasn't willing to give it up.

On their next suck session, Jim decided he'd tell Rupert about his adventures with his mother. It had been so hot he couldn't hold it inside. As they stroked each other to hardness, Jim relaxed, feeling the practiced hand of his friend stroking his hard cock.

"It feels good," he said. "But you'll never guess who I did it with this week."

"Not your girlfriend?"

"Of course not. You know her, I could never get past first base with her. This is someone really special."

"Not a guy?"

"No, no. You're the only guy I do."

"Well, you haven't told me about anyone else. So, someone completely new?"

"Yes and no. I would never have guessed either, but it's my Mom."

"Your Mom? Really? Well, she is kind of sexy and all, but . . ."

"Yeah, I know. It's really kinky. But it was really wild too. She's a great lay."

"Wow, that must have really been something."

"Uh huh. And guess what else? She wants you to come over next weekend."

"Me? You mean maybe I can do your mother too?"

"Don't know exactly, but hey, it's worth a shot. What d'ya say?"

"Well, of course I'm game for it. Wow, I just can't get over it. Your Mom."

Rupert was clearly excited by the prospect, and he gripped Jim's cock a little tighter, jacking him off forcefully and licking his lips. He looked down at the swollen glans in his hand and licked it, bringing a groan from Jim's lips. Lowering his head, he swiped his tongue across the sensitive surface and jabbed it into the slit in the head. Jim leaned back and let his friend take over the action.

With little nibbling kisses, Rupert worked his way down the shaft of Jim's hard cock. He felt it ripple in his hand and stroked it slowly. He took the head into his mouth and hollowed his cheeks with his sucking effort. Jim groaned in appreciation and curled his fingers in Rupert's curly hair, drawing him onto his pulsing prick.

Gradually Rupert took all of Jim's cock into his mouth, sucking it slowly into the depths of his oral cavity until he had the whole thing buried in him, poking past his tight throat muscle. He began fucking himself up and down on the lusty pole jabbing into his mouth. Jim responded by bucking his hips upward to meet the down thrusts of his friend's hot mouth on his aching cock. He could feel the cum bubbling up out of his balls.

As he started to cum, Rupert withdrew partially, and Jim's cum spilled onto his chin and cheeks. He put his hand back on his friend's cock and vibrated it up and down rapidly, causing a torrent of white hot liquid to spew out in a furious shower. He smiled as Jim closed his eyes and his frame shook with the intensity of his orgasm. Little droplets were flying everywhere and Jim's cock was red with the effort of expelling his gooey cum.

Rupert held on, letting Jim set the pace as he fucked his dick into Rupert's hand, teasing out every last drop of pearly fluid. Rupert flicked his tongue across the tip of Jim's dick and slurped the last bit into his mouth.

"You came good that time."

"Yeah, you made me hot."

"Um-hmm. And I'm getting hot just thinking about getting into your Mom's hot pants. Damn, what a great story. I can't wait to get some of that action myself."

"Umm, yes, I love Mom's sweet pussy."

"Did you eat it?"

"No, not yet. She says that's next to come."

"Oh, I can't wait to cum in her pussy, or eat her till she cums."

"Or both."

"Yes, both would be better."

"Did I tell you about our homestay girl?" Julia asked.

"Um, maybe you mentioned it, but I forgot." Jim said.

"Well, it's a Japanese girl, new college student, and she's coming in a few weeks, first of the month. She'll be here for the summer before she starts college. To take English lessons."

"Oh really. What else do you know about her?"

"She'll be staying in Jan's room. Her name's Mariko Naka-something. I've got a letter around here somewhere." She rummaged around for the papers, and finally found the packet of information.

"Says here she'll be studying nursing in the fall, and her English level is intermediate, whatever that means. She likes karaoke and J-pop. What's J-pop?"

"I don't know. Maybe Japanese pop? A kind of music? Or food? Like a soft drink?"

"No idea. Anyway, we're supposed to meet her at the airport and get her settled in. She's supposed to be like one of the family for three months, just do whatever we do."

"Hmm. I wonder if that includes what we've been doing recently."

"Oh you sly little devil. You're already thinking about getting into her pants, aren't you?"

"Well, you said whatever we do."

"Uh-huh, but I'm not sure that includes fucking her little brains out."

"Okay, how about yours, then?"

"Of course darling. I'm busy now, but when did you say your friend's coming over?"

"Around six this evening."

"Okay, I've gotta do some shopping and so forth, but I'll be back by around four."

"Sure, sounds super, Mom. By the way, when's Jan coming back?"

"Oh, let me see. Next weekend I think. Yes, that's right. And, um, two weeks after that is when Mariko will arrive."

Jim went out to bicycle around, play some pickup basketball, and just loaf around the rest of the day. He had seen a photo of Mariko in the packet of information his mother had, and she looked cute. Her black was shoulder length with auburn streaks and cut in bangs across her forehead. Her cheeks were high and rosy, and she was small and slim, wearing a high turtleneck blouse and a dark skirt that ended well above her knees.

It was around two when Jim returned home, showered and changed into fresh clothes. He watched TV for awhile but became bored by it and fell asleep on the couch. He was dozing when his mother returned and had him carry in bags for her. After she bustled around putting things away, she went to her room to freshen up. Jim walked past her room when he went to the bathroom, and saw she was taking a nap on her bed.

She looked beautiful when she was sleeping. She had taken off her skirt and top and folded them neatly on a chair. She was lying under the sheet, her eyes closed and her chest rising shallowly with her breathing. He watched her for awhile, then padded off to the bathroom. He was sitting downstairs when Rupert rang the bell.

The two friends greeted each other, and sat down to play a video game. Soon afterward, Julia appeared. She was wearing a mini-skirt that rode high up her thighs, and a cream colored top that was loosely buttoned around her throat. She fluffed her hair and let if settle loosely around her shoulders. She smiled at Rupert and took his hand, then kissed him lightly on the cheek before going off to the kitchen to prepare something.

In less than half an hour she announced that dinner was ready. It turned out to be a soup and salad type of meal. No one was too hungry, and the miso soup, a Japanese concoction she had learned to make, was pleasant without being filling.

Soon they were finished and she had cleared away the dishes. The boys offered to wash up, and they went to the living room to sit and chat. Julia got a glass of wine for herself and iced tea for the boys. She sat between them on the couch, crossing her long legs and hiking her skirt up even higher.

Rupert was really excited, Jim could see it in his wild eyes and the flush of sweat on his forehead. Julia was smiling and relaxed, her head leaned back against the cushions of the sofa. Her legs swung easily and as she slid her hips forward, her skirt peeled upward. She closed her eyes and breathed in a big sighing breath.

"So, Jim tells me you two are close buddies," she said.

"That's right. Best buddies," Rupert said. The two friends exchanged glances and nodded at each other.

"Very close, right?" she asked.

Jim thought he could tell where his mother was headed with this, so he answered.

"Yes, about as close as it's possible for two guys to be. We share everything."

"Everything? Even girlfriends?"

"Um, we don't exactly have girlfriends right now," Rupert said.

"And we never shared them when we did, but we did double date," Jim added.

"Oh, so you don't exactly share everything? Or at least you haven't, yet."

"Yeah, not yet," Jim said, his mouth going dry as he looked at his mother's smooth legs and slim thighs so close to him. He felt a knot growing in his throat.

"Maybe you'd like to," Julia said and uncrossed her legs, smoothing her hands down her thighs.

Both of the boys stared at her legs, which were now slightly splayed, with her skirt practically up to her hips. Jim thought he could see a tiny flash of panties underneath and he started trembling with desire. Rupert was practically beside himself and he swallowed hard to try to find his voice.

"Don't be shy, Rupert. Jim has told me about you two, and I'm sure he's told you some about us, too."

"Uh-huh," Rupert stammered, his voice quaking with desire.

Julia turned toward her son and slid one of her long legs over his. She put her hands on his shoulders and caressed the back of his neck, then leaned toward him and kissed him gently on the mouth.

Jim felt her fingers on his neck and her lips pressed against his. He snaked his tongue out and hers joined it in a frenzied writhing dance. His erection started to rise in his pants as his mother kissed him in her sexy way. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest and his hands went to around her back and trailed down her sides. His fingers touched the sides of her breasts and she gasped, pulling in a sharp intake of air and moaning.

"Oh, you're such a good kisser," she said. "How about you, Rupert? Don't you want to kiss me too?"

"Um, yes, Ms. Kendall," he stammered.

"Julia," she said. "We're not formal here."

She slid her leg off her son and swiveled to kiss his friend. Rupert was still a bit hesitant, but after a few moments of feeling the heat of Jim' mother pressed against him, he loosened up and started kissing her passionately, his tongue swirling inside her mouth and wrapping around hers as he probed into her oral cavity.

"My my," she said. "Two hot horny young studs. What's a woman to do?" She clucked to herself as she positioned herself back in the center, with one hand on each of their thighs.

The friends looked at each other and exchanged grins. They both knew they were about to get the fuck of their lives from Jim's sexy mother. She sat back on the sofa, letting her fingers tease up the insides of their legs. She traced a fleeting pattern over their dicks, which were both already straining for release.

"Well, don't just sit there," she said. "Show them to me."

Jim and Rupert hesitated at first, but she nodded her insistence and they both started stripping off their clothes. As their shirts tumbled to the floor, she started unbuttoning her blouse. As their pants fell, she unzipped her tight little skirt. As they kicked off the last of their clothes, she ran a hand inside her bra and another inside her panties.

"Let's see you work them," she commanded and they again looked at each other for confirmation before beginning to jack off for her. They were standing in front of her, facing her, and Julia slipped her bra straps off, unhooked it and let it fall. She still had on her panties, but was now busily fingering her nipples.

Rupert knelt down to get a better view and she pulled him toward her chest. He opened his mouth and sucked on her tit like he was a baby sucking at his mother. Jim quickly joined him and the two suckled at her breasts with abandon as she caressed their necks and kissed their foreheads.

Julia led them where she wanted them to go. She spread her legs and gently coaxed Rupert down. He didn't need much encouragement and began kissing his way down her body, toward the lovely joy box he could smell wafting its lovely scent up to his nostrils.

He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her inner thighs, spreading her out even more. Her panties shimmered as her legs moved, and her kissed the wet spot between her legs, nuzzling into the crevice just beneath their pink surface. She ground her hips into him, and his nose pushed inside her pussy, bunching her silky panties into a knot. She hooked her fingers in the waistband and lifted her hips so she could slide them down. Rupert took them in his hands and slid them off and tossed them aside.

Now he had full access to her creamy cunt and he wasted no time in going to work. He slathered her with kisses and worked his tongue up and down her slit, bringing little sobs of pleasure from her lips. Jim was massaging her breasts and tonguing the nipples. She threw her head back and he kissed the hollow of her throat, feeling her moans vibrating through her soft skin.

Jim kissed her on the mouth, pushing his tongue deep inside her just as Rupert found her clit. She cried out with the intensity of the feeling, and wrestled her tongue around her son's as she gyrated her hips into the face of his best friend. Rupert stuck a finger into her cunt while he twirled her clit with his tongue and she gasped for breath, breaking off her passionate kiss with Jim.

"Oh, that feels fantastic. Where'd you learn to eat pussy like that? You horny little devil. Oh, yes, fuck me with your tongue."

Jim moved back down to suck on his mother's gorgeous tits, but after a short while she raised him back up. He looked into her eyes questioningly.

"Now I want you to do him," she said. "Show me how you suck cock."

Jim really wanted to fuck his mother. His dick was hard and hot for her, but since Rupert had his face buried deep in her cunt, he headed down to follow her directions. Sucking cock would taste good, and later he was pretty sure both of them would get to fuck her.

He positioned himself on the floor against one of Julia's smooth soft legs. With one hand he started exploring the region between his friend's legs. Rupert was going crazy eating pussy, his mouth making loud slurps as he gobbled down Julia's nectar. His dick was hard as a lead pipe and Jim circled it with his hand. Rupert made fucking motions and fucked Jim's hand as he lapped at Julia's sweet cunt.

Slowly he worked himself into position so he could get his mouth on his friend's cock. As his lips closed around the head of it, Rupert shuddered and thrust his hips forward. He was in the throes of passion and Jim thought he was just responding on an animal basis, just fucking like an animal, eating pussy and getting his dick sucked in complete contentment.

Jim started to get into his cocksucking, lavishing kisses on the hard pole as it exited his mouth, massaging the tender balls, and suctioning the rigid organ deep into his mouth. It was a super sexy moment. He was sucking his friend for all he was worth, and about to get a mouth full of cum to swallow, and Rupert was guzzling pussy like it was ice cream on a blistering summer day.

Rupert couldn't last long under the combined assault and soon he was shooting a river of cum into Jim's mouth. Jim struggled to contain it, but he wasn't that experienced at cocksucking yet. It bubbled out of his mouth as Rupert jerked his hips forward in wild spasms. He pulled his mouth from Jim's mother's pussy and shouted.

"Oh, I'm cumming. Uh, Oh, right in your mouth. Oh, it feels so good the way you suck me."

He drilled a finger deep inside Julia's pussy and worked it into a lather as his rod sprayed buckets of gooey cum splattering over his friend's face and into his gulping mouth.

"That's it baby, finger my pussy," Julia shouted, adding her screams to Rupert's. "Oh, I'm almost there. Come on up here and fuck me son," she said, knowing that Ruper was spent.

Jim clambered up from between his friend's legs, giving him a pat on the back and grinning at him. He crawled to between his mother's thighs and spread them apart, holding them posed in a wishbone shape and squeezing their succulent texture in his strong fingers. She shivered with anticipation as he lowered his dick to her already steaming pussy.

"That's it, fuck me baby. Fuck your mother."

Jim pierced her with one swift motion and jammed his dick in to her quivering cunt, sending a shiver up his spine at the intensity of the feeling. It always gave him an extra thrill to be fucking is own mother. He reamed her relentlessly, slamming his manhood into her with the reckless abandon of youth, filling her with his swollen member.

"Oh you little fucker. You sweet mother fucker," she screamed at him, digging her nails into his back. "Fuck me. Make me cum. Come on baby. Do it to me."

Jim pounded for all he was worth, feeling the slick shaft of his dick sluicing up inside his mother's red hot cunt, feeling it grip him like a tight fitting glove, feeling it start to milk him of his creamy love juice.

He started cumming with ferocious intensity, letting out animal grunts that filled the air and drove his mother into her own orgasm. They shook together as his hot milky juice poured into her in spurts that rocked the room. Each hot blast overtook the one before and Jim was writhing in her iron grip as he shot his spunk deep into his mother's wailing pussy.

Meanwhile, Rupert had gotten excited all over again and was busily fisting his cock to the point of another explosion. As Jim fucked into his mother and filled her pussy with his creamy cum, Rupert erupted and sprayed a hot fountain over her tits and face. She reached out and grabbed hold of his slippery prick to coax the last of its juice out. She clamped her lips on it and sucked his cum into her mouth, savoring the sweet juicy taste of it on her tongue.

As their breathing returned to normal, Julia sighed and wiped traces of the cum off her body. She licked these into her mouth or fed them to one of the two willing sex slaves who had just ravished her, and each other.

"You boys are really hot. I loved watching you suck your buddy off. Almost as much as I loved it when you fucked me and I got off."

"You're great, Julia," Rupert said.

"Not like my Mom at all. You're really a hot babe."

"Thanks Rupert. You're pretty hot yourself. Now, I'm up for a shower. Anyone want to join me?"

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