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My marriage of 26 years ended in divorce six months ago We had put our boys
through college and both were established in good jobs. My husband and I
just kind of drifted apart. Not yet 45, I took this job as a dormitory
supervisor for females at the local university to help pass the time. At
5'7" and 135 pounds, I was in good shape, but still worked out everyday. My
dark hair was just beginning to silver a little at my temples. When I found
I was a natural at the job, I let my ex-husband move back into the house
and I moved in here.

Girls paraded up and down the hallways, always talking and excited about
something. I kept the dorm running smoothly for them. As the semester
passed, I began looking at the young girls with a different eye--not a
mother's eye! I looked at their perky breasts breasts and tight
butts. These were the kinds of girls my son would be interested in. I began
roaming the hallways when I knew they were likely to be half or fully naked
going into rooms or to and from the shower. Praise be, I found I still had
a working pussy as I rubbed myself to orgasm with a naked girl's image in
my mind. A desire for young pussy was what I had developed.

I went on for months surreptitiously lusting for girls--no particular
one--just a female. Whenever I was alone, a finger was usually inside my
panties. I found that I could almost come at will. Just the thought of a
flash of nipple or a glimpse of a dark covered pussy sent me quickly over
the edge.

One of my girls, a snotty rich one, repeatedly broke curfew. Apparently,
she felt she was beyond our rules. I had called her hand about it a couple
times, but now had to bring her before a university disciplinary committee.

The young woman, Bethel, was 5'8", blonde, blue-eyed and built. She knocked
on my office door one Sunday morning a few days before the hearing. Being
that it was Sunday I was casually dressed in sweats, prepared for my daily
constitutional. The knock brought my hand out of my panties. "Yes? Come in"

"Ma'am, may I talk to for a moment?" Bethel look frightened.

"Of course, dear. Come in. Have a seat." She fidgeted but remained
standing. "What can I do for you, Bethel?"

"It's about the hearing. This is my third university and I can't get kicked
out of the dorm. My parents would go ballistic. Can you help me stay in? I
promise to follow the rules this time."

"Bethel, I gave you the benefit of the doubt many times. I know you young
people have social lives, but you also have rules and responsibilities," I
admonished. Bethel, crushed at my words, hung her head and cried. I felt
very sorry for her, watching her chest heave. In a few moments, she raised
her tear-stained faced and dropped the terry cloth bath robe she was
wearing revealing her nakedness. A strand of pearls hung at neck.

"Ma'am, I'll do anything if you help me. I've seen the way you look at
girls. Let me give you what I know you need--here, right now."

Magnificent is the only word that could describe Bethel. "No doubt you can
do just that. Lock the door, Bethel." She obeyed. "Now come here and sit on
my lap." She straddled my lap, facing me. We were on the same level. I
rubbed her torso, examining her, getting use to the feel of soft female
flesh. "You're a beautiful girl Bethel," I mumbled just before my mouth
tongued her pearls and took her right nipple. She gasped as I sucked and
gently bit it. Then I put as much of her globe into my mouth as would
fit. The left one followed after about ten minutes.

"Kiss me, Bethel,like you would a man " I demanded. The girl placed her
opened mouth on mine, eased my lips open, and gave me her tongue. Our
tongues battled as our pussies heated. Bethel was screwing the two fingers
I had lodged in her pussy as she she continued to kiss me wetly. She moaned
loudly in my sound-proofed office as I made her cum.

"Sit on the desk, Bethel. I want to see your pussy close up." Excitedly, I
opened her up, tracing her wetness with trembling fingers. I kissed the
insides if her thighs, working my way towards my mark. When my mouth found
her hot center, I devoured her. She literally screamed at each thrust of my
tongue inside her or each pull of my lips on her clit, grabbing my head and
pulling me harder into her. I held her legs in firmly in place as I kept
her coming, her little ass bucking up from my desk with each spasm. When I
dragged my face from her, her cunt was red, wide open and well serviced. My
first taste of another pussy had caused me to be overly
enthusiastic. Bethel wasn't complaining, she was purring as I blew my
breath on her kitty.

Through all of this I was fully clothed. There was no need for Bethel to do
me. I came just eating and touching her. Her paper work will be
mysteriously lost, but certainly not the memory of her, my first of much
pussy in my life..

If you do anything worthwhile today, "do it" with a woman.

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2011-10-17 17:21:18
loved it A+ love eating pussy


2008-04-03 00:11:35
how do u get in a girls pants?


2007-10-26 11:15:00
mmmm that was a great story. i love eating pussy as well. damn. i give it a 10


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2007-01-29 03:06:53
Could have been so much better.

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