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Things get a little hotter.
That night I had the best orgasm I had ever had. I used the mini dildo I'd secretly purchased off the internet while spreading myself before his picture as usual. I kept thinking of his hands on my tits and how amazing it had felt, and wondered how far it would have gone if mom hadn't come home.

Still, the idea of doing that with her only feet away excited me somehow.

That's when my mind started wandering. How often was I actually alone with him anyway? It was mid summer and I was out of school. Usually they both worked weekdays but not long ago mom had been put on a new schedule. Now she worked days three nights a week and nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, in the morning she usually left about twenty minutes before he did.

Today was Tuesday, so that meant tomorrow I would have twenty minutes before he left for work and then Thursday we'd have all evening. My mind started spinning with thoughts of ways to get that wonderful excited feeling again.

I had to set my alarm in order to get up on time, what self-respecting teenager is up before noon in the summer? At 7:45 it went off and I was groggy but when I remembered what I had set it for I snapped right awake.

I could hear them getting ready, talking to each other, making plans for the day. I slipped out of bed and began searching through my drawers for something to wear. I settled on a pair of dark blue boyshort panties and a matching camisole. Now, for those who don't know camisoles, at least the ones I buy, tend to be a very tight fitting stretchy material and this one, once stretched over my chest was practically see through. It was only the darkness of the blue that kept anything hidden.

I would normally never dress like this in front of him. I was very shy, and while very sexually minded I never wanted anyone to know that side of me, until now. Everything I'd learned about sex I'd learned from the internet. I learned to shave my pussy, wear sexy lingerie, buy dildos, and even read a manual about how to properly suck a cock. I guess I was just waiting for the right guy to try them out on. I never would have guessed it would have been my stepfather!

I checked myself out in the mirror, running my hands over my 16 year old flat tummy and the swell of my hips and breasts giving me a nice hour glass figure. Depending on the way I stood the light would either shine through my top, showing off my breasts and my dark nipples, or merely a shadow of them covered in blue.

It was perfect. I sat on my bed, trying to ignore the tingling in my pussy at the idea of a man seeing my like this for the first time, when I heard my mom say goodbye to him and shut the door. I listened harder. The car started. A few minutes later it had pulled away. I hoped she didn't forget anything.

I went to my door and opened it slowly. He was in the bathroom just one door down and I waited until just the moment when he opened the door, took a deep breath and dove in, or rather stepped from my bedroom.

We stopped two paces away from each other and his eyes automatically glued themselves to my chest.

"Oh!" I gasped in surprise, "I thought you'd left for work already!"
"No," he gulped visibly but I watched as his eyes took in the rest of me, feet to chest, never quite making it up past the neck. My pussy was getting wet just thinking of a man seeing me this way for the first time.

I reached a hand to the neckline of my top and fingered it nervously. He watched it a moment and then met my gaze. He seemed to have regained some of his composure.

"Do you always dress like this for bed?"

"No, usually I'm naked," it was out before I even realized what I had said. I think I actually made myself blush and I'm sure he saw every bit of it. I tried to steel myself against the realization that I may have said too much.

"I'd love to see that sometime," he smiled and began roving my body with his eyes again. I giggled in response.

"Really?" I inquired nervously. I admit I'd tested my sex appeal often when in public, teasing men to the limit, but I still had a hard time believing I was pretty. I suppose it's a girl thing.

"God, yes, you're fucking sexy as hell. You're going to make me late for work if you don't go put some clothes on. I might have to stay home and fuck you right now."

I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified. I wasn't sure I was quite ready for that yet and hoped I hadn't pushed him too far. He must have sensed my sudden fear because he stopped staring at my body and smiled at me, "But then I don't have any sick days left and your mom would be pissed if I missed work."

That's right, he had had a bout of bronchitis in the winter and used them up. Still, I had a feeling if he thought I'd let him he'd stay in a heartbeat.

"Yeah, you can't miss work," I practically whispered, my heart pounding a mile a minute.

"Yeah, I should go," he also whispered, never taking his eyes off my body "But I would love it if you'd give me a taste of those tits before I have to go, you know, to hold me over until lunch."

A taste? What did he mean, a taste? At first I thought he just wanted to see them again. I giggled remembering the feeling I'd had the day before when I flashed him. "Okay," I said and slowly started lifting my shirt up. I watched his eyes widen as I came up over the nipples and then pulled it just up enough to rest it in a roll above my chest. I put my hands down and stood there before him, bare chested. My heart was pounding, my pussy tingling against the lace of my panties, and the excitement making my nipples hard.

He stepped forward and cupped my tits, hefting them as though checking their weight. He ran his thumbs over the nipples and then to my surprise he leaned forward and took one in his mouth, sucking gently.

I gasped, taking in everything I could about this new sensation. I felt his tongue flick around my nipple, his mouth hot and moist. His left hand massaged my right breast and teased the nipple as he sucked on my left. I stood there, relishing the feel of it and watching his head. I put my hands to his head and held him closer to my chest, my fingers entangled in his hair.

I knew his cock must be hard and I wanted so desperately to reach out and feel the bulge in his pants but again I was too shy, but to my surprise when he switched tits his right hand began wandering down my back. It lingered at the waistband of my panties for just a moment, fingering it, before dipping down inside and cupping my ass. I almost lost my balance, the enjoyment being too much. No man had ever touched me this way, then I felt him kiss up my neck and finally he reached my mouth.

I had kissed a few boys before, usually friends of my older brothers, but this was completely different! His tongue searched my mouth desperately, for my part I tried to kiss back but lacked the experience to know what to do. His arms wrapped around me and held my balance. Or, at least, one of them did. Where was the other one?

Oh my god! I realized too late that his wandering, ass cupping hand had worked it's way around to the front and as his finger brushed over my clit I heard him groan, "Oh god, you shave!" mere inches from my ear. As his fingers groped over the every slickening lips of my pussy I threw my head back and cried out in orgasm, cumming on his questing hand.

It was more intense than any orgasm I'd ever had on my own and I was shocked. I wouldn't have expected to cum so quickly but I was so excited!

He stepped back a little though he still held me up with one arm. When I regained my composure he pulled his hand from my panties and licked a finger, then held his hand up for me to lick myself from them. I twirled my tongue around a finger experimentally, and finding I liked the taste I sucked it in.

"God, you've got me so fucking hard," he said, pulling me close again.

"Can... can I see?" I trembled in asking.

"You want to see it? You want to see what you're doing to me you little tease?" He asked a little roughly. "Are you going to suck it for me?"

I knew I'd never done it before, I knew I may be terrible at it, but the only thing I could think at that moment was how badly I wanted to see his cock, and how badly I wanted to wrap my lips around it. I wanted to try all the tricks I'd read about, I wanted to make him cum like he'd done to me.

"God, yes!" was all I managed to say. He let go of me and stepped back. He was only wearing jeans and a t-shirt, he worked in a factory, no tie required. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor with no hesitation. I could see the bulge in his tighty whities and practically soaked myself in anticipation of seeing my first real live cock.

I reached out and grabbed the waistband of his underwear and inexpertly began to pull them down. He had to help me to pull them out to get them over that erection which popped out and bobbed before me, sticking straight at my face.

I am no judge of size but it was big enough that I could wrap both hands end to end around it and just see the tip of the head. I found my right hand automatically wrapping around the base. I stroked him for a second, lightly, from base to tip, just taking in the sight. It was all hard yet soft skinned, and the head was a dark purple.

"Come on, baby, suck it," he put his hands on my head and drew me closer. I'd knelt down before him and as his cock poked at my lips I hesitantly reached out with my tongue and licked the tip. Slightly salty, but I liked it. It twitched in my hands.

I took my free hand and felt his balls, holding them as if weighing them, the way he had done my breasts. I flicked my tongue on the tip of his cock a few times and looked up at him watching me. I smiled. I twirled my tongue around the tip playfully, and then took him in as far as I could with one gulp.

The sudden envelopment of his cock in my hot wet mouth made him groan and I knew I had done good. For a moment I held it there, running my tongue back and forth, then slowly I pulled back, sucking gently. I bobbed my head back and forth on his cock, looking up at his face to read his reaction. I sucked him hard and fast for a minute and then popped him out of my mouth.

"This is fun!" I quipped and I'll be damned if he didn't laugh, but then he grinned evilly and said, "I never knew I had such a dirty little cock sucking slut in my own house."

His words excited me more and I felt myself getting wetter. Quickly I sucked him back into my mouth, then popped him out again. I licked him from base to tip, then teased the tip with my tongue before taking him as deep as I could again. After holding him there a moment, reading his groans as a good sign, I began sucking and bobbing hard and fast. I held him at the base with my right hand and reached the left between his legs and cupped his ass trying to pull him closer. I wanted as much of his cock in my mouth as I could get!

"I'm going to cum!" I heard him say and felt him tug on my head. Was he trying to pull me away? I wanted to know what it tasted like! I pretended not to notice his urgent tugs and finally shook off his hands as I continued to suck hard and fast. Finally he put his hands on my head and thrust into my mouth, my hand at the base was the only thing to keep me from gagging.

His cum was hot and shot into the back of my throat, after the first spurt he pulled back a little but I held him in my mouth and sucked a little more. The next spurt landed on my tongue and I was intrigued by it. I kept him in my mouth, spurt after spurt, until I was sure he was done. He pulled out and I swallowed, then looked at his cummy cock with the saliva and licked the head again, getting the last few drops. The taste was intriguing, I liked it.

"That was awesome!" I said, leaning back on my hands and looking up at him. He was leaning against a nearby bookshelf with one hand, his eyes closed, but he smiled at my words.

My shirt was still pulled over my tits, and my panties were soaked. I sat there and looked up at him as he opened his eyes.

"Guess now you have to wash up before work," I smiled.

"Nope. No time, guess I just have to feel your spit on my cock all day," he smiled back.

I stood up as he got ready for work but never fixed my clothes. Something about the idea of being bare chested made my pussy tingle. He got his clothes on and gathered up his wallet and keys.

He turned to me a moment before walking out the door, a concerned look on his face. "You're not going to tell your mother, are you?"

I was shocked and almost laughed, "Hell no! What she doesn't know wont hurt her," I explained with last night's reasoning, "This is too much fun to give up." He looked at me a moment as if trying to decide if that was true and then turned to the door.

"Besides," I added, "She works tomorrow night and I haven't shown you my pussy yet."

"Fucking tease," he muttered and shut the door behind him.

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2011-07-27 10:33:44
Great story,I never did it with my daughter but me and my granddaughter fuck each other every chance we get.We started fucking when she came and stayed with me last summer, she was swimming in the nude and i cound not keep my eyes off her fourteen year old body.

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smooth story line I was excited yet was reading as fast as I could never missing a beat. Very enjoyable read thanks

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part 3, part 3 please :-)


2010-11-19 03:28:21
It's a shame that you haven't written the next part yet. Hope you write it soon.

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Very engaging and sexy!

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