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more from my mind
Chapter One:

Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burning
into her already golden flesh.

She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini top
untied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikini
were so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass was
half exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually,
opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs.

Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even though
she was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the beholder.
She had rich, dark-brown hair reaching to her shoulders. She was
tall, an inch or so above the average woman. Her face was exquisite,
her flesh the creamy smoothness that made other women envious.

Shellie's tits were rounded and firm, the valley between them narrow.
They were full tits, yet tilted at the tips, her nipples arching
toward the sky when she stood. Her tits had always been firm, tight,
and round. Her waist was quite small, easily spanned by the hands of
a big man. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint of roundness below
her dimpled belly button. Her hips were curvy, flowing into
exceptionally long thighs and curvy legs. Perfectly shaped, her legs
were outstanding in her bikini or shorts. Her ass, although small,
was tight and rounded, the cheeks flawless, the crack deep and
tantalizing to the watcher.

Below her belly button was a thick mass of curly, soft hair that
excited anyone lucky enough to view it. The lips of her cunt, puffy
and tight, were almost hidden by the hair, especially with her legs
closed. The only problem with Shellie's cunt, if such could be
called a problem, was her unusually long clit. It was good inch in
length, and she knew there weren't many women with such a clit.

Although the size of her clit had never caused her a problem, it had
caused her ex-husband to complain that it was like a very tiny cock,
and he refused to suck or lick it for that reason. But Shellie's
clit was the most sensitive part of her pussy. Not that her cunt
itself wasn't sensitive; it was. She could easily come with a cock
inside her cunt, the friction of a hard cock sliding in and out of
her wet cunt lips creating a wonderful spasm of orgasm in her. But if
her clit was sucked or licked, Shellie would often go out of her mind
with ecstasy, and come many times before the spasms would fade away.

Shellie enjoyed her clit.

When she was aroused, her clit swelled and bulged out almost an inch
long. She loved to hold it between her finger and thumb, and work it
up and down. She had allowed her husband to watch this once, and he
had made fun of her, saying it was the same as a boy jacking off.
Needless to say, his attitude cut into their relationship, and soon
they were sleeping in different beds, and no longer fucking. Since
her divorce, Shellie had been stroking her clit and making herself
come as her sole means of gratification.

And hating it.

She writhed beneath the hot sun, almost asleep. The background
noises were soothing. The soft lapping of the waves against the hull
of the houseboat was peaceful, and the soft clatter of her son inside
the boat was a comfortable, familiar sound. The river was wide, and
clean, not muddy and dirty like so many rivers. The banks were lined
with shrubbery and trees, and she had steered into this very small
cove and docked for the rest of the afternoon.

The divorce settlement had come at the end of the school year, and
now she and her son, Jay, had three wonderful months to enjoy the
river before he would return to school. Maybe they would find a nice
place to live on the houseboat where he could attend school, too.

The houseboat wasn't large, but quite luxurious. It contained only
one bedroom, but there was fold-out bunk over the queen-sized bottom

"Mom, where's the damned tea?" Jay called.

"Honey," Shellie called back in a lazy voice. "You know I don't like
you to use such language. And the tea is on the top shelf above the

"You want a glass, Mom?" he called, paying not the slightest
attention to her very mild complaint.

"That would be nice," she replied.

She thought of Jay, realizing he was growing up. When her husband
drawn away from her, she had turned her affection toward her son, and
Jay accepted her hugs and caresses willingly.

As they drifted down the river that morning, they had passed a
smaller houseboat, with three girls, all in very skimpy bikinis. Jay
had stared at them with glowing eyes. Shellie had glanced at the
front of his swimming trunks. She smiled to see his cock straining
in hardness.

She heard her son come out of the cabin, and looked up at him without
raising her head. She took the tall glass of iced tea and, as she
lifted her arm, the curve of one tit showed all the way to her
nipple. She heard her son gasp, but she said nothing. While Jay sat
in a deck chair, Shellie put the glass next to her head. She looked
at her son with slitted eyes.

He was looking at her, too. She didn't mind him looking at her; she
was used to being looked at, and her son was a man. Well, a boy,
really, but he was showing a very intense interest in girls, lately.

The sound of a motor came near, and she lifted her head to see a
cruiser slowly going past. It was filled with young girls, all of
them wearing practically nothing. One of the girls waved, and Jay
waved back. Shellie saw her son watching them.

The girl who had waved stood up and turned her back toward them,
sliding her bikini bottoms down and flashing her pretty ass. The
girls hooted and hollered, thrusting their middle fingers in the air
with the obscene gesture of fuck you.

"They're not very nice, are they?" Shellie said, sipping her iced

Jay had seen the girl flash her cute ass, but now he was looking at
his mother again, his eyes widening slightly as he saw one of her
tits. He saw the light-brown nipple, and made a noisy, gulping

Shellie glanced down at herself, then laughed softly. It was okay if
her son saw her tit, she felt. Even though she was his mother, her
tits were no different from those of any other woman, although firmer
and much prettier. She wiggled her hips into a more comfortable
position. Her long clit had begun to throb and swell, and it pushed
at the pad beneath her.

Jay watched his mother's ass wiggling, and again he made a swallowing
sound. He had caught a glimpse of his mother's crotch.

Shellie knew what he was seeing, but she didn't close her thighs.
With her unusually long clit swelling into hardness, she found
herself becoming excited, her cunt turning wet. With very gentle,
almost subtle, movements, she squirmed her crotch at the mat, knowing
her son was watching.

Jay was, indeed, watching. He saw the cheeks of his mother's
swelling ass clench in tightness, saw the way she pressed her crotch
at the mat. His cock began to throb, and he made no effort to
conceal it. Shellie, with her eyes slitted again, peeked at him,
watching his cock press at his wide-legged swim trunks. She found
herself growing warmer with desire, and her hips seemed to move of
their own accord.

Suddenly Jay turned away and entered the cabin.

Shellie was disappointed in him. She knew she had been teasing her
son sexually, making his cock hard, doing things to draw his eye.
She considered her actions, and discovered she wasn't in the least
ashamed of it. Her son was interested in girls, and she was girl,
although his mother. She closed her eyes and found herself wondering
about Jay's cock, his balls, his young ass. That he was a virgin,
she knew. He was far too young to have become close enough to a girl
to fuck her, she was sure. She began to see her son in her mind,
without his trunks on, his cock and balls exposed to her. She
started writhing her ass, pressing her swollen clit at the mat, her
cunt bubbling with sweet, wet heat.

From inside the cabin, Jay was watching his mother through a window
screen, his cock in his hand. He squeezed and pumped his prick, eyes
staring at the exciting movements of her ass and thighs. He knew
what his mother was doing, and it sent shivers of pleasure through
him. When he first began to jack off a few weeks before, squirting
his young cum juice with force, he had started looking at girls with
intense desire, wishing he had one to shove his cock into.

Shellie, not knowing her son was watching her, smashed her throbbing
clit into the mat, giving a soft cry of delight as she came. When
her ass became still, Jay pounded on his cock in a frenzy, not
knowing that his mother, now that her excitement was cooling, could
hear his gasping breathing. Shellie knew then that her son had been
watching her, and that he was inside the cabin, jerking off wildly.

She wiggled her ass for his pleasure, opening her thighs so he could
see the bulge of her cunt inside the tight band of her bikini
bottoms. At the same time she lifted up, looking out over the river.
One of her tits showed now, and she listened to her son's quick
intake of excited breathing.

She shivered in pleasure as she listened to Jay's soft grunt as he
came, and then lowered herself back onto the mat, crushing her tit
beneath her, but leaving her long legs open.

Later, almost asleep, she heard the door of the cabin open, and

Jay came out and walked to the side of the deck. She watched him
lift the side of his swim trunks and pull his cock out. Arching his
hips forward, he sent a long stream of piss into the river. Shellie
knew her son thought she was asleep, and the knowledge that he would
pull his cock out with her there and take a piss sent a shudder of
pleasure through her. Although she could not see much of his cock,
seeing him piss created a heat inside her cunt that almost caused her
to come again.

Still later, after dark, she prepared a light dinner. Since she
still wore her bikini, she felt her son watching her as she moved
about the small kitchen. She couldn't resist, and, humming softly,
did a few dance steps that made her tight ass moving suggestively.

Since being on the houseboat, she had allowed her son to climb into
the top bunk before she entered, and had undressed and pulled her
nightgown on in the kitchen or living area. This was accomplished in
the same way tonight, but Shellie wanted to be with her son badly

When her son called out that he was in bed, Shellie pulled her bikini
off and slipped a gown over her naked body. She switched the lights
off, then climbed into the queen-sized bed beneath her son's bunk.

Almost immediately, she heard his sheets rustling. As she listened,
she found a rhythm to the sounds.

Knowing her son was jacking off again, Shellie felt her cunt throb
and become wet, her clit bulging out. She slipped her gown to her
waist and, feeling wanton, pushed her sheets to her feet. If her son
looked over the edge of his bunk, he would see her in the dim light.
Shellie stroked her long clit with two fingers, listening to her son
jerking at his cock. She squeezed her inflamed clit between her
thumb and forefinger, and then started working on it with short

"Oh, fuck it!" Shellie suddenly gasped.

The rustling above her stopped.

"What did you say, Mom?"

For a moment, Shellie couldn't believe she had said that.

Then she giggled, a throaty, lewd sound.

"I said, fuck it!"


"Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it," she hissed, smashing her clit hard. "I
know what you're doing up there, Jay. I can hear what you're doing,
you did it near the window, and you're doing it again!"

Silence greeted her words.

"Jay, you're jacking off!" she said. "I know you're playing with
your cock, and I know you played with it earlier, looking at me."

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Jay asked, his voice quivering
with part fear, part excitement. "I'm not doing anything like that!"

"Bullshit!" Shellie snorted, jumping to her knees and then to her

She looked over the edge of her son's bunk, but Jay had pulled the
sheets to his neck when he heard his mother. At the side of his bunk
was a small window, and the full moon seemed to cast a silvery light
right across his crotch. His cock stood up, tenting the sheet.

With a quick dart of her hand, Shellie pulled the sheet from her
son's body and saw his cock sticking through the fly of his shorts.
She gasped as she stared at it.

Jay grabbed for the sheet with a surprised gasp, but his mother tore
it from his hands

"Look at you," she said, her voice husky. "Lying up here above me,
jacking that cock off! And me... and me..."

Her hand shot out and closed about her son's cock. Jay gasped as his
mother squeezed his cock hard. He lay stiff and unmoving, not
certain what he was supposed to do. What his mother said was true,
but he didn't know how she knew. He wasn't afraid; he was just
startled by the sudden grab his mother had made on his cock.

Shellie felt the heat of her son's cock searing her fist, felt the
throbbing of it. She held his cock as tight as she could, making
moaning sounds, staring at his bulging cockhead in the shaft of

"Oh, God!" she whimpered with excitement.

Her fist moved, slowly upward. Then downward, still slowly. Up...

"Mom, do you know what you're doing?" Jay gasped.

"Yes, damn you," she groaned. "I know perfectly well what I'm doing.
I'm jacking your goddamn cock, that's what I'm doing!"

Jay gritted his teeth. His mother's fist wasn't moving very fast on
his cock, but it was going up and down. The sensations were
overwhelming him, and he struggled to remain as still as he could,
not knowing if he should move or not.

Shellie pumped her son's cock as she stood on her bed, her pointing
tits smashing at the edge of the overhead bunk. Her eyes were big
and round, glassy with increasing desire. The head of her son's cock
bulged out hotly, her fingers squeezing his prick very hard. Then
she moved her hand downward, and cupped his balls through his shorts.
She pressed at them, squeezing them, and Jay groaned softly with
delight. With a low cry she released his balls and grasped his cock

"Ohhhh, Jay!" she whimpered, racing her fist up and down this time,
holding his cock tightly.


"Come here," she said, pulling at his cock. "Jay, climb down to my

As her son swung his legs over the bunk, Shellie kept a tight grip on
his cock as if afraid it would disappear. With her holding his cock,
Jay couldn't drop down to her bed. Shellie brushed her cheek over
this thighs as she stared at the hard-on. Then, before her son knew
what she was going to do, Shellie darted her face to his prick and
kissed the head. It was a quick kiss, right on his piss hole, but it
was long enough for Shellie to feel his moistness, long enough to
make her lips tingle, and her clit to lurch.

"Now, climb down, baby," she said in a very low, throaty, voice,
turning his cock loose.

Chapter Two:

Jay lay on his mother's bed, flat on his back.

There was no moonlight here, and Shellie clicked on the small reading
light on the bulkhead.

"I want to see," she whispered.

Jay gazed at his mother. He didn't feel shy, or embarrassed. He
felt an intense excitement, his cock standing out of the fly of his
shorts, very hard. He was proud of his hard-on, pleased that his
mother found it fascinating.

He looked at her. Her silk gown clung to her slender body, outlining
it. The top strained over her pointing tits, the lace exposing the
creamy swells. He saw the shape of his mother's thighs, the way her
nipples pressed at the tip. His cock jerked back and forth as he
looked at her.

Shellie sat near his thighs, staring at her son's cock with
smoldering eyes. She was pleased with the size, the long shaft and
rounded head. She ran a hand up her son's thigh, toying with his

"Beautiful," she murmured huskily. "It's very beautiful, Jay."

Her hands moved up and down his thighs, caressing his flesh. She
hooked her fingers into the waist band of his shorts, and slowly
dragged them down. Jay lifted his ass slightly as his mother pulled
his shorts to his knees.

Shellie again gazed upon his cock, watching his young balls. They
looked very full, loaded and hot. She moved her hand up his leg once
more, and stroked the tips of her fingers over his balls. Jay gasped
and looked down. He was breathing harshly with excitement, and
Shellie was pleased with his responses to her fondling hand.

She drew one knee up, resting her chin on it as she gazed hotly at
his exposed cock and balls, gently touching them. She wanted to
expose herself to him, show him her juicy cunt, but was afraid that
once he saw her unusually long clit he might react as his father had
done. But since her pussy was bubbling with liquid fire, she pressed
her other hand to her crotch, exerting pressure upon that throbbing
clit-knob. When she moved her hand on her pussy, the silky gown
slipped along her thigh, revealing the smooth, creamy leg to her

"Oh, Jay," she mewled, closing her fist about his cock again. "It's
so hard, baby! So very hard!"

Jay watched his mother, his eyes darting from her thigh to the hand
that was now rubbing up and down her crotch. He wanted to see his
mother's cunt. It was exciting to watch her rubbing between her legs
as she pumped his cock. For his first experience with a girl, it was
plenty for Jay. No one other than himself had touched his cock, and
he enjoyed his mother's hot fist around it.

"Ohhh, baby, I'd love to make you come," Shellie whispered hotly,
squeezing his cock very hard. "I'd love to make you come this way!"

She sat on his right side, her right hand moving up and down his
cock. She parted her long legs wide, but kept the other knee up and
her chin on it. She rubbed at her cunt through the gown, breathing
forcefully, her tits lifting and falling. Jay squirmed his hips,
unable to remain still beneath the stroking fist of his mother.

"Oh, yes," she mewled. "Move, honey! Move all you want. I know you
can't be still when it feels so good."

Jay was moaning softly now, his hips twisting as his mother's fist
moved up and down his cock. Shellie sat with her legs opened, her
palm moving, feeling the wet heat of her cunt coming through the thin
gown. Her fist moved faster, and her palm rubbed with increasing
speed. She writhed her ass on the bed, whimpering as she jacked her
son's cock. There was something especially erotic about him lying
there on his back with those shorts stretched at his knees.

She licked her lips, tasting the wetness from kissing his cock as he
sat on his bunk. She felt the urge to lower her face, kiss it again,
lick at the head, swirl her tongue around it and lap his piss hole.
She resisted the urge, not wanting to startle her son with such a
thing. She rubbed her pussy, excited because he was watching her do
it, and she pumped at his throbbing cock with her other hand. One of
her thighs was completely exposed to her hip, and Jay gazed at the
inner flesh.

Jay moaned. "Oh, Mom, you're doing it too fast!"

With a lewd giggle, Shellie pounded faster on his cock, her fist
flying up and down, smacking at the base with a soft sound. Then she
twisted her palm around the wet head, closed her fingers about the
shaft, and jerked vigorously again.

"It's not so fast, honey," she whispered. "Your cock will squirt for
Mother, won't it? I can make your cock squirt, can't I?"

"If you keep going that fast, you will!"

He lifted his hips as his mother came down, and lowered them when she
pulled upward, making fucking thrusts at her fist. He couldn't
prevent the movement. Her fist felt so good on his cock.

So excited to be jacking her son's cock off, Shellie had shoved her
hand beneath her lifted gown. Now she was working a finger into her
cunt, then up over her swollen clit into her cunt again.

Jay stared at her exposure, seeing her finger moving into her pussy,
the thick, silky hair, and part of her clit. He watched her finger
stab into the pink wetness of her cunt, eyes bulging with excitement.

Shellie's finger made wet sounds as she finger-fucked herself, while
her other hand was beating frantically on her son's cock. She
twisted and writhed her ass at the mattress, gasping and whimpering
with boiling hunger. Her fist banged furiously at his hard cock,
making his balls jiggle. Her finger rammed in and out of her cunt,
and then she drew it up to her long clit. She rubbed her slippery
wet finger about the inflamed tip with as much frenzy as she jerked
Jay's prick.

"Oh, show me, Jay! Let Mother see you squirt! Oh, darling, come!
Let it go, baby! Shoot it in the air!"

A soft scream bubbled from her throat and she rammed her finger hard
and deep up her cunt, holding it there. Her eyes glazed and she
shivered, squeezing his cock desperately.

"Ohhh, I came!" she gasped. "My God, I came, Jay!"

Jay's eyes were big as he stared at his mother's finger up her cunt.
He wanted to see more of her pussy, but her hand covered it except
for hair along the side.

"Now, you!" she hissed, and began to jerk his cock hard and fast with
short, jerking pumps of her fist. "You're going to come, too! I'm
going to make you come, Jay!"

Jay grunted and arched his hips upward as his mother's hand flew up
and down his cock.

Shellie watched his prick with hot eyes, her finger still buried in
her pussy, but not moving. Her cunt was squeezing at her finger, and
her long clit burned at her palm. She moved her fist up and down her
son's cock almost desperately.

"Come, Jay!" she urged in a husky voice. "It's your turn, baby! Let
Mother see you come! Squirt it, Jay, squirt it!"

Jay was struggling, his uplifted hips twisting. His balls became
very tight, and drew up at the base of his cock.

"Mom, I'm about come!" he shouted.

"Yes!" Shellie cried out. "Come for me! Come for Mother!"

Shellie's eyes stared at her son's piss hole, watching it flare open
and drip, the head bulging smoothly. She felt her son's cock throb
with more power, and she waited anxiously to see his cum juice gush
from it.

Jay's cock erupted.

"Ahhh, baby!" Shellie gurgled, seeing the thick cum juice spurt high
into the air, splashing back down on her wrist. She pumped as he
came, and the cum juice squirted time and again, going high,
spattering her lower arm, his thighs, his stomach. "God, Jay! Oooh,
come hard! Sweet, sweet cum!"

Time and again his cock gushed, coming more than Shellie suspected.
By the time he finished, her lower arm and fist were glistening with
the slippery cum juice, and his thighs and stomach looked coated.

With a grunt of pleasure, Jay let his ass fall to the bed, but
Shellie kept her tight grip on his cock, feeling it relax. Her eyes
were bright, and her face was radiant with excitement. She licked
her lips, and when his cock was soft in her hand, she turned it
loose. She leaned forward on her hands and knees and kissed her son
on his mouth, writhing her full lips against his with a soft, purring

"Don't go away," she whispered as she swung her legs over the edge of
the bed.

The small bathroom was a feet away, and she slipped into it, leaving
the door open. The small reading light on the bulkhead gave just
enough illumination for Jay to watch his mother. She ran water over
a cloth, and then came back to him. She washed the cum juice from
his thighs and stomach, then gently washed his cock and balls,
squeezing them tenderly and with a great deal of affection, smiling
at her son.

"Did you like that, honey?" she asked softly.

Jay nodded, grinning up at her.

"It's better than doing it for yourself, isn't it?"

"It sure is, Mom," he agreed, watching her as she used the cloth to
clean her arm and hand.

She leaned down and kissed his mouth once more, then returned to the
small bathroom. Again she left the door open, but stood facing her
son. She lifted her gown to her hips, and sat on the toilet. Jay
stared at her, his eyes seeing the thrust of her pointed tits, the
creamy flesh of her thighs. Then he heard her pissing, and he

"It isn't funny," she said. "I've heard you pissing in here a lot,
you know. And...I saw you piss over the deck earlier."

Jay flushed lightly.

"Oh, don't act embarrassed," she said. "You knew I was there, that I
might not be dozing. You're so damned innocent, you know, baby."

Shellie tore a few squares of paper, then changed her mind and tossed
the paper into the small waste basket. She stood, and for a moment
held the nylon about her hips, allowing her son to stare at the silky
hair of her cunt.

"Do you like it?" she asked huskily, lifting the gown to her waist so
her son could see the lush, fan-shaped hair.

"Oh, nice, Mom!"

Shellie twisted her hips lewdly.

"Why don't you take your shorts off for me?" she whispered, stepping
out of the small bath and standing at the side of the bed.

Jay stripped his shorts off swiftly, his cock starting to lift again.

Shellie stared down at it, holding her gown up with one hand and
running her fingers through the soft hair of her pussy. She didn't
care if her son saw her clit now. She was so excited she could
hardly stand it. She took hold of her son's hand, placing his palm
against her thigh and drawing it upward to her hip. Then she grasped
his cock and pumped it, feeling it swell into hardness.

"Ooooh, it's nice and hard again, darling," she cooed hotly, climbing
onto the bed. "So very hard and...and hot!"

She straddled his legs, holding his balls in one hand, his cock in
the other. She pressed her thighs against his and began to rub her
juicy cunt on one of his knees. Jay felt it, and was holding his
breath. He had never felt a cunt in his young life, but he loved the
wet heat he was feeling on his knee. He pushed his knee at his
mother's cunt, anxiously. Shellie grinned down at him as she felt
the pressure. Rubbing her cunt along her son's knee, Shellie grasped
his cock and jerked up and down, hissing and gurgling with delight.

"Baby, baby, baby," Shellie whispered hotly, sliding her wet, hairy
cunt just past her son's knee. Her eyes smoldered with increasing
desire as she pumped at his cock, rolling and twisting his balls
tenderly. "You're so very big, Jay! So big and hard! Ooooh, honey,
your balls feel so full! Is that for Mother, darling? Are your full
balls for me?"

"Mom, please," Jay groaned, lifting his hips, pushing his cock into
his mother's fist. "You're gonna make me come again if you keep that

"But I want you to come again, darling," she purred, sliding her cunt
along his thigh now, her knees pressing at his hips. "Mother wants
you to come again, but this time..."

She lifted her ass and shoved the swollen head of his cock against
her inflamed clit. She gasped with the contact, wiggling her hips
wantonly. She looked down, watching the head of his cock peek from
the thick curls of her cunt, feeling the shaft rubbing against her
long clit.

"Would you like to feel your cock in me, honey?" she whispered.

"Oh, Mom! Can I? Would you let me stick it in you?" Jay asked

Grinning down at her excited son, Shellie lifted her hips until her
sons' cock was beneath her, the swollen head pointing at her pussy.
She held it at the base, moving her hips, rubbing her wet pussy lips
along the head. Jay was holding his breath as he gazed down,
watching. His mother's exceptionally long clit excited him almost as
much as the heat of her wet pussy did.

"Be very still, Jay," she moaned. "Let Mother do it! Be still and
let me show you how good it will feel."

She lowered herself just enough to take the smooth head of her son's
cock into her cunt. Her eyes half closed as an ecstatic moan came
from her. Her cunt squeezed the head of Jay's cock, the contractions
gripping with flexing heat. Shellie purred softly, then a long hiss
of air came from her as she slowly lowered her cunt onto her son's

Jay gurgled as he felt the wet heat closing around his cock, his own
eyes glazed with rapture.

Shellie pushed her cunt down onto his cock until it was buried
completely, her pussy lips smashed at the base. Her cunt kept up the
squeezing sensation as she sat there and breathed deeply, her tits
lifting and falling. She felt his balls against the creamy sweetness
of her tight ass. With a squeal of delight, she squeezed her son
with her knees and thighs, running her hands up and down his chest
and stomach, caressing him, her pussy gripping with fiery wetness.

"Do you like it, honey?" she asked in a husky voice.

"Oh, Mom, it's great!"

With a gurgle of pleasure, Shellie leaned over and kissed her son.
The movement caused her ass to lift slightly, and as she sat up, it
went down on his cock again. The sliding of his prick along the
walls of her cunt sent tremors of delight through Shellie.

She lifted her ass, dragging her cunt up his prick to the head of his
cock, then down again. She repeated this a few times, slowly,
watching her son's face, delighted in his eager acceptance of fucking
her. Jay groaned and twisted beneath his mother, not knowing what to
do with his hands. But Shellie knew; she drew her son's hands to her
knees, bringing his palms up her thighs, then down again, urging
Jay to feel and stroke and caress her flesh.

Shellie fucked her son's cock with her steamy cunt slowly, feeling
his hands on her thighs, moving from her knees up the skin, almost to
the hairs of her cunt.

With a giggle, she asked, "Want to get fucked, darling?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!"

"Mmmm, then let me do it!" Shellie mewled. "You lay still and let
Mother do it, this time. Let me fuck you, Jay! Ooooh, baby, let me
fuck your big, hard cock!"

With gasping hunger, Shellie began to plunged her cunt up and down on
her son's cock, taking it deeply, making the hot lips of her pussy
smack softly and wetly at the base. She jiggled her as, twisting it
in tight circles as she rose and fell. Jay gasped with the ecstasy,
clutching his mother's thighs tightly, lifting his hips into the air.
His balls throbbed with fullness and his cock pulsated with hardness.

Feeling each ridge and throb of his cock, Shellie began to squeal and
bounce up and down vigorously, fucking her son. Her tits strained at
the thin nightgown, the creamy swells heaving. She lifted her head
and closed her eyes, lips parted. She gasped and whimpered as her
cunt stretched around her son's cock, the friction becoming intense.
Her long clit rubbed along the shaft, sending shivers of boiling
desire through her body.

"Oh, baby! Oh, God, darling!" she yelped softly, grinding on her
son's cock in a frenzy. "You feel so good inside me! Ahhh, Jay, I
love to feel your hard cock in my cunt! Oooh, baby, Mother is
fucking you! Mother's hot cunt is fucking your hard cock! Ahhh,
baby, baby, my pussy is so fucking wet and hot...your cock is so
fucking hard! Ohhh, Jay, Jay!"

Shellie pounded her cunt up and down, throwing her shoulders back,
her tits straining out. She cupped them, her fingers digging into
the firm flesh, her nipples burning through the gown and against her
palms. Jay was making strangling sounds, gripping his mother's
thighs hard, his eyes staring at her cunt riding on his prick.

The wet heat seemed to sear his cock, but it was so good he didn't
want it to ever stop. There was a froth of juices forming on the
base of his prick, smearing his hairless balls. Shellie's cunt
dripped and seeped sugary juices around his cock as she slammed it
up and down. She pulled at her rigid nipples through the gown, her
head lifted up, eyes closed. She squealed and whimpered with the
delicious sensations of fucking her son.

She leaned over her son, bracing herself with her hands on each side
of his head. Her ass twisted and pounded in a frenzy. Her hair
swirled around her twisting face. Jay watched his mother's tits
jiggling above his eyes, seeing her nipples straining through the
gown. He clutched her rippling thighs hard, grunting with the
downward thrusts of his mother's consuming cunt.

"Ahhh, beautiful!" Shellie cried out.

"Do it faster, Mom!" Jay urged, choking.

"Are you about to come, baby?" she asked in a husky voice, her ass
slapping up and down. "Is your lovely hard cock going to squirt in
my cunt? Are you going to come in Mother's hot pussy, darling?"

Jay was straining hard, his young face contorted with agonized
ecstasy. All he could do was nod his head, his throat very

"Do it!" Shellie hissed.

Her ass began to plunge up and down faster, making grinding motions.
She stabbed her cunt time and again onto her son's hard cock,
squealing as it went deep into her. She shook and sobbed, pounding
his cock almost with a desperation.

She pushed her tits into his face and slid her long thighs along his,
sprawling on top of her son. She began fucking him, her ass lifting
and lowering swiftly in short, quick thrusts. She gasped and
squealed as an orgasm began swelling inside her pussy. Jay, no
longer holding his mother's thighs, threw his arms about her waist
and held her tightly, his face buried between her creamy tits.
Shellie clawed at the sheets above her son's head, her ass whipping
up and down frantically, her cunt riding his cock swiftly.

"Ooooh, baby," she whined. "Mother's cunt is on fire, darling! My
cunt is going to eat you up, baby! Mother's cunt is going to suck
your cock off! Ooooh, Jay, can you feel Mother's pussy jacking you
off! And now I'm coming! Ohhh, shit, am I coming! Jay, my cunt
is...ahhh, God, it's so fucking good!"

Jay couldn't stand the tightening sensation of his mother's cunt as
she exploded into orgasm. Each wet clutch of his cock brought him
that much closer to discharge.

"Now!" Shellie shouted. "Come in me now!"

With a wild yelp, Jay felt his cock gush, sending boiling squirt
after squirt of thick, creamy cum juice up into his mother. Time and
again his cock spewed, splashing and filling the soft, yet tight,

The spurting of her son's cum juice into her sent Shellie into a
series of orgasms, orgasms that shattered her, making her scream out
with the intensity of her ecstasy. She smashed her convulsing cunt
hard onto his spurting cock, grinding as she shrieked.

Chapter Three:

Still in her gown, Shellie stepped onto the deck, lifted her arms
high and stretched, feeling very good.

She pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it onto the mat
she had lain on the day before. Again she stretched in the sun, her
naked tits, flawless, nipples jutting. Then she dived into the
river, cutting the water cleanly.

Shellie had swam in the river naked before, but only when she had
been alone on the houseboat. She loved to swim naked, feeling the
water flowing between her thighs as if it enjoyed caressing her
hairy, hot pussy. She swam back and forth near the houseboat, then
climbed from the water and flopped onto the mat, naked. She let the
sun dry her skin and remembered last night.

Her son had taken to her swiftly. He had shown neither shyness nor
hesitation. What pleased her most was that her son had seen her long
clit but had said nothing about it. Not many women had an inch-long
clit that she knew of. But then he had nothing to compare it to.

Adjusting her tits beneath her, she relaxed as the sun burned onto
her already tanned skin.

Jay stood just inside the door of the cabin, looking at his mother.
He had come from the small bedroom just as she stretched out, and now
stood staring at her naked beauty. His eyes ran up her long, slim
thighs, seeing the swell of her sweet, shapely ass, the tantalizing
split between the cheeks. He couldn't see anything else because his
mother's tits were beneath her. His cock lifted into hardness as he
stared at her ass, and he gently closed his fist about it, moving his
fingers back and forth. The urge to gaze at her loveliness and jack
off was strong.

Then Jay realized that he didn't have to sneak a peek at his mother.
After last night, he was sure his mother was lying there naked for
him to see.

Shellie wiggled her ass and parted her legs. The sun was hot on her
flesh, and her thoughts were creating some deliciously erotic images
of her son in her mind. Jay shifted his position and looked between
his mother's thighs, seeing the hairy lips of her cunt. His cock
throbbed and began to drip from his piss hole.

He moved, quietly, from the cabin and onto the deck. He stood at his
mother's feet, staring at the bulge of her cunt between her parted
thighs. He could see, too, beads of pussy juice glistening on the
soft hair.

With a soft cry, he jumped onto his mother's naked back.

"What the hell!" Shellie gasped, startled.

Jay laughed and shoved his hands underneath his mother's body,
clutching her naked tits tightly, humping his hard cock along the
crack of her ass.

"Gotcha, Mom!" he yelped.

"Oh, you almost made me pee on myself," Shellie replied, feeling her
son's cock rubbing at the crack of her ass, his balls brushing her
juicy cunt. She lifted her ass to him, wiggling it. "You don't want
me to pee all over myself, do you, baby?"

"I don't care," Jay giggled, clutching his mother's tits and pressing
his cock against her ass. She enjoyed the way he was holding her
tits, his fingers tight. She lifted her ass, twisting it.

"Can't you find someplace to put that hard thing, honey?" she gasped.
"Do you need Mother's help?"

"Not now," he said, and scooted his cock down until the head was
between her thighs, prodding the hairy wetness of her cunt. "I can
find someplace to stick it by myself."

"Ooooh, I guess you can!" she murmured with pleasure. "I can feel
you pushing against me."

She lifted her ass to his cock.

Jay shoved the head of his cock into his mother's cunt, and Shellie
gave a delighted gasp.

"See, I found a place for my cock, Mom," he said between her shoulder

"I'd say you did," she purred. "But is that all I get, just the

For an answer, Jay rammed his cock into her cunt deeply. Shellie
gurgled and lifted her ass even more. She clutched the edge of the
mat with her fingers, burbling happily as her son began to fuck her.
His cock moved in and out, slowly, as last night, but when the
rapture increased, he began to plunge powerfully, making his mother

"Oooooh, that's very good, Jay!" she gasped, holding her ass up, her
back bowed and knees parted. "You learn fast, don't you?"

"You're a good teacher, Mom!" Jay groaned, lunging his cock in and
out of his mother's cunt.

"Ahhhhh, Jay, it's wonderful!" she whined, twisting her ass into him.
"Ooooh, I love it in the morning, darling! Push it deep! Oooooh,
yes, that's it, baby! Go real deep! I can feel you throbbing inside
my cunt! Oh, fuck me, Jay! Fuck me!"

Clinging to his mother's tits, Jay plunged his cock in and out of her
pussy, his balls swinging, banging against her long clit. Shellie
cried out with ecstasy, grinding her naked ass back at him wantonly.
She pulled her hands beneath her body, cupping them over his,
smashing his palms into her naked tits. The friction of his cock
made the lips of her hairy cunt tingle and burn. She arched her ass
into him, feeling his stomach twisting upon the creamy cheeks. Jay
rested his head on his mother's back, gasping with his effort,
fucking her with powerful thrusts.

"Mom, you're so wet and hot!" he gasped against her back.

"You like me that way?" she asked, her voice thick. "Do you like
Mother to be hot and wet, Jay?"

"Yeah!" Jay grunted.

"Real wet?"

"Wet as you can be, Mom!"

"Mmmmm, fuck that wet cunt, darling!" she urged, writhing her ass.
"I just love to feel a hard cock up my wet cunt! Fuck me, baby!
Ooooh, yes, give Mother that hard cock!"

Jay lunged his cock in and out, clutching his mother's shapely tits
tightly, his breath hot on her back. Shellie twisted and bucked
beneath her son, eyes closed, lips parted, starting to squeal with
pleasure. Her clit felt as if it was longer than ever, bulging out
and throbbing as his balls beat against it.

"I'm gonna make you come, Mom!" Jay cried out. "I'm gonna make you
come so hard and good!"

"Oh, yes, baby!" she gasped, his cock going very deep. "Do that for
me! Make Mother come! Ahhhh, fuck that wet cunt and make it come,
make my cunt squeeze your hard cock! Oooooh, ram it to me, Jay!
Ram your cock hard into mommy's hot cunt!"

Jay stabbed wildly into her pussy, and Shellie lifted her ass to meet
him. She shoved her right hand off his and down her stomach. She
caught her son's balls as they swung forward, and pressed them upon
her clit with a loud gasp of ecstasy. She held her hand so he could
rub his hairless balls along her palm as his cock ran in and out of
her gripping cunt.

"Oooooh, you're sure going to make me come!" she squealed. "Ohhh,
yes! Harder and deeper, baby! Ahhhh, I'm getting very close to
coming now! Fuck me faster... faster...Oooooh, almost there!

With a scream that echoed across the river, Shellie came. Her cunt
clutched and sucked at her son's cock, the hairy lips grabbing
tightly. Her uplifted ass twisted and twirled as her son kept up a
relentless pounding of her contracting cunt. The ecstasy was fiery
inside her body, her cunt exploding with a series of agonizing
sensations that sent her mind spinning. She came and came and came,
and Jay's cock continued to thrust into her expanding cunt.

When Shellie didn't think she could stand any more of those explosive
orgasms, she felt her son's cock swell, then gush into her cunt with
rapid spurts. The creamy cum juice spewed from his cock hotly,
flooding the soft walls of her cunt, drenching it, filling her.

Weakly, she lowered her hips to the mat, with her son's cock still
inside her cunt. She shivered beneath him, sighing happily. Jay
rested on his mother's back, still holding her tits. Shellie's hand
was still beneath her pussy, and she gently held his empty balls.

"Was that wet enough for you?" she asked in a whispery voice.

"It was sure wet, Mom," he replied, kissing the creamy flesh of her

"It gets much wetter," she said, a soft giggle bubbling from her

Jay licked his tongue along her shoulders, toward her neck, then
dipped it into his mother's ear. Shellie purred as his wet tongue
lapped at her ear, and she wiggled her ass beneath him.

"I don't know how it could be any wetter," he said softly into her
ear. "It was about as wet as possible, I think."

"Oh, it can be much, much wetter," she said.

"I doubt it," Jay said, sucking at his mother's ear lobe.

"Oh, but it can," she teased. "Mommy's cunt can become very, very

The lips of her pussy closed about his cock. Only the head of his
prick was inside her now as it shriveled.

"Did you feel that?" she asked. "Did you feel what my cunt did to

"I sure did," he replied, working his tongue between her shoulder

"Ahhh, nice," Shellie purred, making her cunt squeeze his cock.

Then, with a giggle, she began to piss.

At first Jay didn't know what was happening. He felt the hot wetness
flow over his balls, but when the stream became strong, stinging his
balls, he knew what his mother was doing.

"Mom, you're pissing!"

"I told you," she giggled. "You scared the piss out of me!"

She pissed without shyness, holding the head of his cock inside her
cunt. She felt it on her hand as she held his balls.

"See what you do to me?" she whispered. "You make me so excited, I
piss all over myself."

"That's me you're pissing on, Mom," he replied.

"Mmmmm, so what?"

"I don't care!" Jay giggled, shoving his cock into her cunt as best
he could. "Piss on my balls, Mom. Oh, I can feel you pissing on my

"This will teach you to sneak up on me and grab a fast fuck," she
laughed lewdly.

"That was a sneaky fuck," he laughed, feeling the hot piss soak his

"Oooooh, sneak all the fucks you want, baby!" she gurgled, the stream
of her piss slowing.

Jay lifted from her body, sitting back on his heels, his cock
dangling down. He saw his mother's cunt, the puddle of piss beneath
it. Shellie writhed her hips, smashing her bushy cunt into the hot
piss. She looked over her shoulder at him, eyes slitted.

"See something you like?" she whispered.

"Mom, I see a lot I like," he replied with a grin.

Then, as if suddenly shy, Jay took a sideways dive into the river.

Shellie watched him swim back and forth, lifting herself up on her
elbows. She felt love for her son as she watched him swim back and
forth. When he came to the deck, holding it with his hands and
looking at her, Shellie lifted herself higher, exposing her tits to
her son's bright eyes.

She inched herself to the edge of the deck and offered one of her
tits to him. Jay licked his lips, and Shellie pushed a firm nipple
to them. With a soft groan, Jay pulled his mother's nipple into his
mouth and sucked hard on it. Shellie purred.

"Oooh, suck it nicely, baby," she purred. "Suck mommy's tit

The sound of a powerful motor came from up river. Startled, Shellie
pulled her tit from her son's mouth and looked in that direction.

"Oh, shit!" she gasped, and slipped into the water next to her son.

A powerful motor boat came around the bend of the river. There were
two boys and a girl in it, and as the boat roared past, they waved at
Shellie and Jay.

"Almost got caught, didn't we?" Shellie laughed.

"Not me," Jay said. "You were the one up there naked."

Shellie grabbed at her son's cock beneath the water, pulling it.
With a laugh, she darted away, climbing onto the deck. Jay watched
his mother, seeing the flash of her long legs, her rounded ass, and
her cunt. Standing on the deck, Shellie jutted her lovely ass toward
her son, waggling it saucily, looking over her shoulder and sticking
her tongue out at him.

"Wanna get that thing bit, Mom?" he said.

"Is that a promise or a threat, baby?" she asked huskily.

Jay didn't reply. He stared at his mother's jutting ass, her legs
open. He saw her pussy, the pink lips, and that long clit. As she
stuck her pretty ass out more, the cheeks opened and he gazed at the
sweetness of his mother's asshole. His cock stood hard beneath the
water, his balls becoming tight. Shellie writhed her ass, teasing
him. She slid her palm to her cunt and rubbed it slowly, her fingers
brushing the pucker of her asshole.

"Goddamn," Jay whispered, excited.

"Did you say something, darling?" she asked, bending her knees
slightly and opening them a little more, still rubbing her cunt.
Jay, clinging to the deck, was looking straight up at his mother's

"No," he said, his voice barely audible.

"You said goddamn, didn't you?"

He nodded once, quickly, licking his lips.

"Why did you say it?" She asked. Looking at his blushing face.

"Well, Mom." He stammered. “It was the way you were fingering your ass. It
Made my cock get hard again.”

She looked at him as he talked. He had seen her playing with the pucker rosebud
of her asshole. She was just remembering the last time his father had fucked
her tight ass and how much she she missed a good pounding in her butt.
It had been a long time. Too Damn long!!!

"Would you like to fuck mommy’s asshole with your big, juicy cock, baby?. She asked him.

Jay blushed at the question but nodded his head yes. He had never fucked an asshole
before and the thought made his cock even harder.

"Yes, Mom, very much!" Jay smiled while he thought about his cock in his mom's ass.

"It has been so long since I have had a real good butt fucking!" Shellie stated. "I
really would love you to do it. Let's go inside."

Shellie got up and grabbed Jay by the cock and almost dragged him below to the cabin.
When they got below, Shellie had Jay lay down while she went to get the KY she
had in her bag with her dildos.

Shelli could feel her cunt getting really wet as she thought of Jay's big cock
going deep into her tight ass. "God," She thought. "It has been too damn long
since my ass has been reamed. I am going to really enjoy this."

Jay looked at his mother as she got the KY and wondered what she was thinking
from the look on her face. He watched her ass as she bent over digging in the
bag. He felt his cock get even harder as he spyed her pink puckered
anal opening. He didn't know if his cock would fit in there and if he would
be hurting his mom.

Knowing Jay was looking at her and her ass, Shellie wiggled it more to tease
her son. She wanted his cock as hard as it could get. She wanted to feel
every ridge and bump of it as it slid deep into her waiting bowels. Shellie
shivered at the thought of the cock tearing her rectum but she didn't care.
She want her son's big cock in her ass and she was going to get it no matter
how much it got torn or hurt.

Shellie walked back to the bed and her waiting son. She got wetter as
she looked at his huge hard cock.

"Ok, honey, I think we are just about ready" She stated. "As soon as
I grease up my ass, we can start." Shellie smiled.

Since Jay had never done this before, she knew she would have to
guide him slowly till he got the hang of it.

Shellie opened the tube and got a big gob of KY, then bent over and
applied to it to her anal opening. She wipe it all over her rectum
opening and dipped a couple of fingers into herself. It felt so good
have something penetating her ass. She almost didn't want to stop her
fingering but knew that the cock would feel a whole lot better. So she
removed her fingers from her sucking ass.

"Ok, baby, mommy is ready." She told Jay. "I will get on my hands and
knees and you get behind me."

Shellie got on her hands and knees and Jay got behind as she had told

"Now, Honey, Put your cock up to my asshole" She moaned.

Jay positioned himself behind his mother and bought his cock up even
with her winking asshole. He was very excited. He rubbed his cock around
her ass and up and down. He knew it was suppose to go in her like it did
her pussy but having never done this, he was wondering how to go about it.

Shellie sensed her sons hesation. "It ok, baby, just push it in. It
won't hurt. I have been butt fucked before by your father and some ex-

Jay still not knowing what to do continued to rub his mom's anal opening.
Shellie was so horny for the cock and knowing Jay was nerivous she pushed
her ass back when Jay had the head at her opening.

In slid the head, "ohhhhhhh, my god, you are so big but it feels wonderful!!"
Shellie exclaimed as the head stretched her tight asshole that hadn't been
fucked in years.

"Oh, Yes Thats it!! Keep pushing it in" DEEPER!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, shit!!"
She wailed as more of the thick cock went deeper and deeper into her

Shellie felt her asshole stretching wider and wider. She felt her
bowels giving way to the large cock that was forcing its way into her.
This felt so good. It had been so long since she felt this full. She even thought
that Jay's cock was bigger than his father's.
She knew it was bigger than a lot of her old boyfriends. She knew from
past experience with Jay’s dad that her anal opening could remain stretched
open for a long time. But right now she didn't care. All she wanted was
to feel every wonder inch of her son cock fucking her ass.

"Oh, Yes Jay honey FUCK ME!! Fuck mommy's ass deeper, harder!! Give
me all of that beautiful cock. Ream mommy's tight ass!!" Shellie wailed
as the cock continued it inward rush to fill her.

"Mom's ass is really tight" Jay thought as he got the hang of what she
wanted. Jay started to ram more and more of his dick deeper into his
mother's waiting ass.

Shellie felt her asshole giving way to the huge cock as it plunged deeper
into her bowels. "Damn, it has been so long." Shellie moaned.

Jay continued his onslought of his mother’s ass. Deeper and deeper he drove his cock.
As the cock moved deeper into the waiting bowels of the woman. All Shellie could do was
It was huge, this cock. But Shellie needed to have it deep in her ass. It had been so
very long since the last time. This was Shellie believed, the biggest cock ever to fuck
her butt. It was stretching her bowels as it continued to invade her. But she had asked
for it. She didn’t know where Jay had gotten this huge dick. But she was sure glad he had
“Give me more, Jay. Bury that monster cock in me. Fill me up. Fuck me deep and hard.”
Shellie wailed.
Listening to his mother talk like this made Jay even harder. He increased his thrusting
cock speed and force as he pushed more of the cock into Shellie.
“Don’t pull it out!” Shellie moaned.
Jay had intention of pulling out of his mother’s ass. He had pulled back a couple of
inches so that he could ram it all in one stroke. He wanted her to feel every inch of him.
“I am just getting into a better position, mom. I am not pulling out.” Jay stated.
When felt his mother relax her anal muscles. That was all he need to feel. Jay thrust
his hips forward as hard as he could.
“Oh, my god!!” Shellie wailed as the cock rushed deep into the remaining untouched area
of her bowels. “It feels sooooo big and so good. God, how I love to have my ass fucked.”
Jay, spurred on by his mother’s rumblings, continued to pound his cock deeper into her
wanting ass. Finally his cock was all the way in. All you could see was where his public
hair made contact with thee wailing woman’s ass cheeks.
Shellie rammed her ass back towards her son trying to get even more of the huge dick in
her bowels. Her bowels were stretched to their limit but Shellie was like a dog in heat.
All she wanted was the cock banging into her waiting butt.
“FUCK ME, JAY!!! FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD!!! Keep my ass full of your beautiful monster
cock. Rip my asshole. I don’t care. Just FUCK me!!! Shellie screamed.
Jay started fucking his mother even harder and faster. He felt his cock swell bigger. His
balls were churning and getting ready to release their load. Jay would pull his cock out
until just the head remained in his mother’s ass. Then he would slam it back in till he
would hit bottom. All the while he was doing this, his mother continued to wail and spur
him on.
“OH, YES!!! Thats it!!! Fuck me just like that!! Ram that hunk of meat to my ass!!! Bury
it deep in me. Tore my asshole!! Fill me with your cum. Fuck and treat me like the whore
that I am. Your whore. Your cunt. Your ass fucking slut! Fuck me like the assfucking whore
that I am!!!” Shellie screamed as the pleasure racked her body.
Shellie was ramming back to meet her son’s thrusts and thinking.. “This is the best ass
fuck I have ever recieved. Even better than Jay’s father did me. I have to have more of
Jay was ready to cum, so he pulled back one last time and slammed his cock deep into his
mother’s ass as hard as he could then held it there while his balls emptied themselves
into the wanting woman’s bowels.
“Oh, Shit!! I am cummingggggggggg!!!! Jay wailed as the first spurts of his cum shot into
Shellie’s ass.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Yessssssssss!!! Cum in my ass!!! Fill my bowels with your sweet hot sperm!!!
Fill me deep!!” Shellie yelled as the hot spunk splashed against the walls of her bowels.
“FUCK!!! I feel your hot cum filling me. Stretching my bowels so full!! God, I love
feel of your cock and sperm. More! Give me more of your spunk.”
Jay held the withering woman’s ass tight so that she couldn’t break free and make him lose
the great feeling he was having as his balls continued to empty into Shellie’s ass. Jay
had never cum this much before. Would his balls never stop pumping their life giving sperm?

Shellie felt her bowels continuing to sweel from the load being dumped into her. “God, I
have never had this much sperm in me. It hurts but it feels good also.” She thought. “Is it
ever going to stop?”
Finally Jay’s balls were empty and his cock began to shrink. He pulled his shrinking dick
from his mother’s ass. As the head popped out, Jay could see how stretched open his
mother’s asshole was. He smiled as if he was proud of himself. Which he was but not about
stretching Shellie open. Because he had been able to fuck her as good as she had wanted.
Shellie felt the vacuum of the cock leaving her ass. She reached back and replaced the
vacant hole with two of her own fingers. “Damn!” She thought. “His cock has really stretched
me open.” With that she inserted a third finger then a fourth. She thought, “God, maybe I
should have Jay fist my ass nowsince it is open so big.”
Jay watched his mother’s ass and fingers as she dug them into the waiting hole he had
just left. “She is still horny.” He thought. “ but my dick is spent.”
Jay moved his hand up to where his mother’s hand was and also inserted two of his fingers.
“Oh, Yes, my darling! Finger fuck me so that I can cum again.” Shellie moaned.
Jay pulled his mother’s hand out of the way and inserted two more fingers making four of
his fingers up her ass.
“That feels so good, Jay. More, please!!” Shellie wailed.
“Anymore and I will have my whole hand in your ass, mom” Jay replied.
“OH, YES!! Please fist my ass!! I have never had it before but I want to try it.
FIST FUCK MY ASS!!!!” Shellie moaned while she was fingering her own pussy and clit.
“Ok, mom. It might hurt.” Jay stated.
“I don’t care. Just do me, please.” Said Shellie
With that Jay started pushing his hand into his mother’s waiting ass. His sperm helped
lube the stretched ass even more.
Shellie began pushing against the hand invading her ass. She wanted it all. The widest
part of his hand touched the anal opening. This is where it got tight again.
Shellie was so hot she couldn’t feel any pain. All she knew was that her son’s hand was
going onto her ass and she wanted every inch of it. She pushed back even harder . Suddenly
there was a saearing pain as the hard ripped past the tight spinter muscle and continued it
journey deep into the horny mother, s butt.
“OHHHHHHHHHH!! GODDDDDDD!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Fist fuck me!!! Bury your hand deep in me.
FIST FUCK MY ASS, JAY!!!” Shellie screamed.
After his fist pasted the anal opening , its trip deeper into his mom’s ass was easier.
He fellt her bowels giving way to his large fist. It felt as if it was trying to suck more
of his hand and arm into itself. Jay continued pushing till he was up to his elbow. Then
he pulled back until only his fist was in Shellie.
fuck me!! I am cumming!!” Shellie again screamed.
Jay felt the asshole and bowels clamp down on his arm and hand as his mother’s orgasm hit.
He hoped she wouldn’t clamp so hard thatr he couldn’t get his hand out of her.
“FUCK!! FUCK!! OHHHHHHHH!!!! AYYYYYYYYYYY!!! This is ther hardest orgasm I have ever had.”
Shellie wailed as she contyinued to cum.
Jay just kept fist fucking his mom as she kept cumming. He even increase the speed and
depths of each stroke driving his mom even crazier with lust and her orgasm.
Shellie’s orgasm finally subsided and she colasped down off of her hands and knees to her stomach with Jay’s arm and hand still buried in her ass.
After a few minutes, Jay slowly pulled his hand and arm from the panting woman’s butt.
“God, it feels likee I am giving birth again.” Shellie moaned.
As Jay big fist got to the opening, Jay pulled real fast to get it out rapidly as not to
hurt his mother anymore than necessary.
Jay looked at his mother’s asshole after he had his hand out. All he saw was a big
gapping dark hole that was supposed to be his mother. Jay statrted rubbing the hole and
her cheeks tenderly and watched as the hole started to close back to its normal sixe.
Shellie leaned up and kissed her son on the mouth. “Thank you doing that, Jay. I have
always wanted to try it. It felt so good. I want to try it again sometime. And I love the
feel of your big cock in my ass and pussy. You can fuck my ass anytime you want, just like
you do my pussy.”
Shellie smiled at her son. Then she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. This is
the best vacation we have ever been on. I wonder what else we could do. Shellie thought to

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2016-06-29 01:15:09
And if you're going to steal a story, steal the whole thing,

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2014-10-14 16:38:55
Have the decency to give the real author of the story credit. It's from Kathy Andrews

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2014-02-23 23:36:05
Good cock loving mom.. you are the type that would let your boy have a man party only at your place...his h.s. Buddy's cocks will be all over you !!!!

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2012-02-10 00:30:57
Good story.. Fucking your mother is really a turn I know cuz I fucked my mother and sister for almost 12 years. Should never have stopped.

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2011-09-13 05:11:05
By the time I was thirteen I'd been fucked by my brother and my cousin lots of times and I liked it, especially the cum they put in me. I also liked my cunt licking and fingering partcularly when they stretched my hole with three fingers. When I was fifteen my cousin from France came to stay with us; she's two years older than me and soon started to show interest in me physically, first by showering with me and washing me all over and later fingering my cunt hole, licking my slit and tonguing my clit . She first fisted me on my sixteenth birthday and now I cannot orgasm without my parners hand or my own inside me. I'd not had a man fuck me for over two years when last week I slept with a nice older man I work with, he was very nice and commented how very tight my cunt is and asked if I was a virgin. When I told him no and showed him how I could orgasm by putting my hand into myself he was amazed but said it is very sexy so I always do it now when I'm with him

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