The following is based on actual events that have taken place in the past.
This is a story of my first erotic experience with another guy. My name is Braden and I will now take you back to a place and time where my best friends’ brother and I first experimented with our sexuality.
It was an unusually hot and humid August afternoon and the pool was the perfect place to be. So that’s where my best friend David, his brother Chad, and I were. David and I were 15 years old at the time and His brother Chad a year younger. We had a great time swimming around and playing a good old fashioned game of ‘Marco Polo’.
David was my best friend. And although He was an attractive, lean, tan, athletic guy with a 6pac to die for. My eyes were always searching for his brother Chad who, just like David, was also a very fit, athletic guy sporting very similar abs. We were all very athletic. David and Chad were on a swim team and I was on a wrestling team. Chad had blonde hair, the most piercing blue eyes that were incomparable to even the bluest sky. And as I stand here in the pool with him, I find myself taken in as I gaze at his memorizing body. The sun light glistening, almost sparkling, off his smooth, wet body. I watch each water droplet race down his chest as they ride each curve and contour of his body. I want so badly to reach out and place my hand on his chest. But as my eyes scan his beautiful contours back up to his hypnotic blue eyes, I see him looking directly at me.
Did he see me checking him out? Am I busted?
Embarrassment washed over me and I could feel my face flush and turn a thousand different shades of red. Luckily my face was already a bit sun burnt so I doubt he saw a difference. So there we were, locked in a gaze. He must have seen me. What was he going to say? What was he going to do? And just before I made the decision to bail out and head home, Chad did something I never expected. He smiled at me, winked, and then disappeared under the surface to join his brother in an underwater race.
It took me a moment to register what just happened. Did Chad catch me eyeing him up and down? Did he really see that, then smile and wink at me? Then it hit me. Did David see the whole thing? That answer was instantly answered with relief. He couldn’t have seen us because, to this day, I still swear he was born with a pair of gills. David spent most of his time in the pool swimming underwater, only surfacing for air.
I quickly convinced myself that none of that happened at all and joined them in their game. Making a mental note, however, I did try to avoid staring at Chad and only glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.
The afternoon went by without any further embarrassments. We spent hours in the pool and when it came time to get out and dry off, the sun was now in its descent casting rays through the tree branches.
The three of us were wrapped in towels as we stepped on the deck. David and Chad’s mom was cooking hotdogs and burgers on the grill and it smelled delicious. My mouth started watering. When we were off the grass and on the deck we started drying ourselves off. I tried the very difficult task of not looking in Chad’s direction but was unsuccessful. Once I caught a glimpse of him drying off in my periphery vision, I found myself, again, in a Trans. It was as though time itself stopped right there. Nothing else existed in that moment but him. I watched him intently as he dried off. He wiped away the water droplets from his arms, down the front of his chest, over his swimming jammer, and down his legs. He then flung his towel over his head and around to his back. This left me with a perfect view of his entire form. The sun was now low over the horizon and while I stand here looking at his perfect body, it looks as though he himself is casting off an aura. My eyes trace every contour of his body. The smooth, tight jammer highlighted his very essence. I can’t stop staring. I see his bulge in his swimsuit and a tingling sensation spreads through my body.
As my eyes break away from his tightly wrapped package and follow the curves of his abs up to his face, I find myself, again, in a very awkward situation. Chad was in the process of drying his hair with the towel when he caught me staring at him in a Trans. I once again found myself in eye lock with Chad. He just stared at me for what seemed like days, and then glanced quickly at David and his mom who were standing just behind me. David was, once again, completely oblivious as he toweled himself dry. And his mother was too busy flipping burgers on the grill to notice anything.
So there we were, on the deck, eyes locked on each others. I was too afraid to move and I searched Chad’s face for any signs of aggression or disgust. A twitch, a shutter, or a smile. His face was expressionless. I thought to myself that nothing good could come of this. I knew for sure now that he had caught me this time. There was no escaping that fact anymore. The only question now was; ‘what’s he going to say?’
At that moment, I got a whiff of the burgers sizzling on the grill and my stomach broke the silence and eye contact with a very loud ‘growl’.
“Someone sounds hungry.” She said. “Burgers are ready. Just make sure you’re all dried off before coming in to eat.”
David was in the door before Chad and I and their mom was putting the burgers on a plate. Even though I was extremely embarrassed, I casually looked at Chad to see if he was headed for the door as well. He wasn’t. He just stood there, staring at me, completely expressionless. I didn’t know what to say, so I turned toward the door and took one step before Chad said something. And what he said stopped me in my tracks.
“Hey, Mom. Can Braden sleep over tonight?” Chad asked his mother as I turned to him and our eyes met again.
“Sure. I don’t see why not. You guys can have the basement.”
David appeared in the door and as I turned to join him for some grub, I saw Chad smile from the corner of my eye. David had heard Chad ask his mother if I can spend the night and he came running to the door.
“Yea! Stay over!” David responded from within the house.
Of course I said yes. I’d be a damn fool not to.
Anyways, we went inside and filled up on hotdogs and hamburgers. Talked, joked, and laughed. And the entire time we sat at the table, I kept glancing at Chad who was also glancing in my direction as well; but continued on as if nothing happened at all.
Eventually, the sun set completely and the three of us found ourselves in the basement where we were going to spend the night. Their basement was completely furnished, cool, and very comfortable. Complete with a refrigerator, kitchenette, bathroom, entertainment center, and a pool table. Needless to say, we had a blast!
It was about 8pm when we began our sleepover in the basement. I decided to run home real quick to get something comfortable to sleep in and my sleeping bag, as we were all still in our bathing suits. I had my regular clothes with me of course, but they’re hardly comfortable to sleep in. When I mentioned this, Chad ran upstairs.
“Where’s he going?” I asked David.
“I dunno.” He responded. “Wanna play some video games?”
“Hell yea!” I said. “I’ll run home real quickly for my things and then we can play!”
I was just at the foot of the stairs when the door at the top slammed shut and I saw Chad Running back down the stairs with his arms full.
“Here” Said Chad, as he handed me a neatly rolled nylon sleeping bag. It was blue, my favorite color. But nowhere near as blue as his eyes; which I preferred more. “I figured it would save you a trip to your house.” He then handed me something else which was folded and shinny. “You can wear these to bed.”
I took and unfolded them. “I’m wearing mine to bed.” Chad said.
Since Chad and David were on a swim team, they had numerous Swimming Speedo Jammers; the pair he had just handed me was black with blue stripes on the sides.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
He then looked me right in the eyes, smiled, popped his eyebrows, and said “Definitely!”
I didn’t change into the jammer just then only for fear that something might have made itself noticeable.
We played video games for a while and naturally got bored with it. Chad made the suggestion that we play a game of Twister which sent a wave of excitement over me. But David quickly turned it down and we ended up playing a couple rounds of billiards.
It was now getting a bit late and after the pool game, we decided to sit on the couch and watch a movie.
The couch was fairly big for three 14 year olds. There was more than enough room for each of us to spread out. David sat on the Left hand side, Myself in the middle, and Chad on the Right. David made himself comfortable, I settled down in the center, and Chad was quite content.
As the movie went on, I noticed Chad had become a little fidgety. He kept getting up for numerous reasons and each time he came back to sit down, it was a little bit closer to me.
By the time the movie ended, Chad was sitting so close to me, I could feel his body heat radiating off of him. It was very late at night now and we were all getting tired. We moved the coffee table out of the way and set up our sleeping bags on the floor. I went for a final bathroom trip and changed into the Speedo jammers Chad gave to me to sleep in. I had to wait a few seconds longer before exiting the bathroom because the smooth, silkiness of the spandex shorts, mixed with images of Chad gave me an instant boner.
The lights went off and we settled in for the night. It was pitch black, but I could see Chad’s form like a silhouette. David was on the other side of me tossing and turning nonstop. I closed my eyes ready for my unconscious dreams to take over when I heard David mumble.
“Damn it!” David said, clearly getting upset. “I can’t get comfortable. “
I lie on my side and focus on the dark outline of Chad in his sleeping bag. I couldn’t tell if he was facing me as well, or had his back to me. Finally silence. The only thing to be heard was the tick tock of the clock. My eyes shut once more. But before I slipped into dreamland, David starts tossing and turning again. I didn’t move but pretended to be asleep. My earlier question of which way Chad was facing was answered when I heard his voice.
“What the fuck David! Would you stop tossing already?”
David responded in a whisper. “I can't sleep on the floor.”
“Then go upstairs and sleep in your own damn bed so other people here can sleep!” Snapped Chad.
And I heard David get up, gather up his pillow and sleeping bag, and lightly climb the stairs. It wasn’t until the door at the top of the stairs closed with a ‘click’ and the light echo of David’s footsteps faded away in the distance that Chad spoke again.
“Idiot.” He said.
I remained still. Unmoving. It couldn’t have been my breathing that gave me away. I tried to control that. No, it was something else that clued him in that I was still awake. Now Chad spoke to me in a gentile whisper.
“You awake?” he asked.
I said nothing.
“I can hear your heart beating.” He whispered to me again.
I could see his silhouette in the darkness. He was indeed facing me. Holding his head up with his arm. When I didn’t answer, he spoke again in a whisper.
“I noticed.” He said. “In the pool. And I caught you again when we got out.”
I lay there motionless still. I tried so hard not to move a muscle that I forgot to breathe. My heart rate increased. Here I am. Alone in a completely dark room with the guy I’ve been eyeing for so long telling me he caught me checking him out. At this point, all sleepiness had vanished. What do I do? What do I say? Gotta catch my breath. Breath Braden, breathe! Concentrate!! You must tell him the truth! Don’t deny it! He caught you red handed! Be brave!
“I just wanna know one thing.” Said Chad, now sitting up. “What were you thinking of when you were looking at me like that?”
It was useless to resist. I managed to get my heart beat to a regular rhythm and didn’t even try to cover up the deep breath I took before answering him.
“You.” I said. “I was thinking of you.”
“Just me?” He asked now with more of a flirty tone to his voice. “Or was it more of a fantasy involving me with you?”
I paused a moment to gather my thoughts. Aww Hell! The cards were delt now! It was at this moment that I decided to be completely open with him. He asked me a question, so now I’m going to answer it. Honestly. No more hiding. I’m busted already. So, I sat up and faced his direction.
“Yes.” I said in a whisper. “My mind wonders when I look at you.”
In the darkness, there was silence.
I said. “I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out. I’ll go home if…..”
“NO!” Chad exclaimed as he slipped out of his sleeping bag and moved closer to me. “I’m not freaked out. Please don’t go.”
I heard him breathe a sigh of relief and move to the side to lean his back against the couch. I followed his movements and made the same adjustments. I slid out of the sleeping bag and sat next to him with my back against the couch and rested my head on the cushion.
“I’m sorry “I continued. “If I made you uncomfortable when I was looking at you.”
“If you honestly think that you freaked me out or made me uncomfortable, do you really think I’d still be here right now with you? Alone?” He asked.
“I guess not.”
“He he. Remember, it was me who asked for you to sleep over tonight. “
“Oh yea!” I said with a giggle. I had honestly forgotten that.
There was an odd, awkward silence that lasted only briefly.
“Tell me” he said. “What kind of things to you fantasize about with me?”
I couldn’t help it. I let out one of those laughs that only happen when you’re embarrassed. I could feel my face blush and turn its usual shades of red. But the room was dark and I knew he couldn’t see. Phew!
“I don’t think I can do that.” I replied in a tone that clearly indicated my embarrassment.
He giggled. “Come on. Just tell me one thing you fantasize about with me.”
“No way.”
He then leaned against me. His arm was against mine. Oh how smooth and sensual his skin felt against mine. My body tingled. He placed his other hand on my leg just above my knee. I froze. He whispered in my ear.
“Just one thing.” He said as he placed his hand on my bare chest and rested his cheek on my shoulder.
How could I resist that?
“You do things to me.” I stuttered.
I could feel his hand begin to move. He gently rubbed my chest all over, traced the contours of my abs with his fingers, and pressed his lips to my neck. He was doing to me now exactly what I’ve always wanted to do to him. The gentility of his touch trailing my chest, and the heat of his breath on my neck was enough to send a shiver course though my body as my skin broke out all over in goose bumps.
His touch felt so good. A feeling I’ve never experienced before. I like it. And I wanted more. I had to use my free hand to adjust the Speedo jammer I was wearing so that my raging hard on wasn’t sticking straight up. It was a move that did not go UN noticed by Chad. Even though it was pitch black, he felt my body adjustment and knew what I was doing.
I was a naturally shy person and was so focused on that moment, that I completely forgotten how unshy Chad really was. I wanted so badly to explore every inch of his body; but my arms and hands remained motionless despite my efforts to will them to move.
He moved even closer now; placing his leg on mine, moving it up and down my thigh and calf. His chest coming into contact with mine. The tingle of his fingers in my hair. The sensation of his tongue and lips on my adams apple…… I couldn’t resist anymore. My eyes fluttered to the back of my head and my very breath escaped me as I tilted my head back against the cushion again, feeling all my tense muscles finally relax.
He caressed my chest a bit longer before he pressed his lips against my ear and whispered.
“I’m hard.” He paused to trace my ear with his lips. “Are you?”
I smiled in the darkness and turned my head to face his before answering “Like a rock.”
This time, I threw caution to the wind and ignored all my shy qualities and made my first move on him. My lips found his and a surge of adrenaline seared through my very veins. I threw my arms around him. One hand rested on his back, while the other secured his head; and we embraced each other in a very fierce and erotic kiss.
He tasted good. So much better than I could possibly imagine. Our lips were fused together as our tongues met and twisted. Our breathing became heavy. His hands explored my body as mine explored his. I moved my hands over his soft, smooth skin. Feeling his curves, his contours, the hardness of his abs as his muscles constrict. I slowly moved my hand around his upper body. Trying desperately to memorize as many details as I could while we continued to lock lips.
He was gradually moving his hands lower over my body, occasionally hitting just the right spot to send a wave of shivers coursing through me. I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of air when he hit that spot. But I didn’t let that stop my hand from finding the very thing he said was hard earlier. A spandex swim suit doesn’t hide much.
When I wrapped my hand over his extremely hard, throbbing dick, Chad let out a very loud gasp, threw his head back, and drew in a very deep breath. I took that as a good sign and began rubbing back and forth over his spandex covered cock. He breathed deeply again and I still swear that I heard him growl at me. Then I felt his hand grab my own hard, throbbing cock and moaned in ecstasy.
We continued our make out session while one hand was doing the exploring and the other rubbing and jerking our dicks. Our motions began to grow in intensity and before I knew it, Chad threw his leg over me so that his chest was to my chest. Here we were sitting on the floor, Chad on top of me, wearing nothing but tight spandex jammers.
He sat back on me so that now we were in a position that his hard bulge was resting on mine. I let both my hands fall down the front of his chest and Chad began moving his hard bulging dick up and down mine. It was such an incredibly overwhelming feeling that I let my hands rest on his thighs while he thrust his pelvis so that his dick glided up and down over mine like silk.
**For those of you who have never worn or experienced the feel of spandex like Under Armour… You have no idea what you’re missing. Try it! **
Faster and faster, Harder and harder he humped and grinded my extremely hard cock with his. Deeper and more exasperated our breathing became. It felt sooo good. I didn’t want to interrupt him, but an overwhelming desire came over me. I then sat up, grabbed him by the waist, and threw him backwards on the floor. It was my turn to get on top; and that’s what I did. I grabbed his arms and braced them with mine against the floor over his head while I found his cock with mine.
I repeated what he had done to me. Humping, grinding, and rubbing our dicks together. Taking in the feelings and sensations of the smoothness in each thrust. I loosened his my grip on his hands and he wrapped his arms and legs around mine and pulled me tight to his body.
We were wrapped together so tightly now. He matched each up and down thrust of my pelvis so that our dicks never separated. Our moaning became a little louder. Our breathing steady but deep.
“Hump me Braden!” he said. “Faster! Harder!”
I obliged. I increased my humping tempo and hardened our grinding… all the while he kept up pace.
We rolled around over the floor. Him on top, then me, then him, then me. Never once, did we break away. Our bodies stayed in constant contact. The friction, the heat, the feeling had now become extremely intense. I could feel the pressure begin to flow in my loins. His skin, his body, his hard cock rubbing against mine. I was about to erupt in pure pleasure.

We were breathing roughly now through our teeth. Moaning loudly. I can’t hold it much longer. Just before I open my mouth to speak, I heard him say
“I’m gonna cum.”
I replied at once. “So am I.”
He wrapped his arms around me even more tightly and demanded.
“Fuck me hard! Make me cum Braden, Bang me hard! Fuck my dick!!”
Before I could slam my dick to his, he arched his back and our rock hard cocks slammed together. Faster we humped, Harder we banged together. Back and forth, Up and down, Harder… Faster.
And with one very hard bang, our cocks met, rubbed together, and that building pressure from within erupted. We both let out a sharp sigh as the warm, milky white cum flowed from the tips of our dicks with each thrust and each hump. Warm fluid oozed and squirted with each pulse and throb. We both reached climax at the same time and our ejaculating was a warming pleasure.
We slowed our movements gradually to a soft humping and then to a smooth gliding as we emptied our chambers.
That very intimate encounter left us breathless, sweaty, and empty.
We lay there for a few minutes, side by side, catching our breath.
“That was amazing.” Said Chad.
“Yea it was.” I responded.
“Can’t wait till next time.” He added with a giggle.
“Next time?”
“Hell yea! I’ve wanted you for a long time. And after that.... I can’t help but want more.”
“Definitely!” I said with a huge grin spreading across my face.
We both got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he turned on the light, I saw him for the first time since we settled down for bed almost 3 hours earlier. He was gorgeous, as usual. Well, with nothing to be afraid of anymore, we both stripped our jammers off and cleaned up. Luckily the washer and dryer were in the basement, so Chad quickly came up with 2 other clean spandex jammers to wear.
I wanted so much to sleep with him in my arms. But there was no way we could do that, because we didn’t want his parents to come down stairs in the morning and see up sleeping in an embrace. So we slid into our own sleeping bags, kissed each other good night. And let the night take over.
And so we slept.
Until our next encounter…………………………

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