As I asked before please forgive any spelling mistakes, I have read this several times and think I've got them all.
After reading the few comments of my first story, I realise I should have told more about Susan’s first time so I will back track a little and tell this. As before the action is fact, but I will have to embellish the talk.

I had answered the door to Susan, “Is Kelly here”? “Yes, do you want to see her”? “I was wondering if she was coming to play” Kelly came down the stairs she too had put something on, “Susan, why don’t you come and play with us, Dave is being daddy and I’m mommy and you can be baby” “Can I be mommy today”? “If you want” Susan came in and followed Kelly into the lounge, I closed and dropped the latch on the door and went to join them.

Sitting on the floor with her legs up and open a little I saw Kelly hadn’t put her knickers on and my spunk was running down her legs, she had Susan sat beside her, she then asked Susan if she knew how to play mommy, “I think so” “Well I had better tell you” Kelly went on to tell Susan she had to have a shower with daddy, then go to bed, she then had to play with daddies penis and kiss and suck it, then daddy will kiss and suck your pussy, after which you will help daddy put his penis into your pussy. Susan sat listening to all this and she was nodding along with it.

Minutes later I was taking my second shower with an 11 year old girl, but this time I knew what was to come.

Susan was at first a little self conscious about her body, although she was naked in the shower with me she turned her side to me so I couldn’t see her front bottom, as she called it, I told her she shouldn’t worry about that but she said, “Mommy keeps telling me not to let boy’s see or touch my front bottom, if I do I will die and go to hell” she looked into my eyes and said, “Kelly hasn’t died and you did both to her” I stopped her with a kiss, her arm came around my neck and she stood on tip toe to reach me.

As we kissed I turned her to stand full frontal to me, my cock was pressed between us, I ran my hand down her back and gave her ass a gentle squeeze, she pressed her body harder onto mine, slowly I eased my hand around her hip and down between her legs, I heard a soft moan as my fingers rubbed up and down her little slit.

Breaking the kiss I picked up the soap and started washing her, I started off with her arms and body, then kneeling I washed her legs, starting at her feet, as I neared her little pussy she opened her legs and giggled, telling me it tickled as I touched her there. Standing up Susan then washed me, which she did with great enthusiasm, she of course paid more attention to my cock telling me how it looked so hard, but felt soft. She was fascinated seeing it grow to its full erect state and with a gasp she asked how it would fit in her front bottom. I told her she would have no trouble taking it.

Out of the shower we headed to my room and settled on the bed, she didn’t give me chance to settle before she was stroking my length, as her little hands couldn’t reach around me she used both hands to rub up and down me, her eyes as wide a saucers seeing my purple head disappear as she came up my length and then appear as she moved back down. A little pre cum seeped out the eye and she looked up at me, “Go on, try it, you might like the taste” with one finger she picked up the drop and brought it to her mouth, she looked at it before looking at me again, I nodded and she put her finger into her mouth, after a few seconds she smiled, “I like it, can I have some more”? I smiled back and told her if she now kissed and sucked my cock she would have more.

Scooting down the bed a little she bent down and kissed the tip of my cock like it was red hot,very lightly touching it, after a few times she realised it wouldn’t bit her back, she took the tip into her mouth and sucked it like a candy bar, the more she sucked on me the more she liked it and it felt like I had a vacuum attached to my cock.

As I felt my spunk starting its journey I told Susan she should pull back, I was scared she would choke if I came full force in her mouth, she had just pulled back and I came with great force, my spunk splashed on her face and she turned her nose up at first, but as a little ran into her mouth she slowly put her tongue out and licked it up, “It is lovely” she cleaned up all my spunk with her fingers and sucked them clean. With her done I lay her back and settled between her legs, pushing hers right up beside her head.

As I started sucking her pussy she squealed in delight and rocked on her hips, she was wriggling that much I had a hard job eat her out. After about ten minutes she suddenly stopped wriggling, I looked up at her, her eyes were wide open and her mouth was trying to say something but nothing would come out, and then she went stiff and I felt her juice’s flow, obviously being so young she didn’t have much, but she did cum.

I knew now was the time to slip my cock into her, so I moved back up, laying between her legs I pressed my head against her slit, “This will hurt, but only for a little, then you will come to love it” she nodded her head as if to say she understood.

Very slowly I pushed forwards, I saw her grimace, “Are you all right”? “Yes” I pushed a little more into her, “Ouch” I asked again if she was ok with this, she nodded then as I pushed a little more she bit donw on her thumb. A little more and I came to her hymen, she was so small I only had about an inch and half in her, I kissed her and said it would now hurt, she took a deep breath and held it and bit down harder onto her hand. It was now or never, I pushed and her hymen gave way, her hand flew from her mouth and she screamed out, it was a scream like I had never heard before, the pain she must have felt I could never imagine, all I could think of doing was to cover her face with little kisses, tears were running down her face making her eyes red, her face was showing such pain, I started to curse myself for doing this act, but I didn’t pull out.

Slowly her pain left her face and after five minutes she started to smile, “It feels funny having your cock in me, but it’s nice too”, taking this as my cue, I pulled back a little then pushed back, her body moved with mine as I continued thrusting back and forth in her. I told her my cock was buried in the tightest pussy I had ever known. The fact hers was only the second pussy I had been in passed her by. I felt her tighten around me and she shook, I guessed she was coming again; this was more than I could handle and my sack emptied into the back of her womb.

Her squeals now were of pleasure, not pain, being a young virile male I remained solid, I turned us over so she was now sitting over me. Placing my hands no her hips I moved her back and forth on my cock, she got the message and started moving on her own, although she had no tits I reached up and tweaked her nipple’s, this was the on switch and she bounced up and down my cock like a wild crazy animal. I’ve never known anyone with such sensitive nipples as Susan.

Again we came together and it was now her turn to cover my face with kisses and she kept telling me she loved me and would forever. As she rolled from me i saw my cock was covered in blood and our combined juices, and this was also running down her legs.

It was then Kelly came up and climbed in bed with us, and for the next three hours, I enjoyed their young bodies, as they did mine, fucking them a couple of more time’s before I showered with them again and they went home.

That summer break I left school and started work at the golf course as assistant grounds keeper, Kelly came down to my house one Saturday when my parents were out, and we went to bed, but that was the last time I saw her as her father changed jobs and had to move to the other end of the country, but I will never forget Kelly, she was inexperienced but having seen her parents doing things she wanted to copy them, I was pleased she had picked me to be her learning aid.

Susan continued calling on me and we spent an hour or two making love, as her tits developed her nipples became more sensitive and I could give her an orgasm by rubbing each for only a few minutes.

When she was 14 she came down the golf course and said she couldn’t come to see me again for a while as her cousin’s were coming to stay, David and Sara, David was 12 and Sara 11, their mom was going in hospital for an operation.

She then stood as if in deep thought, “I was 11 when we first had sex, how about if I bring Sara down here with me one day and” I was now kissing her and slipping my hand into her panties, breaking the kiss I asked when she was thinking of doing this, “Why your up for it aren’t you”? “How about you bring David as well and while looking after Sara, you can be entertaining him” slapping my chest Susan told me not to make any plans for Monday.

Monday afternoon Susan came running down the 5th hole, where I was mowing the green. panting she asked if I had seen her cousins, I gave a little laugh, “How do I know, I don’t know them” “Oh yeah, well they had an argument with their father and they ran off, and someone saw then coming this way” we jumped on the truck I used to get about the greens and I went off towards the wooded area.

As I stopped on top of the bank near the woods, I saw a bright red coat hanging on a tree, “That looks like Sara’s” we walked down the path towards it, looking each side to see if they were there, we could have called out for them, but we didn’t think this necessary. In a way it was a good job we didn’t.

As we neared the coat we saw the two youngsters naked and engaged in oral sex, we looked at each other in disbelief; Sara’s head was bobbing up and down on David’s cock like she knew what she was doing and David was really going to work on his sister’s pussy.

We stood watching them for a few minutes then when David got up and moved between Sara’s legs, Susan called out asking what the bloody hell they thought they were doing. David jumped to his feet, his 4 inch cock pointing to the sky, Sara too jumped to her feet, seeing me she quickly covered herself with her hands, “Susan we just, Oh God your not going to tell our parents are you” I could see the look on their face’s which was one of sheer panic, we all stood there for several minutes not speaking.

Susan was first to break the silence, she stepped towards David and rubbed his cock saying “Do you know what to do with this”? his look of panic was slowly replaced with one of shock and surprise, I dropped my trousers and looking at Sara I asked her if she knew what to do with this, she looked from me to David and back again, her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open, I think it was the biggest cock she had yet seen.

She nodded her head and said “Yes” “Came and show me then” I told her, as she hesitated Susan said, “If you both do a good job, we won’t tell your parents, OK” David and Sara looked at each other then at Susan and me, “OK” David replied.

Susan and I stripped and settled down, Sara went to work sucking my cock, for a little one she shore knew how to suck cock, looking to Susan it looked like David was giving her a good tonguing too. Having that familiar feeling I tapped Sara and told her I was about to cum, “That’s ok, you can cum in my mouth” dropping back onto my cock she bobbed her head then as I pushed my cock further up into her mouth she gagged as the first jet of my spunk ht the back of her mouth, but this didn’t stop her from continuing to suck me off, as I eased up jerking she sat up, “Are you going to fuck me now”? “If you want me to, I will” “Yes please, I like it when David fucks me but I think I will like it more with you fucking me” “Ok lay back and let me eat your pussy” seeing her pussy up close as I lay between her legs, she didn’t look like a little girl, her pussy was open and her lips were starting to develop, I moved in and clamped my mouth on her pussy, I licked and sucked her and probed her with my tongue for fifteen minutes, I wasn’t to make shore she was wet enough to take my cock, of course I had no worry of breaking her hymen as I guessed David had already took care of this.

As I moved up to mount her she stopped me and asked if I would do it like she has seen their dog do it, with her on hands and knees, I let her kneel in front of me then I rubbed my cock up her slit a few times before putting the tip against her hole, I eased forwards and slipped into her with ease, she gave a groan and looked back over her shoulder, “If feels nice” with my full length in her she leaned forwards resting her head on her arms, I pulled back and stopped before I slipped from her, then pushed forwards, “Fuck me, Oh God fuck me” I took up a steady pace and she pushed back to meet my thrusts into her.

It didn’t take me long to have that feeling and from her experience she knew I was about to cum, looking back she said “Its ok you can cum in me” my cock swelled and sent my seed right into her womb. Feeling my hot liquid filling her she screamed, after I thought it was a good job there were no golfers out as they would no doubt come to see what the noise was all about. Sara and I dropped onto the floor, her breathing heavy.

I looked to Susan and I saw David’s ass bobbing up and down between Susan’s legs, she was making all the right noises to make him feel good, I could see he was sweating like he was running the marathon, I suppose he was running his own marathon as he ploughed the furrow.

Susan had to work hard herself to bring him off, which she managed quite well, squeezing her muscles around his cock he was soon arching his back and looking like he had died and gone to heaven. He rolled off Susan and dropped beside her “Fuck Susan that was awesome” wanting to give him as much encouragement as she could, she told him he did know what to do with it, and if he was up for it he could fuck her again. His face lit up “Can I, can I really”? “Shore, you’ve made me all excited” he slipped his hand between Susan’s legs and almost lost his hand in her pussy she he finger fucked her, why he did this I don’t know as Susan was already soaking wet.

His cock started to rise and Susan helped it along by playing with it, Sara had slipped from under me and was sucking my cock again, after a few minutes she lay back and pulled her legs back, holding them with her hands, throwing them wide open she invited me in. I was ploughing her furrow seconds later.

David couldn’t get it up again so we all dressed and Susan took them back home. I had a phone call later that day from Susan asking if I wanted to go over later as her parents were going out for the night. When I arrived David and Sara were having a bath, Susan suggested we join them, after wards we could have some fun.

David and Sara stayed for three months and we fucked as often as time aloud. Sara left to go home with her pussy full of my spunk, and David’s cock was covered in Susan’s juices, their dad looked suspicious as the smell of sex filled the car, but he said nothing.

Susan and I remained an item and six years later we married. I still liked young pussy and Susan turned a blind eye when I got the chance to have some fresh pussy.

More to come if you want

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