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I was in New York City on a small vacation I gave myself, of 3 days. I needed the break and wanted to get away. I decided to spoil myself and stay in a fancy hotel in Manhattan. I got situated in my suite, slipped on my little black dress, touched up my lipstick and decided to go downstairs, order a virgin margarita and enjoy a cigarette while I people watched and decided where my next destination would be as far as seeing the city, maybe, I thought I would catch Broadway show. As I start to light my cigarette, I notice the most beautiful and exotic woman I have ever layed eyes on! She was headed towards the counter of the lobby. I could not take my eyes off of her. She was of average height maybe 5'7" tall, very smooth, milk chocolate brown skin, very small waist and beautiful shapely large hips, not to mention her bubble round sexy ass that softly jiggled with every move, she has a very erotic swing to her hips as she walked, her tits were large and beautifully rounded, I could see her very hard, large nipples as they stood erect pushing against the soft satin fabric of her shirt. Her hair was curly and long, very sexy black hair, her eyes large and with very dark eye shadow and long thick eye lashes, her lips, very full and wide, shaped like a heart and she wore a cherry red lipstick. She spoke softly to the man behind the counter and she had a heavy accent, she was most likely from Africa somewhere. She told the man that she was here visiting. The man gave her the keys to the guy that was taking her bags to the room, as she turned, she noticed me looking at her. I smiled and she very elegantly, and kinda shy smiled back at the same time nodded her head hello. She blew me away with that sexy smile, I knew I had to have her as my heart raced thinking about how it would be to have her in my arms and I would make love to her endlessly. I went up to the counter and asked the man to send that lady that just checked in an arrangement of flowers in my name and I gave him a note to attach to the flowers. The note read " I admire a beautiful woman, and you are of exceptional quality, please accept this invitation to join me in my room tonight for an unforgettable evening" I took my chances, knowing that my note was very forward, and I did not even know how she would react, it was risky, but I had to take my chances.
I waited in my suite, with my heart pounding, breathing kinda hard in anticipation, not knowing if she would show or not, and if she did I could only imagine what I was going to do to her, I did not want to lose control, but I could not help the way she made me feel, she was an extremely sexy feminine woman.
It's 7:10 P.M. our meeting was for 7 P.M. she was late would she show? 7:30 P.M. I hear a soft knock on the door, I jump off my seat, as it startled me and of anticipation as well.
I compose myself and answer the door, and there she is, standing there looking so sexy, soft , sexual and shy at the same time. She smelled like expensive perfume, that excited me and made me want her more.
I invited her in and she thanked me for the flowers and for the invitation. I told her it was my pleasure and I apologized for being so forward with my words in my note to her, but that her beauty and womanly ways got the best of me. She giggled softly and she said with a heavy accent don't worry, I don't usually accept invitations like this either, but something made me accept.
I could not help myself, I had to have her right then and there!!!
I went and stood right in front of her, our eyes met and she lowered her eyes as she felt shy, i went down to meet her lips and they were soft large and warm, i kissed her softly and I spread her lips with mine and I stuck my tongue in her mouth and I started kissing her deeper and , faster and harder, our lips were locked so deeply and our tongues deep on each others mouths I would suck her tongue she would suck mine and our mouths were so juicy, I started to breath hard and I felt my pussy getting wet, I thought her pussy must be wet as well. I started kissing her neck, sucking it and feeling her body, my hand were all over her body, and she was moaning softly and I could feel her hot , deep breathing. I pulled her dress straps off of her dress, and I pulled it down to expose her big tits, when I saw those nipples, I just about lost my mind, they were so long and thick, nice and dark brown and the areolas were large and sexy... I bent my head to take one in my mouth and sucked it as i held her tight to my body she through her head back as I sucked that nipple deep in my mouth and pulling it till it slipped out of my mouth!, I did the same with the other nipple they tasted so good and that skin was ever so soft, I grabbed both tits in my hands and now as I am still standing in front of her I am sucking one nipple and with crazy hunger take the other in my mouth and suck them like crazy, I suck them both together and she moans and watches me as I am out of control sucking nipples and jiggling and squeezing her tits. I pull her dress off completely to the floor, she has no underwear on and I see her sexy curves, she has a nice separation between her legs that is just a small triangle, but so sexy. I see her pussy is so hairy, but it's nicely trimmed, I can't wait to taste her wet pussy!
As I pull the dress from under her feet, I stand behind her now and feel her tits and roll and squeeze her nipples between my thumb and index finger as I do this she through her head back, which ends up on my shoulder, now I'm sucking on her neck as my hands travel her entire body like crazy, my heart is beating like crazy , I am making moaning noises and groaning with desire for this woman, my hand slides down her stomach to her thick bush, i slip my middle finger between her pussy lips and my finger disappears deep in between her inner lips that are huge, and soaked with her cunt juices... she lets out a loud moan and I let out a ahhhhhhhhh baabbyy!!! My fingers feel around between her legs, investigating every inch of that pussy its so wet and hot, burning hot I separate her inner lips with my index finger and my ring finger, I stick my middle finger deep in her opening, ooohhhh... it's so warm, soft and very, very wet, I feel around her walls and I feel I an gonna lose control, I am getting very passionate and a little rough with her now, out of passion for this hot bitch I have in my hands!!! I am still standing behind her,as I stick yet another finger inside her, and another, I feel how I am stretching her pussy hole even though it is so elastic, it's tight like a rubber band around my fingers. I roll my fingers around deep inside her pussy and I feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter, I push my fingers deeper inside her as I do that, I am lifting her off the ground with my force! now I start moving my fingers inside here from front to back and side to side very quickly and her pussy starts making plopping & swooshing, noises, and she starts to moan out loud and loudly saying Ah, ah, Ahhhhh, oh, ohhhhh, and I start moaning and groaning like an animal feeling her very wet pussy and hearing the noises coming from her juicy slit, I feel her tight around my fingers and I move them like crazy till she comes almost screaming and I keep fucking her hard with my fingers deep inside her moving very fast, she comes soooo hard and her pussy cums hard, I feel the pussy cum running my fingers to my wrist. I pull my fingers out of her pussy and she says ahhhhh, as I pull them out I see all her pussy milk covering my whole hand, her body is all limp and she's exhausted from her orgasm.
I let her recover a little bit and I tell her to go take a quick shower, in the meantime I rest a little. when she comes out, she looks amazing, her body is so perfect I ask her to come lay down on the bed, I spread her legs wide open, and for the first time that I see the huge inner pussy lips that I was touching, they were huge, very long, thick and wavy, they were very black and so suckable, I pulled on them and they were so stretchy !! I took one pussy lip in each hand, with my fingers I pulled them apart and all the red hot flesh of her pussy opening was exposed, it was very meaty and there was a little gape too, which I found so erotic, it was glistening with some pussy juice... I could not help myself and had to taste that nectar, so I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy opening, man, it was very warm and her juices covered my tongue, I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and stuck it even deeper inside her, she tightened her pussy muscles and that pussy sucked my tongue deeper inside her! She let my tongue lose , I pulled out my tongue and there was a thick clear thread of her pussy juice attached to my tongue that stretched out from her pussy, damnnnn, Mmmmmmm!!!! I licked all her pussy from hot thick fat clit to her ass and back, I liked her like a hungry bitch, out of control, making all kinds of noises with my tongue and her wet pussy, wow! I would suck the juice out of her cunt hole, suck her inner pussy lips, taking them deep in my mouth and taking the skin that covered her clit and pushing it back to expose her hot red clit which has a head that looked like a dick! I took it in my mouth and I sucked it deep inside my mouth but softly, I felt it as it was getting thicker and harder with every suck, she was squirming all over the bed like crazy from the passion and her pussy was extremely wet, I turned her over on all four legs, and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, I pushed her legs wide apart and i told her to arch her back, so her ass would be sticking up and her pussy very visible, I could see her pussy lips part and expose her pussy hole, the pussy was gaping more now, begging to be entered and fucked deep! I stood behind her and with my fingers from my right hand, I stuck them inside her and I moved then around, to make her pussy really wet, she enjoyed it very much and this way my fingers could go very deep inside her, she felt amazing inside! I pulled my fingers out and lubricated the long thick strap-on I had on with her own juices, she did not expect me to have a strap-on, so when i stuck it inside her she gasp and I felt her pussy get very loose for that second. I tool advantage and stuck it deep, deep inside her pussy and kept it there of a few moments, then I pulled it all the way out and stuck only the head now and pumped it in and out like that, she loved it, she's moaning and Oooooing ans Aaahhhhing and making me so horny, just driving me fucking wild! I grab her hips and I start ramming the strap-on in her wet cunt hole, in and out, in and out I am hammering it inside of her pussy riding her like crazy, my hips are moving back and forth like crazy and shes pumping her hips meeting my hard thrust, I can feel me banging her deep, i move the dick from side to side and all around inside her, I feel her getting tighter, holding me so tight with her pussy walls, I force myself deeper and she screams and tells me to stop, but I can't, she trys to get lose from me but I hold her tight and I keep pumping my dick inside her, I spread her pussy farther apart and ram my dick deep and she starts moaning like crazy and and trys to push me away, I hold her down to where she can't move and I fuck her with all I got, ramming my dick deeply inside her wet cunt, bitch can't lie , she's loving it cause her pussy is dripping pussy milk, so I know he's so fucking hot and into what she's getting, hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!Yeahhhh, thats right bitch, take it, you know you love it deep yeahhhh, oh girl, your pussy is swooshing inside as I fuck you, your full of cunt milk!!!Ahhh fuck baby, I'm gonna cum!! I hump her very fast and hard now, and I can can see her pussy milk being pushed out by this big thick dick , of shhiiit I am gonna cum, oh baby, your pussy is driving me wild, ooohhh, ahhh, oohhhh fffuuuucckkkk Iam cuuummminggg!!!!!!!!!! GGGRRRRrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Damn, that was good.........
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