(mile high club)(Beach>Club)
Spring Break day 1(mile high club)
I had to go to Florida to see this special speaker that was at a convention down there, my friend Pam was going to meet me down there. We figured we could see the speaker, go to the clubs, best of all maybe have the spring break neither one of us ever had.
I took the red eye to save money and get some sleep on the way. I was sitting next to the window and I got comfy. I was wearing
a sweat suit, nothing too sexy. So I put a pillow ageist the window and tried to sleep. Then who sits next to
Me this kid about 18 looking like he never been on a plane before. Nervous as hell. So I said to him "First time?"
He said "Yea, my name is Matt; I'm going to spring break to meet some friends. I never was on a plane before.
I said Nice to meet you my name is Candy.We shook hands and I said it’s nothing
Take off and landing is the worst part if you want to hold my hand until we're in the air it's OK with me. Then he
said "That makes me feel so much better, your so nice that's something my mom would say" I said "Oh Thanks" I didn't think I looked that old, but now I really started looking at him and did the math, he really was old enough to be my son.
Well now the plane was ready for take off and Matt grabbed my hand and he was sweating. Then we hit the runway and took off. When we got in the air I let go. So I said "If you don't mind can I lift the handle up so I can have some room to sleep. He said sure make yourself comfortable. So I put my head on the pillow on the window and now my ass was on his thigh. I didn't think anything of it I just wanted to get some sleep. I fell asleep for awhile, but woke up when
I felt Matt’s hand rubbing my ass. I acted like I was still sleeping to see how far he would go. I kind of felt sorry for him.
He was no Brad Pitt; He was more like a Napoleon Dynamite. He was probably still a virgin. Now he was now playing with himself with the other hand. I saw him when I opened my eyes. I said "You having a good time?" He said "Oh I'm so sorry"
I just thought you looked so pretty when you sleep. I said "Oh it's OK; I have a little friend that I use to play with myself too. Then I pulled out what looked like lipstick but it's really a vibrator. I turned it on and put it on Matt’s pup tent, and then I put it down my pants and put it on my clit. I muffled the sound of my orgasm in my pillow. I looked at Matt and he looked amazed. Then I looked at him and said, did you ever do it in a plane before I said of coarse not you've never been in a plane before. He said "I never did it anywhere. I was hoping to loose my virginity during
my first spring break. I said "Would you mind loosing it to me back in that bathroom? "He said "Sure" I said you go first and leave the door open I'll be right behind you. So off he went, a couple minutes later, I went in and he was butt naked. I
Giggled and then I took my sweatshirt off and let my tits free. He then buried his face in them. I grabbed his cock and stroked it with his pre cum while he sucked my tits. Then I sat him on the sink and sucked his cock, I was able to deep throat him, I moaned to make it vibrate in my mouth. Then he grabbed my head and was fucking my face then he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed every drop. Then he let go and he was still good and hard. I said my turn; I sat on the sink and taught him how to eat pussy. He learned real fast and made me cum again, and then I turned around and let him enter me from behind. He was ramming me hard like a jack rabbit in heat. I was talking all kinds if shit to him, like "Fuck me, motherfucker"I want to feel you cum all over me.
I could feel his balls slapping on my swollen clit.I had my third orgasm. Before I knew it he came all over my back. Then he wiped it off.
And I got dressed and I went back to my seat. Then he followed me. Now he fell asleep in his seat and I was wide awake.
We landed and he didn't even know it. I left and told him to never forget his first time. He said "I never will" More to cum tomorrow >>>>
Spring Break day 2(Beach>Club)

I arrived at the Hotel in Florida it was now 2:00 am, Pam already was in our room I just had to get the key. So I got to the room and it was beautiful. She was sleeping so I took a hot shower to wash Matt’s love juices off me. Then I went to sleep. Pam let me sleep late; I woke up at 11:00am when Pam called me to meet her for brunch. While we ate I told her about Matt on the plane. She got so excited. Even more so when I told her my husband said we could do what ever we wanted to do I long as I call him to tell him the whole story.
We had a free day today because tomorrow was going to be full of speakers, workshops etc. Today we're going to have fun. We got our bikini's on. We went to the beach, it was so nice. The water was so warm and clear. We would relax in the sun, and then cool off in the water. I noticed these three geeky guys checking us out, each time we went to the water they went to the water too. Pam's suit was like her cloths very tight. She was jumping up and down letting the small waves hit her big tits and her ass would jiggle up and down while her suit ran up her ass. Her tits popped out a couple times and she just popped them back in, the boys we enjoying the show in the water facing the shore. These guys had to be collage kids, but they acted like they never been seen tits before, they had to be book worms or something. I too was a book worm so I always had a attraction to nerds. That's why I married Phil, he was not only a pervert, but a band geek.
I walked over to Pam and asked her if she realized she was giving them a show. She said "You think they’re interested in us” I said "Boys will be boy's, All they think about is sex". She said "Let's go introduce our self" So we swam over to them, Pam said "Hi, I'm Pam" in her bubbly voice. I said "Hi I'm Chrissy, you guys here on spring break?
They said "Yea, this is our first time down here, are you guys from around here” I said ' No we're on spring break too. One of them said "You girls look a little old to be on spring break?" Pam said "We're collage professors, the ones that teach guys like you. Then they introduced themselves. John had brown shaggy hair about 6ft. Jimmy was a little shorter with red hair and freckles. Tony was the leader of the pack but the little guy. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Pam then he asked her for a hug? She said “sure”. He put his head right between her big tits. She said "Oh he's so cute; oh somebody’s got a boner. Then she grabbed his dick, she said that's a nice one. What are you two packing? Then she reached over and put her hand down their suits and said we got 3 nice cocks here Chrissy. I said Let me see. So I looked into the water and stoked each one they were getting very horny and Jimmy started rubbing my butt. I said lets get a little deeper in the water so no one can tell what were doing (not that the beach was crowded it was almost empty) So we walked out and I let my tits bounce out of my suit while we swam. We could still stand. Then I grabbed Johns cock with one hand and Jimmy's with the other I said you get on one side and you get on the back and just rub your cocks between my legs. Tony was playing with Pam. So they were grabbing my tits, sticking there fingers in my pussy and rubbing their cocks on my legs, ass & all over. Then I grabbed John and let him enter me first, He pumped is cock in my pussy and we let the motion of the ocean guide us up and down meanwhile I was jerking Jimmy off, then John came inside me, then I let Jimmy in and he came in like a minute. I didn't have an orgasm so I wasn't finished with these guys yet. I said lets go back to your room. So we got our things together and went to the motel were they were. When we got to the room the guys went wild. Now Jim and John double teamed Pam and she was sucking Johns dick while Jim was banging her from behind. Tony was eating my bald pussy, boy did that feel good, he really knew what he was doing. Then he started fucking me, I was like oh yea fuck me you little shit make me cum. He had me all over the bed, Then he was fucking me doggie style and I felt his dick go in my ass. He gave me like six good pumps then came right in my ass. I looked over at Pam and John was fucking her and sucking Jim dick. I went over and I gave Jim a nice blow job until he came in my mouth. I told them now you owe us dinner. They said sure, so we told them we're going to get cleaned up and dressed and we'll meet you at this restaurant.
Pam and I went back to our room. We felt like teenagers again, Pam was like “wasn’t that great?” I said “Yes, but we can’t stay up too late because tomorrow is the convention and the first speaker is at 8:30am. Plus I don’t want to miss the free breakfast. She said “ok I promise we’ll be back by midnight. So we took a shower together, I love washing her big tits and smacking her wet ass. We both dried off and we put our dresses on. I wore a tight blue one piece that buttoned all the way down, I left it opened enough on the top and bottom so I would not get in trouble for indecent exposure. I didn’t wear any bra of course and no panties. Pam wore a ruffled mini skirt and tube top. I told her to leave her panties home too. We put our make up on and we painted each others toes then put on our high heels. We were ready for action.
We arrived at the restaurant at 7:00 and they were already there, we sat at a table that was a U shaped booth in the back of the restaurant away from everybody. We sat like this Tony in the middle Pam and I on both sides of him and John next to me and Jimmy next to Pam. We played it cool, we ordered our food, and then we started to drink the Sangria wine. I asked the boys about their sex life in collage and they said they had just a couple one night stands nothing special. They said today was the best sex they ever had. The women they had before been either drunk of didn’t know what they were doing. They liked it that we had experience. I said as long as you guy’s respect us and don’t fall in love or anything we’re cool. I said “I’m married to a wonderful man who said I can do what ever I want as long as I tell him over the phone so we can have phone sex. We have a open relationship as long as we know the other one is safe. They all said “So we can do what ever we want?” I said “within reason if I say no then you stop and don’t do it again, If I like it then you keep going. You guy’s are as much a piece of ass as we are. After tonight we’re history”. By now our food came and we ate and drank more Sangria. I was starting to feel tipsy. When dessert came I had strawberry short cake and I stuck my finger in the cream and looked at Jimmy and licked it off slow. I ran my foot up his leg to his cock only to find Pam’s hand down his pants. Tony saw it and he started rubbing my leg, up my thigh then he found my naked pussy. He started fingering me and playing with my clit. By now John was kissing my neck and he unbuttoned the middle of my dress and was squeezing my tit. Tony was rubbing Pam with his other hand.
I told the guys we better calm down. John said, I want to fuck you so bad. I said, Lets go to a club, I want to dance. So they paid the bill and we went to this techno dance club were all the spring breakers were, I felt like the oldest one there. By now I feeling the wine, Pam and I hit the dance floor and danced together then John took me in his arms and Tony and Jimmy sandwiched Pam. John was grinding me and I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. He told me again he wanted me so bad, I moved us over to this dark section of the club and he pulled his cock out and fucked me against the wall. I was so wet, it felt so good. The music was pumping and so was John. He shot his load deep into my pussy. We walked back to the dance floor and I could feel the cum dripping down my leg. All of a sudden I feel this guy rubbing both his hands on my ass, thigh and going up and down my legs. I turned around to see who it was ( I thought it was Tony or Jimmy) It wasn’t either of them it was a big black guy. Then he buried his head in my pussy, his tongue was so long it was like he was fucking me with his tongue. I know he had to taste Johns cum. I didn’t want to stop him it felt so good. Next thing I know were in the same spot were I just got fucked by John. This guy was licking my clit like there was no tomorrow. Then I couldn’t take it anymore. I must have came three times. I turned him around and unzipped his fly and let out his enormous dick. It looked like a horses cock; I could even get my hand around it. I got down on my knees and grabbed it with both hands it was as big as my head. I showed him how this white girl sucks cock. I licked it up and down, I pumped it in and out of my mouth, I felt like he was ready to cum so I stopped, I wanted that cock inside me right now. I turned around and faced the wall and he kissed and licked my ass and stuck that tongue right in my asshole. Then he mounted me against the wall and slowly put his dick in my wet pussy. I felt like he was going to rip me in half. He fucked me so hard he lifted me up a couple times. He was grabbing and sucking my tits at the same time then he came. I felt it all inside me squirting. It felt like I just douched myself. My pussy was so sore, I figured now was a good time to go. This guy gave me a kiss and just said thanks babe and went to the dance floor. I just sat there at the table looking for Pam. I didn’t see her, So I got up, I could hardly walk, I could feel my virgina throbbing. I walked around the dance floor. Then I saw her sitting at a table, she looked like I felt. I said you ready to go, She said Yes. We got to our room at midnight and went right to bed. I’ll call Phil tomorrow, I’m too tired.
More to cum tomorrow >>>

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2009-09-22 16:49:42
Great story! Sounds so much like someone I met down there on Spring Break at a club, too.

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2009-09-03 09:45:32
Wild story girl.

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