sex on a plane
"Friendly Skies"

It had been a rough day for Matthew before he boarded the plane. This flight,
luckily, was fairly empty. He went to his usual window seat towards the back and
settled in for another in what seemed like a never-ending series of red-eye
trips to the coast. Marcy was the last passenger to board. She had been
assigned the aisle seat in the same row as Matthew. Nobody had been put in the
empty seat between them, or in the row on the other side of the aisle.

Marcy had remarkable eyes and was obviously in some form of business, as she had
a small, patent-leather brief case. When she took her coat off she was smartly
dressed in a gray skirt and white blouse, which showed her figure to good
effect. Her breasts thrust out through her silk blouse as she arched her back
to remove her coat and hand it to the attendant. Black lacy stockings showed
her well-shaped legs to advantage. Matthew couldn't help but notice, which
aroused the first slight stirrings in his crotch.

Marcy looked nervous when she sat down. She started chatting with Matthew and
both immediately sensed the chemistry between them. Soon after take-off, they
hit some unusually bumpy weather; the seat belt signs came on and Marcy wrung
her hands. Naturally, Matthew put his arm on her shoulder to comfort her. To
his delight, Marcy scooted over to the seat next to Matthew and leaned her soft,
perfumed hair against his shoulder and relaxed

The plane flew out of the turbulence, but Marcy showed no sign of wanting Matthew
to take his arm away. The meal on a tray came and went and Matthew felt more
strong stirrings in his pants when Marcy snuggled back against him--until
recently a complete stranger.

At that moment, the lights dimmed and the in-flight movie began. Matthew started
taking a few liberties with where he moved my hands, aided by the semi-darkness.
His left hand closed over her left breast. Marcy made no effort to discourage
him, so he gradually eased his hand into a position where he could massage the
slight mound of her nipple straining through the material of her blouse and bra.
By now, Matthew felt rampant; his pants bulged as if they would burst and he
began to wonder if they could somehow satisfy their wildly growing passions.

Marcy snuggled closer and started stroking his leg in an absent-minded kind of
way, fairly innocently near my knee. The arm of the seat was getting in their
way. Matthew lifted it and took the opportunity to slide his arm right around
her hip. The hem of her skirt had ridden up enough for him to stroke her
silk-clad thighs. He was pleased to find she was wearing stockings and not
pantyhose as he reached her warm, smooth, bare skin.

Matthew slid his fingers under the silky ribbon of her suspender strap. He then
covered their laps with a blanket and boldly stroked her thigh with his other
hand, working her skirt hem back as he went. Marcy sighed and parted her legs
slightly when his hand moved along the last, smooth inches of warm, scented
upper leg and his fingers at last brushed gently against the thin, silky
material of her panties, tightly stretched over her feminine mound.

His manhood throbbed with excitement and anticipation. He inserted his fingers
as far as he could between her legs, and stroked them gently along the warm and
noticeably damp material covering her irresistible womanhood.

Marcy sighed and gripped him tight as his finger deliberately sought and found
her tiny bud. Matthew felt her hand cup the bulge in his trousers. They kissed
long and deep as her hand gently massaged his throbbing staff. In return, his
fingers pulled aside the warm silkiness of her panties and stroked her wet,
slippery and incredibly inviting crevice. Marcy clung to him more tightly, eyes
closed, and her hips shuddered. She sighed again and they kissed even more

Marcy gave his straining rod a gentle squeeze, which nearly caused it to erupt,
and got up without a word. She casually strolled towards the lavatory at the
front of the cabin. Matthew contemplated following her, but knew it would be
minutes before he could get up from his seat and walk down the aisle without
revealing the full magnitude of his arousal.

She emerged a few moments later with two more blankets and snuggled back against
him. In a matter of moments they managed to cover themselves completely. In
the semi-darkness, they now felt safe from prying eyes. His hand went back to
where it had been, but now Matthew found just warm flesh and no panties! He
reinserted his fingers into her warm and inviting sex. Marcy undid his zipper
under the cover of the blanket, and Matthew undid his belt to help her. In a
flash his pants were around his knees and Marcy was now holding his naked,
throbbing manhood!

Matthew soon discovered that Marcy had also removed her bra; her nipples strained
against the thin material of her blouse. He undid her blouse to expose her
breasts under the blanket. With his head under the blanket in delicately
scented, warm darkness, he was able to lay across her and greedily suck the
nipple of her left breast into his mouth. Matthew tickled the nipple with the
end of his tongue. Marcy cradled his head with one hand and gently stroked away
at his rock-hard member, from its tip along its underside to the balls. Marcy
was clearly an accomplished lover.

She unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, still under the blankets.
"Please," Marcy moaned.

Matthew felt the same way. She turned to face away from him and firmly pressed
her shapely bottom against his left thigh. Making sure the blanket was covering
them well, Matthew twisted around until his pulsating tool was pressed up
against the valley between her thighs. Marcy arched her back, raised her right
thigh and, firmly holding the end of his eager manhood, guided it into the
opening of her soft hole. Matthew pushed instinctively and slid smoothly into
her. He cupped both her breasts with his hands and pulled her hard against him
to penetrate as deep as possible.

Marcy sighed and shuddered and her hips moved gently and rhythmically. The need
to copulate quietly to avoid attracting attention was not forgotten, despite
their extreme passion. Matthew forced his left hand between her waist and the
seat until his left forefinger could just reach the hot spot at the top of her
sex, which he correctly guessed would bring her to climax. It took every bit of
self-control Marcy had not to scream out in exquisite ecstasy as an incredible
orgasm overtook her! At that moment neither of them would have cared if all the
passengers and crew were watching!

Matthew could hold back no longer and erupted into frenzied, deep, deep, wild
spasms; pumping and pumping what seemed like gallons of his juice as deep as he
could into Marcy!

They subsided against each other quite breathless, trying not to pant so loud as
to attract attention. Matthew glanced over his shoulder and saw an attendant's
head rapidly disappear behind the galley curtain. Had she realized what they
were up to? It didn't matter. They dozed off in each other's arms.

When they awoke, the movie had finished, but the aircraft was still in darkness.
She wriggled back into her skirt, and he into his pants. The cabin lights came
up a few minutes later as they began their descent. Once again, Matthew and Marcy
looked like two respectable business travelers on a routine flight. Only they
knew different.

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2015-10-11 21:32:54
I actually joined the mile club 20 years ago!

Her name was Elaine and was from Ireland, she had huge tits! It's was a Virgin airways flight from Johannesburg to London, at 4 in the morning she took me into the galley and we fucked our minds, all her doing!!!!

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2010-08-03 20:41:32
I need to take a plane ride

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2009-08-18 00:59:52
it was awesome


2009-08-14 05:05:46
Apparently Larry must have not read the same story as I did, for I was unable to discern all the shortcomings that he did. I found it to be entertaining as well as well written. Possibly he should try the local public library to better satisfy his litierary appetite.


2009-08-14 03:24:24
Fairly good story, but far from original, or for that matter not truly hot. Does contain enough descriptive material to prevent if from being a boring read. Suggest that the author insert a lot more passion and heat into his writing by including more descriptions (adjectives, etc.) in his text. Probably difficult to accomplish as the copulating had to be done quietly and extra privately, thus preventing expressions of passion.

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