sex on the beach/pier
"A Walk On The Beach"

Matthew and Debra walked along the beach, the sun setting over the dark water.
They were several miles from the hotel where they were staying; it was fast
getting dark. "I suppose we should get back," Matthew said.

"Not yet," Debra replied, and ran to the pier, disappearing in the shadows.

He smiled and ran after her. Unable to immediately locate her, he called out.
There was no reply, so he called again, louder this time. Still, no reply.
"This is really not funny," Matthew said, smiling to himself.

"What are you gonna do? Spank me?" came the reply.

"I just might," he replied.

"Gotta catch me first," and Debra took off running down the beach.

Matthew ran after her, knowing he could easily catch her, but giving her a head
start. Feeling a stirring of sexual arousal, he decided it was time to teach
her a lesson. He quickly overtook her, grabbing her about the hips, and turning
her to face him. Her cheeks were flushed from the run and her chest heaved
causing her breasts to rise and fall against him. Matthew reached up, tangled
his hand in her hair and pulled her head back, exposing the flushed skin of her
neck. Her heart was pounding, partly from the run, and partly from the
anticipation of what was about to come.

He buried his face in her neck, kissing and gently biting the sensitive flesh,
bringing a sigh of pleasure from her. Debra placed her hands on his arms,
feeling the muscles tighten, as his grip on her body did the same. "Let's go
back to the pier," Matthew said, and pulled her along with him.

Once under the pier, Debra turned to put her arms around him, but he had other
ideas. Grabbing both her hands in one of his, he pinned them against the
weathered boards, her back to him. She struggled a bit, not used to this kind
of move from him. Matthew reached around her and felt her full breasts through
her clothes. Her nipples hardened to his touch. This brought a smile to his
lips. He could already imagine the feel of those rosy little pebbles between
his teeth. But first things first.

He gripped the elastic waistband of her pants and pulled them down to expose her
panties. Matthew liked the feel of the cotton under his palm as he ran his hand
over her round bottom. Then, with no warning, he began to playfully slap her on
her bottom. Debra writhed with pleasure and tried to pull her arms free, but he
would not release her.

As her struggling began to subside, Matthew pulled her panties down to her knees
and squeezed the now pink flesh in his hand. She was beginning to make small,
whimpering noises, a sure sign that she was getting aroused. He surprised her
by spanking her harder, on her bare bottom, each blow a little sharper than the
last. Debra cried out, not from the pain, but from the sheer pleasure of it.

After a few moments of this, Matthew roughly parted her thighs, and slid his hand
between them. He was pleasantly surprised to find that she was already
dripping. "That'll teach you to tease me," he said laughingly as he turned her
to face him.

Her breathing was ragged, her chest heaved, he pushed her to her knees.
"Undress me," Matthew commanded in a quiet voice.

Debra unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper
down. She tugged his jeans down over his hips, down to his knees; his briefs
followed. Matthew already had an impressive erection, just waiting for her
touch. Debra ran her hands up, over his legs as she touched her tongue to the
tip of his manhood. It quivered involuntarily as he let out a low groan of
pleasure. She moved slightly forward, just enough to take in his throbbing

The trembling in his legs gave her a feeling of power, and Debra gulped him into
her throat in one quick stroke. Matthew cried out and leaned back against the
piling of the pier. She pulled back only to push back down to the base again
and again. She tried to look into his eyes, but his face was lost in the
shadows. Debra could hear his heavy breathing though, and it made her shiver
with anticipation.

She could feel him getting close to climax. She thought she would pull back, to
tease him, but Matthew took her head in both his hands and pumped in and out of
her hot mouth until he exploded in such an intense orgasm that he was afraid his
knees would give way. Debra was moaning also, enjoying the taste, trying not to
lose a single drop of him.

She licked and sucked him clean, and was about to stand when Matthew grabbed her
wrists in one of his hands and pulled his belt out of his jeans with the other.
Backing Debra up against the piling, he raised her arms high above her head.
Using the belt, he secured her there. She struggled, but was bound tight and
could not get free. He reached down and removed her pants, leaving Debra naked
from the waist down. She gasped, "What if someone comes by?"

The only answer she got was a chuckle as Matthew raised her shirt, tucking the
tail into the neck so it would stay up. Debra wore no bra, and her nipples
instantly hardened in the cool, night air. Taking both her breasts in his
hands, Matthew lightly pinched her nipples. A gentle sigh escaped her. "I'm
going to see just how loud I can make you moan," he said with a smile.

Matthew lowered his head to one breast. He teased her hard nipple with the tip
of his tongue, then drew small circles around it. The cool air on the moisture
left by his tongue made the sensitive nipple and the skin around it pucker even
more. Her chest heaved as her breathing came in short gasps. He moved his
mouth to the other breast and repeated the assault on her tender flesh. "I
don't think I can stand anymore," Debra breathed.

He raised his head, looked into her eyes and said "You¹re mine to do with as I
please, for now. You¹ll take what I give you and you¹ll like it. I promise."

With that, Matthew kissed her lips, firm but gentle, taking his time to taste the
remnants of himself on her, drawing her bottom lip in and lightly sucking on it.
He placed his hands on her arms at her wrists and slowly stroked her, feeling
the taut muscles in her arms, the tender skin of her underarms, the swelling at
the sides of her breasts, the slight indentation of her waist, the swell of her
hips, all the time kissing her, probing the soft inner reaches of her mouth with
his tongue as she moaned and whimpered against him. Her whole body felt as if
it was one nerve ending; raw, writhing in sexual agony at the slightest touch.

His mouth left hers and slid down to her jaw line, kissing her all the way down
the side of her neck, on her shoulder, while his hand slipped between her
thighs, surprised at the amount of wetness he found there. If not for the
binding holding her up, Debra would have collapsed in a heap on the sand.
Falling to his knees, Matthew took her hips in his hands and pressed his face
into her womanhood, inhaling the scent of her, feeling the soft tickle against
his skin.

Using both hands, he parted her lips, exposing her most sensitive places. Her
lips glistened with her moisture. Her little bud was so swollen he thought he
could actually see her racing heartbeat in it. He took her lips lightly into
his mouth, one at a time, sucking on them, feeling them swell as Debra begged
for release.

She was wild with desire, trying to push herself into his mouth. He inserted a
finger into her and, at the same time, took her love button between his lips and
sucked hard. Debra threw back her head and screamed as the orgasm overtook her.
Waves of intense, almost painful pleasure washed over her for what seemed like
an eternity.

Matthew continued to suck and lick her until she calmed and her breathing slowed.
He lapped kitten-like at the juices that ran down her legs. Finally, he stood.
He licked her wetness from his finger, then offered it to her. Debra could
smell the sweet, sweaty scent as she took the finger into her mouth, sucking it,
teasing it with her tongue. Deciding that he had to have her then, Matthew
released her bonds and laid her on the sand.

He spread her legs to accommodate his hips and was inside her with one, swift
lunge. Debra cried out, raised her hips to meet his and pulled him closer.
Their lips met once again, their tongues dancing. Matthew moved in and out of
her with a controlled passion he had not known he possessed. He tore his lips
from hers to bury his head in the hollow of her neck. Debra felt the fire
inside as the orgasm began to rise to the surface. He felt it, too, and slowed
his pace.

"Not yet," he breathed.

"Please!" she cried.

"Please what, baby? Tell me," he teased as he continued to slow.

"Please, don't stop! I need you!"

At that moment Matthew wasn't sure he could have stopped if his life depended on
it. He thrust hard into her again and again as her nails dug into the skin on
his back. He felt the first stirrings within her, reached to cup her breast in
his hand and placed his mouth on the swollen nipple.

Her back arched as the orgasm took her. Debra screamed! Matthew felt the
velvety prison in which she held him contract again and again.

Thinking that he could no longer contain himself, he rolled her on top of him,
not breaking their contact. Debra placed her palms on his chest. As he took
hold of her hips, she threw back her head, another wave of pleasure overcoming
her. Matthew burst into her with the most shattering climax ever. Debra
answering every thrust with one of her own.

Finally drained, she collapsed on his chest. Waiting a few minutes for their
breathing to slow, Matthew wrapped her in his arms and held her. When he felt as
if he might be able to stand, he lifted her from him, stood and removed the
shirt from around her neck. He scooped Debra up and walked into the surf, the
warm water swirling around his feet.

Dipping her into the water, Matthew washed the sweat from her body. Tenderly, he
kissed his sweet Debra.


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exciting time that ended well between the two of them

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