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A countinuation of part one, but better written
I spent a few more minutes face fucking my new toy, basking in the pleasure I got from controling and tormenting the girl. Then I stood up, put away my cock and zipped up my pants. Shalisa fell onto the ground, laying in a sobbing heap with her wrists still duct taped securely behind her back and the meter long broomstick keeping her ankles apart. I stopped for a moment to survey the room, looking for something useful. I saw what i wanted on a rack in the closet, and grinning went to retrieve it.

"stay right where you are slut" I told the girl. For good measure i gave her a swift kick to the side, not too hard, but enough to make her feel it. So while she was gasping for breath I went into the closet and grabbed two belts off of a rack. I took them both back to the bed and cut one of them into the length of a collar. Grabbing shalisa by the hair I pulled her up onto her knees. She still fought feebly against me, trying to wiggle away in a pathetic kind of way. I held her still and buckled her new collar around her neck. "Do you know why I'm putting a collar on you?" I asked. She just sat there sobbing. After a moment I slapped her hard across the face. " I asked you if you know why I'm putting a collar on you. I suggest that you answer me or I'll cut you with the same pocket knife that made your collar." I told her. She sobbed and said "No. I d-dont know why." I grinned without saying anything further.

I threw her violently to the ground and forced her onto her stomach. She put up very little resistance this time. Then I reached down and grabbed the broomstick, pulling it up so that she was forced to bend her knees. Taking the other belt I looped it through the collar and around the broomstick, tightening it so that she had to keep her knees bent or risk suffocating by the collar. I took a moment to sit and listen to the sound of her quiet sobbing. I began running my hands up and down her exposed and helpless body. I liked the way she trembled at my touch. Leaning down I whispered in her ear "I'm going to be right back shalisa. Dont you worry, I'm not leaving you her all alone." and before I left I leaned down and bit gently, almost lovingly on her ear, just to fuck with her.

I took another run through of the house, taking my time knowing I didnt have to worry about shalisa like she was. I found a couple of bowls and grabbed them, along with some clothes pins in the laundry room, and in her mothers bed room I found a vibrator, which also came back to the room with me. When I returned to the room I found my pet just as I had left her. I dropped the items on the ground in front of her so she could see them. Her eyes widened when she saw the clothes pins and the vibrator.

I grabbed the belt running from her ankles to her collar and pulled her to her knees. Standing in front of her I asked her "Shalisa, would you like to suck my cock?" she just looked disgusted and turned her head. At this I sighed and said "Well, I guess I'll just have to fuck you then." When she heard this she turned to me again and started begging once more. I ignored her and pushed her onto her back. With her ankles still connected to her collar she couldnt even close her legs to stop the intrusion. I positioned myself between her legs and ran my hands up and down the inside of her thighs. She began crying harder than she had yet, pleading me to stop. I pulled my cock from my pants and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to face me. She shut her eye as I was about to penetrate her. "open your eyes and watch me, or I'm going to shove my entire fist into your cunt shalisa." I whispered menacingly . She shook with tears as she opened her eyes.

Slowly I pushed my cock in , forcing myself into her. Damn it she was tight. I pushed until I felt the thin membrane that was her hymen and then I stopped. Up until this point I had been slow and gentle. Now I drew back a couple of inches. I wanted the popping of this girls cherry to be as painful as I could make it. I grabbed her hair in my left hand, forcing her to stare into my eyes and pulling her hair at the same time. With my right hand I clawed into her lower back until I had a grip in her. Then all at once I pulled her body to me as I thrust as hard as I could into her. I moaned in ectasy as she screamed in pain. I leaned forward and brought my mouth down on her shoulder muscle, biting her. I continued to thrust in and out of her, pulling her hair with my left hand, gouging scrathes on her back with my right and biting into her shoulder and neck all at once. She lay there in pain as I fucked her, unable to fight me, and in too much pain to enjoy anything that was happening to her. I felt myself about to come and I pulled out, ejaculating on her abdomen.

I sat next to her pitiful form for a moment and caught my breath. She crumpled and began to cry softly. I reached over and unbuckled the belt that connected her ankles and collar. Her legs fell lazily, she made no move to dictate where they went I slipped out my pocket knife and cut the duct tape from her wrists. Again her limbs just fell, with no imput from their owner where they should go. I rolled shalisa onto her stomach and ran my hands up and down her back, gingerly caressing where i had bitten her. None of my bites had drawn blood, but there would be some bruising. I rolled her over again, she lay there with her eyes shut. I took a moment to admire how beautiful she was. Then I took her chin in my hands and positioned her so we were face to face.

"Shalisa" I said, and she opened her bloodshot eyes "I'm going to kidnap you. Take you away and keep you. If you fight me, I will torture you. If you are obedient than in time maybe you'll come to terms with your lot in life. If you are disobedient than I will make each day of your life filled with pain and degradation. Obey and there wont be as much pain, the degradation will be there, but the pain will be less. Do you understand?" I said. She said nothing. I sighed and went to the closet once more.

I took two iron hangers and straightened them, then returned to the bedroom. I looped each of the iron hangers onto one of the connections on the battery, making sure not to touch them together. Then I took the wires and pressed both of them to shalisa, she jerked and screamed in pain.

I sat down next to her again as she continued to jerk around. "Shalisa, do you understand?" I asked again This time she looked at me and said quietly "Yes." she dropped her gaze to the ground in shame. I asked her "Will you obey me, be a good pet to your new master?" I fiddled threateningly with the iron rods as I asked. "Yes, I w-will obey y-you." She stammered. I looked down at her and said "From now on you will adress me as master, do you understand?" A tear rolled down the cheek of this teenage girl who had become nothing but property as she said "yes master, I u-understand." "Good." I said "Now suck my cock before we leave to take you to your new home slave." With a single tear rolling down her face shalisa pulled herself into a sitting position and bent to take my dick into her mouth. Her soft sobbs only made forcing her to swallow my cum more enjoyable.

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2011-09-04 05:01:40
I liked it a lot. More detail would be nice though. The rough and forceful stuff is my very favorite. I want to be treated that way.

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-11 15:34:14
if it were my sister i would join the fuck in she sounds hot and a dirty slut *high five


2009-08-14 02:22:59
not my style but an interesting an rough story .. goodluck with your future wrtings.

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2009-08-13 05:31:40
I cant describe here what I would do to you if this were my sister that you were abusing here...

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