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Erica and Uncle try out some toys, this is the first of many
Erica's first toy.

I decided to break in Erica's first toy session with my choice of the various speculums I had purchased. I set the three different sized toys out and called Erica in from outside.

I led Erica into the kitchen where I had set up my equipment. Erica was wearing her shorts and a t-shirt and had been riding her horse earlier. The combination of her overactive sex glands and the leather of the saddle from her bouncing horse will make her pussy pretty interesting, I thought to myself. All the better taste and smell, I was hopeful.

I had a thick blanket on the kitchen table and a selection of toys laid out for the exam.

"Take off your shorts and underwear and hop up here" I said, patting the table.

Erica looked at the array of toys and looked at me bewildered.

"Trust me", I said. She knew that I had bought sex toys for her, but I wasn't just giving them to her, I was going to break her in to each one and then she could have use of them after I showed her how.

Erica loosened her shorts and hooked her thumbs inside her clothes and slid her panties and shorts down together. Her black bush presented itself as it stood out from her pubis. She stepped into the chair and laid back on the table with her butt at the edge of the table.

"Slide back, so you can put your feet on the table" I told her.

She did and asked "what's up".

"I'm just going to check you out and show you some new stuff". I said.

"I was hoping you were going to fuck me unconscious" she said. I laughed, I can never keep up with her.

"I'll try, but I want to play a little first" I said. She knew she wasn't going to have any unresolved desires.

I spread her legs apart and parted the hair on her pussy. I could see her fat lips and her small labia as well as her clit. She still had that immature look to her pussy where almost all her inner labia was still concealed by the fat outer lips. Older girls labia spill out and are visible outside the body without too much prying to see them.

Erica's pussy was wet and her inner lips were shiny with the slickness she exuded during her daily routine. This was more than normal, I wondered if she was fantasizing about sex due to all the wetness. Usually, she would perspire and have the usual mucous mix and build up around her vagina. I was accustomed to this and looked forward to sex with her where I could lick it out of her body.

I picked up her panties off the floor. Her panties were pretty wet where the cotton panel covered her vaginal opening. Her ass sweat was apparent in the back part of her panties as I examined them. I had plenty of her dirty panties as souvenirs, I left these on the floor.

I rubbed Erica's clit with my index finger and went round and round it to try and get it erect. I flicked it and pinched it lightly and got a response after a minute. Her clit would grow to about double in size when i ate her out or otherwise aroused her. I was curious to see if i could get her clit to grow to even bigger proportions by just focusing on it.

I could see Erica was enjoying the clit-only play as she wasn't bored or even looked at what I was doing "down there". She was caught up in my efforts and enjoying the sensations I made.

After about a minute I saw some stiffening and enlargement of her clit. Erica was responding now with an occasional moan or groan and was moving her hips in response. She had started rubbing her tits under her shirt. I saw this as another opportunity to teach her to prolong her arousal and enjoy the come later.

I moved to her lips and ran my slickened fingers along them and outside them, rubbing all the outer surfaces of her pussy. I had to fold her pubic hair back away from her pussy hole. There was a lot of it, thick and dark, just like a normal girl. I hate it when girls shave their pussies, usually at the request of their freaky, asshole boyfriend. I'm not saying to let the shit grow down your leg or up to your belly-button or past your ass crack to the small of your back. But it serves a purpose. Guys who freaked out over pubes were pussy's and pedophiles. Erica asked me once if I wanted her to shave her cootch, I told her no and why. I told her she could trim it down if it bothered her or stuck out of her swim suit, but otherwise MY PREFERENCE was au naturel. If SHE wanted to trim it beyond that, I told her it was her body and she could do whatever she wanted with it. I meant it.

I pulled her inner lips open to spread her vagina wider. I wanted to see deep inside before I resorted to the speculum. Her near-virginal pussy was pretty tight and unaccustomed to repeated dilation that comes with fucking. Her vagina looked virginal at first glance. Later, as she would have sex more often, her pussy lips would loosen and would peek out from her body more. For now, I was enjoying the tightest pussy I've ever had the pleasure of.

I could see her urethra and I toyed with it with my finger. I flicked and teased it like I had her clit earlier. I was aware that she might let a little pee loose on me, but that wouldn't be such a bad thing. I stuck my finger inside her vagina and felt of the upward wall, where her G-spot was located. I massaged the area and soon had her rolling again. She was moaning and writhing on the table as I continued the one-finger assault. After about a minute, I let her come. Her vagina clenched around my finger and her cute ass crinkle winked as her orgasm subsided. She moaned and panted as her flushed red body glistened with her sweet sweat.

I let her rest a bit and examined the toys. All brand new, never used, vaginal speculums. I chose the mid-sized one for the first try. The small one was too small and the large one looked like it might have to be worked up to. I made a note to try the small one in Erica's ass. Erica's pussy was dripping wet and her juice was running down her ass crack, onto the towel. I figured out how to open and close the blades on the speculum pretty easy and put the tip against her opening.

"I'm gonna put this into you" I said.

"MMkay" she said.

I spread her pussy lips open with the fingers of one hand and inserted the wide, round blades into her with only a little resistance. I wasn't really expecting a lot, I had just masturbated her off to orgasm a minute ago. She has had bigger things inside her. I expect a full grown woman with more sexual experience under her belt would have had less resistance in the same situation.

My dick was pretty hard by now.

The speculum went as deep as it would go and I left it to hang from her now dilated pussy. I opened the screw that held the blades open after clamping the handle down and spreading them apart. Erica gave a groan with this as this toy was designed to stretch her open like she had never been. I left the opened speculum sit inside her as I retrieved a small flashlight. I lit up her insides and fingered her walls while the blades held her vagina open. I could see her cervix and the milky mucous there. I imagined that I was banging the head of my dick there pretty frequently or at least in the vicinity. I was surprised at how wide open her vagina could spread and how deep she was when she was held open like this. Just a matter of perspective, I guess. I've bottomed out in her and my dick is about 7 inches long and proportionally thick.

I cant wait to try the larger one, but I think I'll have to get her drunk first.

"Well", she asked. "How do I look ?

"Pretty as a picture" I said.

With that, I loosened the screw holding the blades apart and slowly removed the toy. I would have to try this toy in her ass someday.

I stood up and dropped my pants. Erica looked up and asked "Oh, do I get to stick that thing inside YOU now? I laughed.

My cock sprang free and I let moved my legs apart to get my hips level with Erica's vagina. When Erica saw me getting ready she moved her legs even further apart and held her feet up to allow me access. I put the head of my dick into her vagina roughly and held it there. I was enjoying the tightness and letting Erica get used to the fullness. She was soaked inside by her own juice from the toy exam. This was going to be wet and squishy.

I slowly pumped into her and watched her face as she went from a smile to a look of concern that she gets when getting fucked. Once she gets accustomed to the stroke and pace, she relaxes and will smile as she looks into my eyes. I like to make her cringe though. I move my cock to one side and the other to keep her off balance as I fuck her. I bang into her cervix, which I had only just now ever seen. I could see what my dick could see while banging away inside her.

I adjusted her hips by pulling on her legs and pulled her small butt up off the table just a little. I was ramming into her at a pretty fast pace and going for it. I was turned on by the toy play and I knew Erica would appreciate a good hard fuck. She being the impatient one and all. Erica was moaning with every stroke and breathing hard. She was about to come, but I was a little off. I picked up the pace and furiously pumped into her little 14 year old body. It was hard to believe such a young girl could have such an intense sexual response. Erica stopped moaning and tensed up, here it is. She squealed and spasmed tight around me and broke her breathing into small sporadic bursts of air.

As I saw her orgasmic reaction to my fucking her, I went off. I came as hard as I ever came and pounded my dick into her, trying to hurt her. Erica yelped with each shot of semen she felt blast her pussy walls. I slowed and came to rest and laid carefully on top of her as my dick plugged her hole and kept her full of my spunk. Erica's juice had made a white foam at the entrance to her pussy and was coating my dick and her crack and the table. We laid there in a sweaty heap and caught our breath.

"Oh, God..." Erica said.

I got up off of her and saw the large amount of white foamy come that resulted from our intense play.

"Taste yourself" I said. With that, she reached down and scooped some of the mingled semen and girly-come from her overflowing pussy into her hand. She pulled it up to her face and licked it, then stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked them off trying to get all of our mixed juices together. Erica wasn't afraid of her own juice or mine. She had swabbed out her vagina and eaten her own come on several occasions. She had absolutely no problem eating my come and almost seemed to crave it.

I moved over to the side of the table and moved my softening dick into Erica's face. She instinctively took it into her mouth and started sucking all the combined juices off of it. It was too soon for me to get hard again and after a minute of her best effort I stopped her.

I pulled her up off the table and held her hips as hse got her sea-legs back. We walked to the shower and washed each other off.

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