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Thovan tries to find a better life in this post-apocaliptic world
This is the first story ive written. Please no hateful coments. Besides, its better to make a friend than an enemy.

The irradiated waters felt cold against scales as I bathed in the radioactive lake. Though I was immune to the effects of radiation the waters always felt dirty and full of grime and impurities. Despite my best efforts to maintain good hygene, out here in the wastes you never stayed clean for long. Life was that much harder because of my traits.For I was half a man and dragon, I wouldent call myself a mutent but other than that, I dont know what I'd be called. Thier is a few bonuses to this though. One being my Scales reflect bullets and lasers alike, even survived a mini-nuke once, poor bastard never knew who he was dealing with. Don't worry, this was just a dumbass raider, i'd never kill an innocent. Another perk is the ability to fly and its very effective way of travel. Last but not least, being blessed with a massive cock, just there is nobody around that would be willing to fuck a dragon so Im shit out of luck.I decided that I've had my dose of rads for the day and returned to shore to dry off and collect my gear. I hauled on a pair of jeans which I washed earlier in the same irradiated waters and then began working my way into my custom power armour which I fasioned from a few T-51b's I found in an old military outpost and a Pip-Boy I had found from inside a Vault-Tec dilivery truck. The wing and tail openings were a problem at first but I worked something out. I began my journey to the capital wasteland from up north, I believe my country used to be called Canada, when I picked up a signal from GNR in DC. I heard about the brotherhood of steel and I hoped I could make it to the citadel to aid with thier operations. Besides, I didnt have many other options. If I followed the potomac I should come in sight of the citadel and make my way from thier. With what little gear I had ,I set out towards what i believe was a beter life. I hadnt seen much around the river, a few mirelurks, some raiders geting owned by the mirelurks and a few supermutants. Nothing I couldent handle. Finally I could tell I was making progress, off in the distance I can see the large building rising above the broken landscape. I was closing the gap between the building and myself so I put on my helmet and coverd my wings in a cloak to avoid any unessesary atention. A paladin and a sentry bot gaurded the gate to the former pentagon.
"State your business" demaded Paladin Bael
"I am here to join in the good fight" i responded
"negative, no civilians or muties"
"what if I was nither?"
"what do you mean?"
"it will be easier if I just show you. but you must not shoot"
No sooner had my helm left my head then I had a laser pistol pointed at it. I knew they couldent hurt me so I decided to play along for awhile. I saw Bael talk over the intercom and then the gate began to lift.
"put your helmet back on, elder lyons wants to speak with you"
At gunpoint I was shoved inside, gate closed behind us. In the courtyard stood an old man among the other training initiates.
"What do we have here Bael?" asked Lyons
"see for you self"
Once again I removed my helmet but this time I was greated with a different reaction.
All heads turned in the vicinity and looked at me in horror,shock and disgust.
"fear not my brothers and sisters" yelled out Elder lyons
"this man is our ally, treat him as you would your brothers and sisters"
I was just as shocked as anyone else for this man i just met treats my like an old friend.
"come with me, we must tell the others of your presence in the great hall"
I followed the old man into the halls of citadel into the great hall, sat in a circle were several people wereing robes and power armor.
"these are my knights, paladins and scribes, and this is..."
"Thovan, nice to make your aquaintiences"
"Thovan, this is Gallows"
".... hey"
"hello Thovan"
"Hello Dusk"
if it wasnt for her helm I could sweer she was blushing
"Paladin Kodiak"
"Paladin Vargas"
"hey there"
"Paladin Glade"
"Welcome friend"
"scribe Peabody"
"Welcome Outsider"
"and scribe Bowditch"
"How can I help friend of steel"
"now that we are all properly introduced lets get to the topic at hand"
Throughout the disscussion I notice Captian Dusk staring at me, well everyone was but this was different. Everytime i looked her way she looked away like a shy girl with a crush.
" if you can help us retireve some tech from the enclave we can upgrade our wepons and armor and be on par with them, giving us a fighting chance"
"oh yea... right i can do that, no problem"
"we will discuss aplan of action tommorow, as for you Thovan, you relax and get used to the base. You have a lot in store in a few days"
with that the meting ended and the brotherhood knights and scribes retuned to thier duties, except one.
"Thovan can you meet me outside my quarters in a few"
"sure, I wont mind waiting for a bit"
"alright ill see you in a few, we have much do discuss, Oh my first name is Dawn by the way"
As she took off I wonderd what she ment by "we" had a lot to discuss.
After 20 minutes of searching i managed to find the door to Dusks quarters. I was wondering if I was late and I missed her but I must of been right on time because I saw her walking towards me hastely.
"follow me inside"
she unlocked the door and hurried inside and I followed. I saw her dissappear behind a screen.
"shut the door behind you"
The door creaked shut whlie i herd the sound of metal falling to the floor.
"what are you doing?"
"well I dont were power armor off duty you know" replied Dusk
"mind if I do the same, it gets quite uncomfortable"
"not at all Thovan"
It was good to loss that 50 pounds of armor and now I could spread my wing wide open. I then realized that my cock was hanging down beside my right leg, she'd be able to see it clearly through the jeans. But it was too late now.
"what did you mean by we have a lot to discuss?" I questioned
I heard one last peice of her armor hit the floor.
"does this answer you question?"
It most certianly did for when she walk out from behind the screen I saw before me another of my kind, and dam was she beautiful. Skin blue like a saphire with matching eyes. Her perfectly shaped legs and tail with a cute but sexy little ass to boot. More curves than any human woman and breasts bigger than a mini-nuke yet firm. Her Nipples and pussy were covered my the sexiest pre-war panties I ever could imagine.
"I see im not the only one with dragonus proportions" Dusk giggled, eyeing the growing bulge in my jeans. Im sure the fabric couldent contain my hardon but it managed to hold.
she opened her wings as she approached me. my god, does the sexyness ever end? Even the skin of her wings were smooth and tight, among other things. I was a good foot taller than her though I was 7ft and she was 6ft the hieght allowed me to look down deep into her beautiful eyes.
"so what is it we are discussing" I asked
She walked over and sat upon her bed and motioned for me to sit next to her. Dawn was very suductive wether intetionally or not.I eased myself onto the bed, sitting beside her.
"so, whats your story"
"its a long one"
"we've got time" she smiled
"i was living up north untill i found a working radio and picked up a GNR signal. so I decided to come here in search of a better life".
"aww come on there has to be more to it than that" she pouted
"oh alright" I agreed. " I believe I was born around 15 years ago in a small area called The Narrows. Its a small settlement that sprung up from the remains of the city around the water. I was raised by an elderly woman by the name Hazel for the color of her eyes. At around 10 she grew ill and well... After that I tryed to make a life for myself but I was rejected from my comunitiy for what I was. From then till now ive been working my way along the coast, just tying to survive and find a place to call home. Then a few weeks ago I picked up GNR radio and heard about the brotherhood of steel and I thought this would be my last chance at a good life so I headed here. I want to leave my past behind me, Im not proud at some of the things I did to survive."
"Im so sorry, for you know, what happend to her" Dusk said sympatheticly.
"no no, its ok, she's in a better place now, besides if she hadent I wouldent be here" I tryed to put a positive look on things "but now, its your turn to tell your story"
"alright but its long" she imatated me jokingly.
"like you said, we have time" I smiled
"Well, first off i also was born 15 years ago, but I have always lived here in the citadel but in secretcy. Only one person knows my true identity, Elder Lyons. Ever scince I remeber he took care of me. when I truned 14 he made me a special power armor that I could fit into and look human and I joined the lyons pride shortly after as the best shot in all the brotherhood" she smiled."I never knew were I came from , when ever I asked Lyons he just said when I was older he'd tell me, but eventually I just stoped asking. I always felt alone in this world, untill today when I saw you Thovan" her eyes glistened when she spoke those last few words, she was truly happy in this moment. Then suddenly she hugged me and began to cry.
"please dont leave Thovan, I cant live alone any longer, please dont go"
I held her in my arms." I'm not leaving Dusk, i couldent leave you. it would break my heart to do so. I promise"
Sshe took her head of my shoulder and looked into my eyes "you really mean that?"
"yes I do, I love you" the words flowed from my mouth truthfully yet I ment not to say them.
I saw and imense amount of happiness come to her, her cheeks turned red and her eyes sparked like stars in the night. She embraced me again and wisperd softly into my ear.
"I love you, I couldent live without you"
Within that moment, everything was perfect. She burried her head in my chest and gave a little sob of joy as I held her in my muscular arms. I ran my fingers down her back to the base of her tail and her back arched at the sensation, her voluptuous breasts pressing against me. I looked down into her deep emerald eyes and saw not a bold, fearless dragon,but a fearful,innocent but curious girl. As we leaned towards eachother we hesitated but then our second instincts took over, acting as a guide. Our mouths opened slightly and our forked tongues darted out and met in midair. Dusk withdrew quickly, surprised by the new sensation but then ventured closer so we could enter eachothers mouths. While I knew humans locked lips, we locked our teeth. The razor sharp teeth seamed to interlock perfectly as if designed to. Our tongues felt at home in this cavern of daggers as they toyed with each other. I felt her hand dance across my folded wings and the other rest on my lap neer my growing hard-on. Dusk and I simultaneously opend our wings and I let my hand run across the smooth taught skin, I wonder if her pussy has the same qualities? Finally our "kiss" ended. "that was the most wonderful thing Ive ever felt" Dusk exclaimed, "the only other feeling to compair is seeing a muties head explode at 1000 yards" she said with a giggle "and thats a long way off". "you took the words right out of my mouth literally, minus the super mutant part of course" I replied. I looked down to see her legs crossed but I knew from her scent she was wet. I swung my tail around behind her and ran the tip down the length of her tail and she did the same for me. I could see her erect nipples through the thin silk of the bra she wore and they teased my mind with thoughts of sucking them into my mouth. My hand moved from her wings to the hook of the bra as I tried to undo it and free her tits from thier prison. She moved away shyly for a moment but then reached behind her to finish what I had started. She removed her bra but held her arm across them to prevent my gaze from resting upon her beauties. "please forgive me if im shy Thovan, this is all new to me" "it is ok, for this is as new to me as it is for you, let me make you more comfortable". I stood up from the bed and I saw her eyes stare at the bulge in my tattered jeans. As I droped my pants I saw her expression change from shock to amazment as my cock was now fully erect and pointed almost strait up. I got back into position on her bed beside her. She reached out to touch it but hesitated "go on, its ok to touch" I beckoned. With her free hand dusk reached out and wraped her hand around my thick shaft. "its so hard yet smooth at the same time" she gasped."move your hand up and down on it" I instucted
"its so big" was all Dawn managed to say.
"why not use 2 hands?" I asked.
My ploy worked and she removed the arm hiding her tits from view. My cock jerked at the sight of her perfectly rounded boobs that seam to defiy gravity and remain suspended as if held in place my an invisible bra. "why did you cock jerk like that? did I hurt you?" Dusk questioned. "no, actually the oposite. you feel amazing and your breasts, I havent seen anything more beautiful in my life". "you like my boobs do you now?" squezing her juggs together. I could not resist, I reached out and took both of them in my hands, flicking my tongue out at her nipples and then sucking them into my mouth. A moan escaped from her as her back arched, my hands firmly on her chest. "I have and idea that will make both of us happy" she grined as she lowered herself between my legs. "if you like my tits then I bet your cock will too" she smiled as she positioned my meat between her breasts. Her hands kept her boobs pressed against my cock but she had her fingers spread so I could marval at her nipples. Slowly she moved up and down my cock, the head dissapearing and reappearing with every stroke. Dusk increased speed and I felt like I was going to blow. She reared her head and moaned constantly now, could her breasts be the sensitive? I couldnt hold back any longer, "Im cumming" "what!?" but it was too late for me to explain. My first shot hit her neck and she looked down to see what was happening. She never had a chance as a thick rope hit her right in the face, the third in her mouth as she gasped in shock and amazement. She never stopped milking my cock with her breasts and coaxed more out of me and I coated her face and tits. "sorry about the late warning" I apologized. Dusk just sat there as my cum driped down her face onto her tits, mouth open and filled with my load. Suddenly she closed her mouth and I saw her swallow it all and then lick her lips "you taste so good Thovan" she grined and licked more off her breast. This sight was to hot for words, I almost blew my load again but I wanted to save it for later. If I could I would of sat thier all day covering her in my glory. I looked down and saw her panties were soaked "did you cum too?" I asked. She nodded, licking the last few drops of my cum off her body "more than once, it was amazing, make me feel that way again please", she had me now for I could not deny her wish.
"do you have a working shower?"
"yes, with clean water. why?"
"youll see" I smiled.
Dusk followed me without a word. "want me to get in?" Dawn asked, I just nodded. As she turned on the water it ran over her suple body and I steped in with her."what are you doing you trickster?" she giggled "just though youd want some company" as i reached for some soap. I stood behind her, rubbing her breasts. The soap made her body glisten in the dim light. Slowly I worked my way down to her thighs, gently brushing against her bare pussy and a small moan escaped from her mouth. I got more soap on my hands and began working around her perfect butt. I paused for a moment to rub her tight little asshole. Dawn leaned forward and placed her hands on the wall away from me. Her tail gently wraped around my semi-hard dick and pulled me closer to her. As her sexy tail jerked me off I used mine to reach between her legs and play with her clit. "Thovan, I want you in my ass" Dawn moaned loudly as she used her tail to position my erect cock to her backdoor. Slowly I entered her virgin ass and felt it grip my dick like a vice. "your so tight Dusk" I moaned. "wait till you try my virgin pussy" She moaned back. I grabed her and pulled her parrallel to my body, her back against my chest as I pounded away at her from behind. She looked back at me and flicked her tongue out at me and I met it in mid-air with my own. Dawns face showed she was in pure exstacy as I increased my speed of my thrusts. I reached forward and took her bouncing boobs into my hands and toyed with her clit with my tail, I knew she wouldent last long. "oh Thovan, Im cumming,Im Im cumming so hard" Dusk screamed, rearing her head back on mm shoulder as her whole body tensed and contracted in violent orgasms. This set me off and I filled her ass with my cum. My cum leaked out of her ass and ran down to her pussy mixing with her sweet juices. We held eachother for what felt like hours, panting like wild animals. Slowly I slid out of her ass and the cum it held in leaked out. "I love you Thovan" was all she managed to say. "I love you too Dusk".

If this story is like enough then I will post a second part.

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