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I went back and added spacing to my first story. Don't read the first one. I'm gonna have Sean fuck numerous different kinds of women. PM me if you have a request.
It was a normal day for Dr Rogers, she checked up on all her patients, caught up on her paper work, nothing unusual. That is, until 3:00 when one of the nurses handed her a chart. “You have a new patient today” she said “His name is Sean, and he’s here for a physical”. After reviewing his chart, she entered the room where he was seated on one of the Hospital beds. He was a young man of about 19 years, with long brown hair. “Are you Sean?” she asked, “Yes I am.” “Nice to meet you, I’m Dr Clara Rogers, and I’ll be performing your physical.” “Nice to meet you.” he said with a grin as he examined her. Clara was a young voluptuous woman of 26, with a nice round rear and large F-cup breasts. Sean knew, that this was going to be fun.

After a normal routine of ear examinations, checking his breathing, and other things, Clara then got to the part that always made her a little nervous. “Alright Sean, I’m going to need you to take off your pants so that I can examine your penis and testicles.” she said routinely. “Alright.” Sean said almost eagerly. This confused Clara, most men were reluctant about showing their manhood to a woman doctor. In a few seconds however, her confusion changed to absolute surprise. “Oh my god! You’re huge!” she gasped as she stared at it. “Thank you!” Sean said with a wide smile. “I-I’m sorry, it’s just…Wow!” stammered Clara. She then tried to swallow her astonishment, and examine it professionally. At the moment, it was flaccid, but she could still tell that it was big. Clara could feel herself getting wet as she touched and examined it from every angle. “Well, you seem to be in good health. If you don’t mind me asking, are you sexually active?” she asked. “Very.” “Oh my! Do you remember to use protection? It’s very important!” “I don’t use any condoms, if that’s what you’re asking.” This stunned Clara. “Why not?” “Because it feels a million times better, for both of us.” Normally, she would begin to lecture her patient about the health risks involved, but in this case it made Clara even wetter. “I-Is that so?” she asked. Sean grinned as he folded his arms. “Would you like to find out?” Clara gulped as she stared at his cock, she had never had sex without a condom, or with anyone that well endowed. She knew how dangerous that could be, but she wanted it, she wanted it badly. “Well, I suppose one time wouldn’t hurt.” Clara said as she began to take off her clothes. “Just don’t tell anybody about this okay?” “Not a problem”

She was now down to her underwear. Kneeling in front of him, she took his dick into her mouth. First she licked it very slowly, but as he grew bigger and harder in her mouth, she began to move up and down on the shaft. Maybe it was just the heat of the moment, but she could not get enough of his cock as she sucked harder and harder. After sucking for about 5 minutes, Clara felt Sean’s hand on her head. “That’s enough. Don’t you wanna feel good too?” he asked soothingly. Slowly, she pulled her mouth from his cock. “Oh yes! Please, give it to me!” she cried impatiently. “That’s the spirit!” Sean said as he unhooked her bra, letting her big tits out. “How do you want it?” he asked. Clara promptly turned around, and bent over. Pulling her panties down, she whispered “Like this. I wanna be fucked like this!” Grasping his cock in his right hand, Sean smiled “Sounds good to me!” Clara stared at his now fully erect cock. It was about 10 inches long, and 3 inches thick. She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. As she braced herself, she felt it enter her slowly. A large tingle flowed through her entire body as his large cock delved deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. Soon, it was all the way in. Suddenly, it began to slide out of her. When only two inches remained, Sean thrusted it all the way in again. As he started to pump faster and faster, Clara could feel a wonderful sensation. Not only was it longer and thicker than any man she ever fucked, but without a rubber getting in the way, she could feel it’s warmth and shape perfectly. “Oh god, it feels so good Sean! Your big cock feels so good in my pussy!” She cried. “You feel great too! Your tight wet pussy is rubbing every sensitive spot on my dick!” answered Sean. A wave of pleasure suddenly erupted through Clara’s entire body, it felt so good that she could help but cry out. After it calmed down, she knew that she had just came harder than she ever had in her entire life.

“Can you do something for me Sean?” she asked as her senses returned to her. “What is it?” “Could you lie back and let me ride you?” “Sure baby.” Sean then lay down on his back, Clara slowly lowered herself onto his cock, and took it in her. Again, she felt the wonderful sensation of his huge cock filling her pussy completely. Clara then began to move her hips up and down at an increasing speed. As she moaned and cried out, she felt two hands cup her breasts. “You like my tits baby?” she asked him “I love them! They’re so big an beautiful!” “Do you wanna play with them?” she asked slyly. “Of course!” “Go right ahead.” No sooner had she spoke those words, he began to knead and caress them. Clara had never really liked having her tits played with. But this was different, Sean was so skilled as he fondled her boobs, that she felt herself nearing a second orgasm. “Oh. Oh! Oh!!! Oh!!!!” She cried louder and louder. Finally she let out a loud cry as the wonderful sensation consumed her.

As she was gasping for air afterwards, she heard Sean ask: “Do you mind if I pick the position now?” “No. I don’t.” she slowly panted. “Alright. Lie on your back and raise your legs as close to your body as you can.” She did so. Kneeling above her, Sean slowly inserted his cock into her pussy again. Once again, Clara felt his cock fill her up. “Ooo, yes. That’s so good” she moaned. “You know, it’s true what they say.” she said with a giggle. “What?” “Bigger is better!” Sean chuckled at that last comment, and began to piston in and out of her pussy. It wasn’t long before Clara felt herself reaching another orgasm. As she felt herself get nearer and nearer, suddenly she heard Sean ask her something “I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want it?” Clara’s mind kept telling her to say “Pull out! Cum on my face!” but her body said something different. “In my pussy!” she said “Cum inside my pussy!” She didn’t care anymore, she wanted him to cum inside her. As she reached her third orgasm she began to shout louder and louder. “Oh god! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Finally, she felt the wonderful feeling explode throughout her body as she orgasmed a third time. During which, she felt his cock twitch and shoot large streams of hot cum in her pussy. It felt so good, that her orgasm was amplified ten-fold. Finally she calmed down as Sean pulled his cock out of her pussy. “Wow! Look how much you shot! I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed as a large glob of cum slowly dribbled out of her pussy. “You were right! It’s so much better without a condom!” Sean smiled at the comment “I’m glad you realized that. Think you’re up for another round?” Clara looked down with surprise to see that his cock was still erect. “You’re still hard? But you just came!” “I can shoot around 4-5 loads before I calm down. Again, are you up for another round?” Clara paused, she was tired, but she couldn’t get enough of his cock, or the fantastic orgasms it gave her. Finally she grinned and said “Only if you shoot each one inside my pussy!” Sean laughed “I think that can be arranged!”

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Hallo Peter en Clara,nooit gedacht dat er maar 22 m. mesnen woonden in Australie, maar het klopt inderdaad.Na jullie vakantie ervaringen moeten jullie maar eens een keer bij ons langs komen. Gezellig!We wonen practisch bij jullie om de hoek. Fijne feestdagen toegewenst in Australie.Groetjes,Arthur

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