The second part of the second installment of "The Sleepover" recollections
I woke up the next morning with a few mixed feelings. On one hand, it was Christmas morning, and even though I had already done gifts the previous night, it was still one of those cool things that you look forward to all year. On the other hand, I desperately wanted to know what Josh had meant by surprise (I was 13 and still pretty stupid, cut me some slack). Either way, when we went downstairs that morning, we found a nice breakfast out on the table, sort of as a Merry Christmas / this is probably the last healthy meal that you'll have until Friday. As we were eating breakfast, Josh's parents were talking about how they would be gone until Thursday night because of the party, so they expected that we would not destroy the house or do anything dangerous and/or stupid, y'know, the usual parent stuff. They told us that Mike, who was noticeably absent from the table, had to drive his roommate down to his house from the airport (don't get your hopes up, his roommate was straight and lived a few hours away), so he would be gone most of the day. I thought that this was perfect because I thought we would be alone without any interruptions. However, when I looked over at Josh, he seemed oddly disappointed.

Either way, Josh's parents soon left to start the house. We started out just playing video games for a while, but we soon got a call from Josh's parents, saying that they were stuck in parking lot traffic and just wanted to give us an update. Josh hung up the phone and turned to me and grinned. As soon as he started grinning, I turned off the TV and walked over into his embrace and started to kiss him. We explored each others' mouths with our tongues for a minute and then broke apart. Josh and I started to fumble with each others' pants and finally slid them off, exposing our growing cocks. Josh gave me a half pleading, half commanding look, so I got down on my knees and pulled his cock into my mouth. I went to town on him, licking his shaft, sucking on his balls, and kissing his head, until he started to tense up. As I prepared for his cock to start shooting, he pulled out of my mouth, saying to save it for later. I didn't object, and instead stood up and sat down on his counter and spread my legs. Josh came over and started sucking my cock, doing generally the same as me, licking my shaft, kissing the head of my cock and sucking my balls. After a while, I started to tense up and told Josh that I was, so he took his mouth off of my cock and instead started to tongue fuck my ass. The feeling of his wet slippery tongue going in and out of my ass was incredible, and I let out a soft moan, which only seemed to increase his desire to please me. After a few minutes of this, he grabbed a tube of lube out of his pocket and lathered up my ass and his cock. He then pulled me to the edge of the counter and started to push his cock into my ass, giving me that familiar feeling that I loved. As I relaxed, he started to slowly increase his thrusts for a few minutes, grunting with effort, while I moaned in ecstasy, until suddenly I felt his cum splash into my ass over and over again. With each splash, he thrusted his cock even deeper into my ass, moaning every time. Now it was my turn to play top. I grabbed Josh and lead him over to the carpet in his family room. He obediently got onto his back and lifted his legs in the air, waiting for me to start tongue fucking him. I slowly lowered myself down to his ass, not really knowing what I was doing. Josh sensed this and told me not to worry, that all I had to do was push my tongue into his ass a bit, just to lube it up. So I continued and started to tongue fuck him, occasionally pausing to spit into his ass and rub it in. As I did this, Josh moaned in ecstasy, which convinced me to keep doing it. Eventually, his ass was so slippery you could have slipped a bulldozer in there easily, so I stopped tongue fucking him, and grabbed the lube. I put some lube onto my cock and put a dollop into his ass, and rubbed it in. When I finished, I put my cock right on his anal hole and teased it a bit, causing Josh to jump a little bit every time I did it. Eventually, I started to plunge my dick into his ass until I was all the way in. I started slowly pulling out and then pushing back in, working up my rhythm, until I, like Josh, was slamming my cock into his ass while grunting like a mad man, while he moaned in ecstasy. Suddenly, his cheeks clenched, and I went over the top splashing my cum into his ass, forming a large pool inside him. I pulled out and fell next to him, where we both lay panting and covered in sweat. We looked at each other and started to weakly laugh. We pulled ourselves together and ran upstairs to take a shower (together of course).

Later that day, we heard the garage door open and say Mike's car coming down the driveway. We both ran out to greet Mike, and he greeted us happily. He asked for a bit of help carrying some things in, mostly just some bags and some extra clothes that he had left in his car. Josh and Mike grabbed a few bags, while I grabbed the stacks of laundry and a plastic bag. He told us to take the bags and the laundry down to his room, so we set off down the steps towards his room. Josh and I dumped the bags and ran back upstairs to find Mike sitting at the table looking exhausted. He told us that he was dead tired, and went downstairs to take a nap. Josh looked slightly disappointed again, which confused me, as I thought that he would just be happy that his brother was home. He glanced at me and told me to quit staring and throw in a movie. We dug through the freezer for dinner, eventually finding a couple of large frozen pizzas in the back of the fridge. Josh popped them in the oven, and I grabbed a couple of cases of Coke and Sprite from their pantry. After about a half hour, the pizzas were done, so we grabbed a few slices, and settled down on the couch to watch a few movies on television. I nestled up in between his legs and sat there the entire movie stroking his thigh while he stroked my hair and both of our dicks chubbing up nicely.

After the first movie, we looked and saw it was around 12:30. No parents meant no bedtime, so we popped in another movie and grabbed some more pizza and soda. As we were settling down, we heard Mike moving around downstairs and assumed he was awake. Josh seemed a lot happier at this prospect, but I was slightly less enthused, as I thought that we wouldn't be able to do anything that night. It took Mike about 30 minutes to appear, so we were into the movie when he came up. We heard the basement door open and we heard Mike walking into the kitchen. Awesome, you guys made pizza, I'm starving!, he said. I heard him grab a few slices and walk upstairs. A few minutes later I heard him come through the doorway behind us. He asked, what are you guys doing? Josh turned around, smiled, and said nothing in a laughing voice. I turned around confused and was treated to the sight of Mike stark naked standing in the doorway looking right at us. Mike was about 6' 2" tall and looked basically like an older and more muscular version of Josh. I saw the sprinter's body that he had and understood why he had broken many school records in his time. But I was more interested in his penis; at easily 5 inches soft, and covered in far more thick black hair than Josh's was. His member was a monster! I must have had my mouth hanging open, because Mike laughed and asked me if my mouth was open because I wanted to suck him off or if it was just naturally that way. That snapped me back to reality, and I closed my mouth and stammered out an apology. He moved closer and told me no worries, Josh had told him all about what I had done for him. I turned to Josh and gave him a mildly annoyed look, and he smiled and shrugged. I turned back around and found my self staring right at Mike's cock. He told me how Josh had said that I gave some of the best blowjobs and that I was a great fucker, and he said how he wanted to find out.

I looked a bit apprehensively at his still soft member, but eventually I decided, and I grabbed his penis into my mouth. Almost immediately, it seemed, his penis grew fully erect, which had to have been at least 9 inches, probably more. As I started to suck, my semi-hard penis grew to a full erection, and I felt my pants being pulled off, and then felt Josh's mouth cover my penis and proceed to give me a particularly amazing blowjob. Maybe it was the fact that Mike's penis tasted almost exactly like Josh's, but I found myself in double ecstasy. As I continued to suck Mike's penis, I pulled off the last of my clothing, throwing my boxers and pants over into the corner and pulling off my shirt, adding that to the pile as well. Mike moved so that he was straddling my face as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, without warning, Mike took my head and shoved his penis all the way down my throat. Gagging a bit, he softly moaned to relax. I did, and he started moaning even more as I deep throated him. Suddenly, I felt the familiar rushing sensation, and I started to buck my hips back and forth. Mike saw this, and told Josh to get off of me. He did, and I let Mike's penis fall out of my mouth. He looked at me and told me that he wanted a good fuck, and he wanted some of my legendary cum, as Josh put it, inside of him. I threw Josh a mildly annoyed look, but happily obliged, eager to shove my penis into his ass.

Mike got off of my face and got down on his hands and knees at the end of the couch. I stared at his butt, transfixed by it. It was like looking at two perfectly blown up balloons put together. He had far more hair than Josh did (probably because he was 9 years older than us), but otherwise, they were fairly similar. Mike snapped me out of my trance, impatiently asking me if I was gonna do it or let him freeze there. I laughed and happily obliged. Josh handed me a tub of Vaseline and I took a large dollop of it and spread it around my penis. I didn't know what to expect of Mike, so I put on a little extra, both on my penis and on his asshole. I asked him if he was ready, and he told me he was born ready. I laughed and slowly started pushing in. To my surprise, he definitely was not a virgin, as my penis slid into his ass with ease (though it could have just been the six pounds of Vaseline I threw in there, who knows). I still took it slowly, but Mike impatiently shoved his ass backwards, impaling himself to hilt on my penis. We both froze, and he let out a moan of pleasure. I realized that he didn't want me to take it slow, so I happily started pounding my cock into his ass. What Mike lacked in tightness he made up for in experience; he knew how to work his ass so my penis was always on the brink. After what seemed like hours, I felt the familiar rushing sensation. I told him I was going to cum, and he told me to pull out and cum on his face. I obliged and he quickly flipped over while I masturbated to keep the sensation. I quickly started to cum all over his face, with the first stream of cum hitting him right between his nose and mouth. He let a couple of shots get on his face, and then he took my penis into his mouth and let me finish in his mouth. I moaned as I let my penis slip out of his mouth, and he stood up and grabbed me and started passionately kissing me. I tasted my own cum, but he had swallowed most of it. We broke apart and he said to Josh that he had been right, that I tasted great.

I turned around to see Josh sitting in the chair over in the corner, slowly masturbating. From behind me, his brother said that it was time for some fun. He asked me if I'd ever done watersports before. I didn't even know what that was, so I asked him. He explained it to me, and I looked back at Josh, understanding why he had wanted to do watersports earlier. He smiled mischievously, and laughed a bit. I turned back to Mike and told him that we had done it. He looked at Josh as well and laughed softly. He took my hand and motioned for Josh to follow, so we went into Mike's bathroom. I couldn't help but be nervous, after my first experience with watersports, but I was too horny to care a lot. Mike had us step into his shower and get down on our knees. It was a tight fit, but we managed. With the door shut, he told us that he really had to pee, and to open our mouths. We both obliged, and after a few seconds, he started peeing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mike drank a lot of water, so it was much better tasting than Josh's pee. He peed for a minute or so, alternating between the two of us. A lot got in my mouth, but some got on my face, which made my penis perk up again. After he was done, he ran some water over us, and we toweled off quickly, then moved back to the couch. I made to move to the chair Josh was in, figuring that Mike and Josh could have their fun while I regrouped, but Mike motioned for me to come over. He asked me how I felt about getting fucked by BOTH Josh and himself. I was stunned, I'd never had more than one penis inside me at the same time, let alone Josh's and Mike's, especially with Mike's huge member. Nonetheless, I was horny as hell, so I agreed, but said that if it started to hurt too much, you'd have to stop. Mike laughed and said jokingly that the safe word was banana. Seeing as both the references went over my head, I awkwardly laughed and agreed.

Mike motioned for Josh, who happily jumped onto the couch. The two brothers pulled into a passionate embrace and started furiously exploring each others' mouths. Any semi-hardness that I had before this was completely replaced by rock-hardness. It was like watching two versions of the same person together, one hairier and taller than the other; it was hot, there's not another word for it! They broke off and moved over towards me. Josh sat down on the ground while Mike sat down on the couch. Josh took Mike's cock and put it in his mouth make sloppy noises. Mike let this happen and then motioned for me to do the same to Josh's. I went to (sloppy) town on his penis, giving him a half-punch drunk (from my explosive ejaculation earlier) and half-vigorous blowjob. After a couple of minutes, Mike pushed Josh's head back and made him stand up, leaving me lying on the floor. He told Josh to get Vaselined up and to then to get ready. Josh happily did lathering his penis up. I stole a glance at him, and he mouthed a question, asking me if this was fucking awesome or what. I mouthed back oh yeah, and he smiled. Once he Vaselined up, he gave the tub to Mike, who Vaselined up as well. I got on my hands and knees on the couch, waiting for Mike to do me. He first slid his tongue into my ass and started to tongue-fuck me, but this lasted for only a minute, and then he took a huge glob of Vaseline and made sure my ass was good and slick. He then got underneath me and explained that he was going to go in first and stretch it out a bit before Josh would join in. I nodded, so he took his cock and pushed it against my asshole. He told me to gently sit back, do it at whatever pace I wanted. I took a deep breath and started pushing until suddenly his cock slipped into my asshole. I slowly slid down his cock, marveling at how it was still going until I finally felt the brush of his pubic hair on my butt. I looked down on him and managed to moan out that I was fully in. He slowly started to slid in and out, going almost the complete distance of his shaft. After a few minutes of this slow sex, he asked me if I was ready for Josh. I'd half forgotten about Josh, due to the ecstasy I was in, but I managed to say yes. Mike motioned for Josh and told him to take it extremely slow, because he didn't want to hurt me. He told me to take a deep breath, and then signaled Josh to start.

I felt Josh's penis hit my asshole and braced my self. He took a breath and started pushing in slowly. It took a while, but suddenly I felt the head of his penis enter my asshole, and I thought I would stop breathing. It was really incredibly painful. I looked at Mike with tears swimming in my eyes, and he gently kissed me and whispered that if I needed to stop to let him know. I nodded my head and told Josh to go. Josh seemed just as concerned and pushed his penis in very slowly. I grit my teeth and stuck with it until I felt the familiar feeling of Josh's pubic hairs tickling my ass. I let out a deep breath and found that I was getting (very slowly) used to having two penises in me. It still hurt, but I was used to them more now that they were actually in there. Josh slowly started pulling out and then pushing back in, until I was finally comfortable, and even in pleasure. I signaled this to Mike, and Mike started to slowly pull and push his cock out of my ass. It was one of the best sensations that I've ever felt, and also one of the most curious. It didn't take long for Josh to cum, but when he did, it was one of his largest cums ever. I felt his whole body tense and then felt what felt like a tsunami of cum shoot out inside of me. It was so much that it started to leak out immediately on the first splash. Josh collapsed on my back as his penis slid out of my ass. With a faint plop, it popped out, bringing with it a small flood of cum. As soon as Josh's penis was out, Mike started to pound my ass with his cock. He lasted long, much longer than I ever could have, but eventually, he tensed up and exploded in my ass. He slowly pulled his dick out and spread my cheeks. I looked down and saw a huge pool of cum pooling underneath my ass. I laughed softly and plopped down on my stomach. Josh took a look and told me that my asshole looked like a canyon, I laughed and said well that's what happens when you've got two penises in you!

He laughed and playfully rolled me over so he was looking right in my eyes. I looked up into his eyes and softly started kissing him, exploring his mouth with my tongue. It was hot and a bit romantic as the two of us caressed each other, exploring our mouths. Mike made a movement, that made me break my kiss. I asked him where he was going, and he said to bed, a satisfied man. He laughed and told me that us two lovebirds should get some rest. We laughed and said we just had one more thing left to do. He left us and I turned back to Josh, who giggled and said that he still hadn't been fucked, so I had to make it fair. I took my penis and winked at him, and slowly started to put it in his ass. As I broke through his asshole, I started slowly pushing in and pulling out. I grabbed his head and started passionately kissing him, as he moaned in ecstasy. It was all too much for me, and I very quickly came inside him. We both lay there for a few minutes as my penis slowly shrank and eventually fell out. We both sat there lightly kissing each other, until we both fell asleep in each others arms, our penises poking each other.

Josh and I slept most of the day, dead tired from all our sexual practices the night before. I woke up to find that Mike had cleaned up a lot of the cum and other things on the floor, as well as putting a blanket over the two of us. I checked the time, and seeing it was almost 2:30, I shook Josh awake. We both got up and giggled a little bit after the previous night's (or should I say, that morning's) fun. We both quickly dressed and went upstairs. Mike was in the kitchen and handed us subs, and told me I should get my things ready to go, because his parents would be back to drive me home at 3:30. I sadly gathered my things and waited, playing video games with Josh until we heard the garage door open. Mike stopped Josh and I and explained that anytime he was home, he'd be game for fooling around with the two of us again. I laughed and said that we couldn't do double for at least a year, because my butt hurt so much. He laughed and gave me a quick slap on the ass, and then ran up to greet his parents. I followed quickly, happy with the knowledge that I would be able to do this again sometime in the future.

Well that's my story, there are a few other stories, but none nearly as exciting as these. Sorry it took so long, but hope you all enjoy!!!!!


2015-08-05 05:44:13
awesome read! would love to try a big hard cock myself someday

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2012-01-22 08:43:38
Great story! Went and read em all. A real coincidense that my other fav is by dude that wrote other comment on here, so you in good cum-pany. More people need to read this and they will. Good work dude!


2012-01-20 23:21:42
Yeah man, hot story; brings back memories (I did stuff with lots of my friends from age 10 on up). I like other true stories like mine, and yours is hot!.

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