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Laura swallowed hard. Her face was flushed. "Do you really mean this?" she asked Rachel, maybe asked both of us. I became concerned that she might not want to be with me. I felt disappointment. Well, most of me did. Part was still hopeful. "If you do, I want to do it. I really want to do it."

Rachel looked back to me, then down to my waist. "Good, because Gary obviously wants you." I was at full erection again. That's kind of difficult to hide when you're naked.

We all laughed at that, but I couldn't deny her statement. I wanted Laura at that moment. I still loved my wife totally and completely, but I wanted to see what it would be like with Laura. I just couldn't believe my wife was asking me to cheat on her – and that she wanted to watch me do it.

Laura broke the silence. "Well, if we're going to do this, then let's get started before anyone gets second thoughts."

Rachel moved to the side as Laura shuffled to in front of me and pressed her body against mine as she kissed me. I will never forget the first time I felt her naked breasts against me. It was so familiar yet so foreign. I had felt Rachel's body that way countless times. This was the first time I had felt Laura's body this way. It was the touch of a woman, but a woman who was not my wife. The thought that this was someone other than my wife only made the excitement I felt grow. When our lips parted, I looked over to Rachel for reassurance. She was smiling brightly. She sensed what I was looking for and nodded. Laura slid down onto the bed until she was lying where Rachel had been a few minutes ago. She was in the wet spot. She looked so beautiful, lying naked with her legs together before me. I swallowed hard as Laura spread her legs, looking sweetly at me. I knew what both women wanted from me. I knew what I wanted. My heart was still pounding in my chest as I moved into position between Laura's long lean outstretched legs. Positioning my dick at her opening, I held the shaft in my right hand and slid it up and down her lips to gather lubrication. My dick was so excited as it touched her pussy. I heard Laura moan but my attention was riveted on the sight of my dick pushing aside her blonde hair and spreading her lips apart. On the next down stroke, I pushed the head against her opening, feeling it seat itself. The view of her blonde curls against my shaft was making my breathing deepen. My cock was pulsing in time to my heartbeat, which was finally slowing. I guess I was realizing this was actually going to happen. I looked up to Laura, seeing her lovely face study mine. She looked very serious, but very happy at the same time. She could feel where my dick was. She knew the next push would cause me to penetrate her in a way I had never done to her before.

Rachel moved over and lay down on the bed with her head resting on Laura's stomach. She had a front row seat at the main event. She reached out and felt my dick, her touch adding to the strangeness of the moment. As her fingers slid across my erection, I watched the blonde curls from Laura's pussy brush against her fingers. Rachel's finger reached out a little and brushed against one of the lips of Laura's pussy. It was probably inadvertent, but I saw it. I couldn't believe I was seeing my wife touch another woman there. I couldn't believe my dick was against Laura's pussy.

Rachel sighed and I could feel her warm breath against my dick. I'm sure Laura felt her breath as well. "Do it, Gary. Push inside her," Rachel almost whispered. I pressed forward, feeling Laura's pussy against the head of my dick. At first, I didn't think it would fit. Her opening was smaller than Rachel's. She had just had the dildo inside herself, but she was still tight. I pressed and she stretched. Then, suddenly, her opening gave way. Her body gave itself over to me. She yielded and admitted me. I felt my dick sliding slowly into a very warm, very wet and very tight place. A place I had never been before. Laura was a lot smaller inside than I was used to. She was so wet that I slid easily, but I could still feel the tightness. Laura started moaning, a single drawn out sound, as I stretched her in a way she obviously wasn't used to.

I was watching my dick enter that blonde haired pussy. Once I was as far inside her as I was going to go on the first stroke, I reversed and slowly pulled out, fascinated by the sight of my shaft now shiny with Laura's juices. Rachel was also watching, turning her head and lifting it up now so she could witness the penetration. When the head was almost out, I pressed in again. Rachel spoke in a dreamy voice, a voice that was clouded with fog, or an orgasmic haze. "That is so beautiful. I never knew it looked so beautiful when we did that." She touched my shaft, now slick with Laura, and my shaft slid past her finger as I entered Laura's body. I went a little deeper, but it was going to take several strokes to stretch her enough and enter her fully. If she would be able to take all of me inside her. She was shorter than Rachel so maybe her pussy wasn't as deep.

Rachel stayed right there, watching and touching me as I slowly started fucking Laura. When I finally got enough of my dick to go into Laura that my dark pubic hair meshed with her blonde hair, Rachel moved up. She planted a kiss on my abdomen, then sat up and kissed my lips. I was kissing my wife while my dick was buried deeply inside her friend. The thought made my dick throb. Laura felt it and moaned. The three of us were joined in that moment. Laura started trying to thrust back against me, anxious to start screwing in earnest. Rachel moved back and looked at Laura, then to me.

"I'm going to move out of the way now so you two can do it. I'll watch." To reassure me, she added, "You two look so sexy together. I never knew making love looked so beautiful." I turned back to Laura and saw her still watching Rachel questioningly. I guess it was difficult for Laura to relax and have sex with her best friend's husband while the best friend was right there. Rachel leaned over and kissed Laura's cheek. "It's OK," she told Laura. "I want to see you do this." Laura smiled as Rachel sat back on her knees. Laura looked to me and I leaned over her, moving my hips in that ancient rhythm. Laura put her hands on my arms. Her touch was light, but showed no hesitation. All three of us wanted this and it was happening. I leaned forward a little more and the bed started squeaking as I pounded Laura's body with more force. I was watching her tits now. They were swaying back and forth a little, so firm they could just barely jiggle in reaction to my thrusting. Laura was tight. I was glad I had just done it with Rachel. Otherwise, I would have cum before I was fully inside her. Having just cum, and the relief from earlier, allowed me to last longer. I hoped I could make Laura cum before I did. I leaned over a little more and kissed Laura. Her tongue immediately pressed into my mouth, penetrating me as I was penetrating her. Our lips pulled apart wetly and I reached lower to catch one of her nipples in my mouth. Sucking her soft nipple into my mouth was heavenly. Remembering who I was doing this to, I looked over to Rachel.

Rachel had a hand between her legs and that hand was moving back and forth. She was masturbating while she watched us. I had seen her masturbate before, but seeing her do it now, knowing that it was me fucking Laura that made her masturbate, only added to the eroticism of the forbidden act. Rachel smiled broadly at me and nodded, probably trying to keep reassuring me. Feeling a measure of confidence in her gesture, or maybe being more turned on by seeing my wife openly masturbating, I leaned back. Upright now, I lifted Laura's legs onto my shoulders. Well, I tried to. Rachel is my height so her legs drape over my shoulders in this position. Laura is shorter, so her knees couldn't reach my shoulders. As a result, her legs stayed straight up against my chest. The effect was the same. I could penetrate her deeper this way and the effect on her was made evident by her moans moving higher in pitch. One of her hands was fondling one of her tits. Rachel reached out with her free hand and held Laura's other hand. The two women were connected as the three of us sought orgasm.

I pressed harder on one stroke and felt something different about Laura's pussy. From her reaction, the head of my dick must have pressed against her cervix. It wasn't painful for her, just a surprise, judging by her facial expression. Using my hands, I pressed her legs back now against her tits. This allowed me maximum penetration. I looked down to see my dick splitting her blonde curls as I moved in and out of her. I enjoyed the sight, so different from seeing my dick between Rachel's dark-haired lips. It felt so good. It wasn't the same as making love to Rachel. I loved Rachel. I was just having fun with Laura – but I was having a lot of fun.

I had lasted longer than I had expected, but the building feeling told me the end was near. The novelty of the situation, doing this with Laura instead of Rachel, took its toll. My rhythm changed, faster now. The sounds issuing from Laura indicated she wasn't far behind me. Rachel picked up on the change and addressed me directly.

"Are you cumming?"

"Almost," I practically grunted. I was only moments away.

Rachel nodded and moved closer to me. Using her left hand, she reached behind me and under, gently grasping my swaying balls. The effect was electric. Her touch on me, there and at that moment, sent me over the edge. Rachel's right hand still held Laura's hand. Rachel's voice barely cut through the haze I was lost in.

"You're cumming inside her," she said, or maybe asked. I'm not sure. It was spoken softly. All I could do was nod in response. I guess she could feel the pulsing as I spurted. My cock was buried as far inside Laura as I could manage. I looked into Laura's sparkling eyes and we watched each other cum. She moaned loudly now as the feeling of the warm sperm gave her the final needed push. It was a magical moment, shared by all three of us. Rachel fondled my balls, ever so gently, and further intensified my orgasm. It was getting difficult not to fall over onto Laura. I managed not to fall on her, though. When I returned to reality, both women were smiling at me and their joined hands were gripping each other tightly.

Laura broke the silence first. "I can't believe we just did that," she said with a tone of disbelief and maybe a touch of laughter in her voice.

Rachel released my balls and leaned over to Laura. She kissed Laura on the cheek, saying, "Thank you for letting me watch."

I couldn't believe how things were unfolding. Not only had my wife just let me fuck her best friend, she was thanking us for letting her watch.

My dick was soft now, and the gentle contractions of Laura's pussy were pushing me out of her. My dick fell free, followed by a small flood of our combined juices. I moved out of the way, practically falling on the bed next to Laura. Rachel, however, quickly moved between Laura's legs and got down on her elbows. She was watching my sperm flow out of her friend.

"It looks a lot sexier than it feels," she said to me. "Now I understand why you like to look at me right after we have sex." She was seeing the whole experience from a new vantage point and she enjoyed what she saw. I leaned over to Laura, my face inches from hers and thanked her. I planted a deep, passionate kiss on her mouth. I felt her tongue slip through her parted lips and seek out mine. We kissed in the afterglow of what we had just done. When we parted, I looked down her body to see Rachel still watching her pussy. The idea of Rachel looking at her that way started getting me hard again. It was slower this time, but I was responding. When I rolled over onto my back to rest, my dick didn't flop wetly onto my stomach. Rachel noticed.

"Ready for more?" she asked with a wicked grin.

"How can I help not wanting more? I'm in bed with two beautiful naked women."

"But can you keep both of us satisfied?" Rachel asked.

"That sounds like a challenge," Laura replied.

The whole situation was getting more exciting by the moment. Could Rachel really be suggesting that being with Laura wasn't to be just a one time event? In response to my mental question,Rachel crawled over onto me to kiss me. I could feel my partial erection slide wetly along her stomach and bush. I got harder when I realized the wetness we were feeling was from Laura's pussy. Rachel pressed her body against mine and kissed me, wriggling herself against me in the process. In spite of just cumming with Laura, I was ready to have my wife again.

Rachel turned to Laura and offered, "We're going to do it again. Want to watch – a little closer this time?"

Laura's face lit up. "I'd like that."

Laura got up, leaving a wet spot on the sheet. Rachel rolled over onto the spot where I had just made love to her friend. Usually, Rachel didn't like the feeling of the wet spot on the sheets. Tonight, it didn't seem to bother her. What made that even more amazing was that most of that wet spot was made by another woman. Rachel spread her legs so I moved into position between them, preparing to penetrate her. Laura's voice stopped me.

"Can I put it in?" she asked. I froze and my dick throbbed. She was asking if she could put my dick into Rachel's pussy. I looked first to Laura, then to Rachel. Rachel nodded. Laura reached out for my dick, now fully hard again. It was still wet from her pussy. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have been able to perform again so quickly, especially after so many times today. The whole situation was so exciting that my body was responding in surprising ways. Laura held my erection in one hand. The other hand reached for Rachel's pussy and spread it open. The sight of Laura's hand touching Rachel's pussy was driving me to new heights of excitement. I wondered if I would cum before I got inside Rachel.

Laura was pulling on my dick, trying to insert it. I moved with her, leaning forward. She didn't insert it right away. First, she rubbed it up and down Rachel's slit. I think she did it more to watch what that looked like than to gather Rachel's lubrication. I was so excited now, watching Laura rub my dick against my wife's pussy. She seemed to be putting a lot of effort into moving the head over Rachel's clit, much to Rachel's enjoyment. Finally, she pushed me lower and I felt the head captured by my wife's opening. Still, Laura held on. I pushed forward, entering Rachel's pussy. Laura relaxed her grip slightly, but my dick was sliding through her fingers into Rachel. When I pulled back, my dick was still sliding inside her grip. We did this for a few strokes, my dick spreading Rachel's juices onto Laura's hand. It felt like Laura was masturbating me with Rachel's pussy. I didn't know how much of this I could take.

Finally, Laura released my dick but mirrored Rachel's earlier position by putting her head down on Rachel's stomach. She was still watching my dick move in and out of Rachel's lips with rapt attention.

"You're right, this looks so sexy," she breathed. Rachel moaned in response. I did my best to think of something else so I didn't cum right away. Fortunately, I had recently enjoyed a few orgasms so I had a little time on my side. As I began screwing Rachel faster, Laura didn't move. The motion was causing her head to bob as I thrust against Rachel but she stayed there... watching.

I looked to Rachel, who was watching Laura. Nobody spoke. It was almost silent in the room, our motion making the only sound. I reached out with one hand and stroked Laura's cheek. The silkiness of her skin was delightful. She cooed in appreciation. I ran my fingers through her silky hair. Rachel put her hand on Laura's shoulder. The three of us were again joined by touch.

"Let her know when you're about to cum," Rachel told me. Then, to Laura, "you'll want to hold his balls when he shoots in me. It feels really good."

Laura, still watching where we were joined, just nodded. After a few more minutes, she spoke again.

"This looks sooo sexy."

"Mmm-hmm," Rachel agreed.

Rachel lifted up on her elbows to get a better look herself. I lovingly touched Rachel's cheek, just as I had touched Laura's earlier. She looked at me and smiled. No other words were spoken until I was ready to cum.

"I'm gonna shoot," I announced.

"Cup his balls, but be gentle," Rachel urged Laura. She had to get up to reach, but Laura did just that. Her eyes were still fixed on the base of my dick sticking out of Rachel's pussy.

Her gentle grasp on my testicles had the same effect as Rachel's touch had before. I began cumming almost at once.

"He's cumming inside you right now," Laura announced. Rachel responded by attacking her clit with two fingers, desperate to cum with me. I could feel myself spurting but I wondered if I was really shooting very much after all the orgasms I had enjoyed that day. Laura kept fondling me and Rachel came loudly right after I did. Laura sat up on her knees and kissed me while I was still inside Rachel. It was strange having my dick inside one woman and my tongue inside another. Strange, but nice.

We both looked down at Rachel to see her smiling at us.

"I like sharing," my wonderful wife announced.

"I'm glad you share," I told her. I pulled out of her pussy and Laura moved into position to watch the aftermath of our lovemaking. As I thought, there wasn't much, but a little whiteness could be seen seeping through her distended lips. Laura reached out to touch it. Rachel jumped when Laura's finger contacted her pussy. Laura giggled.

"I just wanted to feel how warm it is," she explained. Rachel relaxed. I marveled at how comfortable we had become with each other's bodies in the last few hours.

After that last performance, I was finished for the night. Fortunately, the women were as well. While we were lying around, Rachel and I next to each other and Laura on her stomach between Rachel's legs, I let out a yawn. The girls laughed, but Rachel said, "I guess I'm tired, too. How about you, Laura? Ready to go to sleep?"

"Uh-huh," Laura responded. She got up and headed for the bathroom. I kissed Rachel before commenting that I needed to go as well.

"Go ahead," Rachel urged.

"I can wait for Laura to finish," I said.

Rachel made a moue. "So you can fuck her, but you can't share a bathroom with her?" She smiled. "Go ahead. I'll be there in a minute," she added as she shoved me in that direction.

I tapped lightly on the open door before entering. I still felt a little shy in spite of the intimacy we had just shared. Laura turned to look.

"Come on in," she urged. "There's nothing here you haven't already seen."

"True," I agreed. I peed while she washed her hands and face. When I finished and turned around, I saw she had been watching me in the mirror. She just smiled when she saw she was caught. She gave me a light peck on the cheek as I took my turn at the lavatory. She stood behind me, pressing her nude form against my back. If I hadn't been so exhausted, I would have risen to the occasion. We walked back to the bed together.

"So how will this work?" I asked the ladies.

Rachel piped up. "I'm sleeping next to you."

"I wanted to sleep next to him," Laura complained.

"Ladies, ladies, there is enough of me to go around. How about I sleep in the middle?"

They were agreeable to that, so I turned out the main light and crawled over Rachel to lie between the two of them. Laura pulled up the covers as Rachel turned off the lamp. Rachel turned towards me and draped one leg over mine. I could feel the wetness between her legs against my leg. Laura did the same on my left, with the same results.

"This is nice," I commented. Two contented sighs came in response. With that, we were all soon asleep.

I'd like to say we woke up during the night and screwed until dawn, but the truth is that we were all tired and slept through the night. The long drive and then the sex had worn me out. Laura's day had turned into an emotional roller coaster when we had arrived, and Rachel was just plain tired. It was well after sunrise when we woke.


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