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Jack gets to know his family a little better
Jack froze.

His mom turned back to his dad’s ass and rubbed the edge of her hand up and down his crack as he pummelled his swollen wet cock into his daughter’s cunt.

Did mom just wink at me? It was such a shock to his system that Jack wasn’t sure he’d actually seen what he’d just seen. Sure his family fucking each other like wild animals was out of the ordinary, but his mom winking at him while her face was inches away from her husband’s ass and her twelve year old daughter’s pussy was just unbelievable.

Racked with guilt for spying, shame for being caught or pure fear of their reaction to him finding out, Jack pulled his hand from his pants and bolted across the landing and down the stairs. He almost forgot to grab his homework before he was out of the door but he quickly ran to the kitchen, grabbed his papers and left as quickly as he could.

Millions of questions filled his head but no answers came to him as he hurried back to school. The rest of the school day passed by in a blur, Jack taking in nothing of what was said. Even the normally attention inspiring Miss Brookes was invisible to Jack and his ‘head in the clouds’ attitude brought forth more than a few comments from teachers and classmates alike.

As the last class ended Jack walked home unsure of what he was going to do or say when he got there. When he got home he headed straight for his room and laid back on his bed. His mind wandered back to the sights that greeted him in his sister’s bedroom and his flaccid cock started to swell. Despite himself Jack unbuttoned his pants and pushed them off and began to stroke his cock, his eyes closed imagining the perverse sights he had seen.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door and without waiting for an answer his mom walked in. For the second time that day his mom had made Jack freeze. His hand gripped his cock tightly and try as he might he couldn’t move the other hand to cover himself. His mom closed the door and walked over to him, smiling and seemingly unaware that Jack had a rapidly deflating cock in his hand. She sat on the edge of the bed and put her hand on Jack’s.

Without a word, she eased his fingers off his cock and wrapped her fingers round it smiling at her son. Jack let out a soft moan. “Oh baby you have such a beautiful cock.” She started to move her fingers slowly up and down stroking his cock, bringing it to life. “Oh mom,” moaned Jack, “that is so good.”
“Oh baby, you are only fourteen but you are almost as big as your father.” It was true, Jack was proud of his cock and wasn’t ashamed in the showers at school like some of the other boys at school. Soon his cock was throbbing and as hard as it had ever been. Still smiling at her son, Jack’s mom lowered her head and flicked her tongue out at his pisshole, licking up the precum that had appeared there. She pulled her face away and the string that formed between her tongue and pisshole caught the light streaming into the room. She moved back to her son’s cock and licked it off, savouring the taste.

“Mmmmm, Jack’s big cock tastes as good as it looks” she mewled and without further hesitation plunged her mouth down onto her sons cock taking it deep into her throat in one long sucking motion her nose in Jack’s light pubic hair. “Ohhhh my God mom,” cried Jack as he almost erupted in to his mom’s mouth. She felt his tension and started to suck up and down her son’s swollen throbbing cock, moans and ahhhhhs issuing from her. She held the base of his cock and was sucking hard and fast, all the way up and all the way down, hungry for her son’s tasty cum. Jack was unable to hold off any longer and involuntarily pushing down on his mom’s head bucked his ass off the bed and let fly a mighty gush of cum into his mother’s throat. His hard cock spurted and spurted, filling his mother’s mouth. “Fuck fuck fuck,” cried out Jack, his mother purring like a kitten.

After she had sensed that Jack had finished cumming she drew her head up and licked her lips smiling at her son. “We have some talking to do baby,” she said. “No shit!” replied Jack. She raised her eyebrows at his use of language and Jack apologised. “Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. We will talk then.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek and left the room.

This is gonna be some talk thought Jack. He waited nervously in his room, still quite unable to believe the events of the day so far until he heard his father calling him to dinner. Jack walked down the stairs in a daze. Here we go he thought.

His dad and sister were sat at the table, while mom served up the dinner. “Hey Jack,” she called as she saw him, “come and have some delicious pasta.” His family somehow looked different but he couldn’t put his finger on it. His dad was wearing shorts and a t shirt, teasing his daughter about some boy at school. Melissa, his sister, was laughing shyly and sticking her tongue out at her dad. Mom was laughing as she served up dinner.

Jack sat down. “Let’s eat!” said Dad. The family ate through dinner, a few comments made but mostly concentrating on eating. Once the plates were cleared away, it began.

“Jack,” began Mom, “we understand that what you saw today has brought you many questions and we are here to answer them but first let me explain how this happened. Your father and I have always been very open about sex as you and your sister know. We had taught you all we could about sex by explaining things and showing you books but it seems that wasn’t enough for one of you.”

She smiled at Melissa, who looked up with a sheepish grin, and carried on. “one evening your father and I were fucking....yes Jack, fucking....” she emphasised the word to let Jack know it wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Your father was pretending that I was Melissa, he has always had a thing about that...” Dad rolled his eyes in mock guilt “when suddenly who walks into the room after a nightmare but your little sister. We didn’t hear or see her straight away so she was just watching us fuck while your father gave me orgasm after orgasm.”

“The first we knew she was there was when she said “Mom! Why is dad pretending that you are me?”

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The thing I like to read is where the daughter seduces the father,that to me, is a very good turn on.

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I had to drug my mom and then rape was fun.


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