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same as part 1 & 2
1st Fuck (part 3)

After that first weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, things just
got better. Every weekend was nothing but a fuck fest. I had things
done to me I never thought could be done. But last weekend seem to beat
them all.
We had went to a friend of Grandpa's, named Mike. Mike had a farm
about 20 miles outside of town. He had cows, horses, pigs, chickens and
dogs. The farm also had a huge barn. Mike gave me the full tour.
We were going to spend the weekend there. That night Mike showed
us his videos of people having sex with animals. I noticed that some of
the animals looked familiar. Especailly the horses and dogs.
While we were watching the movies, everybody but me had gotten
undressed. Even Mike. I looked at his crotch and discovered that he was
well hung. I think he was even bigger than my father. But it was hard
to see his cock because it was over half way down grandma's throat.
This is also when I learned what it meant for a man to be bi-sexual.
Grandma was sucking Mike's cock for all she was worth. Grandpa was
behind Mike fucking his cock deep into Mike's ass. I came on the spot.
This was exciting to see. Just then my father got behind Grandpa and
buried his monster into Grandpa's ass. Mom, not to be left out, was
sucking and licking Grandma's pussy. All I could do with put my hand
between my legs and finger my sloppy wet cunt.
As I had my first orgasm, I heard Mike yell, "I'm cumming!!".
With that Grandma inhaled the rest of the cock into her mouth and down
her throat.
Then Grandma started cumming onto Mom's mouth and face. I could
see all of the excess cum from Grandma's pussy dribbling down Mom's
Then Grandpa screamed that he was going to cum and buried his
cock all the way into Mike's ass.
Dad was about two seconds behind. He yelled that he also was
cumming as he rammed every inch of his monster deep into Grandpa's butt
and let loose with his load of sperm.
When they all had finished cumming. They pulled their now
softening dicks from their respective holes.
"Damn, you sure have a lot of sweet tasting sperm, Mike. I could
drink your spunk all day and night and still not get enough." Grandma
"Why, thank you. You can suck my cock anytime you want." Mike
"We adults should be ashamed of ourselves. Here we are enjoying
each other and have left Diane out of all of it. We need to make it up
to her." Mom stated.
"Well, all of us guys can make her air-tight by filling all of
her holes with cock." Dad replied.
"Or we can let Max have a go at her. He'll make her feel real
good." Mike chirped in.
"Hey, don't I get a choice in all of this or am I just going to
be holes to fuck." I laughed.
"Ok, sweetheart, you make your own choice." Mom chuckled.
"I want to have all the cocks filling me up while I watch you or
Grandma take on Max." I replied.
"Sounds good to me!" Grandma answered. "I love Max's large dog
dick in my cunt or ass. I even love to suck it."
Mike left to get Max. When he returned I almost fainted. Max was
a large dog. Wrong. Max was huge dog. A huge great dane. The biggest
great dane I have ever seen.
While Mike was getting on his back and I was sliding his huge
monster prick into my tiny hole, I watched Mom and Grandma reaching out
for Max's cock. They were pulling at his sheath to get him excited and
to have him bare his dog dick to the world.
After I was completely impaled on Mike's monster I could feel its
head punching at my womb opening. Grandma had been able to get most of
the dog cock exposed. Boy, was I wrong! This dog had a cock that was
bigger than Mike's. Not only in length but girth. I wished I had asked
for Max first.
Dad was entering my ass as Grandma started sucking Max's huge
shaft into her mouth. It looked like it was all she could to get the
head in her mouth.
Grandpa had moved to my face as I opened my mouth to inhale his
prick into my mouth. I sucked his cock deep into my throat. Grandpa
filled my throat nicely with his aveage sized dick. As his dick slid
down my throat I noticed that Grandma had about half of Max's dog dick
in her mouth. But she wasn't stopping. I guess she wanted it all in her
throat. Meanwhile, Mom was sucking on Max's huge hairy balls. She had
both of them in her mouth.
I finally couldn't watch anymore. I starting cumming. The
pounding I was getting from all three cocks took over and I was having
one orgasm after another.
I could feel my father pubic hairs on my ass. I knew he had every
inch in my well stretched asshole. Mike was ramming my cunt so hard
that he was able to push the head of his dick into my womb. It hurt but
that didn't stop him or for that matter, me. I wanted to feel a cock in
my womb but most of all I wanted to feel hot googy sperm being shot
into it.
Suddenly the guys all rammed into at one time. I felt cocks
swelling. I knew they were going to cum. Boy, did they cum. Dad
unloaded in my bowels with such force that I thought I would be shot
off of his cock. Mike did the same. Mike's balls unloaded their huge
load into my womb. I thought after what he had put into Grandma's belly
that he wouldn't much left. I was wrong. He kept pumping squirt after
squirt into my tiny womb, stretching it to a painful size. But this was
my second womb fuck and sperming and I didn't want to miss a stroke or
drop of Mike's spunk.
By now, Grandma had managed to get all of Max's cock in her
throat. The only part not in her mouth was the huge knot that all dogs
have. Max was humping grandma's face. He was fucking her mouth so fast
that his cock looked like a blur. I didn't know how Grandma did it but
she kept right on sucking and taking every inch of the dog dick into
her throat.
Max then lunged forward, ramming his knot into Grandma's mouth. I
watched her throat muscle working. I knew she was swallowing Max's
load of dog spunk.
Finally Max quit cumming. His cock softened and plopped from
Grandma's mouth. "That was one hell of a load of spunk he had. Now I
know why I can only suck Max off every once in awhile. I'm so full I
don't think my stomach could handle another drop." Grandma panted as
she regained her composer.
"Well, Mom! If you weren't so greedy and would let someone else
in on the fun or sperm, You wouldn't get this way." Mom chuckled.
"I know. Its just that I can't seem to get enough sperm pumped
into me. Daughter, you know how much I love the taste of sweet spunk. I
rather drink a couple of loads of hot spunk than eat real food."
Grandma replied. "Next time he's yours, my daughter."
"How did you like your fucking, Diane?" Mom asked.
"It was real cool. I can't wait to take on Max. His cock looked
so good. I want him to fuck my pussy and asshole." I replied.
"Oh, you'll love his cock in your ass especially when the knot
enters you and stretches your anal opening and you get stuck. When that
happens Max will keep pumping you full of spunk. I know. He's done it
to me numerous times and I can't get enough." Grandma stated.
"But thats mild compared to what the horse does to her cunt and
sometimes to her ass." Grandpa retorted.
"I want to see that. When can we do it?" I asked.
"I think I'm ready. Lets go to the barn!" Grandma replied.
"I think I'll stay here, Mom! And get filled by these three
wonderful cocks. Then I'll be ready for Max." Mom smiled as she grabbed
Mike's and Dad's pricks in her hands.
"OK, see you later."
Mom told me later that she had Dad lay down on the floor. After
she had all of his cock in her cunt, she had Mike ram his monster into
her ass. Grandpa was sucking Max back to a hard state. Then Grandpa
bent over and Max jumped him and buried his big cock, knot and all deep
into Grandpa's ass. The fuck session went on for hours. Mom fucked each
guys twice. First, they nailed her pussy than her ass. When she had
worn all of them off, Max took over. Max fucked Mom's cunt till he came
then he moved to her ass. She said that when Max rammed his cock into
her ass they got stuck. But with all of Max's cock and the knot in her
ass, Mom said she could do nothing but accept the ass fucking she was
getting. For the next hour Max humped her ass. He couldn't pull out but
he could continue to bury more of his bone into her bowels.
Finally, Max came. It felt like someone had rammed a firehose in
her ass and turned on the faucet. Mom said her bowels got so full of
dog spunk that her belly swelled. She thought she was three months PG.
Max's cock shrank and Max pulled out of her ass with loud plop.
Mom said that it didn't stop there. As the dog sperm drained
from her ass, Dad and Mike grabbed her and impaled her on their cocks.
But this time they both entered her ass at the same time. She said she
had only done that once before when she was first married to my father
and it was Dad and Grandpa that time.
Mom said she loved the feel of two cocks in her ass, she also
loved two cocks in her pussy too. She stated that Mike and Dad fucked
her for about a half an hour before they dumped their loads in her. She
said that with Max's sperm and Mike and Dad's sperm, she had never been
so full of spunk. When they stopped cumming, they removed their cocks
from her well abused and well stretched hole, Grandpa rammed a large
butt plug into her ass to keep the sperm from coming out. She kept the
butt plug in her ass for the rest of the day.
Meanwhile, Grandma and I got to the barn. There was three horses
in their stalls. And they were all males. Grandma said that the horses could
smell our cum filled pussies and thats why their horse cocks were
hanging down. I looked at the dick on each horse. They were huge.
Biggest hunks of meat I had ever seen. They were two and three times
bigger than Dad or Mike.
"You're really going to let them fuck you, Grandma?" I asked.
"Yeah, and it not the first time either. That buckskin over there
is the biggest and the best. He has been trained to fuck human women.
He knows that he has to go slow at first, then really ram it to you
when you're ready. I've had him about a dozen times and alway want
more. He even fucked my ass a couple of times. Boy, that was a wild
time. He stretched my asshole so big we thought it would never close
again. Look at the girth of that beautiful cock. Someday, you will be
able to take him in your ass like me. Even your mother has done it with
him." Grandma told me.
Grandma went over to the buckskin horse and started petting him.
I saw his large cock getting harder. Man, was it big! I didn't think
Grandma would be able to him in her cunt. After a few minutes, Grandma
went and got a bench, She put it under the horse's belly. Since she was
already naked, she climbed onto the bench on her back with one leg on
each side of the horse.
"I'm really going to enjoy this." She stated. "Diane, come closer
so you can watch!"
I moved closer to them. The horse cock was a monster. It had to
be at least 17" long, the girth was about 11" around. And the bulbous
head was bigger then the cock. The head didn't look like a man's cock.
It was like a mushroom except that it was flat. I was getting excited
just looking at it. I moved my hands down to my already sloppy wet cunt
and started to finger myself.
Grandma grabbed the huge cock and aimed the head of it at her
pussy hole. She rubbed it up and down her wet hairless slit. As she
rubbed the cock against her hole, the horse lunged forward impaling
Grandma on his huge hunk of meat.
"OH, GOD, OH, YES!! That feels wonderful!" Grandma moaned as she
raised her hips to get more of the horse meat into pussy. "Damn, I love
to be fucked! I love to be stretched to the limit."
Grandma continued to meet every down stroke of the horse with an
upstroke of her cunt. Deeper and deeper I watch the cock disappear into
her cunt. I got closer so I could see her cuntlips.
YYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSS!! DAMN IT! I WANT MORE!!" She yelled as more cock
got buried in her.
My mouth dropped open as I watch the show before me. Here was my
Grandma being fucked by a horse. I fingered my pussy harder. I slipped
three fingers into my juicy hole.
"Come over here, Diane. Lay on my belly with your pussy at my
mouth." She stated. "Then you can see close up while I eat your pussy."
I climbed onto her stomach as she had directed. I jumped as soon
as her tongue hit my clit. I started cumming.
Here in front of my eyes was grandma's naked pussy with the horse
cock sliding in and out. I was so close I could lick the shaft as it
slid in and out. I looked down and saw Grandma's huge clit. I took it
in between my teeth and started sucking into my mouth. Grandma jerked
when my teeth touched her clit, then she moaned, "OH, suck my clit,
sweet Diane! Suck my clit while the horse fucks me."
I enjoyed sucking her clit but I wanted to lick the cock shaft of
the horse to see how it felt and tasted. I reached out my hand and
grabbed the cock. It was so big and hard I needed both my tiny hands to
completely surround the shaft. I stuck out my tongue moving it down and
acrossed my Grandmother's clit and pussy lips, right to her hole filled
with horse cock. I touched the shaft of the dick with the tip of my
tongue. It felt hot and very veletly. I broaden my tongue so that I
could swipe a bigger area of the shaft. I knew then that one day I
would be fucking this cock in my own pussy. I licked on the shaft as it
went in and out, licking up Grandma's coupious juices. While holding
the shaft it felt like I was fucking her cunt. This was really neat.
"Look at your mother! She's not only fucking the horse but eating
Diane's pussy!" I heard my father voice say.
Dad, Mom, Max, Grandpa and Mike had come out to the barn when
they had finished their fuck session in the house.
"Isn't exciting how she is teaching Diane all the things about
sex like she taught me." Mom exclaimed. "Diane, honey, come out from
there, please, I'd like to tale your place. Besides, Mike and Max would
like to have some of your sweet pussy and ass, OK!"
I climbed off of Grandma saying, "OK with me. I want to be fucked
by Max's big cock. And I want to try on Mike's beautiful piece of meat
in my ass, too!"
Mom took my place on Grandma. Mom went straight to the horse's
cock and was licking the whole shaft right up to the sheath. She even
reached out and took the huge balls of the horse into her hands. I
could see the butt plug sticking out of Mom's ass.
"Well, they'll be busy for awhile. Let's see how well you handle
Max." I heard my Dad say. I was already down pulling on Max's cock. It
was growing to become a hand full.
"Mike, would you lay down on the hay? I want to sit on your
beautiful piece of meat again. Then I want Max to fuck my butt!!" I
asked politly. " I would like you to fuck me until you cum. After Max
cums in my butt, I want him to fill my pussy, OK!"
"Not a problem." He said as he laid down.
I climbed above him and lower my sloppy wet snatch to the head of
his big cock. I nudged the head into my opening cunt. When I had about
half the head in between cunt lips I slammed my hips down impaling
myself on the whole cock. It felt wonderful as it slid deep into my
pussy stopping only when it hit my womb. I came immediatly. I think I
tore my pussy alittle by doing that but I didn't care. I had just
wanted to feel the instant rush of a cock entering me in one stroke. I
started to ride the monster dick in my snatch. I felt a tongue on my
asshole. I looked back and saw Max licking me. As he lick my hole I
could feel his tongue entering me alittle. As I fucked Mike I pushed my
ass back at Max. He got the message. He started licking my asshole even
faster. I felt his tongue enter my ass deeper. This was a thrill I had
never felt before but I knew I'd want some more of it.
As I continued to fuck Mike's dick, the tongue that was licking
me left. Then I felt furry paws wrap around my waist. Max had mounted
me and was trying to get his cock into my ass. He kept missing my
asshole but he did manage to hit my pussy hole that had Mike's cock in
it. In went Max's dick next to Mikes. I felt pain in my pussy so I know
that the two big cocks had split my pussy.
"Dad, help Max find my butt! He's in my pussy and it hurts to
have both these big dicks in there." I told him.
Dad came over and repositioned Max. He then aimed Max's dick at
my rose colored rectum hole. Max lunged forward.
"OH, MY GOD, He's so big!! He's filling my ass with his big
beautiful cock. He's stretching me wide open. I knew I'd like being
fucked by this dog." I moaned as Max's cock slid deeper and deeper into
my ass and bowels.
Then Mike yelled, "I'm cumming!!"
I guess the feel of Max's dick in my ass though the thin piece of
skin that separted the two holes was to much. MIke filled my pussy with
his hot sperm. I even felt some of it squirting into my womb. God, how
I loved the feel of hot, googy sperm.
Mike finished cumming and crawled out from under me. Max kept
pounding his cock into my ass. With Mike out of my cunt I could feel
Max going even deeper into my butt. My bowels were so stretched by the
size of the massive dog dick I thought I would never be able to close
my asshole again. Right now I didn't care. I was cumming so hard and so
much it was like one continuous orgasm.
As Max rammed forward into me, I was ramming my ass back at him.
"HOLY SHIT!! OH, DAMN!! His knot has entered my ass." I yelled as the
pain of the knot entering me tore my asshole. After the knot got passed
my spinster muscle the pain subsided. Max and I were locked together. I
knew that Max would fuck me till he came. That could mean that since he
had fucked Grandma and Mom at least once that I knew and probably more
when Grandma and I left the house. He might not cum for a hour or more.
Meanwhile, Max would continue pounding my tender anal channel. I was
and would probably keep cumming and cumming.
"He's cumming!!!" I heard Grandma screamed. I turned my head to
see that most of the horse cock was in her pussy. I could see horse
spunk squirting out the sides of the cock impaling my Grandmother. The
horse must be dumping gallons of horse sperm into her pussy.
"He's filling my womb with cum!! My womb hasn't felt this full in
a long time." She moaned as the sperm continued to enter her cunt and
then squirt out onto her thighs. Mom was right there licking up the
spunk as it came out of her mother's pussy. I had to have a horse cum
in me some day. It looked delious.
While the horse continued to sperm into Grandma's pussy, Max kept
pounding away at my tender young ass. I was still cumming. Then I felt
Max's cock swell in my bowels and knew he was about to fill me with
dog spunk. I rammed my ass back at him to impale more of the wonderful
dog meat into me.
Max let go of his load of spunk. I felt it spurt into my bowels.
It was hotter than a man's cum. Max continued to sperm my rectum. I
could feel the spunk filling my instental tract. I could feel the tract
swelling as more and more spunk entered me. I felt my belly swelling
up. I didn't think Max would have this much juice left in his balls
after empting them twice.
"OH, SHIT!! I'm so full. Is he ever going to quit cumming. My
belly is so stretched. My bowels are so full and stretched." I wailed
as I continued to cum and be fill with the dog spunk.
The spurting started to slow down. I knew Max was nearly finished
cumming. When the spurting had subsided, I felt Max trying to pull his
dick from my ass. It wouldn't come out. The knot was still swollen.
Since my ass was almost a virgin it was unable to relax enough for Max
to pull out. We would have to wait for the knot to relax before Max
could remove his cock from me. So I continued kneel there and watch the
Mom climbed off of Grandma and Grandma removed the horse cock
from her cunt. When she stood up the horse sperm gushed out of her
pussy and down her legs. "That was a great fuck! To bad I can only do
it about twice a year. I like to do it about once a month." Grandma
"You'd like to have a horse in our backyard so that you could
fuck it any time you wanted." Grandpa chuckled.
"If she did that, us guys would never get other chance to fuck
her." Dad mused.
"You'd be missing one of the sweetest pussy you have known." Mom
replied. "But in the meantime lets get down to some serious fucking. I
need to have my pussy filled with some horse cock."
"What about the butt plug, Mom?" I asked.
"It will be alright. It will make my pussy tighter and give me
better feeling. I'll be able to feel every bump and ridge of that
monster dick." Mom said.
She moved the bench to one of the other horses and climbed onto
it. As she reached for the swelling cock Mike said, "Wait a minute. I
have a surprise for you."
Mike moved the horse away from Mom. He led it to another stable.
Then he disappeared to another room. When he returned he was leading a
larger horse. I looked at the cock hanging down between its legs. It
was almost twice the size of the buckskin.
Mom gasped, "OH, MY GOD!! Will you look at the size of that hunk
of meat. I don't know if I can handle it but I am going to give it my
best shot. I might have to remove the plug from my ass to accept all of
"I got him a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd keep him a
surprise for you. I wanted you to be the first woman he fucked." Mike
told Mom.
"You are so sweet. When I recover from this I will give you
anything you want. My body will be yours to do with as you please." Mom
"I want nothing more than for you to enjoy him. You all are good
friends and I hope that we will always be friends. Anyhow, I have had a
nice reward already. I have had the pleasure of being able to fuck your
young daughter. I find that she is as good as her mother and
"I wish I'd known about him." Grandma replied.
"You wouldn't want to deprive your daughter of being able to
break in a new horse, would you? Mike asked.
"No, but just looking at his dick makes my pussy horny all over
again." I guess I'm just a horny bitch. Daughter, go ahead and enjoy
him. When your done, I'll get my chance." Grandma answered.
"Well, lets get on with it." Mom replied. "I'm already cumming.
Look at my pussy. It dripping juice and I haven't even touched it."
Mom grabbed the monster prick and began to rub it against her
naked pussy lips.
"Its so hot and big! I want to be filled with this cock." Mom
moaned as she rubbed it harder and harder against her opening.
"Mom, come help me with this cock. Its so big." Mom moaned again.
By now Max had softened enough for him to pull his dog meat from
my ass. I went over to my mother to get a closer look at what was about
to happen to her. I could feel dog sperm running down my legs.
Mom was going crazy from the feel of the dick. Grandma had
grabbed it by the huge shaft. Her two hands couldn't get around the
"This is the biggest cock I've ever held in my hands. I'm looking
forward to feeling it in my cunt." Grandma signed.
I watched as they started to insert the head into my Mom's
pussy. I knew she would probably stretch since she had had a baby and
that Dad and Mike had been able to abuse her pussy earlier.
Mom grunted as the head tried to slide pass her opening. "Stop!
We have to remove the butt plug. It won't fit."
Grandma reached down and slowly pulled the plug from Mom's ass.
Out came all of the dog and man sperm that had deposited earlier by the
guys. Grandma pushed on Mom's stomach. Out came another big load of
juices. Max and the guys had really filled Mom's bowels with their
"I hate to lose all that wonderful sperm. It was feeling so good
being held in my ass and churning around in me." Mom moaned. "But I
need to be filled with this cock and the sperm he'll dump into my
When Mom's asshole finished draining, her and Grandma started
insert the cock into her cunt. Mom humped as Grandma aimed the dick at
her opening. The head started slipping in.
"OH, YES!! Its so big!! I can feel it stretching me. I think I'm
tearing alittle but I don't care. I want all of it. AAAGGGGHHHH!!!" Mom
I watched Mom's pussy stretch as the head entered. I saw so blood
trickle down her crack.
As the shaft started disappearing into my Mom's cunt, Mom
screamed," Its so fucking bigggg! It feel so good!! I need this!! More
cock, please!!"
More and more of the shaft entered Mom. I knew by her actions she
was in heaven. I watched her belly raise as the cock invaded her loins.
I reached out and touched her stomach. I could feel the cock as it slid
into Mom.
I looked up to look at Dad's face to see his reaction as his wife
was getting fucked by this monster dick. But they were nowhere to be
seen. I left Mom and Grandma to go find the guys. I found them.
The guys were in another part of the barn. This part only had
female animals. There was two horses, a pony, a donkey and a goat.
Grandpa was getting ready to stick his dick in the goat. Dad was
already fucking one of the mares. Mike was watching them.
"I have females for the guys also!" Mike replied when see saw me.
"Some of the women that come here will sometimes eat out the cunt of
the mares." How about you, Diane?"
"No, not today. I have other ideas. I want all of you guys to
fuck my butt, one at a time, then when each of you is done I want the
butt plug put in to keep all the sperm in my ass." I said.
"Sounds like fun to me!" Mike answered. "Do you want Max again?"
"Yeap, I want him to be last. I want Grandpa first, then Dad,
then you, finishing up with Max. Unless you have a small pony I could
fuck." I retorted.
"No problem. I have just the pony for you." Mike replied.
"Good. Then lets get started." I said.
Grandpa stop fucking the goat and Dad climbed off of the mare.
They had heard what I had told Mike so they were all primed and ready.
I kneeled down onto my hands and knees. Grandpa slipped in in one
stroke right to the base of his cock. I guess the tightness of my ass
and that he had been fucking the goat made him cum after a dozen or so
strokes. When he pulled out, Mike rammed the butt plug in keeping all
of Grandpa's sperm in my ass. Next came Dad, then Mike followed by Max.
I knew Max's knot wouldn't let any sperm escape. I was already having
warm feeling in my butt from the sperm that had already been dumpped
into me but when Max unload again in my ass with his hot spunk I came
again. When Max could pull out of me Mike shoved the butt plug into me.
Here I was full of churning warm and hot Man and dog sperm in my
bowels. I was now ready for my final ass fucking of the day. Mike
brought the pony in from its stall.
The pony cock wasn't as big as Dad but it wasn't size I was
after. It was the act of getting fucked by an animal, especially in my
ass, but because I wanted the sperm in me to mix with all the other
sperms that I had already recieved.
Mike was just about to pull the butt plug from me when we heard
Mom scream. We all went to see what was happening. Mom had about half
of the cock in her cunt. Grandma was laying on top of her with her
pussy at Mom's mouth. Gramdma's hands were still holding the monster
shaft as the horse humped the pussy that had engulfed its cock.
"I'm cummmming again!!! I haven't stop cumming since I started.
I love the size of this cock. It stretches me so big!!! Here I go
again!!! AAAGGGHH!! UUUGGGHHHH!!! OH, FUCK!!! OH, SHIT!! He's starting
to swell!! He's getting bigger!!!" Mom wailed as the horse continued
its plunging strokes.
The horse came. I mean it ready came. All we could see was the
sperm squirting out the sides of Mom cunt. There was so much pressure
that the spunk sprayed two feet away.
He's filling my womb. It hurts but it feels good too!! I am so pack
with this cock I'll never be a normal size again." Mom yelled.
By now Grandma had gotten off of Mom. Suddenly Mom pulled the
spuirting cock from her pussy and aimed it at her open asshole. The
horse continued tospuirt spunk into Mom's ass. "OOOOHHH!!! YYYEEESSSSS!! It feels
wonderful!! Its spraying deep into my bowels!!! I love it!!" Mom moaned
as she pasted out. The horse was still cumming so I went over and held
the head up to Mom's butt hole to let it continue to fill her ass.
Grandma came over and took the cock from my hands and put it to
her lips. She began to drink down the reminder of the hot horse spunk.
She didn't quit until the horse had finished cumming.
"Damn, that horse sure has alot of cum. I don't even think I
could drink a whole load from his balls." Grandma said. "But I do know
I want to be fucked by him. I even want him in my ass."
I grabbed Mike, "Lets go back to the pony. I want to finish being
fucked and filled with spunk."
We went back to the pony and I got on my hands and knees again.
Mike took the plug from my ass and helped the pony insert his pony dick
deep into my ass.
The pony dick was long. I felt it going into my bowels past where
Max had been. It kept going deeper and deeper. I thought it was going
to come out my mouth. Then I felt the sheath hit my rectum hole. I
never knew this would feel so good. The pony started humping me. I
could feel it pull the cock almost all the way out then slam back in. I
would surely have to do this again. Some of the pervious cum was
squirting out of me but Mike had started catching in a pan. I came over
and over. This had to be the ulimate fuck of my young life.
The pony rammed into me again this time holding its dick deep in
me. I felt its dick swell. I knew he was going to unload his balls full
of spunk in my ass. I clamped my ass tight onto the throbbing cock as
its squirted its hot load. The pony came and came and then came some
more. I wondered if it would ever stop but I really didn't want it too!
"He filling my bowels so full. It feels like it going to come out
my mouth. My bowels are so full they hurt." I wailed.
Finally the pony squirts started to lessen. He was finally going
to quit cumming. As the cock softened, Mike removed it and quickly
shoved the plug back into my ass. If it hadn't been for all the sperm
in me, I would have probably felt a vacuum in my ass.
Mom had finally woke up. She walked into the room where I was at.
I could that from the way she was walking that her pussy was very
"I see that you have found the joys of being fucked by a animal.
I also see what happen to my butt plug. How much sperm is in your ass?
Is it churning around in you? Doesn't it feel wonderful?" Mom asked.
"I had Grandpa, Dad, Mike, Max and the pony dump their loads in
me. Yes, I can feel it churning well. I loved the feel of the pony cock
and I know I will want more of it. And I hope I can one day take on the
bigger horses like you and Grandma." I replied.
"You will, my daughter, you will. You can do anything your heart
wantsto do. Feel my pussy gently." She said.
I reached up to her cunt. As I touched it Mom jumped. "I am still
so sensative down there. Look at my hole."
I looked at her pussy hole to find that it was so stretched open I could
put both my fists into it and never touched the sides.
"It will be a few days before I can close my hole, let alone be
fucked. I never thought I would be able to handle something that big
but I did. I'll only be able to do that about once a year. More then
that and I be stretched open to this size for the rest of my life." Mom
moaned as I touched her clit. "Lets go back into the other room."
Mom put her arm around me and grabbed Mike's big cock and lead us
to the room where Grandma was at. When we entered we could hear Grandma
moaning. We went over to her to find that she had just about every inch
of the horse that had fucked Mom deep in her pussy.
"I knew if I let her alone she would start fucking the horse.
Mom's done this more then I have so she is able to get more cock in her
cunt." Mom stated.
"Yes, my daughter, I couldn't resist it any longer. I needed to
feel this monster meat in my cunt. But I need more!" Grandma wailed.
With that Grandma removed the cock from her cunt, rolled over and
proceeded to feed the cock up her ass.
"GOD, HE'S SOOOOO BIG!!!! I want him in my ass! Help me,
daughter!! Help me get this cock into my bowels!" Grandma moaned.
Mom went over to her mother and grabbed the dick. She held it up
to the older woman's well used asshole. Grandma rammed her ass back at
the hard rod of horse meat.
don't stop!! I want it all!! I need it all!! It hurts but it feels
wonderful." Grandma screamed as the head entered her butt.
I watched in ah as the monster cock continued to disappear into
my Grandmother ass. I wouldn't have believed it except I was watching
it happen. Here was this cock almost the size of my thigh sliding into
a woman's butt. I saw some blood trickling down across her clit. I knew
that her ass would be like Mom's cunt for a long time.
With Mom and Grandma out of commission for awhile I knew that
Grandpa and Dad would turn their attentions and their cocks towards me.
I knew I was going to be rode alot in the next few weeks. But I didn't
mind because I would have all the cocks to myself. I would have them
fucking my pussy, my ass, even my throat. I would be filled with load
after load of sweet tasting sperm. I think I would even call Mike over
to help service my tender young loins.
A scream broke my train of thought.
I looked over to see that Grandma had more of the cock in her
ass than Mom had in her pussy. Grandpa was right. Grandma did like to
be butt fucked. The horse was now fucking her for all he was worth. His
strokes were going so fast it made his cock look like a blur. All
Grandma could do was lay there as the horse rammed his meat to her
asshole. Grandma had be fucked in the ass by some of the biggest men in
the world. But I don't think any of them were as big as this. But here
she was accepting every inch the horse threw at her and was begging for
Finally the horse rammed forward and held his cock deep into
HORSE SPERM!!! THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT. I can feel my stomach swelling.
I look at her belly as it swelled up. This horse must be
dumpping at least two gallons of spunk into my grandmother ass. I
reached out and touched her belly. I could feel the cock in her and
well as her belly changing sizes. Someday I wanted this.
When the horse finally finished cumming he pulled his shinking
dick from Grandma's abused ass. The gapping hole left behind was
unbelievable. I bet I could stick my foot into her ass up to my thigh
before it got tight enough to feel the sides.
Grandma stood up on shaky legs. When she did, the sperm in her
ass ran out of her onto her legs then down to the floor. It made a huge
puddle of liquid in the middle of the floor. Mom bent down and started
lapping up some of the spunk. With her ass in the air, I got a better
view of her abused cunt. I knew from the size of Mom's cunt and the
size of Grandma's ass they wouldn't be fucking for at least two months
not the two weeks Mom had stated.
We went into the house fixed something to eat. Mom and Grandma
had a hard time sitting. I had alittle trouble from the butt plug still
in my ass. But not like those two. We talked about what we had done and
what else we could do. Mom and Grandma could suck dicks and pussies but
when Mom try to take Dad in her ass, it hurt her pussy to much. Grandma
tried to fuck Mike and Grandpa but with the same results. It hurt her
ass to much. Me, I sucked them all and swallowed as much of their cream
as I could but most of it fell to the floor.
I went to the bathroom to pee. I removed the plug from my ass
and watched all the sperm drain into the toilet. I pressed my stomach
to help get it all out. I was going to miss the sperm churning in my
bowels but I knew that there were three horny men and one horny dog
waiting for more relief. I also knew I was the only female able to take
on their cocks. This was going to be one long night. I probably won't
get any sleep at all. And I didn't
THE END (part 3)

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