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a young girls joins the party, maybe?
I looked in to the camera, and said: " maybe later". I wanted to see how she would react and frankly, she was angrier then I thought she would be. She took my balls in her hand, started squeezing them like she wanted to destroy them. It was hurting me so much I started crying. The only thong she said was: "get out of my house". I got dressed and went back to my place.

A few days passed and I didn't hear from her. It seemed like she disappeared from our planet. 5 days after our last encounter, my parent left home for a month of vacation. Since I'm an only child I was home alone. Unfortunately, it blew my chances for a month of sex but my hands would keep me satisfied. My parents left in the morning so I had the whole day to myself. I was taking a break from school so I didn't have anything to do. I decided to prepare myself for some serious jerking. Connected my computer with our big plasma tv, disconnected al the telephones so I wouldn't be disturbed and got my tube of lube.

For some reason, just jerking off wasn't enough. I needed a bit more excitement. I decided to leave all the curtains open. The thrill of being caught was enough for now. I started surfing on the Internet, looking for some good porn to get me off. About 5 minutes later I found a video of a guy with his grandmother, or so it was said. The grandmother was a real anal freak and enjoyed the giving and getting of anal play equally. Seeing this, my ass started itching and I knew what I had to do. I laid myself on my side in the couch. Dropped my pants just below my ass and started licking my right thumb. When this was as wet as I could get it, it magically found its way to my asshole. Maybe because it was a couple of days since there was last something getting in my ass it didn't go so smoothly. It was like being an anal virgin again. Knowing how wonderful the feeling is of having something in there, I kept pushing it in, little by little. Finally I got it entirely in and their was that heavenly feeling again. It made me feel whole and filled. I started moving it, in and out. It wasn't the same as being fucked with a strapon but it was enough to get me really hard.

Suddenly I heard some knocking on the back door. This door was made of glass so you could see al the way in to the couch. I actually got caught with my thumb in my ass. Knowing this almost made me cum. After the first shock was gone I looked to the door and saw her standing there. She looked great. She was wearing a cute yellow dress and sexy high heels with stockings. Just the way I like it. I got my thumb out my ass, dropped my pants and opened the door with my boner pointing out from under my t-shirt. I looked at here and saw here getting on her knees. She turned me around and started licking my ass without any warning. Furiously licking my asshole, she also started playing with my balls. I pulled her head towards me, hoping she would put something in my hole. Fortunately she did, this time is was her tongue that was seeking my entrance. She barely got something in but it felt great. In the meanwhile I started jerking off. I was really slamming it so it only took me a minute before I shot my load all over the floor. She kept on playing with my balls and licking me but slowed down a little. After a few minutes I turned around and looked at her. She licked her lips clean and got her head to the ground. She started licking my cum of the floor. After she got it all, she got up and said to me: "you own me, I'm yours. You can do whatever you want with me whenever you want it". I wanted to ask her so many questions. Like why this sudden chance and how long she was mine but I decided not to ask. I just wanted to enjoy my slave from now on.

I started playing with her boobs. Kissing them gently and squeezing them. I let my hands go down to her ass and pussy. Her pussy was soaking and because she didn't wear any panties, the inside of her legs was also completely wet. I pushed a finger in her, she started moaning like she was already cumming. I pulled out and searched for that other hole in that area. Because my finger was completely wet from her own pussy, it went in like nothing. I pushed it deep inside of her and at the same time, I pushed a finger from my other hand in her pussy. She started shaking really hard. I asked her if she was cumming but she answered with a no. I quickly pulled my fingers out her and said to her: "I don't think you will be cumming anytime soon". She looked very disappointed and I was really enjoying my new power over a woman twice my age.
I went back to the couch and sat down. Within the next second I felt something I hadn't felt before. I wanted to show my power physically. I told her to lie down over me with her ass in the air. She obeyed like a proper slave would and even lifted her skirt. She just knew what was going to happen. I told her that for every day she didn't let anything know, the 5 days, she would get a week of daily spankings starting today. The number of spanks would be entirely up to me and I didn't want any complaints. So I started, the first one was real hard. The sound it made was such a turn-on. Her moans of pleasure mixed with pain made the whole thing just even more perfect. I just kept hitting here and she didn't complain once. After a while a got a little bored. I told her to get up because I wanted to have some fun in the car.

We got out the door and were heading for my car when my other neigbour passed us on her bike. She was a girl of about 17-18 years and her name was sophie. She had a sweet little ass and breast as big as oranges. All togheter she was a pretty girl but nothing special. I have always had a thing for her but I thought she was to young.

Suddenly Linda said to me: " f*ck, Sophie was spending the day at my place because her mother and father had to work and they didn't wanted her to be alone. Can I please go master?" just hearing her say master made me weak so I decided to let her go because I couldn't let anyone else suffer for the mistakes off my slave, or could I ;-). I went back inside and Linda went to her place were sophie was waiting for her.

"Heeey sophie" Linda said, she leaned forward and kissed Sophie on the cheek. Just next to her lips, which took Sophie by surprise but she didn't really mind it because she had some sort of feeling for Linda that she didn't know where to place. Linda knew that and always wondered what it would be like to have adventures with a young girl like her. Still being so horny from our encounter she decided she wanted to find out. They got in her house and made themselves comfortable in the couch. Linda asked Sophie what she wanted to do today. Sophie wanted to see some movies and this was instantly approved by Linda. Linda got up and went to her room were she kept her "special" movies. She had this one movie were young boys and girls discovered sexual pleasure. It wasn't porn but it was very sensual and always made Linda fantasise about sex. She went back into the living room and saw her guest sitting there. She had taken her sweater off and now only had a silk top on. She wasn't wearing a braw because to be perfectly honest. Her breasts weren't the slightest bit affected by graffity. Ah so great to be young, Linda thought to herself.
She let the video start and sat herself down in the couch. She was sitting very close to her guest but it was al part of the plan. She wanted to know when Sophie was getting aroused and started to breath more heavily. The first sexual scene started when the movie was playing about 15minutes. Linda noticed that Sophie was very quiet. Her plan was working. After about 45min the movie had 3 sex scenes and the 4th was about to start. Sophie was starting to breath real heavy and Linda looked at her. Sophie didn't know she was being watched when she got her hands in her pants. She slowly and quietly started playing with her pussy, or so she thought.
Linda knew it was time to start her plan to manipulate this young girl into having sex with her. She got up, looked at Sophie and said to her with a raised voice:" what are you doing, how dare you to play with yourself in my house". Sophie got her hand out of her pants and started crying. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. I was just feeling so tingly from the movie and I couldn't help it". Linda got back in the couch and started to give Sophie a hug. She held her closely and put her head on her breasts. Sophie was still crying so Linda began to move her hand over the girls back to comfort her. In the meantime that same hand sometimes moved over her tight little ass. There wasn't any reaction to this so Linda let her hand on Sophie's' ass. Linda told Sophie everything would be ok and that she wouldn't get any trouble. Then she asked if Sophie had ever seen another girls play with herself. The answer was no so Linda asked that she wanted to see it. Sophie didn't really say anything so Linda told her: "I'm going to get naked and play with myself. You made me very horny by playing with yourself. If you don't want me to, you have to stop me now because I'm not going to stop until I get an orgasm".
Linda then got up, unzipped her dress and was instantly naked. Besides the lack of panties she also wasn't wearing a bra. She let herself fell into the couch and opened her legs. She started to play slowly with her clit. She felt her pussy becoming wet and ready for anything. She increased her tempo a little and also brought her other hand to her pussy. She inserted a finger while she kept playing with her clit. She tasted herself a few times and kept increasing the pace. The noises were getting juicier. Her orgasm was nearing, her moaning was getting loader. When suddenly, she felt a hand on her breast.

end of part 3


2009-09-15 05:45:48
Great story keep them cuming

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