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It was supposed to be a quick trip to the corner store. Just run in grab a gallon of milk and head back home. Quick. Easy. I had done it a bazillion times before, but tonight what started as a normal errand become something far more sinister…
The Abduction

Part one

It was supposed to be a quick trip to the corner store. Just run in grab a gallon of milk and head back home. Quick. Easy. I had done it a bazillion times before, but tonight what started as a normal errand become something far more sinister…

Grabbing my purse and the keys, I fly out the back door and head threw the garage. The garage door is electric and I stop to wait, just a minute, for the door to rise before I can slip underneath and to my waiting car. My alarm button on my key ring refuses to unlock the door. This is nothing new, I have had this problem before, and I simply use the key to unlock the driver’s side door. Before I can drop into the seat, I slam against the side of the car, and my mouth is covered by a beefy hand. I struggle but am far too petite to fight for my freedom, yet with my mouth covered; I find I cannot even scream to save myself. As my mind races to come up with a viable plan of escape, I feel something slide over my eyes, and I am in total darkness. Now more than ever, I fight my attacker. If I can only break free…The thought dies a painful death as the hand over my mouth is replaced by a fat ball that fits securely around my head. In the dark with this,…this thing in my mouth I can hear an engine start up, and my heart, already beating fast, speeds up. With my vision gone, my other senses become hyperaware and I can just make out footsteps. They are in a hurry, and I think I detect more than one set, although I can’t be sure. In my struggle, my attacker has shifted his hold, and now has my hands held together while his leg has mine in a position that makes them useless to me. The sound of a car coming closer bombards my ears and I feel wet tears slide down my cheeks.

Within moments, I find myself forcibly shoved into some kind of large car. A van, maybe, or an SUV, for a split second I am free of my captor, but only for a split second. Then he is there, fighting me to wrestle my hands out from under me. It’s a fight I will loose, I already know it but struggle nonetheless. More hands join in, as the car starts to accelerate, and I’m confused. I have no idea who these people are or what they want, but I now suspect there are at least three of them. I start to shake; my arms are roughly extended over my head and secured with rope. For whatever reason, at least one of my captors notices and places a reassuring hand on the small of my back, slowly rubbing up and down. The gesture is comforting in an odd way. The solace is fleeting, however, when I feel rough hands turn me over, and begin shredding my clothes until I have nothing covering me but whatever it is that has blocked out the light so effectively. I continue to struggle, but I’m quickly running out of steam, and it’s fruitless anyway. At least, I know what they want, maybe if I don’t put up too much of a fight I will make it easier on myself.

Completely nude, I feel the first set of hands on my breast, squeezing, measuring their weight. At five foot four, and a hundred twenty pounds, my tits aren’t large, just enough to fill a mans hands. I never gave much thought to my bust size, aside from measuring for bra’s I hardly notice them it all. Whoever this was with the hands noticed, and I felt the first zip of arousal when he clamped on to my nipple and began rolling it between his finger and thumb. When his mouth found the other breast, he snaked out his tongue to taste it at the same time another pair of hands slide down my torso. I know I shouldn’t enjoy this, but I’m starting to feel that familiar pulsing between my legs. It’s the same place that I am starting to feel moist. The car is still moving, but my captors have me so aroused that I am hardly aware of the purr of the motor, or the vibrations of a moving vehicle. A thick finger parts my folds, spreading my cunt juice and I have to hold back my moan. I still don’t know who these people are, and I know I should be fighting, both my feelings as well as the people who have blindfolded me, but I’m swept away by the eroticism of the moment. A stinging slap to my breast brings me back from abyss, not hard enough to bruise but hard enough to remind me where I am. A calloused finger spears me, as a hot, wet tongue sneaks between my folds to find my clit. Though it all I haven’t heard a word spoken, and that thought frightens me. Without the ability to see, I would find comfort in human voices, but maybe they know that. The car comes to a stop, and the engine dies, just as a second finger stretches my inner walls. I can feel my muscles tensing; I’m so close to coming and I welcome the distraction. The mouth that was on my clit moves away, with a slurping sound that makes me cringe the fingers are removed and I lost my orgasm. We must have arrived at our destination, I think, as the door opens and I am drug across the carpet quite roughly before being picked up, and carried into the unknown. I will my thoughts back to the present and try to discern anything that might help me to recognize my destination. There is nothing.

I can tell my captor is climbing stairs, only to go down a second flight of stairs, which only adds to my confusion. While I ponder the odd chain of events, I nearly miss the moment my ass hits cold leather. What is it? I wonder, it isn’t soft enough to be a sofa, no it reminds me of the tables that the gynecologist use only bigger. Again my tied arms go over my head, but this time they are secured in that position while my legs are spread, and secured this time too. Still the only sounds I hear are my own labored breathing and the occasional footstep. Then suddenly, I can’t hear anything. I strain to pick up anything, but even the air around me is still. This ball in my mouth is making my jaw hurt from holding such a large barrier between my teeth, and while I can hum, that is all I can do.

It seems like I lay there forever but really could have been only minutes before I hear footsteps coming the room. It sounds like more than one person entered, but try as I might, I can’t tell how many. The anticipation is making me crazy, and the silence is deafening. I can hear metal, and the sound of things being shifted, moved. Finally, finally I welcome the sound of the first human voice, even though his words send a shiver down my spine.

“Having fun yet, slut?” The words, so unexpected, so startling I forgot about my mouthpiece and tried to scream. Then as his words made sense, I wanted to tell this…this man to go to Hell. All that came out was a muffled mumble, but he succeeded at renewing my energy and I began struggling to get out of my binds. For my effort, the room breaks out in laughter, and as my brain sorted through all the various sounds, I realize there are several people in the room. Many more than just the three who brought me to this place, and now I am petrified at what is going to happen. What do these people plan to do to me? A loud clap makes me jump, but it was what is said next that made my blood run cold. “Are we ready to have some fun with our new fuck toy, boys?” A round of “Fuck yeah!” and “Oh yeah!” goes through the room and before I could even process what the words mean there is a flurry of activity within the room.

I am aware that the mood is changing, there is tension in the air and only some of it comes from me. I don’t have long to wonder about it before something cold, and wet slides over my pubic hair. “This has to go.” A mans voice says just before the razor cuts away the first strip of hair covering my pussy. “We want you presentable for the camera, and I like to have an unobstructed view of everything my new toy has to offer.” My instinct is to try to get away, yet with a razor in such a sensitive place, I know I cannot move. Trying to stay as still as possible is more of a challenge than I thought, especially when my ass checks are pulled apart and a cold wet finger slides into my asshole. I tense but will myself to stay still “We need your poop-shoot nice and clean. Have you had an enema before?” He asks, and I can only shake my head to answer. “We wouldn’t want any surprises while I’m fucking your asshole, no don’t tense up, it will only make it harder for yourself.” I can feel the tube slid into my nether hole, and the fluid starts shooting into my colon, making my stomach cramp just a little. By the time the bag of fluid is empty, my stomach is cramping and I have to expel it. I expected to use the restroom but instead a large container slides under my ass and while I am mortified, I have no choice but to use it. Once I have expelled all that I can, I am shocked that someone has come in to clean me up. Once I am clean and dry, I hear the door close and I know I am alone. Left as I am, to wait and wonder what my captors will do next.

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Very nice part 2 please.

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Hmm nice, would love to know what she has in store for her.


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