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Chapter 5

Dave woke from a deep sleep and found Jen’s sexy naked body was still there next to him. She was on her side and seems to be watching something very intently. Dave moved closer to her and pressed his body up against her back. Jen was able to feel his cock pressing up against her ass. As Dave looked to over Jen he saw his wife Debbie and daughter Miriam kissing deeply. Debbie was fingering her daughter’s pussy, while Miriam was fingering her mother’s pussy. It was a very hot site to see. Jen could feel Dave’s cock start to get hard; Dave was rubbing it against the crack of her ass. It felt so nice there but she would prefer it in her mouth or pussy.

"Look at you two little sluts going at it. This morning when Miriam and Jen got up they were sweet innocent little virgins, now we turned them into a couple of bi cock hungry pussy eating sluts." This made them all laugh. The funniest part was how true it was. Jen was wondering how she ever made it though the day with out sucking a cock or eating a pussy. She knew now she loved to do both. She even had another friend she was thinking about seducing. She was a friend of both her and Miriam, but that would have to wait. She had her hands full at the time.

"Jen," Debbie said "I’m so glad your part of our family now. I really enjoyed teaching you about girl on girl sex. We just have to keep your parents from finding out about this. I’m not sure if they would appreciate the education we have been giving you today. What with your first wine, first porn movie and now all this sex, they may get the wrong idea about us." She gave a devilish little smile.

"Well to tell the truth I have watch dirty movies before. Often that is. Since we are so close now I feel I can tell you everything. I found a locked box that my dad keeps adult movies in. I often like to watch them while they are out. My dad does not like to have to remember a lot of combination lock so he uses the same for most things. I happen to know what the combination is. When they go out like to a movie or to eat I like to get comfortable in my big easy chair and watch my dad’s movies. He keeps add and removing movies. Some are about babysitter getting fucked by the father, couples seducing teens, old guys fucking teens. Stuff like that. To tell the truth I have no idea when my dad even gets a chance to watch any of these movies. He is never just home alone long enough to watch them. I really enjoy them. Now that I think of it there is a new one that is all girl-on-girl action. I have not seen it yet but let me tell you first chance I get I’m going to watch it."

Dave looked at Jen for a minute just thinking and then asked, "Jen, tell me about this easy chair you sit in while you watch movies."

"The chair itself is really nice. There is room enough for two people sit in it side by side. My parents got it just for me. They are very picky about where it is. I’m not allowed to move it at all. In fact they really don’t like me moving the TV stand or my chair or most of the furniture in the living room. When they go out they always make sure I’m in my nightgown so that if I get tired while they are gone I can just go right to bed. After they go out I usually get the box of movies and pop something in. I go back to my chair and pull down my panties and wait for some good sex scene. Sometimes when I get really turned on I get totally naked and rub myself all over while I play with my pussy. I cannot believe I’m telling you all this. I’m just so comfortable talking to all of you. Why do you ask anyway?"

Dave got out of bed and when into the den. When he got back he had a catalog in his hand. "Jen does any of these thinks look familiar to you? She looked at a few of the pages in the catalog then pointed to a clock. "That looks just like the clock on the TV stand."

"Dave what catalog is that?" Debbie asked.

"This is a security type catalog. They have all kinds of surveillance equipment include hidden cameras. This clock has a video camera hidden in it so that you can record people without them knowing. Jen, your father is not really interested in watch those dirty movies. Your father and maybe your mother are interested in watching you get naked and play with your pussy. Your parents want you to masturbate so they can record it and watch latter. I bet they watch the recording of you after you go to sleep. Your parents are a couple of perverts. Sick perverts who have sex while watching their daughter masturbate to porn. We really have to have them over some time." They laughed at that.

"I cannot believe my own parents would be getting off watching me do such dirty things. They would be going crazy if they could see me now. Here I am naked with my best friend and her parents. Not to mention her father keeps rubbing his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks. Not that I’m complaining, I just wish you would put it someplace already. I’m horny as all hell and want some cock action."

"If you want some cock action I’ll be glad to help you with that. There is still one hole I have not yet entered. I think now would be a great time for me to get to fuck you asshole." Jen looked at the size of his hard cock. "Will it hurt much?" "I’ll try not to hurt you. Debbie can you get out the sex jell to me and get her tight little asshole lubricated? I’ll need to have Miriam suck my cock to make it hard and wet. "

Debbie get the sex jell out of her dresser draw and got next to Jen. She then moved Jen onto her hand and knees with her sexy ass sticking up. Debbie just sat there rubbed Jen’s sexy ass lovingly. She then put some of the jell on Jens asshole and some on her finger. Debbie then started to work her finger slowly into Jen’s tight asshole. It was tough going at first but she soon relaxed and soon Debbie was able to slip in 2, then 3 fingers into Jen’s asshole. She slowly finger fucked her ass and soon Jen’s was moaning with pleasure. She loved the feeling of Debbie’s fingers slipping in and out of her nasty asshole. Miriam mean while went to work on her father’s cock. She was sucking her father’s cock like a pro in no time. Debbie let Dave know that Jen was ready for his cock. He was not sure who was more disappointed about removing his cock from his daughter’s mouth, him or his cock-sucking daughter.

He got himself positioned behind Jen and Debbie guided his cock to Jen’s waiting asshole. He pushed very gently into her asshole. He could feel his cock slipping into her virgin butt hole. It was so tight and hot and he loved it. Once he got it all the way in he just left it like that so that Jen could get used to it. Debbie and Miriam watch the whole show rubbing each other’s bodies all over. While Dave ass fucked Jen he reached around and played with her pussy. He then looked over to his family. Debbie was now getting Miriam’s ass ready for her father’s cock to ass fuck her too. She was in heaven with her mother’s fingers moving in and out of her ass.

Jen really loved the feeling of Dave’s cock fucking her ass, and the attention her pussy was getting from his fingers was incredible too. She then noticed what Debbie was going to Miriam ass. Watching her best friend getting her ass finger fucked by her mother was too much for her. All this action soon got her coming and coming hard. "Oh fuck my ass, fuck me up the ass good you fucking bastard. Oh god how I love your fucking cock. Fuck me like the little cunt I am. Oh fuck I’m going to come, I’m going to come, I’m fucking coming daddy. Fuck my ass and make me come good and hard daddy!" He loved her calling him "daddy." He could feel her body tighten while she had a massive orgasm. Then she slowly came down from her high and fell forward onto the bed letting Dave’s still hard cock slip out of her well-fucked ass.

He looked over at his daughter and his wife. "Come on Dave, your daughter is waiting for your cock to fuck her ass too." With that he positioned himself behind his daughter. He then proceeded to give his daughter the same treatment that he just gave Jen. She loved it just as much as Jen did, maybe even more. He was now ass fucking his sexy daughter while he fingered her pussy. He looked over to see Jen and Debbie locked into a hot 69. Miriam was moaning and begging her father fuck her hard up the ass. "Fuck my ass daddy, fuck me hard. I love your cock too daddy. I love having your cock in all my openings." It was then that he saw the dildo on the bed, just within his reach. I got a wicked idea and reached over for it and moved it so that the top of the dildo was rubbing against her pussy. He found her wet opening and started to slip the dildo into her pussy. Miriam was confused at first. How could her father be fucking her ass and pussy at the same time? Then she realized it was the dildo drilling into her wet pussy. She could not begin to describe how good it felt to have both her pussy and ass being fucked at the same time.

"Oh daddy, fuck both my holes. Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass fuck me like the slut I am, like the slut you’re turning me into. I’m your slut daddy, I’m a daddy’s little slut, and I love it." Miriam reached under herself and took the dildo from her father and started to fuck herself with it. She was ramming the dildo in and out of her dripping wet pussy hard and fast.

"Oh god yes, fuck my ass while I fuck my pussy. Oh shit this is so fucking good daddy. Fuck my ass for all your worth. Fuck my ass as hard as you can, don’t be gentle with me is brutal to me. Fuck me like you would fuck some whore you picked up off the street. Fuck me like some kind of slutty whore." This was just too much for Dave and he could not hold back any more and started to shoot his cum deep into his daughter’s ass. Feeling her father’s cock exploding inside her ass triggered her own orgasm. "I can feel you’re cum shooting inside me daddy, oh fuck I’m coming too. Oh daddy I’m coming and it feels so incredible. Oh god yes, oh fuck yes!" Dave was spent once again and let his cock slip out of his daughter’s ass.

It was only a few more minutes after Miriam and her father cum that Jen and Debbie both erupted with their own orgasms. "I had no idea sex could be so much fun." Jen said after she caught her breath.

"Dave, do you think this is what my parents want to do with me? Do you think my parents want to have sex with me?" Jen asked.

"Jen I have do doubt about it. Your parents want to fuck you. I bet they have sex while watching you play with yourself naked. They may even role-play. Maybe your mother pretends to be you. I only wish I had thought of that. I could have hidden a camera in Miriam room to catch her naked." Miriam smiled at that idea. "I wish you had too. You know you still could." Her face lit up. "I can pretend that I don’t know it’s there and put on all kinds of dirty shows for you to record. Maybe we can post them to some porn site. It could be one of those incest sites. All those perverts watching me get naked and masturbate would make me so hot. Jen and I could put on hot sex show to watch, would you like that Jen?" Jen just smiled and leaned over and kissed Miriam.

"Ok baby, I’ll order one for your room. Your turning into a hot little slut baby and I love it." "Me too baby" Debbie added.

"Now about your parents." Dave said. "I have a plan that will drive them crazy. If we do this right I’m sure you will be having hot sex with your parents soon."

Next chapter. Jen's parents records more then they ever hoped for.

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