This my second story using the Lauren/Johnny characters. I want thank all of you for the wonderful feedback I got on my first story. I'll hope you'll all let me know what you think of this one.
"There you go Johnny, keep going. Keep fucking that pussy!"

Johnny loved the way Lauren talked to him while screwing. It was encouraging and erotic, and the things she'd say would often fuel his thoughts during future jack-off sessions. Of course, right now the image of Lauren McKnight, the hottest 16-year-old in Partridge High School, laying with her back on the light box ledge while his cock dove in and out of her... well, that was all the stimulation he needed. Her hairless sex, and a large area of her thighs around it, were glistening with her juices. The grey t-shirt she was still wearing from gym class, which shaped beautifully around her small, perky breasts, was covered in sweat. Beads of perspiration could also be seen running down her face, clinging the bangs of her dirty blonde hair to her forehead.

"You're getting good at this! I think I'm about to cum. Keep it up!" said Lauren between labored breaths, lifting herself slightly off her back with her hands so that she could watch Johnny's cock continue to pound her.

Practice makes perfect, thought Johnny. Since their first encounter in the light box a couple of weeks ago, Lauren has been sneaking out of gym class to screw around with Johnny on an almost regular basis. And Lauren was right, he was getting better. He was able to last almost twice as long as he did the first time he fucked Lauren, and now had a better idea of the kind of things she liked.

"Ok, stick it in now," said Lauren.

"You sure?" said Johnny.

"Yes, yes, hurry and do it before you cum!"

She also did a fair bit of experimenting during these light box sessions. Usually just new positions, mostly stuff Lauren would find on the Internet. This time, Lauren read somewhere that anal stimulation right before a climax can greatly intensify an orgasm. So Lauren told Johnny that she wanted him to stick a finger up her butthole if she was about to cum during sex. Johnny didn't argue.

"Ok, I got it," said Johnny, slightly slowing down the pace of his thrusts as he spoke, worried himself that he may blow his load too soon. He took a hand off of Lauren's side, then positioned his finger below her pussy, feeling for her little asshole. It didn't take long before he felt the slightly puffed up entrance.

"Hurry, put it in!" said Lauren, her head now tilted back, her lips quivering. Johnny knew this was a sign that she was close to orgasm.

He tried to quickly shove his finger in, but was immediately met with resistance. He pushed harder, and after a second about a half an inch disappeared inside her tiny hole.

Lauren grunted quietly, clenching down on her teeth as she spoke through them. "Keep going, get it all the way up there!"

Johnny continued to push his finger inside her, all the while trying to keep the rhythm of his pussy fucking steady. His finger moved slowly, despite the rather large amount of force he was exerting in order to get it in there. He could hear Lauren's only slightly restained squeals as his finger continued to work its way inside. Once it was halfway in, it suddenly quickly buried itself inside, as if her muscles had suddenly accepted the outside intrusion. Lauren let out a loud scream at this sudden insertion, causing Johnny to suddenly stop moving his hips in concern.

However, Lauren quickly regained her composure. "No, no, keep going, keep fucking!" she said with her eyes clenched shut, and an obvious strain in her voice. Johnny quickly went back to driving his cock inside her, his finger now planted inside her asshole.

"Faster, faster! Fuck I'm close!" said Lauren. Johnny began to feel the familiar sensation of her pussy walls clenching around his cock, but he felt a similar, more intense convulsion around his finger. He knew she was cumming, which always brought a smile to Johnny's face. It wasn't everyday he was able to last this long.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Lauren frantically cried as she climaxed, her hips beginning to jump into the air with each scream of satisfaction. Finally, Johnny could take it no more. He pulled his cock out, as Lauren instructed him to do earlier, then immediately emptied his load on her flat, heaving stomach. After cuming, he took his finger out of her asshole, it coming out much easier than going in, then moved a few steps backwards before collapsing on the room's lone metal folding chair.

Lauren lifted herself off the ledge, causing some of Johnny's recently dispensed jizz to slide down her stomach. She reached for a nearby tissue that she had brought up with her, and began to wipe away the man juice.

"Phew. Well, that was one of the more intense orgasms I've ever had," she said while wiping away.

"I 'd say. You were almost crying as you came," said Johnny with a sly smile as he began to put his jeans back on.

"Shut up, I did not!" said Lauren back at him, playfully. "I'd like to see how you'd handle a finger up your ass."

"Fair enough," said Johnny, not wishing to argue the point, worried that Lauren may force such a situation on him.

They both left the light box together, walking down the dark stairs that lead to one of the school's hallways. Johnny entered the hallway first, then motioned for Lauren to come out once he made sure the hallway was empty.

"Well, I guess I better get back to gym class," said Lauren with a sigh as she walked into the hallway.

"I'll see you tomorrow," said Johnny, who started to turn back towards the light box entrance, but stopped once he heard Lauren's voice once more.

"I'm throwing a party tonight, you know," she said, standing in the middle of the empty hallway, her hands held together.

Johnny turned to look back at Lauren. "Oh, really? What for?"

Lauren giggled, then walked a bit closer to Johnny. "Nothing really. Just for fun. You can come if you want."

Johnny was actually quite shocked. To this point, his relationship with Lauren had been completely private, and really did not exist outside of the light box. She still barely spoke to his during Spanish class in the period just before they usually fucked wildly.

"Oh, cool," Johnny said, trying to sound as casual as possible. "But, like, what kind of a party is it?" Johnny had heard about the sort of parties that took place in town, but he had never been to one. He wasn't really sure what to expect.

"Johnny, have you ever even been to a party before?" said Lauren with raised eyebrows and a condescending smile.

"Sure. I mean, not a ton, but a few."

"The birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese's don't count."

"Oh, that's really funny."

Just then, Johnny heard the sound of a opening door. He almost jumped he was so scared, even though he really wasn't doing anything wrong at the moment. He turned to the source of the sound, and noticed it was Melissa. She was a shy girl that was also in Lauren and his Spanish class. In fact, he could remember Lauren teasing her the first day that they had fucked. He couldn't remember exactly what she had said. Something about helping her fuck some guy. As is usually the case with Lauren, the request wasn't sincere, just a tease. She always gets off teasing the guys in the school, and on rare occasions some of the girls. Shy ones like Melissa made for easy targets.

Melissa was trying to walk by Lauren and Johnny with the hope of going unnoticed. Of course Lauren wasn't going to let this happen. Johnny noticed she had that familiar devious smile on her face.

"Hey Melissa, where you going," said Lauren as Melissa walked by, causing her to stop in her tracks.

"I'm just going back to class," said Melissa, clearly uncomfortable to be talking in the hallways during school hours.

"Oh, that's nice. Me and Johnny were fucking in the light box," said Lauren with a casualness unbefitting such a statement. Johnny turned to look at Lauren, as if to say "what are you doing?", but Lauren kept her stare on a now even more uncomfortable Melissa.

"Um, well, ok, I better get back to class," said Melissa, clearly desperate to get out of the awkward situation.

"What's your rush?" said Lauren, now stepping in front of Melissa, as if to block off her escape. "You can come back up with us if you want. We're just about ready for another go."

"Come on Lauren, just leave her alone," said Johnny, taking pity on the quiet girl.

"Don't be so selfish! Why can't she join the fun?" said Lauren.

"I really better get going now," said Melissa, pushing herself past Lauren as she left.

"Ok, that's fine," Lauren called out after her. "I still need to go to the bathroom and try to clean some of this cum out of my pussy anyways." Melissa was already out of sight by the time Lauren finished speaking, but it was pretty clear she heard her by the rather speedy pace of her exit.

"What are trying to do? Do you really need to pick on her like that?" Johnny said to Lauren, who were both once again alone in the hallway.

"Please, she loves it. Didn't you notice how hard her nipples were before she left?" said Lauren indignantly.

"No, I wasn't staring at her chest the whole time. Not everyone's as perverted as you." This was a lie, of course. It was hard not to notice how much Melissa's nipples were sticking out of her shirt. Her round, large breasts frankly dwarfed Lauren's. In many ways, Johnny now thought, Melissa was everything Lauren wasn't, but still quite attractive. Brunette instead of blonde, voluptuous instead of athletic, pale instead of tanned, and shy instead of outgoing.

"You're calling me perverted? You're the one who had his finger up my ass a few minutes ago," said Lauren.

"Yeah, I wonder whose idea that was," said Johnny sarcastically. "And why did you lie about me cuming inside you?"

"Alright, alright, I better get back to gym so I can at least shower," said Lauren, abruptly changing the subject. "I'll see tonight at my party, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so," said Johnny. Lauren smiled at Johnny, then finally made her way back to class.


That night, Johnny drove up to Lauren's house. It was in one of the nicer areas of town, nestled in a suburban street of two story middle-class homes. There were already around a dozen cars parked near her house, and music could be heard coming from inside.

Johnny felt a little uncomfortable entering the house by himself as he walked up to the door. Almost instinctually he knocked on the door, then figured that most people probably just let themselves in at these sort of parties. Upon opening the door, he was almost knocked back by the jolting bass of some song he had never heard. The room was full of classmates, but he recognized no one he had ever talked to for more than a few minutes in his life. No one seemed to take much notice of his entrance. They seemed more occupied with their drinks, plastic cups that Johnny assumed were full of beer.

Johnny walked into the party looking for Lauren. He was already working on some sort of story to get himself out of having to stay. He knew he was out of his element here. He finally spotted Lauren, talking to a couple of guys near the kitchen. She was holding a plastic cup of her own, and the redness of her face lead Johnny to believe she had spent much of the night with that plastic companion.

As Johnny approached her, she finally noticed him. She left the two boys almost immediately to meet up with him. The two boys looked shocked to see Johnny at the party, and even more shocked that Lauren had seemingly ditched them to go talk to him.

"Johnny! You came!" yelled an overly enthusiastic Lauren, trying to speak over the music. She wrapped her arms around him, dropping some of her beer on the floor.

"Yep, I'm here," said Johnny, surprised by Lauren's public display of affection. Of course, considering how much alcohol she's probably already consumed tonight, she would probably give the school principal the same welcoming if he walked through the door.

"Do you want a drink?" she practically shouted.

"No, no, I'm fine."

"Here, take mine," she said as she handed her half empty cup to him. Johnny took it without debate.

"Hey, look who's here," said Lauren as she pointed to a group of people in the other corner of the room.

Johnny was shocked to see Melissa standing with the group. She looked just as out of place at the party as Johnny imagined he did. She merely stood by as those around her spoke, seemingly uninterested in participating in any conversation.

"Mellissa? What is she doing here?" Johnny asked Lauren while he kept his gaze on the awkward cutie.

"I invited her after we saw her. I'm a bit surprised myself she actually came," she said. "Wait here."

Lauren left Johnny behind as she walked towards Melissa. Johnny obeyed her command and stood put. Melissa almost seemed to jump when Lauren poked her on the shoulder. Before she could say anything, Lauren had placed her mouth next to her ear. It was impossible for Johnny to know what Lauren was saying, and Mellissa's face gave no indication of what she was being told.

Then, without warning, and seemingly without anyone noticing, Lauren stuck her hand down Melissa's pants. Johnny's mouth almost fell on the floor at this sight. Lauren moved her body closer to Melissa's, blocking the action from any would-be onlookers, but it was clear to Johnny what was happening. Melissa simply closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly back. Johnny couldn't be sure, but he thought that she was biting down on her lower lip. Lauren turned to look back at Johnny, giving him a mischievous wink, then turned her gaze back to Melissa.

Lauren was once again whispering into Melissa's ear, then brought her hand out of her pants. After a bit, Melissa nodded, then headed out of the room, and out of Johnny's sight. Lauren, meanwhile, made her way back to Johnny.

"What was that about?" Johnny tried to ask Lauren, but she ignored the question.

"Here, come with me," said Lauren, grabbing Johnny by the hand, then dragging him behind her. They went down a hallway, then up some stairs. Already, the sounds of the party seemed distant.

"Where are we going?" said Johnny, finally talking at a normal volume again.

"My room," said Lauren, just as she opened a door and lead Johnny inside. The room was simple enough, with cream colored walls and similarly colored sheets covering a bed in the middle. The bed looked like it hadn't been made since Lauren woke up that morning. Besides that, the room was surprisingly clean.

"Alright, come here," said Lauren as he dragged Johnny to another door in the room. She opened it, revealing a rather large walk in closet.

"Ok, go inside, and don't make a noise," said Lauren.

"Why? What are you going to be doing?" said Johnny.

"You'll see," said Lauren, once again wearing her trademark mischievous smile. "Now go inside, and be quiet."

Johnny quickly obeyed, walking inside the spacious closet as Lauren closed the door. As soon as the door was closed, he noticed that the closet door had several opening which resembled blinds on a window. When Johnny got on his knees, he was able to see out of them and get a good view of the room.

He watched Lauren, who was now simply sitting on her messy bed. After awhile, he was tempted to call out to her, demanding some sort of explanation. As soon as his patience almost reached its limits, however, he heard someone else walk inside the room. Whoever it was quickly closed the door behind them, then walked in front the closet door, only a few feet in front of Johnny. Their back was to him, but after awhile he was able to tell that it was Melissa. On his knees, his vantage point gave him a wonderful view of her ass, which was shaped nicely around the tight jean shorts she was wearing. He had never noticed her wear anything so tight fitting in school before.

"Good, you made it," Johnny heard Lauren say from the other side of the room. She was still sitting on the bed, her legs slightly spread apart.

"Yeah... are you sure this is safe? No one will find us or something?" said Melissa with the usual timid quality in her voice.

"Don't worry, everyone's too busy with the party," said Lauren. She then patted her hand on a section of the bed right next to her. "Come on, sit by me."

Melissa walked over and took a seat on the bed to Lauren's left. Lauren immediately placed her arm across her shoulder. Melissa looked uncomfortable and tense to Johnny.

"Just relax now," said Lauren who had her one hand massaging Melissa's shoulder while her other ran down her dark, shoulder length hair. "I'll take care of you."

Lauren removed her hands from Melissa, who was still staring straight ahead, seemingly terrified. Lauren grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, then lifted it up and over her head. Melissa finally turned her head to look at Lauren, her gaze clearly focused on her still bra-covered chest. Lauren reached behind her back, and soon the bra was off too, revealing her perfectly perky breasts, with her tiny tits noticeably hard. Lauren took a hand and gently placed it behind Melissa's head.

"You want to suck on them a bit?" she asked in a sweet voice, certainly more kindly than anything Johnny had heard her say to him during sex. Melissa offered no reply, but soon her head was lowering down to Lauren's chest. She opened her mouth, then took a tit in. She brought her left hand up to grasp Lauren's other breast, while she began to suck on the other. Lauren's hand remained on the back of Melissa's head, gently rubbing it.

"That's it, just suck on it like that. That's a good girl," said Lauren, looking with interest at Melissa's face as her mouth was filled with her breast. Johnny was only distracted from the scene by a bulging pain in his pants. He unbuttoned his shorts, and lowered his pants a bit. He began rubbing his hard-on through his underpants as he continued to watch Melissa suck on Lauren's tit.

"Good, good. That feels wonderful," said Lauren encouragingly to Melissa. "Do you want to do me?"

Melissa released her lips from the teenage tit, then looked up at Lauren. "Ok," she quietly said. Melissa sat back up on the bed, exposing Lauren's recently sucked tit. Johnny was able to see Melissa's spit glisten off the breast. Lauren helped Melissa take off her shirt, then waited for her to remove her bra. Her breasts were melon sized, especially when compared to Lauren's, with big brown erect nipples. Lauren grabbed a handful of a breast, then brought her mouth up to Melissa's for a quick yet passionate kiss.

She then lowered her mouth down to her joyously round breasts. Instead of taking it directly into her mouth, she played with the sensitive tit with her tongue, gently flicking it. Melissa was biting her lower lip, trying hard to suppress any moans. Her efforts weren't entirely successful, since Johnny was able to hear her soft cries of pleasure.

"You have wonderful tits," said Lauren, stopping her tongue play for a moment. "I'm going to bite down on it a little bit."

"No..." said Melissa in a half-hearted protest as Lauren took her breast in her mouth. Johnny was able to tell when Lauren bit down by looking at Melissa's eye's squint.

After a few more nibbles, Lauren took her mouth away, revealing another wet breast to Johnny, this time with a small red ring of teeth marks encircling the tit. Now it was Lauren looking up at Melissa.

"What do you think? Want me to you lick your pussy?" Lauren said to Melissa. Johnny still couldn't believe how gentle she was being to her. Melissa only nodded, almost as if she was too ashamed to admit that that was exactly what she wanted. Lauren quickly went to work, undoing Melissa's pants, then sliding them down to the floor along with her panties. Lauren was doing all of this a bit awkwardly to Melissa's side, which gave Johnny a great view of Melissa's snatch. Unlike Lauren's, which was completely bald, there was still some hair on hers, though it was neatly trimmed. Besides that, her pussy had a completely different look to it than Lauren's. Melissa's pussy lips were small and flat, unlike Lauren's puffy pussy.

Lauren got on her knees on the floor, putting her head on level with Melissa's pussy as she sat on the bed. Lauren grabbed Melissa's legs and gently pushed them apart.

"Awww, how cute. You're already wet," said Lauren, with her face only a few inches away from Melissa's sex. She then brought her head down, and Johnny saw Melissa quiver when Lauren's mouth reached her pussy. Without even thinking about it, Johnny's hand was now inside his briefs, stroking his cock in earnest. He was only able to see the back of Lauren's head as it went to work, but he noticed that Melissa had slouched down on the bed, her arms barely holding herself up. He heard various cries of pleasure coming from Melissa, who was now making much less of an effort to muffle her sounds.

Lauren eventually removed her mouth from Melissa's pussy, it looking noticeably wetter to Johnny than it did before Lauren had began. Melissa hiked herself back up to a sitting position, looking down at Lauren with a look of confusion. Clearly, she had not wanted her to stop.

"You mind doing me for a little bit?" said Lauren as she stood up off the floor.

"Oh... ok," said Melissa. Lauren's shorts and panties were practically already on the floor before Melissa gave her answer. Now both girls were entirely naked save for their white socks. Lauren climbed back up on the bed, resting the back of her head on a pillow. She spread her legs, revealing her shaven teenage twat, while her hands rested on her chest.

"Get on your stomach and let you knees fall off the bed. That way we can both lay down," instructed Lauren to a somewhat intimidated Melissa. She followed her orders, and soon Johnny was able to see her ass hanging slightly in the air as she began to position her head down onto Lauren's pussy.

"There you go, you got it, don't be nervous," encouraged Lauren. Johnny could only guess that Melissa had started eating Lauren's pussy, since Melissa's head was blocking most of the action. He turned his gaze up towards Lauren, to see what kind of reaction she was having, when he noticed that Lauren was staring at him. He was scared for a moment, before remembering that it was Lauren's idea for him to hide in the closet in the first place.

Lauren was placing one finger on her mouth, as if to tell Johnny to stay quiet, and used her other hand to motion Johnny toward her. Johnny was a bit hesitant, not entirely sure what Lauren wanted her to do. Then she noticed her mouthing the words to him.

"Fuck her."

Now Johnny finally understood Lauren's master plan. This would be just the sort of thing she would get off on, thought Johnny. It was a horrible plan, to have himself essentially fuck Melissa without her consent. Still, he found himself slowly opening the closet the door, careful not to make a sound. He wasn't proud of himself, but he was horny as hell, something he was sure Lauren had counted on when developing this scheme. Besides, Melissa had seemed into everything so far. Maybe she would like this too.

Johnny slowly crept up behind Melissa, whose face was still buried in Lauren's pussy. Her bubble butt was hanging just a bit in the air, putting it at the perfect height for him to enter her with having to squat. His dick was already hanging out of his pants. At this point, all it would take was a quick grab at her waists, a sudden thrust, and he'd be inside her. He looked up at Lauren, who was looking at Johnny once again with her devilish smile. Johnny could practically hear her in his mind egging him on to the dirty deed.

He quickly reached out and grabbed her waist with his hands. His plan was to immediately slam his cock inside her, but he suddenly found himself hesitating. It was enough time for Melissa to let a scream of shock and look back.

"Oh my god! What are you doing?" a distressed Melissa said to Johnny, who had his dick hovering a few inches away from her pussy. Before she could move, Lauren reached down and grabbed both of Melissa's arms.

"Hurry up, put it in," said Lauren, who was now fighting with a squirming Melissa. Between the two of them, they were able to keep her in place.

"No, no, no! Please, I'm not ready," pleaded Melissa, but Johnny couldn't help himself. He pushed his cock inside her, probably too hard due to the high energy currently in the room. Her pussy was tighter than Lauren's, and his cock only went in about halfway when it encountered some sort of wall.

Melissa was already crying. "Please, take it out, it hurts!"

Lauren was speaking over her, as if the situation were clinical. "You have to push it in really hard now," said Lauren to Johnny. Johnny knew that he had encountered Melissa's hymen. He knew that breaking it would hurt her, but he was too far in to stop now. He moved his cock back a few inches, then pushed it quickly back in, this time breaking through her wall.

Melissa let out a loud cry as her cherry was taken, but she had stopped struggling, somewhat resigned to her fate. "Keep going Johnny. Don't worry about her, she'll get into it," said Lauren, whose arms were still holding onto Melissa's.

Johnny began to glide his dick in and out of Melissa's recently broken-in pussy. Looking down, he noticed that small streaks of blood were dripping down from here pussy and legs onto the bed. He even noticed some blood on his dick as he caught brief glimpses of it during thrusts. Melissa now had her head buried in the bed, muffling her cries.

"You'll feel better if you start licking my pussy again," Lauren said to to the softly sobbing Melissa. At first she did nothing, just laid on the bed, her body shaking forward with every hump from Johnny's dick. After a bit, she rose her head from the bed, groans of pain escaping her mouth, and nestled it back into Lauren's pussy.

"That's it, see how wet all this got me? I bet you're feeling better now too," she said to Melissa as she finally let go of her arms, now using her one hand to stabilize herself, while she grabbed the back of Melissa's head with the other.

"Come on Johnny, don't be a slouch. Fuck the girl good!" Lauren said to Johnny. He instantly quickened the pace of his thrusts, causing his waist to slap against her ass with each hump. All the while, he enjoyed watching Melissa eat Lauren's pussy. He especially loved the way Melissa's head was driven deeper towards Lauren's pussy each time he drove his cock inside her.

"Keep licking that pussy, that's a good girl, don't stop, help me cum," said Lauren, who was now getting into the attention her pussy was receiving.

Johnny was able to tell from the way that Lauren's face was quivering that she was close to an orgasm. Sure enough, Lauren soon was pushing Melissa's face against her pussy, while she brought another hand down to vigorously rub her clit.

"Fuck! Fuckkkk! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Lauren began screaming as her body began convulsing. After a few seconds, her body seemed to relax, and she rested her head back down on the pillow. Melissa brought her head up from Lauren's pussy, making her moans and cries once more audible.

"Ohhhhhh goddddd..." Johnny heard Melissa say as he began to pull her hips into each of his thrusts.

"You going to cum?" Lauren asked Johnny.

"I'm getting there," said Johnny between breaths, not taking his eyes off the sight of his bloody dick sliding in and out of Melissa's tight twat.

'Ooooo, let me see," said Lauren as she got off the bed. She walked behind Johnny, then looked over and down his shoulder at the sight of the bloody fucking.

"That's it Johnny, keep fucking her hard. That's the best way to break them in," said Lauren, while Melissa now began to let out a soft squeal each time Johnny's dick was fully buried inside her.

"Uh huh," uttered Johnny, not really capable of saying more.

"Oh, you're really close to cumming, aren't you?" said Lauren.

Before Johnny could respond, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his asshole. It felt as if something was cutting it apart. His knees quickly jerked forward, causing him to lose his balance and land on Melissa, his cock still buried inside her. Lauren was now moving her finger in and out of his ass.

"Come on, shoot your load!" said Lauren as she kept finger fucking Johnny's ass. Not a second later, Johnny felt his balls tighten, and without thinking, he shot his hot load inside Melissa's pussy. His whole body shook with each jet of escaping cum, while Lauren did not relent with her finger ass-fucking. Melissa was simply screaming as she felt Johnny's hot cream fill her pussy.

Once depleted of his cum, Johnny's body finally relaxed on top of Melissa. Lauren took her finger out of Johnny's ass, causing him to moan as it slid out.

Johnny then took his dick out of Melissa's spent pussy. A small trickle of cum and blood leaked out of her hole as his member was removed from her sex. Johnny looked up at Lauren, who was covering her mouth as she giggled.

"Well Johnny, looks like you finally got to cum inside someone," said Lauren before she went back to her giggling. Johnny said nothing, terrified about what he had just done. He looked at Melissa to try to gauge some sort of reaction, but she just remained still, lying on the bed. Lauren walked over, and sat down on the bed next to her.

"Don't worry about that cum, I'll give you one of my morning after pills," said Lauren. She then brought her head down to Melissa's, then gently kissed her on the cheek. "You did a great job," she said softly to her.

Melissa finally stood up. Her face was red, whether from embarrassment or crying Johnny could not tell. She never looked directly at Johnny as she quickly put her clothes back on. In a matter of moments, she was out the door.

"Well Johnny, did you have fun," said Lauren to a still shocked Johnny as she began putting her clothes back on.

"I can't believe you made me do that," said Johnny.

"I didn't make you do anything," said Lauren as she pulled her panties back up her legs.

"We practically raped her! What if she tells someone?"

"Please, she loved it. She's been wanting to get with me since school began."

"Is that why you teased her so much?"

"Of course," said Lauren, as she pulled her shirt down over her head. "I only tease people who I know will like it. Besides, I think she had a crush on you too."

Lauren was now fully clothed as she walked over to Johnny. His dick, now flaccid and spent, was still hanging out of his pants.

"Here, I'll get that," said Lauren, as she grabbed Johnny's dick, then stuffed it back inside his briefs before zipping his pants back up.

"You know, you weren't that nice to me when you broke me in," said Johnny as Lauren finished up. Once done Lauren, looked directly at Johnny, standing only a few inches from his face.

"Girls require a more sensitive touch, Johnny. Besides, I know you can handle the rough stuff," she said, then planted a quick, cute kiss on Johnny's lips.


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