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My name is Bill Davis and Im a big fan of erotic stories, especially ones about young girls. I recently had an encounter that I had to share.
A little about me, Im a middle aged guy, divorced for a few years. Im a salesman and travel quite a bit. I love checking out young girls and prefer age 11-14 “the developmental years”. I love going to the mall or even better public pools and watch all the little hotties.
A couple weeks ago I had to go to Anaheim to call on a few customers. When I travel I like to stay in nice places so I booked a room in a well-known place. After picking up my rental car I headed to my hotel to unwind and relax before my meeting the next day. As I started getting closer to the hotel I realized the highway exit was the same as a famous amusement park. As I got even closer I started seeing all these little cheerleader walking around. My heart started to race the closer I got to the hotel. There were literally hundreds of these little angles walking around in there short little uniforms; my cock was hard by the time I pulled into the valet. When I entered the lobby my jaw about dropped, there was at least 100 tight bodied little cheerleader all doing stretches and little routines, I didn’t think I could get harder but I did. I went to the front desk and as I was checking in I asked the clerk what this scene was all about. She informed me it was a big Cheer America tournament the park puts on, I knew I was going to be in for an interesting couple of days.
After checking in I grabbed my bags and head to the elevator, there was a group of about 6 cuties already waiting when I walked up, the doors opened and we all got in. There in front of me was a gaggle of some of the most beautiful creatures Ive ever seen. They all had on the same uniforms; uniforms that had skirts so high you could see their tight little cheer panties and small little tops that exposed their tight little tummies. By now my cock was throbbing and I was beginning to sweat. The girls didn’t pay much attention to me and were chattering like they all had a pot of coffee a piece. Just then one of the prettiest girls looked behind at me and busted me staring at her ass, she then looked me over and noticed my huge bulge. She turned back around and whispered something in the girl next to hers ear and they broke out in uncontrollable giggles, my face must have been beet red but fortunately the elevator was coming to a stop, unfortunately they were getting off on the same floor. As they walked down the hall the 2 girls kept looking back at me still giggling. They reached their room and they all piled in, as I walked past I notice clothes thrown all over the floor, mostly panties and swimwear. Just before the door closed, the girl who caught me gave me a wink and giggled some more.
As soon as I got in my room I got my cock out and stroked it a hundred miles an hour, It didn’t take long before I was shooting long ropes of cum right on the floor of my room. It was one the must intense wank sessions I ever had and I felt like a nap.

After my nap I realized I hadn’t even looked at the view from my balcony, when pulled the drapes I saw how lucky I was. There in front of me was a perfect view of the hotel pool area. There was a huge pool, hot tub and bar with lots of palm trees. But the best thing about this view was the large group of cheerleaders, now in bikinis running around and splashing in the pool, I got immediately hard again. I quickly got naked, threw on a hotel robe and took a seat on the balcony. There was so many of these hot young girls it was hard to focus on just one, but one particular group did catch my attention. There was a group of 3 girls in the shallow end of the pool, all in bikinis practicing cheer moves. They would take turns hoisting one of the girls as she did a spread eagle. I watch for a few seconds when I recognized one of the girls was the same girl that caught me with a hard on. She was wearing a particularly small bikini and every time she did her spread eagle her bikini bottom pulled up into her slit. It was amazing, one of attempts her bikini bottom actually split her lips. My cock was now tenting my robe but from my vantage point no one could see. I watched this show for another 30 minutes or so when my newfound obsession yelled out to another girl laying in a lounge chair next to the pool. She kept yelling “Alyssa, Alyssa, come back in the pool”. After a couple tries to get her friends attention she got out of the pool and ran over to the girl. It was the other little giggler from the elevator and they had the exact same bathing suit on. As the wet girl stood over the other I realized they must be sisters. The girl from the pool prodded her sister to come back in the pool but to no prevail. I heard the girl in the chair tell her sister “ Christina you are in my sun so go away”, with that Alyssa shrugged her shoulders and ran back to the others in the pool.
I had a new found focus and that was Alyssa. She looked a little younger than Christina but their bodies look identical and right after her sister left her side it must have been time for her to turn over. When she opened her eyes she started to turn and noticed me watching. Alyssa got an evil grin on her face and repositioned herself so I had the perfect view of her ass. As she lay there I could she the bikini bottom ride up her crack just like her older sisters had done in the pool. I couldn’t stand much more so I discreetly reached in my robe for a little relief; I stroked my cock but not excessively. A few minutes later Alyssa reached back and pulled her bottom up even higher, basicly turning bikini into a thong. She spread her legs a little wider giving to her ass and the sides of her puffy lips. I was just about to blow another huge load when I got distracted by the gate to the pool door slamming close, in walked a guy around my age and walked right to Alyssa was laying. Alyssa looked up and said “hi daddy” the guy told her to be careful not to burn. The she asked him to put lotion on her back to which he did. It started pretty innocently, he rubbed her shoulders then her upper back, then her lower back, but then things got interesting. The dad started rubbing lotion in her thighs and spent a lot of time on them. Alyssa responded by spreading her legs wider and dad now slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed in a sawing motion. Alyssa responded by raising her butt a little; you could see her breathing had changed. Right there I knew this was not a typical dad/daughter relationship. Just as things started to heat up Christina came back and pulled up a chair next to her dad and Alyssa, “hi daddy” she said. The dad just smiled back at her and kept going on masterbating his younger daughter, while Christina watched. Christina seemed to really enjoy watching this, her hand wondered down between her legs and gave herself a few rubs. My head and cock where about to explode when Christina whispered “daddy” and pulled her bottoms to the side exposing her bare pussy to her daddy. That was it for me, cum gushed from my cock coating my chest. Soon after Alyssa’s dad slapped her on the ass and motioned both girls it was time to go. As they got up to go to their room dad noticed me watching and gave me a hey nod, if only he knew his little girls made cum twice in 3 hours time.

I decided to shower and go out for a bite and by the time I got back the pool was pretty quiet. So on got on-line read some incest stories and cam chatted with one on my jerk off buddies about what I had seen today. I had to get up early so I turned in. The next day I had meetings until 5 and then dinner so by the time I got back to the hotel it was around 9. I wasn’t to optimistic that the pool would be very fruitful but there was a few of the cheer girls still out, instead of watching from my balcony I decided to go take a dip myself. When I first got down to the pool I thought Id just pull up a chair and observe. There were about 8 girls in the pool doing what girls that age do, splashing, playing, you know. I did notice a pattern; they would play in the pool for a while then all get out and get in the hot tub. This gave me an idea, Id wait a while they played in the pool then go sit in the hot tub so they would be forced to join me. Well my plan worked; after about minutes they all came running back to the hot tub. When they first saw me they paused but they all looked at each other, shrugged and all climbed in. I was in heaven, 8 beautiful teen and preteen babes climbing in to a hot tub with me. I had up close shots of developing tits, cameled toed pussies and tight tiny asses, one on the older girls spread her legs while getting in and actually got a pube shot. As expected I was hard again, luckily with all the bodies no one could tell. The girls stuck to their routine and got back out of the hot tub about 10 minutes later, I was again treated to fabulous shots of asses and puffy pussies, I figured Id jerk off as soon as they left and leave them my cum floating for their next trip to the hot tub. I started stroking when the slam of the pool gate distracted me again.

I looked up and saw my 2 dream girls and their dad, all walking toward me. I quickly pulled my hand from my now engorged penis and smiled at the three of them. The girls removed there long t-shirts and the tree of them climbed in the tub, as earlier they had on the tight white bikinis that were definitely too small. I focused on little Alyssa as she lifted her leg and flashed me a great pussy shot, she plopped in and was soon joined by Christina and her dad. We all said our hellos and we were introduced. I found out these were the Hendersons, Jack 37, Christina 13, and Alyssa 11 and a half (Alyssa made sure the half was counted). I mostly talked to Jack about why they were here and he explained they were the best junior team from Little Rock. He told me about how the tournament worked and how they did that day. As we were talking the girls must have noticed my hard on and started whispering again, soon the giggles started all over again. Jack took notice and warned them to behave but they just ignored him like they can do what they want. Jack and I were getting along well when the pool hotel person notified us the pool was closing, the girls both groaned and begrudgingly got out, I got one last look at the two dainty asses of my two new jerk off fantasies. As I looked up Jack was watching me watching them, he just smiled, gave me a wink and dried off. We all climbed in the elevator and headed to our rooms, I couldn’t keep my eyes off these girls and still had a hard on, unfortunately I knew this was going to be my last look at them. As we walked down the hall Jack and I continued to talk, they got to their room and I went to shake his and when he asked if I wanted to come in for a beer or 2, well that wasn’t a hard decision.

Once inside Jack instructed the girls to take a shower and get ready for bed, Alyssa asked Jack if they could watch a movie before bed and he agreed and both girls ran off to the bathroom. The Hendresonsons had a suite so they had a small living area, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchenette. Jack and I sat in the living area drinking beer and talking about work and the world when the girls came running back out. I asked how they got ready so fast and they told me they showered together. They wore the same long t-shirts they had on earlier and had a strong smell of strawberry from their shampoo. They turned on the TV and grabbed 2 large couch cushions for them to lie on while they watched their movie. I was getting hard again with the thought that maybe Id get to see their pantyed covered asses, when they both flopped down on their bellies right in front of me and Jack. The way they were laying I could see the roundness of their ass cheeks but couldn’t see what kind of panties they had on, I figured thongs but wasn’t sure. Jack was still talking but I really had a hard time listening, then Alyssa shifted a little and pulled her t-shirt up a bit to reveal she wasn’t wearing panties and I assumed Christina wasn’t either. I looked over at Jack and he smiled and asked what I thought, I wasn’t sure what to say but before I had a chance to answer, Jack pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and started stroking. Jack told me go ahead pull mine out and enjoy if I wanted, mean while Christina was searching all the pay for view movies and the girl debated everyone that came up. I wasted no time in pulling my shorts down and stroking my cock, the girls were oblivious while searching their movie. In the background I heard Christina say, “I like this one lets watch this”. I was do busy looking at Alyssa’s pussy to care what they wanted to watch until I heard a familiar opening to the “hustler’s barely legal” sound track. I looked at the screen and it was a porn, Christina looked back and asked if it was ok, what she saw were her father and I stroking our cocks looking at her and her sister. She just smiled and turned back to the TV and pulled her t-shirt up more exposing her bald pussy. The movie starts an its about a cheerleader getting fucked by her coach, the first scene is of the cheerleader masterbating in the locker room, she gets caught by the football coach and he starts eating her pussy. I turn my attention back to the girls and I see they have both have raised their asses and are rubbing their tight pink slits. The coach goes down on the cheerleader and both girls start rubbing harder. Alyssa looks back at me and says she loves that; she stands up and sits on the couch and spreads her legs wide. Alyssa started rubbing her clit rhythmically watching the action on the screen; I can tell she’s wet based on the squishing sound coming from her pussy. Soon after Christina gets up and sits next to her sister so she can fully play with her pussy, so there we were all 4 of us masterbating, watching porn and each other. I could tell Jack was as close to cuming as I was when Jack told Christina to come over to him. Christina hopped off the couch and stood next to her dad, Jack started sliding his fingers up and down his daughter’s now sloppy slit. Christina let out a low moan and her legs got wobbly. Then Jack slid his middle finger in her tight hole and started finger fucking slow and deep, Alyssa and I were both now transfixed watching father and daughter. Jack looked over at my now purple cock and me and motioned Alyssa over to me. Alyssa ran over to me and said “Mr. Davis will you lick my slit” I literally groaned and shook my head yes which got a laugh out of all 3 of the Hendersons. Being the limber little minx that she was, Alyssa climbed up my chair putting both her feet on each arm of the chair. She half stood half squatted, leaving her bare pink slit directly in front of my face. I dove right in licking the entire length of her tasty preteen pussy, which caused her to now groan. After lapping at her leaking cunt for a few minutes I took her swollen clit between my lips and sucked it hard causing her to squeal loud enough to hurt my ears. She grabbed my hair in both fists and I knew she was close to orgasm; the she mashed her pelvis into my chin and ground her twat on to me. She was cumming and I could feel the juice running down my neck as she shook and panted. Her orgasm last a good 30 seconds until she collapsed on my lap, burying her face into my chest. I looked over at Jack and Christina and saw that she was now on her dads lap riding his cock while watch me and her younger sister do oral sex.
Alyssa regained her senses and looked at her dad and then back at me, “can I daddy?” she asked Jack. Jack just grunted “ok baby”, Alyssa stood up and pulled her nightshirt off, and grabbed the waistband of my shorts, pulling them off me. Then she climbed back on the chair placing her knees on either side of my thighs. She reached behind her grasping my agonizingly hard cock and rubbing it up and down her already slick pussy, “go slow, Im not very big” she whispered, with that she lined my cock to her small opening and eased her way back onto my cock head. I watched her face and saw her wince a little; she stopped for a second then started easing more of me into her. She was breathing very hard and pulled up so just the head was in her and then plunged down again taking about half my cock. She lifted up again, then down, up then down, up then down. I was now balls deep in her and she stopped to let her pussy fully stretch around my aching cock. Then Alyssa started grinding her pelvis into mine, panting and gasping for breath. I could feel her little girl lube running down my ass crack and I grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed making her moan. I lifted this tiny little 90 lb girl up and then slammed her down. Up and down, up and down, up and down she fucking me better then any woman had fucked me before. I could feel my balls start to tense and told I was going to cum, “shoot.. it.. deep.. in.. side.. me” Alyssa grunted. I slammed her down hard a released squirt after squirt after squirt. Alyssa again collapsed into my chest, grasping for air.
I looked over at Christina and Jack and they cuddled in the chair completely naked peacefully watching Alyssa and I. Alyssa raised her head looked around and proclaimed “ that was fuckin hot” which got a roar of laughter from the rest of us.
Jack announced to the girls it was time for bed and to be sure to clean the sperm from their pussys first. Both girls climbed off our laps and headed to clean up. I told Jack how grateful I was for sharing and he explain that the 2 of them have been wearing him out. When the girls returned they both gave us kisses and headed for bed, since they only had 1 bed Alyssa shared the bedroom that night with Jack and Christina slept on the pull out couch. I got up to head back to my room and Jack asked if I want to have 1 more beer, I accepted and he turned the living room lights off and we took seats around the dinning table. I asked Jack how he ever got so lucky? “ Well it all started a couple years ago” Jack started…… more to come?

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funny how all these fuckheads that write "how wrong" this is..... read it knowing what it is. the fucked up one are the assholes that are in complete denial and really want to be the person in the story, but they are to much of a pussy, or so grotesque in real life, they couldn't fuck a paid hooker.
get over your self jerkoffs, you read it, you jerked off, and now you feel guilty. DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND GO KILL YOURSELVES,,,, PLEASE!!

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Fucked up and wrong??????? I have cum all over chest reading that and I'm still hard for more. Horny as fuck

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this is so fucked up and wrong

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this is so fucked up and wrong

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this is so fucked up and wrong

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