While hiking up a hill, a man encounters a young girl barely dressed..
---Encounter on a Hillside---

I sat down on the wooden bench, happy for the chance to
comfortably rest my legs a bit. I looked down the hillside,
and felt proud of my achievement: Having walked all the way
up the hill to reach this beautiful view. A sudden sound
caught my attention.

I turned to the direction of the sound and saw a young girl
emerge from the trees not too far from me. It looked as
though she was wearing only underwear but I figured it had
to be a bikini. Maybe she had been sunning somewhere
She looked at me and headed my way, and soon there was no
mistaking possible: The young girl was really wearing only
her panties and a bra.

As the cute girl approached me I couldn’t help but notice
the dark spot on the crotch of her panties. It was
definitely a wet spot, but what could have caused it? It
was too small to be pee.

“Hi mister” she smiled and greeted me politely, waving her
hand at me.

“Hello there, young lady” I greeted her back, trying not to
stare at her crotch.

“Whatcha doing up here?” she asked as she came to stand
just a few feet away from me.

“Just enjoying the view” I said, nodding in the direction
of the valley. She turned her head and looked down the
hillside as well, and my eyes went back to the crotch of
her panties.

“Are you all right?” I asked her.

“Yes, why?” she seemed surprised at my inquiry.

“It’s just that, you’re not wearing any pants and your
panties are wet” I nodded in the direction of her soaked
crotch as nonchalantly as I could.

“Oh, that!” she smiled. “That’s just because my daddy
squirted inside me.”

My jaw dropped to my knees, and I stared at her panties,
then at her face.

“Say what?” I was sure I had heard her wrong.

“My daddy shot some of his sperm inside me. He’s trying to
get me pregnant” her tone was very matter-of-factly and she
never stopped smiling at me.

“Your father is trying to get you pregnant..?” I could only
repeat her last words.

“Uh-huh” she nodded, adding “I’m old enough, you know!” as
if she thought that was the reason for my surprise.

Well, it was part of my surprise. The girl looked like she
had barely started puberty. I was sure she couldn’t be any
older than twelve.
But the fact that she said her own father was trying to get
her pregnant, and that she smiled while saying it was what
really put a funny look on my face.

“Why? Would you like to try it too?” she said it like she
was offering herself to me, smiling innocently.

The twinkle in her eyes made me suspicious she was going to
say “You can’t!” as soon as I said yes, and start laughing
at me and calling me a pervert. Still, I had to try my

“Would you let me?” I asked, trying to be strategic.

She simply nodded, and the look on her face suddenly
changed to an almost shy one.

“Only if you want to..” she said softly, bending her head
and staring at the ground. Was she insecure?

“What about your father?” I asked. My hard-on was becoming
uncomfortable in my pants.

“He’s sleeping down in the trailer” she said, looking at me
hopeful again.

“Would he mind?” I didn’t know what her father would be
capable of.

“He let Uncle Donny fuck me” she said, apparently taking
that to mean it was ok for her to have sex with other

“He’s not really my uncle, though. But he’s my father’s
good friend and I always call him uncle” she started
rambling on a bit.

“Anyway the trailer is way down from here and my dad’s too
lazy to climb all the way up here. Besides he doesn’t even
know about this place. I didn’t think anybody came up

She was right about the area being completely abandoned. I
hadn’t been walking on any existing path and hadn’t seen
anyone while climbing the hill.

“Well, why don’t you take off you clothes for me?” I tried,
eyeing the girl’s slim young body.

To my surprise, she took off her bra and panties without
complaining. The cotton panties stuck to her smooth pussy-
lips a little before as she pulled them down before
snapping loose. I could see the sperm glistening on her
little sex and my dick throbbed in my pants.

“Are you hard?” she asked, staring at my obvious lump.

Without answering I pulled down my pants and boxers. She
stared at my erection anxiously and licked her lips.

“Do you want me to suck it?” she asked, and I wasn’t sure
if she really wanted to.

“Do you want to?” I responded.

“Uh-huh” she nodded, still staring at my dick.

“Well then please suck on it” I tried to sound calm, but my
voice was breaking as I thought about her pretty little
face coming in contact with my dick. It seemed unreal.

But the gorgeous naked preteen was really there, and I
gasped silently as she knelt down in front of me. She put
both of her hands around my shaft, squeezing and rubbing my
cock while she examined it closely for a second. Then she
lowered one hand to my balls, cupping them gently. She shot
a quick look up at my face and then moved her face towards
my dick, opening her mouth.

The first tentative touch of her tongue on my cock was
electric and I let out a low moan. Then I started gasping
as her little tongue darted all around the head of my dick,
spreading saliva and precum everywhere. I had never felt
anything this good in my life!

She tightened her soft lips around the shaft and started
sliding them up and down, from all the way across the head
to as far down as she could reach, taking almost two thirds
of my cock in her hot little mouth with ease.

“Ooooh GOD!” I moaned, “you’re good at that..” my dick
throbbing as she sucked it hard, and I was surprised at her

She lifted her mouth off of me to say “Thank you”, smiling
up at me. Before I could even get a good look at her pretty
face she lowered her mouth over my dick again. I groaned as
her lips made contact with my sensitive glans.

I put my hands on the young girl’s head, fingering her soft
hair. I didn’t need to urge her on; she was applying expert
pressure and kept an excellent pace. I felt my body getting
weaker and weaker while my dick only seemed to be getting
harder and harder. The young girl’s unbelievably hot mouth
made me tremble in pleasure.

Was this really happening? I was alone ten minutes ago, and
now a pretty young girl out of nowhere was sucking on my
dick. And with a skill that completely belied her age and
innocence. I was leaking so much precum that she had to
swallow several times just to keep it from leaking out of
her mouth.
The idea that the soft little lips around my dick belonged
to a barely pubescent and very cute girl multiplied my
pleasure to the point where I felt I could die and live
this moment forever.

And it was about to get even better.

“Hmmuhm..” she took her mouth off of me with a slow slurp,
my erection jerking and throbbing uncontrollably as she let
go of it.

“Do you want to put it inside me now?” her question made me

“Uh-huh” I nodded, my mouth open from excitement and sheer

As she stood up I saw the most erotic sight I had ever
seen: Her young vagina, the mound swollen and reddish from
her excitement, was glistening wet and a tiny string of
pussy-juice was dripping out from between her smooth, pouty

I though she was going to kneel down on top of me and I was
getting ready to scoot forward a bit. But the horny girl
just twisted around, turning her back to me, and bent
forward. For a moment I thought she expected me to do her
doggy-style, but she started moving backwards, slowly
lowering her pert little ass onto my lap. I had to hold my
dick steady as she moved her dripping pussy closer to the
head to make sure it would meet her tiny hole.

As soon she touched me, a jolt of sexual electricity shot
through my body. I was going to stick my dick inside that
wet little hole! I could think of nothing else all of a
sudden, and the way she was lowering her body onto mine -
extremely slowly - was driving me crazy. I wanted to grab
her hips and pull her tight little pussy down over my dick
but I couldn’t: I had to hold my dick upright or I was sure
it wouldn’t go inside her.

Soon I could feel the warmth of her little hole trying to
surround the head of my dick, but she was just too tight. I
let go of my dick, which stayed lodged between her puffy
lips, and put my hands on her the firm little globes of her
ass, using my thumbs to open her up. Immediately I felt my
cockhead slide into its tightest pussy yet.

“Uuhnggg!” the young girl moaned, and I could tell it was
in pleasure. I was still holding her ass attempting to
spread open her little sex, and I felt her push back
against my hands in an attempt to get more of my dick
inside of her. I eased her down and my whole being focusing
on the sensation of the tight wet cunt slowly engulfing my

It only took a few seconds for her to take me completely
inside her, and I looked down to see her sexy little ass
seated directly against my pubic hair, my dick completely
obscured from view. It was heaven to be buried so deep
inside this young nymph, and I held her hips to keep her
there for a minute.

She had other plans though, and I felt her strain against
my grip to move her hips up and down. It felt even better
than being inside her without moving, so I started helping
her up and down, my hands still on her hips. As I saw the
base of my dick emerge from underneath her butt it seemed
almost impossible to me that I would be able to get my
extremely swollen erection inside her small body without
causing her discomfort, but she was so wet her little pussy
just slid up and down my cock without it hurting either of

“Oh god, that feels so good!” I groaned. Neither of us had
spoken since she had taken me inside.

“Me too..” the young girl said, closing her eyes. She
started moving up and down faster, her soft hair swaying up
and down. I felt every inch of her little pussy as it
squeezed up and down my sensitive shaft, milking more and
more fluids out of me. I knew I wasn’t going to last.

“I’m going to cum” I warned her, giving her a final chance
to change her mind.

“Oh.. oh.. oh..” she simply moaned as she started hopping
up and down even faster, her little cunt milking my cock
like a tight, wet fist.

“Oohh GOD I’M CUMMING BABY!” I managed to cry, grabbing
hold of her slender hips. There was no turning back for me

I pulled the young girl down onto me tightly, jamming the
head of my dick up against her unprotected womb. My body
stiffened as it prepared to pump her eager body full of
sperm, and the first stream of cum seemed to travel in
slow-motion through my swollen prick. The sensation was
beyond anything I had ever felt and my mind exploded as I
started to ejaculate powerful spurts of cum directly into
the girl’s womb.


At the third powerful spasm shot through my body I managed
to open my eyes again. The girl had arched her back and her
pretty face was turned towards me. She was staring at me
open-mouthed, gasping at my unconscious thrusts.

“Ah.. ah.. ah..!” her cute face was contorted almost as if
in pain, her little pussy instinctively milking my semen
into her developing womb.

In a flash of worry, I managed to stop my hips from moving,
but she immediately started pressing her body down in an
attempt to keep the stimulation going.

“Are you.. ok?” I asked, even as another squirt of semen
rushed out of me and into her young body.

“Yes.. yes..” she was still gyrating her hips against me,
catching her breath. “Did you cum?” she asked.

“I did.. I.. I am..!” I corrected myself, as I felt another
spasm run through my entire body before focusing in my
dick, forcing even more of my cum into the young girl’s
body. I felt as though any fluids I had inside me were
being ejaculated into the cute young girl, her body like a
soft, warm, living sperm-milking machine in my lap.

I put my arms around her, covering her small breasts with
my hands, and pulled her lovely body into mine. I felt her
little nipples pressing into my palms like soft bullets and
squeezed her firm young boobs. I felt her little cunt
squeeze my penis as I did, and breathed lazily into her

“You came a LOT!” she said, still breathing heavily herself
“I can feel it..”

I couldn’t think of anything to say back so I just sat
there, my dick still buried inside the little girl’s cunt,
slowly wilting.

“That was amazing,” I finally said, “Thank you..”

“Did you like it?” I couldn’t see her face but she sounded
happy. She giggled; “Maybe I’m pregnant with YOUR baby,


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I craved dick at that age. When my master wouldn't help me I'd find some one like she did. Sometimes master watched, wanting to see me violated by another. I was raped and he just watched, letting them beat me down, tag team me, fuck my ass till it bled. He cared for me afterwards, thanked me for my pain, but I remember pleading for his help, to make the pain stop and he just watched them fuck me

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I was fucked that hard at 12, it was amazing, my body was still playable, I could fit almost anything up there. Fucked an Aussie shampoo bottle once. Sodomized myself with a lg mag lite last night.

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You never actually specify the age of the girl. "young" can be different for different people, though the way she speaks seems to say early teens.
Putting in more detail of her would be better, hair color, relative size, etc.

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2009-08-18 21:08:17
bravo. got straight to the point. best story by far. girl could have been a bit older though. 15 maybe 16? bt a really great story. part 2 plz

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