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Misake is horny.

It was bad enough that she didn't have sex in 3 months, but even worst Jake was making her wait so that her hunger for sex would force her to seduce him, which is just what he wanted. He watched her at all times, so that she could even masterbathe. Her hunger would grow soon enough, after all he had stopped having sex, when Misake and him got into a fight.

3 months ago.

Misake and Jake were yelling at each other. . .

"Why would you just listen to me?! You are always getting hurt and drunk, and then I have to go out and get you!" Misake yelled.
"Well if you weren't such a whore, we wouldn't be in such a position. You're always begging for sex, well now it's time for us to stop, sex is too long and I'm late for work. I get my pay deducted each time! Soon we won't be making any money. So for a while, until I get vacation time, no sex." Jake walked out of the room and slammed the door. Misake fell to her knees and cried. She was horny now, but. . . she knew Jake would give her nothing, absolutly nothing.

Now. . .
Vacation time hadn't come up, bonuses and promotions would turn up every now and then, they had saved that money, but Misake had already tried to get sex from him. Each night, she would try and massage his dick but nothing came out of it, he would tell her now and make her go back to sleep or just kick her out of the room. Masterbation didn't help considering her husband's touch was so much different. She would have to cry her self to sleep.
It was enough, she then took a look at the paycheck that her husband had brought in. He was in the bathroom, and Misake took a sneak peak. . . Money. . . Money. . More money. . . Vacation time. . .
Misake's spirits lit up in flash. Finally something had to come and now it was time to get her hunger for sex, full.

Jake came out of the bathroom and sat down to eat dinner, Misake looked at him and asked,
"When were you going to tell me?" He looked innocent considering he had no idea what she was talking about.
"About what?"
"About your vacation time." He stared at her and she looked at him and went,
"I looked at it and it says you have 5 weeks worth of vacation time, because you've been saving it. I thought we trusted each other..."
"We do trust each other it's just that. . . We need to save it up just in case we want to go some where. . .
"You're lying to me!" She interuppted. "You're just doing it so you can just get me to leave! do you want me to leave!" She was crying by now. . Jake stood her up and yelled,
"It's not that, it's just while we were still having sex, do you think you were exciting me, turning me on?! You weren't going anything, nothing that I wanted. We weren't having fun!!!!" He grabbed her arm and tossed the table aside, breaking all of the dishes on it.
"Then come on you whore! Let's go into the bed room and do it!!! You wanted it now you're going to get it!!!" Misake grew scared, as she was pulled away from the mess into the upstairs bedroom where she was thrown onto the bed. Jake took off his pants quickly and pulled his penis out. It was huge and it was getting hard.
"I was going to do you tonight, nicely actually, I've been horny this whole time. Now get on your knees and suck." Misake came down quickly and started to suck his cock. Misake was loving the taste of it and started to lick it and his balls making him moan in plessure.
"More Misake More . . . . Ugh. . " She put his balls in her mouth and started licking and kissing them. Jake moaned louder and suddenly cummed in her mouth, which she swallowed and licked all of it off his dick where she missed some.

Misake took off all of her clothes while Jake took of the rest of his. Jake came over to her and kissed her passionatly and and layed her on the bed, where he started fondling one breast. She moaned but gasped when he put his other hand down to vagina, touching it, massaging it and finger fucking it. She moaned louder and louder.
"Jake . . OH. . . Jake. . ." He traveled kisses from her lips to her neck all the way down to her pussy where is was so wet. He looked up and said
"I'm glad I didn't eat the rest of dinner. . .I get to eat your delious juices." He went down and started to lick up all of her juices, she moaned and he slipped her tounge into her, took his tounge out and began to bite and kiss her cunt. She moaned loudly while he was doing this.

He stood up and brought her to the edge of the bed and said, "This is what you wanted the whole time, and I'm going to give to you.. ." He put his penis closely, touching his vagina but not touching. She then moaned,
"Jake... Jake. . .Please don't tease me. . .I want it in now .. .I want it in now. . ."He smirked as he put his penis inside of her. She yelled, "jake!! Jake!!! Fuck me!! Fuck me hard!!!" He gave it to her hard and roughly. Each time going in and out of her. "Harder Jake!! Harder!!!" She screamed. He fucked her so hard, he then moved down, and started to make out with her. Jake stopped and Misake moved up and jake moved onto the bed next to her. Her back was towards him and he brought her closer and fondled her breasts for the last of the night.


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Do you mean MASTURBATE ????

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