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Sisterly Experience 2
By the time this experience happened, my sister Lynn
and I had been lovers for almost a year (see my
previous story, "Sisterly Experience"). I was now 14,
and my breasts had grown considerably. Lynn, now 16,
was every bit as beautiful as she had been when we
became lovers. We still enjoyed our sex together very
much, but we had discovered something else that was an
incredible turn-on to us. Often, after we played around
for a little while to get good and horny, we would
simply masturbate together while we talked about
something sexual. It was sometimes a role-play fantasy,
and we would talk as if we were the people we were
fantasizing about; other times, we would just talk
about someone we knew, and what we would like to do to

That's how this experience came about. Lynn and I were
alone at home one day, and we were in the living room,
lying across from each other on the couch. We were both
rubbing our young pussies while we talked about Lynn's
best friend Deana. Lynn had never talked to Deana about
her secret lesbian interests; in fact, no one knew
about her sexuality except a couple of friends whom she
had been with before me. Deana was a beautiful girl,
with very nice breasts (although not as big as Lynn's)
and a fantastic ass. Both of us had seen her naked
numerous times, as we often went swimming with her in
her pool during the summer. As we lay there
masturbating, Lynn and I discussed what we would like
to do to Deana. Eventually, we both erupted into huge
orgasms. As we lay there afterward, Lynn said, "Jane,
do you think we could ever actually get Deana to join

I was all for the idea, and together we cooked up a
plan, a plan that would either ruin our friendship with
Deana or get her into bed with us. The following
Saturday, Lynn asked Deana to go to the movies with
her. Again, Lynn and I were home alone (a common
occurrence at our house, fortunately), and as soon as
Lynn hung up the phone and announced that Deana was on
her way, we got to work. When Deana came in, there we
were, on the floor. I was on top of Lynn in a hot 69
position. We looked up, acting as if we were shocked.
Deana's jaw dropped, but she didn't turn and run; in
fact, she seemed rather excited. Neither of us made an
effort to move; we just looked at Deana, two naked
bodies stacked up on the floor. Finally, Deana broke
the silence. "Don't let me stop you; go right ahead,"
she said, her voice breaking with excitement.

She didn't have to tell us twice. Lynn and I instantly
went back to work on each other. I buried my face deep
between her legs and continued to eat her cunt as I had
done so many times before. Before we knew what was
happening, Deana had stripped and was kneeling beside
us in the floor. She began to run her hands across my
upturned ass, finally pulling my cheeks apart to reveal
my tiny pink hole. As she leaned forward to lick it,
Lynn could wait no longer; she reached out and planted
her hand firmly on Deana's soaking wet pussy. Deana
moaned as her tongue made contact with my ass. Finally,
I had an idea; I suggested that we retire to our
parents' bedroom, where we could be more comfortable.
As we made our way, Deana asked us how long this had
been going on. We told her the story of how Lynn and I
had become lovers. She was very intrigued, and told us
of her experiences with her older cousin, who had
taught her about a year before.

Once inside the bedroom, we arranged ourselves and
continued with our passion. We started with a simple,
yet steamy, three-way kiss. It was so exciting to have
these two soft tongues touching mine. Deana laid back
on the bed as Lynn and I began to suck on her beautiful
tits. I slipped my hand between her legs and began to
massage her clit while we continued sucking. Before
long, Deana was screaming as she had her first orgasm
of the day. She then asked for Lynn's pussy, explaining
that she had wanted my sister ever since she became
interested in girls. Lynn obliged, lying back and
spreading her legs. Deana crawled between Lynn's legs
and buried her face in Lynn's hot pussy. Lynn moaned
loudly as Deana ate her like a pro; I just sat back and
fingered my own cunt as I watched the action. Lynn,
too, came quickly; then it was my turn. I lay face
down, with my knees under me and my ass in the air.
Deana crawled underneath me and began to lick my pussy,
while Lynn positioned herself behind me and began to
probe my anus with her tongue, something she had never
done before. This new sensation, combined with the
prospect of being with two beautiful girls at one time,
made me lose control; I had perhaps the best orgasm of
my life so far. Deana then suggested that we head to
the bathroom, saying that she had something new for us
to try. Once inside, she instructed me to lie down on
the tile floor. I did as asked, and Deana squatted over
me and began to urinate; she pissed all over me! I lay
there, thinking that this was unusual, but also very
pleasurable. After she finished, she knelt down and
began to kiss everywhere that she had just pissed; it
was incredible. Lynn, sensing an opportunity to try
something new, began to eat Deana's pussy from behind,
no doubt getting a good taste of urine. After Deana
cleaned me off with her mouth, she kissed me; it was
incredibly erotic to taste her piss off her tongue.

We decided to try one more thing. Deana dressed and
drove home quickly (about a 5-minute drive). She
returned with a Polaroid camera and a roll of film,
which she said she had been saving "for just such an
occasion." We took the entire roll of pictures of all
of us in various combinations and positions. We then
divided the pictures and Deana had to leave. We had a
couple more threesomes with Deana in the next few
months, before her grandmother got sick and her family
had to move away to take care of her. My sister and I
kept our share of the pictures in the back of the
closet, and I frequently used them to masturbate, until
Lynn took them with her when she moved away (with my
permission, of course).

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2008-12-02 15:00:32
very good story, made me horny

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2008-10-07 03:37:36
Very good except for the pissing parts. But whatever turns you on.


2008-01-08 19:39:15
sorry about the spelling might help if i have a light on in my spare room


2008-01-08 19:30:11
good story to each there own everyone st onr point in time trys something new :) keep up the good sork


2007-12-22 08:14:03
Hey you guys pissing is not disgusting!!!!

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