Two Women Discover Passion In A Dept. Store Dressing Room
Sylvia had bought a really nice, black dress to wear for a very fancy party, the kind of dress and the kind of party where one doesn't go without a bra. Not that it was an uptight group, but a group that she wanted to make a positive impression, and where she really wanted to impress everyone with how sophisticated she could be. After paying a great deal for the dress Sylvia realized her only black bra looked pretty bad under the dress and felt uncomfortably tight as well. So, rather than take a chance she left to buy a replacement.

Sylvia picked out a couple of bras, and took them into the dressing room to try them on. Neither of them fit nor felt good, or looked all that good either. Sylvia was then approached by a very attractive sales woman asking if she could assist Sylvia. Sylvia said she'd been looking for a bra for a very important event, and having trouble finding what she wanted. The woman smiled asking Sylvia what the problem was. Sylvia sighed and said,

"They just didn't feel right."

The woman asked Sylvia when was the last time Sylvia been fitted for a bra. Sylvia thought for a moment, and then replied,

"Come to think of it...never."

"That's what I name is Grace, and if you'd like I can fit you and make sure you get the right fit."

Sylvia thought for a moment, finally agreeing to a fitting.

"Alright Sylvia, I'm going to assist you in selecting the proper fit."

"I have some catalogs, and samples for you to look over."

"First though, tell me what color, style, and price range you're looking for, then I'll have a better idea of what to show you."

While she looked at the assortments of different style and colors of bras, Sylvia looked at Grace, thinking she was really beautiful. Grace was wearing a loose white blouse unbuttoned just enough to show a tiny hint of lace on her bra, a soft, flesh-colored number that ever so slightly let her nipples hint that they weren't covered by padding. She had a warm, outgoing personality that quickly put Sylvia totally at ease. Sylvia soon was confessing to Grace that she hardly ever wore a bra at all, and that she didn't think she really needed one. She explained that she hated feeling constrained, and didn't like under-wires, etc, etc, but that her new dress dictated a need for modesty and that's why she was there.

Grace was so friendly and open that Sylvia found herself saying,

"You know, I love the feeling when I go braless, and when pe ople no tice that I'm not wearing a bra...well it turns me on."

"I guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist."

Grace smiled saying,

"I know what you mean, I have to wear a bra when I'm working, but when I'm not I love the freedom."

"Just between you and me, I think slightly visible nipples are about the sexiest thing going."

Sylvia smiled, "I know...I'm glad I'm not alone."

As they talked, Grace caught Sylvia looking down at her breasts. They grinned and Sylvia realized they were both getting a little turned on. At least Sylvia knew that she was. Grace stood up suggesting,

"Why don't I take some measurements to find out exactly what would work the best for you?"

Not waiting for an answer, Grace grabbed a measuring tape and casually mentioned,

"If you don't mind, it would be more accurate if you were to remove your sweater."

Sylvia was wearing a heavy, bulky knit sweater with only a delicate little silk camisole under it. Sylvia had her back to Grace, and as she started to pull the sweater up she realized the camisole was sliding up with it as well. Sylvia took a deep breath and deliberately let the camisole come up over her head along with the sweater. As casually as she could, Sylvia dropped them both on the chair and turned toward Grace, totally naked from the waist up. Grace looked a little shocked at first, then recovered looking quite pleased, and smiled sweetly at Sylvia.

Sylvia could see Grace's cheeks had begun to flush slightly as she stared at Sylvia's breasts. Sylvia felt her own breasts growing warm as well, as the arousal she was already feeling started to grow in intensity. Grace moved toward Sylvia, slipping the tape around her back and drew it snug, her fingers lightly brushing the undersides of Sylvia's breasts. As she lifted the tape up to measure the fullest part of her breast, Sylvia looked down and could see that Grace's fingers were trembling ever so slightly. By then Sylvia's nipples were very hard, and protruding so much she giggled saying,

"You won't get an accurate measurement if you don't pull you measuring tape tight enough to squeeze my breasts down a bit."

Grace smiled and playfully tugged the tape more snugly a couple of times, watching Sylvia's nipples pop right back out.

"Must be a cool draft hitting you, she laughed."

"I don't think so, unless it's hitting you, too."

Grace looked down at her breasts and blushed, her nipples had puckered up enough to be quite obvious through her blouse. Sylvia grinned and playfully reached out and brushed the backs of her fingers over Grace's nipples. She heard the sharp intake of her breath, and the way she leaned slightly into Sylvia's fingers told Sylvia that Grace was okay with Sylvia touching her, and was definitely turned on as well. Grace was still holding the tape against Sylvia's breasts, her hands seemingly frozen as Sylvia continued to tease Grace's nipples.

As Grace watched, Sylvia's fingers moved up and very slowly, and deliberately began unbuttoning Grace's blouse. Sylvia pulled Grace's blouse open and slipped her hands inside the cups of Grace's bra touching her now rock hard nipples. Sylvia pinched them gently, rolling them back and forth between her thumbs and forefingers, pulling them toward her. Grace responded by returning the favor to Sylvia as both of their breathing became more and more ragged. Sylvia reached up with one hand and pulled Grace's head down toward her and watched as Grace greedily clamped her mouth on one of Sylvia's nipples, sucking it hungrily between her lips.

"Damn, your breasts are wonderful," she whispered when she came up for air.

"I could love them all day."

"Why don't you," Sylvia said.

Sylvia then started kissing her way down Grace's cleavage quickly reaching back to unhook Grace's bra and free her breast, taking them in her hand. The two women then kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked, back and forth, caressing and kissing one anothers breasts for what seemed like an eternity. Sylvia loved how Grace's nipples felt against her tongue, and how they blossomed and pulsed, loving how big her nipples had become. It was such a turn on to realize that Grace was loving it as much as she was.

Sylvia wasn't sure which of them reached for the other's pussy first, but she knew she came almost immediately when Grace started rubbing her through her panties. As soon as Sylvia recovered from her orgasm she pushed her hand under Grace's skirt, and down her panties, sliding a finger into her hot pussy. Grace's pussy was as bare, as Sylvia's fingers slipped easily into Grace's pussy. Grace cried out, coming with a shudder. Suddenly, Grace pulled Sylvia's hand from her panties, and lifted it to her mouth. Grace began to suck her own juices from Sylvia's fingers, then reached over and kissed her, slipping her tongue deeply into Sylvia's mouth. Sylvia could taste her pussy on her tongue, and sucked it for a long, delicious minute.

Grace became worried about how long they'd been in the fitting room. They reluctantly pulled away from each other, and dressed quickly. Then Grace ushered Sylvia toward the door, grabbing a black bra on the way out and stuffed it into Sylvia's handbag, saying it was her treat and assured Sylvia it would fit perfectly. Grace walked Sylvia to the escalator where she said goodbye and winked.

Then Grace whispered,

"Thanks," handing Sylvia her business card.

Sylvia handed Grace her card, with her number on the back telling Grace to call her. Grace nodded and waived good bye. Once Sylvia returned home she couldn't get Grace out of her mind. The following evening Sylvia attended her dinner party, receiving compliment after compliment from the guests. At around ten, the party was winding down. Sylvia said her goodbye's anxious to get home, and get into something more comfortable. As she walked to her car, she noticed a text message from Grace on her cell phone asking her how the party went. Sylvia smiled and text back,

"Wonderful thanks to you."

"I'm on my way home, there's a spare key in the bottom of the Mums that are sitting on the railing."

Just as Sylvia unlocked her car, someone called to her. She was stuck for an uncomfortable twenty minutes or more, talking while trying to gracefully excuse herself. Finally she was able to leave, and return home. As she pulled into the driveway she hoped to find some sign of Grace, but the house was dark, and no cars were around, except for the neighbors. As she unlocked the door and stepped inside Sylvia noticed the living room lights dimmed, no wonder she hadn't noticed. Then, from around the corner came Grace, looking so beautiful in a half bra, her nipples exposed. She was wearing a thong, thigh highs and heels.

Sipping from a glass of wine Grace smiled saying,

"Welcome home, how did everything go."

"It went very well, everyone complimented me on my outfit."

"Well, you do look beautiful."

"Thank you, but I like your look much more than mine."

Grace moved in close, placing her lips to Sylvia's, kissing her lightly as she moved her arms around her waist. Grace slowly moved her hands up Sylvia's back, as their kiss became more passionate. Sylvia had her arms around Grace now, running her hands up and down Grace's smooth skin, as Grace started to unzip Sylvia's dress. Grace pushed Sylvia's dress off her shoulders, her dress falling down around her ankles. Grace broke the kiss for a moment asking,

"And was your bra comfortable?"

"Very, but it would be even more comfortable if I weren't wearing one."

Grace, reached up unhooking Sylvia's bra, giving it a toss. Grace held Sylvia's breasts in her hand, rubbing her nipples against Sylvia's as the two women began kissing again, this time with much more passion. Sylvia reached around and unhook Grace's half cup bra, letting it fall way, as Grace continued rubbing her nipples against Sylvia's. As their nipples burned with passion, Sylvia moved her hands down Grace's body, cupping her ass in her hand. Sylvia moved her hands over Grace's ass, sliding her fingers beneath the thin strap of Grace's thong, pulling it aside.

Sylvia moved her fingers along Grace's ass, teasing her, causing Grace to moan as they kissed. Sylvia moved her hands around to the front, sliding her hand down Grace's thong, cupping her mound in the palm of her hand. Grace moaned softly, as she began humping Sylvia's hand, as Sylvia slid her middle finger into Grace's now creamy sex. With their breasts mashed together, Grace slid her hand beneath Sylvia's panties, and began teasing Sylvia's pussy. Grace felt her first of what she knew would be many orgasms, building as Sylvia inserted another finger into her wet pussy.

Grace placed her head on Sylvia's shoulder, kissing her neck as she started cumming, her body quivering as the orgasm washed over her. Grace pulled Sylvia's fingers from her pussy, placing them to her mouth, sucking her juices from Sylvia's fingers. Sylvia led Grace over to the sofa, where she knelt down and pulled Grace's thong aside, kissing her bare mound as Grace closed her eyes and smiled. Sylvia lifted her head, pushing Grace back onto the sofa, where Grace draped her left leg over the arm of the sofa, exposing her sex to Sylvia.

Sylvia began kissing her way up Grace's thighs, running her tongue around Grace's pussy as Grace moaned and begged her to suck her pussy. Sylvia had teased her long enough, running her tongue over Grace's swollen lips, parting her folds, and moving her tongue up and down Grace's creamy slit. Grace was moaning and gyrating her hips, grinding her pussy into Sylvia's face, as she guided Sylvia's head with her hands to her most sensitive spots. As Sylvia tongue fucked her, Grace was gasping,

"Oh yes, that's it...stick your tongue up my pussy....oh fuck yes."

Sylvia was never so aroused listening to a lover moan as she was this night listening to Grace. Sylvia moved up to Grace's clit, taking it into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue, and sucking it, while she slid two fingers into Grace's pussy. Grace was beside herself with lust as she bucked, thrusting her hips upward into Sylvia's face, the orgasms washing over her, as she begged Sylvia not to stop. With one last powerful orgasm, Grace collapsed on the sofa, almost whimpering from the strength of her orgasm. Once Grace had caught her breath, Sylvia moved up onto the sofa, her pussy hovering over Grace's face. Grace looked up and smiled saying,

"Give me that pussy, you little slut."

Sylvia lowered her pussy down onto Grace's face, as Grace held Sylvia hips. Grace opened her mouth, her tongue greeting Sylvia's labia as it touched her lips. Grace slid her tongue into Sylvia's pussy, as Sylvia placed her hands on the top of the sofa. As Grace tongue fucked Sylvia, she eased her fingers between Sylvia's cheeks, penetrating Sylvia's ass, working her finger inside, and began finger fucking her ass, while she tongue fucked her pussy. Sylvia gasped,

"Oh fuck yes, tongue fuck me....oh fuck yes!"

"Mmmm, your finger feel so good up my ass, make me fucking cum!"

Grace took Sylvia to the edge, stopping just short of making her cum. Sylvia asked her why she stopped, but Grace told her to relax. Opening her purse, Grace pulled something out. In the dim lights it was difficult to see what it was. She walked back over to the sofa telling Sylvia to lay down lengthwise. Once Sylvia was ready, Grace moved on top of her, and began rubbing Sylvia's pussy with an turned out to be a dildo. Once the dildo was inside, Grace eased another object into Sylvia's ass. Once the object was in her ass, Sylvia began to feel it vibrating, all she could do was squeal in delight, she had never felt anything so good.

Grace began fucking Sylvia with the dildo, as well as fucking her ass with the vibrator. Sylvia was absolutely beside herself with lust, cumming over and over as Grace worked her ass and pussy. Once Grace was done, Sylvia did the same to Grace with the same results. Sylvia and Grace get together at least once a week now, for hours of woman to woman passion. Sylvia and Grace have become lovers and in time, they may move in together, but for now, each having their separate lives is working just fine.

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One of the BEST it made my knickers very moist.
Do more please!!!!!!!

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