I started babysitting in my teens
Adventures in babysitting #1
I started babysitting in my teens. After church the Smiths asked my parents if I could baby sit that night, they looked at me and I said sure. I needed some extra money. I was so excited it was my first job. What should I wear I thought? I had a crush on Mr.Smith he looked like Tom Selleck. I loved his hairy chest. She was pretty too she looked like Fran Drescher. I put on this orange short & halter-top set I had. It was cute and sexy at the same time. It felt like I was getting ready all day. I did my hair, painted my toenails and fingers. My mom dropped me off at 7:00. Mrs. Smith gave me all the rules of the house. Mr. Smith couldn't keep his eyes off my big tits.
They left and I played with the 2 kids most of the night. The whole basement was covered with toys. I built them a race track with the Hot wheels cars. At 9:00 I put them to bed. I just watched TV .
When they pulled up, I remembered one of the rules was for them to clean up after themselves. So before they got in I shot down to the basement and got on my hands and knees. I gathered all the race tracks, cars, curves and all those little red connectors. That's when I heard Mr. Smith behind me say, Your the best looking babysitter we ever had. Then Mrs. Smith chimed in, Yes she's gorgeous. I was blushing; I looked up from the floor and said "I'm sorry I forgot to have them clean this up before they went to bed." Mr. Smith said "Oh that's OK"They both helped me get it all put away. We sat on the floor and Mrs. Smith said "We were talking over dinner about something you may be interested in.” It’s perfectly fine if you say NO"
If you’re a regular babysitter you get $3.00 a hour. If you want to be a babysitter with benefits you'll get $50 - $100 per day
I said "What do I have to do for that kind of money clean your house or something. Mr. Smith said "No, You see we have what you call a open marriage. We enjoy sex with each other and other people at the same time. She then said "Yes all of us"
I said "So you guys want to have sex with me, like all three of us" Mrs. Smith said "Did you ever have sex before I said "Yes" She said "Do you like it" I said "Sure" He said did you ever have sex with a girl" I said "I go to a all girls school, we experimented." She said with a glow in her eyes "Did you enjoy it" I said "Yes" Then Mr. Smith said "So what do you think" I said "Oh I don't know, what if it feels weird" She said "At anytime you feel uncomfortable you say STOP" I said "Can we test it now" Then they both started rubbing my arms and legs up to my thighs while kissing my neck. I was getting so hot. Then I kissed Mr. Smith hard on the lips. She lifted up my shirt letting one boob out and started sucking it. He had his hand on my wet pussy. He put my hand on his crotch and then released his cock. It felt so warm in my hand. At this point Mrs. Smith had my top and shorts off and she undressed. Her body was perfect. She looked like a model. Her pussy was in the shape of a perfect V. She lifted my legs up and ate my pussy so good. Before I knew it Mr. Smiths Cock was in my mouth. He pulled it out then put it in-between my tits. She started sucking his cock and putting it back between my tits and said I don't want any cum getting near her pussy until she's on the pill. Then she sucked his dick real fast and he shot his load right down her throat. I looked up and said "WOW , that was amazing. I never felt anything like that, All the guys I've been with came so fast I never felt what I felt when you ate my pussy. Mr. Smith said "Wait till I fuck that sweet pussy of yours. But first we have to get you on the pill. But, you can't tell anyone, no one at all that we are doing this." I said "I promise. If all I have to do is this for $50. That's great, sign me up I'm all yours" Then Mr. Smith drove me home and gave me $50.00 This is just the beginning of a long interesting adventure in babysitting. A lot, more to come. I should right a book on the Smith's. We end up going on vacation together cruises all kinds of stuff. I became their nanny, housekeeper, and call girl. I had the time of my life.

Adventures in babysitting #2
A couple days later I was walking home from school and Mr. Smith pulled up and asked if I was doing anything this afternoon. I said, no but I have to go home first to tell my mom were I'm going. He said OK, I'll meet you at the park, don't change I love that uniform on you.
I went home and told my mom I was going to baby-sit and I would call her if I was going to miss dinner. I rode my bike to the park and met him. We talked on a picnic table about me going on the pill. I was cool with it, because the last thing I wanted to do was get pregnant. He gave me a months worth and told me he would get them every month. I don't know what he did for a living, but he was rich so I assume he was a Dr. or something.
He told me I looked so sexy in my school uniform. I got up and gave him a spin. He said, turn around and act like you’re tying your shoe. He was rubbing his cock through his pants. He said come here, he rubbed my legs with both hands and wrapped them around my ass. His fingers found there way to my pussy lips. I was getting hotter by the minute. Then he took my panties off and gave them a whiff. Oh you smell so good. I want to fuck you so bad. Let’s go to my house. I threw my bike in the back of his station wagon and we headed to his house. I lifted my leg up and teased him by playing with my pussy while he drove the car. He took his throbbing cock out rubbing the tip. I needed to taste him and I gave him head while he drove. When we pulled into his driveway he came in my mouth. I didn't spill a drop. We got ourselves together and went to his bedroom. He put a rubber on and started to fuck me while he licked my toes. He was pounding me so hard, making my tits bounce off my chin. He turned me around and did me doggy style slapping my ass, telling me I was a bad girl. He said he was going to cum. So I took off the rubber and sucked his cock, he came again all over my tits.
We lay naked for a while talking about how great this was and how I couldn't wait till next time. He said they were going to need me this Saturday. He asked if his wife could take me out to go shopping for some sexy cloths. I said sure. He said OK she'll pick you up Saturday afternoon.
We got dressed and he gave me $50 drove me home just in time for supper. I could still taste his cum in my mouth.

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I found just what I was nedeed, and it was entertaining!

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2011-01-22 21:07:02
what three year old child did you steal this story from i mean the story line is ok but it is under descriptive poorly structured and over all too short. all in all you should go back to being a librarian

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what three year old child did you steal this story from i mean the story line is ok but it is under descriptive poorly structured and over all too short. all in all you should go back to being a librarian

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what three year old child did you steal this story from i mean the story line is ok but it is under descriptive poorly structured and over all too short. all in all you should go back to being a librarian

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Not even a complete thought never mind 2 chapters. Don't give up your day job but do give up writing ... Please.

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