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Loving the taste of a black cock
I pulled back and dove back down and started fucking my mouth and throat with his beauty. Carl got into the rhythm and helped moving my head back and forth on his cock. I swallowed as much as my throat would tolerate, and Carl began to gently face fuck me. He rocked his hips back and forth getting a little deeper on each stroke as I jammed my throat forward.

Between the saliva that was pouring out of my mouth and Carl's precum, his velvety smooth black cock was sliding back and forth from my lips across my tongue and down my throat. I was in heaven. I was getting air whenever I could, but my goal was ALL of this cock in my mouth. I looked up into his eyes and wrapped my hands around his hips and pulled him forward. He slipped in a little deeper, as deep as he would get. I managed a good 8" of his wonderful cock, but there was just no way I could get those last two.

He was getting vocal again, "Oh yeah Chris, I'm getting close. You want this load down you throat baby, just keep doing that."

I pulled back and began bobbing on his cock. I grabbed his thick shaft and began stroking, twisting my hand while sliding it up and down. I fucked my mouth on his cock faster and faster as he tensed up and I felt his cock swell.

Carl yelled, "Oh shit Chris, here it comes!"

I jammed that monster and far down my throat as it would go as Carl let loose and I felt his milky cum start shooting into my throat. I pulled back and my mouth started filling with his cum. I swallowed and it still leaked out the corners of my mouth. I kept sucking his massive chocolate cock In and out, back down my throat, the way made easier by all that delicious cum. I couldn't get enough. Carl shivered as his cock stopped spasming, and he began sliding it out of my mouth. I must have been a sight, I had come in my belly, on my lips, running down my chin and dripping on my chest. Carl just stood there panting and looking at me like I was from outer space.

I swirled and swallowed the cum left in my mouth then scooped up what I could from my chin and chest, and then swallowed that too. In my short history of cocksucking I hadn't really been interested in swallowing. I had done it, but it wasn't a priority. I wanted every drop of Carl's salty sweet milk, it was a validation of my success in giving the best blow job of my life and I savored it.

"The was some of the best head I've ever gotten Chris." I was ok with being just one of the best.

I smiled and said, "Practice makes perfect Carl." He pulled me to my feet and kissed my puffy cock swollen cum covered lips.

"I think it's time we moved this to the bedroom. It's time for some payback."

We rinsed off and toweled dry. Carl again took my hand and led me to the bed. He pulled back the covers and I climbed in. He went to the table and poured us a couple of glasses of ice water from a pitcher he had put there earlier. He was a considerate guy. I spied a jar of lube and some condoms next to the pitcher as well, which he brought over and laid on a towel at the foot of the bed. This show was just getting started. We fired up another fatty and brought that buzz back to maximum, and then Carl slid into the bed next to me.

Carl slid into bed and gently pushed me onto my back. He leaned over and kissed me hard with another of those sloppy wet tongue dueling kisses. I couldn't get enough. I loved kissing women, but this was one of those sweet feminine kisses on steroids. Carl slid his hand down to my cock and took it in his hand. He just held my rock hard dick as he started kissing and sucking his way across my chest and nipples. This felt great but I was wishing him downward and he must have read my mind.

He moved his mouth across my stomach I soon felt his hot breath on the tip of my cock. Carl raised my cock and captured my precum covered head between his lips. He began to stroke his hand and bob his mouth and I was on edge. I have great staying power when I apply myself, but there is just something about a talented man's mouth that makes that a real chore.

Carl looked up at me and said, "Your cock is beautiful Chris, I could do this all day."

"I don't think I can take two more minutes of that bro, much less all day."

With that Carl smiled at me and said, "How much of THIS can you take?"

With that he dropped his mouth down and slid seven inches of white cock straight down into his throat. I nearly screamed as he began to fuck his throat with my cock. My hips came up as my balls contracted and I grasped at his bed sheets and I tried to hold back. Carl pulled back off me to my great relief as I settled back down.

I could feel his cock on my knee as it was coming to life again and I had a brilliant idea.

"Carl, I need to concentrate on something else while you’re sucking me. Why don't you turn around and let me back at your cock."

Carl flipped and we got into the sixty-nine position. He began to slowly suck me, nothing urgent, just slowly sliding up and down. He then began to gently lick and suck at my naked balls. I was rubbing Carl's semi-erect cock on my face, then took him back into my mouth and straight down my throat right to root with my nose in his pubes. It was a perfect storm, his cock was hard enough to get down my throat, but hadn't yet gotten to its full thickness or length. That didn't last long though and he soon back at his raging ten thick inches.

I felt Carl moving his arm around and soon found out why. He never stopped sucking me as he retrieved the lube, and now I felt the cold slippery liquid touch my ass. Carl slipped a finger in as I moaned around his cock. He slipped it back out and a second one joined it. He was now stroking two thick fingers inside me and I lost the ability to keep sucking him. Carl then dove down on my dick again right to the root and began bobbing. It was all over.

"Oh my god I'm fucking cumming!" and I let loose a blast of cum and it actually felt like a full body orgasm, a second huge spurt, then a third, I had never cum like this in my life as Carl continued to suck the life out of me. It seemed like an hour before I started to come down and relax. I was still shaking. I had seen many a woman doing this with me and I think I finally understood them. Lucky bitches, and I mean that in the kindest way.

Carl cleaned me up with his mouth as I felt his fingers applying more lube to my ass. He grabbed what looked like a small syringe (No needle) and told me it was full of lube that he could get deep into me. Carl was prepping me for a fucking, and I was all for it. He moved away from me and wiped his hand on the towel, then crawled back into bed.

I rolled to me side with my back to him and my head on a big fluffy pillow. I was so satiated that I could have fallen asleep right then. I felt Carl spoon up behind me with that monster cock leading the way. I opened my thighs and it slipped between them again with the head visible below my tired cock. His cock was slippery as I reached down and stroked the exposed head. A couple of things came to mind, he'd lubed his cock, and he wasn't wearing a condom.

"Condom, Carl." I wanted this cock in me bare as bad as he did, but I wanted to be safe as well.

"Chris, I'm clean. I was tested last month and I have the paperwork to prove it. I play safe, even with the girls, but I do trust your word that you're clean as well. This would just feel that much better without it."

I didn't say a word. I just rolled toward my stomach as his cock slipped out from between my thighs. I reached back and grabbed his lubed cock and lined it up with my ass and I rocked back toward him. His cock slipped between my cheeks and came to rest again my man pussy.

"Please, let me do this Carl. Let me work you inside me first."

Carl, with his chest against my back, started nibbling and kissing my ear and neck. He slid his hand down to my cock which was coming back to life and he began slowly stroking it.

I pushed my asshole back against his cock and I felt it start to spread me. I was about to spread my ass about two inches wider that I ever had with a dildo, and I had no doubt it was going to hurt before it felt good. I gritted my teeth and kept pushing back as Carl started to split me in two. He was being a good sport and staying completely still. I kept up the pressure and concentrated on being completely relaxed down there and suddenly Carl's massive black cock slipped in a couple of inches. The pain was bearable so I moved away from his cock then reversed course and gave a good shove with my ass taking about four inches,

"OH FUCK!!!!" I screamed as I was split by the thickest part of Carl's cock. I laid still for a minute and let the pain subside. Carl was stroking my head and whispering to me.

"It's ok baby, that's the worst part. Your pussy is on fire and burning up my cock. Are you ready for more?"

I didn't answer him, I just arched my back a bit and pushed back against him as his cock slid deeper into me. It was amazing. Once my dildo was inside me it was easy going, but not Carl's monster, it stretched things tight everywhere it touched me. I kept pushing and it felt like Carl's cock was entering my stomach, I reached back and touched his shaft and it felt like there were still about three inches still outside of me. Christ, how much more could I take?

I began moving back and forth on the seven inches inside me and chanted, "Fuck me Carl! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" And he did just that.

Without losing contact Carl rolled me onto my belly and mounted me. I was flat against the bed, his chest on my back, and he started sliding in and out of my ass in long slow strokes. It was an amazing feeling. His cock felt alive, like it was part of me. I finally understood what it meant to be truly fucked. I started lifting my hips off the bed and meeting Carl's thrusts, I was circling my hips as I raised them causing his cock stretch me even more.

I was impaled on a monstrous black cock, and there was nowhere in the world I would rather be. Carl continued to fill me and not only felt ever millimeter of his cock, I could hear the squishy sound of his lubed up monster in and out of my ass. Carl continued to give me long deep strokes. And we kept at it for several minutes.

Carl whispered in my ear, "Do you want to ride this big dick Chris?"

"Yeah stud, let me do some of the work here."

Carl pulled out and rolled over on his back as I rose up on my knees. Carl leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and gave it some sweet strokes across his tongue and lips while I scooped up a little more lube and slid it down Carl's cock. Damn, his mouth felt wonderful, but I was feeling really empty and I was ready for more.

"Lay back and let me on that beautiful cock stud." I said as I threw my leg over his waste and lined up his cock with my ass. I was on my knees straddling him and with using my hands I located his cock with my ass. I moved my hips in circles until I felt his big head line up with my ass and I pushed back sinking his crown inside me. Carl raised his hips and slipped deeper in me and started stroking in and out... I sat back and had him in as far as he would go.

Fuck I was so full. I began rising and lowering myself on his cock while rotating my hips in circles. Carl cock felt like it had bottomed out in me, but there were still those three elusive inches that just didn't seem to have anyplace to go. There was some pain when he bottomed out but the pleasure overwhelmed it. Put some downward pressure on him and felt something inside me give, virgin territory in my ass just opened up and suddenly I was seated on his pubic bone with his cock completely inside of me.

"Oh fuck that's hot Chris, you got it all. You ass is burning my cock up. Fuck me baby, fuck he hard!" And I did. I started riding his cock for all it was worth. No fear now, my man pussy had captured all of him and now I was going to reward us both. Carl had my cock in his hand as I started bouncing circling my hip and constantly. We were both grunting and moaning.

I am at a loss to rightly describe the feelings going through me. I slowed my movements down and leaned forward to kiss him. Carl was slightly inclined on the pillows so it was a perfect fit. As we kissed he continued to lift his hips and slowly slide in and out of me. We'd done some serious fucking and I was ready for some slow passionate sex. Carl was wearing me out.

Carl said, "Let's get you on your back lover. I'm ready to do the driving."

I rose up off his monster and rolled over onto my back. Carl had knelt between my legs and held that big black spear in his hand as he lined it up, as he started to sink into me I wrapped my legs around his waist. To me, the missionary position was about as intimate as you could get. I had been on the edge of cumming earlier when Carl played with my cock while I was riding him. Now I was ready for both of us to find the finish line.

Carl was deep stroking in and out with his hands on either side of me holding himself up. I had my legs and arms wrapped around his body as he lowered his face and began to kiss me. I was feeling that overload in my body again. I'd never heard of a man having a full body orgasm, but I'd already had one and felt like I was on the brink of another. Carl pushed up off of me to his knees and really started slamming his monster in me hard and deep.

"You ready Chris? You ready for me to fill your ass with hot cum? Oh fuck I'm close baby..."

"I chanted, "Fuck me Carl! Fill me with that monster cock stud! Fill my ass fill my ass fill my ass, fuck meeeee!!!!" I was on a cliff about to fall off into the ultimate male orgasm.

Carl kept driving hard, groaning and grunting. He grabbed my cock and gave it one stroke and it was like he pulled it trigger. I took in a deep moaning breath and shuddered, then let out wailing "OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!!"

My cock jerked and jetted out a long thick rope of cum so hard that it landed right across my nose, lips and chin, with a nice amount landing in my open mouth. I was cumming out of my cock, my body was a quivering mass of pleasure, I had my own fresh salty cum in my mouth, and a huge black cock driving mercilessly in and out of my body. My second and third shots hit my chest and belly. Seeing this sent Carl over the edge.

Carl gave a long growling moan and shouted, "Awwww fuck fuck fuck! I'm gonna cuuuum!" Upright on his knees, he hooked his arms under my knees and pulled my ass up off the bed and started fucking the life out of me.

Carl gritted his teeth with eyes closed and head thrown back--he jammed his cock inside me to the base and held it there. I felt it deep in my guts as he started filling me with hot cum. "Oh oh oh Fuck!" he shouted.

He then pulled back and viciously started slamming me with his cock, in and out, in and out. I had no idea where I was, I was lost is some crazy space that had its own reality. I felt and tasted everything, but it was like doing it in twilight sleep. Slam slam slam he went as he continued to cum. He then started to slow his strokes, through half-lidded eyes I could see the tension literally pour from his body. He started to shake and sigh, He lowered my ass to the bed and followed with his cock, still inside me, and fell forward onto my chest...

I just held him there as we both started to catch our breath and come out of our sexual fog. We lay still for a good two minutes then his cock started to slide out of me inch by inch. It felt absolutely wicked. Then Carl looked up at me and we did what men do in a situation like that, we both started laughing. Of course laughing caused me to constrict a bit and Carl's cock slid the rest of the way out of me. I felt his hot cum start to ooze out onto the crack my ass. Carl rolled off me and we both just laid there looking at the ceiling.

I said, "Damn Carl, how many women out there have you ruined for averaged dicked white guys like me? That just doesn't seem fair."

Carl laughed and said, "You'd be surprised man. There's been a few, but the majority of them couldn't take it all. I've had chicks see it and say 'no way in hell is that going in me' and walk out. I've had them so tight all it would do is hurt them and I ain't into that. I've had women who could only take five or six inches before I bottomed out. You're in a rare group Chris, those that have gotten every inch of it."

I threw in my two cents, "I never thought about that. I just figured they all wanted a monster cock. Now that I think about it though, I've had some tight as could be but I never got deep enough to bottom out, Some love my cock hitting their cervix, but for some it's too painful The strange thing is, it really doesn't seem to matter whether they are tall, short, thin or fat, had kids or not."

Carl said, "Maybe we'll have to test some out together." Typical men, we'd just fucked the hell out of each other and we were talking about pussy. That's a story for another day though.

We got up and jumped in the shower and washed ourselves. We dressed and then went out and had some beers and Carl ordered out for a pizza. Normally I just bailed within a couple of minutes of hooking up with a guy, but I enjoyed hanging out with Carl. We talked and laughed, and had a great evening. He asked if I'd like to stay the night and I said sure. Later I helped him change the sheets and we climbed in. No snuggling or kissing, just two naked buddies worn out from fucking each other. As soon as my head hit the pillows I was gone.

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of lips on my back, and a hand rubbing my ass. Uh oh....

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