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Sisterly Experience 3
The next major event in my sexual growth occurred when I was 16 years
old. This would, of course, make my sister, Lynn, a young woman of
18. Anyway, that summer (a week after my 16th birthday, in fact), I went
off to a summer camp I had attended until I was 14, which was the age limit
for the camp. The camp was always in need of counselors and other workers
for their three-week program in July, so I volunteered; the pay was decent
(though not great), and it gave me something to do. I didn't have my
license yet, and Lynn seemed to stay home a lot less following her recent

So I went to work at the camp, which proved to be the most difficult thing
I have ever done. Here I was, surrounded by a room full of naked teen and
slightly preteen girls, and I couldn't do anything about it. Needless to
say, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, trying to obtain some relief
for my constantly aching pussy. Finally, the three weeks were up, and it
was time to go home. On the bus ride, I found my thoughts drifting to my
beautiful sister; I wondered if she had found someone else to be with while
I was away. I quickly became wet with desire as I thought about the
"catching up" we would do that night, if she was home.

Lynn was waiting for me at the school parking lot where the bus dropped
everyone off. She gave me a quick hug and helped me throw my bags into the
trunk of her car before we climbed in and sped off toward the house. On the
way, we made small talk. "Oh, Mom told me to tell you so you wouldn't be
surprised when we get home: Missy's staying with us for a few more weeks,"
she said. My heart sank when I thought of my little cousin. I knew she had
been there, but she was supposed to be gone by the time camp was over. Not
hiding my disgust, I spat out her name. "Missy. How old is she now, anyway?
Nine?" "Actually, she's 12," answered Lynn, with a hint of something in her
voice; I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I thanked my lucky stars that
we had an extra bedroom.

Finally, we pulled up at the house. Lynn and I quickly unloaded the trunk
and went into the house. Mom and Dad came running from the kitchen to
welcome me home. I barely noticed the girl sitting on the couch, watching
television. After talking to Mom and Dad for a minute, I looked back at the
girl. I knew it was Missy, but I couldn't believe how she had grown. She
had the same dark skin she had always had; she got that from her father,
not her mother (my mom's sister). Her hair was shorter and stylish. I
tried to be polite. "Hey, Missy," I said casually as Lynn excused herself
to the bathroom. "Hey!" she said excitedly, as if she'd been waiting for me
to acknowledge her. She stood up and walked toward me. I got my first
head-to-toe look at her; the first thing I noticed were her breasts. She
actually had nice breasts! After a quick hug, she said, "Let me help you
get these bags." She bent over right in front of me and picked up two of my
bags. I seized the moment to check out her butt; it, too, was wonderful. I
couldn't believe this was the same cousin I used to despise. I picked up
the rest of the luggage and followed her into my room.

I was shocked when I walked in; her bags were stacked neatly in one corner,
and the bed was unmade. She had been sleeping in my room! Missy must have
noticed my surprise, because she quickly explained, "Your mom said I could
sleep in here while you were away. But don't worry; I'll move into the
guest room now," she said. I muttered my approval, and she left the room to
return to the TV. As I unpacked, I couldn't get my young cousin off my
mind. I found myself wondering if she had masturbated in my bedroom; the
image of that got me instantly worked up. Suddenly, another question
replaced that one in my mind. I thought back to the pictures Lynn and I had
taken of our adventure with her best friend (see part 2 of this
story). When I left, the pictures were being momentarily stored in my
closet, in a locked box in the back. I wondered if Missy had set about
doing any snooping. The thought filled me with a combination of dread and
excitement. I locked the door and retreated into the closet. I retrieved
the key, hidden between the pages of an old Cosmo magazine in the closet. I
took out the box and opened it. Sure enough, the pictures were not in the
same order they were when I last put them away. I deducted that either
Missy had found them, or Lynn had taken an opportunity to look at them
while I was gone. I tucked the question away in the back of my mind,
telling myself I'd ask Lynn later.

After dinner, I took a quick shower, then the three of us watched TV
together for a while; Mom and Dad went to a neighborhood meeting a few
miles away. It had been a rather long day for me, with the bus ride and
all, so it wasn't too long before I was nodding off. Lynn woke me and said,
"Sis, why don't you go on to bed, and maybe the three of us can do
something tomorrow after you're rested." I said that was a good idea and
told both girls good night. I quickly brushed my teeth and collapsed into
bed, asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.

I noticed the clock when I opened my eyes: 11:35. The house was silent, so
I knew everyone was in bed. I wondered what Missy had worn to bed, because
her bags were still in my room and I knew she hadn't come in; I'm a very
light sleeper in that regard. I assumed maybe Lynn had let her borrow a
t-shirt or something. Then I heard it; faint, whispering moans coming from
Lynn's room, which was right beside mine. I laid in bed, wide awake, and
listened intently. I could almost make out words. "Oh, god, Missy," it
sounded like Lynn was saying. Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks; my
sister and my cousin had become lovers while I was at camp!

Sleep was not important to me at this point; I just wanted to be in bed
with the two beautiful girls who were making love on the other side of my
wall. I finally came up with a plan. Slipping out of my clothes, I pushed
the covers down and began touching myself. I brought a wet finger to my
mouth and tasted my own juices; then the hand returned to my cunt. As I
began to get more involved in my self-love session, my moans became
louder. It seemed that the noise in the next room stopped as I continued. I
then heard footsteps, coming closer and closer to my door, and finally, a
knock. I covered up and, with the best "timid" voice I could muster, said
"Come in."

It was Missy; she was standing in my doorway, naked. "You heard what was
going on next door, didn't you?" she asked. I nodded. "Would you like to
join us?" she inquired. I responded by climbing out of bed and walking
toward her. Pulling her naked body to mine, our lips met. I could taste my
sister's pussy in her kiss. Breaking the kiss, she grabbed my hand and led
me into Lynn's room. My sister was lying there, slowly stroking her pussy
as she looked lustfully at us. "How long has this been going on?" I asked
curiously. "Since the day after I got here!" exclaimed Missy as she
dropped to her knees in front of me. She began to kiss my thighs, moving
higher and higher until her mouth was level with my pussy. I sat on the
edge of the bed and opened my legs, inviting my young cousin to taste me.
She began to eat me with a passion I had rarely experienced; usually, not
even Lynn enjoyed me this much! My sister sat up and pressed her beautiful
tits against my face; I began to suck them while Missy ate my pussy. Under
the circumstances, it wasn't long before I was writhing in passion as I
experienced a highly anticipated orgasm.

After my climax subsided, I asked Missy if I could taste her pussy. She
climbed onto the bed and sat down with one leg on either side of my head. I
began to lovingly lick her cunt as she softly moaned. I then felt my legs
being pulled; Lynn turned me around so I was lying completely on the bed,
with my legs facing the headboard. She positioned herself so our legs were
in scissor formation and our pussies were touching; then she began to grind
against me as hard as she could. This was something we had never done
together before, but I had a feeling she had already tried it with Missy.
Lynn kept rubbing our pussies together and I kept eating Missy's cunt until
she, too, was cumming. I then pulled away from Lynn and pushed her legs
apart; Missy and I simultaneously ate my sister's pussy until she also
came. After Lynn's orgasm, sheer exhaustion took over, and we retired for
the evening. Missy shared my bed, and woke me with a kiss the following

For her remaining two weeks there, the three of us were inseparable, making
love sometimes two or three times a day. The highlight of our time
together, other than the first time, was when we went to the mall and wound
up masturbating together in the dressing room at a department store. Missy
picked up a shirt to try on; she then asked to come in and tell her what we
thought. She opened the door for us and as soon as we were inside, she
stripped off her shorts and panties and sat down on the small bench in the
room. She began touching herself as my sister and I looked on, amazed. Lynn
whispered, "There might be cameras in here!" to which my cousin replied,
"So we'll give someone a show then." I was game; I dropped my shorts and
panties and began doing the same thing, as did Lynn. We tried our best to
keep quiet, but it was difficult. We got some funny looks when we left the
dressing room area; fortunately, Lynn looks a bit young for her age, so no
one thought anything of it.


2016-06-08 03:04:46
Great effort. Maybe expand on the details if you write another part. Maybe bring in their mother or another family female or perhaps one of the summer camp counsellors. Can't wait for the next part. I came so hard in my mouth.

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2010-11-15 03:16:57
Its a good read. A little short ,you say its got another part.?


2010-04-01 07:29:18
that was gr8 but she could of had all yhe she wanted at the camp that would have been an all out orgy

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i gave myself an orgasm

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