A father, bi-sexual by birth, finds out about his son's recent experiments with masturbation, and decides to help him out with his adventure into adulthood.
I can say many things about my family. The truth is I don’t think I could live without them. And the funny thing is I knew that I would feel this way. When I was about 14 years old, I used to have dreams of my future family. I loved the idea of having a wife and kids.

I met my wonderful wife when I was 24 years old. At that time, we were both freshly out of college. She went to college in New York, and I went to college in New Jersey, so it wasn’t until I went over to see my brother, who was living in New York, that I met the love of my life. He introduced me to her one day as I walked into his apartment.

“Maria, this is my brother John.” My brother Jake said.
“Very nice to meet you, John.” Maria told me as she gazed into my eyes.
I was speechless, but managed to say hello.

I was never the most amazing looking man in the world. I was about 6 feet tall and I weighed about 160 pounds. I had, and still have, short brown hair. My eyes were brown, and nothing past decent. As for my body, I was in shape. I was not muscular, but healthy. So for the most part, I was an average man. My wife on the other hand is completely out of my league. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighing a slender 140 pounds. Her long brown hair, which was a huge turn on for me, along with her beautiful brown eyes, made her perfect just like that. But that is only her head. He body was in shape and slightly tanned. Her breasts are a magnificent 36C, while her legs are perfectly shaped. To my eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

We started dating, and after a year together, I proposed. It has been happiness ever since then. When we were both 26, we decided that it was time to have a kid. We had already been at our own house, thanks to my parents, who were fairly wealthy. With me bringing in a steady income, and my wife more than willing to become a stay at home mom, it was a perfect time.

Now before I get to the birth of my first kid, I should mention that as I was growing up, I discovered that I was bi-sexual. When I was 13 years old, my neighbor and best friend came over my house for a sleepover. That night changed my life. Even though it was nothing big, just a couple of hand jobs, I found a huge interest in boys, just as much as girls. Pornography was the same way. Once and a while it would be girls, the next it would be boys. I remember the days that I used to spy on my younger brother when he was in the bathroom. I was 17 and he was 14. I fell in love with that smooth look on boys. The innocent, hairless, days of growing up. Once every so often, I would look at my brother as he slept. Since it was always hot, we both slept with our boxers on, and nothing else. His thin, skinny legs and thighs were a huge turn on for me. I never did anything other than looking at him. I wasn’t willing to do anything with my own flesh and blood.

The day my son was born, was the happiest day of my life. I was looking forward to becoming a father. We named him after my grandfather, Connor.
He grew up perfectly. He never caused trouble; he never disobeyed us in any way, or anything. He was the perfect son. Not to mention the cutest kid in the world. Then one day, when Connor was just turning 4, Maria and I decided to try and have one more. And that’s what we did. Two months before Connor’s 5th birthday, our second, and last son, was born. Kyle is the name we gave him. Everything went on smoothly from there. That is, until one day.

Connor was 13 years old at this time, and Kyle was 9 years old. As most should know, 13 year olds change a lot during this time in their life. The same could be said about Connor. He did not become a bad child, but Maria and I started to notice different things about him. For one, a lot of times after school, he would run up to his room and close the door. He would say that he was doing his homework, but when he came out, he was as red as a beet. The next thing we noticed, well Maria did, was his boxers. This is when everything got interesting.

“John, come down here please.” Maria called from the basement. I walked down stairs to notice her doing laundry. She was holding up a pair of small blue boxers.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“See for yourself.” Maria said as she tossed me the small blue boxers.
At first, I did not notice much. But then I saw the smile of Maria’s face.
“What?” I asked with a chuckle.
“Look at the fly…”
I did as she said, and I saw what she wanted to show me. A wet spot on the boxers.
“No…” I said, now with a smile on my face.
“You bet. I smelled it, thinking it might be pee. But it’s not.”
I took a quick sniff. It was defiantly the sweet smell of young boy sperm.
“A wet dream?”
“That would explain everything, wouldn’t it?”
I thought for a second. Running to his room after school, not coming out for an hour, and then coming out all sweaty and red. The quick glances toward his younger brother when doing any activity with some type of clothing removed. Whether it be swimming or sleeping. I shared this with Maria.
“And the erections…”
“Erections? He’s getting them?”
“All the time.” Maria laughed. “He doesn’t know how to hide them very well. I guess like father like son.”
“Very funny… Wow… Do you think he is too young?”
“Why, when did you start?”
I thought.
“I guess about that time…”
“There you go.” Maria continued to smile.
She then put her hand on my shoulder and asked me a question. I was caught off guard at first, but then I had remembered telling her about my childhood fantasies, and the fact that I was bi-sexual. And the fact that Maria is a very open person, as well as an open minded person, she did not care one bit.
“How does this make you feel?” Maria asked.
“How do you mean?”
“Well… the stories…”
I did not speak. I stood there with my mouth slightly open. Shocked at the fact that she thought I would get turned on by my own son. But was I? I hate to admit it, but I was. The images of my brothers soft, smooth skin was coming back. The images of his small, hairless penis dangling between his skinny thighs, was too much.
“John, if you are, there is nothing wrong with it. A lot of mothers I hang out with tell me about their “fantasies”.”
“But it feels so wrong.”
We just stood there.
“Should I bring this up to him?” I asked.
“I think it would be best.”
“But not just for him, for you too.”
I smiled. “We are a weird family!
“I don’t think so. We are just close, and we love each other. Now go.”
With that, I turned away and headed upstairs. When I was there, I went up another flight of stairs. With Connor’s boxers still in my hand, and my wife away, my penis had had enough. It sprung up. I had to cover it before I walked to Connor’s room. I took a deep breath as I approached my son’s closed door.
“He’s not doing it now is he?” I thought.
I reached for the door knob and slightly opened it.

Now Connor is an absolute looker. I must say that he is the cutest boy alive. He has short brown hair, just like mine, but a little longer, and he has big brown eyes, just like his mothers. He is only about 4 feet 9 inches, and he weighs about 80 pounds. He is very skinny, but a good kind of skinny. He wears clothes that I think make him look gorgeous. He loves wearing plaid pants, which look great on him and he wears black ankle socks, which is a turn on for me.

Now, the way my son’s room is organized, his bed is in the middle of the room facing the door. His computer was facing the wall, directly to the left as you opened the door. His room is not too big, so everything was fairly close together. I opened the door and look to my left. I was Connor rushing to close a link. I noticed that in sheer panic, he accidentally minimized the link, leaving it still open and with the name of the site in the toolbar. I couldn’t see it from there, but I did see that he was readjusting himself. I walked over to him with his boxers behind my back.
His face was slightly red, but that’s not the main this I noticed. Maria was right; he does not know how to cover a boner. It was very visible.
“What are you up to sport?” I asked as if I had no idea to what he was doing.
“I’m just checking sports updates.” He said pretty cleverly. He had a sports page open, but he did not remember to close the other link, which was still minimized. I now read the name of the sight, and I could not believe it. I guess not being able to hide a boner is not the only thing he got from me. He was on a gay porn sight!
He began to tell me about the New York Rangers, and how they signed a new player, trying to cover everything up.
“Cool.” I said. “But that’s not why I am up here. Would you mind turning away from the computer for one second?”
“Sure…” he said. I took a seat on his bed.
I then proceeded to show him his boxers. He laughed, not knowing why I had them.
“Where did you find them?”
“Mom pulled them out of the hamper.”
“Eww, and why did she give them to you?”
Now I don’t know if he then noticed which boxers I had in my hands or something else, but his smile died very fast.
“Is this the first time that has happened to you?”
He seemed very nervous and tense, so I calmed him down.
“You don’t have to worry. I will not tell mommy any of this. As your father, I have gone through all of this. So I can help you out.”
I urged him on.
“Ok, it has happened one time before. The first time I did it, I got scared. I woke up to this feeling… please don’t be mad…” he blushed.
“Mad? Why would I be mad? And don’t feel embarrassed. Just tell me everything.”
He remained silent.
“It happened in a dream right?”
“I was dreaming that I was in school. I went to the bathroom to take a pee, and it happened.”
“You know that even though you dreamed it was pee, it wasn’t.”
“I didn’t think so… It was sticky and hot…”
“So…” I continued.
“I saw what you were doing when I came in the room…”
His eyes opened wide.
“I wasn’t doing anything! I was just looking at scores!”
“Come on Connor. I used to do that all the time.”
He almost started to cry.
“Oh no, please don’t cry. Listen to me; it is perfectly fine that you do that.”
“It is?”
“Sure. A boy is not normal if he doesn’t do that. And most boys that say they don’t are lying.”
“Do you do that?”
“All the time Connor…”
He rubbed his nose.
“I swear. It feels great doesn’t it?”
He nodded.
“Do you know what that is called?”
“It’s called, masturbation.”
“Mastur what?”
“Masturbation… Boys and girls can do it. Most boys do it in the shower, in their bed, or on the computer watching movies.” I winked at him. He almost had a heart attack.
“Show me what you were watching.” I told Connor.
“No… you will get mad at me…”
“Why, because it is about boys?”
“How did you know?”
I got up, pulled up a chair from the opposite side of the room and moved next to him and the computer.
“You minimized it, so the name of the site is still here.”
He blushed with embarrassment.
“Go ahead, let’s look together.”
He took the mouse and moved it to the bar. He opened it, and I was treated to a video of two young looking boys having sex. He stopped the video in the middle.
“I am sorry…” I said.
“I interrupted you… You didn’t get to finish the movie, so you are probably not finished masturbating. Am I right?”
He slowly nodded, unsure of what my response will be.
“So by all means, press play and let’s watch it together.”
“Are you sure daddy?”
“100% sure!” I said as I leaned back in the chair. I was not ready for the chair to almost break. I almost went flying onto the floor.
“Are you ok daddy?”
“Sure, but I can’t sit here anymore.” I said with a laugh. “Let me sit with you. Your chair is big enough; you can sit in between my legs.”
Connor got off the chair as did I. I moved onto his chair, which is very stable and comfortable to boot, and I spread my legs wide open. Connor sat in between my legs. He and I were comfortable and we both had plenty of space. I hadn’t even thought of it, but this was going to be to my advantage. When Connor would start to masturbate, I would be right over him to get a nice view of the show!
Connor clicked the play button. I quickly noticed that the sound was off.

“It is much better if the sound is on.”
“I just didn’t want to get in trouble.” He replied.
“You’re probably right. But for now on, when I am home with you, and mom and Kyle are out, you can put it as loud as you want.”
He smiled to me; as we listened to the 2 sexy boys fuck each other. I looked at Connor. He wasn’t masturbating.
“Well?” I asked.
“What’s the point of these videos if you’re just going to watch them?”
“But you are right next to me.”
“It’s ok Connor. Go crazy.”
“For real?”
I nodded. Connor gave me another great smile, before saying to me, what every father loves to hear from their kids.
“I love you daddy…”
“I love you too, buddy.”
He lifted his butt to allow his plaid shorts to come down. He let them settle at his ankles. This alone was almost enough to make me cum. My 13 year old son was sitting right next to me, practically on my lap. His shorts were down at his ankles, exposing his skinny and hairless thighs, which reminded me much of my brothers’. His young boner stuck up, clearly visible though his light red boxers. A very little wet spot of pre-cum at the tip of his boy cock almost sent me off the wall.
I watched as Connor undid his button on his boxers. Once that was done, he sent his little manhood out of the fly. He was uncut, like me, but his penis could not have measured over 4 inches, unlike my 7 inch penis. At this point, I was really tempted to see my boy entirely nude, but I decided to let him do as he wanted.

He reached for his small cock with his tiny right pre-teen hand. He grabbed the top of his cock and slowly pulled the skin down. He then turned his attention to the screen. I tried to do the same, but I could not help but look at his cock more than the screen. I did take peeks at the screen to watch the two boys fuck each other soft, then hard. Connor seemed like a pro. He masturbated to the speed of the two boys on screen. After a few minutes o watching and stroking, he paused the screen and looked up at me.

“I don’t want to push it… but can I…”
Curious to know what hew anted to do, I cleared my throat and asked. Him what he wanted to do?
“Can I take off all of my clothes?”
“Is that how you normally do it?
“Let me help.” I said as I reached for the bottom of his shirt and lifted it off his back. I threw it over to his bed. He then stood up in front of me and dropped his boxers. They were both at his ankles.
“Throw them onto your bed. It will get them out of the way.”
Connor did as I told him to. He turned to me and smiled. I got a nice view of his naked body. It was smooth and hairless. No hair on his crotch or anywhere nears his balls. Nothing at all. He turned to face the computer and then sat back down. He spread his legs to match mine and pressed play on the video. He began to stroke again shortly after. It continued to be a slow stroke, but as each minute went by, he quickened his pace. The movie ended about 5 minutes later.
“Do you want me to find you another movie while you continue to masturbate?”
“No. I’ll finish now.”
“Ok, just take your time.”

He leaned his head back, taking in every second of his building orgasm. I watched, and I enjoyed, but I couldn’t let him finish without some sort of help. I reached both of my arms around him and placed them on his bar thigh. He let out a slight moan off the contact. I then started to rub his thighs. I moved up and down slowly, gently massaging his smooth young skin. I worked all the way to his inner thighs, just inches away from his small ball sack. His moaning continued, and I knew his load was about to burst. I looked over his shoulder as I continued massaging his thighs. The sight of my son beating himself off at a nice pace was one thing, the sound of his underdeveloped voice letting out moans was about to set my own penis off, and I haven’t touched my penis!

I couldn’t take it any more. I had to let my load go, even if it was going to cover my pants. With my rock hard cock in my pants, leaning on Connors naked back, I slowly thrust my hips up and down. Connors moans were intense. I started to let some go. And then, what seemed to be the exact same moment, I watched his cock erupt in boy cum, even though it was only 2 small ropes, and my cock erupted with cum. I watched Connors first rope make it just past his belly button onto his hairless chest, and his second just shot out of his cock. At the same time, rope after rope soaked my pants. I could even feel it dripping down my pant leg very slightly. It was one of the greatest orgasms I had ever had. Connor gently squeezed the cum out of his cock, as he tried to catch his breath. I, on the other hand, tried to push Connor away from me, ever so slightly. I didn’t want his back to get covered in cold cum.

Connor started to giggle as he lifted his head up to look at me.
“What?” I asked, with a chuckle.
“Your pants…”
“Sorry about that buddy…”
“Don’t be sorry, all boys do it…” He smiled at me.
I couldn’t help but laugh too. He stood up. His cock was becoming soft. I got up after him and walked to his connected bathroom. I grabbed a few pieces of paper towels and brought them out.
“Why don’t you go take a quick shower, while I clean up a bit?” I said, beginning to catch my breath.
“Ok daddy.”
Connor began walking toward his bathroom and walked in; Closing the door behind him.
I unzipped my pants and dropped them to the ground. I tried to clean out as much cum as possible. Shortly after I began, I heard someone knock on the Connor’s bedroom door.
“Yea?” I asked.
“It’s me…” Maria said.
“Come in.”
She walked in and started laughing.
“Well, I can see you had some fun tonight.”
“Believe it or not, I didn’t even touch my penis.”
“It was just too much?”
“I guess.”
“Well? Go on, tell me about it.”
I sat her down on Connor’s bed and began telling her what happened.

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