Grandpa had a way to molest her in public
an old man walks in
a small girl walks in
grandpa wares a mask
granddaughter nary a mask

it's only a pool a small pool
why a mask the old fool
must think he's cool
to ware it in a pool

my attention gotten
I watch them swim
he holds her oddly
as he swims underwater

he olds her by the thighs
above his prying eyes
her legs are spread wide
her bathing suit can't hide

what prying fingers
move aside
oh what a rotter
that is his granddaughter

I see what he's doing
her legs are apart
she rides above water
save her legs

she swats at him behind her
she swats at him below her
she's so young to know this
he looks thru his mask

they don't stay long
fifteen minutes or so
enough time to entertain her
and gaze at her from below

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2013-06-08 11:41:37
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2012-09-30 08:15:33
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2010-07-18 21:28:22
your sick as fuck why would u even write that shit down

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-21 01:47:47
Its good u write this shit down, but dnt do wat u write......


2010-06-11 01:55:17
Other than a typo here and there it's fine. And I've seen plenty of poets avoid puncuation and capitol letters. I don't get why they do it but it is a practise. And Big Willy is an idiot when he says there's no rythm. He's problably one of those readers who reads a poem and trips over the words in his own head and blames the poet for his own clumsiness.

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