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It was Wednesday evening on October 9th, I was sucking air and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am a guy of 26 years and 5 11' in height..I had knocked on over 25 doors in this little suburban of town and not found a single person wanting to purchase the Water Filter from P Machinery. I didn't even find but 2 or 3 people even interested in hearing my goddamn presentation. One was an old lady who was looking for her granddaughter. She asked me in but ignored my spiel and asked me to check her mobile is working or not' The second was an older couple who was sitting on their porch drinking tea and asked me to join them. In a good month, I would have. I love to drink and the wife of about 40 or so had a wonderful little body on but she refused to listen my sales speech as she had to watch her tv serial. The third lead was an older man who just seemed like he'd love to have some to chat with. Again in a good month, I would have willingly lent an ear.

So here I was with about half an hour of daylight and about 20 houses to go. I was tired and mentally spent as I take rejection personally sometimes. I gauged up the houses along the last street and quickly ruled out 7 or 8 of them as they were houses in progressive rate of decline and I figured the owners didn't have the scratch to afford one of P-Labs water filtre.. I started up the driveway to a green house and met a guy on his way out. He laughed when I asked him if he had a minute and then howled when I said it was to look at a water filtre. A simple 'Not interested' would have done.

The next house was bustling and I thought I had a chance when I spoke to the wife at the door but my speech fell on deaf ears when her husband came out.

The following 3 houses were all 'No' for one reason or another. Diwali was the biggest reason today, as everyone needed money to buy gifts. I'd explain how a vacuum made a great gift but no one wanted to hear it.

I had about 6 houses left when I walked up to this very dark and quiet single story home. I had made myself a deal. If I got one solid lead I would allow myself to go out tonight and have a nice drink. I didn't finish my target this month. It was a desperate deal but kept me motivated instead of deciding to pack it in.

The little house was modest in appearance and I almost walked past it except for a flickering light inside. The light was most likely from a TV inside but I couldn't tell until I made it up to the door. I walked three small steps to the front door landing and peered through the window beside the door. It was a TV and it was on to some music channel. It wasn't MTV because it was playing music videos. I rapped on the door and swung my heavy bag to my left hand so I could be ready with my right hand, to shake the homeowners' hand and present them with my business card. A good thirty seconds passed before I noticed movement behind the 'spy eye' in the door. I've learned from a TV documentary that many unsuspecting victims had gone to their door and thought they were safe looking through it to see who was there only to get shot in the head right where they stood.

I smiled big and adjusted my tie and awaited the front door to open. It did, along with the porch light clicking on and a cute little brunette greeted me. She smiled and asked politely if she could help me. I watched her look me up and down as I did the same. She didn't seem as impressed with me as I was of her. She looked to be about 15 or 16, maybe 5'5 or 5'4 and 47-50kgs. She was dressed casually with hip hugger jeans and a light blue t-shirt that didn't reach her low-riding jeans and showed her taut little belly. She was bare foot and her hair swung around her face.

"Why yes dear, is your mother or father home?" I asked. I smiled as I noticed she had on a touch of makeup. I love makeup but only as an accent of a women's natural beauty; This cute young girl had just the right touch and a nice set of B-cups. Her shirt suggestively read under a fierce looking lioness, 'Girl Next Door.'

"My father is unavailable and my mom isn't home right now," she said and smiled. "My mom should be home soon from work, if you'd like to wait," she added, trying to be polite and helpful.

I smiled at her and said, "No, I think i'll come back." I wanted to finish the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. I don't like to have to come back the next week to finish up the few houses I didn't or couldn't get to before starting a new area. Besides, I'd probably be getting her in trouble with her mom for letting someone in.

"Suit yourself mister, she should be home pretty soon," she offered as I was turning to leave. She was standing with the door open and shrugging her shoulders.

"That's a very kind offer," I told her as I inquired, "Miss?"

"Miss Ashey,Ashey Cole" she smiled.

I backed myself down the steps and stood at the bottom, "Thanks again Ashey, I was wondering if I could inquire what does your mom do for a living?" I asked. She didn't know it but I was gauging her mom's ability to buy one of our filtre.

"She's a Doctor," she answered and smiled. She had a beautiful smile and an incredibly hot body to match. I wanted so very much to accept her offer but figured I could get the rest of the houses done before her mom showed.

"Oh yeah, where does she work?" I asked. Ashey had turned to close the door but stopped to answer my question. When she turned I saw her wonderful cute little fleshy ass.

"She has her own clinic but she do visit other hospitals too," she answered proudly and I was impressed. Doctors like make big money.

"Really, where do you work?" I asked her. I was ready to leave but as long as Pooja was revealing, I was dealing.

"I don't, I'm still in high school," she said. She laughed as if it was a silly question.

"What? How old are you?" I asked, teasingly, "Teens these days making their parents do all the work." I shook my head in fake disgust.

"I just turned 16," she admitted.

"Oh! then you cant work till you are 18 then ," I quipped and smiled at her.

"I know and my mom said I will work with her aafter i complete my high school...Right now she wants me to focus on my classes," she explained me.

"Oh that's smart of your mom, are you working really hard in school?" I asked accusatorily. Ashey had a beautiful smile and looked like she loved to be put on. I scanned the houses around me and frowned. I would love to chat with this lovely gal rather than go door knocking but her mom was due home soon so if she didn't buy what would I have to show for it, I thought.

"Yeah, I got great marks last year but now I have a new math class," she said proudly but ended in uncertainty.

"Pretty hard Ah?" I asked and remembered my Algebra courses of schoolyear. I really wasn't much of a student. After about 10th grade I had 'girls on the brain' and couldn't think straight. I guess that is why I was selling filtre door to door. Looking at Asheyin the doorway made me want to return to those days of high school.

"Yeah," she frowned and then smiled cheerfully. I looked her up and down again. She was stunning and incredible to talk to. Add to the fact that the cool night air was beginning to take its effect on her. Her young perky nipples were pushing against the cloth of her T-shirt and becoming very apparent.

"You keep working on it and you'll learn it," I replied and then checking out her lovely nipples again added, " You know what i'll take you up on that offer to wait for your mom, of course if you're still offering." I smiled at her and hoped the offer was still good or otherwise I'd feel like a buffoon. Her hot little body was starting to have an effect on me.

"I will, sure if you'd like to come in and wait, you can," she said and opened the door wider so I could follow her in.

I wiped my feet and watched as she turned from me and her lovely little ass swayed as she walked down the hall. I closed the door behind me and felt the warm air of the house and was glad I had chosen to stay. I walked down the hall and turned to the right into the room Ashey had disappeared into. Their living room was there and it was the room where the TV was flickering.

Ashey had already plopped down o her belly on the rug in front of the TV and gone back to math homework. She smiled at me and said, "Take a seat and make yourself comfortable." She watched me walk past her and then stood up. "Do you want something to drink?" she asked politely. She moved her feet inward and outward like she was dancing and I could hear her hum something.

"No I'm fine," I said and smiled at her.

I looked around their lovely home and was impressed. Their furniture wasn't expensive but really nice and everything went together perfectly. The big couch across from the TV is where I chose to sit and this put me in a wonderful position to view Ashey's wonderful backside when she faced away from me towards the TV.

"Are you sure? We have some juice or water," she asked again. Her feet moved again and I could tell she had a song playing in her head.

"So when does your mom usually get home?" I asked as I envisioned her without clothes on.

"Oh it depends if she does overtime or gets called back," Ashey started and my mind reeled. I pictured myself sitting here forever and wasting the rest of the night. "But she won't tonight because its Friday, so she gets off at her regular time," she said as if I should know her mom's regular time. She was still rocking slightly to the song in her head.

"Which is when?" I asked. I looked her up and down and thought about sitting with her.

"Oh," Ashey exclaimed as she realized I should have no idea. She giggled and without thinking, tugged at her tight jeans to dislodge them from her crotch. "She is supposed to get off at 6:30 every night but can get called back or asked to do overtime on every night but Friday," she said as if she was reciting her mom's instructions to her.

"6:30?" I asked and frowned. I looked at my watch and grimaced. It was 5:20. I thought of those other houses. I looked out the front window and knew I was stuck. There are worse places to be stuck but I wasn't going to get that solid lead tonight unless it was Ashey's mom providing it.

"I think i'll have that juice," I said, resigning myself to staying there. I looked at Ashey and she smiled. She was a wet dream come true and I couldn't believe I was sitting in her living room, watching her tap her feet and dance to some unknown tune.

"Sure, do you want it in a glass or straight from the bottle?" she asked.

"i'll just drink it from the bottle, no reason to dirty a glass," I told her and she sauntered off toward what I presume was the kitchen. Her hips shook gently as she disappeared through the doorway.

Within seconds, she was back with a bottle of fizzy drink. I thanked her as she handed it to me. Our hands touched in the transfer and she shocked me as her feet scuffled on the rug. Her hand felt soft and her fingers delicate. I twisted off the top and thanked her.

"Your welcome," she answered and got down on her knees over her homework.

I sipped the juice and gazed around the living room. I wanted to just study the lovely Ashey but she was always looking up at me and smiling so I didn't want to get caught staring.

"Ah God," she swore as she looked like she was working hard on her homework.

"Got a hard one there?" I said and glanced at her round derriere as it rested on the backs of her heels.

"Yeah, I get so confused with what to do next," she said and rolled her eyes.

"Let me take a look," I said as I took a long drag on my juice. I really didn't know if I could help her but to get Pooja to come and sit with me, I'd try to tackle any impossible sum.

She frowned at her book and scooped up her homework and dragged it over to me. Rather than sitting down next to me, she put the books on the couch beside me and kneeled in front of me.

"Aw that's easy," I teased even before I looked at the problem and Ashey giggled.

After looking at the problem and the examples in the book, I was happy to find out it was actually a pretty easy problem to figure out. Once I was able to get that one completed and showed Ashey how to do it, I was able to teach her how to get all the rest of the problems after that.

"Thanks, oh I still dont know your name," she said as she hastily wrote the problems down as if to get it on paper before she forgot it.

"Call me BB," I said with a smile. My name is actually something else but I always thought BBsounded cool so I gave it out instead.

"Okay BB," Ashey said as she looked up from below me. She was smiling and I looked down her T-shirt at the tops of her young breasts.

"Now remember all of Algebra is steps and you have to remember all the steps as you go along or otherwise you'll be lost," I told her as she leaned in and watched me do the problems. She smelled absolutely heavenly. "See you have to get the X alone, or any unknown for that matter and then you can do the math to figure out what it is equal to," I explained.

Ashey smiled and watched me and seemed pretty impressed with my know-how. She grinned and blushed when I told her she'd probably never use Algebra in her career as a model.

"Oh I could never be a model," she said and smiled. Her eyes diverted mine and she seemed shy suddenly.

"You kidding? You could be a great model," I told her and looked her over.

She seemed surprised by my assuredness. "You really think so?" She asked and looked down at herself as if she was trying to see what I saw.

"Yeah, you got the look, you could easily make it," I said and looked down her top while she was fidgeting and taking all of it in. "Here stand up," I told her and leaned back on the couch.

She looked at me and smiled. She stood up and stood before me with a big shy smile on her face.

"Back up a little," I told her, as I looked her over. 'How tall are you?" I asked.

She giggled and said, "I think I'm 5'5, my mom says I'm too short to be a model," she told me as she stepped back two steps.

"Nah, that was the old days. Models come in all shapes and sizes now, you have to have the look of health and vitality," I explained. First, I'm a math wiz and now I'm an expert on modeling.

"Really?' she said as I told her to spin around. She did and went way too fast for a model and my tastes.

"Make a slow turn, like you are a queen and everyone should be looking at you," I advised her. It sounded pretty professional, too.

"Is this better," she asked as she spun more deliberately.

"Better yeah, good no," I scolded her. "This time put you right hand on your hip and do it but at half the speed you did it the last time," I said and sipped my juice. "Also put in a slight swing of your hips, too." I hadn't drunk any water today and was feeling dehydrated.

Ashey did as she was told and spun around again. I checked out her lovely ass and couldn't believe my luck. I sucked as a salesman today but didn't care.

"You know something is missing," I told her. I put my hand to my chin and pondered what it was.

"What?" Ashey asked, concerned. She was trying hard to get me to evaluate her as a model and wanted to know what it was she could do to help with my assessment. I looked at her bare feet and had the answer.

"Do you have any heels?" I asked and drained my beer.

Ashey was all smiles as she wiggled excitedly, " My mom does, let me go get them," she said and turned to go.

"Oh Ashey, if it wouldn't be any trouble, could you get me another glass of water please?" I asked as I waggled the empty at her.

"Sure," she answered and came and took the empty from me. Her perfume and womanly scent caught my nose and I inhaled. I looked at my watch as she ran off to get glass of water and some shoes. It was now 6:01 and her mom still wasn't due off until 6:30.

I stretched out my legs and ran my hand over the front of my trousers. Mr. Happy was semi-hard and felt great to the touch. It had been awhile since he had been called to action and he seemed 'roaring to go.'

When v returned, I was fixated on a music video on the TV.

"Wow," I heard myself say as I glanced at Ashey standing there. She had another tall one for me but it was what she was wearing that 'wowed' me. She giggled as she stood there and watched me drink her in.

Ashey had on six-inch heels and they were the stiletto style. She had changed out of her jeans and put on a short black jean skirt.

"That's great," I said and asked her to do it again only this time slower. Ashey looked at me and smiled and began her slow spin. I looked up to see her glancing away and bent over to see up her skirt. I eyed her heavenly pouch, tucked away there and dreamed of a peek inside. Sitting back, I watched her finish her turn and applauded.

Ashey smiled and steadied herself on the heels. She was dreamy and with her heels on, her ass jutted out just right.

"Could you do me a favor?" I asked her, I was emboldened by her exhibitionism.

"What?" she asked and smiled as she used her hands to smooth out her short skirt.

"Could you dance to that song you have playing in your head?" I exclaimed.

Ashey thought for a moment and then realized I had caught on to her little dance and giggled. She started the dance again and laughed.

The sight of a pretty girl is intoxicating but the sight of a pretty girl dancing and dancing well is an unbelievable turn on. Ashey had the moves and my cock went from half-mast to full-mast immediately. Her young body moved with grace and her lovely tits bounced to the tune she was humming.

"I like it," I lied; I really loved it. I smiled at her and asked her to do the last part again. It had a part in it where she jutted her ass out and rolled her hips. She seemed to know what I was talking about and went right to it.

"That's great," I said as I watched her. "But something is missing," I told her. I moved to stand up. I got up and moved behind her. "Try this," I started and got her to turn away from me with her back and ass to me. "When you are doing the grind with your hips, take your hands and swing them in a sassy or flirtatious way," I advised her pulling her ass to my pelvis. Ashey almost lost her balance on her heels and leaned back into me.

"Whoops," she exclaimed as she brought her hand back to brace herself and grazed my hard on. The feeling of her young ass rubbing across my crotch was incredible and I held her there for a moment.

"See?" I stated as I moved her hands to show what I meant. "You need to do something with your hands too," I told her. Ashey was all ears and seemed to ignore the fact I was holding her lovely ass to my crotch and listened closely to my instruction. Taking my hands I placed them on her hips and had her grind for me again.

"Slow," I told her and reminded her of her hands when she looked down at my pelvis as I ground back into her. She seemed to ignore my lewdness and went about adding the hand sequence to her dance.

"I like this,"Ashey said and I smiled as I did too. But she was talking about her hands and what she had incorporated into her dance. She showed me quickly as I held her to me.

'It looks good, see it gives the viewer something else to look at as you dance," I replied. Her ass was doing wonderful things to my cock. It was firm as a hell and pushing against my suit pants. "Now if you get an audition are you going to wear skirts for this dance," I asked, changing the subject. I wanted Ashey to keep her mind on the dance and not on my not-so-subtle pelvis grind and roving hands.

" I haven't really decided," Ashey said and looked over her right shoulder at my face.

"I like it," I said, pushing her ass forward to look at the skirt. Taking my hand, I flipped up the skirt slightly, pretending to see how it moved when tussled. Her lovely ass came into view as well as where her thong split her ass cheeks.

"I think it'll work," I started but advised that they look into heavier material so it doesn't fly up as much. I accented what I meant by flipping up her skirt some more with my hands.

Ashey giggled and took her hands and smoothed the skirt down afterwards. "I have a leather skirt that won't rise up as much, I think I can use that," she said.

"Yeah, that might work, just as long as it doesn't restrict your movements," I said as I flipped her skirt up one last time. Leaning forward, I glanced in front of her to see how her little panty looked. 'Yep, I thought it flips up too high in the front," I said as I leered at her tiny little pouch in front. I couldn't be sure but I would bet she was shaven as no stray hairs showed around her cute little love pouch.

Taking my left hand, I placed it on her left ass cheek and asked her to do the slow grind she did at the end of her dance. She rocked her hips as I held and subtly kneaded her flesh. Her ass was tight and I heard Pooja sigh as she bit her lower lip and moved.

"How about this?" I suggested and Ashey listened. Taking my hands, I moved her hips forward and back instead of side to side. Her hips simulated 'screwing' as she rocked them forward and back.

"Yeah that's it," I said as my hands held her ass and hips. 'Now keep you back straight and buck like this,' I told her as my left hand slipped under her skirt from behind to cup her pouch.

Ashey felt my hand and giggled but kept dancing. She was really getting into doing the new step and was trying to coordinate her back and chest with what her hips and pelvis were doing. Putting my right hand on her belly, I held her torso straight as she moved.

"Now spread your legs slightly," I told her as my left hand subtlety massaged her lips and clit. Ashey breathed in deeply and sighed as she was feeling the effects of my hand but didn't stop me. She slid her legs apart and sat down further on my hand. Her young body teetered on her heels and my fingers and hand. "Spread your legs wider," I order as I watched she shudder for the first time. She slid her legs wider and if I weren't there, probably would have fallen. "That's it," I told her as she began bucking for real now.

"Oooh," she muttered and moaned. "Oooh, Oooh," she cried out softly as I pulled her thong to the side to smooth her juices across her pussy lips. "Oh my god," she exclaimed as I let my middle finger enter her moist flower. Her legs quaked as her butt rose up and down

"Come on spread those legs," I told her; as her orgasm seemed to be building. With my finger in her twat, I patted her lips with my other fingers being careful to tap her little clit as I did it.

Ashey's leg moved apart further but I could tell she was trying to keep from falling and moved her hands and arms to fumble and grab a hold of me. "Oh Mister, oh mister cb, I don't think we should be," she started and stopped. Her voice went gutteral and I think she have had first flow of juice with man's touch.,

"Come on spread those legs," I yelled at her as I quickened my fingers and hand. Ashey did as she was told, even lifting her left leg as she leaned into me and came hard. Her voice and breath went shallow and I thought she was going to hyperventilate. She looked incredible orgasming, sprawled on my hand and panting. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips and she responded by kissing me back. She had cum hard so she was weakened by it and her body fell into mine.

"Yeah that's it," I told her as my finger piston in and out of her juicy quim a couple of more times for effect. Picking her up, I took her to the couch and plopped her down there. She fell hard and her legs flew up and I got my first good full look at her beautiful little pussy peering out and around her disheveled thong. She was shaven except for a small landing strip above pussy.

I knelt down quickly and buried my face in her little honey pot and Asheysquealed in delight. My tongue split her lips and sought inside.Ashey tried to close her legs to the sensation but I held them wide. Her juices tasted incredible as I sucked on her tender lips.

"Oh my god," Ashey said as I vibrated her lips with my mouth. Taking my left hand, I stuck it in her face so she could lick and suck her juices off. She responded by taking a hold of my wrist and licking and tasting each one of my digits. Moving my mouth up, I gummed her clit and upper lips in my mouth. Ashey responded by bucking her hips into my face. "Oh yes, oh yes,' she cried as her free hand grabbed me by the hair and held me to her twat. Playfully, I took my mouth away from her pussy only to have her try forcefully to pull my head back to her clit. "Oh don't stop," she begged as her head thrashed against the back of the couch.

"What do you want me to do?" I teased her as I looked up at her glossy eyes.

"Don't stop, don't stop, please don't stop," she murmured and pulled at my head.

"Don't stop, what?" I laughed as I spread her legs wider and tilted her hips up to my mouth.

"Oooh, don't stop licking me," she exclaimed. With that I dove my face in her pussy and continued to eat her little pussy. I slid a finger in her lovehole and matched my licking and gumming to it, sliding it in and out of her.

"Oh, Oh," she groaned as she held my head to her twat and did a slow buck to match my manipulations. Looking up to my sides, I could see her toes curling and unfurling in her high heels and knew she was moments away. "Oh, whats happening to meee," she murmured as she came on my face. I held her to my mouth as she bucked and bucked to completion. Her left hand rose to her head and she ran her fingers through her hair at the top of her head.

"I never did that before," she moaned as I untangled myself from her legs.

"Sure," I teased her and winked at her. I reached between her legs and undid her panty. I stuffed them in my trouser pocket.

"Aww," Ashey faked being upset at me taking her panties.

I reached forward and took her hand as we raised from the couch. I took her by the hand and headed to the hallway. I didn't know where we were going and glanced around.

"Where are you taking me?" Ashey asked as she wobbled on her heels beside me.

"Where's your bathoom?" I asked.

"Oooh," she kidded and pointed down the hall, "Its on the left."

We moved to the bathroom quickly as I had to piss like a racehorse. Ashey obediently followed me and I had a hard time focusing on where I was going with her short skirt rising up and exposing her exquisite ass and shaved muff.

I turned on the light to the bathroom and pulled her inside. As good as she was able to dance with the heels on, she was clumsy walking next to me. I closed the door and let go of her hand and began unzipping my pants. I pulled out my semi-hard cock. I tried not to look at her as she could easily get me harder. I flipped the lid and pointed my cock at the bowl and let loose. I looked over at Ashey who was watching intently and giggling shyly.

Seeing her smiling face and her eyes fixated on my cock gave me an idea. Reaching over, I grabbed her left hand and moved it to my cock.

"Oooh," Ashey muttered as I brought her hand to my shaft.

"Take hold of it," I told her and she did with a giggle. She grabbed it softly and held it as I peed endlessly. Her hand wrapped around it and squeezed it gently and I could tell she was enjoying feeling it and holding it.

"You ever do this before," I said as I pulled her closer to me and kissed her. My left hand swung behind her and felt up her lovely ass. She nodded her head 'no'

"Shake it," I told her as I finished peeing. She wiggled my cock and it drained the last couple drops. "Keep shaking it," I told her as I felt my cock being to throb from her manipulations.

"That's it," I told her as her soft little hand massaged my cock. "Now stop shaking it and stroke it up and down," I replied. Ashey muttered, 'Ok' and began trying to run her hand up and down my dick.

"You've done this before," I commented with a laugh. Ashey giggled and nodded her head 'Yes.' "I could get used to this," I said as I brought my right hand up to her shirt. I slid my hand underneath and played with her lovely braless tits. Her nipples were rock hard as I kneaded her beautiful bosom. She seemed oblivious to me as she watched my cock grow and curve upward in her hand.

Glancing at my watch, I realized it was almost 6:30. Ashey's mom would be off the clock and home in about twenty minutes. I motioned for her to follow me and we walked back to the living room. My zipper was still down and my cock swung as we walked. I tugged her along and as she stumbled along beside me I got harder and harder. Ashey had a wonderfully hot body and I couldn't get the sight of her cumming, doing the sexy new dance, out of my head. Ashey was laughing now as we moved into the living room as her eyes eyed my cock and how it poked out of my pants.

"You like that," I kidded as I swung her around me to face me. She giggled and reached for my cock with her hand. "Kneel down,' I told her as I blocked her hand. I stepped around her and sat on the couch. Ashey watched me and then got down on her knees in front of the couch and me. I put her body between my legs and leaned forward and kissed her. She was facing me and I turned her sideways so I could play with her ass with my left hand and her chest with my right. She kissed me back hungrily as I pulled her top up above her breasts. She was a great French kisser and I could easily do it with her for hours.

"These are beautiful," I complimented on her young breasts and she smiled. My left hand cupped her ass cheeks and rubbed them. "Your mom is going to be coming home so we haven't a lot of time," I said as I gave her a peck on the cheek. I took my right hand and grabbed her lips from the side and squeezed her mouth open. Her lips pursed and I kissed her roughly. "I want you to be a good girl and suck my cock," I said and kissed her again. "Understand?" I asked and winked. She nodded 'yes.' "You have sucked a man's cock before haven't you," I asked and she shook her head 'yes' again. I looked in her beautiful eyes and saw some hesitation. "Really?" I asked again, getting mixed signals. "Really?" I repeated and gave her a sideways glance.

"Yeah," Ashey said and giggled nervously.

"You haven't, have you?" I asked.

"Naw," she admitted.

"That's all right," I told her. I squeezed her mouth again and kissed her on the lips three quick times. "i'll teach you," I told her and kissed her again. I leaned backwards on the couch and pulled Ashey around so she was directly in front of me on her knees and her face over my lap.

"Now you know how you were tugging my cock in the bathroom?" I asked. Ashey nodded 'yes' and brought her hands up. "Start slow and stroke it upwards," I told her and watched how she pumped my cock upwards.

"That's it just like that," I said. I smiled at her and looked at her angelic face. "You have done this before," I said and grinned at her.

"Yeah," she replied.

"For whom?" I asked, as I reached forward and cupped her left breast.

Ashey was all smiles and looked away shyly.

"Come on, who?" I asked and watched her wiggle on her knees.

"Keep strokin'," I told her as she slowed down as she avoided my questioning. I took my left hand and cupped her chin so she'd have to look at me. "Whose cock you been strokin'," I kidded and she laughed.

"I had this husband of my Moms best friend last summer when they came to visit us from Denver," she said and grinned. I opened my eyes wide and acted surprised. I would think almost any guy who came across this girl would want something like that from her.

"Really," I said and waited to hear more.

"We always finished up the night together," she admitted, "he would send Mom and his wife for shopping."

"Really?" I said and asked, "He only wanted you to give him a hand job?" I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips and ran my hand down her back to play with her ass.

'Naw, he wanted a whole lot more but that's all I would let him do, I mean that's all I would do for him," she corrected herself.

'So he'd have you jack him off after work every night?" I said and smiled. Ashey grinned and kissed me. Her hands again slowed on my cock and I took my hand and covered hers and made her pump her hands faster.

"Would he cum fast or would it take a long time?" I asked again as I leaned back and enjoyed her professional hand job and story.

"Usually it would take a long time," she replied and eyed my cock as it moved in her hands.

"He couldn't get off?" he exclaimed. I couldn't imagine any guy taking a long time in her hands.

"I think he would prolong it on purpose," she quipped as she smiled at me and I think she was hinting at our timetable.

"Cute," I chided her and added, "What did he do all the time you were jerking him off?"

"He just sat there and stared at my tits or called me a bunch of names," she replied. Her hands were working their magic but she was losing speed. "Sometimes he'd ask me to suck on his fingers and show him my tits, ass," she added.

"Keep stroking dear," I reminded her and playfully tweaked her left nipple.

"So he's sitting here in this couch and he has your lovely face and body right in front of him and your hands are stroking his cock, was his cock bigger than mine?" I said as I sought clarity and my ego had to know.

"No, he was tiny compared to you," she giggled. With her fingers, she showed me his size. I proudly buffed out my chest and Ashey got it and laughed.

"So you are stroking his tiny cock and he's calling you sweetheart, right?" I asked.

"Naw," she said shaking her head violently.

"Darling, cutie, Sweetheart?" I kidded.

"Naw, he liked to call me nasty names and then he'd apologize afterward," she explained.

"Like what?" I asked and leaned forward to kiss her again. Her mouth was so wet and warm and her tongue so active and firm, I couldn't wait to feel them on my cock.

"I don't want to say," she denied.

"Come on, I want to hear them," I said. Ashey hemmed and hawed and finally relented. She told me he called her all kinds of nasty names like, slut, whore, cock teaser, cocksucker, and cunt. She said she did it because she too was enjoying it.

"So would he cum right there on your hands?" I asked and she shook her head 'no.'

"Naw, he liked to cum on my face or on my chest," she said. "He really liked to cum on my face but he'd always ask if he could cum in my mouth." She told me. "I wouldn't let him," she proudly explained.

"That a girl," I said and kissed her again. "Oh fuck," I exclaimed as I looked at my watch. We had only a little time and I had so much I wanted to teach her.

"What?" Ashey said as I blurted out and surprised her.

"We've got to get finished, your mom is on the way," I said. She smiled at me and I told her to kiss my cock.

She furled her brow like it was a strange request but leaned forward and gave it a soft kiss. Some of my pre-cum wet her lips and she licked it away. She leaned back satisfied with her accomplishment and I could tell she was gauging the taste of my leakage and my cock.

"Do it again," I said as I took my cock in hand and she let go of it. "Put your hands on the floor," I said as I watched her look for a place to put them.

Ashey 's hands dropped to the floor as her mouth dropped to my cock. She gave it a longer kiss and this time I felt her tongue lap at my juices there. She licked at the slit in my penis a couple of more times and leaned away. By her face and expression I could tell the taste of cum didn't turn her off, but instead she seemed to actually like it.

"You SLUT," I teased.

"AYE." She quipped as she faked displeasure.

"Take my cock head in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it," I told her. She leaned forward and opening her mouth engulfed it. She looked up at me as she did and I winked at her. Her mouth felt incredible as I stroked my cock to her licking and sucking. "That's it," I said as the top of my right hand bumped into her lips as I jerked off. She was slurping on my cock and the sound resonated from the sides of her mouth. In addition to the sound, her mouth drooled her warm saliva down the sides of my cock.

"Fuck Yeah," I said as she was coaxing the cum right out of my balls with her hungry mouth. I slid my hand to the base of my shaft and just held my cock with my thumb and index finger. Pushing up with my hips, my cock disappeared between her lovely lips. "Open your mouth wide," I instructed her. I sped up my hips so that I was fucking up into her mouth. My cock is about eight inches long and Ashey was taking about 5 1/2 inches with every pump.

"You've got a great mouth," I said as I brought both hands to the sides of her head. I pulled her mouth off of me and leaned forward and kissed her. I was going to put my cock back in her mouth when she caught her breath and spoke.

"Could you please call me those names I told you my uncle used to call me?" she asked and I gulped hard. I don't usually use words like that myself and she was far too angelic looking to do that to. I was learning as much as she disliked jerking off her uncle, she did like aspects of their little game.

"I guess," I said and tried in my mind to put the words in a coherent sentence. She spoke up again and I smiled.

"Also could you rub you cock on my face," she asked with a shy smile that seemed to me like she was afraid to offend me.

"I feel more comfortable with that, than calling you a bunch of names," I told her.

She smiled at me and whispered 'please' that reminded me of a little kid begging for icecream in the store.

"I guess, if I have to," I joked and pulled her head to my lap so I could smack my penis on her face.

"Oooh," Ashey moaned as my engorged cock smacked bluntly on her nose cheek and lips.

"Stick your tongue out," I told and when she did I pounded my pud on her moist tongue. The sound was a wet 'thhhupt' and the feeling was incredible. "That's the way you little slut," I groaned. She smiled at me and tried to catch my cock with her mouth. "No you don't," I yelled at her pushed her head down so she was licking and sucking on my balls as I rubbed my shaft on her forehead. "That's it tongue my balls you lil cockteaser," I instructed her. The cute little Ashey who had only a little over an hour ago asked me in to wait for her mom had changed before my very eyes. She was a nympho without limits and I was enjoying her talents and dirty desires.

"Put my dick back in your mouth,' I ordered her, slowly becoming comfortable with bossing Ashey around. Taking a hold of my cock, I pulled her head back to my cock and she engulfed it. "That's it suck on the head slut," I said as I pushed her head down on my rod. She accommodated me and allowed my cock to slide into her young, velvety throat. Grabbing her by the hair, I pulled her head off my cock. "Let's make it pop," I instructed her and pulled her head back to my cock. Up and down her head went, encasing it with her mouth and then while sucking, I pulled her head off. The result was a wet, 'Thhhpopp' sound that sounded incredible but felt 10x better.

"Fuck yeah," I swore and Ashey laughed at me. My cock was wet and harder than ever. "Faster, bitch," I said and looked at her face to see if I had insulted her. She just winked at me and wrapped her lips around my cock. "Thhhpopp," "Thhhpopp," "Thhhpopp," her mouth went as I rocked up with my hips to try and slide my cock further and further into her tight mouth and throat.

"Fuckin' A," I exclaimed as I felt my balls ready to release a tsunami.

"Hold your mouth open," I told her and taking my cock wiggled it back in forth to both sides of her mouth. The sound was incredible and made Pooja laugh and chuckle causing my cock to vibrate. "Wooobbbbooobbbboooobbb," her mouth echoed as her saliva ran down my cock.

"That's it, that's it, suck," I said and smiled at the little cock hound and her amazing mouth.

Lost in the moment, we both almost came unglued when the ring of the phone beside the couch pierced our ears. I don't know what Ashey thought it was but it caught me so off-guard that I thought it meant her mom was home.

Ashey allowed my cock to slip from her mouth and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She winked at me and wiggled on her knees to reach the phone. Picking up the receiver, she answered cautiously, "Hello?"

My cock had been harder than a rock in Ashey's mouth but with the phone I had grown soft. I knew her mom was well on her way so I shoved it back in my pants and zipped up dejectedly. Talk about 'blue balls'. Ashey's eyes went wide and she smiled. She took her finger and pointed at the phone and grinned at me. I didn't understand what she meant by it and shrugged. "Alright mom, so what time are you going to be home?" she asked. "Okay, no, no one called...but we did have a water filtre salesman come by," she said and I adamantly waved at her to not say anything more. "No I told him you wouldn't be home until later and he left," she lied and smirked. "Alright, I love you too, have fun," Ashey said before hanging up.

Before she could hang up the receiver my pants were down around my ankles. Turning to me, she smiled as she saw me pounding my meat. She grinned and moved back between my legs.

"So when is mom coming home?" I asked with a lewd grin.

"She is going out with her collegues," Ashey replied with a grin. "She told me not to wait up for her," she added.

"Hmmm," I murmured as I reached down to pull my pants completely off my legs. "In that case," I said and pulled Ashey to her feet. "Why don't you climb up here and sit on my lap," I stated as she began straddling my growing member.

For a moment we just looked deep into each others eyes, I could see the eyes of a beautiful young girl, but there was also passion and fire. It was then that I realised Pooja was a virgin who wanted me to be her first, at this thought my heart slipped a beat, I was sure many men before me had try'd but failed.

Slowly we moved closer until our lips finally met, we both went for it, it was the most passionate kiss I had ever felt, our tongues fighting for space, we had both flung our arms around each other, Ashey's nails were lightly but firmly running over my spine. Following every bump and contour there was.

Carefully I began to move my hand over Ashey's back, slowly working forward, I just had to feel her breast in my hand. As my hand worked around Ashey's side she moved just enough to allow me access but without breaking the passionate kiss.

Finally I made contact, I gently massaged Ashey's firm breast, feeling each little bit of it, but also giving the bullet like nipple a gentle squeeze. Slowly I moved my hand All over and around each breast giving each nipple some attention, then Pooja broke the kiss, I realised why when she began to pull off her top.

Slowly a pair of perfectly formed breasts appeared, even though Ashey wasn't wearing a bra her breasts stayed firmly in place. As she threw the top to the floor I looked deep into her eyes, smiling I slowly moved closer and carefully moved Ashey down the floor so she was flat. I then moved in close to kiss her deeply again.

As we kissed I could feel hands fumbling at my shirt buttons, I lifted up enough to make it easier, then threw my shirt next to Ashey's top on the floor.

Slowly I began to kiss down her neck and onto the top of her chest, looking up I saw a huge smile. Kissing lower slowly I moved onto her breast, they were now rising and lowering fast, then as my lips touched a nipple a small moan escaped from Pooja. I licked around the nipple and very gently took it between my teeth, lightly tugging at it, this caused a gasp followed by a slow moan.

Looking up and grinning I moved across to do the same to the other nipple. Kissing lightly I worked down between her breasts and back up to find a fresh nipple waiting for my mouth. Again as I sucked and nibbled it a long moan was released. While I sucked and licked I moved my hand down over her body, stopping at her skirt, this had to come off, I tugged lightly at it and Ashey lifted her hips just enough to allow me to pull it off.

I slowly pulled the skirt down over Pooja's smooth legs and kissed down her body, working towards her sweet pussy. As the skirt slipped off over her feet I began to kiss down a leg a little, I could smell a sweet aroma coming from close by, it was as if it was drawing me closer.

Gently I parted her legs and positioned myself between them, looking up I could see the a huge smile, I grinned and lowered myself down to place a kiss on the pink pussy in front of me, as I went closer I could see there was already a small damp spot, the aroma was like heaven, I placed a kiss right onto Ashey's pussy causing a slight moan. Lying down between her legs, I kissed again, another moan but a little deeper this time. Now I licked up the length of her pussy, I could just make out the sweet flavour of the damp area, tasting this caused my cock to throb, it wanted to be deep inside her.

Ashey lay watching as I slowly unbuttoned my trousers, I could see a smile appear on her face as my boxers came into view, she must have been able to see how my hard cock was straining to be released.

Slowly I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down.

As I did I heard a gasp coming from Ashey, I looked over at her smiling as I stepped out of my boxers, Ashey was grinning all over, and lightly massaging her breasts.

I stepped closer to the bed and reached forward grasping a foot in each hand, gently parting the legs so I could begin to kiss my way up one.

Moving slowly higher I placed kissed all over Pooja's ankle, I looked up grinning just as she moved a hand down to cover her wet pussy.

"Feeling shy" I asked, Ashey responded to this by lifting her hand a little and then pushing her middle finger in deeply and moaning "not at all" she moaned. Seeing this caused my cock to jump, quicker this time I kissed my way up over her knee listening to the moans. As I worked my way higher I could smell that sweet aroma again, I just had to taste the juices deep inside her wet tight pussy.

Moving faster I kissed up and over her thigh, when I was close enough I reached up to move her hand aside, at first she resisted a little, so I placed a kiss just beside her hand and nudged it with my nose. Pooja then slowly pulled her finger out from deep inside her wet pussy, it glistened in the light, I moved close to lick it off, but before I could get to it, Ashey had managed to get it out of my reach.

Looking up I saw the finger disappear into her mouth as she licked the wet finger clean, then with a smile she slowly pulled the finger back out and began to circle her hard nipple.

Again a little moan was let out, hearing this made my cock and heart jump, looking back down I could see the most beautiful pussy ever, there was no sign at all of any hair, the skin all around it was perfectly smooth. Just peeking out were two neat little lips surrounding what I guessed was a very tight and wet hole, right where I wanted to slide my hard throbbing cock over and over.

Lowering my head down I kissed all around the smooth skin, being careful to not yet touch the lips, then with one long lick I ran my tongue all the way up and over her pussy, just feeling a little bump of a clit at the top, my tongue lingered on this for a second longer before placing a kiss there, a louder moan escaped as I did this.

Moving my mouth lower I kissed down and then gently pressed my tongue between the two lips, pressing deeper in I could taste Ashey's juices. Reaching up I pulled the lips gently apart and pushed my tongue deeper in, this time a loud long moan filled the room, we were both in heaven and loved it.

Just as I was about to push a finger in deep along side my tongue I felt hands gently tugging my head, looking up I could see what she wanted. I could've happily stayed there licking and fingering all night, but how could I not do what was wanted now?

Slowly moving my way up Asheys body I kept eye contact, there was fire and passion glowing deep in those beautiful eyes, as I neared her hard nipples I gave each one a quick kiss and suck before moving again.

I now lay on top of Ashey my hard cock just pressing against her wet pussy, all I wanted to do was push it in as deep as I possibly could. Ashey saw this in my eyes and whispered "hold on", she then kissed me deeply while wrapping her arms around me.

We lay like this kissing, tongues fighting, for a minute of two, my cock still lightly pressing and waiting to slide in deep. Suddenly Ashey shifted herself on the bed causing me to roll onto my side, our embrace never broke as we carried on rolling until I was pinned to the bed with a goddess on top of me, my hard cock still only millimeters from being encased by a tight wet pussy.

While still kissing deeply and passionately I felt Ashey moving her arm's, her hands slide down from my shoulders pulling them from behind her back, as the reached my wrists they tightened, Ashey gently pulled my arms up over my head and pressed them against the headboard. Grinning at me she let go and pushed herself upright from my chest. I could now feel the warmth of her pussy right on top of the shaft of my cock, how I managed to hold back from slipping in before I would never know. Asheysmiling and moaned a little as she began to rotate her hips slowly, I could feels my cock slowly become wet from her juices as she ground down onto it.

Then almost as suddenly as it started she stopped, slowly Ashey leaned back down and kissed me again, at the same time I could feel her pussy lips glide along the shaft of my cock wetting it even more.

We again lay still kissing passionately and deeply, once again a felt the head of my cock just brushing two very wet lips, breaking the kiss for just a moment Ashey said the one thing I was waiting for, very quietly I heard her say

"I want you to fuck me now, be my first, make love to me please"

Slowly I lowered my arms and wrapped them around her, kissing deeply I lifted my hips and felt the tip of my cock pushing its way between the lips, as I pushed I could also feel Ashey pressing herself down onto me, slowly impaling herself on my hard cock.
Inch by inch I could feel my hard cock slip deeper and deeper into Ashey's tight pussy, I had never felt my cock being gripped so tightly before. After what seemed like an hour our bodies were pressed tightly together, we lay still, kissing as Ashey got used to being full of cock.

Once again she lifted herself up and began to very slowly rotate her hips, as she did this I could feel myself doing the same to maximise her pleasure, I lifted my hips up suddenly causing a loud moan as my cock pushed in deeper. With a huge smile and moanAshey looked down and began to lift herself up off me, I lowered myself back down onto the bed.

I had almost completely slipped out when Ashey slide back down again slowly, my hips automatically lifted to meet hers.

We both started to moan loudly as we carried on moving up and down, with each stroke if my hard cock we speeded up, my hands lifted up and massaged Pooja's firm breasts, rolling each nipple between finger and thumb.

I could feel Ashey's already tight pussy being to contract with her coming orgasm, this just made me lift my hips higher with each thrust, pushing my cock deeper then before.

Suddenly Ashey placed her hands down on my chest and began to shake. The orgasm was so strong she screamed out as loud as possible. My cock felt like it was trapped in a vice.

It took no time for Ashey's juicy twat to get lubed up for my cock. Problem was her tightness. She said she was a virgin and I reveled in the thought I was first to try out this tantalizing little girl's honey pot. I realise I just had to be on top of her. Slowly I moved into missionary position.

"Oooh," she moaned as faced me and buried her face in my neck. Taking my hands I held her tight ass cheeks and push-pulled her body on and off my cock. Her pussy was warm as hell and griped my cock firmly.

I ran my left hand up and down her taut back and even tugged on her hair. She moaned softly and I could tell she was enjoying the ride as she ground her mound against my pelvis on our down strokes.

"Spread your knees, my lil slut," I told her, as I wanted to increase the pressure of her mound and clit against my body.

"Oooh," she moaned as she slid her legs wider. She sucked on my neck and tried to control her breathing as I bucked up against her hot little body.

"Come on fuck me," I told her as I took and spread her ass wide and ground her pussy against me,

"Oooh, Oooh, I'm going to cum," she told me as her hips began to involuntarily buck. "Fuck me, fuck me," she wailed as her little body spasmed and shuddered. Seeing this hot little number cumming on my lap was almost too much to bear. Tilting her head up I kissed her hard on the lips, Asheyresponded with an urgency that was intoxicating.

I spread her ass and put my right hand under her to hold her lips as I fucked up into her. My fingers on either side of my cock and against her pussy lips were too much for her and she ground her body down against me and groaned. My palm was against her perineum and I felt it contract violently.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god,' she cried out as she broke our kiss. Her voice grew more guttural and weary with each utterance and breath. Making a woman cum never felt more empowering and I relished the moment and fucked her as hard as I could. "Oooh, Oooh," she murmured as she held onto my neck and enjoyed the ride.

It took about a minute and a half to catch her breath and recover from orgasming and she kissed me lightly on the forehead and tried to lift herself off my hard cock. She had a glazed look on her face and smiled weakly as she stumbled to get up.

"Did you spurt?" she asked and I laughed at her wording.

"No, not yet," I said as I lifted her up and deposited her spent little body beside me. She slumped on the couch beside me and exhaled holding her hand to her heaving chest. "You really came hard," I stated and playfully smacked her on her upturned hip and ass cheek.

"Oh god yes," she laughed and took my hand. She pulled it up to her mouth and kissed it.

"Want to see me spurt?" I asked her as she licked between my middle and index finger.

"Sure," she giggled and looked at me cock. It was still hard and wet from her juicy pussy.

Taking my hand away from her face, I reached behind her head and pulled it to my lap. Her head laid on my stomach inches from my cock and she playfully extended her tongue to lick at it. My cock responded by lurching to her tongue's caress.

'That's it just lick at the slit," I said as I took my cock in my right hand and began jerking off. My cock felt incredible as my hand ran up and down the shaft and her eager mouth and tongue licked at my slit. Pre-cum came and went as she lapped it up.

"Fuck yeah," I said as her tongue teased my slit and cock head. "Keep licking, slut," I said as I jerked harder and pushed my cock at her face. Taking my left hand, I rubbed her neck and held her head to my lap. "Come on make me pop," I urged her as my balls began to feel that all too familiar build up. "Keep licking, keep licking," I moaned now as I began to reach the point of no return. 'You want to see me spurt, lil slut?" I asked, but didn't get any reply as Pooja giggled and licked as my cock smashed into her nose and open mouth.

"Fuck don't stop, don't stop," I said as my first spurt flew. She laughed as it hit her in her let eye and on her cheek. 'Open your mouth, open your mouth," I groaned as I shot a second and third spurt. Ashey opened her mouth and caught the third and fourth spurt and swallowed before allowing me to push about four or five inches into the back of her mouth. I could hear her moan as she sucked on my pride and joy and swallowed the rest of my man juice. Pumping my cock with my right hand, I emptied my balls into her sweet mouth and shudder myself.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," I groaned as her mouth worked wonders on my cock. The sensations were incredible and were growing too strong and sensitive. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shuddered. "Oh Fuckin' A," I groaned as she smiled up at me and giggled.

"You like?" she teased in broken English.

I shook my head and laughed. She still looked angelic even with my semen on her forehead, eyelid, and cheek. I put my left hand on top of her head and lightly tousled her hair. Exhaling, I asked her, "Can I cum over next Friday to wait for your mom to sell her a water filtre?"

"Sure," Ashey said with a grin. Leaning forward, she kissed my contented cock head. A dollop of cum appeared at the slit that looked like a tiny pearl. Seeing it, Ashey extended her tongue to lap it up as she looked up at me and winked.

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I didn't give a rating because I think you are a great writer and didn't want to spoil your rating but , this was defo not your best work. It was very disjointed, you repeated bits, mixed bits up, in one piont your trousers were round your ankles then in the next sentence you were losening and removing them, you also used (both) her names too much, also it's not filtre its filter. Sorry to be a pain , just your other stories are much better, glad I didn't start with this or I wouldn't have read any of your stuff. So anyone who doesn't like this, read other work it's great. Xxx luvsalik

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I didn't give a rating because I think you are a great writer and didn't want to spoil your rating but , this was defo not your best work. It was very disjointed, you repeated bits, mixed bits up, in one piont your trousers were round your ankles then in the next sentence you were lostening and removing them, you also used (both) her names too much, also it's not filtre its filter. Sorry to be a pain , just your other stories are much better, glad I didn't start with this or I wouldn't have read any of your stuff. So anyone who doesn't like this, read other work it's great. Xxx luvsalik

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Good, but too much kissing and not enough beating

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