she turns down the aisle
her brown skin, her skirt
nice legs for a child
her dad holds her hand

I wonder what it would be like
to hike her skirt
her panties white
her pussy tight

a girl of seven I'll guess
I'll touch her soft place
smell her there
or let her be

she turns up the aisle
her blonde hair, her jean pants
tall and slim is she
her mom holds her hand

i wonder what it woud be like
to unzip her jeans
to see her panties
to pull them down

a girl of nine or there about
to spread her legs
an rape her
or let her be

she turns into the aisle
her hair so black
so small so frail
her brother holds her hand

i wonder what should i do
she' s Asian too
see her naked
or let her be

they hold their hands
are they controling
or do they fear
someone like me

walk thru the door
up the aisle
pews are empty
she is alone

she hears me not
move behind her
looking at her hem
a Robe hast she

she turns to see me
i look to her eyes
it's fear she sees
it's kindness she shows

a hand she places
upon my head
a cross in her palm
she prays with me

Oh God I need her
this Robed lady of faith
Oh God forgive me
for i have sinned.

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