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Marcia sat with her head resting on her hands, staring at the driving rain
out of her large bedroom window. Wistfully, she though of lying on the cold
metal flooring of the veranda outside the window, feeling the flesh of two
gorgoeus females pressed against her as she felt the rain thrashing against
her oh-so-sensitive body. This was one of her favourite fantasies. In fact,
it was one of her many, more-and-more-frequent-of-late fantasies involving
members of the same sex. Marcia was a wilful, headstrong girl, and she was
not used to being denied what she wanted. What she wanted right now was to
experience the touch and the taste of another female, but what she could
have was exactly that.

Marcia had to keep up the charade of her happy little rich daddy's girl
life, even though it was killing her, and she felt the ever-deepening
frustration growing within her day by day. Marcia knew without a shadow of a
doubt that if the press got hold of any kind of scandal involving her and
another girl, my god, they'd have a field day, and it would totally ruin her
fathers' reputation. Her father owned one of the biggest Hotel chains in
England, and he was often in the press for various reasons. Marcia also
often found hideous pictures of herself within small, badly-worded columns
in the Sun or the Mirror, so she knew they knew who she was. Sometimes she
wished that she didn't have the legacy of her father hanging over her life.
She often wished for a day in her life where she couldn't fall back on the
safety net of Daddy's millions if it all went pear-shaped, or when she could
walk down the street without the paparazzi shoving a camera in her face. She
aslo wished she could walk down the street arm-in-arm with some stunning
brunette, feeling the softness and smelling the sweet scent of silken
feminine skin, or press her lips against some redhead's gorgeous crimson
pout, in full view of the world and his wife.

But instead, she had the happy little life that rich girls were supposed to
have. Married at nineteen to a wealthy, successful businessman, to whom she
suspected her combination of good looks and Daddy's credit card were
immensely attractive (especially when his business was secretly in heavy
financial difficulties), she had immediately settled in to a cosy,
decorative, rich-girl's life of parties, wining and dining, small public
events, charity evenings and having manicures and facials. Thank god she had
never needed to have her breasts done (she was a natural 34C), or she'd have
probably had those done, too. But right from the outset, she had
instinctively known that this was not what she wanted from life. She'd
wanted to go to college; get stoned, party all night, drink cheap booze and
fuck a multitude of fun-loving, footloose and fancy free young men and
women. Instead, she had had the delights of fucking Greg, the worlds' worst
shag, from then, to infinity. The prospect loomed ahead of her like a huge
dark raincloud.

Rainclouds continued to gather above the house, dark and threatening. She
loved that darkness, the smell of the rain on the air, the horny crack of
thunder and flash of blinding lightning. That cracking sound always made her
feel mean and moody inside, it was a sound that said, 'Hey, it's okay to be
bad every once in a while'. And she was bad, every once in a while. Bloody
hell, she would have cracked by now if she hadn't been. It was always a very
discreet affair, with rich, well-to-do young gentlemen much like herself,
and it always had to be top secret. So far, she had gotten away with it, but
for how much longer she could, she didn't know, and she had never dared try
to find a willing woman, although she knew a few that mixed in her large
social circle that swung that way. She was too afraid of the consequences,
and the occasional man was bad enough. On these rare occasions, she actually
found that the gulit and the danger were a huge aphrodisiac, and she found
herself really getting in to it. This had earned her a bit of a reputation
as a 'goer' among her circle, but she didn't care. Secretly, it thrilled
her. and Greg was as oblivious as ever.

Making out with other men had totally confirmed her suspicion that Greg was
terrible in bed, even though a lot of the men she had slept with had not
been much better. Marcia suspected that ALL men would seem to be bad in bed,
though, as what she truly weanted was not a man, but a woman. She had a
feeling that she would be in her element then. Enpowered, uninhibited,
orgasm after orgasm with a wet, willing and very horny young slut. Just he
though was enough to make a warm gush of fluid flow through her body. Marcia
turned away from the window, blinded for a sceond by the bright lightning.
Her thin silk wrap was stuck to her clammy body, accentuating her naked
breasts and the curling blonde down in the center of her body. As Marcia
swept away in long fluid strokes, the wrap fell open slightly, and Marcia
stopped to examine her naked flesh in the full length mirror. The nipples
were rosy and hard, jutting from the full, rounded, creamy breasts. The
stomach was flat, the waist curvy, the thighs silken and smooth from
expensive beauty treatments. The pussy was blonde and pouty, the lips poking
invitingly from the covering of fur. Thoughtfully, Marcia slowly traced her
fingers down from her nipples, over her stomach, down to the juicy flesh
hidden by the blonde down. Gently, her fingers slipped in to the warm, damp
flesh, finding the clitoris engorged and ready. Marcia's fingers circled on
the hard little button, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her
breathing began to quicken, her body began to stiffen. Then she heard the
front door crash shut downstairs. "Hi honey, I'm home", Greg called out.
Marica pulled the wrap quickly round her body, and tied the belt tightly.
"Dammit", she muttered, and went to Greg.

Marcia had been drinking. She had started drinking as soon as Greg had left
the house, and she had continued throughout the night. Now it was after
eleven, and Marcia was very drunk. The drunker she had got, the more horny
she had got. Now, as she sat in her living roon, staring absently in to the
flames of the log fire, she suddenly decided that it wasn't such a crazy
idea to go out there and find some anonymous woman to fuck, reputation or no
reputation. Damn it, she had wanted this for so long, she had been waiting
for the day when she could feel the soft flesh of another wonam pressed
against her trembling body, and here she was, at eleven p.m., all alone,
with a bottle of vodka, and this crazy ivision of her going out there and
fucking some nameless woman. But who? Just the thought of actually going
through with this was making her pussy melt with excitement. Glugging down
vodka straight from the bottle, neat, Marcia raced upstairs and began to
rifle through Greg's 'secret' stash of Porno mags, happening across a gay/bi
mag. Flicking rapidly through the pages, Marcia got to the adverts at the
back of the mag, and was immediately struck by the ad that follows:


Marcia tapped throughtfully at the page with her elegantly manicured
fingernails, feeling both nervous and excited. Before she could chicken out,
Marcia dialled the number, clutching the phone with a white hand.

She slipped her best, gold satin chemise over her naked, perfumed body,
feeling the black lace at the hems tickling her skin. Beneath, she wore the
tiniest black lace thongs, little more than a triangle of flimsy material,
and black lacy stockings and suspenders. As she nervously squirted perfume
in to her cleavage, Marcia reflected that she was probably was making a huge
error of judgement here, but then she was as pissed as a newt, and had
absolutely no inhibitions at that current time. Her body was positively
melting at the thought that, in a few minutes, some gorgeous redhead (she
had specifically asked for a redhead) would be knocking at her door, ready
to take her body to paradise. Greg was on an Weekend business trip; she had
the whole night to turn the fantasy into reality.

Marcia was calm and composed when the doorbell rang at twelve a.m. Stood in
the doorway, when Marcia opened the door, was a tall figure, dressed in a
long black coat, with a cloak covering the head and shoulders. Marcia
grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her in quickly, hoping that this wasn't a
windup and this person was either a joker, a murderer (god forbid), or even
worse, the paparazzi. But she needn't have worried. As soon as she was
inside the house, the other figure dropped the cloak and pulled the coat
off, revealing bare naked, stunning female flesh.

Tall, with earth-shatteringly long creamy legs, dressed in spiky black
high-heels, a black thong and nothing else. She had lovely little frim
breasts, high on the startlingly white ribcage, a tiny waist, gorgeosu
creamy thighs, and the most enchanting face Marcia had ever seen. Small,
heart-shaped, with a tiny nose, prominent cheekbones, dazzling green eyes,
full lips and wave after wave of gorgeous ruby hair, she hardly needed the
dramatic dark make-up she wore. Marcia wa stunned in to silence for a
moment, but before she could even attempt to speak, the redhead had strode
over to her, taken her face in her hands, and kissed her full on the mouth.

The redhead opened her lips wide and let her tongue mingle with Marcia's,
roaming it all about her mouth, her small white teeth pressing against
Marcia's own pearly teeth. Marcia melted in to the kiss totally and
shockingly easily, as if she had always been kissing other women in this
way. Marcia was actually quite surprised at how all her nerves vanished as
soon as the redhead's lips had pressed against hers. The redhead continued
to kiss her, gently and slowly at first, then passionately, her lips mving
against the others with urgent passion. Marcia was quite shocked at how 'in
to it' the redhead seemed to be. Wanting to take control, as was Marcia's
way, generally, Marcia grabbed the redhead's head, and pulled her head even
closer to hers, running her fingers through the luscious silky red locks.
Marcia felt her pussy melting, felt the wetness soak through the flimsy
material of her thin lacy knickers. She was almost bursting with the need
for the redhead to strip them off, and take her pussy into that luscious
full mouth, but what the redhead did was possibly even more arousing.
Pressing her body so close to Marcia's that their breasts touched, the hard
nipples rubbing against each others', the redhead crawled a hand between
their sandwiched bodies, and began to gently probe at the wet pussy flesh
through the lacy knickers, pressing the seam into Marcia's wet cunt. Marica
felt her knees tremble and give way; the redhead grabbed hold of her and
shoved her to the deeply carpeted hallway floor before she had the chance to

Now the redhead was in control. With her body not quite on top of Marcia's,
the redhead, reached down to Marcia's wetness, and slid a hand beneath the
elastic of the knickers, maddeningly slowly. The redhead's fingers gently
parted the pussy lips, and immediately came in to contact with the hard
little clit, sliding about a little in the wetness of Marcia's pussy. Marcia
felt a yell building within her, and she smothered it against the smooth
flesh of the redhead's shoulder, biting gently as she did so. As the
redhead's finegrs began to rub at Marcia's clit, slowly, so slowly, the
redhead whispered into Marcia's ear, in a sexy, smouldering deep voice, "You
want me to fuck you, don't you? You want me to suck your hard nipples, bite
those lovely full breasts". Marcia groaned her assent. "Then", continued the
redhead, "You want me to run my tongue down your body, like this", the
redhead said, breaking off to slowly begin to kiss Marcia's breasts, gently
sucking the hard nipples. Her tongue flicked out, pushing at the nipple for
some moments, then she slid it very lightly and gently down over the curve
of Marcia's full breast, down to the flat taut stomach. As the redhead's
tongue flicked in to Marcia's belly button for long seconds, twisting this
way and that, Marcia began to buck her hips, pressing her body against the
redhead's upper body. The redhead's tongue began to trace lower down, so
slowly and gently, right down to the top of Marcia's pussy. The the redhead
looked up at Marcia, her eyes twinkling, and smiled.
"Do you want me to lick your cunt? You smell so fucking horny, you are so
hot and wet, and ready for me. Say the words. Just say the words and I will
lick you". Marcia looked up with pleading in her eyes. "Oh, god", Marcia
coraked out hoarsely. "God, yes. Lick me, fuck me with your tongue".

The redhead laughed, and flicked her tongue out. Slowly and ever so lightly,
she pressed the tip of her tongue against the top of Marcia's pussy lips,
parting them slightly. "Like this? Do you want me to do this? You are clsoe,
I can tell. You smell close. I can smell the wetness of you, and I know you
want me. Do you want me to flick my tongue on your clit?". Marcia could only
nod this time, as the redhead, her hair trailing over Marcia's stomach and
thighs, flicked her tongue out again, and flicked it over her rock-hard
clit. Marcia almost yelled out, the sensation was so intense. Bucking her
hips against the redhead's mouth, Marcia grabbed her head, and forced her
mouth to her oozing pussy. The redhead's tongue began to lap back and forth
over Marcia's clit, slowly making cirlces at first, then faster and faster,
back and forth, pressing hard against the clit. Then the redhead began to
suck Marcia's clit, softly at first, then harder, sucking not only the clit
but the whole labia into her mouth. Then her tongue went down to plunge into
the soaking opening, plunging rapidly in and out. As the redhead alternated
between tonguing her pussy and sucking her hard clit, Marica suddenly wanted
to see if this was having any affect on her at all. Reaching out a confident
hand, Marcia managed to reach far enough to just garb at the redhead's
pussy. And Marcia could feel that the redhead was as wet as she was.
Grinning, the redhead lifted her glistening mouth away from Marcia's
oh-so-close cunt, and she came to lay beside Marcia, so they could both
touch each other. Marcia stripped her own wet panties off, then she stripped
off the redhead's panties, and eager hands crossed and reached out to
opposite pussies.

There was nothing slow or gentle about the caresses now. Hungry mouths
clashed against each other, and as Marcia tasted her own pussy on the
redhead's tongue, she began to work a finger in and out of the redhead's wet
cunt, while her thumb rasped on the redhead's hard little clit. The redhead
copied this caress on Marcia, Sliding one, then two fingers in and out of
her, faster and faster, as her thumb slid in the wet juices surrounding her
clit. Faster and faster the girls frigged each other, both kissing as if
their lives' depended on it, both rubbing at each others pussies with the
same urgent speed. Marcia bent her head to bit at the redhead's nipples
hard, sucking them firmly into her mouth, while the groaning redhead,
grabbed at Marcia's hair and pulled it firmly, then clawing brutally in to
her shoulder, drawing blood. Marica felt a huge, mind numbing orgasm begin
to build within her, and with one final brutal bite of the redhead's nipple,
as she tasted the redhead's blood, Marcia let rip, yelling into the
redhead's tit, as she flooded the redhead's hand, feeling her pussy throb
and contract for what felt like an eternity. Just as she was coming, she was
mindful of the redhead's stifled gasp, and her own minor flood against
Marcia's caressing fingers.

Gasping and panting, the two females rolled slightly away from each other.
After a few seconds, Marcia silently began to help the redhead dress.
Inside, however, Marcia wanted to yell with happiness. Not just because the
experience she had jus had had been so blindingly intense, but because she
now knew that she was right. She'd known that she had had to have sex with
another woman to experience true sex, and she had been a hundred percent
right. She knew that from now, until the day she died, that she would never
have another orgasm like that in her life. But she could live with that, now
she knew. It hadn't all been a mad fantasy, she had expereinced that. She
had felt the wetness of another pussy, she had kissed another pair of soft
lips, and she had sucked on another pair of rock-hard nipples, and those
memories would stay with her forever. She knew, as she was now practically
sober, that she could never get away with that again. It would not stop her
wanting, but she was sensible, wise. And she really could live with never
experiencing sex like that ever again. Really she could. As long as she

Silently, Marcia paid the prostitute, and she drifted her dark way in to the
night. Marcia didn't watch her go. Absently, still naked apart form stocking
and suspenders, now laddered and totally ruined, Marcia absently picked up
her panites off the floor. They were heavy with wetness and smelt strongly
of her desire. With a little laugh, Marcia decided she would never wash them
again. But she owuld still wear them ,maybe one day. Turning off the hall
light, Marcia swept slowly and tiredly up the wide staircase, and to bed.


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