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a fantasy evening
We are out of town for a long weekend. After getting checked into our hotel room we take a little nap before going out for the evening. We make plans that on the first night I would get to make all the plans and you would have to do whatever I say, and the second night the roles would be reversed and you would have compete say in what we do. The first night we planned to go to the hotel bar and act like strangers, You would dress real sexy and I would watch as the guys fell all over you. We agree that you will act single and flirt with the guys, let them buy you drinks and whatnot. I want to see you flirt with and tease the guys mercilessly, you are allowed to do whatever and act however you see fit, short of actually having sex with them.

You are in the bathroom putting the final touches on your makeup, I bring you a drink and hand you a bag of clothes and tell you this is what I want you to wear. In the bag is a very short white flirty mini skirt, a lavender silk camisole, a lace cupless strapless bra that will give lift to your wonderfully delicious breasts and still let your nipples rub against the soft silk of your top, white thigh high stockings and white stiletto pumps. You tell me that I forgot the underwear and I tell you that I didn't "forget" them, you're not to wear any. You protest that the skirt is way too short to wear without any. I tell you that is too bad, I didn't bring any for you to wear. You are getting excited about wearing this outfit sans panties but you still protest a little more (you don't want to seem to eager), I don't give in to your protest and you finally agree, sounding hesitant but getting excited and giddy. You come out of the bathroom and strike a pose, your nipples are trying to poke through the thin material of your top, your skirt just barely covers your bald pussy and ass, and your stockings come up about mid thigh so everyone can see the sexy lace tops. I whistle my approval and ask you to spin around. You spin around as fast as you can so your skirt flares out and exposes your bare ass and pussy. I walk over to you and kiss you deeply as I start rubbing your nipples through your silk top and slide one hand under your skirt and rub your already dripping wet pussy. You slap my hands away and tell me I can look but not touch.

I mix you one more drink before I head down to the bar knowing that you would be down about ten minutes later. I find a seat that offers a good view of the entire bar and order a beer. There are about a dozen guy in the bar staying at the hotel on business, one waitress, the bartender, and the DJ. Soon you come walking in and all heads snap around to watch you walk through and take a seat at the bar between two guys. You smile at one and then the other and ask "who is going to buy the lady a drink". The guy to your right jumps at the opportunity and asks what you are drinking. You place your order and thank the guy. He introduces himself as Frank, you tell him you are meeting your boyfriend but he just texted you and said his plane was delayed a couple hours, he would text you when he lands (the hotel is next to the airport). You guys start talking and find it easy conversation.

The DJ is playing some music with a good dance beat. Frank asks you to dance and you accept. He stands up, turns toward you and offers you his hand. You place your hand in his, as you uncross your legs to stand up, you over exaggerate it so he can see your glistening bald pussy. By now you are starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, the two drinks you had upstairs and the two that Frank bought you are really loosening you up. You are dancing and gyrating to the music, you get bolder and start grinding and rubbing your bare pussy on his thigh. Soon all the guys in the bar are watching you dance, every once in a while when you spin around or play with your skirt hem, they get a glimpse of your sweet pussy and ass. Frank has a shit eating grin on his face knowing that everyone else in the bar wishes they where him right now. After about half a dozen songs you tell him you need a break (you have been dancing all out nonstop the whole time). He takes your hand as you walk off the dance floor and leads you past the bar where you were sitting, grabbing your purse off the bar along the way and leads you to a booth in the corner. He slides in next to you and puts his arm around you. The two of you continue your conversation. Soon his phone rings, you can see the disappointment on his face when he sees who is call and excuses himself saying he had to take this call. He gets up and walks outside as he answers his phone (probably his wife).

Frank isn't five feet out the door when the other guy from the bar gets up and comes over and asks if he can buy you a drink and keep you company. You slide over next to the wall and invite him to sit down. He introduces himself as Roger and tells you he really enjoyed watching you dance and would love it if you danced with him. You say "sure" and tell him you are just killing time here. You give him the line about your boyfriends plane being late and he would text you when he landed. You dance for him like you did for Frank, drawing everyones attention once again. After a while you go back to the booth and he orders your drinks. Roger is a very fascinating guy and a real charmer. As you are talking you turn your body in the booth to face him better, you bring your right knee up onto the bench where it is more comfortable, leaving your left foot on the floor. This opens your thighs up, as you position yourself you "accidently and unknowingly" slide your skirt up so when he looks down he is staring at your bare pussy. You can tell he is trying to look without being obvious. This is getting you so wet, your pussy lips are glistening with your juices and starting to puddle on the vinyl seat. Soon he can't stand it any longer, he turns toward you and places his left hand on the seat next to your right hip and places his right hand in the inside of your right thigh just above your stocking tops and starts sliding it up toward your pussy. You put your hand on his to stop his progress, reminding him that your boyfriend would be here soon. He leans in and whispers something in your ear, you smile and blush a little as you release the pressure on his hand. You leave your hand on his but don't stop him as he continues his journey to your now dripping wet pussy. He inserts two fingers into your pussy and uses his thumb to rub your clit. By this time most of the people have left the bar, the waitress has gone home and only two other guys are still in the bar besides the bartender, the DJ and myself. You bit your lip and close your eyes as you lean back against the wall as you allow the ecstasy to roll over you. I am so hard watching some stranger feel you up. You are so turned on knowing I am watching. Soon you feel an orgasm cumming on. You let out a couple squeals as it washes over you, not caring who hears them.

That is it, you can't stand it anymore. You reach up and undo then redo the barrette in your hair, that is my cue that you want me to "text" you. I text you and tell you that "my plane just landed, when I get my bags I will take them to our room and then meet you in the bar in about 20 minutes". You show Roger the text and tell him that they needed to cool it. He complains that sense he got you off you should at least give him a blowjob. You inform him that you only got a hand job so at the most that is all you owe him. He agrees and suggests going to the mens room for the job. You tell him no, it will only happen if it is right here where you got yours. He looks puzzled wondering if you are serious. You get up and slide over him, pausing to grind your pussy into his lap as you pass by. You tell him to lean back against the wall with his right leg stretched out along the seat bench with his left leg out under the table. You slide in backwards between his legs. You reach around behind you and unzip his slacks, reach in, down the top of his underwear and grab ahold of his rock hard dick. You begin stroking his dick in his pants. Roger tells you that he wants you to pull it all the way out, he wants to lift the back of your skirt and shoot all over your bare ass. You tell him no, you don't want your boyfriend to smell or taste someone else's cum on your ass. He protests that he would wipe it off with a napkin from the table and you could wash in the bathroom. You give in and pull his dick out, you lift the back of your skirt up to try to keep it from getting cummed on. He reaches under your ass and starts fingering your pussy, soon you are both going full tilt. He grabs you by the waist and tries to sit you back on his dick. You turn around real quick and let him know in no uncertain terms that if he tried that again you would get up and walk away leaving him there with his dick hanging out and he would have to finish the job himself. You turn back around and continue stroking him off. Soon his breathing gets real heavy and you know he is about to cum. You grab a napkin off the table and place it over his dick and continue to jack him off, he starts to protest about the napkin but it is too late, he is cumming already. You lean back and give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him you need to go clean up before your boyfriend gets here. You pull a white lacy thong out of your purse and say "Oh, I guess I better put these on too".

You walk off quickly before he has finished stuffing his dick back into his pants, that way he can't fallow you. We smile at each other as you walk by. A minute later I go upstairs to our room and change clothes, take the tie out of my hair, and put a hat on (don't want anyone knowing that I was there all along). You linger in the bathroom a few minutes before returning to the bar. Roger has returned to his seat at the bar and you sit down with one seat between you so he is between you and the door. I walk in soon after and come over and kiss you passionately as I reach under your skirt, pull your panties aside and stick a finger inside you. I order a beer as I sit down beside you and ask if you had been here long. You tell me loud enough for Roger to hear that you just got here about ten minutes ago. We finish our drinks and I grab your hand and lead you out of the bar. As we walk past Roger you reach behind you and give him the "fallow me" finger We go down the hall to the public restrooms and duck into to mens room. I lift you onto the sink and pull your panties aside with one hand as I undo my pants with the other hand. I have just entered you when Roger walks in. He just stands there, mouth and eyes wide open as I pound you with your feet over my shoulders as you lay on the sink. After a few minutes like that I pull out and stand you up, turn you around and fuck you from behind. You lean over face down on the sink and start pushing back on my dick with every thrust. Soon you are crying out in ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm washes over you. That is all it takes and I can't hold back any longer. I pull out and cover your ass with my cum. You lay there for a minute as I lean against the sink as we catch our breath. As I am pulling my pants up you take your panties off and use them to wipe the cum off your ass. I buckle my pants as you wipe the last of it off, you toss your panties to Roger as we walk past him out the door.

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2013-12-06 08:56:51
I have to agree. Erotica is much better when written as a narrative from a first person point if view. This would have been so much more erotic had it been written from her point of view . Also, you made it a big point at the beginning that she was going to be pantiless, then at the end she all of the sudden has panties on. Continuity is key in storytelling and believability.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-01 23:59:18


2009-08-24 00:01:29
I am sorry you didn't like the story, however the person that I wrote it for loved it so that is the only thing that matters to me.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-08-20 09:41:58
Crappy story....Hate stories that have 'you' or 'I' or 'he' and 'she'.....I can see why this one rated so a negative from me too....

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